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  1. No worries Mad. I'll bring a mostly decayed dragon gland for you to make up for it. Happy now?
  2. The problem is, priests could chop their own veggies. Grinding something like ropemaking or toy making is nearly impossible for a priest
  3. I am sitting on 274,000 100ql chopped veggies. Yes, over a quarter million. That is currently 1,370,000 favor. They have stated that they will rebalance the favor, and are currently looking at between 2-4 favor per 100ql. So at the low end I'll have 548,00 favor, a loss of 822,000 favor. At best A loss of 274,000 favor. While not happy, I am rolling with it. There are changes being made that COULD improve the overall game.
  4. Yes, deedmate must be in red shirt..
  5. I stay for many reasons, but probably the biggest are the people. There are many games out there, but few with the sense of community that Wurm has. And, for those of us who sometimes just don't do people well, we can get on a horse, in a boat, or head out on foot, and get lost. I can pretend to be a farmer, or an architect, or a landscaper. I can't, or won't, do these things IRL, but in Wurm I do. Also, despite the fact that these changes will hit me hard, I do appreciate the devs constant attempts at improving the game. It has evolved so much since I started, and by many standards I am still a newb..Sometimes their attempts force us to rethink what we do, or how we play. In other words, we have to evolve, just like the game..
  6. restocked horses and bison. There are a few new color horses now available.
  7. Yea, that is all I used my Nahjo for also. I'm really at a loss here. I feel like this update totally screwed me. I've supported three deeds (main deed, farm deed, and market deed) by selling chopped veggies. My Nahjo priest that I have worked on, and is finally about done with her prayer grind is no more..
  8. Seriously... I am speechless. Utterly, totally speechless. I just chopped 100k for one of the impalongs, have another 100k for another impalong ready. .. These people are getting screwed. Completely and totally screwed??? /disbands farm, shrinks main deed.
  9. First skill I took to 90, and that was before affinity meals and learned affinities. My biggest problem with pottery is with the exception of smelting pots, there is no real need to imp high. I can't remember the last time i did a pottery job for someone else. I did talk to someone about imping a jar up to 95 ql, but when he saw the price he skipped it. People see the need for high quality tools, weapons, armor, etc, but not pottery. Edit: summary: grinding pottery is worthless, and that is dumb. (from someone who is at 95.xx pottery)
  10. I very rarely "grind" one skill. I typically will get a wild idea I need 20 beehives for my farm, imp those up. I want rings for my priest to enchant... That type of thing. Occasionally if I'm really close to a milestone on a certain skill I'll spend a day or two grinding it, but I feel burnout real quick. One thing I find really helps is when I feel that I will get on my horse and just ride, no destination in mind. I've spent days (for someone who plays less than I do, weeks) lost "somewhere". I check out other people's deeds, see if I can find a way to the top of that mountain, etc.
  11. I just went to grab some iron lamps that are stored in a small cart and half were "very warm". stored on deed, in warehouse, in small cart. Haven't been touched in a long time.
  12. New horses and five speed bison stocked. Plenty of bulk materials also.
  13. I've spent 4 hours roaming Indy and seems someone is hoarding them all, because I can't find one.
  14. would be nice if we got credit for all the premiums we've already paid... *looks at 300+ yellow potions in chest*