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  1. ughhhh!~! Spent all day burning down sb on my vyn priest, figured I'd do the fo before the rite. Now I'm sitting on a Fo with five hours sb and a rite.
  2. Three gods rites are up: Vyn, Mag and Fo. I've been saying it often in server chat.. Mag was ready weeks ago, Fo a couple weeks ago, and Vyn last week.
  3. Nah, it lets those from SFI who took advantage of the new servers by grinding and inflating the market, and their bank accounts, to move that money back to SFI now that they're bored with it. I'm against it.
  4. There is a 1x1 stone building named "Gate House" at N24. I am wililng to pay 10s for the owner to transfer rights to me or to demolish it. Please contact me in game Champain on NFI, Champagnedragon on SFI.
  5. Yea, Harmony def down. was able to log on to Indy.
  6. Not really a glitch, but the icon/image is identical to the rake. Can it be changed to show a pitchfork instead of a rake>? Pitchfork left, rake right.
  7. Yes, i noticed that too after making a huge batch of 'casseroles" Usually they give me 3-5 hour for random fill ups, gave me MINUTES.
  8. message me in game to make arrangements to get this beauty champagnedragon in game.
  9. As Ajala is not included in bidding, current high bid stands at 5s.