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  1. they're easier to recognize amongst a bunch of other cages.
  2. tentative attend with: CD (tailoring, leather, pottery, blacksmithing, jewelry, fine carp, carp) Fragglerock Fo priest, actively grinding, currently 82 channeling with benediction Salacia Vyn priest 93 channeling plus benediction Celaeno Mag priest 74, should have benediction by then, hope to have her to 80 (once I get Frags up to 90, she's next) The only reason this is tentative is it starts on The Man's birthday and ends on mine. We usually go away that week. Plans not made yet.
  3. yea, but those are ugly. Functional, but ugly.
  4. This conversation has come up twice recently in my alliance, since many of us are into archeology. We need some display for the mini-tokens we get. Nothing holds enough to be practical. Something like a bookshelf (that holds more than say 20) or a display case. Current solution: (unique tokens on shelf, duplicates on floor) has me running out of bookshelf space. (another row of bookshelves on other side of arch). Another deed member uses marble tables, which hold more, but take up more space.
  5. Just a bump to say thank you. Hatchet got me to goal on woodcutting. Now goal is increased
  6. This will be sent shortly. It's getting a touch up on the quality, since I had to try it out;) FYI, it took out a rift camp, 3 rift beasts, 3 jackals, and an ogre like a dream., just the sickle and I. Who do I send to?
  7. You can drop any grain or veggie. The grains make a nice grain bag looking icon.
  8. Don't know you, but I I might have just fallen in love with you (kidding of course, but I do want to stand up and cheer!)
  9. My two cents? (take a deep breath, you aren't gonna like this) Just because YOU don't approve doesn't make it bad. I prem 4 toons on SFI: a main and three priests (vyn, fo and mag). Each of my priests has a specific job they do. Each CAN be played independently, and it is very common for me to have one of them on and not my main, depending on what mood I'm in. What I am sick of is people constantly coming in and saying "this is too hard, make it easier" "I don't like xx, so therefore yy needs to be done". Enough. Wurm is a slow, grindy game. Priest restrictions are in place for a reason, and to make priest play easier just devalues all the work MANY of us have put into having a well rounded priest. As it is, with benediction having become so easy by removing the grueling grind to 70 prayer my priests would not be premium if they didn't offer some other value to me, because they sure don't support themselves casting, despite being high level priests. (yea, I quit reading halfway through your wall of text. I get it, you hate alts, and want to take away even more from the value priests add. That's all I needed to read) /end rant.
  10. This beauty... not sure there are enough words to describe it, so I'll just post this: 5s start bid 50c increments no private bids 1 hour sniper protection no buyout Demise of buyers choice to be cast upon sale
  11. A hatchet head with as high coc as possible would be great for this woodcutting grind. Surprise me with two other.
  12. The one way that slayings can be less group oriented and more community based is to now allow penning of any sort. There have been several that have been unable to be penned for various reasons, and the call put out in global that a slay was gonna happen in an hour or so. These were at various times, depending on when they were found. Yea, not everyone can attend, but it does add the element of spontaneity, which is rather fun. It is also hard for even the most organized hunting group to get enough good fighters together in an hour or so to take down a full grown dragon (although they may be able to do drakes and other uniques in the spur of the moment). But personally I have no problem with the mechanics as they are. I do not participate in any organized group. I have said before and I'll say it again: I have found several drakes and dragons, each time just by being out exploring the corners of the map for some reason OTHER than hunting them. The biggest problem is people want to sit in their deeds and not face any risk, but reap all rewards.
  13. There were a couple of us who crashed and had delays logging in. It appears it wasn't "down" but a very long lag spike?