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  1. Not so sure about that. Route tables are updated often, usually in 48 hours. So sometimes when there is a new server address there will be issues resolving the name. We saw this when they migrated. It *appears* that the connection from Hetzner is being rejected for some reason. If that is the case, then yes, it is on Wurm. And the biggest frustration is NOT ONE WORD. Not one word about any troubleshooting. If someone had come on and say "yes, we know and we're working on the issue" or "we've traced the problem to xx". But no. Instead many of us face NIGHTLY connection issues (it's fine during the day or really late at night). It's so bad that I KNEW better than to leave the safety of my deed, and that makes Wurm much less fun.
  2. Now I'm really ticked. ALMOST to the point of not paying another fkin dime to this game until this gets fixed. Think you actually missed a night of connection issues. Nope. Go do a mission. Simple mission, up a small path, do ritual, back into boat. Nope. D/C and can't reconnect because the server won't accept the connection, and come back to red light. Seriously?? A ######in week. A whole ######in week. Get your ###### together.
  3. One of my bison changed sexes.
  4. The last three nights I have had issues at almost exactly the same time. The first night (Thursday) it was just a lot of severe lag. Friday night I went down hard, and couldn't connect to the forums or the game. I did some trace routing, and here found that there were issues starting at NYK 10 ( to Hetzner ( and continuing on to your server. I took some snapshots, but cut off the IP where x is). The second trace showed issues again at NYK ( and drop. Three nights in a row, same hop getting dorched. *edited to add, I am going from Columbus, Ohio...)
  5. Wait, you are not going to play, now you're going to play less? I'll take facts Sila for $1200 Alex: Alex: Today. Contestant: What is the day Sila forgets he's playing less and spends 12 hours on Wurm.
  6. Nice haul from looting.
  7. Please add Little Harbor Farms to the map. It's where the old Dibbley group was, 26y 33x
  8. I just don't want to be a gnome again. Had to turn off animations because the damn hat kept blocking view.
  9. Nah. Maybe a poker room?
  10. We had decided one day was blame Darwin day, taking some of the pressure off of Pling.
  11. I know him, I just can't place where from. It's driving me crazy. (not talking about the in game persona)
  12. I've yelled about this very issue since early on. It's broken. IMO rifts as a whole are broken. They happen way too often, and many people don't care about making an effort to attend anymore. Yes, you can tag, swing, move on. I've tested it more than once. I'm constantly amazed at how some of the really high scorers never have to retreat to heal, and was talking about it to another player. They said it's because you don't have to ever really put yourself in danger. I tested it. Did an entire rift without ever taking any real health hits, ended up in the top three, then felt like a fraud. I guess if you're "that type of person" (read lowlife who doesn't care about any except themselves) you can play that way. I'd rather push to see how many hits I can get. There has got to be a way to tie score to damage dealt instead of just tagging.
  13. @LumbroI already knew I was going to have to tear that one down and rebuild I will get done, I'm just uber busy right now. The new bridge will also allow me to move the south end to be more in line with the existing straight section of highway, eliminating the need for the highway to go around the harbor.
  14. Currently in stock, chopped and ready to go: VEG QUAL QUANT Corn 92.25 1086 Cukes 91.42 1392 potato 91.45 687 peas 90.23 1586 garlic 91.67 761 carrot 91.37 980 tomato 90.48 2107 onion 92.57 5889 cabbage 90.91 969 lettuce 90.18 799 pumpkin 91.54 458 1.5s/k 10s or more free delivery COASTAL
  15. Yea, kept asking where I needed to go. not one answer. I appreciate public slayings, but why have them if you don't want people to actually be able to participate?