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  1. You lost ALL credibility when you resorted to this line.
  2. I will be there all days except the afternoon of the 23 and all day the 24th. I'll have my Fo (90) and Vyn (95). My mag is currently Fo for channel grind. Also, I will gladly attach runes for those that need it while I'm there. Soul depth is 59.6, so pretty good at attaching. Bring your runes and items to have them attached to.
  3. Yea they slayed the forest giant private on Indy a few days ago also. So now the greediness has gone to a whole new level; not only do they want to control the scale market, but also imbues.
  4. It went rare??? sighs. Buyout offer: two lumps of ada
  5. There is a bowl on every tile. Has been since they trampled the first tile.
  6. Category: Places of Business Deed: CLUB Market ~Crystal Lake's Utmost Buys~ p-20 Indy I wasn't going to submit, but was talked into it. When our alliance built this market we wanted something pretty, not your usual market. I still think we accomplished that goal very well! From CLUBhouse on top: Bulk goods area Merchant stalls: Animal Pens From waterfront, looking straight down center of market And of course, our guardian watching over the market from the water And the pretty porch on our HQ
  7. I have two champ dogs in a 4x2 pen. They've been there for the full year plus I've been at this deed. Now they have packed all the grass.
  8. My donkey pen is now full with Daffodil, Daisy, and Marigold. They are accompanied by Sid (he has the best traits, and no males with flower names)
  9. Currently with shatter protection the order is woa, shatter protection, and then coc. This allows you to dispel woa, but not the coc. Change imbues to be listed first, allowing dispel of all casts BEFORE dispelling imbue.
  10. I have horses with four speeds plus fight fiercely. The parents were both classic fives with fight as the sixth trait. I'll repeat draft traits are borched. I've had a LOT of bison born and seen ONE draft trait.,,,, easy on gear. Wild parents, so pure RNG.
  11. My one with rare speed trait came from classic five speed parents.