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  1. What has made you hate Wurm?

    Niki wins, she made me laugh during this awful fishing marathon!
  2. animal death

    Mine was not pregnant. I don't breed my riding horse. She was not diseased either.
  3. What has made you hate Wurm?

    I've played steady for over two years now. I've endured the grind on many skills that, while I didn't love them, were tedious. I've never hated Wurm... until this weekend. One personal goal left. To be upfront, I almost didn't do my personal goals because I find fishing to be incredibly boring, and pointless. I can get good soul depth from farming and pottery (both 95+ skills). I don't need the fish, so why grind it. But I bit the bullet, made my wine, repaired 6250 fences, and psyched myself up for catching a big fish. I had talked to several people who said I'd need to grind fishing up to 80 or so. I had sleep powders plus full sleep bonus ready. I had a good Lurker in the Deep pendulum. I had affinity meals. I got a rare fishing rod with 90coc and was 93ql. made lines that were 85ish ql. I was ready. Around 75 skill I went and found my marlin spot. Pretty quickly I caught a 163kg marlin! This wasn't going to be too bad after all. Famous last words. At 80 I had to have the pole reimped. At 85 I have to have the pole reimped. And now I have started to HATE Wurm. But, with this being my last personal goal I'm feeling too stubborn to quit. But I hate every minute of it. What have you done that has made you dread logging in?
  4. animal death

    My aged fat, cared for riding horse died the other day. On enchanted grass. On a side note, I had just used electrum runes on her a few days before to roll back age to aged from early ven.
  5. Catch a 175kg fish personal goal

    At what skill? I'm using a rare rod, WAS 93 ql (twice) on a shark spot now (and last night). Still not catching anything significant. Up to 83 skill now. Up to 53 white sharks caught this morning. Only used 1/4 of the farmer's salve I brought with me. Biggest shark was around 100kg
  6. Catch a 175kg fish personal goal

    They DO move. I was fishing on a marlin tile when the season changed and went over an hour without catching one. Got the pendulum back out, it had moved around 10ish tiles (hard to tell exactly when the water is that deep)
  7. Catch a 175kg fish personal goal

    I am SOOOO frustrated with this one. I've grinded up from next to nothing to 82 fishing skill. Bought a rare rod, and had it imped to 93 TWICE. Everyone I talked to said it took "about 80 skill". At 75 fishing skill I found my marlin spot, and almost instantly caught a 163kg fish. ALL I did this weekend was fish. Sit there, queue up 6 actions, walk away and do something else for 15 minutes. Then stare at the screen and wait to repeat. I binned 24,600 marlin filets. The max filet from a marlin is 50. THE MAX. So I binned at the very least 492 marlin. That doesn't include all the other fish I binned. I repaired 6250 fences with way less angst. I made 5000L of wine with no problem. This one? I officially hate Wurm.
  8. WTB 90+ Courier Cast (Celebration)

    I messaged you in game, no reply. Tried again, offline. If you want to discuss, message me.
  9. RARES.

    Sent from my alt, Salacia [20:38:12] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thanks!
  10. RARES.

    Make a reasonable offer with a name to COD to.
  11. WTB glimmer crystal libia rune

    Please close. JS found.
  12. I've made a LOT of wood runes of Mag. Never had any issues. 89 carp/76 fc, so skill is not low. Tonight I attempted to make one for a friend, 70ql lump, 40ql rift wood, and I had an 8% chance to make one? Seriously? A friend commented he noticed how hard it was to make some runes he's previously made. Anyone else notice this? Do you agree with the stealth nerf?
  13. WTB glimmer crystal libia rune

    one or two. If I can't buy one, I have the mats, but will only pay a high JS to make one. 80+ preferred.
  14. Horse named oblivion

    Funny, I had one born with the name Oblivion not too long ago and almost dropped him off for you. When I log I will see if he's still alive.
  15. Goblin Leader

    Gonna try to make it, both with CD and Salacia (who will fight and cast truehit prior to fight)