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  1. 1. Too many people when trapping a dragon creates more problems. 2. You did not need to GO TO THE DRAGON. You went there. Stop deflecting. You made the choice, you can let the community decide if what you did was MORALLy right or wrong. *edit to add* funny thing about dragons, if you go out of their tether range they bounce back to where they were and don't chase you.
  2. Ok since my post created some confusion, let me give a few more details (I"ve had multiple people message me in game to clarify) (local time) 22:46 person does a PC for a red dragon in trade chat on Deli 23:13 Zach logs into Pristine (I believe he was on Xana prior, can't confirm, but he didn't log in, he just changed servers) 23:14 Zach logs on to Deli 23:14 I message Zach to see if he needs help re-trapping. Crickets. (myself and a couple alliance mates have trapped and were more than willing to go help) 02:39 red dragon slayed. <----------- less than 12 hours before it was scheduled as public slay. Zach didn't stumble upon this. Zach ignored offers of help.
  3. So this was not illegal to slay after getting loose. I understand that. But for Zach to sit here and make up excuses why he killed it.. I just can't bite my tongue. When It got loose and was announced in trade chat I watched Zach SAIL there from another server. (He's on my friend's list). I knew what he was doing, so messaged him and asked if he needed help trapping it. I got crickets. He then waited THREE HOURS to get enough fighters together. Three hours is more than enough time for someone who knows how to pen. Plenty more. You can couch it however you want, you wanted the kill. That is within the rules. Morally? There was a public slay announced, you knew it was Malajane's... You could have just stayed away for the 12 hours until the public slay, but you CHOSE to GO there. /mytwocents.
  4. Ok so we're good? It looks like Bratty is in the lead with 22s at xx:48
  5. Looks like rgr came in just under the wire. (won't say anything about Rgr needing to save his coin to buy maps though... )
  6. hover over and bratty's says 3:28pm (local time) and Rgr's says 4:28...
  7. Make it your own.. or have me finish it. Your choice. [13:32:14] You see a military tent under construction. Ql: 3.5448098, Dam: 0.0. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. The military tent needs 9 cordage ropes, 10 shafts, 10 pegs, and 12 square pieces of cloth to be finished. 5s start bid 50c increments 1 hour snipe protection no private bids no buyout pick up very northern coast, centralish D17 Indy.. Summons available
  8. CLOSE. Buyout met in two minutes of posting. Guess I went too low on buyout
  9. This beauty can be yours for a starting bid of just 10s. Yes, it's beautiful, but... check this out!! That's right, it's fully cast with 100+ weapon casts...PLUS you can get a demise of choice now the fine print: 3 day auction. 10s start bid 50c increments 1 hour snipe protection Buyout.. hmmm.. 25s no private bids.