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  1. Found one just laying on the ground on Indy the other day. It wasn't rare, so doubt it came from foraging.
  2. So, had one of my usual disconnects, decided time to just reboot computer. Logged back in and noticed priest's affinities were gone, so ate a bite of each, and back to 14ish hours affinity from them, as I would normally expect.
  3. Right now it has an insantely long cooldown, which makes it not a viable spell for regenerating stamina for big jobs (surface mining high up in this case). This means one cast and you still have to rely on staminiches. Mag doesn't have much going for him. Making this spell, which in concept is great, viable would go a long way to making him worth keeping.
  4. I eat every morning, get roughly 14 hours. 24 hours later you're saying they're not completely gone?? In what world? I've been doing this for months, and today is the first day it's been an issue.
  5. I have several affinity pizzas. Each morning I take bites from the ones I plan on using for the day: Main uses at least three pizzas each morning when I log on. Priest alt uses two. Today I noticed one of my mains eats gave MINUTES of affinity, where before it would give hours. So ate the normal ones with my priest: Channeling and ropemaking. Normally a couple bites of each would cover me all day (14+ hours). Today several bites gave 4 hours. It appears the time on the affinities has been cut by roughly 80%. There is no decay on the pizzas. They are the same ones I've been using for roughly a month. Is this an intended change or a bug?
  6. Only if I get to marry.. ohhh.. ten guys. If no, then nah.
  7. The bend starting at 35/36x 7y heading east has been eliminated, and the diagonal road has been continued.
  8. I went right to 80. All my speed horses have USH, and I'm slowly switching over to getting full USH & spark on the breeders. My draft bison all have either USH or spark, now I'm working on combining the two to have both. Getting consistent second trait is tedious.
  9. Two deeds side by side. Draft horses (in progress, so heavy) and speed horses on one deed.. Bison and hellies on second deed. Yea, by the time you get through the last you can start all over.
  10. Come park yourself on my deed for a few days, I'll hand you a coc100+ skilling brush, and groom non-stop until you hit 80 AH.
  11. So this has become an issue that has made the game pretty much unplayable. Let me put it in vernacular that most would understand: I hop on a train, that train goes alllllllllllll along the tracks. Station after station, no problems. Then it gets to the station holding, and suddenly there is a big gate not letting people in. Now, is it the train's fault? No. It's whoever owns that station. My ISP has repeatedly stated there is no problem, traffic on their end is getting handed off just fine. Tracert supports this. It's 3+ time out's at the final hop. If it makes it in the three time outs I maintain connection. If not, another disconnect. I suspect as it is cloudnet that is having the issue there are too many connections, so some get denied, since cloud services are handled on a per connection basis.