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  1. [Bug] Unicorn Foal - Xtra Large

    Mom and baby, both champs. Baby is the big one..
  2. Color variation, Marble door and walls

    I just built it, like two minutes before.
  3. It's driving my OCD crazy.
  4. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2018

    Need a room for me and my priest. Salacia is 72 channeling, so will be there to cast woa on a million horseshoes and saddles. Me: Blacksmithing 83 (current grind, will be 90 before impalong) Fine carp 76 carpentry 90 pottery 95 masonry 80 Put me doing whatever you need.
  5. Price if I pick up rare loom, rare oven, rare statue of dog, and a merchant contract. (gotta be a good price, as I HATE sailing Xan!)
  6. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2018

    Will be there with about 3000L of wine for your grinding pleasure
  7. Personal Goal post-trauma (pgpt)

    Lava pit, super high scraps, build woven on edge, FAST. I can't stress high quality woodscraps to build enough. I built two that poofed before I could finish building them. Repair like a madman. It will take damage VERY fast, and you can sit there and repair as fast as you want. Could have had the goal done in one day, but my patience didn't allow that. Had to do it in a couple different sessions.
  8. Personal Goal post-trauma (pgpt)

    Me 100%. Personal goal finished, red cherry, alt COULD easily do goals, won't. Now I get to build my castle, kill things, and go back to "just playing".
  9. CLOSED. Winemaking Auction

    Message me in game, champagnedragon or salacia (both are usually on) to arrange delivery.
  10. What has made you hate Wurm?

    update: THREE "the path of Vynora" achievements (3000 fish) Biggest to date: 163.xx caught at 75ish skill. Four imps to rare rod, each time 93 or 95ql.
  11. CLOSED. Winemaking Auction

    Everything to make 30 barrels of wine. 15 barrels of grape juice (675L, 2500+ grapes) , 15 barrels of syrup, 30 wine barrels. Will be delivered to any non-pvp perimeter shore. Start bid 9s, increments 1s 5 day auction. No private bids, no buyout. (barrels sealed for damage protection after screenie. Will transport in sealed barrels, transfer contents to wine barrels upon delivery to avoid damage to contents)
  12. Large Ship Navigation Warning

    yea, I complained a lot about this last year. I was told "follow the channel and there's no problem". Except that the channel isn't marked. I actually started dredging a huge portion of it, but that caused a war...
  13. What has made you hate Wurm?

    Seriously??? A few hundreds sharks? Currently I have 42,500 marlin filets. The max you can get from one marlin is 50, so that means at least 850 marlin. I also have 12,500 shark filets. So, 250 sharks. I gave up on sharks because each time I'd go afk I'd end up feverish from poison. Remember, I didn't start fishing for marlin or sharks until I had 75 skill. I'm using a rare rod. Today it was imped to 95. My skill hit 87 today. At 80ish skill I caught a 143kg marlin. At 86 skill I got a 164kg marlin. I'd REALLY like to know how you both caught them "with a few hundred sharks". Several people have said a few THOUSAND.
  14. RARES.

    Still a lot of rares for sale. Open to offers.
  15. Cared for animal death

    horse name: Raidecho Server: Indy Aged fat Had used runes on her a few days before, taking her from ven fat to aged fat. Logged in 8-18 to find her dead. 11:33am local time. Had logged out at 00:01, so she died sometime during those 11 hours. Branded to Nysa (Indy) Cared for by ChampagneDragon She was on enchanted grass, where I park two riding horses, my bison on wagon, and cart with two horses. No other creatures on tile with her. This is not a locked, gated area, so it was suggested she was attacked. Did tracking (for what good it would do) and only her, my alt (Salacia) and a tower guard's tracks showed anywhere the area.