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  1. Yes, the first time I encountered a Wurm winter I had to turn off the game and retreat to a dark room. It caused a horrible migraine. Then I changed settings and was able to play, but not for long times. Seems to not be nearly as bad recently, but still get a headache from it.
  2. nahjocheese was online tonight around G-18 area (in local as I was passing through)
  3. Now can i have my horse back? Giganthor and I were out riding, both horses gone
  4. All four of my toons crashed at once. Internet good. Can't reconnect.
  5. I have a couple questions, please message me when you are online.
  6. So, gonna age myself here. LONG ago there were various online chat and places you could go to play games like chess, cards, and word games against other players in real time. I played euchre, poker, scrabble, and occasionally other games using the name ChampagneDreams_BeerBudget. Actually that was my second name, gonna digress and tell you the story of my first name: MaggieMae1967. Maggie Mae was my dog's name at the time, and 1967 being my birth year. This was in the age of A/S/L. All the pervs would hang out and ask anyone appearing female ASL and proceed to try to hit on you in the early, immature ways of the social internet. I was there to just play games. Well, one night I got sick of it so one night I answered 64/male/San Fran (cause I am a bit of a smartass) When he stammered... but.. your name.. And I told him yes, but in 1967 I was sitting on the pier in San Fran and realized I was a female trapped in a male's body, and that's when Maggie Mae was born. Remember, this was over 20 years ago, when we weren't as socially aware. I got called a myriad of names. Well, I continued to use that response until I was sick of it, then decided I needed a name that was ambiguous, and was tongue in cheek. That's when ChampagneDreams came about. So in one of those game rooms, playing chess using the ChampagneDreams name I met my now significant other. We played a lot of games together, chatted, just chilled. We lived 6 hours apart and one day he said "let's meet for dinner". We did. Many times. Then we started living together. One day I got angry about something and he called me a dragon. He started calling me dragon whenever I was being intense about something. Then he convinced me to try Planetside (the old, original one) with him. I went to create a character and started to put in Champagne, and he was like... no has to be dragon something.. so ChampagneDragon came about.
  7. I might have you beat. If not, I soon will.
  8. Not commenting on the feathers for arrows, but I do agree the wild chickens/uncooped chickens should not lay eggs higher quality than those in a coop.
  9. "there was a problem with short repair timers not letting an item decrease quality when repairing, so to fix it we increased repair timers, but don't worry, that won't change anything except the few materials people were abusing the short timers on". Wogic 101.
  10. You're wrong. There is something clearly dorked in your code if this was the intent. I repaired my 92ql rare shovel after digging about 600 dirt. I lost almost a full point of quality on it.
  11. Nice ninja nerf. Sorta important, and lost in the fifth page...
  12. Out riding today, and noticed EVERY highway sign pointed to The Howl. When the highway terminated in a known deed (confirmed multiple times) it said "unknown". This was confirmed on the leg by my own deed, one way stated "the Howl", the other UNKNOWN. Went to deed, went to find route, and only five deeds show up: The Howl Avalon Dockyards Charm's Nest Lost City Oakvale Celestial City None of the normal large deeds are on the drop-down list. The signs don't point to the closest deed. You CAN find a route if you know the specific deed name, I was able to find route to several deeds in all directions, so the links are intact.
  13. Someone asked what the vision of Wurm is NOW. It is to make it so that everyone is able to do everything, skills meaning almost nothing.