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  1. What a misery :(

    THIS I can agree with. I'm at 69.xx AH. I have a perfect herd of horses with USH. Each time I breed I get a tiny bit of skill. Heaven forbid a critter happens to need groomed for some reason. Makes me run an alt to the stables just so I don't risk a tick. This shouldn't be the case. Then after breeding I get to cull a significant number. Don't even get me started on the whole new color thing. 150+ foals born just to get ONE new color. No telling how many I'll have to breed to get teh silver maned one I want. Guess I should really start grinding leather working....
  2. Achievements

    Yea, I knew back in August it would be ending, and we didn't have a definitive date, so I busted to finish it. Sorry for those who missed it, but the team at Wurm did make it clear it was ending quite a bit in advance.
  3. Sap to a goal seeker, Close please

    I have two alliance mates that need sap to finish their goals. I'd love to pick it up for them.
  4. All Gone!

    Rare small metal shield cod to Champagnedragon
  5. WTS Misc Items

    1.5s on the metal brush? if so, COD to my alt, Salacia.
  6. WTS bloods and potions

    Nice to see you put prices after you said make offer...
  7. All Gone!

    Any bloods and potions left to Champagnedragon please. Drooling over supreme clay tools, but can't do it right now.
  8. WTS bloods and potions

    1s on each of the goblin leader bloods. If so, COD to Champagnedragon.
  9. More Time Please

    They announced months ago that the current (retiring) system was going to be retiring. I rushed to finish mine in September so that I wouldn't miss out.
  10. What a misery :(

    "Lets make the game how I want it, and ignore those who like the current mechanics". +1 for liking surface mining. All terraforming actually.
  11. close wts toon

    Would help if we had an idea of your price... It's a good account, and people might be afraid of low balling, or it being way out of their budget. I do know there is someone looking to buy a decent account for between 50-200eu on the wtb page.
  12. What a misery :(

    I can't believe I'm saying this.. but... Agree 100% with this. You can thank me later Gary
  13. What a misery :(

    This is Wurm. It's a grindy and often frustrating game. If you want guaranteed results there are many games out there that give them. if you want instant, guaranteed results Wurm isn't for you. If you enjoy slowly improving your skills, just like real life, then Wurm is for you. (I hate this idea that instant gratification and guaranteed results is a good thing. It's ruined too many games..... and lives. Slow down, enjoy the ride....)
  14. For Auld Lang Syne

    As someone who was on staff on another game (different context, not this game) I have to say, volunteer staff deserve a yearly gift. A good staff member's life is consumed by "doing their job'. It really reduces your play time. I greatly appreciate all the efforts the staff of Wurm put into making community events, giveaways, and just enhancing "Quality of Life" in game. I can't think of many, if any, other game/s that have staff this involved with the players, not to mention continually putting out new content. Funny thing, I missed the trivia contest the other night. I was online when they announced it, but it was already past my bedtime, so went to bed. The next day my computer decided to have some serious issues, and I spent most of Wednesday night, and almost all day Thursday working on fixing it, making me unable to play. My nice neighbor saw me say I didn't get a box, and gave me one. Then not three hours later I found one with my always premium'd alt. This was less than 12 hours ago, so they're still out there. People complain about the treasure hunt. I spent many hours early on hunting for it. I knew I didn't have whatever it takes to figure it out, so gave up. Disappointed? Sure. But that doesn't take a damn thing away from the fact that those who did solve it spent so much time searching. My only complaint, and this isn't a complaint really, more of an observation, is that those who did solve it used many clues that were solved by others, yet those who did the early work were not rewarded in any way. I guess that's a game though, to the victor goes the spoils... Thank you Enki, Retro, and team for all you do.
  15. CLOSE Heartbroken

    The problem is most people leave their hardest goal until last. You complete your hardest goal on Epic and your "prize" stays on Epic.