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  1. Buyout. (yep, overpaying. Been looking way too long)
  2. 51s just cause I am loving the capys.
  3. Bumps this cause I just screenshotted the one Nordy posted above. To put more perspective on it, it's over 6000 tiles up to the top of the mountain it's on top of
  4. Each one of those examples has roads. I can think of maybe two times I have actually done arch to find the abandoned deed, and that was because the terrain followed a straight line (base of mountain) and the road ran completely straight along the base of it. 1. Use map to find where the topographical lines for a similar pattern. 2. turn off topo, look to see if roads match. 3a. If roads match in that area go there. 3b. if they don't, look again.
  5. I'm a "gray Wurmian". I'm one of those who still remembers getting their first computer. Getting home from work, getting things taken care of, kids in bed, and then the familiar sound of the dial up connecting. It was all so new and so much to explore. Email was a big deal. "Do you have an email address?" was often answered with "I don't have a computer". The extent of online gaming was getting on Yahoo! Games to play literati or euchre or cribbage. The first game I remember playing on the computer was something I remember as "trains". That wasnt' the name, but you had to start from scratch and get eggs, then get them to market, to grow and eventually buid trains to move the goods faster. The graphics were about as good as the Oregon Express scene that they showed on The Big Bang Theory. Then somone recommended we try Planetside. I was hooked. A game where you could could actually play and interact with others? YES!! It was slow paced, and it was more about the social aspects than the game itself. It's where I met @Beanbag. Then Planetside was revamped into Planetside2 and it was much faster paced, less about the social than the twitch. I still log in occasionally, but it's so go go go! that a few hours is enough. Beanbag and I kept our friendship going, trying various games together.. then apart. Then one day he said he was playing this incredibly boring game that he kept going back to: Wurm. I was bored, so I figured why not. Logged in, got to his deed, and he put me to work making fences. It was the most boring, frustrating thing I'd done. But they got done and i looked at them and was sooo satisfied. I was hooked. He seldom plays, maybe it's our age difference, but he can't stand the slow paced aspect. He asked me the other day why I still play. I answered him this way: it is the only game where I can log in, do stuff, then go afk for two hours, come back and nothing has changed. It only changes when I change it. I enjoy the social aspect. I'm not a social person, really an introvert (REALLY introverted!) but with Wurm I can interact with others in my comfort zone. I think the one thing I do appreciate, which is good for people who are getting a bit grayer is the nothing is quick or easy. You work for it all. The other day I was fixing up a mine tunnel. I had tried everything. I stepped away and thought about it.. then I figured out the solution. Not quick, not easy, but that feeling of "I got this!" is priceless. And it didnt' rely on reflexes being that of an 18 year old. It required me to THINK.
  6. I was doing some mine work with a bunch of strongwalls and disintegrates (chain casting them), and saccing about 300 favor each time. Then I noticed due to these long cast timer for strongwall favor gets lost. This does not happen to any extent with other casts. Even the rites have shorter timers. This means each cast has to be sacc'd for indivually if you don't want favor to drain. Either adjust timer for the cast or adjust drain of pending favor.
  7. Connection refused on indy just now.
  8. Message me in game and we'll arrange meet or COD.
  9. A lot of maps all aqquired at Q15 (the Lunalong). 10s start bid 50c increments 1 Hour sniper protection no private bids 60s buyout I will meet at U15-17 or can summon to my boat and provide karma to teleport back home.
  10. my forges are so shiny now! And you're beaming from head to toe. I can see the glow all the way over here Grats! So glad my forges were enough to get you there.
  11. playing, disconnected both toons. Reconnect says server not available.
  12. COD to Salacia,, change owner to Champagnedragon and I'll pick up