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  1. Bump for bricks (sandstone, stone, slate) and mortar added in bulk pens.
  2. message me in game. I'm off for the night, and will be sporadic Wednesday, since I am going on a short vacation Thursday. I'll be back Tuesday. Yes, it's still available. Elvinblade hasn't gotten back with me.
  3. If you want it, it's yours. Message me in game to arrange transfer.
  4. Make one tile as high as you can, stand under it, level adjacent tiles. (two story building, stills on top, still plenty of clearance) Leveling one tile takes about 20 minutes of just standing there. This is a shot from on top of that building
  5. Best offer is 30s. I will let this go Wednesday, so a few days to get offers in.
  6. There are several reasons, but probably the biggest is I built this around nature skills. I've hit 90 nature, burned out on farming, and decided to try something completely new. I'm currently building a deed into the side of a mountain. New deed getting started
  7. Rare mag altar on deed, rare vyn altar in chapel.
  8. Deed is open and unlocked if anyone is interested in checking it all out
  9. Wurm is a time sink. Meaning, I can start to do one thing and three hours later I'm not done. I love this. Often I will find myself in the middle of the woods and dogs need out, it's time to cook dinner, or I need to do X around the house. I even will run to the grocery store, all while staying logged in. With my 92FS it doesn't matter where I am, I don't have to worry about coming back to a red screen. I don't want more "engaging" combat. I want to know that I don't have to constantly log out and back in, and with very few exceptions I'll come back and pick up where I left off.
  10. I'm ready to sell my deed, Nysa, located at K/L 19/20 on in game map, north Crystal Lake. This was set up for critters, critters, and farming. There are three separate stable buildings, and five large pastures all with enchanted grass. The farm area is roughly 1200 tiles . Enchanted grass pastures (6x8, 6x11, 6x8 and 6x11) with stables along the back ( 18 1x2 stables and one left as 2x2) Stable #2 18 1x4 pens Stable #3 25 1x3 pens 3 1x2 two warehouse type buildings 5x7 and 5x4 two story, courtyard between them. Ramps on both to second floor. Between the two buildings are clay and peat tiles. back Side Behind is an off deed area for planting rice or reed Mine is NOT the strong part of this deed, although there is one marble vein and four (five?) iron veins exposed Farm area Mansion facing waterfront There is also a pretty little chapel, which I put off deed this month to reduce upkeep (marble and slate), along with a dockhouse (slate and sandstone) Orchards: Lemon (partially on deed, again a victim of downsizing) apple, (off) maple (off) orange (partially on) and in front of the mansion there are lavender, roses, camellia, and hazelnuts. (Had cherry there, blocked everything). Grapes next to deed, along with some oaks planted behind deed I'm not sure what it's worth TBH, or even if it will sell. PM me offers. I'll give it a week and decide.
  11. Nope, there's some kind of bug. Have had three different GMs attempt to fix it. Had Enki there for awhile, who suggested turning it all to lava.. forever. Now it's on to the devs. Ticket has been going for three days.
  12. I'm just gonna say, I think it's pretty crappy them releasing right as this starts.
  13. I feel for Virus. First you change favor just as he thought he had enough for the impalong, causing him to have to double his amounts. Now you release steam right at the same time the impalong starts.