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  1. We strive to deliver the best animals at a fair price. Always. Our pricing is all up front, no funny algorithms.: Each standard horse base price is 25c Each of the five basic speed traits is 25c (lightning, strong body, carry more, strong legs, and fleet) Other positive traits are no cost. Special colors (ebony, gold buckskin, chestnut, skewbald, silver black) adds 50c We NEVER sell a horse with a bad trait! Deed for pick up is Rosethorne, j22 Harmony Current stock: No speeders: (25c) cliffnorth , female, brown, adolescent foal danceballet, female, brown young foal huntingcloud, male brown, mature adult , keen senses Huntingclip, female, black, adolescent fat adult, fight fiercely Raiddog, male, gold, adolescent fat adult, fight fiercely Westiron, female, white, adolescent fat adult, unusually healthy and keen Goldhappy, male ,brown, adolescent fat adult, unusually healthy Fabiolagray, female, white , young fat adult, Briskgray, female mature fat adult, fight fiercely 1-speeders: currently sold out new stock arriving daily 2-speeders: 75c Jollyflint, male, adolescent foal, brown, strong body, carry more, certain spark Bison: Currently sold out. New babies arriving appx Sept 29
  2. if only there were some way to store favor for later use.... dunno, like in gems or something
  3. Haven't fished since I caught my black shark to "win" a red cherry. Not going to either (until I decide I really want to complete that part of my journal, then you get to hear me complain about it the entire time)
  4. My old server toon has MANY 90+ skils, but her woodcutting is only 40ish. I've never felt the need to grind woodcutting because someone is always grinding it, and when I come across logs just laying around I have no qualms about picking them up. I find myself doing it on the new servers too. Happy days when I find piles of 50+ql logs laying around! And kudos for replanting! BUT, if you do run out of sprouts, just space the new trees apart, they will spread.
  5. This is exactly how I feel about them. Plus the fact that there are those who simply hit and run, getting as many points as possible, instead of really contributing
  6. There are tools on the wurm online store? Huh?
  7. Maybe because of stuff like this.. Deed is Verdant Watch.. just this, no building, or anything
  8. So I deed enough to cover all my animals and have a 1500 tile farm, but someone who deeds a minimal sized deed is afforded the same protections? Why am I paying 11s/mo?? Deed it or lose it. I deeded it.
  9. thanks! [21:58:44] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes.
  10. Sniper protection in effect. Auction closes 1hr after last bid. Thank you ALL for the bids
  11. For some reasons the perms on my large cart were changed to "allow all". It was left near Sisters of Solitude with two horses hitched. Name has been changed to 'Msg Champain". Contact me if you see.. or if you're the one who pilfered it, to get your stuff back.
  12. For those thinking this is too high, on the southern servers a rare saddle sells for 10-15s. Not lowering starting price.
  13. Three day auction no reserve No buyout 1 hour sniper 10s start bid 50c increments will send via cod please leave the name to COD item to
  14. Wow, hard to imagine it's been 19 years already. I remember it as if it were yesterday.
  15. You would have to read the blog to understand. In the first one he talks about how he needs charcoal to make steel and flint so he can light a forge, but needs to light a coal pile to make charcoal, so he can make a steel and flint... about how it was an endless loop.. The blogger did not engage with any of the community, whether it be locals or CA Help. Instead went on about how things were not intuitive. THe second paragraph sums up his whole foray into Wurm. His mind was made up at the very start " I’m not sure what Wurm’s excuse is, then, in making things feel purposefully obtuse in terms of doing the most simple of tasks, but here we are." People making excuses that maybe he didn't get a steel and flint "You’re handed the wide swath of basic tools you’ll need, given a whole bunch of equipment, and provided some basic instructions on how to use said tools." Third paragraph . 'To the game’s credit, the tutorial does get one’s feet wet well enough. You’re handed the wide swath of basic tools you’ll need, given a whole bunch of equipment, and provided some basic instructions on how to use said tools.' I do know, from creating alts recently, that the tutorial tells you to activate, not to equip.. But I can see how many who are new fall to the assumption you have to equip first, especially if they skipped the tutorial or hurried through it. So, in three paragraphs he pretty much sums up his attitude going forward. Anyone who enters any endeavor with such negativity is not going to be impartial, nor give it a real chance. THAT is what got many so upset. This isn't "journalism". This feels very much like someone with an agenda: to shine bad light on a game that is worthy of so much more... and a community that is always willing to step up and answer questions. A community he simply did not choose to utilize.