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  1. Yes folks, my priest are on a roll! My Fo just did this beauty: [02:21:37] Life Transfer has been cast on it, so it will transfer life to you when harming enemies. [100] On a huge axe, 51q. Life transfer can literally be a lifesaver when battling those pesky vermin throughout Wurm. 5s start bid 50c increments will be mailed, so leave COD name if you bid please. 2 day auction 30 minute sniper protection.
  2. It is done. 30 minutes from last bid.. Congrats this beauty is yours. What name shall I cod it to?
  3. If this goes over 12s I will imp to 90ql once skill allows (actively grinding LW, currently 76)
  4. Yep, you get a super fast 101 WOA cast on this bonus saddle that's 75 ql (currently, may keep imping as skill allows) [23:41:09] A leather saddle complete with a girth and stirrups. The saddle has some holes and must be tailored with a needle to improve. [23:41:09] Wind of Ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [101] Will be sent COD 2 day auction 5s start bid 50c increments 30 min sniper
  5. Just to say again, this isn't about the trees. The trees are replanted, and wild growthed back up to a nice old stage.. It's about common courtesies in Wurm.
  6. Trees replanted, wild growth on them to the old stage..
  7. This isn't about RULE. it's about common courtesies. Big difference. I am not making an issue about the trees. I'm trying to start a freakin discussion on common courtesies that make Wurm better for us all. See the difference?
  8. So after having the willows on my harbor (one tile out of deed) cut down, I realized that with the influx of new players some common courtesies we take for granted in Wurm may not be known. Maybe if we discuss them here, they'll be more common knowledge.. or maybe it won't matter? Anyway a couple I have thought about: 1. Roads. When building roads it is common courtesy to talk to those in the area where a road is going before destroying terrain. Maybe they have plans already, and you can work together.. 2. Cutting trees in people's perimeter is a big no no, as is any type of terraforming. Let's hear yours..
  9. Seriously, you HAD to cut down the willows on my harbor.. one square into my perimeter? There were none anywhere in the wild.. those were the perfect willows? Be an adult,,, step up and admit you made a mistake and I won't think nearly as badly of you as I do now..
  10. The player who organizes determines time. There are plenty that I have missed out on being EST. No. you are confusing Wurm, a sandbox game, for a battle arena game.
  11. If your ratio of animals on deed falls below 15 diseases are more likely..