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  1. Yea, but I'm not even getting the +1 from the rare tool. Have yet to produce one over 97.77ql (wemp quality)
  2. 77.90. It's sad. with my skill and tools (as I said, I have two so I can keep them high) I'm averaging low 60s product. Only pulling the under 10ql ones (15k done and have had under 100 of them)
  3. Not a small sample (12,000 and counting) two rare rope tools, one with 94 imbue, second with 42. Wemp quality is 97.77. I have yet to produce ONE over 97.77, and MANY at 97.77. Skill 77.90 It appears the rare is not giving any benefit. Not sure what the imbue is doing, since the mechanics have changed.
  4. No, it does not. if you breed two animals with the same exact traits you can still get a variance: an animal with fewer speed traits and some undesirable traits. In fact, I'd wager those ones you listed with 2-4 traits have some negatives in there, which you won't be able to see until your AH is higher.
  5. So where do you stop? Do you include the priest who summons 15+ people to the slay? Do you include the priest who casts mass stamina halfway through the fight so fighters can keep fighting? Do you include the new player who has never been to a fight and brings a weapon that tickles the mob, not knowing slaying uniques demands a two hander? Someone is always going to be contributing, but the metrics to measure that are not always cut and dried.
  6. I am NOT involved in any private groups. I want that clear up front. I have found three dragons/hatchlings in the past couple of years just by being out from my deed. I was also involved in the trapping and slaying of a different one several years ago. Trapping is NOT easy. If you're going to do it easy you need a lot of experience and have a shaker orb on you. The last one I found was after I was well experienced with high skills in a lot of areas, and I still had to call for help from someone very experienced with trapping and securing dragons. The first one I was involved with was when a newb had one on his deed. It took us HOURS to get him trapped. I can't tell you how many times I died. Then I organized a slay. After that slay I vowed never again. People were rude. They complained. For all the work that goes into it I felt l had been rung through the gauntlet trying to get the slay done. If people go through all the work to hunt and trap I have no problem letting them do whatever they want with it. If they change the way I would dare say those same people who routinely hunt them now will just give up, and there will be far fewer trapped and slays organized.
  7. wagoners need their own waystone, and it needs to be at least one (possibly JUST) one catseye between the deed waystone and the wagoner waystone.
  8. Forum name is wineisfinebutwhiskey and in came it's Carabinervii
  9. Do NOT unload at Rosethorne. There are no loading permissions.
  10. You're always so positive. It's refreshing to see...
  11. So I did the prayer grind on Indy with three priests. After about 60 prayer I'd average around .13-.15/day praying constantly, with affinity meal, no learned affinities. with the exception of casting when favor allowed. Yesterday a Fo and Vyn, both 100 faith, 66 and 64 prayer, both ended up with about .40 prayer gain. That's with affinity meal, Fo has learned affinity, vyn doesn't. Yes, big increase, whether people see it or not.
  12. My rider on Indy is a nice ebony 5sp named Taffy. I her.