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  1. I do to, which is why I worked hard to save everything of importance. Got most of it.
  2. That tunnel was a public tunnel to go through the mountain connecting the Inner Sea and Samling and has been used publicly since long before I started playing. Putting a door over it was not cool. Even if the door is set to open, people do not know that. They see a mine door and think it's blocked. *edited to add* I know you're new, and did not know this. Did not mean to come across so harshly.
  3. And yep... Just as I have a sermon ready..
  4. It was the same day.. a few hours later. We had NO interaction except my telling the Camelot alt that the LMC and tool chests were locked, and I was securing them for the owner. *edit after going through logs* The house fell at 21:45 local time Friday (when I started pushing LMC to secure storage). I then went back to my deed, harvested 2100 tiles, and went to bed. Saturday I replanted fields, and then went out for the night. [21:55:14] You start to place a large chest .[22:13:45] After you finish harvesting you will start harvesting again. [22:13:45] You realize you harvested in perfect time. The harvest is of top quality So Saturday was pretty much gone. No interaction between us at all. Sunday I logged on and rode to the place, nobody around, loaded a few things (oven, fsbs) and proceeded to bash. So, no, there was no "bad blood" until the THEFT of the loom.
  5. How noble! Does not change the fact that what you did was shady as hell,,, and VERY poor behavior. *edit* and I told you it was for Finndar (deed owner) [18:29:13] <Vegetta> i want the rare forge the rest you can stay [18:29:59] <Champagnedragon> see, if you had played nice earlier I would have given you a rare forge. I have four [18:30:27] <Champagnedragon> and I give a ton of stuff away [18:30:58] <Champagnedragon> Hell, just the other day I gave a guy a five speed silver black horse wtih woat saddle and shoes.. [18:31:14] <Champagnedragon> But you decided to play not nice. [18:31:35] <Champagnedragon> and I don't reward rude players [18:31:57] <Champagnedragon> I don't want any of it. I am trying to save it for Finndar, hoping he comes back [18:32:25] <Champagnedragon> with the exception of the large crates, it's all going in a house with his name on it.. right here
  6. I did not know Bozo (except by seeing him in TC previously) I had full rights on Finndar's deed before it fell. I build a secure house around his main house. Before it was locked Bozo planted someone inside it, so he could grab. Apparently while we both slept the wall fell on the main house, I PUSHED the chests (including a LMC) into my safehouse. This pissed him off. I graciously unlocked house to let him out. As a note, I asked Camelot (the alt planted inside the house) if he was an alt, and he said no. It's interesting to see he was one of Bozo's. That makes three I have counted around the deed. And for anyone who doubts my intentions, come by the old deed in a week or so. There will be a house there named "Finndar's Safehouse", with all the goods inside it. Hell, I won't even lock it so you can check what's in there. *edit* and yes, the LMC and tool chests are locked by Finndar.
  7. Oh yes, again this story. Don't you like having it told to the world? Guess who Vendetta is folks.
  8. A bit more information, since it seems necessary. It was a rare loom, it was Finndar's deed. What many don't know is I have become good friends with him, and I am still hoping he comes back. I have been gathering as much of his good stuff as possible to secure it in hopes he does. His LMC, tool chests, and some other stuff I know he valued are all secured. They will be stored in a new, high quality building on his old deed site (right next to mine). These are not items I would sell. And, lastly, I already have a rare loom.
  9. Looting a disbanded deed I have been camping for days. There were some planted items. I spent an hour bashing one, as I finished, Vegetta, riding a wagon owned by Bozo, appeared and loaded it, despite watching me spend an hour bashing it. Player had told me previously they were from Porto Allegro, Brazil, and an alt [13:33:33] You damage the floor loom. [13:33:33] You start to destroy the floor loom. [13:33:35] A large wooden loom, made for weaving. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. Ql: 51.7912, Dam: 70.11383. [13:33:35] It could be improved with a log. [13:33:39] Vegetta starts to load the floor loom. [13:33:40] The aged fat Erikcopper grazes. [13:33:43] Vegetta finishes loading the floor loom. [13:33:47] Vegetta lost link. [13:34:02] You damage the floor loom. [13:34:40] Your request for assistance has been submitted to online chat moderators, game masters and developers. Please wait patiently! [13:34:47] Vegetta left the world. [13:34:47] Vegetta leaves the "01 - Runned". [13:34:49] The aged fat Erikcopper grazes. [13:34:59] The aged fat Erikcopper grazes. [13:36:53] Vegetta has logged in. [13:37:25] Vegetta rides on the "01 - Runned" as the driver. Previous conversation [21:04:31] <Vegetta> I will send a friend invitation to you can be? [21:04:54] <Champagnedragon> sure [21:05:52] <Vegetta> i had stopped playing but i came back with everything one hour visit our deed in deliverance. [21:06:13] <Vegetta> f24 [21:53:20] <Vegetta> ? [21:54:54] <Vegetta> your priests? [21:55:04] <Champagnedragon> Yes, salacia is my priest [21:55:09] <Vegetta> ahhh Further convo, after he came back online (probably to see if I was bashign forge) [13:45:45] <Champagnedragon> you can not steal it after I spent an hour bashing it [13:45:51] <Vegetta> sorry but I just arrived and tried to load and it worked, [13:46:01] <Champagnedragon> you watched me bash it [13:46:21] <Vegetta> I didn't see what you were doing? [13:46:32] <Champagnedragon> Not true [13:46:44] <Champagnedragon> you saw me, attempted to bash the forge and the rare bsb [13:46:56] <Champagnedragon> then came over and loaded it [13:47:46] <Vegetta> sorry but i broke any rules of the game?[13:48:43] <Vegetta> if someone says I did it wrong and I have to give it back Player is using wagon owned by Bozo.
  10. Will be there with myself, working on whatever needs help... Also, Salacia (91 channeling vyn) and Fragglerock (hopefully 70 channeling by then for LT casts). Sorry, this is just offensive to those of us who spent hours upon hours casting. The simple truth is while there are a lot of priests around, few are able to cast. As you yourself just stated, your priests are just bodies. Don't get me wrong, this is GREAT for those just grinding faith (thank you for the bodies, truly!) it gives the appearance of many priests available for casting. This is simply not the case. It is also why I am furiously working to have my Fo priest ready. On another note, I will again offer rune attaching at the Shrimpalong. My soul depth is 55.55 currently, and will be over 56 by the event. Bring your runes and items, and I'll do my best to attach. I need three beds please Shrimps (CD, Salacia, Fragglerock)
  11. I've always said the points for targeting a mob was wrong. I have seen so many people never really get in the fight and end up at the top of the leader board. I have not been to a rift since they were revamped (honestly, didn't even know they had been until I saw rift wave 4/4 on my mission bar) so can't comment on any of that. Guess I'll have to go check one out.
  12. Well, I am not quite sure what to make of this. Having worked in IT for as long as I have I have seen a lot of vulture capitalists... errr, venture capitalists... scoop up companies and really screw them up. I have also seen them grab struggling companies promising them the sun, moon, and stars, and then not even delivering a worm (see what I did there??). RARELY, if ever, have I seen them be a positive. Yet I know Wurm is in a major decline. The simple truth is, Rolf appears burned out. It happens. I 100% understand him taking what he can, and leaving the headache on someone else's doorstep. In trying to be objective, I looked up the financials. ONE employee. ONE. It *appears* to be not much more than a shell company. The second quarter financials aren't even listed. However, a quick glance at the stock chart isn't too bad. I didn't go into extensive charting (is it overbought/oversold? What about the moving average convergence/divergence?) I am really curious as to the huge spike and drop in July... that is a bit of a red flag from what is essentially a penny stock.. I'll hold my breath and hope that there is a lot more than what I can find from a quick Google. And if it is the demise of Wurm, well... we've been preparing for that for quite awhile anyway. I'll still play and enjoy my time, no matter how long that is (but only pay for 2 months sub at a time.. )