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  1. Well, I am not quite sure what to make of this. Having worked in IT for as long as I have I have seen a lot of vulture capitalists... errr, venture capitalists... scoop up companies and really screw them up. I have also seen them grab struggling companies promising them the sun, moon, and stars, and then not even delivering a worm (see what I did there??). RARELY, if ever, have I seen them be a positive. Yet I know Wurm is in a major decline. The simple truth is, Rolf appears burned out. It happens. I 100% understand him taking what he can, and leaving the headache on someone else's doorstep. In trying to be objective, I looked up the financials. ONE employee. ONE. It *appears* to be not much more than a shell company. The second quarter financials aren't even listed. However, a quick glance at the stock chart isn't too bad. I didn't go into extensive charting (is it overbought/oversold? What about the moving average convergence/divergence?) I am really curious as to the huge spike and drop in July... that is a bit of a red flag from what is essentially a penny stock.. I'll hold my breath and hope that there is a lot more than what I can find from a quick Google. And if it is the demise of Wurm, well... we've been preparing for that for quite awhile anyway. I'll still play and enjoy my time, no matter how long that is (but only pay for 2 months sub at a time.. )
  2. That's ok. I sailed to Xanadu to a friend's deed last night. Got there, the deed was barren, as in, there was not a bridge or building left! It wasn't until I went exploring around, climbed a hill and suddenly couldn't move that I realized NOTHING was rendering.
  3. No. And the one crafting thing isn't you have to craft, but you give it to the NPC, so someone without the capabilities to craft can use any old item to give. This could have been done the same way so no player group was left out. This is specific to a very small minority, with no warning, and while I am thankful for these events and hate to criticize Retro because I do believe he does AMAZING work on behalf of Wurm, hearing him really not caring is disheartening.
  4. One can't simply pray to get back to 100. nice thought though.
  5. Ok, how are vyn priests supposed to mine?? seriously, my Vyn priest has gone all the way through it, only to find out that she can't finish on next to the last mission.
  6. Almost right in my backyard and I couldn't get on yesterday. SMH
  7. I sell silvers. I sell a lot of silvers, because I sell a lot of chopped veggies. I typically have 1g+ in my account, even selling. I also pay a lot of premiums and every single time I sell silvers I turn around and buy premium time with it. There would be no reason for me to sell as many veggies as I do if I had to simply sit on hundreds of gold in my account.
  8. Said from a network engineer, not a CISSP. Security IS hard, as it should be. It HAS to be hard to keep those who will go to all lengths to penetrate, corrupt, or steal information. *said from someone in the information security industry for 15 years*
  9. Some new color horses , 5 speed, now available, with many more to come in the days ahead.
  10. Yep. As of last night there were two breeding pair there. I also have more available if you need.
  11. I believe this was taken care of. I sure hope the perm issue is resolved now. I had been given wrong information (three times! ) from CA, and pickup perms did need to be enabled.
  12. 404. That’s an error. The requested URL was not found on this server. That’s all we know.
  13. CLUB Market can be added to map if it hasn't been already. Also the highway is now catseyed.
  14. At CLUB Market I have perms set up for loading, yet repeatedly getting reports of people not being able to load crates or large items. It only works with pickup perms enabled. I have been told repeatedly that pickup perms are not needed to load.
  15. Starting to stock new color 5 speed horses!! Currently a gold buckskin and a piebald. Will have more next trip...