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  1. Hello, The skill tracker is resetting it self after every game launch and in particular the 5 extra tabs that I'm activating. If I activate the additional tabs and set specific skills after relaunch of the game the additional tabs are closed and the default skills are set.
  2. I see. Did you find the beach somewhere around Fort Buda?
  3. The entire event log is in the two paste bins. I was standing on the shore. I was selecting "fish" on the first available tile that it's not saying to me that it's too shallow (you can actually see in the event logs that I'm trying to adjust that).
  4. No. All information is there. I only forgot the mention that I was fishing at the sea shore. 4 clams the first time (plus one rare) and 1 clam the second time. Not a single fish. It took me a long time but I managed to catch 2 fish with a spear after the first session (or before that I do not remember anymore). The 2 fish were actually smaller than the clams by the way :D.
  5. I don't know how did you manage to catch those. I have 7.59ql net and ~8 skill in fishing. I have tried to fish with the net in 2 session, one hour each. During this sessions I changed the fishing spot from time to time just in case (I don't know if this actually matters). I was fishing at the sea shore in the entire time. The first time I have managed to catch 4 clams in one hour (and a rare one which I can't sac. yet because of my low Faith). Half of them actually give me meat. I'm sure that this is not enough food to cover one hour. Here is the log from the first session: The second time I have decided to check my hunger first and it was 60 when I started fishing. In one hour I manage to catch only one clam that give me a pearl. My hunger dropped by ~30 during this time. Good thing that I can't starve to death in Wurm. I also gained 0 skill points. Here is the log from the second session: I plan to make 2 more sessions with the spear and will paste the logs again. So far I can't see how can I, as a new player feed my self with average of 1 clam per hour, which might or might not actually give me meat!
  6. Here is one (look for more in the comments if you like). I'm also watching the WO streams and as we know they are few, but whatever someone there makes an opinion regarding the new fishing patch they all say that they like the things that I like, but they actually never got fishing by themselves.
  7. Do I still need to click on the "Basic fishing rod"? Because if I do, it's exactly the same as the other one. I LOVE the new fishing system when it comes to the new fishing methods (net, spear, the new multi part fishing rod with the floats and baits), skills, crafting, preparation for the actual fishing, The Tackle Box, keep nets etc. Everything is just great for me! I like the complexity there. But when it comes to fishing it self I HATE it. I'm fishing in RL and I never broke a Fishing Pole in my life. To spend several hours imiping a rod and line, and everything just to brake after the 4th fishing attempt (as another player reported) it's more than frustrating. Also regarding the fishing with the Fishing Pole it self - I think that I'm doing everything right and as you explained it, but I'm ending in the exactly the same situation as Hailian below. I see that some of the devs are WoW players and like that system in there, but this clicking on the float it's not something that works in Wurm and that it's liked by most of the players (as we can see from the poll). And Actually most of the players that said here that they like the new system, never ended actually fishing themselves in Wurm. after the new patch. Exactly my experience! Didn't catch single thing!
  8. This mechanics are the issue. The bush is basically made out of twigs. We should be able to harvest twigs which will add dmg to the bush until it disappears completely. The worms should also not depend on spawn. Ground is full of worms in RL and they are not on the ground but in it (or beneath the stones). They should be optained by digging and you should have some % chance to find one (30-50% for example). Or be searching beneath a stone if there is one spowned on the tile.
  9. While you was on a fishing trips, how many twigs do the bushes had? Because in wurm you can check every bush in 100x100 tile range and do not find a single twig in the bush. Super realistic huh. Same with the worms (wurms). Also when you fish and the fish baits out of how many times you do manage to hook it? My girlfriend manages to hook a fish at least 80% of the time when she tries fishing (with float) for a very first time. Because I'm fishing in real life (lakes and rivers) and I can tell you that neither the bushes nor the fish baiting works like that. The system is over complicated. And I'm not talking about the crafting. I like that. But the whole need to constantly stare at the monitor and click the float in 3D space while selecting a 2D tile and fail 100 out of 100 times. Try to fish in Wurm not only craft your pole and when you actually catch something then tell me how good it is.
  10. There is no way new player can rely on fishing for constant food source. I'm a new player, playing for a week now. Until this patch I was able to catch enough fish to fed myself. I catch nothing since the last patch.
  11. So if we want it like in RL why do we need to depend on clicking half the time and skill the rest. Let's remove the skills and just click to catch the fish, right lick to start coil the line, move the mouse left and right to fight the fish and if we do not to it at the correct time and order to loose the fish. Also in real life there is almost no way to lose a small fish. There should be a balance between realism and convenience. If I spend more time in a game to catch a simple fish than I spend in RL this is too much! I didn't manage to use my fishing pole. It asked me to transform it to the new pole which uses all this floats and baits and line and etc.
  12. You can right click on it and made it compatible with the new system. You can find twigs in the bushes of feathers from chickens as floats and put them in the fishing pole (it works like a container). If you have an old pole you can transform it with right click to the new one. For bait you can use a lot of things. The easy one is choped cheese or wurms from the ground.
  13. For the last 2 days I didn't manage to catch a thing. I know that I need to click on the float once the fish start nibbling on the bite etc. but it does nothing. I know that my skills are low but I hoped that for that time I will catch at least 1 fish (in comparison before the patch I've managed to easily catch bunch of fish in no time.) The net is the same. My neighbor tried to fish 30 minutes with it, with semi good skills and net on 25QL and again didn't catch a thing. So till now we had and easy fishing system and a lot of players with very good skills on fishing now, and on the other side now we have super messy and unnecessary hard fishing system which will not allow you to raise a single 0. point for 2 days. I like the part that we can fish with spears and with nets now, and the new multi-part fishing pole system (even that id doesn't fits perfectly in Wurm). I like how we need float and bait now, and all this little things to store your fish, looking for bait and float etc. However this clicking thing on the float like in World Of Warcraft is excessive.