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  1. goal on my priest almost done going to 70 rope making [19:39:35] Ropemaking increased by 0.0021 to 68.5368 channeling [19:47:07] Channeling increased by 0.0015 to 98.0239 goal on my main was to 99 mining got it higher [19:55:37] Mining increased by 0.0011 to 99.4287
  2. old ui gone?

    please bring it back
  3. Goblin leader slaying will be happening this saturday all are welcome to join us to slay this big goblin come get your goblin blood get those pickaxes imbued "loot will be private" located at j/k 12,900 hope to see u all there
  4. yesssss please +100000000
  5. I only know one thing about wurm that its the best game
  6. items sent can be closed thanks
  7. auctioning a fantastic marble brick and fantastic dirt starting bid = 5s on each Minimum Increase = 1s buyout: none