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Found 6 results

  1. It would be a huge QoL boost for those who do a lot of sailing to be able to read compass while sailing without having to first anchor or disembark the ship. Realism is awesome, and I get it while on horseback or running around on foot, but I've never heard of a captain calling out "All Stop, Set Anchor!" just because he/she needed to quickly glance at their compass for proper heading. Down with this select piece of wogic and let us go on to laugh about it being a silly thing of the past! kinda like... hmm whats a good example?
  2. Stonehaven Supplies I'm looking to try an experiment and as such I will offer goods for purchase and the payment will be USD via paypal. I believe the convenience it can offer may be worth it to some and/or could even give newbies a head-start. I have been in wurm for around 7 years and believe in honesty. If you buy from me, you will get your items, that's all there is to it. My paypal account is a verified business account, is in good standing, and is nearly 15 years old. There is no catch. I am taking a bit of a loss due to USD is worth less then euros and I take a .30 cent +2.9% loss per invoice. I'm doing this because I enjoy the business aspect of Wurm and it's a fun way to run a shop. It doesn't cost me much of anything but my time, which I'm already sinking into the game anyway. In the spirit of transparency, I stand to earn around 66 cents per USD you pay. I'm not out here to price gouge or win the game, just experimenting with something I can provide for mutual benefit. How does this work PM Nomadikhan ingame, forums, or reply to this topic with your order I send you an itemized invoice via paypal for your specific order You pay said invoice via paypal (which accepts all major cards, banks, debits) I create and improve your purchased items and mail them ingame free of charge. What I offer 75ql Full Chainmail set (9 pieces), Iron - $2.00 USD 75ql Full Studded Leather set (9 pieces) - $2.00 USD 75ql Shields, iron/oak, any type - $1.00 USD 75ql Weapon, iron/oak, any type - $2.00 USD 75ql Toolset, (i.e. Hammer, Whetstone, and Pelt) - $2.00 USD 75ql Bow, willow, any type - $1.50 USD 100x 50ql Arrows, maple, war/hunting - $2.00 USD Note These prices are not set in stone, this is an experiment to see how people view paying for goods with real money vs ingame currency and as such may need adjusting.
  3. So I was discussing the usefulness of items such as strawberry juice, wine, decorations and things of the like with a friend and the word "Vanity" items started to get thrown around. As the word vanity can be associated with happiness in a few different ways we had the idea that if a value called "happiness" were added it could affect things like creation chance, timers for meditation/pray, rare rolls (By a very very very slight percent) and other various actions. Things that would raise happiness: better drinks/food like wine and meals, decorations (which would give an unseen aura-like effect, like tapestries, candelabras; these would need to have a limit), praying/meditation, and many more. Things like dying/taking injuries, water and food getting too low, lack of decorations, lack of room/spacing around the character and stuff like that would lower happiness. Just curious as to the thoughts of others with this idea.
  4. Hi Guys! Sugarfoxx- Deli Credit for the idea: [14:11:57] <Jothebard> you could put a fortune message in each one :D GREAT IDEA! 5 Cookies daily Resets daily.. ect. (Similar to prayer) Personalized messages... "/givecookie <name> <"message"> * Messages Optional "/givecookie Facedancer "Here, have a cookie!" [Time] <Name> has sent you a warm cookie, type /eatcookie to eat it!" "/eatcookie" [Time] You eat a warm cookie from <Sender>!' Some examples of fun stuff to try! "/givecookie Sugarfoxx "Thanks for the bricks!" [Time] <Name> has sent you a warm cookie,"Thanks for the bricks!" type /eatcookie to eat it!" "/givecookie Sugarfoxx "Don't forget to pick up your order :)" [Time] <Name> has sent you a warm cookie,"Don't forget to pick up your order :)" type /eatcookie to eat it!" "/cookiebank" "[Time] You have 3 cookies in your bank, type /eatcookie to eat one!" Rare coin inside your cookie, on a rare roll while eating...