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  1. This is actualy hilarious. Like a thief complaining something got stolen from him that not even was his.
  2. Marsh should spread again. All they had to do was lessen the spread chance, not remove it in their overall overreaction style.
  3. I would add in order to destroy the cats eyes the highway need to be outside kingdom influence (thus destroying near tower first), but I would not tie the highway to a kingdom influence per se. Inside kingdom influence I would say the road can be blocked by a simple structure as a spike barrier or a siege shield.
  4. These decorations are for kingdoms, not alliances. Alliances are the layer between village and kingdom, pvp alliances dont have unique designs either. That said though, alliances and villages maybe should be able to have alterations on those heraldics with the kingdom it belongs to still clearly vissible and recognizable.
  5. Removing /who is not going to change anything. People who dont want or dare to roam are not affected by it already in the current state. They will always find reasons not to roam, the more, if they already use this information, if you take that away the chances they still going to get out are even lowered. It would be countereffective.
  6. I said it in alliance after seeing Emoo's preview. Overkill, going from one extreme to the opposite extreme.
  7. Serious stamina/climbing bug issue going on. Dont think this server will be online long.
  8. Speaking about brackish water (weird thing on its own but whatever), what happens when a lake gets connected with the sea? And happens when a brackish lake/pound is formed?
  9. It is too difficult to make a realistic harpoon instead of making a complex new type of fishing rod consisting of multiple variable subitems? What? The first item requires adding 1 item with functionality, the latter requires multiple with altering functionality. What you say is true in theory, but not in this case as what I say would be much simpler than what was done here.
  10. Typical wurm fail. Completly unrealistic fishing rods in a medievalish setting of the game, but an ancient invention as the harpoon is too complicated? Fishing with a spear, lmao. In the mean time, the model of the caravel is stil not a caravel. Research and realism is still not on devs agenda. Is wurm moving to modern era setting now? Do the devs still know what kind of setting they want or does every dev realy do what they want, because that is what it looks like.
  11. People realy need to learn to use UTC in an international context. It was invented for a reason.
  12. This is not a thought out idea. This kind of empty "suggestions" should be against the rules. -1.
  13. -1. If it goes to fast timer could be lengthened per stage and balanced with yield accordingly.
  14. I dont want new horse varieties before new cow/bull, dogs, pigs and such. That would add more cosmetic variety then just more horse colours.
  15. I like the principle behind the idea but imo wurm tiles are to big, and not just for this. A higher limit or smaller tiles might be supportfull.
  16. I am in principle against the creation of new servers. The player/server ratio is already below acceptable to have no current servers closed actualy. Perhaps better to change the destination of a current server (with compensation for the affected inhabitants, speaks for itself).
  17. I think it would be better to let grazers and herbivores kill/eat fresh sprouted trees and bushes so open grass plains are created in a more realistic natural way.
  18. That so many people choose one meditation path out of five just shows how incredible unbalanced meditation is. But armour skills dont sound like good solution, it does not make sense.
  19. The chance to get an affinity by succeeding in pvp gets reduced but instead they give more reward for not accomplishing something. No fix was needed, only rule enforcement. This is realy the opposite of what should happen. You earn affinities because you defeat a player. No need to change that. It was a one of the rewards for taken a risk, getting or losing an affinity. There is no risk in the new pve system. Could have added the affinity gain to a strong creature, but no they opt again for easy mode. Dont fool yourself, WO has no real pve, if so you would have AI deed raiders replacing the enemy players you encounter on Chaos.
  20. Why does one need to earn affinities during pve? There is already cooking affinities for pve side of the game.