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  1. In-Game Map Location: P20 Community Map Location: 5685,5755 Bring Stuff. Kill things. Probably won't be watching this thread so you do you boo boo. xoxo
  2. Reylaark's got it right The way it works is that salt lowers the freezing temperature of water so when the water does finally freeze, it is at a much lower than normal temperature. That link to explains it perfectly. That's why I figured I'd include the idea of it being created within a larder that is already cooled; to sort of add an additional aspect of realism.
  3. I'd like to suggest making, as the title suggests, a recipe for Snowballs + Rock Salt to create Ice which could be used for Larders more effectively than snowballs and also potentially more cooking recipes as well. If people wanted this to be more on the realistic side of things (as the community usually does), a condition could be included that they must be combined inside a container then placed into a larder already containing snowballs or ice and it could craft just like waiting for a meal to cook sort of thing. Cool idea anyway, pun intended :)
  4. Good morning/afternoon/night ladies and gents. New rift due to open June 24 @ 8:50 AM EST. Location is top left corner of P22. exact location in picture. Not sure if I'll be there myself due to work but will try my best.
  5. Sign me up too please. I'll do my best to be there!
  6. Unfortunately the exact type of scam I vaguely described above has plagued large MMOs like WoW for many years and still does to this day. This particular situation might not be the case but don't be naive about it. It's definitely not a secret the way it goes down and the credit card companies don't raise a red flag unless there are abnormally large transactions, a significant increase in frequency of transactions to new payees or if a card holder has opted for very specific credit protection on their cards (which no one ever does). If a card holder isn't diligent about their credit billing, a smart scammer can rack up quite a lengthy history of transactions before getting cut off. If some of you know this person personally than perhaps it's not a scam but this chain of events is exactly what happens in the scams I mentioned. And yes, screwing people for their items and characters and getting all of his money back would be a profit and is the exact goal of scams of that nature. Hopefully this guy doesn't dupe the credit carrier either way, scam or not.
  7. Not magically... For all we know, some poor sap named Neal could have had one or more of his personal accounts (emails, etc.) compromised and access gained to his financials. It wouldn't be very appropriate to get into the specifics of how attacks like that work on these forums but this is the type of thing that many scammers do in other games to gain accounts, currencies, and information from victims. Nothing magic about it. Personally, I wouldn't assume this Neal person was ever a legitimate player unless I knew otherwise. Besides, a massive sudden surge of disputes and charge-backs... sounds like someone just got their card back.
  8. Been seeing this type of dispute scam for years in World of Warcraft. It's either a stolen credit card (which seems unlikely) or he's just a thieving d-bag committing credit fraud.
  9. I'm soo gonna rock that hat! Thanks for a great event all!
  10. Agreed. It would be nice actually to have a repo on github directly from Codeclub AB themselves since they seem to consent to it's use (the licensing can be handled quite easily through private repo via invite only. If epic games can do it with unreal engine 4...). Either way, no biggie but I do think it would benefit the modding community greatly.
  11. If you are just looking to tinker around and not a well versed developer I would strongly suggest IntelliJ IDE. I only suggest this because it is extremely light-weight. My personal preference is Net Beans but this is a significantly larger IDE and much more of a "commitment" so to speak. If you plan on only tinkering or nothing very advanced, the larger IDEs such as Net Beans or Eclipse will be extreme overkill.
  12. I'll get in on that! I've actually been preparing myself to be more mobile with my main (this character) so I can start getting involved on these Rifts (and other unique killing groups, etc).
  13. Make both Silver Altars and Gold Altars movable. Really no reason why not since domains are allowed to overlap. And it's a real pain in the ass when you take the time to design everything perfectly and then the altar drops completely off from where it was supposed to and looks like crap.
  14. bought a 1 second compass for 2.25s. Awesome deal! Love this thing! Great business as always Pag!
  15. Purchased! Great transaction. Thanks again