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  1. Just couple ideas. I've heard some people having trouble with treasure clues, so got me thinking... What if you could use karma to get an extra clues. or Put the hot cold back in, and have it use karma Either there are options, but set the karma value high enough. That way players have to choose to use costly karma or save it for something else. Pro's Players have options.. Adds another sink to the game where karma is used up. Con''s Might make it too easy to find treasure (but off set with high value of karma)
  2. strawberries pie didn't trigger either
  3. Not sure why we do not have a spear & shield option. Seeing this was a very common combo in olden time. Add a "Regular spear" with less damage then long spear, but more range then long sword. less parry then long sword. Or The long spear with stat reduction to the spear when shield is equip like above. More combat option is always nice.
  4. Thank you for the help. The "on" looked like it was "O12" to me. Can close.
  5. I am on my first chain of maps. On my 3rd chain this is what I get. (Note i found this map at E11) Should this map read like this? From the deck of Earl the cat: Smart Florence cached a chest below the shrine called "chamber of deep". Far from any town, somewhere at O12 of the map. or Smart Florence cached a chest below the shrine called "chamber of deep". Far from any town, somewhere at E11 of the map. or Smart Florence cached a chest below the shrine called "chamber of deep". Far from any town, somewhere at E11 or O12 of the map. p.s I added the word at the end "of" "of the map" and replace the word "the" to "a" "a chest below"
  6. I'd like to buy 10 please, but to be fair. It is no difference then using rare's to create a rare. Except this treasure hunting is more fun in my view. Which a game should be <fun>.
  7. Guessing have it run like AH, more skill more you can tame. I kind of like this id maybe make it a priest only thing. A player could play as a druid style chr. This would give priest something other players don't have. might encourage more player to play priests.
  8. One thing I may have missed is reading is, What happens if you switch servers. Will there be a way to determine which server they are from?
  9. If players had to pay minimum of 1silver, extra is times total weight some (kind of formula). I could see the use of this being a new money sink for the game. Plus needing to use karma would be a nice addon. This mechanic would force players to choose traveling the cheap way (free) by walking, riding or sailing, vs the fast costly way. summary: I like the idea just needs check and bounds. (balancing) PS, Would this be a decay on every use item? With no repair option too?
  10. Items in the chest could be made soul bond to set character that found the chest. Then you also have the current in game loot prevention with in x number of tiles of proximity still in effect.
  11. What about being able to pay via web store for deed upkeep? Could this be an alternative?
  12. Yes correct, the generated chests for the new exploration update coming
  13. With this new system coming out. I find there is an opportunity to add an extra skill use aka "lock picking" if chests were locked. Plyers would have to pick them open, If they cannot ope open the chest. Then they can ask a locksmith ti open it for a small fee. This would then add a new option to the market place. At present there is no use on pve servers for this skill. Seeing the majority of the population play on the pve side. It would just make sense to add this to some of the higher difficulty treasures. P.S. I hope there will be drake hide or scale in these chest too.
  14. I feel the war machine needs an over hall. It is too clunky. Most mmo's allow free motion (160 degree radius of aiming in a view mode of sorts) when using ballista's. None of this turning clock wise. Also would be nice if the ballista show if it is loaded or not. I think players would use them more.
  15. Not sure if they are meant to be indestructible or not, nothing on wiki says either way. but give it a try with a catapult.