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  1. Auction House

    Selling goods is already easy with highway system, but if your taking about AH that works as on hub. That can feeds all servers, There needs to be a risk reword system of some kind. That means the good would have to pass or be located in an AH on the pvp side in some fashion. These goods could be raided in some manor. Whether they raided the transports or a storage unit with beefed up guards or what have you. Something like approach would add more to the game then just making it easy excel spreed sheet AH market.
  2. When you...

    Glad I changed my meditation path this month, (>_<)sigh. If I only knew this was coming. Although i was only lvl 9 PoL. May still work out. Waits, and watches for a ETA to be released (°_°)
  3. Rare Horse Meal

    No rare message, nor sound, or animation trigger.
  4. Bashing or Demo Player owned vehicles

    Lets remember it's a sandbox game. We should have the flexibility to do what we like to the vehicles we own. Bashing - subjective argument (Due to rarity/rune system. One could argue a PvE's do not have the full use of the rarity/rune system as a PvPer's do. They could simply bash repair then imp over and over. PvE's can not do this. Only thing that can be done here is use lava or decay option which takes time . Not everyone has lava it freely available.) Demolition - no real issue here. (You own it, why not have the option just like a building.) P.S I used carts only as an example in the opening thread. There are a few other types of vehicles in game where this would be useful for some not all.
  5. Bashing or Demo Player owned vehicles

    Think you miss read it "player owned" As in i own a cart i want to bash it or demo it.
  6. I'd like the option to bash any player owned vehicle, I for see a reason why it's not there. So refer to 2nd option. I'd like the option to demo player owned vehicles. You know we sometime we lose things, or even things get bugged, Instead of having to putting it ticket for simple things like this. Having an option of either bash or demo would solve this.
  7. Repair fences( personal goal)

    Hey, no never tried. just was reading Personal goal achievements. And is wasn't listed that i seen under text.
  8. So far this is my skill progression

    It's not a bad chr at all, Note: Two skills I personally would work on are. Hot food cooking. Get that up to 60 . 70 would be better. And animal husbandry to 50. But that's just me
  9. Xanadu Community Map

    1390, -970 The Rusty Anchor thx
  10. Would really love a better plot course system for at least for the pve side. That only uses grids lines A, V 0, 32 for example i wanted to end up in the north corner type in console /plot A24. something like that at any rate. Just a thought.
  11. Steel & Flint c98 CoD Gorgian thx
  12. Sold

    Bump Had an offer of 5.5s if picked up. Person never got back to me. Willing to do the same for someone else...
  13. Sold

    All sold.....
  14. Stuff with 100+ enchants at a flat rate.

    metal brush coc100 CoD Gorgian thx
  15. close

    WTB "statue of mountain lion fragment"'s