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  1. Guard tower: https://xanadu.yaga.host/#5480,3146 Marzipan 154 https://xanadu.yaga.host/#5228,3046 Toth 954 Guard tower name correction: https://xanadu.yaga.host/#5443,4656 Neville 370
  2. They do have a chance of decay if you do not log in for 3 months. Wurm was once 100% player built items, but that changed. There is a repair skill, but some deeds would take forever to repair everything. (That said, maybe add a rule that if a deed falls, then redeemed. That this automation can not be used.) Remember automation can be a good thing. Look at the wagoner. I haven’t found anything other than spirit templars refill off deed lamps.
  3. Be nice to have a npc worker that goes around repairing everything on your deed. Maybe have a stock pile that the npc gathers supplies from. Some kind of chart showing what materials the npc worker still needs that are not in the stockpile This would be more geared to pve players that have taken a break and found decay on their deed(s) and is not meant for pvp side
  4. If your table is locked you own. You will get the error message saying you need a blank map of equal or greater to your completed survey. Even thought you meet all the requirements to create a map.
  5. Tanking can be fully abusable, but than again so are alts doing DPs along with buffing from priest. As for the coding only solution I can see would be to have a 2nd input from player, like an active status check. Making it impossible to run 50 alts. Sure they could run a few alts, but that would still be on par with the current alts running around at rift and other events.
  6. Dps isn’t the solution in the formula for distributing points. This would only negate the needed for tanks. Take WM AOE as an example: The WM tags one person. That person just move around keeping the AOE off the rest of the players. This person participated in the fight and played a key roll in killing the WM, but did no dps. Why should that person not be rewarded. This is just one of many examples why dps should not be used as a base line for points reward system.
  7. Guard tower https://celebration.yaga.host/#1072,1254 Costume 506
  8. Guard tower https://pristine.yaga.host/#1285,1269 Zarune 458 https://pristine.yaga.host/#1113,1273 Canda 714
  9. I was thinking of buy a cheap laptop like a think pad I can bring to work but… I look up the minimum requirements, but the ones I’ve found are meant for a desktop not laptops. I noticed some old threads talk about having to download OpenGL due to this not being standard installed for Java on those machines with intel HD GPU’s looked in to download site of the OpenGL, and it states that most of the time the game will you try to play would install the required files automatically, does the new client do this??? If so, what are the minimum specs of the onboard low end like the intel HD? If wurm would even run on them now Any other info that may help me or others thinking of the same thing while be nice to see a update minimum spec thread.
  10. +1 This is a sandbox after all. Why not have the option to reclaim mats via scrapping.
  11. Most games when you loose connection you will get some sort of indications. Like reconnecting box pop up, or buffering wheel. This could help players to identify the problem more easily. Instead of a crash with no indicator, just a desktop. 2nd option could be to have an in game connection strength status to server or have them both. Remember new players to the game would not know this is a connection issue. They would think the game just crashes all the time.
  12. Give a small chance that a dragon will spawn at a rift after it is closed. If you really want to make it fancy. Make a small dungeon with a time limit portal in world. People have to choose to enter with in a few minutes. This way people can’t be summoned. Making this a rift event bonus. With some rifts having low numbers. (Enter at your own risk event)
  13. Production is very slow these days due to real life work & work injury, but it will get done.
  14. I just missed a rift because there is no accurate time system of when it is. Wurmnode.com still shows is 30 minutes later to start. I know wurmnode is a 3rd part, but this really needs to be looked. To having a in game timer system showing when the rift starts Im tired of setting time aside only to find it’s a waste of my time for these rifts because of noted above.
  15. Guard Tower https://xanadu.yaga.host/#1061,2482 Aspergerssyndrome 738