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  1. close

    I'm interested in one charge.
  2. I'm just getting in to the sorcery side. Here what i noticed so far. Mailed tome's dont show the amount of charges. Like in the past items not showing enchants. So, i would suggest showing the charges in some forum. hovering over it be before accepting, or like enchants tack it on at the end of mail message description.
  3. sold

    <Received> Thank you.
  4. sold

    Been 17 hour. Still nothing in the mail, or any comment from you. whats the deal here?
  5. sold

    CoD gorgian Thx.
  6. sold

  7. [Fixed] Journal text bug

    The winding Road - Reach Meditation Path Level 9 "You Reached Level 7 in a meditation path." This is now green and done
  8. yep works, I can see the pic. P.S. Not sure why you wouldn't just use the "snipping tool" that windows has to capture screen shots.
  9. WTS 1k Grapes 3s

    WTS 1k Green Grapes 3s Selling on xan using wagoner.
  10. For Auld Lang Syne

    Great event, wish I had heard about this sooner. Just found this post today. lawl
  11. (Sold) WTS Green Cherry 1 charge left

    only one left bump last one sold
  12. Selling 1 charges left of a green cherry. (60s ea. charge) or WTT for one charge for one of the following: Set of drake Black tome Green Tome Red tome
  13. Panfilling

    Great service, recommend it to everyone. bump