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  1. new tutorial

    I'm actual studying to become an aide also. This is why i thought of this text to speech.
  2. new tutorial

    I was watching the faction fight video on the sneak peek on the new tutorial. Now the basic idea is to teach new players the game. With that said everyone has different learning styles, ext. I was a little surprised there was no text to speech option. Maybe something to think adding one day.
  3. I would shorten the bottom of the model(pole part). They stick out of the floor. (plan banner & wooden floor confirmed).
  4. Patch Notes 22/NOV/18

    Just have one question about colours, and has to do with bird cages. If you put set colour hen(egg) in birdcage will it be set colour? or will it be white?
  5. Getting a water cooling unit this late in the tech era for an FX line is just a waste of money.
  6. add more Decimals

    Ahh, i'll have to try that. thx. Works like a charm. Wish we had this option in general and not just in that one window, but this works for now. thx again
  7. add more Decimals

    So today i'm trying to make a 99 QL item, The hardest part is not knowing if I'm imp it or not with out more decimal places. If there is a way to add it to the window. please show me. If there isn't add an option for it. thx
  8. I agree they get hot, go cheap get a good cpu fan like a "cooler master" 20-30 bucks, but you need good air flow in the case with an average room temp of 21c-28c will run heavy games just fine Just dont do any over clocking. And Wurms not a heavy game . Your looking at upgrading anyways in the future. So dont waste too much on the old rig. Save up for the new rig. P.S. i also use a cool master no issue at all.
  9. It will run fine, Wurm team has done some nice optimization & bug for AMD not that long ago, that helped a great deal. I'm still running a AMD FX8300 with only 8GB ram GTX 1060 8GB ram. with a ssd 480GB. and running win10 And we have the water update coming soon. that gives even better performance. the wave effect P.S. i sent you an PM on options for your upgrading question.
  10. Sea Serpent Found

    We killed one at Glass Hollow today. I'm sure that's not the same one. But just an FYI that one's dead.
  11. A new use for rock shards

    I kind of like the idea, but why not just make it sand with a ratio 4/1 (rock shards / sand). Still faster to dig, but yet gives a new use to rock shards. And this could fall under milling skill.
  12. Archaeology Tokens

    Have them function like catseyes? is that what you mean?
  13. Archaeology Tokens

    Have you tried the trash heap, or sacing them
  14. Premium suggestions

    2n'd option to Op's #1 idea. Other games back in the day used to use a fetcher called vacation mode. Basically one account got a one time vacation per year. For what ever reason, freezing the premium clock. This may work for wurm, Of course someone has to have X amount of months of prepaid or paid premium time to qualify for this mode. Lets say two weeks vacation mode. So lets say your PC breaks down . You'll have two weeks to get it fixed. It may not be much time, but at least it's an option.