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  1. Production is very slow these days due to real life work & work injury, but it will get done.
  2. I just missed a rift because there is no accurate time system of when it is. Wurmnode.com still shows is 30 minutes later to start. I know wurmnode is a 3rd part, but this really needs to be looked. To having a in game timer system showing when the rift starts Im tired of setting time aside only to find it’s a waste of my time for these rifts because of noted above.
  3. Guard Tower https://xanadu.yaga.host/#1061,2482 Aspergerssyndrome 738
  4. Haha, that would be funny, but I would rather tp from the wild accidentally. Then to have no chance of tping from a fall. p.s keybinds can be replaced for different tasks. Too bad we don’t have a save. Kind of like the tool bet. Where we can setup for different tasks and then with a click of a bottom change it for the new layout
  5. Fin explained it better then I could. if I log on now I cannot see what was traded or bought before I logged on. Thus trade chat doesn’t do it all. With a npc/board. Anyone can use it at any time till competed. If done right there will be a trade log like what we have for Waggoner. Remember, this is a sandbox. If you build it. They will us it.
  6. Today I dead because i fell off a mountain. Would have been total fine if I could have used my town portal found in karma window, but to use this you have to go through the clunky UI system. Then select town portal and click send By this time I was dead. Sure would be useful to have this on a hot key(keybind). [16:10:34] Fighting decreased by 0.2499 to 98.0738 P.s. every action should be able to be hot keyed. There are a few others missing, But this one I found most useful now with this exploring update.
  7. Bank move

    This is an old bug. i've had this in the past, just ignore the window the 2nd time(after 24hrs) and close it. then bank should work.
  8. I too have to agree, If the game doesn't let you move, and you take damage doesn't seem right "20:07:52 to 20:07:57" You are burnt by lava! After [20:07:59] You may now move again. no issue if you got burned. Easy fix would be to move "invulnerably" after "you can move" in the code. I know its a couple seconds difference, but I am sure you would have lived seeing you could move.
  9. It's too bad there isn't away us players can create in game quests/missions for other players. It could be as simple as a gathering quest, a delivery mission, make me x bricks, kill x mob with in local of the deed, or what have you. This idea would give players the option to setup quest/missions at their deed for others to do with out needing to resort to the forums all the time. Making the game feel more immersive.
  10. Maybe have the Warmaster (from Rift) have a small chance to drop a treasure map. As it stance now. There really is not a reason to kill the Warmaster. - You have to go out to the rift, & kill WM. - Low chance of dropping. - Rifts are not everyday - not everyone can got to Rifts due to time zones, real life commitments, ext ext - More often then not people will just burn the rift closed. For those reasons noted above. I feel there is room to at least talk about adding treasure maps to the loot table of Warmaster.
  11. Guard Tower https://xanadu.yaga.host/#1098,7251 Alendhor 738 https://xanadu.yaga.host/#801,7596 Benke 506 https://xanadu.yaga.host/#681,7530 Warlock 386 https://xanadu.yaga.host/#463,7199 Isamyth 642 https://xanadu.yaga.host/#357,7092 Vindekator 610 No deed at location https://xanadu.yaga.host/#1047,7394 Green Gryphon Harbour https://xanadu.yaga.host/#455,7050 The Tilted Anvil of Ivywood Bridge https://xanadu.yaga.host/#1027,7444 This bridge is 1/2 decayed no longer usable.
  12. Ok queues are being setup 6 deliveries ready for acceptance
  13. For PVE Vynora for the 10% skill gain/not fighting For PVP its depends on your play style
  14. 6c under 100 6.5c 100 up to 249 5c for 250 up to 499 4c for 500 up to 749 3.5c for 750 up to 999 3c for 1000 Let me know what you want me to mail to you. Note: each crate cost 1c to mail.
  15. Have over 1000. Yes, I can deliverer if on coastal (each trip is 1s) Depending on the volume bought. We can work out a deal. I live on Xan, If you live on Xan too. Can do Wagoneer also.