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  1. Even if you give the LMS to the alt. It has the same issue. My steps: Alt got the skin token. Traded skin token Main used skin token on LMS. Interesting note: If you place the skinned shield on the ground. Then log out/in. it will render in as the skin, (works on main and alt.) But after you pick the LMS up and equip. steps noted in OP post i will come back.
  2. With the rule change out lined below. I feel we as players have not been given enough security option to make this rule binding. With out a 2 step authentication option. (which is now a standard in security practice of online security by the way). P.S. Steam has it by Enki Posted February 29 Updated Account Rules section of Game Rules and updated EULA section. Account Security A ) Keep your passwords secure at all times! (You are solely responsible for the security of your accounts.) B ) You are responsible for all activity on your accounts
  3. Well i wonted to play but, seen a few things broken in the game. Which I'm sure you already know. seeing chat all over this in game.. the 2 that i noticed wagner, highway system, no loyalty. and that as far as i need to go. logged out waiting for a fix.
  4. Allow breed animals to replace the stock wagoner animals. Thus given the wagoner animals with traits so he/she will deliver the good faster. And we have a new use/reason to have trait animals. Could also have gear on the animals, like horse shoes saddle to give an added bonus. but if the animal(s) should die alone the way they will drop a corpse where ever the trader is at the time. thus having this has a slight risk reward factor. (note if the animals dies, it is simply replaced with a standard default animal the wagoner has that way a wagoner will always has something to pull the wagon, not causing issues) summary: allow animals to be with traits and gear to speed up wagoner, new use for trait animals & gear
  5. This is correct, there are refunds but only as you stated. for server down time or testing. but, Code Club AB reserves the right to modify, add to or supplement or delete these terms and conditions at any time. All such changes shall be seen as applying retrospectively to all accounts.
  6. Hate to correct you, but the EULA does state you can ask for a refund. But the refund is in the forum of Sleep Powder, And they are not obligated to do so.
  7. If you need some ideas, Salem has a interesting farming mechanics where soil matters, what you fertilizer you use, to crop rotation to increase soil QL of 1-4 bar value.
  8. Something that needs to be clarified with this RMT. Because I am sure one day someone will try. Points over to a little thing called Bitcoin.
  9. The issue is this Samool stated (Valrei International. 094, page 9) that no trader can be moved from server to server. Thus know the cost of a new trader is retentive to possibly thinking of selling a deed with one on it. I had purchased a deed not to long ago that had a trader on it, seeing Xanadu could not support one. If i know the cost of a new trader, and other knew this also, I could see if could sell the deed to fund and obtain a new trader main deed on Xanadu.. (Side not i have yet to even come close to recapping the cost of the purchase.)
  10. No worries. I do appreciate the attempt Some times text does not come across in the correct meaning as it was originally intend. At this point just clarifying some loose ends. Where by i can make an informed decision. aka the price of a traders as of March 1, 2020
  11. Big different from a bug(fountain pan) and a designed feature(trader). FYI back in the day i destroyed several of those fountain pans. because i know it was a bug. I could have made tons of gold. but I choose not to, because it was the right thing to do. All I'm asking is what a trader will cost with this new system. Not sure where you are getting this suck it up train of thought from. I am merely taking care of my account responsibilities as out lined in the ToS. Which I feel more player need to do.
  12. The only issue I could for see is, If a deed it locked in. I am guessing this isn't an issue with lower pop. now a days. There could be one or two out their. If not disregard this statement.
  13. I personally do not think this was a foolish "investment" at the the time. Hindsight is 20/20
  14. I think the changes that have been made are great while transition takes place. This should help out a lot of players. Unfortunately I am one of those players that has bought a trader deed not that long ago (The trader has not yet paid back its worth). Now Stuck with a decision. Keep the 2nd deed or sell it off to help fund for a new trader for my main deed on Xanadu. (Seeing traders are server locked.) But the issue is this. I can't even think about selling, nor can anyone think of buying the deed. Because we do no know what the new cost of the trader will be.