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Found 72 results

  1. My toons always seem to face North on login. Whichever direction I am facing when I log out, I find I face North when I log in again. This is not just a temporary render whilst the game loads, it stays like it. Might it be due to the new client side rotation I heard something about...? Just tested it now: Test 1 Logged out facing South Logged in facing North Test 2 Logged out facing West Logged in facing North Any chance of a fix?
  2. It would be a huge QoL boost for those who do a lot of sailing to be able to read compass while sailing without having to first anchor or disembark the ship. Realism is awesome, and I get it while on horseback or running around on foot, but I've never heard of a captain calling out "All Stop, Set Anchor!" just because he/she needed to quickly glance at their compass for proper heading. Down with this select piece of wogic and let us go on to laugh about it being a silly thing of the past! kinda like... hmm whats a good example?
  3. Hi, You can take your pick - compasses with WoA - for sale here: http:// WoA ql price 2. w98 81 5.00s 3. w91 65 3.00s 4. w94 59 2.00s 5. w91 57 1.50s 6. w94 56 1.50s 7. w78 56 1,00s 8. w83 54 1.00s 9. w83 50 1.00s PM me here or ingame. Cheers, Baloo already sold: 7. w95 68.20 3.20s sold 8. w95 67.15 3.20s sold 13. w88 72.07 3.40s sold 14. w88 76.41 3.50s sold 15. w83 60.58 2.40s sold 16. w78 48.54 1.50s sold 20. w71 67.85 1.90s sold 8. w93 63.42 3.50s sold 9. w91 69.23 3.50s sold 2. w98 77.88 4.80s sold 1. w96 84 5.00s sold
  4. Compasses will be between 70-79ql blank and settle in 1-2 seconds. 1s each please PM or post below who to CoD too. Can do 70+ WoA if requested for an extra 80c. OR Mail me 1x Needle + 1x Pottery Jar and I will craft a compass for you for just 50c! (Higher QL of the supplied items will determine end result)
  5. First one ever seen on the forum? Starting Bid : 1s Increments : 1s Reserve: nope buyout : nope Sniper : 3hrs
  6. Along the lines of having the 24hr light & agro range benefits for new players, I suggest also adding in a marker on compass, which shows the direction of the starter town. Why? Because one of the most common things that happens to new players is getting lost first thing. Been watching the CA the last few weeks and seen it happen a few times. Edit: Marker on compass only lasts 24hrs of game time, just like the other newbie buffs.
  7. Settles instantly - Stable for ~18 seconds Starting bid - 10s Min. Increment - 50c Buyout - PM Sniper protection - 1 hour
  8. I'd like QL 80+. I can cast my own WoA, but if you have one with a good cast already, that is fine. PM me if you have one or two available.
  9. When I go on journeys, which is rare now but frequent a while ago, I have one pet peeve. I can't do my homework while I move on a straight rode because I can't align myself perfectly with the rode. I always have to tilt a lil side to side and split my attention from my assignments. It would be nice if we could right click a compass and choose "Face [direction]". that way, when you have a very long road or bridge heading east, you can right click your compass with any activated item and choose "Face east" and then just press the key you have to auto run forward. Without it, as I stated before, you end up side tracking off the road, and get lost. Yes I've tried "Going back" but when there are several roads and there is nothing to distinguish the difference, I get lost.
  10. have an Idea about getting a Nautical compass, one that will operate continuously only while in a boat or ship. This could help out Sailors especially when dealing with night and foggy conditions while sailing. Any thoughts?
  11. Rares 10c ea, Supremes 20c ea. Post here or PM on forums or Trooperau ingame Sold List
  12. Vroomfondel's Compass Emporium End of Summer Sale! Prices reduced! It's been a while since my last sale, but it has been a busy time! I still have 16 compasses for sale, 60.28 to 91.05 ql and all have at least 90 WoA. These compasses last at least 15 tiles (most many more) and will settle immediately when you stop moving. 91.05 ql 93 WoA 6s 87.98 ql 92 WoA 4s 86.53 ql 99 WoA 4s 86.47 ql 93 WoA 4s 86.34 ql 99 WoA 4s 84.95 ql 95 WoA 3.5s 82.60 ql 94 WoA 3.5s 79.14 ql 92 WoA 3s 78.69 ql 90 WoA 3s 77.49 ql 90 WoA 3s 76.44 ql 94 WoA 3s 72.48 ql 91 WoA 2.5s 73.11 ql 90 WoA 2.5s 72.63 ql 90 WoA 2.5s 71.87 ql 93 WoA 2.5s 66.55 ql 94 WoA 2s First come, first served. Also I do not take advance orders for compasses, as they are so hard to make. You will just have to wait until I have enough high ql materials to make more. My mailbox has 94 Courier, so delivery should be less than 10 minutes after I see the order.
  13. Compasses are probably one of the few player made items that do not take damage from use. As a result the market for compasses is rather stagnant since once one is obtained by a player, it never needs to be replaced (other than when upgraded). I suggest that compasses should take a minor amount of damage whenever they settle. This would give compasses a lifespan and create a vibrant market with sustainable demand.
  14. WTB or WTT Affordable good ql,enchanted or not Compass and high ql, possible rare or enchanted Fishing rod! Please do not post your offers here, PM me on forum or in game ( Rheascope ) if you have it. It is for gifts for my friends Budjet - 3s for both or trade ( have a lot to offer: spyglass, good ql tortoise shields, epic banners, rare whiskey low ql 4.40 kg, bulk - crops,sprouts,mortar, bricks etc )!
  15. What summer would it be without a proper Summer Sale! 30% off on quality mounted explorer's equipment Let's make you happy! Compasses basic price 30% off 45ql 90woa 2s 1.4s 46ql 95woa 2s 1.4s 58ql 90woa 2.5s 1.7s 61ql 86woa 2.5s 1.7s 62ql 91woa 3s 2.1s 63ql 98woa 3s 2.1s 65ql 93woa 3s 2.1s 68ql 98woa 3s 2.1s 70ql 85woa 3.5s 2.4s 74ql 85woa 3.5s 2.4s 74ql 94woa 3.5s 2.4s 74ql 91woa 3.5s 2.4s 79ql 95woa 4s 2.8s Saddles ql90 basic price 30% off 90ql 90woa 2.2s 1.5s 90ql 90woa 2.2s 1.5s 90ql 96woa 3s 2.1s 90ql 96woa 3s 2.1s 90ql 97woa 3.3s 2.3s 90ql 98woa 3.6s 2.5s Horse shoes ql90 set basic price 30% off 4x 90ql 90woa 6s 4.2s 4x 90ql 91woa 6.6s 4.6s 4x 90ql 93woa 7.8s 5.4s 4x 90ql 94woa 8.4s 5.9s 4x 90ql 96woa 9.6s 6.7s 4x 90ql 97woa 10.2s 7.1s 4x 90ql 98woa 10.8s 7.5s (mailing fees included) Lesser ql equipment also available, don't hesitate to ask. For example - ql80+ woa80-85 saddles for 1s each, 20 in stock - ql80+ woa86-89 horseshoes for 70c each, 24 in stock
  16. Selling compasses: 67ql 64woa - 2.5s 59ql 66woa - 2.5s 61ql 71woa - 3s 60ql 69woa - 2.5s 52ql 78woa - 3s 50ql 62woa - 2s 63ql 60woa - 2.5s 66ql 71woa - 3s 54ql 67woa 2s 37ql 77woa 2.5s 18ql 63woa 1.5s
  17. #2 - Compass, 80.69ql 61woa - 5s #6 - Compass, 74.58ql 60woa - 4s #9 - Compass, 71.33ql 81woa - 4.5 #11 - Compass, 65.78ql 74woa - 3.5s #12 - Compass, 64.77ql 76woa - 3.5s #1 - Compass, 80.74ql 71woa - 5s #3 - Compass, 78.60ql 88woa - 5s #4 - Compass, 78.27ql 100woa - 5s #5 - Compass, 75.76ql 81woa - 4.5s #7 - Compass, 73.92ql 89woa - 4.5s #8 - Compass, 73.08ql 86woa - 4.5s #10 - Compass, 71.20ql 90woa - 4.5s #13 - Compass, 61.86ql 60woa - 3s #14 - Compass, 61.34ql 62woa - 3s #15 - Compass, 57.08ql 60woa - 3s
  18. Here is a really nice rare compass : ) [18:21:17] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [72] Starting price: 1s increments : 50c reserve: none (yeah, i still haven't learned my lesson :D) Buyout : none set, would really like seeing the auction flow! sniper protection : 30mins Good luck!
  19. Auctioning this Treasure Hunt reward Glimmersteel compass. Has a smidge of damage from casting the WOA. The compass settles in 2.5 to 3 seconds and stays stable for 10 tiles. Starting Big: 5s Increment: 50c Buyout: 10s 1 hour sniper protection
  20. SOLD [20:27:48] A rudimentary compass, made from a needle floating in oil on a piece of wood in a jar. This compass made of glimmersteel is a special item. It can not be made by players and could only be obtained as a prize in a treasure hunt. A collector's item! Starting bid: 1s Min increase: 20c Private bids: No. Snipe Protection: 1 hour
  21. As the title says, I have a rare 92 ql compass, and it has 97 WoA. Starting bid is 5s, increments of 1s. Auction ends in 48 hours.
  22. Sold

    Rare compass 54ql w99 Starting Bid : 4s Minimum Increment : 50c Buyout: 15s Sniper protection : 1 hour
  23. Hi there, If you want a high ql compass with high WoA, please let me know here. A waiting list will be compiled and those on it will be offered first choice of the next batch we make. Last of the last batch looked like this: All sold ! http:// Prices were as follows: Item Ql Dmg Price 1. compass, brass (w92) 64.84 0 3.50 2. compass, brass (w94) 65.59 0 3.60 3. compass, brass (w97) 66.86 0 3.70 4. compass, brass (w91) 73.79 0 4.10 5. compass, brass (w98) 74.04 0 4.50 6. compass, brass (w91) 77.22 0 4.90 All sold ! and all the lower ql ones have been sold too now. If you want a high ql compass with high WoA, please let me know here. A waiting list will be compiled and those on it will be offered first choice of the next batch we make. Thank you, Baloo
  24. Feeling lost? The road ahead seems shrouded in uncertainty? Do not despair! We at Exodus Republic will guide the way, with our badass compasses. 78.35 ql 1.44 dmg 91 woa 4s 76.78 ql 0 dmg 93 woa 4s 75.87 ql 0 dmg 95 woa 4s 73.69 ql 0 dmg 98 woa 4s 71.97 ql 0 dmg 98 woa 4s 70.31 ql 0 dmg 88 woa 3.5s 68.51 ql 0 dmg 98 woa 3.5s 67.44 ql 0 dmg 93 woa 3s 67.19 ql 2.02 dmg 98 woa 2.8s Credits: Dameblanche: opening motto Egor, Wocas: needle imping, compass making Drvst: pottery hand-crafting Joeix: oil pressing, woa casting Majqo: food and warmth providing Lawurm: compasses testing with kangaroos on the other side of the planet (they work!) Aldur: cheering everyone: olives gathering
  25. I am selling 2 WoA enchanted compasses. Both are under 3 seconds (close to 2) and stay for at least 10 tiles. 54QL 35WoA - 1.25s 56QL 39WoA - 1.5s Both sold