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  1. as the title says what are the clans/kingdoms from wurm online that is playing on the Atlas ?
  2. thats nice it would be really nice to see some of the wurm group playing that game
  3. oh i see and yes hope this one wont be like this and keep people busy for some months
  4. just want to know there will be Wurm group or clan for Atlas game?
  5. Rust isnt really good lots of kids and too many wipes it might be fun to play for month or 2 and surely will get bored after that cause of repetative
  6. well to be honest wurm has better base buiding than rust and not sure if darkfall still holds 2k players and for wurm yes didnt try yet it much cause it takes some time to start pvping it little confusing some people saying go try it there is plenty of pvp while some saying its dead dont waste your time some saying it easier to get skill up to 70 while some other says you will be having long time to even skill up not to get killed by chicken and some saying 30 players is more than enough for pvp while some saying 30 is not even close it used to have 200 players and with 30 players half of them are afk and some with alts so new players are really getting confused
  7. lol life is feudal really? wurm will blow it in every way except graphics and it one of most failed game ever made with dissapointment with most negatively voted on steam with lags bugs instanced pvp
  8. yes thats why didnt care about those titles which are very far from release
  9. tried life is feudal and some survival game like conan
  10. lol runescape and black desert you joking? and @Chakron chaos has very low pop i heard
  11. already played it and mmo is dead and yo is also dead but some servers are running but wasnt that good as keep getting wiped often and not stable player base
  12. lol i asked game that i can play now but not the one that going to release in 10 years later
  13. so you still playing on chaos then ? @Nordlys
  14. Rend is already dead as soon as it get released and only 35 players playing it