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  1. Valrei Invasions

    Will this perhaps evolveinto something... yearly atleast perhaps? Missed this event due to that unslayable beast irl but love any opportunity to see the community together regardless of rewards (half the fun of rifts).
  2. Blossom Canal Project

    Looking good!
  3. Dragon Beard Markets One Stop Shop

    Large Axe (Axe) - Iron - Q 90 - NIM 84 (+2 CR) - LT 95 - COC 95 - 3.90 Silver CoD to Fotb please
  4. Purchased the Knarr in lot 2. Thanks alot! Great system! Took it home right away.
  5. Archeology Small token use

    +1 On crushing them or change Token color. Free lootboxes are always fun, and more customization is always welcome.
  6. Alchemical crafting window

    +1 that grind is killer cause of busywork...
  7. Public Slaying - Red Dragon Hatchling

    Did we really have a dragon in our mountain for over a year?! Well I gotta be there now lol.
  8. If you attack a player under the health limit for a win you get a count for a win without doing any dmg or anything. Not sure if this is even a bug or just unintended, or hell it might even be intended. But it just seemed really wonky and easy to finish this goal.
  9. Number one but without as much details and a bigger cross on the small banner. Big fan of the old small banner one of the best ones imo.
  10. Hedges and their height

    +1 to both hedges and trees!
  11. WTS Kingdom Stuff

    Thanks alot!
  12. WTS Kingdom Stuff

    I'll take 2 JK regular banners in Cedar, or one if you only have that. Will mull over the tall ones and get back to you if I decide on buying CoD to Fotb
  13. WTS Kingdom Stuff

    Material of the JK banners?Both short and tall, and are the Tall banners PMK?