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  1. Many damaging spells and grant the targeted player a resistance effect. This duration of this effect is based on how much damage is done, and will reduce all further damage on the target from the same spell. Looks like there is a missing part from a copied text and this instead of the.
  2. +1 And +10 to dressing Rolf in little outfits!
  3. A serious post about mental illness

    A ton of respect. Wishing you well Keenan.
  4. Last Post Wins

    Hahaha it actually exists? Well I already promised you could have the last word so
  5. gold necklace with decent glow rune - 45c CoD one to Fotb please
  6. Bashed a few bridges recently and noticed that Vynora still doesn't like it and notices me but I don't lose faith when it happens.
  7. Remove Support Beams Offdeed

    Thanks! Plz don't remind Fobban of surfacemining
  8. Remove Support Beams Offdeed

    Hm true the possibility of griefing would be very large, well let's be honest it would be rampant This was never meant as a suggestion thread or discussions thereof anyways Niki just had an interesting idea. It would seem that trying to work out a parallel tunnel is the easiest way, thanks.
  9. Remove Support Beams Offdeed

    Yeah sounds like a good idea for Freedom +1 on that.
  10. Recently moved into a new spot and found an old tunnel that used to lead to one of the big deserts on Pristine. Naturally I'd like to run a highway through it to connect myself more to the mainland. The issue is that said tunnel is old so only 1 tile wide and filled with reinforements. Any ideas how I could go about removing these reinforcements without having to climb around a mountain dropping god knows how many deeds? Disintegrate was brought up but seems like it would take years to actually do on that scale.
  11. Oakheart's Smith and Enchants

    GREAT Service! Highly recommended!
  12. Lumps, Shoulders, and a Dark Ring

    Bump bump bump
  13. Lumps, Shoulders, and a Dark Ring

    Too low, sorry. I could go 4.