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  1. Never killed one I think. Will be there to change that thanks!
  2. Would like to buy Stone chisel Steel C90 1-10 0s 72c 20% 0s 57c Please CoD to Fotb
  3. The new ones looks a hundred times better! Please make sure they're also centered this time ?
  4. Just checked. It’s all proper housefloors except for the entryway which is in another room.
  5. In the notes for hen it states that hens will only lay eggs on natural terrain. But my guardhen Miss Cluckles lives in my house and lays egg on my wooden floor.
  6. First Impalong and all I can say is I’ll definitly try to attend next year too! ?
  7. Will this perhaps evolveinto something... yearly atleast perhaps? Missed this event due to that unslayable beast irl but love any opportunity to see the community together regardless of rewards (half the fun of rifts).
  8. Looking good!
  9. Large Axe (Axe) - Iron - Q 90 - NIM 84 (+2 CR) - LT 95 - COC 95 - 3.90 Silver CoD to Fotb please
  10. Purchased the Knarr in lot 2. Thanks alot! Great system! Took it home right away.
  11. +1 On crushing them or change Token color. Free lootboxes are always fun, and more customization is always welcome.