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  1. Rare Exquisire meditation rug, cotton QL_82 CoC_98 7,5 s/e CoD to Fotb please
  2. Sure thing, Cod to Mykoal?
  3. As title says. 25s
  4. red dragon hatchling drake hide, leather 86,18 0,00 0,02 price 80c red dragon hatchling drake hide, leather 80,00 0,00 0,02 price 80c rare knapsack,cedarwood price 2s 1s COD to Fotb please
  5. [16:44:11] The items silently disappear from the spirit mansion. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Enjoy and thanks
  6. Egard wins! Let me know what character you want it sent to
  7. As title says Supreme Saddle 90ql with 97 WoA up for grabs! Starting Bid: 20s Increment: 1s No Buyout. Sniping Protection: 1 Hour Happy bidding!
  8. left stylish 75ql 1.5s Please COD to Fotb
  9. affi meals

    Please send a taste kit to Fotb
  10. FotB reporting for slayingduty! Thank you for making this public!
  11. Eh, one last bump!
  12. best enchanted items

    trowel, iron 90ql WOA74 - 1s25c If it's still availiable please COD to Fotb
  13. Upgraded some of my stuff during the fall and want to get rid of my old stuff. If you see something you like post an offer or PM me in game Rake Iron 36ql 75 CoC Pickaxe Iron 13ql 79 CoC Shovel Steel 5ql 80 CoC Lether Knife Iron 80ql 75 CoC Leather Knife Tin 95ql Needle Iron 79ql 75 CoC Awl Iron 80ql 70 CoC Fist Bracelet Seryll 75ql Full Plate Set with Basinet Helmet ql ranging from 39 to 46