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  1. Baelin's Route - An Epic NPC Man Adventure Here you go folks .. a 36 minute long adventure starring some guy and some other folks, and some scenery etc, etc.
  2. Getting drunk in games - Alcohol Kids, DO NOT try this at home.
  3. Sadly im no good at these kinds of out of the box ways of seeing new ideas in Wurm, but have big admiration for our more creative folks .. well done y'all, and thanks :).
  4. Bards!, that's what we need .. um, or not
  5. Yay more Unique drama .. the current and previous attempts are lazy half assed cluster f%%cks, which stir nothing but ill feeling in the community .. stuff it. Make the Uniques impossible to interact with and unable in turn to damage anything, and let em roam about the world unimpeded. its time for the Devs to concede this is just another area they cant seem to get a half way decent solution on.
  6. CHOCOBO BAND - Liberi Fatali (Final Fantasy VIII) [Official Music Video] 4K
  7. [MV] Blaze 블레이즈 by Rolling Quartz 롤링쿼츠 (Official Debut Single) New rock band out of South Korea
  8. Unlucky Morpheus (Racer X - Technical Difficulties Violin Cover)
  9. HAGANE - Labradorite (Official Music Video)
  10. System Of A Down - Genocidal Humanoidz (Official Video)
  11. Metallica - Enter Sandman - 500 musicians rock flashmob - @CITYROCKS cover (official)
  12. Sorry i got to say no map dumps for the new servers is flat out inexcusable.
  13. Showing off video game cosmetics - Poser Hmm, where did i put my Dragon Scale armour anyway?