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  1. The Last Revenge / D_Drive Just another great band out of Japan, the music scene there is the best in the world these days i feel. These guys only play instrumentals ... not sure why the Japanese are so keen on putting lights on or in everything but i'll allow it
  2. Walking After U - Shout It Out (Lyrics) How about a South Korean punk(ish) rock band All female, lead singer/guitarist is a star in the making i hope
  3. The Quarantine Blues" - ft John Mclaughlin, Carlos Santana, Cindy Blackman Santana and more! A song for our times ..
  4. BRATS - No more No more Lyric Video yup, another all female Japanese band, catchy little tune
  5. I have recently been passing some time with a simple little indie game called Green Project U play the last human returning to a devastated earth to find humanity extinct .. your task is to plant trees to roll back a tide of toxic fungii, while avoiding dying of hunger or thirst (and insta death if u come in contact w the fungii) No enemies, no combat, no quests .. scavenge up gear to help u survive, plant veges etc for food, trap or domesticate animals, and dont run out of water during the dry season. And whenever u find a spare moment plant some trees to drive back the fungi. Cost is minimal, and the developers native language aint English, so some wording is a bit .... unusual, just kinda adds to the charm of it I reckon.
  6. So apparently "Post Rock" is a thing, and a silly band name is necessary We Lost The Sea - A Gallant Gentleman - Live at Studios 301 (Official Video) Nevermind the Name - Weal Unto Him Who Has a Home
  7. Going into winter here, so shutting down a bit, and we are currently hamstrung by watering restrictions due to ongoing drought, so no more watering the garden, and therefor no planting new stuff for the coming seasons. That said, as shops re open after 6 weeks shut down, nation wide, there has been mad rush of people to the garden centres, and many new gardens are likely underway). Your Garden looks nice, gardening is a great way to use your time, if a bit roller coasty, as Mother Nature will sometimes frustrate, and sometimes reward you way beyond your expectations
  8. Nightwish - All The Works Of Nature Which Adorn The World (MUSIC VIDEO) Musical masterpiece gets a masterpiece of a video .. Fan made .. The filming of the world is down right mesmerising.
  9. NIGHTWISH - Shoemaker (Official Lyric Video) New Nightwish Album Human:Nature out on 10/4/2020 Nuclear Blast have release lyric videos for all songs Shoemaker is about Eugene Shoemaker .. Geologist and founder of modern planetary science. He became the only human buried on another celestial body when some of his ashes were delivered to the Shoemaker crater near the south pole of the moon , by the Lunar Prospector probe
  10. BAND-MAID / HARD WASH!!【手洗いROCKしてみた】【WASH YOUR HANDS WITH HARD ROCK】 A timely message methinks
  11. Update .. im underway w the Rosetta covid 19 work units, done 3 so far, working on no. 4 .. each takes about 8 hours. Took about 4 days to get my first work unit. Folding@home website is still displaying the message about excess demand for work units, so looks like it def pays to sign up for another project while u wait for your folding units to arrive imo
  12. Br advised that Folding@home has experienced a 20 x spike in demand for work units, and therefore many people are not getting units to analyse .. i am having the same problem with the covid 19 project at no work units from Rosetta since i joined 3 days ago .. I'd suggest it might pay to also sign up for some related project if u can find one, so you can at least get some stuff done.
  13. Sokoninaru - Tenohira De Odoru【Official Music Video】 Once more into the world of "no matter how good you are, there:s always an Asian kid who is better than you" In this case i assume they put a lot of pieces of paper w fractions of a piece of music in a hat w a view to choosing one, but dropped the hat on the floor so they had to play em all .. Genius?, Madness? .. you decide
  14. Shepherds Reign - Le Manu - OFFICIAL VIDEO Samoan band, domiciled in New Zealand .. this is based on a Samoan war chant .. My entire effing country is going into lockdown on Wednesday, so some war like spirit seems appropriate at this time Stay safe out there where ever you are and good luck to us all PS the Dedication at the end refers to a measles epidemic which killed mainly young children in Samoa due to low levels of immunisation in the population .. which was as a result of an unfortunate mistake when immunising 2 children, and consequent anti vaxxer misinformation