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  1. I'm looking to buy a black tome, message me either ingame or on here if you are looking to sell.
  2. I'm glad traders are gone, I can't wait to spend even more money to watch numbers tick up.
  3. Bump, prices lowered.
  4. The ability to sell silver for euros is fine if it goes, but the trader change is completely ######. You're essentially spitting in the face of the remaining playerbase all for a steam server that is probably just going to flop anyway.
  5. Looking to trade my green and white drake set for a full black set, minus the cap. Casts and ql of the black drake don't really matter, although I would prefer similar casts to match my cast pieces, my drake can be imped to 90+ before the trade if required. Current pieces: Green chest piece - blank White sleeves - 89 and 83 web armour White gloves - 61 and 68 aosp Green pants - blank White boots - 49 and 40 aosp
  6. Unfinished supreme forge, selling for 15s and will deliver to coastal deeds free. Located at the north east end of Exodus if you want to pick up.
  7. Lava fiend penned inside a 1x1 mine house off deed aggros and attacks. The walls block your attempts, but the mob is free to attack through them .
  8. I was standing in the centre of a tile inside a mine, the server hit a lag spike and then I received this [00:48:34] You manage to become stuck in the rock, and quickly suffocate. [00:48:34] You are dead. After this death I was teleported over 10 tiles to the drivers seat position of my boat, according to the GM I was still in local and died as the driver of the boat, when I had already spawned in Summerholt. This is the tile I died on, I was standing roughly on the lamp. All walls are reinforced and the floor is a regular tile.