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  1. Want a rare forge with your own signature on? Tired of imping forges in hopes of a rare roll? Well look no further! Buy your very own rare forge today for just 5s! Pickup on Southwest Celebration
  2. I'm looking to buy a 90+ Weaponsmith PM me with offers/skill dumps. Shieldsmithing and platesmithing is a bonus but not required.
  3. Just tested this out encase it was only happening for your crown and robes and can confirm we have the same results. Also I'm not sure if this is a bug or not but why is there no texture for the Kings robes...
  5. Just wanted to give players on freedom a heads up regarding an untrustworthy player named BDCkoolaid who recently joined our PMK. His plan to "rob us blind" was foiled and he was kicked from the kingdom before he could take too much. BDCkoolaid joined the Kingdom and came over to our capital. His toon came over naked so thinking that he was geunine player wishing to join us we gave him some enchanted tools and later he helped himself to gear, weapons. He then makes himself a wagon. Again none of this seemed suspicious to us because we thought he wished to be part of our team and we trusted him. Wurm University (thank you boiz) contacted LoA and warned us that we had a player in our kingdom that was in their public discord wishing to join them, however that is not why they contacted us. He wished to rob the kingdom blind saying that we had so much good stuff just open for him to take and laying around. He even made specific comments about stealing our rare boat which LoA uses for our PVP boat fights because we had it open for all kingdom members to command. While stood inside our boat mine in our capital he was asking questions about stealing from your own kingdom and if it was against the Wurm ToS. He also spent some time explaining to Wurm University how to break into the deed and what was inside. After he was kicked we gave him the option to confess what he had done and said he could leave peacefully without being name/shamed if he just returned the items that were given to him (and the ones he helped himself too) that were meant for a new kingdom member that joins for genuine reasons. He downright refused and so since Wurm University had already blacklisted him from their kingdom we informed the other kingdoms as well so that they were not going to go through what we did. Since I doubt he'd brag about plans to steal next time.... You will likely log in to find everything not nailed down gone by this greedy individual. Here is a small snippet of a couple of the posts. I'm sure someone has a full copy somewhere if anyone needs proof but plenty of people have seen the full thing. Bdckoolaid - Last Sunday at 4:02 AM There's a rare sailboat here with absolutely no perm lockouts. I can command and open it. They're just tempting me I feel like Bdckoolaid - Last Sunday at 4:15 AM one is off deed, the second is on Bashing the second, you're really exposed to being arrowed to death. Gotta find a good time of day when hardly anyone is on but they have raid notifications on their discord, so not gonna make a huge diff
  6. Seryll jacket 2s Seryll sleeve: 1s Soft cap 50c CoD to Zirox Please
  7. Honestly this whole topic is a joke and deserves to be closed. Wimble stop complaining that your attempt to buy an account with no means of actually paying for it is somehow Joeys fault. I honestly feel like your plan to scam people of their items has backfired and you are just super salty about it. Life is unfair, but I'm hoping for your sake you will grow up.
  8. Prepaid visa card and link bank account is not the same thing.....
  9. So... Are you guys planning on killing Chaos or what?
  10. This is first group I've joined on Chaos. 3 days in and have already been on 2 small raids and a dragon slaying!! Would recommend to anyone looking to join a friendly group to come play on chaos with Hexd trying to solo the Dragon
  11. I have recently found 2 horses on Xanadu located S,25 They where found in the middle of the forest but my village mayor "Chrysanthy" has informed me that it is a speed 5 horse. This has lead us to bealive that it most of somehow escaped it owners. Name of Horses: Kissfat and Ebonyblood If these are your horses and have recently got lost please contact myself or Chrysanthy and we will return them to you.