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  1. I am very hyped for the new updates!
  2. I was thinking about this today and when I originally joined wurm to play on epic it was with a clan that I played with on M&B.Our group of new players was about 30 people. Just our group. I cant even imagine 30 active players in one fight anymore I mean our group would have doubled most of the player pops on the freedom servers today. Imagine if pvp got the love it needs and the right advertising. I truly doubt wurm would have any player population issues. I really cant think of another game quite as unique as wurm when it comes to pvp experience and was the sole reason why I started playing. It makes me really sad to see the way things are. I truly believe Code Club have an awesome opportunity and I cant believe how they are squandering it. Feels bad knowing that new players don't get to experience the same new player environment that I had when I first played. Its probably the only reason why I still play today.
  3. I know you just added it but I'm disbanding my deed the "Lion cubs harbour retreat" as I have taken over Port Catnip. Sorry for the extra work!
  4. Fixed Cooking affinity on Tester Food Gave me "Insight about Saw" I spoke to Siegfried about bulk discount. I would Like the following affinity Pizza's: Body Strength Body Stamina Body Control Mind Logic Mind Speed Long sword Two Handed sword Short sword Carving knife Butchering knife Large metal Shield Large wooden Shield Small Axe Huge Axe Large Axe Large Maul Medium Maul Small Maul Carpentry Bowery Fetching Fine Carpentry Toy Making Ship building Woodcutting Mining Leather working Cloth Tailoring Weapon Smithing Chain armour smithing Plate Armour smithing Shield smithing Black Smithing Jewellery smithing Lock Smithing Metallurgy Hot Food Cooking Butchering Meditating Animal Taming Animal Husbandry Meditating Farming Natural Substances Aggressive Fighting Defensive Fighting Normal Fighting Shield Bashing Short Bow Long Bow Long Spear Climbing Thanks in Advance!
  5. +1 As someone who started out on epic I would definitely return for a new smaller map to play on.
  6. [21:37:18] The items silently disappear from the spirit mansion. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Enjoy
  7. Congrats Angelklaine! Please let me know who to send it to.
  8. My Deed, "The Lions Cub Harbour Retreat" Located, 1334, 1353 Thank You!
  9. awl, BOTD72: 18c butchering knife, BOTD70: 15c carving knife (iron), BOTD72: 18c clay shaper (oak), BOTD72: 18c file, BOTD83: 48c grooming brush (oak), BOTD75: 22c hammer, BOTD76: 24c leather knife, BOTD78: 27c knife, BOTD81: 36c large anvil, BOTD75: 22c mallet (oak), BOTD73: 19c metal brush, BOTD74: 21c pelt, QL100 BOTD73: 19c rake, BOTD74: 21c saw, BOTD72: 18c scissors, BOTD75: 22c scythe, BOTD78: 27c small anvil, BOTD75: 22c small bucket (oak), BOTD74: 21c spatula (oak), BOTD71: 16c stone chisel, BOTD72: 18c whetstone, QL100 BOTD72: 18c iron lump, BOTD72: 18c clay, BOTD72: 18c *Edit Added clay and iron Hope this classes for 20% bulk discount COD to Bradcub Thank you!
  10. Selling off all my old bloods and potions Starting bid: 5s Reserve: None Bid increments: 1s Sniper Protection: 1h Good Luck and Happy Bidding!
  11. Account Sold, Thanks for the good times wurm. Knowing me I'll probably be back next year!