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  1. WTS 26 Sleep Powder 2s each Can contact me ingame on Bradcubb or Anglomango
  2. WTS 8s each Used in making Potion of Mining
  3. I was watching a streamer playing wurm for the first time and they were confused you couldn't hitch an animal to a small cart. I suggest they add the ability to hitch 1 animal such as a cow to a small cart. This would increase the use of the small cart and add more progression for new players so they can work their way up to a large cart. At the moment small carts don't have much use for new players.
  4. Ay Whaddya Doin Im Deedin Ova Here [658, 2130]
  5. Thanks for the smooth and quick trade!
  6. They also really need to fix pillar spells, right now it feels like they do nothing.
  7. Dont forget an BL equivalent for : Genesis and cure spells so we dont have to spam Scorn in fights.