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    The Freedom Isles Society for the Prevention of Cruel and Unusual Dismemberment of Dragons, Drakes, and Creatures of Royal Lineage, or FISPCUDDDCRL for short, (Game Masters) has been closely monitoring all black market activity with regards to the sales of body parts that that have been seen coming from several chop shops that have set up in the region. After much investigation,(log reading) and many doughnut heavy stake outs,(actually this one is pretty much accurate) we have witnessed and recorded events and rituals that are otherwise impossible without the use of forbidden magics!(cheating) We have known for some time that something unusual was going on and had to assemble an elite team of mercenaries and spend a huge amount of time to collect enough information to determine what is legitimate, by the mechanics, unique hunting and slaying, and what is definitely not. Some hunting groups we could clearly tell were hunting unique creatures as intended and then there was the other group... .....yeah.... During many months of detailed work of collecting physical and logged evidence, we witnessed members of this group on multiple occasions, sail onto a server, land on a section of shore, then travel directly to where we had manually placed unique creatures for monitoring. Once at the location, they stopped, looked around for a moment, then went directly back to their boat and off server. These uniques were not at their general spawn areas and were fully protected by our team. There is no possible legal way for anyone to find these protected unique creatures with the normal client and yet more than once, this group demonstrated they could via the use of a third party cheat. Needless to say we are not happy at all with these people, using a third party hack, as we consider this to be an egregious violation of our Terms of Service as well as a despicable theft of an enjoyable part of the game that the entire Wurm Online community should have equal opportunity to access. There is still some discussion concerning some of the people involved, but a rather large group has already been permanently banned from Wurm Online for profiting from these cheats while robbing our greater Wurm Online community of natural opportunities to participate in a very fun and engaging aspect of our game. Thank you for your time, Enki (Chief Bison of the FISPCUDDDCRL Lodge) (Head Game Master)
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    Hello all. First, let me apologize for the lack of communication from all of us here. The fact of the matter is that we’ve all been quite busy dealing with life issues, which isn’t an excuse for not communicating. Second, I want you all to know that we hear you. It’s frustrating for all of us, customers and developers alike. Life can hit you hard, and with how small of a team we are, we simply do not have the resources to cover things like medical emergencies and deaths of friends. Things that require time off, often times suddenly and without warning. We continue to keep a keen eye on the forums for your feedback, and regardless, we are very grateful for it. We have developers, volunteers and contractors alike, who have been working diligently on new and exciting projects behind the scenes. I can’t share them yet, but I do want you all to know that work has not stopped. Slowed, yes. Stopped? Not at all. The last thing I want to say is just a reminder to everyone that we’re all people here. I’ve seen a lot of hate and vitriol thrown at staff, some of whom have nothing to do with the frustrations at hand. I’m not saying you can’t express your feelings, but I am asking for some civility in doing so. That’s all from me, Please stay safe.
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    Dear Wurmians of Wurm, I have taken the action of banning a player due to a repeated, ongoing history of harassment of Wurm staff. Platyna has been removed from in-game as well as the forums pending a full review of her behavior towards staff and other players. We do not take these bans lightly, and spend a considerable amount of time attempting to provide feedback and warnings regarding repeated harassment and accusations at staff and developers. I made several attempts to provide feedback both for and against this person's arguments. Eventually, as Platyna's actions became increasingly worse I provided Platyna with several recommendations about their behavior and the way she was treating others. It has become obviously clear over the last few months that Platyna either cannot or will not listen, I made the decision to remove this player from the game in order to maintain a healthy community. I will always endeavor to provide fair, balanced moderation, and our moderation leads are always willing to respond to escalated cases. There is no excuse for failure to abide by the game rules and instructions from moderation staff. Even if our system of moderation is not pristine and perfect, we have always provided avenues of approach to help with any complaints and issues raised. 99.9% of the time we come to a beneficial understanding.... then there is Platyna.... Platyna always maintained a moderate, calm, and civil discourse with me as Head Game Master, but she did not extend that courtesy to anyone else it would seem. I will not stand idly by and let anyone tear down others! Not the Wurm team, and not our members here at Wurm Online! No one should face the kind of harassment that was being thrown around by Platyna on an ever increasing basis! As I said, this ban is still pending review, but as Platyna is already at work spreading misinformation I decided to make a public post stating the situation. Anytime there were questions regarding our decision there were avenues to discuss them with us. The avenues of escalation are as follows: Forum: Pandalet In-game: Astarte Discord: Capi Please reach out to them if you ever have any issues with moderation, and we will work with you. Regards, Enki (Head Game Master)
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    For a while, I have been semi inactive dealing with issues not relating to Wurm that has kept me from being as quick and courteous as I prefer to be with people. During my semi away time a lot has happened among the people here and what I have found on my return has me seeing blood. There are those among us harassing, and attacking the Developers and other Wurm team members which I will not tolerate. If your name is brought before me I will simply cut you loose. I will not waste my time on you anymore. At the same time I have been made aware of certain illicit activities occurring while I have been unavailable. Things like exploiting ways into sealed mines via means clearly not intended. We will hunt you down and remove you. I have not been active with Discord moderation since its inclusion into our ecosystem, but I am very unhappy with the things I hear and I will turn that around. No harassment shall be tolerated there. I will not tolerate the use of inappropriate materials, harassment, or doxxing, or anything that is improper for our environment. Make no mistake folks, I am very unhappy at all that has been transpiring, but know this, I know you have been concerned about the lack of recent public updates, and all this doom and gloom is just a mood that people feel from time to time, public updates will resume when the Dev team are ready. They are very busy and have lives too ya know. They are not all machine and computer code unlike the rest of us, and I am here to help keep the game healthy and happy. While I stand here enjoying my root beer float, a number of people's names are already being inscribed on my ban hammer. So lets see where it falls as I slowly dig through my backlog of work!
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    Hello all! As per Samool’s post, I’ll be stepping up as the product manager for Wurm Online. Thank you for all the hard work you’ve done Samool. Working with you has been a pleasure, and I wish you all the best. I do hope you are able to bring your amazing skills back to us in the future. I’d like to start by saying that I am working on an updated road map, which may take a little more time before it’s ready, to ensure accuracy. What I can say right now is that we are shifting priorities a little: the Exploration update is still on the radar but will be pushed back to allow more time to finish and test it; in the meantime, we will be focusing on smaller suggestions, as well as some surprises for Halloween, all coming later this month. There is other content brewing as well, but I’ll leave that for teasing later! Map dumps will be coming around the New Year, as per our normal schedule, but they will include Northern Freedom Isles! Defiance will have a map dump that is delayed somewhat, with the actual delay still being determined; this is to protect fledgling villages that are still working on defenses. Finally, as a thank you for being patient with us, we will be running a 30% skill-gain and affinity bonus weekend at the end of this month. This will start with the update on the 28th of October and continue until midnight, server time, on the 4th of November (Thursday - Wednesday). Thank you all and happy Wurming! Edit: Due to some recommendations, we'll be doing a full week of bonus instead of just a weekend. This is to accommodate folks of varying play times.
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    I've been one of the many that are highly disappointed and concerned at how the game is being managed right now. But, in light of recent staff statements, I am even more disappointed. Enki, your statement on seeing red read more like a threat and excuse than anything reassuring to the community that is wondering what is happening. When you say things like the staff are not robots and "are very busy and have lives too ya know", it sounds like we, the customers, are in the wrong for wanting an engaged management. That is not wrong. That is wanting what all decent and living games provide today. We are paying customers. You are here because of us. You also say "all this doom and gloom is just a mood that people feel from time to time, public updates will resume when the devs are ready", and this, to me, sounds like Wurm is not about us, the players, but about you, the staff in the background, and what is good for you. More salt in the wounds.. Otherwise, your entire statement, including the title of seeing red comes off as very threatening and very unconcerned for the player base and where it stands. If anyone was doxxed or harassed, I never saw it, but that is certainly wrong and should be punished. However, deep dissent alone certainly is not grounds for punishment, and I hope that's not what is being insinuated. It feels that way. Pandalet apologized at one point for the lack of engagement by staff and mentioned holidays in Europe, but in my experience, significant holidays were always acknowledged by the game and its management, not a cause for total neglect of the game and its players. Demona, mentioned personal issues, and of course, I feel bad for such issues. Likewise, Enki acknowledged being away for a while. So my question is if all of the staff is either on vacation or out due to personal issues, at what point is this unacceptable? It's been going on for long enough. Then we receive this damning statement from Enki, like we're being bad children for being sick of how Wurm is being run right now. Wurm is a 24/7 entertainment and service-providing business. Like any other business that makes its money in this capacity, there needs to be regular engagement and management. No other business like this can just expect to disengage but then have a happy customer base that stays infinitely happy and loyal. Wurm is no exception. Instead, we've got a contest that was totally dropped with zero results but excuses, broken animal systems with no fixes in sight, zero acknowledgement of huge dates like the Steam anniversary, no monthly updates as promised, and very little communication except to make excuses and even threaten the player base for a very legitimate state of insurrection. If I get banned for saying all this, then fine, Wurm isn't the place for me, but I very much wanted to say that the disappointment in a game I love (and an alternative digital life I've long-loved) runs deep right now. It runs even deeper when there is no sincere apology from staff, but excuses and even threats over not just shutting up and expecting nothing but what staff wants to do "when they are ready." We deserve better.
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    Hi everyone, I'll be stepping down from my post as a Product Manager of Wurm Online, due to a pileup of personal issues and health problems. It has been a great adventure and I've thoroughly enjoyed working on the game I've played and loved for over a decade, but it's time someone else takes the lead as I'm not fit at the moment to do it properly. There's no better person to carry this game further than Keenan so I'm certain it'll turn out great with him at the helm - you can expect a development update post from him shortly Thanks for the chance, and see you around Wurm! Samool
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    Pictured is Kadmint's Whisperfell castle, on Release in the Southern Isles! Hello, Wurmians, and welcome to another Valrei International! This one is a very exciting one for me because I get to introduce our newest critter that will be populating the world of Wurm. I've been dying to tell you guys about them! The devs have been hard at work implementing some changes for the upcoming Animal Update, and there are some exciting things on the way! There will be several new traits added into the game to improve animal husbandry and production, and provide bigger benefits to keeping and breeding critters of all kinds. These will also make having higher animal husbandry more helpful rather than detrimental to breeding like it has been. In addition to that, we are getting an adorable new creature… Allow me to introduce the donkey! These cute little critters will be available as a mount for non-premium characters, so say goodbye to the days of slowly plodding along on cows. In addition to new traits and donkeys, we are going to bring a bit of personality to your herds by introducing slight variations in body shapes for horses. Who knows, with these little guys running around your fields and pastures, you might also find a bit of a surprise once they’ve mingled and gotten “comfortable” with your horses… In-game Wurmpedia and UI fixes Another project we have been working on is finalizing some finishing touches and fixes for the newer UI, addressing concerns that some have had with it before removal of the old UI. This includes an update to make the Wurmpedia more accessible than ever, with the entirety of its information conveniently available in game. The screenshot above is just a concept, and it will be adjusted to fit visually with the UI by the time it is added in. The removal of the old UI will be announced when this update goes live. Stability Issues As you all may have noticed, Golden Valley has been having a bit of trouble getting situated after the migration, but today’s update will work on some stability issues and reduce the lag we have seen on all servers lately. That’s it for this week’s Valrei International! If anyone needs me, I’ll be busy expanding my stables and preparing my pastures for the adorable herd additions on the way!
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    Hello! I’d like to address some of the concerns we’ve seen from you. Communication I’ve talked with Demona, who will be staying on board, and we’ve agreed that a Valrei International on at least a monthly basis is a must. Releasing one on this cadence will ensure active communication from the team every month. Animal Husbandry I won’t go into all the details here, but I will say that we have a patch we plan on releasing tomorrow that has some long-awaited fixes for breeding and animal husbandry. I’ve asked Demona to cover the details in a Valrei International, which should be going up later. As with anything, development is an ongoing process, and we will await more feedback from you before we decide on future tweaks to this system. Patches & Future Content While tomorrow’s patch will be a bug fix patch, we’re still actively working on a few significant projects and sourcing suggestions for quality of life improvements. We plan to make another post in a week or so regarding the previously detailed plans and where things currently stand. With all of that said, I’d like to thank you all for your patience and feedback. Happy Wurming! Edit: to stop suggestions getting lost in this thread, there is a separate epic channges suggestions thread running here:
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    Hello, Wurmians! I'm excited to bring another sneak peak along for this issue of the Valrei International, introducing few new items being added in with the upcoming Animal Update to make feeding your pets easier. Maybe you live in a dwarven-inspired underground village, and your grazers are unable to find grass tiles to graze on and need to be fed with piles and in hitching posts. Or, if you are a creature collector like I am, you're probably tired of hand feeding your non-grazing critters or throwing their food into piles on the ground. Countless times I've been swiped at by my hostile pets (Didn't they ever hear "Don't bite the hand that feeds you?") while trying to drop some tasty morsels into their pens. I'm happy to say that those days have come to an end! Get ready for a much easier.... Feeding Time! Introducing Hay Stacks, Pet Bowls and Feeding Troughs! These handy containers are perfect for popping into pens and enclosures to make sure everyone's well fed for a longer period and (bonus!) the ground isn't cluttered with food piles. Hay stacks will be perfect for your underground and indoor stables and grazer pens. Bowls and troughs will hold any food items edible by animals, so you can feed meat eaters, herbivores, and omnivores with one container. These new feeding items also have a fancy new mechanic to keep your pets from gathering on the same tile around them. When creatures get hungry, they will walk to the food container, eat, and then return to their original position. This can be seen in the video below: Better Breeding As mentioned before, there is a rework to traits that will provide more benefits to careful breeding of your creatures. 23 new traits have been added, and traits now belong to particular categories with changes to how traits are passed on and calculated. Parents sharing a majority of traits in one particular category increases the chance for all traits in that category to be passed on. Speed trait parents are more likely to have speed trait offspring, draft parents will more likely produce draft traited offspring, and so on. The categories are as follows: Speed - Giving ridden creatures a bonus to their riding speed. These no longer increase the speed of vehicles the animal may be hitched to. Draft - Allowing creatures to carry more, and providing speed bonuses to vehicles with hitched animals. Heavier loads will slow vehicles down, but draft animals will increase speed of the vehicle they are hitched to. Bison will have a large natural bonus on top of draft traits. Combat - These traits focus on combat bonuses, reduction in damage taken, and improving taming. Creatures with these traits can be easier to tame, and stay tame longer. Resource - Effect output for things like wool and milk, as well as the quality and quantity of butchered products. Miscellaneous - General traits with a range of effects like preventing creatures to roam even without a saddle, reducing food consumption, and reducing the chance to pack tiles. Negative traits - ones which have effects that may reduce usefulness. A few rare traits have been added which won’t be seen (or passed on) as easily/often as normal traits. These have wonderful effects like making aggressive creatures permanently passive (hello, house cats!), the ability to produce twins with identical traits when bred, and riding up slightly steeper slopes. Creatures may only have one rare trait. Traits will no longer directly be capped by your Animal Husbandry level. Each trait is now worth a certain amount of points, and you may have points up to your Animal Husbandry level. Rare traits will cost no points against your total. This point system will be explained further once the update is ready to be released. EDIT: There will no longer be negative point traits as mentioned previously due to the idea that priests and inbreeding would be mandatory for breeding the best stock. Shaping Up Beautifully These trait categories bring us to the addition of new shapes for our equine friends based on the traits they posses. This will bring more variety to the look of your herds and provide visual clues to the best use for each particular animal. Malena has made some wonderful images to show the changes, and provided a great explanation of the different shapes. Hot blooded horse: These will be your riding horses, with speed traits. Warm blooded horse: This is the default that we have in the game now (an "all round" horse with no qualities that make it especially stand out more in one category) Cold blooded horse: Stronger and able to work more efficiently. These will be your draft trait horses. Below is Malena's original suggestion post explaining the thoughts behind these new shapes and images of the above body styles in each color of horse: In Game Wurmpedia Polished Remember that peek at the in game Wurmpedia a few Valrei Internationals ago? Well, it's been polished and is looking quite pretty! Here's an image of how it fits in to the look of the new UI: It scales nicely as well! Community Event: Friendship Bay Summer Impalong And last, but not least, here's a shout out for the 4th Annual Friend-a-long! Hosted in Friendship Bay on Pristine in the Southern Freedom Isles. Only players on the Southern Cluster will be able to attend. Here's a link to the forum post for more details: I would love to feature some Northern Isles community events, so if you Northerners are working on one please let me know! I've been watching, hoping to see one to feature. That's it for this issue of the Valrei International! I'll leave you with a picture of the adorable donkeys and the first sneak peek at mules! We do expect to have the animal update released by the end of this month, so be ready to plan out your breeding programs and animal living areas! Happy Wurming everyone!
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    I looked it up the other day, seven years since I took on the name of Retro, helping out as a PR assistant under RedBaron, I didn't realise it had been so long. And it has been long; it's been a significant journey with all of you, team and players alike. We've seen bridges come (!) as well as underground houses, rifts, and the launch on Steam, seriously too many events to cover all of them (Have you ever tried to make a big deal about being able to place things on tables in a press release?) It's not just about what we've done too; it's about what YOU, the players have done as well. Countless impalongs, events, more than one piece of fanart of me (seriously), and years of good times and some bad puns have passed. With that said, it also feels too short, like it passed in the blink of an eye, and realising that it wasn't last month that Tich told me to "F$%k off" when I casually suggested more stair types, or that Grifo has been calling me Bluto for near two years now, it has been fun. I'm sure by now you're all aware of where this is leading, but I've decided to move on from Wurm and find greener pastures to cause havoc on. My replacement will be the lovely @DemonaNightshadea well known and bright member of the community. She is excited at the opportunity to work with you all to build a cheerful and optimistic community together. I'll be around until the end of March as we work on handover and getting Demona up to speed, and I'll still be playing, roaming Release and other servers while I hunt for bug guts and various bits, so if you do see me around, make sure to say hi. As always, keep on Wurming Retrograde.
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    Delicious things are brewing! Here's a sneak peek at coffee and tea plants, as well as some lovely new dishes coming soon to the world of Wurm Online.
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    When: Monday, March 22 2021 @ 12:30p CET (/servertime) Duration: 1 to 3 hours of downtime expected, depending on the success of the migration. What will be offline? All servers and the shop will be offline during this migration. The time has come to migrate the login server, Golden Valley, from our old ISP to our new provider. This should resolve the stability issues we have seen as of late as well as improve some of the lag we've seen. All servers as well as the shop will be offline for this migration. Updates will be posted on the forums and relayed in the Discord server. MIGRATION COMPLETE! It's worth noting that if you've changed your "hosts file" to fix a previous DNS issue, you will have to remove that change. The IP address for Golden Valley has changed.
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    @Malenawas exceedingly generous and incredibly kind to gift me this lovely bit of her art, and it's simply too beautiful for me to keep to myself. With her blessing, I'm sharing with you all.
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    Hello, Wurmians! We know you have all been patiently awaiting the release of the Northern Isles maps. Well, the time has finally come! You will now be able to view the original maps for Harmony, Melody, Cadence, and Defiance. We are still working on getting current ones up, and once we do you'll really be able to tell what hard work you all have done since colonizing the Northern Isles and what a difference you have made. Click Here to check out all of the maps we have available.
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    Hi everyone, First off, apologies for the lack of communication coming from us recently. I have personally been in a life situation where I couldn’t do a good enough job to keep you all up to date, but that’s not an excuse for not being prepared for it, as we were still lacking a community manager contractor (please remember Demona was still a volunteer). Fortunately others have stepped in to help out - thanks a lot Keenan Anyways, let’s get to the things we’re working on. Obviously we’re not too happy with the current state of animal husbandry, and we’ve got multiple tweaks pending for the next update we release, including large changes to how traits are passed down (more likely to be passed down rather than replaced with random ones), lowering the chance of passing down negative traits as we’ve decided it was a bit too harsh, as well as significantly reducing the chance of getting traits not relevant to the animal, such as resource yield traits on animals that don’t produce any resources. We’re planning to release a smaller update next month, before the exploration update, and that will include those animal husbandry tweaks as well as some content additions. To fix the communication issues we’ve been having here a bit, we’ll be looking at getting some extra Community Managers on board to help with things, and until that time I’ll try to keep you all updated a bit better than how we’ve done recently. Lastly, while this might be a bit of unexpected news, it’s something we’ve teased in the past, long long ago, in one of the news posts - we’ll be starting development on adding VR functionality to Wurm, and while we can’t release any further details on it yet, we don’t expect it to derail development on the content features we’ve announced. Other than this feature, the last roadmap we posted is still relevant, and so there’s more exciting stuff to look forward to. Thanks for the attention, and keep on Wurming!
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    you send them the item back regardless of rarity, you don't just hold someones item hostage because you got a lucky roll wtf
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    it was first days of october 2020, my priest Wiha has about 95 shattering skill, and i've got suicidal idea, to grind it to 100 and now, after about 10 months it finally happen [23:27:35] Channeling increased by 0,000008 to 100,000000 huge thanks for everybody who helped me in that travel (too many people to write evrybody individually) a piece of curiosities: it takes from ~95 to 100: 335 sleep powders, used sleep bonus from Rite of Death 20 times, participation in 93 missions, and sleeping in bed everyday so in total about 650 hours of sleep bonus only last tick takes 44 hours and 15 minutes of enchanting I understand that I can now choose a title for that skill, so i would like to choose Volkhv (if want to know from where it comes: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volkhv )
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    Hi Everybody. Four years ago, I was real new, and was whining in chat about never seeing a Dragon. I said if I ever did see one (in PVE, of course - Kingdoms would make this complicated) I would tell everyone, and we would all just kill it. Oh, how people laughed at me. They told me of how greed makes people go sideways and if I made any announcement like that someone would come take it, and all the servers would be in an uproar trying to get there, and I had no idea what I was talking about, and what I suggested was laughable. Over the next four years, I came to understand that it isn't so simple. I learned that if you are going to do a public slaying, you gotta give people time to prepare. I learned those who host them are incredibly generous people who spend hours and hours setting these things up, and it is a Huge undertaking. But I never learned that people are greedy and awful. Wurm is full of really amazing people. We all come to the servers and help build an imaginary world together that is made of generosity, teamwork, really hard work, cooperation, laughter, adventures. People have spent years of long hours creating massive Impalongs that were endless days of joy, friendship, competition, and generosity. This last couple weeks, there was a beautiful Impalong that was so completely amazing, it felt like real life. Vooch and his staff were generous and kind to an extent that staggered and amazed me. And yesterday happened. Yesterday, I found a Dragon. First I contacted my alliance member and spewed a stream of all-caps uncontrolled excitement and explosions of glee that were mostly incoherent, but he dropped his anvil and came to help immediately. Then I phoned a friend in the alliance who dropped everything in real life to come help me. Then I contacted two other friends in the game who respectfully explained they were too busy. They kept quiet and didn't tell a soul. When it became apparent a couple hours into this that I was in over my head by a hundred feet or more, I pmmed Stanlee who sat in pm with me for hours helping with how-tos. He agreed to host the event, but we needed to pen it, and I found it in a friggin bowl of dirt on Inde, and after the 4th attempt to mine something suitable for a holding mine, we were 6 hours into the project with nothing but messes to show for it. We needed more workers. So I pmmed people I didn't know that well, but had interacted with enough to like them, and they dropped everything and headed over. Meanwhile, another friend had finally awakened in another time zone and she logged on and sailed over to help after reading my likely incoherent joy-bomb of a forum pm to her. These people put in anywhere from 4 to 12 hours of solid problem-solving and various levels of impressive skills. No one talked. No one tried to take the dragon or get greedy. We finally opened a mine and tried to get the thing into it in order to run a public event, but it wouldn't pull that far. When I say 'opened a mine', I mean we needed five tiles strongwalled, reinforcements, and dirt wagonneered to put all over for the surface. This was not a group of inexperienced players At All. This was in a huge area that appeared like it would be real easy to find a place to pen it, and after digging 200 slope down, still couldn't find rock, and when we did, it was reinforced, or snaking caverns. We went to pull it. We pulled for an hour. By this time, me and a few others had been awake 5 hours into the wee hours of the night past our bedtimes, and had been there for up to 10 hours. I said That's it. I'm doing it. I am going on Freedom Chat and telling everyone to come kill this little monster now. And they came. And when I told them to wait down by the water until everyone was there, they waited. And when I told them to put their tents down and wait by a guard tower and listen to my rules and my plan, they waited. And when we fought it for quite some time, because we were not a huge group, and it died, no one grabbed the corpse except the person I told to grab it. Nobody was greedy. I'm not naive. I know there are bad people out there in the world. But most people are good, and Wurm has a ton of really really good people. We all interact with each other in a little chat box in the bottom of our screens, and in that sacred space, friendships are forged, grand plans are hatched and carried out, ideas are debated, and generosity abounds. I really wish I could have given Independence a big public slaying with time to prepare and a beautiful Stanlee set-up with bells and whistles, or a wonderful Demonanightshade set-up likely with amazing lighting and decor, or that any of us last night could have done that with this dragon, but it wasn't to be. And when I just went on Freedom chat and babbled about a dragon in a sleep-deprived absolutely run-out-of-ideas stupor, y'all were there, and you were all wonderful. You make Wurm awesome, and I Do love everybody. Thank you all.
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    Trade Chat is for Buying/Selling your in game goods or services or checking their prices. To use this channel use the following at the beginning of your message: WTS - Want to Sell, used when you are selling the item/s or service. WTB - Want to Buy, used when you are searching for the item or service and want to purchase it. WTT - Want to Trade, used when you want to trade the first item or service(yours) for another item or service. PC - Price Check, used when you are not sure on the cost of an item or service. When replying to a PC, respond only with a brief message. Do not use this command for discussions. @[Players name] - This will show your message in the trade window, but only to the player you input after the @ symbol. Use the @[Players name], or PM, when you are trying to talk to a player instead of using PC or any of the other lines above. This keeps the Trade Chat clear of the private conversations or deals that are being made. Doing this allows others to see other posts in the trade chat, that were posted before and do not pertain to the current listing. Using PC to respond to a Price Check is still allowed. Discussions need to use the @ command or a PM. Creativity in listings is encouraged! Keep them to a single message post and not multiples! If listing multiple items, consider making a forum post in the merchant section and listing the link in trade. If posting the same listing again in trade chat, keep a 30 minute gap between posts. Multiple posts of different listings are to be kept to 2-3 at a time. Again, this helps allow other players posts to be seen. Trade chat is for in game items and services ONLY. Posts not pertaining to Wurm Online can be moderated at the Chat Moderators discretion. And as always the normal chat rules apply to this channel as well.
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    At the moment, wurm is a very static game. Barring trees slowly eating meadows and stepped and grass at war, not much happens without player intervention. Here are a few simple ideas to make the world feel more alive. 1. Make flowers prevent bushes/trees spawning adjacent (and over) them, unless a tree/bush is already adjacent. This helps preserve meadows, while still allowing forests to grow back over time. 2. Give steppe's more features: seasonal flower variants of their own as well as changing their mob movement priority to high in spring/summer but low in autumn/winter so critters leave surrounding forests in the warmer weather and retreat back in the winter 3. Differentiate between 'beach sand' (10 tiles away from a salt waterlogged tile) and 'desert sand'; the former spawning shells and palms with a higher spawn rate of seals and crabs, the latter scattered cacti and a new set of mid--high tier forage/botanist opportunities to offset the risk of dangerous critters. 4. Cliff-hugging plant species that yield useful resources for climbers who reach them. More so, mountain plants that only grow above a certain elevation to better reward people living far inland. 5. Fern tiles, an alternative to grass that does not impede dense tree growth; offering denser and more dangerous forests in return for faster tree growth rates. Slowly spreading once an area has a thick enough forest. 6. Allow moss to spread inside caves, near entrances to mines and near underground water sources. Let us plant it and bring some green! If a mine tile has a tree planted overhead, give us some roots that can be cut back if desired. 7. Allow swamps to spread more easily far from trees, but make swamps easier to remove. Give swamps their own trees (mangroves) and allow reeds to grow into swamps to provide more resources. 8. Give abandoned (unused) roads a 'mossy' texture after a while; moss clearing once 3 people walk over a tile in 24 hours and only occurring on road tiles that are not highways.
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    Around 3:30pm server time on Friday, May 28th we began noticing sinkholes and spikes appearing due to tickets submitted by players. These holes and spikes were not always visible to players until after relogging into the game. After investigating, we decided to perform an emergency shutdown to prevent further damage to the terrain. Upon closer investigation, we discovered a bug in a change to the animal grazing code, which we believe to be the cause of the terrain damage. When updating a tile to reflect the change in grazing, the height must be specified. Unfortunately the wrong height was being passed in, leading to unintended changes to the terrain. Players affected by this issue should use the in-game ticket system to request help in rectifying the terrain damage. Edit: After bringing the servers online, a crash bug was discovered requiring us to bring all servers offline for a hot fix. We apologize for the inconvenience.
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    Deliverance Renaissance Festival will be holding our Grand Opening Impalong Easter weekend, April 2nd (Good Friday) 18:00 CET / 12pm EST until Easter Sunday April 4th 22:00 CET / 4pm EST. We invite everyone to come and join in the fun and festivities, so hop on over and check us out! Our list of activities include: Players improving weapons, armour and tools Players improving ships, carts and wagons Sermons for priest Priest casting spells on items Climbing wall area to skill climbing or just for fun Fight skill to be gained and fun to be had in our arena Games to play and prizes to be won We also offer the chance for lower skill players to come and gain skill by supplying the needed items to do so. We have a hotel with lots of rooms for players wanting a place to spend a night or two, with double rooms and a few honeymoon suites for those couples that attend. We also have a camp site next to the deed to place your tents. *Looking for high skilled players to volunteer to assist with the improving, and priests for casting, all assistance is greatly appreciated. Staff: Drogos Velvetsun Olufus Tuxi Orando Blazecraze Fossil Theshawv Subie Special thanks to:- Blazecraze - Brick Maker Extraordinaire Orando - Land Viking Sandstone Buster Bunnbunn - Bat Cave Carver Kichi - Ore Vein Removal Olufus - Sandstone Ninja Arka - Carpenter / Deforester We are located at https://deliverance.yaga.host/#1107,156 Deliverance Renaissance Festival Discord Channel https://discord.gg/8RaGbH3REX Deliverance Renaissance Festival Website https://www.wurmnode.com/drf Foot note: The idea of this deed is to create a place where players could come to hang out and meet new people, gain skill, hold sermons, get their equipment improved by skilled players. The dream for the Deliverance Renaissance Festival is a nice place to hold different events through out the year or just a place players can come to if they would like a place to get away to and hang out at any time. * There are lots of rooms in the hotel for guests who would like one, just let us know * Rules / General information *Special Thanks to Hughmongus for sharing these with us
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    Hello, I wanted to write about my experience here of today's events in Wurm Online. This particular day shows just how amazing game this is and most of all, how helpful and friendly the Wurmian community is. Today, my travels took me to rift on Xanadu. Before battle there was a barista who offered battle drinks before the rift opened. I tasted the splendid wine and was ready to fight. I was doing my battles against the ravaging Jackal monsters, when suddenly my untamed horse started to take damage and died very shortly after. I was scared and shocked; what killed my pony and how do I get out of the fight when all my stamina had drained during combat? Well, I just barely managed to get to the safe zone. I told on local to the fellow fighters that my proud steed had fallen, and immediately I got several offers of help; Nenjisan kindly offered a ride on her cart to fight safely, Thorinoakshield offered me a pony to borrow for the fight. One other fellow offered me a pony as well, but I cannot recall his/her name, so sorry about that. So the fight continued with a new steed and we closed the rift successfully. Thorin also offered a ride to my boat which was few mins away and I accepted the offer! But my day wasn't over. I had set my mind on yet another adventure. I heard about this latino artist on Pristine wanting to learn moves from the Wurmian community itself and I thought I wanted to help him out. But time was running out, so I had to sail as fast as I could. And what do you know, I landed to Pristine 5 mins before the group dance session and asked for a summon. Dunelly was kind to summon me whenever I moored my boat on the shore. And so I was there, Latino Dancing Session hosted by Stanlee and I was right on time. I showed couple of moves to the Artist and he fell the the ground eventually, probably exhausted by the group dance. Pandalet kindly mixed blood to a potion for me. Then night was setting in, sun was getting low. I needed to reach my boat again. Then Jaz asked if anyone wanted a ride to east coast of Pristine, and I hopped in on Jaz's cart. Luckily, his boat was parked right next to mine. What a perfect day. And there I was, admiring the scenery of Pristine, thinking on all the adventures that had occurred today, and especially all the help I got. I was so happy; could I ever find a better community than in Wurm, where I have spent over 7 years? So many folks willing to help, giving advice, doing goods for the community. I wanted to share my story and thank you all for making this community better every single day. Yours, Kadmint
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    The citizens of Pristine are pleased to announce a rare Goblin Dance Party to be hosted this Saturday, August 14th with Little Gobby Lynne as the star of the proceedings! Please be sure to pick your partner in advance and axe them to the dance. We don't want any bad blood and are asking everyone to bring their most festive selves! The event is located a short ride north from R17 on the lovely Southern Coast of our beautiful island! The War Bonnet Dance Queen Tiara has been claimed by your lovely hosts, but all other fabulous prizes will be randomly assigned to participants whose fighting dance skill is 70 or higher! We hope to see you all there, but please - no unaccompanied miners. (With apologies to @Stanlee- imitation is the sincerest form of flattery because you've really set the bar for public slayings - and I've never done this before help.)
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    "Finally from so little sleeping and so much wurming, her brain dried up and she went completely out of her mind." - Don Quixote (paraphrased) [20:52:17] Natural substances increased by 0.000008 to 100.000000 It is my understanding that this might be a first and as such that I may be eligible for: - a complimentary mental health examination - to select a title for this skill Background: When I set the deed boundaries of Meerhaven back in 2012, I discovered that I'd deeded over hundreds of water tiles that were clay and effectively unusable. A sensible person would have adjusted their deed boundaries a bit and gotten on with life. Well ol' Auntie Sid's been accused of being many things, but 'sensible' is not one of them. I'd managed to get NS up to about 97 and discovered that I had some time off of work in December 2020 and said to myself: "Self, you are practically to 100 in this skill. You've got a few thousand zinc and ten barrels of lemon juice in stock - you should knock that out over the holidays." Anyone that has ever attempted the climb to 100 will be quietly laughsobbing at this point. A roadmap to take your Natural Substances skill to 100: A deed buried in clay tiles A few dozen zinc veins nearby Harvesting every single lemon tree on the server for four or five summers in a row A willful ignorance of the sunk cost fallacy Special thanks to: Efevee and the Drake Peak gang for letting me gnaw on all those zinc veins; @Goldfinchfor encouraging me to follow my dreams; @notstupidbobbfor the very best South Coast gossip sessions; @kgorski(Prospecting), @thorgot (Carpentry), and @Quostin(Bowery) for providing details of their journeys to 100. Y'all really helped. I have what I think is a decent title picked out, but am possibly open to suggestions. What would you like to see as the title for 100 NS? Exclusive interview with Wurmian Monthly:
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    [23:49:32] You have just received the title 'Damage Control'! it's ogre, 100 repair is finally done. no skill tick since I didn't get one to say I reached 100 in skill tab, no idea why not in the time it took me to reach 100 repair, I got 5 affinities in the skill, and even managed to roll the 5th rank affinity roll twice, much to the confusion of staff members (no 6th affinity in repair sadly) I also beat @PandyLynnto 100 skill, so idk that feels neat time for 100 milling next
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    With the AH update, we gained a new exciting trait to boost the speed of our horses. Something to make up for the loss of the powerful speed/draft hybrids we had an allow full-speed horses to reign supreme! Speed | It seems accustomed to water | Moves faster in shallow waters | 10 points I'll admit, if I were looking at this picture, I hope this would be the trait I'd come up with too. This was a problem immediately. Not because it wasn't a strong or cute trait, but because of what it meant for us min/maxers who are thinking about how we have to go fast, and how we'd need to design highways to allow us to go as fast as possible. You may not like it, but this is what peak highway looks like See, good design typically tricks players into doing what you want to see. Don't want loads of animals on single tiles? Disease. Want strong connected highway systems linking most deeds? Wagoners. You want every highway dug down to water? This trait. a This'll look great dug to water, I swear Worse, without this level of min/maxing, the trait is so weak that I'm still on a pre-patch horse, and the only way I see myself changing that is if I dig highways to water. So what alternative is there? Well, you read the thread title, so you know where I'm going, but here's how I got there. I thought about behaviours I have towards roads. See, to me roads are a suggestion. Anyone who knows me knows I rarely follow them, instead cutting across ways with my good sense for rideable tiles. I also don't care for wagoners - I'm no stranger to my own wagon. With these powers combined, I don't much care for roads beyond their ability to stop people terrorforming (not a typo) the area. This is especially infuriating for anyone following me who is yet to learn the server. But if the trait were changed to instead work for roads rather than water? Immediately I care about far more interesting things: heat maps of my travel, efficient highways (which is something wagoners don't care for, to comic extents). tl;dr: This change could let new horses be competitive against old ones, and reward players for designing roads around efficient travel.
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    "Hello it is I, Steropes Gob, and I have an exciting new item for the marketplace. Please come to my tech demo at Bruce's Flying Circus, X17 Y31, or N13 ingame, at the time below, to witness this exciting new technology. Below you'll also find a preview to give you a taste of what we have to show you! We will be making the world a better place through integrated technologies!"
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    Category: Wacky & Wild My deed on Exodus, Moongate
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    Hello, Wurmians, and welcome to another Valrei International! I'd like to start off this one by thanking everyone who has reached out to me with congratulations and well wishes. I am very excited to be working with the team and the community in this role, and I have been working on ideas for fun community events and interactions (once I'm all settled in, of course!) This issue is a bit light on the content development side of things, but by the next issue I should have some more news to share with you all! Ready Your Weapons! After some public testing, our new combat update is now live! Fighting will be more interactive than ever, with the ability to choose separate offensive and defensive stances and some new visual clues on how the fight is progressing. Some of the bigger visual changes such as floating text and screen shaking are optional, so if they're not your cup of tea that's okay! We will continue tweaking things for a while to get it just right, and plan to reduce randomness in combat. We are also working on making archery more comfortable, and useful on PvE as well as PvP. To see all of the changes in the update, check out the patch notes below! Achievements Unlocked! Also live with this update is the new achievement system! These will be available both in Steam and in-game. There are 80 achievements to earn, all accompanied by some fancy new icons. They can be found in-game by navigating to the main menu and clicking the new "Goals" button. Community Event - Easter Impalong Easter Bunny is resting up to prepare for the upcoming festivities On Deliverance in the Southern Isles, a beautiful deed has been built especially for hosting community events throughout the year. I'm very excited to share the news of its Grand Opening Impalong scheduled for Easter weekend! From April 2nd (Good Friday) 18:00 CET / 12pm EST until Easter Sunday April 4th 22:00 CET / 4pm EST. I'm sure it'll be a hoppin' good time, with lots of eggcellent festivities. Check out the details on the post below! Our team is growing! And last but not least, I'd like to announce that we have a new contracted developer on the team! They have been working hard in the code basement but are still getting settled in, and asked for just a brief announcement at this time while they adjust to the new role. That's it for this issue of the Valrei International. See you in two weeks for the next! Until then, keep on Wurming
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    I'm dreaming of a White Dragon Just like the ones I used to know Where the tree tops glisten And children listen To hear slaying at N13 I said, I'm dreaming of a White Dragon With every Dragon blood of blacksmithing May your days be merry and bright So long as you arrive on time Edit: I was gonna sing this whole post, but turns out i'm tone deaf and mixing in much-needed instruments was gonna be a bit much, but there's a link to my attempt anyway
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    Hello Wurmians! It’s been a little while since our last Valrei International, and I’d like to apologize for that and let you know we have not forgotten about you! Although things have been quiet, we have been working away in the background squashing some bugs, implementing some fixes, and working on new features and content for you all to enjoy. Thank you for your patience with us during this time! Squashing Some Bugs With the maintenance restart this week, we’ll be implementing some balances and bugfixes concerning the animal update, and a few other things. There will be a few tweaks to traits, such as a fix to make the “seems to pick stuff up” and “seems stationary” traits work properly and making less useful traits on a creature become less common (sheep with draft traits, for example). The chance to pass on dominant traits has been improved, and already existing traits in parents will be even more likely to pass on to offspring than newly generated ones. This includes an increased chance to pass on coat colors. The chance for miscellaneous traits has been reduced a bit to encourage dominant traits passing on. There will also be a fix for donkeys and mules making horse sounds instead. On top of trait tweaking, we’ve worked a bit on the feeding of animals. Creatures in caves will once again be able to eat food from the ground, and the nutrition of hay will be increased so your horses can become fat and happy on a diet of hay. We have also tweaked the pathing to food a bit and have reduced the chance of grass packing while your critters are moving around. This should cut down on some of the time spent unpacking and replanting grass and lawns. You will also now be able to breed animals when they are slightly hungry instead of needing to make sure they are stuffed to the brim before attempting to breed. While most of the update will be focused on animal husbandry changes, there will be a few other things (and a new 100 skill title!) coming with the patch. Creative Constructs Building Contest Many of you have been eagerly looking forward to the announcing of the winners in the Creative Constructs building contest. Well, the wait is over! The team has gone over every one of the wonderful entries, and your creativity was very inspiring. After a tough decision, we’ve finally found our winners. Congratulations to all of you! Combat and Defense Theme Wilczan Seriphina Thalorane Cozy Ranches and Farms Theme Miell Goldfinch LadyCygnet Place of Business Theme Annyil Kasumi Eudoxia Wacky and Wild Theme Ayaana Jaz Stanlee You guys came up with some amazing entries for the contest! It was definitely hard to pick the winners out of all of the entries we had. I will be in contact with the winners through the forums in the next few days, so watch your inbox if you're one of them! Upcoming Community Hosted Events (with a lovely Halloween theme!) Scary season is right around the corner, and with it comes two spooktacular community events in celebration of Halloween. With an event on each server cluster, everyone will have the chance to hang out with all the other boys and ghouls, BOO-gie down in arenas fighting off creepy critters, and improve items (or get theirs improved) while all the festivities go down. Festival of the Veil Impalong For those of you on the Northern Isles, you’re invited to attend the Festival of The Veil, hosted by Rogue Cathedral. This event will run on the Cadence server from the 24th of October to the 30th. For more information on this Impalong event, check out the post below! New Festival Cove's Halloween Haunted House Impalong For everyone on the Southern cluster of servers, you are invited to Independence to New Festival Cove where you’ll find a Halloween Haunted House Impalong hosted by Vooch and Thicket! This event takes place on the 22nd of October through the 25th of October. Information on this event can be found on the post below. Myself and other GMs will be there during both events to cause havoc, as usual.... Make sure to bring a tent along in the case of creepy critters galore! Of course, there will be some spooktacular happenings all around Wurm during Halloweentime whether you are able to attend a community event or not. That’s it for this issue of the Valrei International! Congratulations once again to the Creative Constructs winners.
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    Even I thought I was joking...
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    Being a community manager/relations person has got to be one of the toughest and most thankless jobs in game development. You're basically the buffer between players and the dev team. You often end up being the punching bag for angry, entitled mobs whilst having to keep a calm, friendly and professional demeanor. You get bombarded with questions you're not yet allowed to answer (even though you'd love to), and being demanded of things you have no control over (although you'd love to fix them). Sometimes there may be game design changes from the dev team that you personally don't even agree with, yet it's -you- who must present these changes to the community as if you stood behind them 100%, only to get flooded with complaints and abuse from players who hate the changes. You do it because it's your JOB. Retro thank you for all that you've done. Not only for enduring everything I listed above for so many years, but the numerous other things you've given to Wurm, like coordinating the Valrei Entertainment Network to give Wurm content creators a spotlight and to give Wurm a presence in Twitch/YouTube as well as many other contributions, most of which I'm sure the community isn't even aware of. A big thank you also for the enormous amount of support and love you've given to players who do cool things in Wurm by writing about them and encouraging them here in the forums. The best of luck with your new endeavors and I hope we'll be seeing you around as a player still. Demona: A huge congratulations on your new exciting role! I wish you smooth sailing and many opportunities to shine. In tough times ahead, remember that there are a lot of us out here who have enough compassion and understanding to recognize the challenges of this job and respect the work that your role entails. Although we may not always be as vocal as *cough* "some", we're here in the background and support you. The best of luck. You got this!
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    A little while ago, it was discovered that a long-time player, one of the few who settled on Celebration at its opening, passed away earlier this year in April. I reached out to his family in hopes of confirming, but I didn't receive a response. Circumstantial evidence leans heavily to the fact that Waaroku is no longer with us. Anyone who knew Waar, knew how much his deeds meant to him. He'd never let them fall. His mother posted on her social media that she was having computer issues after her son's death and needed help in order to continue the soap business. She has also posted many remembrances of him as well. He had a tough exterior, gruff demeanor and loved to push the boundaries in all the chats. He also loved to help new players and kept a public mine outside of the spawn city of Tap Dance for this reason. He was a good friend to me. I will miss him for that. As Waaroku's last deed falls, so, too, does a part of Celebration's community and history.
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    The recent bannings and lack of slayings have no doubt fueled the rumours about my demise. However, the actual explanation is a lot simpler. The dragons were merely hidden from our eyes. At Bruce's Flying Circus, N13 - we're on the highway system! Get there early, we'll see you there!
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    The Full Novel has been removed for everyone's mental health. T.L.D.R. Summary Darwin has worn out any semblance of a welcome here as we have observed him for a long time doing nothing but intentionally inciting the community and causing headaches. He has not been an active member and simply logs in and bothers people, then logs out. We have given Darwin plenty of chances to improve his ways at the recommendation of others who had long believed he could improve, but as they say, insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. Beyond trolling one of our public global chat channels, Darwin was also attacking and abusing Wurm Online team members who were only trying to help him avoid violating our rules even further. It was long past time to put an end to Darwin's foolish behavior with a permanent ban from Wurm Online since he has made it abundantly clear that he has no intention of actually enjoying Wurm Online, and he has zero respect for moderation or our community. Extreme T.L.D.R. Summary Darwin is a troll “Byebee” – Dotta (Bakuretsu Hunters) Thank you, Enki (Head Game Master)
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    They say fire and books make bad bedfellows, Yet fire and Dragons is natural. Intelligent Dragons are often heard of, So a Dragon with books can't be irrational. Though books of conquest, slayings, deeds, Cannot be a dragon's favourite. Stories of "heroes" slaying dragons? It must be hard for him to savour it. But alas such a tale must repeat, This we cannot burn or avoid. So grab your axes, your hammers and staves, And send this learned Dragon to the void. https://deliverance.yaga.host/#848,1569 Late fees will be incurred for late arrivals, be sure to get there early!
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    In other words, I had a lot of Fun with this one's tether The results are in. The dragon's anaemic, and the only cure is a full blood transfusion! So bring your weapons and let's beat all of his blood out! It's on the south edge of K13. The deed, "The Pawd," is on the highway network. Getting there early is advised because even I don't know how to get there. It's not near enough the water for alts to be boat-parked.
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    This Saturday, the day before Easter, we are blessed with a Green Dragon that has been given up for public slaying (barring his skull, that's claimed by the finder, but everything else is being rolled)! I've tried my best with the maps here, but Xanadu is a big place. Might be one of those times where saying "the northmost piece of land on the southern shore of M12" is the easiest way to direct people This is Xanadu. Not one of the smaller servers. Set off EARLY, especially if the winds are bad, or risk missing out! The dragon will be slain at this time, if all goes according to plan: You found the very hidden Easter egg! And a chocolatey Easter to all!
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    I just wanted to say thank you to the GM team, and to Belisama in particular. I had a bad thing happen to me, and it was partially my own fault. The GM's went out of their way to make things right, going above and beyond what I could honestly expect and hope for. As such, I want to say thank you. Your time and effort are truly appreciated.
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    Dear Wurmians, It’s been a busy few months since the Steam launch, with unprecedented player counts and four new servers launched, but it’s time to sit around the campfire, share spooky stories, and maybe roast a rat on a stick or two. So take a seat and find out what’s in store this Halloween period (00:01 on the 28th of October until 23:59 on the 5th of November CET) in Wurm Online. Spooky Scary Skeletons The cool Autumn air shimmers with energy, and you feel yourself growing… faint. Halloween comes with strange changes, including skeletal versions of yourself and other animals. Rest assured though, your flesh is still there, ripe for the tasting… Big Smiles Halloween is here, and it just wouldn’t be Halloween without tricks and treats, and do we have the treat for you! All premium members will receive a unique limited edition demon helm upon logging in during the Halloween period! More Treats During the Halloween period, we’ll also be running a 10% bonus skill gain and affinity gain event Time to hunker in your houses, away from the strange sounds in the woods, and the eyes you swear you can see glimpses of between the trees… Or, you can brave the dark and head out to hunt creatures twisted by the dying light, and find special Halloween themed items, some from stories past, and one entirely new. Work continues on our more extensive plans over the coming months, with our roadmap shared at the start of this month! If you missed it and would like to see what we have in store in 2021, check it all out here!
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    The Staff of Dragons, adorned by a tiny little replica of its namesake, has arrived! Available through the month of September in the Marks Shop at any settlement token, this skin can be applied to a metal staff to give it a unique and fancy look.
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    Oh no, please don't waste time on VR for Wurm. You have far more important things to do. I constantly hear about how staff is stretched so thin as it is already and to put content on hold for VR updates. You say it won't slow down regular dev work, but seriously, how can that be possible? Game Chest hire a team to do the VR? Are you all getting paid for more hours in a work day to do the extra work? Where is the extra time and staffing coming from? I don't understand the motivation for VR. VR is going to look terrible anyway, with the current graphics and super weird vehicle movement physics. What happens to your last meal when your cart suddenly starts lurching at high speed, to catch up with all the movements you were attempting to do during a high latency period? You better get some pretty extensive protection clauses for everyone to sign before launching VR. I try not to be aggressively critical of new developments, but I have to say this one is just a bad idea and you are far better spending the time and resources elsewhere.
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    In all things there must be a balance. Good and evil. Right and wrong. The Sith necessitate the Jedi... just as do the the Jedi necessitate the Sith. When this balance is misaligned, it is up to us neutral actors to restore it. A new player has entered Celebration's eternal struggle for the Seals. The Venerable Hardened Black Dragon! And its power is overwhelming compared to its seal clubbing counterparts! "I'm going to go club a seal" "not today" We will be breaking the seal of the mine within which the seal guardian is sealed (MAP LINK) at this time:
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    Category: Wacky and wild? Church of Magranon, Rangers Haven, Xanadu
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    In a celebration of old videogames that paved the way to Wurm, I present: Form a party and take on the Venerable Black Dragon Hatchling! In this epic 2006-era game you can team up with your friends and take on this incredible beast! Your party will get armoursmith blood and hide (100% drop rate) with a chance of getting the Bone, Skull or other parts! This world event will be taking place at this time: Be sure to get there early to not miss out! Also given how well it was received last time when I accidentally put the time an hour later, I'm considering a general change to a new time. This hunt uses the usual time (7pm UK time), but I have a poll to see if moving it an hour later would be a popular choice. The time for this slaying will not be changed by the results of this poll, instead it may change future ones. Edit: yes, the poll does close at the time of the slaying
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    When I was a young hunter My bull took me into the steppe To see a black dragon He said, "Son, when you show up Would you be the stabber of the dragon At 7pm UTC Sunday?" He said, "Will you defeat them? For scale, and potions of carpentry That's planned to be rolled off?" "Because one day, I'll get there early To lead you in the cave To kill the black dragon" We're on the map! X17, Y31 Dress code is emo/goth (pastel/neon goth is both legitimate and allowed) Fabricant is challenged with getting MCR Midis Get there early because I only wait if a GM tells me of crossing issues. Light breezes cannot and will not stop me
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    So, there I was, sailing home from the latest Cadence rift, when as I attempted to cross the server I was attacked by sharks and knocked from my ship. Not wanting to drown, nor be shark bait, I attempted to get back into my ship, and boom, I was knocked back out again. Over and over this happened until I logged out. Long story short, I was stuck and teleporting. After relogging, I was able to finally pull my ship away from the server border and regain my bearings. But my trusty sailor hat was missing, as was all my other equipped gear. Starting to panic I looked all over around me in the water, but could find nothing, not even a stray fish. To make this story even shorter, I submitted a ticket to see if my lost items could be found, then I sailed home to rest after a long hard fight at the rift. Within a few short hours I was contacted by the CM/GM team and they went to work finding my items at the bottom of the ocean (database really). So in the end, my missing items were able to be fished out of the depths of hell and returned to me, a bit water soaked but still intact! I know many times the CM/GM team are on the receiving end of unhappy players and often times it is the bad or complicated issues that are pointed out and see the light of day. I feel it is important to highlight the opposite as well, as often times gratitude is not shown or thanks given where it is due. So this is me saying thank you to the CM/GM team for rendering help when needed. I know this is a game, but so much of our lives are invested in what we do and who we meet in these wonderful worlds, that this experience of outstanding service and concern brought a tear to my eyes and a smile to my face. So I tip my hat to those that helped me and the rest of the team. You know who you are! Thank you for making a bad day good!