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    After a time of surveillance we have busted a ring of macroers who produce bulkable goods for the market through automated means. As this is such a large, and very intentional, breaking of the rules everyone caught will be completely removed from the game. Ringleaders: Arafort, Legengrayz, Xdeadmousex
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    Alright, here’s what’s happening over the next few months. As said in the last dev blog, we’ve switched to a different update cycle with monthly smaller updates and interspersed larger marketable updates, aiming for a few large updates a year on a predictable schedule. This month’s small update includes the client rendering distance changes that have been worked on for the past while, as well as some new creature AI additions, and the usual slew of bug fixes. These AI changes are intended to finish off the work started a long time ago on the Valrei creatures with the initial Uttacha changes, making them more interesting encounters in combat than the usual ‘target and wait’ that a large portion of PvE combat is currently. These Valrei creature changes will ideally make any fights involving the remaining creatures more interesting and varied than normal, and will lead into some content for the planned large update later on. The June and July updates are currently planned to include a few new UI changes for the preview client, as well as overall UI QoL features and general combat & combat UI improvements with some focus on giving more information to the player about what is happening in combat, as well as the usual bug fixes and possibly another new feature that I’m not ready to share yet. The first planned large update in this new cycle will be a large expansion to an existing set of content in Wurm Online which will see players exploring new lands and working together against a common enemy - hereafter codenamed Frontier. It will combine a lot of existing features and recent changes in Wurm into a big chunk of new content available to all players - old and new. The Valrei creature changes going live this month are a precursor to some of the work that will be involved with this update, and the reason they are going out early is to help us gather feedback over the next short while to lead into some of the planned changes for Frontier. As I’ve said in the past I don’t want to share too many details before they are finalised or well underway, so the most I will give out right now is that it will be a large update with new repeatable content that should entice players with a wide range of interests, and touch most parts of Wurm as a whole. Later in the year after Frontier is complete we’ll be moving onto extending the building options available to everyone, and later on after that we will begin working on plans for introducing another new skill to the game. Frontier will also be a precursor for big changes that will come to Epic in the future, and feedback from how everything goes later in the year will inform us on how we implement the current plans that we have. These changes to Epic won’t be anytime in the next few months, but when they do come they will involve a large overhaul to the cluster in an attempt to bring it closer to the original design for Epic years ago. We will be addressing the larger complaints of the Epic community in that update - but some smaller changes will be heading to live in the coming months as well. For those changes see the recent feedback thread posted here. More info about the exact plans we have for later on will be shared after Frontier is live. As always, more information about everything we’re working on will be shared closer to the dates that they’ll be coming in. Frontier will be accompanied by a marketing push to help make the most out of the new update cycle, and is where everyone will get a lot more info about what exactly is coming into the game.
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    Allright, so I thought I'd quench some of the will I stay or will I go-rumours by starting a new thread about an idea I've had quite a while. Back in 2015 we put WU on Steam and it has worked out allright. Now sales there are dwindling but Steam remains the best place to promote and sell PC and Linux games. Trying to promote your game via Facebook or Google ads is very expensive to the point of being pointless unless your game looks and has a really triple A newbie experience. The attempts we make have very poor conversion rate. Not to mention larger expensive ads on websites which simply are huge costs per click for us. Also trying to SEO the top rated search places for sandbox games isn't easy either even if we actually show up which I guess yields some traffic. But trying to improve there won't give much bang for the buck. So I figured, how can we go about putting WO where the PC players are and words spread nowadays - on Steam? If someone searches for a type of game they'll get one hit per game instead so it's a democratic search of sorts. Free to play games are highly sought after and I think A LOT of people look for and try free to play MMOs there. Compared to finding us online and download our client via custom links and registration, on Steam we would work exactly like all other games. We would probably get a fairly stable stream of players who look for games like these and decide to try them out. I asked the other devs and while moderately to very positive they raised the same initial questions many of you will. So I thought I'll start with them and a couple of my answers and then we'll discuss the rest. Here goes: Q1) Would we be risking more fracturing of our player base? I think it would be best to start clean server/s for a couple of reasons and aim to keep it/them in a separate cluster a good while. One is that new players deserve the feeling of being a newbie among other newbies with fresh land. This means that I believe their experience and inclination to stick around could be hampered by encountering very experienced accounts and high quality items. As the servers mature we merge them into the main cluster. Exactly when this merge would take place would depend on how well the release goes. If we receive virtually no new players and it's basically a failure, the server would merge very quickly so fracturing wouldn't really happen. If, on the other hand thousands of players come we would have to consider more carefully when the right time to merge is. This would mean Wurm becomes more sustainable which surely must be good for everyone. If we are extremely lucky, we receive so many new players that we can merge earlier because the old accounts and items will be quickly dispersed among the new population (but then we're probably talking about tens of thousands of new players). Q2) Steam gets a bit fussy with real money transactions. Can we abide by Steam Guidelines? I don't see how we wouldn't abide by Steam guidelines. We aren't involved in RMT or account sales. Our players may be but that's not unusual for online games. We would look into what we can do with the Steam shop though so we support their systems. Q3) How about the code base? Won't another branch be too much to handle? We'll see about branches and code base. Basically the server shouldn't need a new branch as far as I can see. There will be new clients though but it sure must be worth it if we want to get thousands of new players. Q4) How about staffing the servers? Will there be enough volunteers around to help out? We don't know at this time. We can't require anyone to help out. Hopefully some will of course and perhaps some GM's might consider returning if they see Wurm on Steam. I'll be interested in pitching in as well at least around launch. It's also related to Q1: If it's a success there will probably be resources to staff the servers, if it's not the server will merge fairly quickly. The initial success of the game shouldn't be based on whether people get help from GM's really - the thrill of encountering Wurm should be the main attraction. I'm fairly sure there will be players to answer questions in chat channels though. When it comes to answering questions in the Steam forum, hopefully Retro can manage some there as well or we suggest they visit these forums. Depends on the pressure. Q5) Will we be able to deal with the added cost of infrastructure? I am fairly certain the amount of new players will be able to sustain the cost of at least one server. If we need more servers the revenue is good so then we should be safe from other perspectives as well. Q6) Would we release both Freedom and Epic servers? We'd start with a Freedom server and be ready to launch more. You will have to discuss moving the Epic server there but from what I gather it would help with some multi account issues and might be a good solution for that. Q7) What timeframe are we looking at? Well, we would want the client to feel really polished. There are quite a lot of improvements planned and from what I understand we're looking at around Q1-Q2 (let's say February to April sometime) next year. Okay so these are the initial thoughts I have. I am sure you have more so let's discuss more pros and cons!
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    Tich's Gone Fishin' Memorial (Release L-25) An introduction by friends of Tich. Logging into Wurm, looking at our friend's list to see the first name not online to be Tich pressed those close to her to create a memorial, not only for others to see, but also to leave their own memories about this wonderful person for the rest of Wurm to enjoy. This project began in early November of 2018 and served as a cathartic focus for hearts and minds that were still struggling with Tich's passing. Though the work took only about 2 weeks to complete, with a subsequent few weeks of fine tuning to follow, by far the most difficult task was/is to write on opening introduction to the people of Wurm for the memorial. It is our hope that those touched by Tich or her works in-game will make the journey to Release, at L25, and bring with you a bit of something that ties you to Tich and her works, to be left in perpetuity as your own addition to the memorial. (Feel free to contact Daciana or Pomona by forum pm for help in placing or securing your personal additions, or adding personal anecdotes or stories to the Tich's Gone Fishin' Memorial) What began as players seeking comfort in remembering a friend, transitioned into co-workers yearning for an opportunity to show what she meant to them, and what we all hope will evolve into a community reaching out together to put the wealth of impact Tich made upon us all on exhibition. While here, please take the time to explore every aspect of the memorial. You will find a multitude of surprises made available through substantial background help from the Wurm Online Team all of which were especially close to Tich. Thank you and we hope you enjoy the memorial.
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    Some bridge - Yaga Greetings Wurmians! That's right, I'm back with another edition of the valrei international. We've been rather busy this week with the launch of wurm unlimited 1.9 to catch it up to wurm online, but there's still plenty to talk about, so let's get to it Wu live This week saw the launch of (and quickly, pesky bugs) and it's been huge. There's already been a few mods for the new content and seeing the servers buzzing with activity is awesome. I was playing on a server on Monday, and playing again today after the update made me realise just how big our visuals have come in the past six months, so a huge personal shout out to both Samool and Saroman, their continued work to see wurm look and feel better than ever has really impacted the game, and it's awesome to see. Far far away Speaking of visual improvements, samool has been doing some amazing things with distant rendering. Gone will be the days of bland green land, and instead, we will have this! Does anyone else like beavers? Cos dam! (seriously, who doesn't like beavers, otters or ferrets, they're the adorablest!) Coming soon One thing I have been working towards and talked about in many places is the start of our very own wurm dev streams! From general discussion, answering questions and playing the game, to specific streams about upcoming features I'm excited to say we're getting near the point we can start with this and see where it goes. If you have ideas for things you'd like to see, whether from how we play to segments we handle let us know below and we'll see about whether we can include it. We have no firm date to the start of this yet, but our goal is to start in the next month or two with weekend streams That’s it from us this week, we’re doing some behind the scenes changes to how we handle things approaching the switch to AWS, once we are closer to those changes we’ll lay out our plans for future works . There’s a lot going into it and some pretty awesome things, so stay tuned for that! Until then though, Keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the wurm team
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    What you see here will be a more transparent issuance of penalties and moderation actions against the most horrendous offenders. We have striven to keep the issues of each member confidential all these years, but there are times when that provided confidentiality is publicly used against us to make us look biased or corrupt. After some discussions behind the scenes we have determined to strip away that confidentiality that we provided when it comes to the most serious offenses such as Toxic Players, or mass penalties where we are often bombarded with appeals as well as 3rd party complaints. When we are required to act against a member of our community, we do not do so out of bias or some form of arbitrary self indulgence. The paperwork is far too great for it to be enjoyable. Yet, when we take action, invariably, the person under penalty rarely tells the 'whole truth' to the people they speak to. This causes us no end of problems and we hope that being more transparent about these individuals will save us a lot of time and effort.
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    Vaelir's Deed. Greetings Wurmians! Apparently this news is a little late, oops! We’ve been pretty busy dealing with some rather unfortunate hardware issues, we’ll fill you in on that in this week's news, so let’s get on with it! But first... Patch Notes: Independence issues. The lag independence has been experiencing was identified as a failure on one of the drives on the server, which was causing major delays when reading from the database. Upon identifying this our server hero admin Keenan performed extended maintenance during which the databases were moved to another hardware setup. This is a temporary issue while we perform maintenance on the Independence hardware and some time in the near future we will be undergoing an extended downtime period for all servers to perform necessary system maintenance as well. Alongside this we are also investigating the causes for the recent upturn in lag, this will take some time as we run profiling software on each server, identifying when it lags and why. We know dealing with lag is a major pain so it’s our current priority to address and resolve as soon as possible, we do appreciate your patience with it and once we’re in the clear we’ll look at what forms of compensation might be worthwhile. ‘Tis the season! Almanacs, examine, mouseovers, so much text to see if your tree or bush is ripe for the harvest, but what about the items? Coming very soon is a graphics update that displays fruit, berries and all those harvestable goodies directly on the tree. As you can see below, Saroman is always working hard on making Wurm look as alive as possible! This is expected to go out in the next few days, so if you see a graphics pack update, that will be why! Animation polishing Samool has also been hard at work on polishing general animations from a first and third person perspective, including having the camera move with certain animations! https://drive.google.com/file/d/19lduiQjq35duW40UAofd_4zjixt5a0kV/view?usp=sharing Of course it will be a toggle though, motion sickness while playing is never fun. HotA rework The ongoing HotA rework testing is still available on text, we have several devs working with feedback to ensure that any system that comes achieves the goals we have and creates something engaging, be sure to grab a chum, buddy or comrade to check it out and leave any feedback! That’s it from us this week, we’ll be hard at work addressing the hardware and lag issues and hopefully have some more info soon about the dates for the extended downtime. Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
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    Oceania Terraces At Fairview - Lyhrinae Greetings Wurmians! We touch base this week to share with you what's being worked on and where we're at with things. So take a break from binge watching whatever is on Netflix and jump into it with us. But first.. Patch Notes Shine bright like a diamond With all these fancy normal and specular maps, one question has gone unanswered... What about player armour? Well, the Saroman and Samool dream team (The S&S for brevity) have been hard at work, and are pleased to showcase, shiny armour!!! https://i.imgur.com/PrELaql.gifv Not only that, because these guys don't do things by halves, they've gone and added the ability for rarity to show too! When these guys get together, nothing can stop them (bar performance impacts, and the odd ripply naked man). Expect this to go live in the coming weeks. Crusader PMK gear Well the votes are in, and my favourite one won! (I swear I had nothing to do with it, I just have good taste) We'll be doing a few tweaks then get them in-game for you all to continue to show off your cool PMK stuff. Movement and desync devblog In the patch notes during this fortnight a little single bugfix was posted "fixed a number of movement issues" While it looks small, Budda took the time to jump into just how big this "simple" fix actually was and what it means. Check out all the details here: WU Beta The WU beta is ongoing, with a small patch released last week. We'll likely be including one more update before it all goes live, so hang onto your hats, that's gonna be huge! It appears to be one of, if not our biggest update we've done code wise! Community Content Forum member Gawain has started vlogging his life in Wurm! He shares his adventures via YouTube video, and updates a forum thread here: That's it from us this week, by next news the WU beta should have gone live, and we'll no doubt have more to share with you about what we've been working on. Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
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    I don't know where this is, ask - Demonanightshade New Year, well, same me! Greetings everyone! It's Retro back with the first VI of the year! We're hitting the ground running in 2020 with some big changes (and more on the way!) I hope everyone enjoyed the Christmas gift of the festive bedroll, I'd like to clarify that I did state it should be damage free, this is not the case. As it is an item with a use function it will take damage when you sleep on it as well as being prone to decay off deed or in a container (standard decoration mechanics). The craftable version will be going live along with the bugfix of making them improvable with the next minor update. This week though we'll be talking about what's going live in the big update at the end of the month, so strap in and check it all out. New Loyalty System WIP shot, prices hidden due to not being finalised. Items so spicy you won't be able to eat them! We’ve talked about it a bit in various places on the forums and on our Twitch broadcasts, but it’s almost time! I’m really keen for this to come as it’s something I worked on personally, so I’m quite proud of it (unless it breaks, then I had nothing to do with it) For premium purchases (excepting the the first 2s purchase if purchasing via token) players will receive points that they can redeem at a token to purchase items. The points awarded for the different purchase options are as follows: 1000 point - 15 days premium 1500 points - referrals 3000 points - token 4500 points - shop (per month purchased) The items that can be purchased are as follows: Random Moon Metal Lump Self explanatory, a 99ql lump of a random moonmetal -- seryll, glimmersteel or adamantine Random Ancient Jackal Moon Skin A random skin from the Jackal points list. Gift pack Open the gift box to find a random reward from the following: Sleep powder A star gem Seryll lump Adamantine lump Glimmersteel lump Imbue potion Supreme bone Transmutation rod Staff of the land Pale mask Plumed helm of the hunt Cavalier helm Challenge statue Returners mask Trader items Items such as shaker orbs, Rods of Transmutation, Small and Large Magical chests are available as well Care for token This adds another care for slot to your character, it’s limited to one per character! Golden Mirror No clue what this does, no one knows about it. Just kidding! This will allow you to change your gender AND get a makeover Affinity A random affinity is assigned to your character. Wooden Name Plate Hang this nameplate on a creature that is tamed or dominated to rename it! Magical Ink Ever had a special item that meant a lot to you? You can now add your name and a special name to the item, turning that longsword into Retrograde’s Excalibur. All renamed items will include the person's name, so GM named items will still be different. Sleep bonus This increases your sleep bonus cap by one hour, meaning 6 hours if you have not completed The Winding Path in your journal and 7 hours if you have! Note this does not increase the maximum cap of 10 hours from server based compensation. Faith Swap and Meditation path change These are pretty straight forward, allowing one time faith or meditation path swap per redemption. Magical Tome Random tome charge, who wants a red cherry? There’s a lot of variety there and there’s a lot to work towards, some of these prizes are intended to take 6-12 months in order to earn enough points to redeem, and we’ll be able to add and swap out things as we go, meaning limited edition things or even discounts! Priests After a long time of balancing the pros and cons following the priest update over a year ago, the decision has been made to remove the ability to follow player gods entirely. With Libila now a PvE god as well all spells are available and balance is much easier to work across four known sets. We also are able to bring back more flavour for the original deities and followers. This means that existing priests of player gods will be converted to their template deity with the option of a free faith swap to any template deity. Alongside this we’ll be boosting template specific favour options and adjusting favour from chopped vegetables. Although popular we would like to bring more options and variety to the choice of favour, encouraging the use of more template specific favour options vs thousands of chopped vegetables. We’ll have the exact numbers in the patch notes for the launch. Third person Wurm That’s right, you saw in the end of 2019 thread but third person is coming to Wurm! It’s a completely different feeling playing in third person and I think everyone should check it out. It’s already on the test server if you’d like to try and let us know what you think and if you’ll be playing with it when it goes live! Jackal The stronghold has fallen, and Jackal has been cleansed for this round. I’d like to congratulate everyone who took part in the final battles, and a solid well done to everyone who spent their time playing on Jackal. We’ll be winding the server down and returning players back to their Freedom servers, so if you have deeds there still remember to disband them to avoid any issues with lost silver! This is all coming at the end of January, along with a bunch of tweaks, bugfixes and adjustments, so make sure to catch us live on Twitch at Sunday, 9pm UTC to chat about what’s coming, see it all on test and ask questions! Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
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    There was a third member with alts stealthed as well. In the end we want an end to this drama, the changes coming to the game next week are an attempt to address the rising toxicity within legendary hunting. We are not going to be wasting our time with players harassing each other over dragons, and if these changes don't help and don't have people playing nice we are willing to remove them until such a time as we can rework them completely
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    Dec. 6th-15th We Are Live! Screenshots If you have any questions feel free to post in this thread, and I will add the answer below here! Discord Link to the Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2019 discord! https://discord.gg/RnpUV9k
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    I'm creating this here, just to have a place to show early works in progress of my attempts to create a custom graphic pack for Wurm Unlimited, that will be using textures from the popular Minecraft texture pack: Sphax PureBDcraft. I've gotten the "ok" from the BDcraft team, that if I get the pack to a completed state, that I could have it posted on their forums for others to use it, (somewhat of a rule with their textures - others can use them for games, but they have to give credit, and they have to be distributed via their site). As of right now, I've only got fairly basic terrain textures (not even close to all of them) done so far, and then some other odds and ends here and there, mainly for experimenting with the complexity of how this will get... As I'm only working with textures as texture files, and not in a 3d editor to do it as it's seen in the game world or anything, some stuff that has complex models, like the furnace will take me much tinkering. Some of the stuff that you'd think is complex, really isn't, such as the log piles, I'm quite happy with how those turned out. I'll be posting more progress updates, and screenshots as I carry on with the project though - Credit to the Sphax PureBDcraft Team for the original textures Progress Updates and Screenshots: -Week prior of April 21, 2019: Latest post - Well it's about time that I did an alpha release of this graphic pack for people to give a try, and give feedback for. At present, I'm open to suggestions about all the textures, essentially consider everything to be a placeholder for now, as it's still an early alpha release. Just a heads up, that because this is an entire graphics.jar file, it is quite a hefty download, about 1.3gb. Also make sure that you backup your original graphics.jar file, unless you don't mind doing a reinstall of your game to replace it.
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    Blocks wee castle - Block Greetings Wurmians! I'm back (yep, not rid of me!) after a short break to bring you all the latest news of what I and the dev team have been up to, so let's get into it! Mysteries afoot Some recent rumours have been spreading about strange creatures being sighted, to investigate we sent intrepid explorer (this ain't his first day at kindergarten), Jack A. Lormere of the prestigious Lormere family on from Xanadu to investigate these claims. We received one message back, which we've been able to transcode into this link: https://vocaroo.com/i/s14Vyj5cinbH Any attempts to contact Jack have since gone silent... But we're left with many questions, what was that sound, and what became of Jack A. Lormere? Merchandise (show off your wurm!) Ever want your own wurm online shower curtain? No, well now you might! We've teamed up with Redbubble and have now launched our official merchandise via their print on demand site. This means you can order posters of the ingame maps, wurm logo merchandise, an soon to be more! If you have ideas for what you'd like to see let us know, and we'll try make it happen! Check out the merchandise here: https://www.redbubble.com/people/WurmOnline?asc=u Stream stuff We've been trialing our new chillstreams with the focus being on the soundtrack and ambiance of Wurm. It's been a pretty cool thing to set up and check out, with a lot more focus on the actions and sounds of Wurm, we'll be running these on Tuesdays and Thursdays as we tweak it, so tune in and check it out! Tomorrows will be smithing in the mine, I've got my gear all ready, my mismatched smith all setup, and will be starting that from 12AM UTC! You can also catch our old streams on YouTube! We have an official YouTube channel setup and it'd be great to hit the 100 subscribers to it to give us a custom emote. We'll be uploading all Twitch streams to it as well as some sneak peeks and more soon, so check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9pnMrLxEeDELcH1gHctgjw With hitting affiliate, we're also working on official emotes for Wurm, including Rolf face, a question mark bag, and the ever valuable GoldenRolf too! Passing of Eir It was some sad news to announce with the passing of Eir/Qualia, a really long term member of the community who unfortunately passed away from her battle with cancer. It's been amazing to see everyone come together to share their experiences and interactions with her, including a sighting of Rolf! See? he's totally not locked in our basement... That's it from us this week, as we're packing our tents and our saddlebags and going off hunting after Jack, fingers crossed we can retrieve some evidence of his adventures... Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
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    Troll King Slaying You've heard of wolf in sheep's clothing, well local villagers have been complaining of missing milk and cheese shortage. One day upon thinking I found the lost cow of ST. Angus de Bovine, I was rudely clubbed in the face when trying to milk it. We have a menace on our hands that is not ping for once, but instead a surly troll king that needs putting down. All are invited to the slaying to free the land of this monstrosity, as well collect its blood. Bone, skull, and corps n bits will be publicly rolled as well. Location is close enough to coastline to park boats of alts as well to stock up on ointments of stonecutting. Location is Exodus O8 on ingame map
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    I've suggested this many times to staff - uniques should just pop to the surface every 12 hours. If you need more than 12 hours to gather 15 fighters, there's something wrong. Give a shout in global chat and you'll have 30 people there in no time. That way it's just for whoever is online, and nearby - not the same groups over and over again. There's some points I think every player will have varying opinions on. Some like the open loot to all local, some don't. Some like the fact you can pen them for later usage, some don't. If you don't like how uniques can mine out of caves you should make a suggestion, but until then, putting them into a mine to keep them away from the public is just as much griefing as it coming back out and being killed by someone else. Noble talk but the whole public red dragon incident on deli still sits fresh in my mind. It's not sustainable to do public slayings eh?
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    The NEXA clan was saddened to hear of the passing of one of our own, Rapidron, aka Jakesully, back in October. Obituary Ron was founder of a "Day One" Xanadu deed, Port Heidoho, named after his chihuahua. He was an important member of our community, with a noble spirit exemplified by kindness, generosity, and wisdom. Within NEXA, Ron was always happy to lend a hand on member projects or participate in our community events. The knowledge of his death came as quite a surprise, and only a few days after his deed fell from upkeep. (Rot in hell vultures..) We know that he loved Wurm Online, because he kept coming back, much like the rest of us. We loved you too, Ron. Rest-in-peace, Brother. 2019 October <Rapidron> lovely today I am
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    Hello nature lovers, I have a special offer for you. I will plant you a forest or orchard and you will pay only for each sprout (1s/100) I manage to plant (If I fail to plant it will be my loss). It means that you will be provided with free service and will pay only for successfully planted trees or bushes. At the moment here are the sprouts you can choose from: PM me here or in game if you're interested. EDIT: I accept moon metals, sleep powders, high enchanted steel weapons, square pieces of cloth and high pottery and cloth tailoring imps as a payment
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    Something that has always bothered me about Wurm is how lifeless and robotic animals are. It's curious that the Wurm team has gone to great lengths to make the game mechanics and environment as immersive and realistic as possible... and yet it feels like animals were forgotten in the immersion and realism department. 1. Audio We need the animal sounds restored with more sophisticated coding this time. (only x amount of sounds heard at a time to avoid audio spam) I will tirelessly continue to complain about how mute the animals are (cows mooing without vocal chords anyone?). I once made a video in which I inserted animal sounds to video footage see how much more immersive Wurm would feel. You can watch it on YouTube. Low hanging audio fruit: We already have a sound for when an animal dies/is branded. How about we reuse that same sound in the following instances to enhance immersion and improve usability. (just like we enjoy hearing that lovely crunchy sound upon harvesting a sprout): - Once the breeding process has been successfully completed - When an animal has given birth 2. Behavior (aka AI) For the purpose of making these following ideas easy for everyone to imagine, I'm going to use horses as an example, but obviously these things should work for all animals! a. Babies should follow mothers until they reach the adult stage: b. If you attack a baby that is within X tiles of the mother, the mother will start to attack you. (Hence, if you need to kill the baby off, it would be wise to lead it apart from it's mother) c) Stallions attack you, if you attack any mare or baby within X tiles of it's "line of sight". (Again, if you need to kill a horse, it's probably not a good idea to do it next to a stallion whose job it is to guard over his herd) d) Stallions will occasionally breed with a random "ripe" mare that happens to be within X tiles and in the same enclosure. (That's what would happen IRL right?) e) Keeping more than one stallion in the same enclosure will have them randomly start fighting once in a while. (Don't want fights? Keep stallions separate.) (on second thought, maybe not such a good idea after all) f) Upon slaughtering and butchering a mare that was pregnant, you receive both a horse hide + foal hide in the butchering results. (It would be kind of cool and creepy that there is some "evidence" of the pregnancy this way) g) Currently, mares have the chance to miscarry. Why not also have the chance to give birth to twin foals? (Logging on to the game to find that a mare has given birth is always a thrill. Why not add on to the chance of luck element) h) Horses that you "care for" have a chance of walking towards you if they are in the vicinity of X tiles. If the horse is behind a fence, it will walk up to the fence, giving the impression of it being bonded to you. The horse will only do this action once and not repeatedly, as to avoid it following you around, which would be annoying if that's not what you want. 3. Additional Textual information As mentioned in my earlier suggestion, it would be nice if we had some additional textual information about our animals. --------------------------------------- I'm sure you guys could come up with even more ideas. Please add on to the list!
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    Our beautiful market is now open to the public. CLUB Market~Crystal Lake's Utmost Buys~ is a collaboration with multiple players who wanted to create a comprehensive market where people could go to find whatever they needed, but to also provide a relaxing place to visit. I think we've done a pretty awesome job at it too! Currently we have masters in several skills : pottery, leather working, blacksmithing, fine carpentry, and bowyery. We also have runes, bulk goods (bricks of various materials, mortar, and clay) with planks and concrete to soon be added. We have champion animals, hellhorses, bison, and 5 speed horses. All our bulk goods and animals are self service. If we don't have it, and you want it, we can make it! Future plans are for a chapel where sermons can be held. Salacia is always on site to help or answer your questions. Located at P-20 on Indy, it's just a minute walk west from Haven, right on the water. Ample parking on the water, and on nearby enchanted grass. There is also a public use large cart with bulls to haul your goods to your ship. A few screenies to show off our beautiful market:
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    Pretty epic landscapes on Jackal
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    Journal of Jack A. Lormere. Day 5: I’ve been on the trail of these rumoured creatures and I’ve discovered something shocking. The link between these lands and Jackal have grown strong enough to cross both ways. Strange rocks now cover the land after these “Rifts” are closed and they allow me to transfer a part of myself to their home lands, Jackal. I don’t think my knowledge and skill crosses to Jackal, but upon returning I feel like I’ve retained what I’ve learned… Jackal: The Next Frontier For years now, the aggressive residents of Jackal have been relentlessly attacking the lands of Wurm through the use of Rifts – transporting themselves to Wurm and attempting to wreak havoc upon the citizens there. Now it’s the players’ turn, as Jackal becomes a land that players can travel to. Following the close of the first Rifts after the next update, items known as Lodestones will appear at the site of the Rift and become craftable by players. These Lodestones will allow you to transport your soul to Jackal to take the fight back to them. Lodestone travel will be two-way, and will only transport your soul – no items or skills – but travel back to the lands of Wurm will impart some knowledge onto your character that you gained while on Jackal. The Jackal server will be a server that resets every 6 months, with faster skillgain and action speed to account for this, meaning a fresh start for players wanting to experience it without the feeling of everyone being ahead. These lands are not as tailored for human living as the normal Wurm lands, and this will be evident as you make your way there and explore. Work together and fight your way through the denizens of Jackal and take control of the land. This is only the beginning of what the lands of Jackal entail, more details about this hostile and alien landscape will be unveiled over the coming days. The post Jackal: The Next Frontier appeared first on Wurm Online.
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    dont do that please great toon
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    I've worked hands-on with AWS for well over a year, with a good chunk of that time being part of a two-person team responsible for transitioning a company's entire infrastructure up with minimal downtime. I've never experienced the things you've mentioned in AWS, but I have been blocked out or lagged out of the Wurm servers on a number of occasions thanks to Hetzner's lousy routing. Time will tell as you say, but there are plenty of options within AWS. My current full-time job uses AWS exclusively for the project I'm on - which requires high availability and performance. There's a plethora of companies that trust AWS with their livelihood, so I'm not entirely sure how it can be as bad as you say. Perhaps you've not had much experience with them? The deployment of cloud resources will not be slapped together and hacked into a Jenkins build. That's a terrible way to do it. That sounds like you're proposing AWS-CLI calls from a central server to spin up resources? No. If you mean the deployment of the code, that's not even what I was discussing in the previous post. So you'd likely be mistaken. Code is already built and deployed from Jenkins to test servers. I don't trust live deployments to Jenkins, but they'll be much more simple as a result of the work I'm doing here. As for "hire a server administrator who has a good bunch of knowledge"... I'll send you my resume if you want. I can't tell if that was an intentional slight or not. Oh and... I'll never, ever run Wurm servers on Windows. All that wasted overhead? Gah, it makes me hurt just thinking about it.
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    Wurm feels like home to me. When I log into my deed, I am among MY land, MY trees, MY enclosures, MY buildings, looking at MY ships in MY harbour. And why do they all feel so close to me? Because I made them all, exactly how I wanted them to be. I also bought the land and I upkeep it. My land is not some instanced cubicle to decorate that doesn't really have any real estate presence in the world. It actually takes up a chunk of Wurm - my own personal piece of it, and it interacts with it in real time. You can sail by it, you can come in to visit (I have a guest house! ) and you can utilize it in so many different ways. There is a farm there, a shipyard, vineyard, brewery, horses, homes, bridges, kitchens, and soon even bees. My stable has a chamber where I keep my saddles and extra horse paraphernalia. It really is home and I never found another game where all this is possible to such a degree. Perhaps such a game has recently come into existence, but meh... too late for them. Wurm is home already. I am happy here. Additionally - while I understand that there are players who are dissatisfied with them - I absolutely love the Wurm mechanics. I have embraced all the updates and content additions through the years. I have observed the developers understand and maintain this uniquely Wurm atmosphere and play style and support it with their updates that keep that feeling alive. I enjoy how in tune they are with the game feel. Wurm is so much better than when I joined and in so many incredible ways. Again, not a sentiment shared by all - I understand that - but I truly believe it. Have all the updates gone along my wishes? Not all... for instance, I am still not sure how I will adapt to this new third person Wurm that is tearing at the very fabric of my soul. But I will have to find a way. You can't have it all. But most updates were simply amazing. Retro's Valrei International is now my favorite literature, right up there with War and Peace, because of the additions it announces on regular basis. In Wurm, I feel the freedom. I can do what I want, go where I want, experience what I want, and none of that is dictated by a raiding schedule or in-game obligations. In fact, I can leave for a month or not log in on those busy days, and things will still be OK! When I come back, my Wurm is waiting. Just like the theme song promised. I simply cannot explain it, really. I love riding through the forests near my deed and seeing how the trees have grown. I love seeing the sap on the maples and knowing that today is probably a good day to pull out my bucket and the wax sealing kit. I love exploring old deeds and reminiscing about what may have been there. I love sailing (yes, I am crazy like that!). Even the grinding, which is boring and repetitive, somehow doesn't bother me in Wurm. Probably because when I do that, I can hear the birds chirping outside the window that I built, the horses which I raised moving by the fences I made, the water shimmering under my ships in the harbour which I personally shaped. Also, because of how valuable high skills become when you had to work for them for some time. In Wurm, I take things slow... sometimes too slow. I have no raids to attend, no crazy schedules to maintain, no quotas to meet. I have no one to outshine with my gear. In Wurm, CoC or WoA are the desirable enchants, not Swords of Thousand Truths with Super-Cala-Fragalistic Nuclear Chain Lightning charges. In Wurm, my rare leatherworking tools are my most cherished possessions. To me, Wurm is real. And I have only scratched the surface. And now, here I go getting all nostalgic about it. Look what you made me do! But I used to be a crazy raider, power player, intense grinder, high-level competitor, massive guild leader type of a dude. Not anymore. The Wurm Retirement Home is my speed now. And it feels soooo much more fun! So, stop by when you are passing by Garden of Fo on Celebration and say "hi". I will probably be doing something on my deed - something in preparation for doing something else, so that I can do something else entirely which will eventually allow me to do what I really want to do. And it'll probably take me a week just to set up. But I'll be loving every minute of it!
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    you are postponing everything you have been saying for the last years, to basically let us know NOW after we have tried to get a definitive answer for months that nothing is gonna happen with pvp? yeah get ready to lose even more subs lol, rip
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    Mate I don't have knowledge of things I said four hours ago
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    Rant time. My train of thought is at risk of not being the most coherent here. Just my general impressions and realisations of the last months dumped into some paragraphs. But never anything innovative. Just more layers of the same old stinky onion, overcomplicating things more without adding to them in essence. The cooking update was fine but just added more carpal tunnel induction for the few who are into cooking. Then came the fishing update that noone asked for. We got Rifts, which most of the people cannot even attend because of its terrible scheduling. These involve hours of "combat", after hours of travel, and both components are completely mindless. The only reason Rifts got me excited was for multitasking 3 toons on a cart in it. But taken by itself, who would want 3+ hours of "Stand next to this mob and wait"? The combat system doesn't warrant an event like this in the slightest. The trend I see here is that CCAB is completely out of touch with anything a player with moderate to decent standards would wish for. If I explained to anyone that the biggest PvE event consists of travelling up to 2 hours ingame, just to stand next to some mobs barely doing anything for 4, and then returning whence you came, they'd think I'm insane for playing this. And in retrospect, I don't see what kept me except the illusion that the grind will go anywhere some day. But it doesn't. This game is nothing but potential that the devs are unable to bring out. Once you realise this, it doesn't matter how wonderfully grindy it is, you're grinding for the sake of grinding. In between we finally get quality locks, but CCAB took it way too literally, like a genie twisting ones wishes in the most malevolent way possible. Hitching posts are finally in the game, years after it had been simply modded for WU. Still no way to utilise highways for fast travel in any way despite numerous requests, because pressing X and tipping your vehicle with A and D for well over an hour to get anywhere is supposed to be fun? Basically, what is considered QoL, and how it's implemented, is way behind the modding community or, again, completely out of touch with the playerbase, where genuine wishes are ignored for years or finally implemented in a way that doesn't even get confused clapping. Just irritated shrugging about why it had to be this way, leaving one to wonder what bet a dev must have lost to stick to such a decision. And then there's the flimsy attempt to make a new server hoping the landrush will draw new people in. Yes, Jackal. It's barely more than just a new server. There were no new people though. Premium player graphs show there wasn't nearly a dent, so it was just veterans being forced to reskill all over again. This could have hit some mark at least if it weren't just veterans, but news of Jackal has seemingly never left the Wurm Information sphere - if there was ever a failure in advertisement that could be attributed to such a narrow window, other than the general "there aren't enough ads for Wurm", this is the prime example. I don't want to dwell on that dumpster fire any more than I already have since it was the straw that broke the camels back for me, but it's the culmination of all the mismanagement that happens around Wurm right now. Underdeveloped, off the mark in design, and no word to be heard about it outside this echochamber. And of course it was buggy and required loads of fixes afterwards like so many things recently. QA has noticably gone down the drain this year. In this latest instance, with the Jackal skill transfer, some people even were effectively unable to log in and play. This is bad enough on its own, but iIn a subscription based game, that is completely unacceptable. People pay for this time, it's not yours to waste with endless field tests. And on the notion of "this is the ultimate sandbox game": It's not that, either. The building options are too severely limited to hold a candle to anything contemporary. Instead it has this amazing breadth of skills and things to do, but none of them can be put to any actual goal other than what you set yourself. And with a dwindling player base, and the game giving no incentive, no narrative, no goal to aim for anything...what's the point? Before I quit I started a tunnel project but when I thought about how barely anyone will benefit from it because there's noone left to do so at this point...well, it soured this last attempt to keep myself in the game, to say the least. I can do ridiculous projects in sandbox games. But if noone is around to share it with and it's done in the most passive, uninteresting way possible by watching a bar, I might aswell play Minecraft and save myself the cost for multiple characters and a deed, and enjoy many, many more degrees of freedom over Wurm. Apart from romantic involvement, this is exactly what caused the friction to grind down my illusions about where this game (and by extension my efforts in it) are headed. Anywhere but the gutter. I hate to say it, but I start to agree with ol' Gladys these days. Not for his precise reasons, but the sentiment that PvP makes a lot more sense for Wurm as it is is finally dawning on me. There's no proper PvE and I've come to the conclusion that there never will be. And as a sandbox game, it is extremely lackluster. As for something to grind, yeah, it does that "best", because no other game has the balls to make such demands from the player as Wurm does, for good reasons. Too bad full loot PvP in a persistent world just isn't for me, and it's dead here anyway. But if I had any suggestion at all for the Steam release...focus on either one, probably leaning towards PvP. Wurm has an identity crisis between what it tries to be (PvE) and what it originally was conceived as (PvP, this shows in how many skills are still completely moot in PvE). But currently it's doing neither properly. You're probably closer to being a decent PvP game at this point, since the PvE part hasn't really developed anywhere, and with the snails pace development is going, the effort it takes to make Wurm a decent PvE game is likely out of scope since that would require an interactive combat system or better AI and more involved ways to fight it. Fix the PvP meta for Steam, and this might get anywhere. As a PvE game, I think it will just flounder against the competition.
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    "Hey hey hey. Didn't you read that post on the forums? Oh you didn't? Sorry you're gonna be punished in game now!" Love it when we make up rules and punishments as we go along. What a good way to start out. Punish a member of a dying server in a dying game for something as stupid as being a champ for 3 days.
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    Magic! Fort Allery on Deliverance
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    If you are going to keep the other servers connected. i suggest maybe travel via server boarder be disabled for around 1-3 months? to stop everyone from having everything ready in knarrs etc to bring over and insta build deeds in 1 day. only have portal travel allowed through home server deeds enabled?
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    rude The troll model is at least a humanoid
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    If I had a choice between being completely in the dark and having NO idea what the future holds, and having a clue what the devs are working on, even if there is no timetable..... it legitimizes the time I continue to spend playing the game to know what is being worked on. For a guy who is PAID to keep people playing this game, I cannot believe you are having to be reminded of this @Retrograde. Whether we agree or disagree about the changes that the devs are making, the fact that we are here, in this very thread talking about it, should show you how much people care about this game.
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    It would be neat to have some sort of visual indicator in bulk containers showing visually how much space is left and also the unit space left. Something like this: (The color is hideous, but you get the idea)
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    As a personal opinion, I feel limiting prayers to one per day, but granting faith equivalent to 5x what it currently offers (including up to 5 faith in a single pray), would be the ideal solution. This removes the need for players to feel chained to an altar for almost 2 hours praying every 20 minutes in order to be efficient. Instead, you'd pray once and be set for the day.
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    Greetings everyone, there shall be a troll king slaying this weekend, everyone is welcome to come slap him, get some stonecutting bloods and maybe even win some loot! slightly inland, 1 loot roll per person Park near serenity harbour and follow the path up, taking a right at the intersection. if you've walked into a field of lava spiders you've gone too far
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    With a constant shrinking player base, there might not be a "long run" for Wurm after all... Make a poll that people playing priest to have a saying on that. At least gauge what players expect from this change.
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    Steam WO will hopefully eliminate character trading. I wholeheartedly agree that it has pretty much ruined the state of the game. It isn't exactly P2W but it is heavily contributing to the stagnation of the game that is currently happening, by making sure that the old characters will always be around, and they will always be dominating the market and the servers. The number one problem with Wurm is the lack of advertising and terrible PR
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    You know, I've killed my fair share of uniques (41 on Freedom, Chaos and Epic combined according to Niarja) and I don't consider myself to be a unique hoarder by any stretch of the imagination. Of these 41 Unique slayings, only one comes to mind as having necessitated GM intervention, and it was one in which the unique was actively being killed, and some jerk that was still convinced he had made the claim (and was trying to pen it) was attempting to bandage the dragon to heal any damage we would cause. The Wurm community, although far diminished in population from "the good ole days", has survived just fine for 10+ years without the need for formalized GM "babysitting" of unique sightings, claims, captures and slayings. Such bad behavior by players should fall under the "play nice or we'll rip your heart out" thread previously posted by Enki. I refuse to believe that a blanket policy, which has been an unspoken rule for the last 10 years needs to be enforced by the staff for a population 10% the size of what it was before. I'm very disappointed that Enki had to make that post, but I'm even more disappointed by what I read in it... So if my "alt" (which is a fairly broad term, especially in the world of PvP) enters local of a unique fight, I could be banned? By design, any premium account can (and will) receive loot from a slain unique within their local. I, like many other players, have several characters that I play (priests etc)…. so these "alts" run the risk of being banned? Unique slayings, impalongs and public gatherings like Rifts are half of the reason why the new priest spell Summon Soul was implemented in the first place! But now it's only allowed if you're on the Unique "white list"? BULL !#@$#% This level of petty non-sense is a clear de-evolution of what this game used to be, with regard to the need to both make and reinforce rules like these that have been laid down by Enki. Not only does it open the door for "gray" interpretation of an already murky rule, (digging dirt in local of a dragon before anyone else makes it my claim? REALLY?) but also paves the way for additional "rules" to be imposed on an already dying community by a select few who suddenly see it best to micro-manage the player experience, despite the very small percentage of the population who still bother to steal find all the uniques.
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    Maybe someone should go over to the tar/clay pit, dig around a bit and look in that BSB...
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    Will be slaying the goblin leader this weekend, all are free to come and get mining bloods. Within local of coast. i-12 area.
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    why is the PR dude making rules lmao
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    Apparently I have been brought up as a reference to vouch for someone named Kristaa who is selling cheap silver or something. I have no logs of any conversation with someone of that name. Kristaa - if we spoke on an alt, please contact me so I can clear things up, but I have no log of speaking to you on the forums or in-game. Anyone else, until I know whether there is an alt I spoke with, I do NOT vouch for this person! Do not buy silver on account of me being named as a reference!
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    Nope, a mirror was never available for purchase from a trader. And the only ability to trade them was due to a bug in which you put the mirror in a container then traded. Would be nice to have them available for simply 1s from a trader though, or even just the ability to change your appearance at any time, as I hardly see any harm in it.
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    After 3 months, I've finally finished my bridge it's 168 tiles long, 2 tiles wide and connects my island to the finality island on Xanadu.