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    I have serious information about upcoming features to Wurm Online so read carefully! Have you built a fireplace yet? I suspect everyone can make a campfire with some ease and soon that will take on new importance. During an upcoming update we will have both ‘Weather’ and ‘Climate’ in Wurm Online. Summer will bring heat and a warmer general climate. Occasionally this warmer climate will induce weather phenomena like wind storms, and lightning storms, and even hail. Most of the warm season will still be rather calm and enjoyable. Even in good weather there will be occasional light rains and other phenomena that may impede your travel or work actions. There will also be regional differences in climate based on the terrain and foliage. Hot areas like deserts will require lighter clothing and precautions to avoid dying of heat related illness. Interior areas like structures and caves will allow you to escape a lot of the heat from being outdoors, but not all of it. New clothing options will make it easier to switch between good weather and inclimate weather clothing at wardrobes. Going out into hot weather with metal armor on will not be a good idea as your stamina and water will drain fast and your temperature will rise until you either become ill with hyperthermic conditions, or pass out and possibly die from heat exposure. Winter climate will of course bring the opposite of heat and will also bring rare blizzards, and ice storms as part of the new weather system being implemented. Interior locations will shelter you from such inclimate weather and the freezing cold to a large degree, but again, not completely. Terrain and elevation will have a direct affect on how cold each region will be. High elevations such as mountains will suffer stronger winds, and much colder temperatures. Interiors will require heating, which is where the aforementioned fireplaces come into play. New cold weather clothing options such as bear, wolf, and deer skin clothing will be added to make outdoor work and travel in Winter more agreeable. Fireplace quality will determine the amount of heat put out and range the heat can reach. In multilevel structures and even in caves, a fireplace or other heat source should be able to reach up to a 2nd story average in height at 30ql and a 1 tile radius per 20ql. Respective climate variations in each season will cause your clothing to be less or more effective just as wind will cause outdoor heat sources such as campfires to be less effective or even impossible to light or keep lit. Sleeping in a bed will protect you from freezing conditions even in unheated structures. Torches, lanterns, ovens, forges, and even coal piles will work as heat sources, though to a limited amount except for lava tiles which will keep you warm and toasty. Summertime will be brutal for smiths as their tools of the trade will increase their exposure to dangerous levels of heat. Even those cooking food will be affected in summer heat but to a much lesser degree if using an oven. Combating the effects of this additional heat will mainly require maintaining good hydration and wearing the newly craftable smiths protective aprons, or chefs aprons. Reducing the effect of heat related impairments to action times will require good hydration and shelter from the sun and heat. Even tree shade will help and man made roofs and covers, and hats will also help to slow heat build up while you perform actions. Temperatures will be indicated on your stamina bar to help you quickly decide how to adjust to the climate. Conditions in sparsely forested areas and widely open areas will often be more severe than thicker forested areas. Low lying regions will also experience less wind and moderate temperatures. Upper elevations on mountains will be more challenging to survive, but with shelter not impossible. Even new players will be able to survive with just campfires and will have a protective aura to reduce the effects of weather events and climate conditions for their first 24 hours of active playtime. Including new clothing, wardrobe, and armor stand mechanics, we will also be getting some new structure types including shades, canopies, and snow shelters. New containers for ice harvesting and also hot liquid containers made of stone and metal and small heat retaining vessels for travel will also be added, and foods already in game can be heated for additional winter warmth. Foods and liquids used while cool or cold will also assist against heat related impairments, as your action times will increase the warmer or more uncomfortable you become. Only if you become too hot will you not be able to start and finish an action and you will be able to tell by your stamina bar if you are getting too hot. Remember to keep a check on the color of your stamina bar if you find you are taking too long to perform an action as it will show you your condition or comfort level. Ultimately, the more comfortable you are, the more efficient you are at performing actions. Many things including clothing and armor, tool condition, terrain, location, shade, and more will affect your overall comfort level. Carts and wagons will be getting new features as well. A number of new containers will be craftable for attaching to the sides of carts and wagons. Now you will be able store some water, food, food resources and seasonings, and even animal feed based on how you customize your vehicle. You will be able to access your customized cart and wagon containers from the sides as the containers will not be in the main inventory of the vehicle. Of course you will also be able to manage container permissions with the main vehicle permissions. Using wagons for shade and shelter from rain, snow, and sun will be possible with an extendable canopy you can attach to your wagons, and you can then move the shade over your work area to keep the more extreme weather elements from interfering with your action times as much. Food will remain basically the same except for the benefits gained by eating heated or cooled food respective of the climate conditions. If you eat hot food in hot summer conditions you could make yourself sick if you are already too hot, and eating cold food in cold winter conditions can cause you to pass out if already dangerously cold. Neither of these situations should cause you to die as while you are passed out your body will regain enough stamina and temperature difference to give you a chance to revive and save yourself. Do not underestimate the power of basic normal water in a waterskin as it can provide enough warmth or cooling to keep you out of the danger zones of the temperature ranges for your body. The new climate models will add a new level of realism to Wurm Online and we have enjoyed testing them for hours on end. Hopefully you will have a lot of new fun as you learn how to cope with all the new weather systems and the seasonal climate changes that will affect your actions both negatively and positively. Everyone should be prepared with at least a fireplace or other temporary heat source and a light set of cloth clothing to be able to work and play in the new system that will be implemented soon. To wrap this information up I would like to reiterate just how serious these coming updates are as they will add a whole new level of realism to the environment. Rest assured, this will be a blast as we have had all kinds of incredible adventures and accidents during the testing phase. Eventually the developers would like to turn their attention to streams and ponds, but they will be including a new type of water source within caves that you can tap into on a new special rock tile. Another new feature that is going to be fun is the new ‘Falconry’ skill which will allow you to train several soon to be added raptors to the game for hunting and collecting items like shot arrows and much more. Since snowboarding and skiing were not typical of our intended age the developers have included something a bit closer to the right time period that should also be a lot of fun. Unfortunately for you I will not spoil the surprise! Remember, the single twenty gold coin we hid a few years back still has not been found! Everyone keep looking, and as always have fun! Thank you, Wurm Online Team
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    Vynora overlooks the land, full image here Dear Wurmians Things have been a little quiet on the news front, and I'm incredibly sorry, and to make it up to you all, I've gone combing through buddas desk, and aside from all the empty bourbon bottles, I found some really interesting things, so lets see it! Personal goals For a long time now personal goals have been a feature that can be quite frustrating to some, with hard to attain goals vs simply getting lucky with RNG. We outlined our desires to improve this system but also explained that a large danger is how the personal goals system draws the goals, without actually saving them. This meant that any changes to achievements could lead to everyone having their goals re-rolled, causing countless headaches. With a lot of careful work, and repeated testing, we're now able to address this issue, and will be removing some of the more tricky diamond personal goals. If you previously had one of these the system will now generate a new achievement of a equal tier. The following personal goals will be removed: Create fantastic item Conquer the world Rule a kingdom Become a demigod Become an arch mage Become a planeswalker Become a shadowmage Become a magician Mine a fantastic gem In the long term, we are working towards a complete overhaul of the way personal goals work, and will be removing the current system in its entirety. If you wish to receive the winner title and rewards for completing your personal goals, we'd advise working towards that, as the opportunity may be gone later. THINGS! ON TABLES! Long long long desired, (and even appearing as a mod) is the ability to place things on tables and shelves. We've wanted this as both players and devs for a long time now, and we're really proud to be able to unveil it today! It's functionality is directly tied with placing objects, so to put an item on a table, simply right click > place. then as you hover the green outline over the table, it will display on the table. Moving the table around (or even picking it up) will carry the object with it. The list of items that will be able to have items placed on it are the following: square table round table dining table bed bench (stone) bedside table open fireplace canopy bed tripod table high bookshelf low bookshelf round marble table rectangular marble table We'll also be introducing three new items: Empty low shelf Empty high shelf Bar top This feature has huge design impact, and will really open up possibilities about showing off and decorating. We're extremely excited to see it finally come, and hope you are too. Once it's launched, we'll be running a room designing competition, so think about what you'd like to do with your decorations! Introducing the content creation club Valrei Entertainment Network! Last news we had a small competition for suggestions to title our new streamer support program, and there were a ton of great ones, we eventually settled on the Valrei Entertainment Network by CIRAY, as the name. We've had a few applicants and will be reviewing them all over the coming week or so, expect an announcement in relation to it soon! Animal crates A little feature no one really knew about that we haven't told anyone about is animal crates! (just kidding, we don't have amnesia) And we're readying up for some public testing with them over this coming weekend and maybe a little next week. Still just a rat in a cage We'll be looking to check server crossings mostly, as our wonderful tester Alectrys has been hard at work breaking them in every other way. We'll have a thread up in public testing detailing everything we're looking for, so I hope you're keen for them! Now, I know you're all wondering "How long until this comes in?" and I have good news! These features should be in with the next update! As for the hard date on that it's not yet firm, but we are planning for this and more in time for wurms 12th anniversary, so buckle up! There's a lot to get ready for, from building tables, to working out which personal goals you want to achieve, to comforting your animals before moving them to the next server, so you all get busy and make sure to come on to test! Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
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    the Hat in Chat - Emoo Hi Everyone! It's been another fortnight, and we're looking at some huge new things coming to wurm, things that improve ease of play, broaden your horizons, and generally make life ingame a little easier, so let's jump in! WU Beta Last news we stated the WU beta would be released shortly, and sadly, it's been a little longer to come out and for that we are sorry. There's a few technical reasons, owing to the fact WU and WO do run differently, some systems aren't crossing over, and dealing with conflicts, and we know this is frustrating waiting for it, as it is for us getting it out. With the WO update coming we're able to apply a little more time to getting the WU beta ready and out, and hope it is very soon, I've been popping in a few servers around and checking out all the awesome works, and I can't wait to see how the wood shaders bring them to life. Drag to container I'm sure absolutely everyone has had to move items between containers in the past, so I don't need to go into detail how annoying it can be managing big windows as you shuffle it all. Reducing the amount of windows needed open is one focus of ours with the new UI works, and we'll be introducing a new feature within the next update Normally to drag items into a container, you will need to have the window of the container with the items in it open as well as a window of the recipient container. With this new feature, you'll be able to drag items directly from the window of the container with the items in it onto the model itself, it will then place the items inside the container This should make moving bulk and other items around much easier, and less windows clogging up your view! Metal types With the work on introducing shaders for wood types, we began to expand our horizons in ways the new shader system could be used, as well as some long term projects we've been wanting to implement for some time, and next update, they'll be here! We'll be introducing shaders for metal types as well, from silver to gold to steel and bronze, metal weapons, shields, tools will all have the shade of the metal used to make them. but there's one slight problem! Most metal items are limited to either just iron or steel, or very limited in terms of metal choice, which renders the shader system a little less effective.. but not anymore. Coming in the next update, we'll be introducing the ability to craft many metal items from any metal, rather than just iron or steel. Be it a bronze hatchet, a brass rake, a copper halberd or lead great helmet, you'll be able to create your custom items and show them off! Some items such as nails and ribbons, as well as altars will still only be craftable using their current recipes however. Now not all metals are created equal, alloys such as bronze and steel are naturally better than soft metals like copper or gold, so with this system each metal will have specific bonuses and penalties, from resisting damage, to being quicker to repair or improve, and various other factors. We'll be revealing the specific details with the update, but we are keen to take your input on any ideas of what you'd like to see each metal do too, so feel free to leave some ideas in case we've missed them! Mission adjustments We've been following mission completion rates over the past few months, and will be making some changes based on it. Firstly, we've noticed high difficulty (6/7) missions are not being completed as often as the mid-range (3/5) so we'll be reducing the required amount of items and participants at high difficulty. We’ll also be reducing the chances of a mission advancing to a higher difficulty upon completion, which will keep missions within that sweet spot of good rewards and completion rates, but also making it easier if they do advance to the higher stages. We'll also be increasing the amount of creatures spawned for slaying missions, namely the champions that are required, these creatures will age and die fast once the mission expires though, to avoid too many roaming the lands, but caring for them will avoid that if someone wishes to collect them *cough* We'll also be addressing the issue with freedom missions not expiring after 4 days if at less than 33% complete. Bear in mind this is for multi part missions, tree missions and traitor missions will still be open for the full 7 days. Epic skill adjustments We've been monitoring a lot of feedback from Epic, and it's clear that stats gain is too low, in the next update we'll be increasing the gain from characteristics to make getting PvP ready much more quick and smooth. I know it's not exactly been a lightning fast process, but we are working on a few other aspects to improve getting new players PvP ready quicker, as well as encouraging roaming and active play on Epic. It's no easy process, and I understand many are frustrated with how bugs impact pvp more harshly than pve, but we will be working on improving that over the next few months too. Heave ho! With the introduction of the placing system, many players were curious about the ability to place larger objects, and we’ll be bringing this in in the next update. It will work slightly differently to placing smaller items, as they use the inventory to essentially pick up and drop. Upon ‘placing’ the large item, a timer will begin to push the item into the exact position. While it may take a little longer than placing smaller items, it still works with the exact same precision and ability to fine tune. Shader adjustments In the coming update we’ll also be adjusting how dyes act with wooden items, if any item is dyed the wood type will not show, meaning an oakenwood cart dyed the same shade of blue as an orangewood cart will look identical. This should help return the vibrancy of dyes as well as make it much easier to colour match! Preview work We'd like to thank everyone who has tried out the Preview client and reported issues. We've identified a few issues with the new libraries and linux/Mac Operating Systems, so we'll be tackling those before the client goes fully live. In the meantime, keep on using it and reporting any issues you see! All of this and more is coming in our next update, slated for the 8th of March, so I hope you’re ready for it! Until then though, stock up on metals, make plans, and don't forget to tell us what bonuses and penalties you'd like to see for various metals, and as always, keep on wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
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    Laying our friend Zorako to rest. June 22nd, 2018 Amendment: See the end of report for a link to one of the TV stations coverage of the service which the Funeral Home was nice enough to sent me today as I was heading to the airport for my own flights home. Amendment: See the end of the below report for the link to the just received photo of the head stone monument that now marks our friend's final resting place. It was moderately warm overcast day today in Omaha, Nebraska, USA. Among the 200 plus folks who turned up to say good bye to Thomas "Zorako" Hill, were three Wurmian's. Hughmongus, Zpen, and Finndar. Skyefox and Gold dust both wanted to be here but could not get the time off from their respective day jobs to attend in person. The Chaplin started Zorako's burial service by telling folks that it was the gaming community who did not give up on Zorako... that we kept pushing to ensure he got a proper burial service with proper honours for a war veteran and retired serviceman. As they could not locate an living Next of Kin for him, Finndar, Zpen and myself were put in the front row (where immediate RL family normally go). We, his friends from the gaming community, were were acknowledged as his family as he no longer had one in RL. Two local TV stations showed up cover the service and a local newspaper. They were blown away by us coming in from all over the world. From east coast of the USA, west coast of Canada and from Eastern Europe to give our good friend a proper send off. The TV press wanted an interview afterwards and asked who was the group's spokesman. Although I (Hugh) was the senior Wurmian present (one with most time in Wurm and who has known Zorako the longest), I deferred to Finndar as I felt it more appropriate that an American speak for a fellow American and answer their questions. Because of our persistence that we wanted to attend and pay our respects to our friend and see him properly laid to rest, the below appeared in local news services yesterday (Thursday evening). https://www.omaha.com/news/military/public-is-asked-to-attend-services-for-two-veterans-with/article_ceafef3e-9f68-55df-8805-6a4126ef079a.html Three different vetearan's groups and many locals turned up for the twin burial service, over 200 people. I took a few photos. I know Zpen also got some from inside the burial service itself. He will post these when he gets time to do so as he has the furthest to travel. http://prntscr.com/jy9oyn The place of the Burial Service http://prntscr.com/jy9p49 Two honour guards, a pair of US Marines for the Marine chap, a pair of US Navy ladies for Thomas. After the service we were told that if we cared to come back in a few hours his grave would be ready for visitors. So while Finndar and Zpen had to head for the airport to catch their flights home, I stayed after the service and waited until they had interred his ashes. I then visited Zorako's grave... http://prntscr.com/jy9yyv Zorakos in the back row, top of picture with flowers by his marker. I left this note http://prntscr.com/jy9o2i a personal good bye note from me and Skye and those attending, and on behave of "his Indy Family". http://prntscr.com/jy9qui Zorako's grave with temporay marker http://prntscr.com/jy9sc7 Zorako's name plate marker For friends of his who wish to stop by and leave flowers and pay their respects, Thomas "Zorako" Hill is resting now in the south corner of Section 1, per this map http://prntscr.com/jy9zrz Rest in Peace, Zorako. You will live on in our hearts and memories. With a heavy heart, Hughmongus Post Script: June 23, 2018 - here is a link sent to me by the Funeral Home, that leads to the local TV coverage of the funeral. http://www.ketv.com/article/2-veterans-honored-at-omaha-s-national-cemetery/21819448 Post Script: January 15th, 2019 at 01:54 GMT (UTC) - here is a link to the photo sent to my by the Funeral Home, of the head stone monument that now marks our friend's final resting place. http://prntscr.com/m6hrv4 Tom "Zorako" Hill has received a fitting resting place marker. With kind thoughts, Hugh
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    Finally got around to some interior designing off my inn/tavern (complete with a library if you get bored):
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    After i entered through the portal on September of 2009, I've had some great times. met some really cool people and made some really great friends both in game and out of game.I served on the wurm staff as a Game master, Lead Game master for Ca/CM and I have no regrets. The community in this game is strong and people are always willing to help others.. I wish I had more time to spend it, but real life has other plans for me. I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Lymphoma (cancer) earlier this year, its now elevated to stage 3. The survival rate is mediocre, but its opened up my eyes to whats really important in life. Family friends and my adorable 5 pound dog(Abby). I'm also Playing Elder Scrolls Online PC NA server under the name @EnveeMe . send me a friend invite if youre over there. So I bid thee a farewell and keep on making the community a great success for newer and older players alike : Envy/Sean
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    Worked a bit on decorating my house - probably not quite done here yet, but it will have to do for tonight:
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    the gods watch over - User Hi Everyone! It's been a busy few weeks here at Wurm HQ, with quite a few projects underway as well as the launch of WU 1.7 with all that placement goodness. We have an update planned for tomorrow with the addition of normal mapping for new ground textures, and hopefully a little bit more, so let's jump in! Looking normal As we've discussed in the past, we're working on a major update and overhaul of graphics with the addition of normal and specular mapping, and the first pieces are ready to go live! Terrain is the first update, with many of the terrain textures updated, and normal and specular mapping added. It really changes the look and feel of the lands of wurm, as you can see below there are some major improvements: Snow even looks good! (Now all you have to worry about are pesky colds, but they even come in summer) Next up, we'll begin working on housing, which will really bring out some much needed depth to walls and buildings, as you can see here of a WIP shot of the pottery brick walls This is a rather large undertaking though, so it will take time to come to everything in the game, but the difference is definitely worth the wait! the terrain normal and specular will come in tomorrows update, but will be disabled by default, so if you want to check them out, make sure to enable normal maps on the advanced graphic settings tab once this goes live! Sindusk Joins the Dev Team A well established modder and server host, Sindusk, has taken the full plunge into madness by joining the Wurm dev team! In addition to running his own server, Revenant, he will be working with us in various tasks, starting with some work on bugs (seriously, lots of bugs fixed already) and looking at a few projects long desired. We're excited to have him on board and keen to see what he brings to the game! Valrei Entertainment Network additions This week sees the addition of two new members to the VEN program, Neferent and BrimstoneVomit! Neferent streams his travels across Xanadu as he nearly dies to scorpions with crocodiles for shoes: BrimstoneVomit streams his adventures on Wurm as he builds his deed and talks about his plans: I'd like to welcome them both to the program, and look forward to watching more of their adventures! On top of this, we have two more projects in the works, they may not go live tomorrow, pending whether we can iron out a few oddities, but they’re certainly things to get excited about! Item Placement 2.0 Hot off the heels of the new placement mechanic comes the next update to it, adding a new range of surfaces that can hold items on them! The full list is below: large anvil large barrel tub small barrel stone altar wood altar silver altar gold altar coffin well large magic chest small magic chest oil barrel wine barrel coffer alchemists cupboard storage unit small amphora large amphora The following surfaces will also heat any item placed on them: Oven Forge Hota statue Kiln Smelter Still So be sure not to place any wooden items on them, or they will get burned up! New Metal Alloy: Electrum Electrum is a new alloy made from gold and silver. It can be used to make all metal items as well as jewelry, bardings, and horse shoes. The full modifier list is below: Armour .5% DR bonus +2% glance rate bonus -1% movement speed penalty Weapon -2.5% attack speed -1% damage dealt +5% bonus to damage dealt to hunter mobs General -10% damage taken 9x trader price -20% decay damage taken +2.5% bonus to repairing +7.5% bonus to pendulum area of effect +10% bonus to bash damage Can be used to make statuettes Can be used to make unicorn shoes With this alloy comes one other unique item: Electrum Rune of Fo. This rune can be used to reduce the age relative to their current age upon successful use. While this means creatures can be made younger, it cannot be used on Wurmians, so it looks like my wrinkles are here to stay. Community content, the Wurm Unlimited Tournament: Round 2 Grab a partner and head on over to Wurm Unlimited for the second round of Darklords’ Competitive League. This time, instead of a 3v3 fight, it’s 2v2 to make it easier for teams to coordinate. Another change is the implementation of DUSKombat , a new combat mod designed for Wurm Unlimited, which drastically changes the way combat works. There is a 2 gold prize pool for Darklords’ tournament, with 1 gold for the winning team, 50 silver for 2nd place, and 25 silver each for 3rd and 4th. Signups for the tournament are open until Friday, so hurry up and form your teams now! That's it from us this week, we'll be busy with all these changes and more over the coming weeks, so be sure to stick around and check it out. Until then though, keep on wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
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    Magranon's Run - Jakerivers Hi Everyone! I'm back with more news, after surviving on Emoos stream, defeating a silly noob who dared to pick a fight with me, and have all the latest of what's been going on in the dev halls (at least what I'm allowed to share) So let's go! But first... Patch Notes Mac compatibility Now some mac users have been experiencing a lot of issues with the client on mac, and we're pleased to announce with the latest client update the issues should now be resolved. As previously mentioned, settings will not work correctly when launched from ingame, but will work via the launcher, so use that! A better solution is in the works but may take a little longer to come, so stay tuned. A new dev on the block Last news we mentioned increasing our focus on addressing some of the long standing bugs within the game, and our plans to ramp up addressing bugs. While we slay a significant amount with each update, all games seek to remove as many as they can, and we're no different here. As part of this, Someone who may be recognised from the forums, Darklords has joined the dev team! Darklords will be working on us in addressing bugs and testing of larger features, he's been a long time player of both Epic and Chaos and we look forward to working with him, so give him a round of applause! (Or condolences) Visual improvements One major thing in the works is the addition of specular and normal mapping to textures. To those of you unfamiliar with these terms (as I was, Saroman nearly went mad explaining it to me) I'll touch on them both: Normal maps: Normal mapping is a layer placed over an existing model, that simulates more lumps and bumps, allowing for rendering of shadows and light without actually requiring complex lighting calculations or more heavily detailed models, this means models and textures will look less flat without causing major performance penalties. Specular maps: Specular mapping is a way of dictating how a model or texture "shines" on certain parts, e.g. Making that golden part of a model shine without the stone part shining too. both of these will add quite a significant change to just how a lot of things look and feel. Their introduction will take some time, as they require creating a normal and specular map for every texture, so they will be coming out in batches over a period of time, and we'll be sure to let you all know when they do! Shades of green, and red, and yellow, and blue Last news had a riddle, which many of you all had guesses at, and some got it right! This week, I get to show off the new creature condition colours returning! Now I know what you're all thinking, creature colours looked like they'd been playing around in my workshop, and all left drenched in dye (or blown out of a nostril), but fear not! Saroman has been again hard at work (along with Samool too) and is in the process of giving these fine creatures makeovers, check it out! The lovely little cave bug models in this picture also have the normal and specular mapping, as you can see their shells look very different (and not just because of the colour!) Wurm streaming and content creation! We (I) are (am) currently in the works of introducing a program to support those who take their time and showcase just what they get up to in wurm, be it streaming or youtube, we want to support those who make wurm more fun to watch and play, so we'll be working on helping you all through various means, including promotion through our social media and the possibility of partnering up with us for some streams! Of course there will be some requirements and expectations from streamers, but stay tuned for that coming out soon! Now there's more in the works, and soon we'll be able to share it, along with a semi firm release date and perhaps even public testing (now what could that be?) Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
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    Who knew 6 years ago when I started this game and I said I wanted to be a farmer, I would actually get to live this day (yeah I know, in 6 years it should have already happened, but I am lazy so get over it! ) It took a tremendously long time and I ragequit several times in the process - but the end result is something...well...more than legendary. So let me get to it: Yesterday 21st April 2018 in the morning quite to my surprise I got this message -- [09:22:34] You have just received the title 'Pumpkin King'! Then as I was happily going about my business, cooking a few thousand meals for the fun of it, in the evening of the same fateful day, this happened -- [21:10:49] You have just received the title 'Legendary Chef'! Yes, you read that right, 11 hours 48 minutes 15 seconds after receiving the first legendary title -- I received a second one as well! Obvisouly the double legendary titles were planned... so well planned it took 3 years and...btw...the plan did not work... and now you know the reason behind the post Thorakkanath made last night! Naturally this wouldn't have been possible without the support and knowledge gained from a lot of people in the past few years while preparing for this day. Hoping I will not forget someone and in random order : So this is what I wanted to share with everyone and I will leave you with the immortal words of Jantheconqueror: <Janubis> [15:23:56] Inspira drinks some moonshine. <Janubis> what could possibly go wrong? -Inspira [insert legendary titles here]
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    Could someone take a few minutes out of their very busy Dev schedule and actually make the in game map "K" look like the letter k and not another h. This has been int he game forever and people still make the mistake of saying they are at h when they mean k on the map because there is no difference in the appearance to most people. Please and thanks in advance!
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    Hey folks! Whenever I get really passionate about an MMO, I usually whip up a fansite for it in one form or another. Most times the main goal is to simply save all my screenies and stories in one place for my own personal pleasure, so I can later go back and reminisce of the good old times. The stories and screenshots section of my UO website is a great example of that. Oh how very dear those old stories are to me now! Anyhow, seeing as I've been playing Wurm for nearly 5 years now, it was HIGH TIME I finally make a fansite for Wurm as well. I've got a section there now for my Wurm videos, but more importantly, the world famous Wurm Items list has been permanently moved over from Google docs to this site. So if you want to browse through all the bits and bobs that the game has in 3d form, that you could potentially decorate your deeds with, head on over and take in the splendour of all those lovely items the Wurm devs have created. I used Wurm Unlimited to take screenshots of most things I could spawn into the world. Sorry for the "old skool" style of the site, but it's all hand coded with mostly old skool HTML tags. Never got very deep into the CSS stuff, let alone other goodies like Java etc. http://www.andrea.net/wurm/
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    I would like to give credit where credit's due to Fineal for going above and beyond what would be expected from a fellow Wurmian. Not too long ago, I sold an account to @Finealhere in the forums. As usual, I cleaned everything from the account as expected, and transfered the account. It was a very cordial and smooth transaction. However, not long after, I noticed that I had not transfered my large magical chest. Normally this wouldn't be an issue. Most Wurmians would be more than happy to just sail over and swap ownership, helping you out with a common mistake. In this case, however, the character is a member of an enemy PMK, and my chest was on Chaos, inside a Crusader deed at the capital deed area. Now by this time, I can't think of a Wurmian who would be willing to help. Most if not all people would tell you there is nothing they can do, and that'd be the end of it. Its understandable that no one would like to put their well beign at risk just for the benefit of an enemy player. Not Fineal, however. Not only did Fineal accept to help me, but he waited for 2 days near The Shroud, waiting for me to log in (we had opposing schedules) and then climbed over a cliff to get to my deed. He patiently waited and showed understanding, simply to help someone whom he owed nothing to. He made the trip, overcame every obstacle and got me my chest back. In the end, he refused compensation for his troubles, and even thanked me for allowing him to give me a hand. Once again Wurm University members have shown exemplary behavior, strong character and amazing consideration for other players of Chaos. Fineal easily stepped forward to assist someone else at his own peril. This is a commendable act and an example of what members of our rich community would do for each other. We might kill each other in the battlefield, catapult our deeds and steal our loot, but at the end of the day, we can safely say that we can hang our hats and have a beer together. Thank you Fineal, for your time and dedication, and thank you Wurm University for having some of the finest members Chaos has to offer. Stay classy.
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    Come one! Come all! This Saturday (Aug. 18) we, the Factional Fight brothers, invite you to the grand opening of the Puzzle Labyrinth for an adventure you wont soon forget! The gates will open approximately 7:30pm EST and the event will be streamed on our twitch channel while we stalk the participants while chatting about all things wurm! The labyrinth is located just minutes away from Vrock's Landing, and is attached to the highway system for your convenience. I hear tell that Retro is working on an easy transport system to get you to Vrock's so keep your ear open for that. For those who complete the labyrinth, you will be awarded a unique prize for you to take home and put on display at your deed! Check it out... If you do plan to come, don't forget to bring cotton as there are a few places you may feel the instinct to fall. Other things to consider bringing are a container for water and a lantern. Cant wait to see you there! Griphyth and Faeran
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    I wanted to thank you all for everything you do for this great game called Wurm Online. I'm sure you don't hear this enough either! Thank you to the Developers, so far 2018 has been amazing with a surge of content, bug fixes, and QoL improvements to the game. I cannot wait to see the new UI and future improvements to the game! I also want to thank the Staff team for doing a excellent job dealing with player issues, bugs, etc. I'm sure a lot of you probably don't hear this often but it means a lot to us and we thank you for your volunteer efforts & contribution to the game thank you. We players can be very hard to deal with now and then, and it might annoy you that we never stop asking for more content, or complain. However like you, we are just as passionate about the game - so I thank you for the patience and understanding, it means a lot. Thank You
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    Considering all the hate the Epic Cluster seems to receive, and people demanding that the cluster have something unique to it, which we are well past the mechanics of uniqueness (everyone now can get tomes, moonmetal, and the lot.) Why do we not just make it unique by making it simple? Why not just take what the game used to be, no moonmetal, tomes, valeri, default gods, etc. (meditation?) Make that the new server with the current armor changes, and balances people like of which can be picked and chosen. The goal being a more vanilla style of game play. This should appease everyone, a fresh map, fresh game, mixed with a refreshing change to what is considered the "end game" content. Let me know what you think, provide feedback, and feel free to criticize. EDIT: This can also be used as a great ground floor for new balance updates, such as the Dual Wielding that Xallo suggested, the clean slate nature encourages experimentation. Epic 180° A Return to Normalcy
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    Initial PvP changes Starting with the next update, a new change to Locate Soul will be introduced to Chaos. PvP Change: Chaos server now has a maximum Locate Soul range of 500 tiles. This change is specific to Chaos and will not affect Freedom or Epic. Locate Soul’s intended usage is to give a general idea to the caster where their target is. This information can be used to track down a player off deed, identify that reinforcements are unavailable to assist them, and similar. These intentions are pure, and meant to encourage roaming to new places with the opportunity to find opponents in local, then track their location via Locate Soul, pendulums, etc. Locate Soul’s actual usage is to triangulate exact positions of players using multiple reference points, keep tabs on opponents from halfway across the map, and spamming the spell to guarantee reliable information as to whether a target player is online through their Nolocate. These two extremes are the result of a spell that has remained untouched for years. The problems with this paradigm is a meta of priests spamming locates from anywhere on the map and getting reliable intelligence with no cost. Hence the reason for the change. This is step one in a larger shift for Locate Soul and locating players in general. Limiting the range should alleviate some of the problems with the current metagame, but not all. Locate Soul and Nolocate are still undergoing iteration and will have other, more dramatic changes in the near future. This update will also include warrior god priests (Nathan, Smeagain) getting the double disintegration bonus equal to Magranon. The aim of this is to level the playing field for priests of all kingdoms and reduce the frustrating scenarios with RNG and safemines. Background and future works Along with this, in the next update, is a reworking of armour mechanics. This will make armour values easier to adjust in the future. Existing armour values are not being changed, but the background work is intended to make them easier to modify and adjust down the line. After this update, the next focus will be on the long promised priest and spell overhaul. This overhaul will feature a balance pass on all 98 spells available to priests and review of priest restrictions to improve gameplay for solo and PvP priests. There’s more to it than just that, and we’ll be sharing more details over the coming weeks. Once the priest and spell overhaul is live, we’ll begin looking at addressing other concerns within PvP such as tower capping and meditation. We know there’s a long road ahead of us to get PvP where we’d like it to be, and we know it will take time to get there. Our focus now is taking one step at a time, making sure it’s the right step, and then taking another step forward. We’ll continue to use the feature feedback forum for discussion on specific topics to allow for adjusting and improving our current plans if necessary, so please keep it all on topic and constructive.
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    Hey everyone. Depending on what position you come from, it's very likely that you'll have a different opinion on me being a developer for Wurm Online. I'd like to help clarify where I stand from every perspective. Wurm Online Players In the case you've heard of me, it's likely due to my WU mods or you know about my Wurm Unlimited servers Wyvern (Reborn) and Revenant. My servers run with a vast amount of modding and changes to the game, and it's reasonable to assume that I'd have an agenda to push Wurm Online towards how they function. However, that's not the case. My goal with my servers is heavily gameplay-centric, focused on content that is challenging and rewarding. Wurm Online is much more simulation-centric, focusing on realism and depth. I understand the difference between the two and you're not going to wake up and see Wurm Online all of a sudden become a copy of Revenant. My goals are to improve the existing Wurm Online experience. Long term, I'd like to dive into the combat, spell, and pvp systems of Wurm. This more closely resembles the gameplay-centric paradigm that my servers follow. However, to start, I'll be working on fixing some longstanding bugs that affect both Wurm Online and Wurm Unlimited players that have been bothersome for years. Wurm Unlimited Server Owners Much of the Wurm Unlimited community will know me for my mods. I've created ServerTweaks, Armoury, and Spellcraft. These mods are heavily used on several servers. It's not farfetched to think I would prioritize Wurm Online development over the modding community and abandon these mods. I'd like to think of this as an opportunity of the opposite. I'll continue suporting my public mods on Wurm Unlimited. Furthermore, I'll try making changes to the existing codebase that makes modding easier throughout several aspects of the game, opening up new options for server owners. Minor adjustments like improving client/server network communications to give more options make a world of difference. When modders have less limitations imposed on them by the technical details of the game, that's when you begin to see the best ideas spring to life. Wyvern Reborn/Revenant Players Most important to address is the existing playerbase on my servers. I have no doubt that there's some apprehension thinking that Revenant will no longer see new mods or content because I'm now spending time working on Wurm Online. That's a fair judgement, and it's not entirely wrong. I'll be slowing down slightly on Revenant due to Wurm Online development. However, what I work on in Wurm Online eventually leads to Wurm Unlimited and thus to my servers. I'll continue supporting Revenant and making mods for ideas I have that wouldn't fit in Wurm Online. I'm not going anywhere, and you'll still see me active in our Discord and responding to your PM's just like before. All that said, I'm looking forward to being more directly involved with Wurm Online and intend to put my best foot forward to make the progress you've all been waiting for.
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    As most of us know, Xanadu was supposedly created using a random map generation technique not previously used on other Wurm servers. While the merits and results of this approach are debatable, it's important that we predicate any debate on valid premises and acquire as much knowledge about the topic as is reasonably possible. For example, were the Wurm Online developers entirely truthful about this? Could such a sprawling, diverse, interestingly detailed landmass have arisen simply from random heightmap generation? We need, and deserve, to know more. To that end, through painstaking analysis of the map dumps released in December 2017, I believe I have determined the exact methodology used to produce the Xanadu terrain heightmap. Due to image-heavy content, the rest of this post is behind a spoiler tag.
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    A project i had been working on for a while, lots and lots of pottery bricks, I'm now allergic to the damn things hehe. You can ride all the way to the top of the tallest tower, I named it Castle Picasso, it's a building that's part of a long set of pottery bridges i worked on. The crazyness is finally over.
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    Loving the work thats gone into the mob recolors but I feel the lava spider recolor could be done to look a bit more.. Appealing. Recently you guys showcased this example, and while like, 90% of the recolors have been done pretty spot on, I was disappointed to see the embers not taken advantage of on the lava spider. My alternate proposal to this coloration is to tone the embers instead of the skin itself, like here I'm also hoping the same would be considered for the lava fiends, I mean just at this bad boii, what an absolute unit