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    Questions have arisen regarding whether the company and its parent company Game Chest Group are behind Black Lives Matter. The company will not use Wurms forum to express their political views, nor discuss or express anything that is not related to Wurm. This is why the company is by default silence in such situations, which we want you to understand that we are for a good reason. However, we believe that this is about human rights, and we do not want the Wurm members to get the wrong picture where we stand on the issue. The company and its parent company Game Chest Group, stands behind Black Lives Matter and are strongly against any kind of racism. // Robin Bäcklund CEO of Game Chest Group AB (Parent company of Code Club / Wurm)
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    Hi everyone! I just wanted to pop in with late heartful cheers and congratulations to everyone involved in the Steam release. I'm thoroughly impressed and in awe with what you've achieved both gameplay wise, graphically, with the marketing, new maps and server wrestling and I am very happy to see all you players who are supportive through this. My thoughts also go to Oracle, Tich, Eir and Duce who would have loved to see this happen. As you probably know I'm not active in Wurm development since a couple of years back and this release was done without any involvement on my part so I want to mention that I've asked for my accounts to be removed from forum and other administrative roles for security and clarity reasons. Lastly, I know this release has been a bumpy and sometimes exhausting ride both for the team and players but from what I can tell it's panning out nicely. Player numbers are on the rise which is always what keeps Wurm alive. Being on Steam is a crucial step to that end and probably will be for years to come. It's fascinating to think that back when we released commercially in 2006 I thought Wurm had the potential to survive for decades but I also estimated that we ran the risk of being put out of business if competition would catch up around 2011. Seems the decades estimate is ON mostly thanks to superb team members and all you loyal players With Love!
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    Hello Wurmians! As we haven’t had a proper summary to the Steam launch yet, let’s start with that - the player counts since that time have been just unprecedented, and we are very excited to see how lively Wurm has become. Now that has also brought an extreme load to both our dev team as well as the entire staff, hence the initial hiccups - but it seems we’re well past that point and almost back to normal. (almost, since we still have some unresolved things to handle) The surge in popularity has definitely exceeded our expectations and it seems like it can give us some headroom in expanding the development team, which should help us increase the development pace of both new features and bug fixing. Most of you might not know this, but we have had very few hired or contracted developers for quite a while now, much fewer than you would expect from a game of this scale - but we’re well on the way to fixing that. (and if you are interested yourself in becoming either a volunteer developer or a contractor, feel free to contact me with the relevant details at samool@wurmonline.com ) I ask for your patience in this part, as it might take us a while to actually get to that point, and the recruitment and training itself might be taking some time away from the direct development in the meanwhile, but after that’s sorted out we will be going ahead faster than ever. And obviously, any new developers will be put on the mandatory bug duty first, fixing those pesky recurring bugs! In addition to expanding the dev team, we’re expanding our marketing efforts as well, which we’ve already started on - we haven’t been great about that before, but we have a lot of ideas in store for promoting the game now and in the future, and you might’ve already seen some Wurm ads around the web. Now, the thing most of you are here for - what are we doing next? While we’re happy with how the improvements to the new player experience and the new tutorial have turned out, it’s obvious from the feedback that there is still work to be done there. As we continue to have plenty of new players joining the game, that will be our focus in the upcoming weeks - the tutorial will be getting some polishing, and we’ll be introducing additional in-game tips and tools to help the newer Wurmians learn the ropes and perhaps not get too frustrated by constantly digging through the wiki. (though we do acknowledge that at some point that might always be a requirement) This will also include further UI improvements, which should make the UI more comfortable to use for everyone and bring some of the requested features and tweaks. I’m sure that’s boring stuff to most of you reading though - worry not, during that time we’ll also be working on finishing up a large combat overhaul! This was something that was meant to be there for the Steam launch, but we have decided to postpone it to give it the attention and polish it deserves. The goal of the combat update will be to increase the interactivity and engagement of combat, by both providing much better visual feedback (significantly reducing the need to read combat chat) and changing certain mechanics, like making special moves more prominent and useful in PvE. This will be put to public testing before it goes live. We have done decent progress on this up to this point, but it still needs a good bit of work to be ready for us to show it to you in full. Once we’re done with those first two focuses of ours, we have multiple major content updates planned out for the upcoming months - those will be released along large marketing pushes to bring even more players to the lands of Wurm, and should bring a lot of content for both newer and older players. Included in those updates will be a large exploration focused update, intended to make the wilderness of Wurm more interesting to explore, with different random encounters to be had around the world. Something we are looking at as well is a unique creatures rework, as well as some more chances to brush up on some less used skills. This update overall should provide a less grindy alternative to other features of Wurm, and in general make PvE gameplay more varied. We also intend to expand further on the construction features, adding both new building elements and decorative items and features. One of our desired features that we’ve been playing with are docks, which would allow you to create structures on water. On the decoration side, a popular suggestion (as well as something we want to see in the game) is hanging items on walls - we’ll be looking at how we can add that. Animal keeping is another feature that we feel has much more potential to be realized. We’ll be working on expanding that part and making keeping different animals a more varied and in-depth feature, with perhaps a new animal or two thrown into the mix. Other than regular content updates, we plan to continue improving the visual side of the game as well - certain elements of Wurm look aged compared to others and we want to fix that soon. One of our desired upgrades has always been an overhaul to how the characters look - while it might be a bit far off right now, we will be looking at improving the character’s appearance along with better customization options. Along with any visual upgrades we’ll be working further on optimizing the game’s client, as we have identified some causes for the high memory and GPU usage issues that some of you may encounter. Since we’re now talking about the client side of the game, another thing we want to tackle is the sound design, which is something we have to admit is quite lacking at this point. That will include adding more sound effects to creatures, as right now, your farm animals are a bit too creepily silent, but we also plan to have another pass at the general action sounds. I realize this post is a bit short on the PvP side of the game - for more information on that part, you can see Darklords’ newest thread on our plans and ideas for the Defiance going forward. There have been quite a few questions and suggestions regarding the future of Jackal. While the first iteration of that has been quite fun, it does require a ton of work and changes to make it worthwhile to run another edition of it, and that is not something we’re interested in - we feel that work is currently much better directed at improving the base game, and not the extending “episodic” content. Generally, you should not expect another Jackal run for quite some time, as we prefer to focus on the other things we have planned. But, never say never! Since the questions about the status of the Northern and Southern Freedom Isles clusters keep appearing, we do want to reiterate that at this point we do not plan on a merge, and it will be a long time before we will start considering one (it is not guaranteed in any case). We’re happy with how both of the clusters are working out and there seems to be a healthy population on both of them. While our promotion of the game with the launch focused on the new Northern Freedom Isles cluster, the future promotion we do will most likely focus on all of Wurm, so that all servers should have new players joining them, depending on each of the server’s qualities rather than our own recommendations. The final thing that I want to announce today is that we're also currently working on a long desired and requested feature which is a complete account system, the main purpose of which is to consolidate character ownership into a single account, improve the security of your accounts and ease the management of them. This will also help us with adding some more features that you could manage about your characters without logging into the game, improve account recovery methods and more. We'll reveal more details on this soon. This should cover some of our plans for Wurm and hopefully makes things a little bit more clear. I want to mention though that this is not an exhaustive list of the things we have in store, and there are plenty of other features and changes coming to the game soon, many of which stem from your suggestions, so make sure to keep those coming! For now, keep on Wurming!
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    Greetings Wurmians! This weekend is a HUGE Valrei International, and it's a big moment for us too. This edition is where we unveil shots and features of the new UI! This UI is long-awaited and long-discussed and has gone through several iterations before being revealed today, and will likely be adjusted before live launch too. Feel free to give feedback, but keep in mind that it will probably be different once it's in your hands soon! New Windows! The first and most visual part of the new UI will be the various windows and tabs, with multiple changes including skins and functionality. Visually, the most notable change will be the removal of the existing ironwood skin, as well as classic and classic light skins. We will be replacing these with two versions, a light version and dark version shown below: (The text is scaled higher for this for easier reading, it is not the default size) Improved Tactile Feedback Along with this, we'll be providing more tactile feedback with various UI elements. Buttons will glow slightly and provide audio feedback when moused over and clicked. Inventory Search! A long wanted part of this is the ability to search within your inventory for items. The search bar down the bottom updates the inventory window dynamically meaning you can quickly type in a few letters and find that tool you need. Better Tab Control! We know that the existing tabs have been quite clunky to work with, so with this, we took the opportunity to break them all apart. All tabs will be able to float individually, dock with others, and arrange in different orders giving you total control of what you see at any given time. Improved menus We've also taken efforts to revamp the right-click menus, giving them a rounded look with a colour palette similar to our new logo design, and moving permanent context buttons to an icon slot at the top. This shift cuts down the text on each menu and provides better contrast. In-World Text! We've also been reading through many suggestions for UI updates, including the in-world text for local chat and examining items! Rest assured, this option is up to you and can be enabled or disabled in the client! Default Action Key! Another popular request over the years has been a default action key which is context-based. This addition means you can have a single key-bind change the action based on what tool you have activated, and what your mouse hovers over. In-World Interaction! Last, but not least of this is the expansion of dragging an item into containers without having to open them. We are adding the ability to interact with objects in-world and drag them into other containers, no longer needing to open a pile to move the contents it to another container, you can operate with fewer windows and a more unobstructed view. Scaling And of course, one long-requested issue is the support of 4K monitors and resolutions of varying sizes. I'm thrilled to say that this will all be coming with the ability to scale, fully supporting 4K resolutions or any personal preference! There are more features regarding the UI in the works before its launch, including showing enchants on mouse-over, a potential "repeat last action key", and much more coming soon! These are all huge changes, and we hope that these elements we have showcased here show that we are listening to what you have requested over the years and are working on improving how you interact with the game every day! We will be opening up this UI via a preview client for public testing within a month, so you don't have long to wait at all to get your hands on it! Retrograde & the Wurm team
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    Hi everyone, With the upcoming Steam release there’s been a lot of questions and discussions around the future of RMT within the game. We know Steam will not allow RMT within their platform and there have been many questions about what this means to the original servers, given the talk of merging at a currently unknown point. We will go into detail below about not only what we plan on doing but also why we plan on doing it, and what you can expect from here on out in regards to it. Real Money Trading When Wurm was started, it was started with the belief that players should be able to profit from their time invested in the game. This core belief helped build the economy into what it is today. Many players have relied on this system in converting ingame assets into real world money but it does cause issues within how players interact with Wurm, and what they expect from it. With a direct, open translation of silver/goods to real world money, many players took prices dropping as views of direct loss of income, similar to being told your boss is paying you less because they hired more workers. It built many expectations of the trade in Wurm and a major focus on maximising profit even if it was not needed ingame, the excess could be sold. Value of items was inflated because they were seen as investments that could be sold off should the need arise, and unfortunately was the core reason behind a large amount of macroing cases the GM team has handled over the years. It also provides an issue where we ourselves are competing for sales with our players, with players able to sell their currency for cheaper than we could due to no overheads and taxes on it. The landscape of the internet and online gaming has vastly changed over the past sixteen years, and many parts of Wurm have remained in simply because changing it was too big a step to take. With the steps to Steam it gives us an opportunity to re-evaluate many aspects of the game that have felt a little too daunting to touch, and offers us the chance to make major changes in order to provide a welcoming environment and reduce premium and silver costs as well. Currently having RMT on the regular Wurm Online servers we would not be able to have any connection with the Steam servers, and the existing client would not be able to connect to the Steam servers. With this in mind we have made the tough decision of no longer allowing any and all RMT and account sales effective March 1st, 2020. This will include sales of silver, items for real life currency and account trades. Account trades It has been raised in many threads that account sales mean high skills never truly leave the game. This causes a huge top heavy system where high skilled accounts are sold and resold and we want to encourage new players to gain skill and take part in their community, feeling accomplishment for gaining their skills. This also occurs with accounts shared between a group of players, such as a highly skilled weaponsmith or priest that can be accessed 24/7 We want achievements to be individual based rather than adding value to an account, and as such we will also be placing a ban on account sales for ingame silver AND Real Money Trading. We will be adjusting our stance towards shared accounts. Your account may be shared on a personal basis (i.e. a family member or a close friend) but sharing your account with multiple people will be against game rules. We will also not be providing ANY assistance with account ownership disputes where the password has been shared in ANY way. Trader Mechanics Traders have long been a contentious point, with Xanadu and Jackal both disallowing traders. Initially launched as a means of offsetting the high upkeep costs of large deeds, traders have since been used as a means of farming silver from the coffers on a large scale, using minimum size deeds which goes against the original intention and is not ideal. Trader items have their benefits in being sold, but the ongoing ability to use them for means other than their directly intended purpose is something we are taking the opportunity to address. After the end of February update traders will no longer pay out silver earned from the kingdom coffers or give a portion of sales back. Instead they will now grant a percentage reduction on the upkeep of the deed they live on which cannot stack with multiple traders. We will be discussing the actual percentage over the month and have the final decision before the launch. We will also be revisiting trader prices and reducing them to account for these changes. In order to accommodate players wanting more traders on their deeds we will be reducing the minimum range between traders to 20 tiles. Traders will no longer be able to operate on land without a deed, and if they are on un-deeded land at the time of the update they will disband immediately. We know these changes may affect some who rely on the silver but we feel the deed upkeep reduction will still provide significant value while removing the ability to farm multiple traders. We’re aware these changes are major changes to mechanics and our stance on Real Money Trading. They have been controversial mechanics with many suggestions about removing them, and with the Steam launch coming up by mid 2020 we feel this allows everyone to have time to adjust to it prior toit, meaning there will be no confusion about whether we allow it. Changes to store prices This time is also an opportunity for us to adjust our store prices for both premium and silver. After the shop maintenance today our store prices will be: 5 silvers - 6.49 euro (1.3 euro per silver) 10 silvers - 12.99 euro (1.3 euro per silver) 20 silvers - 21.99 euro (1.1 euro per silver) 40 silvers - 43.99 euro (1.1 euro per silver) 50 silvers - 49.99 euro (1.0 euro per silver) 100 silvers - 99.99 euro (1.0 euro per silver) Premium time 1 month: 7.99 euro 2 months: 15.99 euro 3 months: 20.49 euro (85% original price) 6 months: 38.39 euro (80% original price) 12 months: 67.19 euro (70% original price) These prices will be the same across Xsolla and PayPal and effective after the store update. Steam server connections These changes allow us to announce something else we have been working towards, and that is how the Steam servers will integrate with our existing servers. The Steam servers and the regular Wurm Online servers will be available via BOTH clients, and simply be disconnected via mail and travel. This will mean that all servers can be accessed from Steam, as well as the Steam servers accessible via the regular client. This will still require separate accounts. Moderation This does mean that selling silver or any other ingame goods and accounts after the cut off date (1st March 2020) will lead to moderation penalties including suspension of accounts. During the last update we included several new logging tools in order to help GM’s track items and silver trades, we’ll be using this period to test it out and make adjustments if necessary. As Real Money Trading has been in the game for such a long time, we’re aware many merchant threads do mention sales of silver, as well as official comments, so we’ll be spending this month updating all of our documentation to remove it. We will also be working with players in ensuring their forum market posts are in line with the new rules, such as hiding or editing threads that include it. This is a big change for all of us, and while we've done our best to address the issues you might raise already, we will be here to answer all of your remaining questions, and Retrograde will be more than happy to discuss it during our live-stream on Sunday at 9pm UTC as usual. Regards, The Wurm team
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    Less than 24 hours remain before one of the most significant steps in Wurm's history... https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?msg=Harmony/Defiance Launch&p0=%3A&year=2020&month=7&day=24&hour=17&min=0&sec=0 New lands have been discovered far to the north of Xanadu, past the misty wastes of the lost continents of Jenn-Kellon and Mol-Rehan. These lands are called Harmony and Defiance. Will you tame the wilds of Harmony, or conquer the battlefields of Defiance? Plan your journey wisely, and use these maps To assist you in your adventures all servers will have a 30% bonus skill gain and affinity chance from 19:00 CEST Friday until noon CEST Monday, then 10% bonus skill gain and affinity chance until 19:00 CEST Friday. Good luck with your travels Wurmian, you're going to need it...
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    Well, the votes were clear. The names we picked the first time around did not create the inspiring feeling we were looking for, and so we took things back to the drawing board! This time, we had each dev pick two names they liked, and veto one, from those results we built a list to vote on and cast an internal vote. We then took the winning names and asked for feedback from the larger Wurm team to make sure we didn't cause another rumble of dissatisfaction. The names were then (accidentally) listed on the server listing page, which was a bit of an oopsie on our part, but the cats out of the bag now! Introducing: Harmony: PvE Named by Syhl Defiance: PvP Named by Talor Harmony and Defiance were popular choices, with 7 and 5 entries, respectively. As stated in the competition announcement, the first entry qualified as the winning result, and we're pleased to announce that Syhl and Talor were the winning entrants. The start deed for Harmony shall be named Heartland (named by DragonNoir), and the start deed for the Mol-Rehan kingdom on Defiance shall be named Rumble (Named by ChampIAN) I'd like to take the time to thank you all personally, your feedback was for the most part constructive and positive. The voting went well and we hope these names better reflect the world in which we all play in. Towards the end of this week we'll be in touch with the four winners, each getting coupons for their prize! See you soon on Harmony and Defiance!
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    Some random guide i wrote up because the actual info around for grinding is laughable at best outside of like 2 good guides and some newbies might actually think thats correct This guide assumes you'll be using the skill grinder at https://www.dreamsleeve.org/wurm/grinder/ and have a basic understanding of how to figure out effective skill+tool ql vs difficulty for some parts, and know the basis for skillgain is a roll between 1.01-39.99 (will be reffered to as 1-40 so i dont have to type it out each time). If a skill has its own tab in the grinder, use it. Types of grinding Imping - Use high ql tools and imp one item to the sweet spot (skill x .77 +23), this will give double sized ticks when you are imping above it. If you can get someone with higher skill to give you something imped this high OR can create it high ql by default, it's a huge help. If you're imping it by yourself, you'll get about 60% ticks or so double sized when imping at this point, if you have a friend with much higher skill (or a single imbued tool) keep it slightly higher than this point 100% of ticks will be double sized. Do not let timer length go over 15 seconds when sweet spot imping as this will ruin gains. You either want to imp something you'd like rare/is valuable when rare, or whatever uses the least materials, or whatever you can create high ql without skill for sweet spot imping. CoC skillgain only effects thing being used, not parent skill. So if like you're doing fine carp vs carp, imping mallet you'd get 100% carp, but imping rope tool you'd get 100% fine carp 100% carp normally, with 100 coc it'd be mallet 200% carp vs rope tools 100% carp 200% fine carp. Sweet spot changes this to 400% vs 100%/400%. It's anywhere from 25-100% more overall skill to grind with the sub-skills than the parent skills, so if you're planning to grind both to a certain point it's more efficient to grind the sub-skill first. If you cannot make the materials required to sweet spot imp, you want to imp things that are around 15-0 under your skill, depnding on your tool ql. Tool ql equal to skill you'd want 10ql under. Use the grinder to find out the perfect spot. Creation - You want your create chance to be 75% if possible, 60-80% is fine but as close to 75% create chance as possible will get you the best skillgain. Some skills have CoC tools avaliable, some don't, some might be a little more hidden(for example, coalmaking you can grind with coc kindling+log by spamming unfinished log piles, but if you were making the actual log piles you wouldn't be using coc for the 24 or whatever logs you have to attach). By default these grind much slower than other skills due to the 33% skillgain on creation/continiung. Best skillgain is around 75% attach chance for continuing, same as creation, if you use equal ql mats to what you used to create it then that's the continue chance. Alcohol increases diff but is too much actions for little benefit here imho Creating houses is fine skillgain for masonry/carp but doesn't come close to sweet spot imping. Random skills that might not be obvious/don't deserve their own paragraph Nat subs - the potency of the cover (part 1 x part 2's potency) is the diff of the item. Coalmaking - CoC kindling + logs is best, making actual piles is worse. Firemaking - unfinished torches with CoC Tar. (thanks ping) Milling - Anything till like 70, corn after that Paving - imp catseye Prospecting - prospect with 1ql, tap w each time you queue up actions, if you don't you occasionally set off old anti-macro thing that stops skillgain. if you think skillgain stopped walk to another tile coz you might have set it off. Prayer - Praying on favoured tiles or 1ql altar all the way, prayer has super low diff, it's easier to grind as non-priest than it is priest due to faith bonus actually negatively impacting your skill tick chance so being 1 faith will help a lot weirdly enough. Exorcism - Low ql altars, a priest to heal you coz you will get wounds that can kill you. Ql of item you have activated is used as the tool. Ropemaking - imp fish keep net/net trap. fish one is easier to make, both use .5kg string to imp. Meditating - Start with like a 40ql rug and drop it over time to 1ql at 60 skill, don't meditate on special tiles as they'll mess with skillgain. you can get 11 at least a month before the timer for it if you're meditating 9x a day. Shipbuilding - small tackles are impable, 6.5kg, fit in inventory and can be bsb'd if you need to save logs, but a rare ship is a valuable thing you can sell for a sleep bonus fund so either are good. Cooking/baking/beverages/whatever uses cooking system - you want diff of thing being made to be as close as possible to 10 under your skill. Alcohol increases diff. Best way to grind is to get lots of forges/ovens/whatever, fill hundreds/thousands of items to be made, light them all at once and if using alcohol get yourself to good spot. turn on sleep bonus right as the ticks start flowing in. 30+ diff meals give the biggest skill tick size, anything less than that is smaller ( 1 toast which is 10 diff, has 1/3 the tick size of a 30 diff meal). Meat+veg for HFC, fruit bread for baking, spearmint tea for beverages. Shield bashing - you have to hit the shield bash for skillgain, if the bash does damage you chance to get another tick that's double sized. Low body control and starving mobs are easier to shield bash (most passive mobs, trolls have really low BC, can combine shield bashing training with pen shield training), so best way to grind in pve would be to pen a troll in a cave and keep it starving but not dead, as are enemy kingdom alts with no armor. PVP has a super bonus to skillgain iirc so bashing alts is the fastest way, but probably frowned upon by pvp purists. First aid - Bigger wounds - higher diff healing. should be 75% of bandages to actually heal for best skillgain, haven't tested in a while. Repairing - Mallet to 50, Ring to 70, Large saddle seat to 85, chain jacket to 100 ( beaut med rugs are better 90+ but dont form piles, chain jackets are much easier to manage but you need a lot more of them). Lava is your best way of damaging to grind, 24 hours on lava gives 96 dmg so its a daily grind thing. Fishing - you want to balance fish diff vs skill+rod ql+ things on rod. Huge tick for hooking fish, small ticks every few seconds while it's hooked. When you get message that it's hooked, turn on sleep bonus then click to hook it, then turn off sleep bonus after it's caught/swims away. Balance rod ql vs fish caught so that you get around a minute of fighting on the line before it's caught/gets away. If you're catching 100% of them its too easy. Fish nets work until like 40 or so then gains drop off hard. Farming - 1ql rake, potato/cotton/wemp/rye from 1-70, oats/pumpkin/cucumber/reed/barley/carrots 60-100. wheat from 70, cabbage/corn from 85. Garlic with 80+ skill 90+ql rake is good gains too but you need more land to make up for fast rake times. Anything harvested with scythe uses coc/woa for harvesting, all other plants dont coz they use hand to harvest. seed ql+farming skill = plant speed. Forestry - Harvest is best, pick sprouts if nothing is season Gardening - imp trellis Animal taming - (assuming venerable no traits) pig till 40, black bear till 65, cave bug till 75, unicorn till 95, hell horse till 100. You can combine this with other grinds like mining (queue up bunch of mining actions, when you start a mining action, do a tame, they'll both happen at the same time) or shield training+shield bashing. You can try all 3 at the same time if you want your apm to resemble a pro starcraft match. Animal husbandry - shearing sheep is great gains if you have lots of sheep, otherwise groom everything. Metallurgy - Brass/bronze till 60ish then electrum. Low ql lumps are a necessity. Jewelry smithing - imp iron bowls, if they go rare you can try for a rare altar vs ball which makes nothing Plate armor smithing - can imp scale which uses leather, or iron plate. Lockpicking - you want pick chance to be like 8% or so, skill + lockpick ql vs containers ql and lock ql. You can coc the lockpicks but you'll break hundreds of them grinding. Treb/catapault - Put treb/cata at base of dirtwall, wall on top of dirtwall, shoot the thing, rock lands on dirt wall next to you, pick it up, reload. Winches is diff, can't remember what diff is for trebs i'll edit it in at some point Thatching - imp thatch roof Climbing - make a drop shaft in a mine, climb up it until you run out of stam and fall down, climb up again (no fall damage in caves) Archaeology - diff depends on how many disbanded deeds are in the area, you'll need to test it out yourself, you want average frag ql of a stack of 100 to be around 25 or so for best skillgain. Around a 40ql brush at 90 skill was good for me, but that might not be good for you if you have more/less disbanded deeds in area than me. lowish ql chisel to do restoration afterwards Weapon skills - Weapon skill is based on damage dealt, and is capped at around 50% of the enemies health dealt in a single blow, so tanky mobs that you glance a lot against aren't good for skillgain whereas squishy mobs are. You want to avoid fighting trolls scorps anacondas etc *unless* you have a venom weapon and are reasonably strong *or* they're the only thing in the area, but they won't be good skill. Venom is the superior grinding enchant as it removes glance entirely means you hit more often which means more skill more characteristics more affinity chances. BT increases damage+skillgain but often takes you well over the 50% cap on skillgain, FB/FA do not increase skillgain and their damage takes away possible skillgain you could have gotten, RT increases skillgain but also increases damage dealt to the weapon itself so not good for skilling, ED is just bad and people make fun of you for having ED. LT is a contender for best skilling weapon if you're not that strong or there is a lot of mobs in the area that your natural health regeneration can not keep up with. A good skiller would be WoA (nimb if it's a 3 second swing weapon) - Venom/LT - CoC - MS. Good ql armor and weapons, a fast horse+geared up and high Web armor casts on your armor are all massive boosts to how much skill/hour you can get hunting, if anyone tells you WA doesn't work in pve or that you should use aosp in any form inside wurm online thats not a horse barding /ignore them. Shield skills - Shield skill gained is based on damage blocked, so blocking stronger mobs = more skill. Pen training you're limited to 15 minutes per mob until skillgain stops, this resets after 4 hours of not fighting the mob. Your CR vs theirs is chance for skill tick, so there's lots of variables so you'll have to play around with it yourself to find the best way. Ideally you want something you can tank for the full 15 minutes without healing, and if you're pen training, catch some angry/greenish trolls or hell scorps for high level. Use around a 50ql shield starting out, and once you get to 70ish skill drop it down. For grinding mobs, you want things with strong slow attacks, as you can only get shield skill ticks so often. Ideally you want to just get to 60-70ish by hunting in normal fighting and not worry about shield training until you can tank trolls/scorps for extended periods. If you get in a fight and target something else you won't attack but you can still shield bash, you can also repair your shield and cotton yourself, as long as you don't queue actions, if you do you have to leave combat to fix it. Gathering skills - using a 1ql Mining - rock(can flatten cave roof for up to 100 mines per click if you have stamina)/iron to 70, copper/slate/lead from 60- 100. you can start with silver at 80, gold at 90, sandstone 99, lower if you use above 1ql pick but since grinding mining at this point is so slow you might need to take a few pickaxes in the mine with you to keep your idea ql level, easier to just use 1ql the whole way. You'll most likely be balancing around your characteristics instead of your mining level anyway. Digging - Digging is special in the fact that 5 slope - 1 diff so you can grind to 100 digging on moss clay even dirt if you're digging at the base of dirtwalls but for this we'll assume it's flat ground coz its easier. Leveling is 33% skillgain compared to digging, dig to pile if you're dropping it into a bsb after can trigger an old anti-macro thing that stops skillgain so i'd recommend digging to inventory. Dirt/sand/moss from 1-70, clay from 50-100, tar from 85-100. Again you'll most likely be balancing around characteristics not digging and can make dirtwalls to change diff. Woodcutting - Chopping down diff is based on tree age, cutting up is based on tree type. Most common tree types are 2-10 diff, walnut 15 willow 18 oak 20, so 1-80 you can either cut down+chop up everything with a 1ql hatchet, or cut down with a high ql hatchet, load like 60 felled trees into a wagon/have dedicated storage boats for felled trees, turn on sleep bonus and go to town with a 1ql hatchet and crates nearby to chuck all the low ql logs into for coalmaking grinds or fuel or whatever. After 80 You either want to grow a huge walnut forest (takes irl months to grow to overaged) or have a fo priest wild growth oaks trees (if you're wild growth-ing you can have them all packed together, they only kill nearby trees when they age up naturally), takes like 15 casts or so to take an area to overgrown trees, chop em all down, chuck into a wagon, turn on sleep bonus and go to town with 1ql hatchet. I'd recommend getting yourself a nice wound to grind with, as getting trees to grind with is pretty hard at this point. You can also go around deforesting everything still, but skillgain for WC drops hard after 80 skill if you're cutting down birch/pine/whatever. Channeling You want diff to be 10-25 under your skill. You want alignment to be LOW (especially at 30-70 skill, past 90 skill alignment doesn't mean anything, in the 30-70 range high alignment will mess with skilling and force you to use much harder spells than you would with low alignment+altar), you can put on a single plate glove to get the casting penalty to lower the bonus that alignment gives you. You want another gods influence to be overpowering your own gods altar. Ideally you want linked accounts, 2 is max before skillgain drops off, alts are good but you can probably get 2 people to link to you at a public sermon ring. Each link adds +3 to diff, and therefore increases the range of skill that you can grind with a certain spell. You can have 1+channeling/10 links in total, which gives you 10 max links at 90 skill, but don't use over 2 for skilling. Libilia is the best to grind with as she gets +15% skillgain as well as 10% more favor regenerated, vynora is also good as she gets +10% skillgain and can cast wisdom of vynora on herself for sleep bonus. If you're using 2 links add 5 to max (ie morning fog to 40 instead of 35) Fo - Morning fog to 35 (50 if low alignment), acid protection to 50, dirt to 70 (can cast dirt till 80ish if you'd rather the dirt than a bit more skillgain), lurker in woods to 100 Mag - Light token to 35 (50 if low alignment), frost protection to 55 (can go to 65 with it, blaze is better skill/hour but uses more favor/skill), blaze to 70 (if linking only use to 80, lurker better favor to skillgain ratio), lurker in dark/woods to 100 Lib - Bless to 35 (50 if low alignment), Poison protect to 50, dark messenger to 70, lurker in the dark to 100 Vyn - Opulence to 35 (50 if low alignment), Fire protection to 55 (can go to 65 with it, glacial is better skill/hour but uses more favor/skill), glacial to 70, lurker to 100 ( can cast coc/woa/aosp and sell that instead for a more casual grind) Butchering For butchering the animal, diff for meat is parts already butchered x 3, so the first one butchered is 0 diff, the next is 3 diff, one after that 6 diff, and so forth. Around a 15 diff mark is where you'd want to balance your knife ql for. Use CoC+WoA/BOTD and be full health+stam as the butcher/filet time does not effect skillgain, only how many things you butcher. For fileting, diff = damage, so ideally you want to lava the meat to high damage and counter that with a high ql knife for really fast butcher actions. From 1-60 kill+butcher+filet everything with your lowish ql knife, past 60, butcher with a high ql rare+ knife to get the most meat, gather up thousands of it, lava it all at the same time then when you get the right diff turn on sleep bonus and go to town fileting. Pre-fsb meat can be 0.6-1.2kg whereas fsb'd meat is 0.3kg so you'll get way more use out of your time fileting meat before you fsb it ( a 1.2kg meat gives 4 butchering tick chances, a 0.3kg meat gives 1). Characteristics Characteristics work similar to channeling, you want the diff to be 10-25 under your characteristics, say you were mining rock (2 diff), you had 90 str, 50 mind logic, 20 stamina. You'd get a str tick on 1.55% of mines, a mind logic on 34% of mines, and a stamina on 53% of mines. Each characteristic does its check seperately so having super high str won't impact your stamina gain for example, but if they were that far apart you wouldn't be able to grind both at the same time effectively. For imping, the diff is equal to the ql of the thing being imped ( imping 90ql tool = 90 diff = no characteristic gain for pretty much anyone). For Melee weapons, its equal to the weapon skill (90 huge axe skill = 90 diff str check = barely any characteristic gain again). CoC does not effect characteristics, i dont care if you heard in ca help that it does because it doesn't. Best way to grind each characteristic, other ways are almost always slower/require too much input Body Strength - Woodcutting to 40(will give 2x strength 1x stam ticks when using a hatchet, but no way of using this effectively past 40), mining/digging from there Body Stamina - mining/digging always, woodcutting is equal with them up to 40 Body Control - Archery or Longsword+shield shield training in pen(requires your attention but great gains), Archaeology(afkable) Mind logic - Panfilling, Mining/digging Mind speed - Shield training, Hunting Soul strength - Mining Soul Depth - Panfilling, Farming Grinding wounds You can freeze wounds so that they never improve/worsen might have to examine wound if you dont have high first aid its around 6-10 depending on fat layers to freeze a bad or severe, depending on your fat layers and if you're fo or not you might have to do some trial and error. Frozen wound = stamina doesn't go up past that point = longer timers = less materials used, good for things like restoration, metallurgy or anything really if you're a path of power boi. Lava gives pretty consistent wounds as does jumping off a dirt wall, so they're a good place to start one. when you're finished and want the wound gone just sacc a rare/like 50 favor worth of things and the wound will instantly heal. if you comment below just to argue rethink life
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    you send them the item back regardless of rarity, you don't just hold someones item hostage because you got a lucky roll wtf
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    Distinguished Wurmians! Today we are thrilled to announce the launch time of the Northern Freedom Cluster and Wurm Online on Steam! Wurm Online will become available to play on Steam on the 24th of July, at 19:00 CET. That's not all! In anticipation of the launch of Wurm Online on Steam, we present the brand new trailer! When I viewed this, I was astounded at just how magical the world of Wurm truly is. The possibilities and inspiration have me excited to play on the new Northern Freedom Isles too, is anyone looking for a villager? This trailer was a long project and included many revisions. The brains behind it as always was Malena, who had this to say about it: There's more news to come soon with the revised names for the Northern Freedom Isles too, so stay tuned for that! From us all at the Wurm team, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do, and look forward to seeing you on Steam. Retrograde & the Wurm team
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    Hi everyone, I know that throughout the last few months we have had a massive influx of new players, and I know dealing with the same question about flattening a tile can get a bit much. What I have been noticing is that a few people have had issues with understanding the game and have struggled more than others. In instances like these, it's essential to take extra steps to ensure that we treat these people with the kindness and openness in the community that we pride. Wurm is an incredibly in-depth game, and it's that depth and breadth that sucked me into the world, and I know it's the same for you. That starting step though can be incredibly challenging, and I noticed in the recent thread by MassivelyOP some players felt that the blogger was misrepresenting the game. While I do appreciate those of you willing to step up and help players who struggle with the mechanics, please keep in mind that when you do post on these forums, you are representing the entire Wurm community with you. A player feeling overwhelmed by the amount of depth and choice the game gives them may seem off-putting to some, but I know many would love the idea of a game being as in-depth as Wurm is, so please do treat everyone with kindness even if they do struggle with the game. The Wurm community is something I take a lot of pride in as a community manager, and I know you all do too, so let's make sure that we always put our best foot forward! Retro
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    The rust on metal, Crack in the wall... What starts small, Can mark your fall. Bridges collapse, As time flows by, Highways don't last, Catseyes go blind. From deepest valleys, To Wurm's high peaks, Lie ruined cities, Rotting old keeps. A Wurmian's plan, Grand or humble, In due time can All just crumble. Goals, ambitions Fleetingly burn, Greatest visions To dirt return. Magic chests, full, Try as you may, No spell or rune Holds it at bay. Mere fragments speak of ages gone by, of mastered skills, the daily long grind. Fine tales of fame, Riches and pride, One day just fade, Dissolved in time. Witness and yield! Struggle's in vain. All that you build, Decay will claim... [19:18:48] Archaeology increased by 0,000008 to 100,000000 Chosen title for 100 skill in Archaeology: Witness to Decay (if confirmed to be first and right to custom title is granted)
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    Greetings Wurmians! We're back with a fresh new view of what's coming to Wurm, with major visual work being underway! New Skies Ahead Many have commented on rainbows and moons looking a little different, and there's a good reason for it! We're working on the new volumetric lighting system that we have mentioned a few times, along with breathtaking updated day and night skies! As you can see, they're gorgeous! (I hope Gaffer doesn't go mad trying to find constellations) Volumetric Lighting Volumetric lighting is a technique used in 3D computer graphics to add lighting effects to a rendered scene. It allows the viewer to see beams of light shining through the environment; seeing sunbeams streaming through the trees in a forest is an example of volumetric lighting, also known as God rays. And they're coming to Wurm! Part of this work on lighting is adding a lot more atmosphere to the game, improving the feeling of actually being immersed in the beautiful world we have all built here. As you can see, it adds depth to the world, and I can almost feel the warmth on my skin. Oh, wait, that's some actual sunlight creeping through the curtain, let me fix that) More UI Teases That's right! I'm here with more UI teases! This edition focuses on the new tooltips when you mouseover an item. As you do, you'll see it's material, item type, and enchants! Pressing alt while mousing over will display more detailed information. Z-fighters No, not the cartoon ones! Z-fighting is a term when textures flicker, caused by them being on the same level and the client not knowing how to display them correctly. Long-distance viewing has had a few issues with Z-fighting, and we've taken steps to address that for the future too! This fix means more beautiful views when looking out from a mountaintop across the land, and who doesn't love that! Before: After: The Team Expands! Katspurr There are many ways in which you may know Katspurr, A.K.A. Malena in Wurm. Whether it is through her work adding all the new horse textures, her VEN streams, her gorgeous encyclopedia of Wurm items and their visuals, or just her beautiful renditions of suggestion ideas! Katspurr is not just a dedicated Wurmian, she's also a games industry veteran with decades of art development under her belt, and we are THRILLED to say that she is joining the Wurm team! Katspurr has taken on a short term Art Developer role in which she will be handling various duties from new loading screens, those beautiful shots on the Wurm Steam page, and more! Darklords Darklords is a long term PvPer with a lot of experience under his belt in the world of PvP, and he's come a long way since I first met him. Late-night ramblings and testing catapulting changes, to building up the courage to join the dev team and work on bugs and tweaks and now joining as a contracted member of the developer team taking control of the direction of PvP within Wurm as well as other PvE content. Darklords is fiercely dedicated to making sure PvP is as fun as engaging as possible and will be working with you all via PvP discussion threads as he goes. The first thread is up discussing some of the changes that went live last patch, as well as discussing potential future changes too, so go check it out here: He'll also be taking on other aspects of Wurm and will be working on PvE content too. On behalf of everyone at the Wurm Online team, I'd like to welcome Katspurr and Darklords to our ranks and hope they enjoy their time here! LCM Changes This news also includes a few changes on the GM team. Firstly, after a long period as LCM Idony will be stepping down from that role. Idony has put in a considerable amount of work in ensuring that proper guidelines are created and maintained and that players and staff alike are supported. They will be continuing their role as GM, and I am very thankful for that, I'd like to thank Idony for their work as LCM and hope the post LCM madness passes quickly. Astarte Many of you know of Astarte as the GM who rescues you from a situation and promptly turns you into a sheep. Well, Astarte has taken up the now vacant role of LCM and will be working with all of the staff and players to create a welcoming environment leading up to our launch on Steam. Willow What a long history Willow has! Willow has been a community figure in Wurm for such a long time, starting the Impalong traditions, and building the terracotta army in the northeast of Independence. She has been a GM for a considerable amount of time as well, and has also had the role as Assistant Head GM, which she is now retaking! Willow will be assisting Enki on all Head GM matters, helping speed up our workload and ensure that EnkiBoT2020 continues to operate with minimal breakdowns. A big welcome to both of these fantastic and friendly GM's into their new respective positions, I look forward to working with you both! That's it from us this edition, we'll be hard at work getting things ready for the next update at the end of the month, so stay safe, excited for the future, and as always, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & The Wurm Team
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    I'd just like to say thank you for all the love for the key art! Malena worked extremely hard and we are all incredibly thrilled with the result. As for the issues with server names, we hear your feedback regarding it and we want to give everyone an opportunity to share their thoughts. To gauge this and to allow everyone to have their say we will be opening a forum poll. This poll will determine if we review the names and pick new ones and allow players to vote individually on whether we will keep or change the pvp and pve names. While I do appreciate those wanting it put to a popular vote, we cannot do so and instead will work internally if a name change is the winner of the poll. Rest assured the people already named will receive prizes. If new names are sought out, the players who chose them will be rewarded as well. Expect to see the poll up shortly!
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    Hi Everybody. Four years ago, I was real new, and was whining in chat about never seeing a Dragon. I said if I ever did see one (in PVE, of course - Kingdoms would make this complicated) I would tell everyone, and we would all just kill it. Oh, how people laughed at me. They told me of how greed makes people go sideways and if I made any announcement like that someone would come take it, and all the servers would be in an uproar trying to get there, and I had no idea what I was talking about, and what I suggested was laughable. Over the next four years, I came to understand that it isn't so simple. I learned that if you are going to do a public slaying, you gotta give people time to prepare. I learned those who host them are incredibly generous people who spend hours and hours setting these things up, and it is a Huge undertaking. But I never learned that people are greedy and awful. Wurm is full of really amazing people. We all come to the servers and help build an imaginary world together that is made of generosity, teamwork, really hard work, cooperation, laughter, adventures. People have spent years of long hours creating massive Impalongs that were endless days of joy, friendship, competition, and generosity. This last couple weeks, there was a beautiful Impalong that was so completely amazing, it felt like real life. Vooch and his staff were generous and kind to an extent that staggered and amazed me. And yesterday happened. Yesterday, I found a Dragon. First I contacted my alliance member and spewed a stream of all-caps uncontrolled excitement and explosions of glee that were mostly incoherent, but he dropped his anvil and came to help immediately. Then I phoned a friend in the alliance who dropped everything in real life to come help me. Then I contacted two other friends in the game who respectfully explained they were too busy. They kept quiet and didn't tell a soul. When it became apparent a couple hours into this that I was in over my head by a hundred feet or more, I pmmed Stanlee who sat in pm with me for hours helping with how-tos. He agreed to host the event, but we needed to pen it, and I found it in a friggin bowl of dirt on Inde, and after the 4th attempt to mine something suitable for a holding mine, we were 6 hours into the project with nothing but messes to show for it. We needed more workers. So I pmmed people I didn't know that well, but had interacted with enough to like them, and they dropped everything and headed over. Meanwhile, another friend had finally awakened in another time zone and she logged on and sailed over to help after reading my likely incoherent joy-bomb of a forum pm to her. These people put in anywhere from 4 to 12 hours of solid problem-solving and various levels of impressive skills. No one talked. No one tried to take the dragon or get greedy. We finally opened a mine and tried to get the thing into it in order to run a public event, but it wouldn't pull that far. When I say 'opened a mine', I mean we needed five tiles strongwalled, reinforcements, and dirt wagonneered to put all over for the surface. This was not a group of inexperienced players At All. This was in a huge area that appeared like it would be real easy to find a place to pen it, and after digging 200 slope down, still couldn't find rock, and when we did, it was reinforced, or snaking caverns. We went to pull it. We pulled for an hour. By this time, me and a few others had been awake 5 hours into the wee hours of the night past our bedtimes, and had been there for up to 10 hours. I said That's it. I'm doing it. I am going on Freedom Chat and telling everyone to come kill this little monster now. And they came. And when I told them to wait down by the water until everyone was there, they waited. And when I told them to put their tents down and wait by a guard tower and listen to my rules and my plan, they waited. And when we fought it for quite some time, because we were not a huge group, and it died, no one grabbed the corpse except the person I told to grab it. Nobody was greedy. I'm not naive. I know there are bad people out there in the world. But most people are good, and Wurm has a ton of really really good people. We all interact with each other in a little chat box in the bottom of our screens, and in that sacred space, friendships are forged, grand plans are hatched and carried out, ideas are debated, and generosity abounds. I really wish I could have given Independence a big public slaying with time to prepare and a beautiful Stanlee set-up with bells and whistles, or a wonderful Demonanightshade set-up likely with amazing lighting and decor, or that any of us last night could have done that with this dragon, but it wasn't to be. And when I just went on Freedom chat and babbled about a dragon in a sleep-deprived absolutely run-out-of-ideas stupor, y'all were there, and you were all wonderful. You make Wurm awesome, and I Do love everybody. Thank you all.
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    We had skill decay for years and people who got to high skill begged none stop for it to be changed as it lead to such a point where people had to grind hours a day to keep 3-4 skills at the same level let alone progress then skill decay was set to 90 then 70 and then it was decided to just take it away as it didnt add to the game it only meant people had to play more or get punished for not being able to play Same goes with item decay the game is all about long term playing not 1-2 months or a year max skill gains now days are so much faster then what they used to be because people bitched that it was to hard to catch up to those who had spend years already playing Imagine the year is 2005 and the highest skill is some guy who lives with tich who has 55 blacksmithing and is charging 5s for ql 50 blacksmithing tools with no enchants and 30-40 enchants would cost 2s a piece extra there is no mass storage no wagons no horses no boats and only 2 servers the cost of a guard tower is 15s a tower and no one is crazy enough to mass make them Back then going away for 2 weeks meant if you had 50 skill you could come back to 49.20 or less even it was horrible and people who got to 90 where basically forced to spend all day doing that single task or risk loosing their 90's easy You do not want skill decay as it adds a chore to the game that is not a fun gameplay loop you want the game to be more enjoyable and last longer find proper fun gameplay loops to add to the game not reintroduce mechanics that where taken out because they where hated by everyone
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    We take cheating very seriously here at Wurm Online. This is a community focused game and we do not tolerate bots or macroing. If you see anyone offering any cheats for Wurm Online, ignore them, they will just get your avatar banned from the game, or worse, they are simply infecting you with malware or the like! Wurm Unlimited Modders, we do not allow WU mods to interact with Wurm Online. Please keep that in mind. We want everyone to have a good experience here and we will go after anyone trying to cheat. The following is a few excerpts from our rules. The full rules may be viewed here. https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/123123-wurm-online-rules/ Macro Definition: A macro is any software/hardware that automates the sending of actions to the game server without user interaction and is not permitted. A ) Key locking (IE weighing down a key on your keyboard) is not permitted. B ) Multiboxing (automated sending of actions to more than one client at the same time) is not permitted. Attendance required: Make sure to attend your game session when performing actions. If you use keybinds and send actions that finish often, make sure that your actions have desired effect before starting a new queue in case you watch TV or do something similar that steals your attention. When performing actions that you start more seldom and take a long time to finish (such as fishing or training shields) you still need to verify that you have a valid target now and then when starting the action which should be no problem. In case we notice that you are not attending the game and express prolonged robotic behavior where your actions have no effect you risk being banned for automated play. This will of course not happen when playing normally or being afk. You also have to make sure to respond to any popup questions that may occur due to such perceived automation. Punishment: First offense - Permanent avatar ban. Second offense - Loss of all avatars/accounts and permanent ip ban. - Penalties for macro abuse may be applied at any time pending GM review, even if you have discontinued abusing a macro at time of penalty. Use of the 'G' keys on a G series keyboard, mouse, or other similar product is permitted to send multiple actions simultaneously (without any default, built-in, or added delay timings) in order to fill your in game ACTION QUEUE provided you do NOT use any sort of repeat function. Cheating Definition: * Obvious abuse of any exploit, bug or other method of gaining skill/items that is not as intended. (macros are covered by the rule above) * Sniffing game communication data, trying to hack the server, or altering the client in any way. * Using any tool that directly interacts with the Wurm Online client or with the network communication to enhance game play. * Connecting to the Wurm Online game server with anything other than the official client. * Gaining champion points outside of normal PvP. (example: Draining your own or a friends deeds, or killing avatars provided only as a service for champion points.) Punishment: Varies on a case by case bases including permanent ban and loss of skills. - In the specific case of champion point exploitation all avatars involved will be banned and their deeds disbanded. Bugs & Exploits If you find an exploitable bug, you are required to report it to /support. A ) Non-exploitable bugs should always be reported in the Maintenance Buildings section of our forums. B ) Exploitable bugs should be reported to a Game Master via the /support ticket system in game. C ) PVP activity will not be interrupted by Game Master's unless a bug is deemed critical or game breaking by multiple GM's D ) Game Masters will not respond to /support tickets concerning PVP activity that they are participating in on their player avatars. If you are affected by a bug that prevents your ability to play on your avatar, or you have lost items or skills, contact /support in game. Game Masters can provide temporary solutions or instructions while the bug is evaluated and submitted to the development team for correction.
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    Are you stuck at home in real life or in game? We won’t be able to fix getting you out of the house, but we can get you out of your deed to sail on over to Release and take some of that house quarantine pent up rage and slay this Harmless White Dragon Hatchling! This is a public slaying with public rolls! Don’t be shy and come on over. The event will be held on Sunday, June 14, 2020 at 1 PM PST. A timer will be provided so don’t miss it! To negate lag as much as possible for those crossing servers please arrive 1 hour early. For those on server please be advised to arrive as early as you can, lest you miss the event. The exact location will be public 2 hours before the event, but for those who come early there will be plenty to do at the meet up location at J13 Saint Absy’s Cathedral. We have a church for listening to those nasty priests but we have to pretend to listen so we can get goodies later on. There’s a chess board for those brave enough to push statues around, (Ask Elizarya for permission first). For those who don’t have a horse we will provide one and we will have plenty of food and water, just make sure to wash your hands before eating. Rules for the rolls: -Once you get a hit in please back off and allow for others to hit as I’m sure it’s exhilarating when hitting a unique for the first time or even for the 100th time. -Alts in local are fine, but please refrain from entering the slaying pen. -All those who join in the fight (and are not, themselves, alts) are eligible to retrieve loot rolled from the corpse of the dragon, as well as the corpse itself. All items attained from the dragon will be rolled. Stay until the end as we will have extra items to roll. Since the Covid-19 pandemic is in full swing we will provide clean food and water with wash basins! We will not be able to maintain social distancing during the slaying so please keep your masks on and don’t breathe or sneeze too much.
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    Hello all! I’ve made quite a bit of progress over the last week. We now have fully functioning game server instances, complete with MRTG and server stats. So the servers will have all those stats you all love. On top of that I was able to set up infrastructure for an IPSec VPN Tunnel. This VPN tunnel will allow us to uplift servers individually, rather than take all of Wurm down for a considerable amount of time to uplift all servers at once. Even more exciting is that I took the test servers down to nothing and was able to restore them from backups in a short period of time. 20 minutes for Druska, which has the Jackal map at the moment! That was a pretty nice time frame for a complete server restore. We are currently working out an uplift schedule, but I can tell you that the first server will be Jackal. We are starting with Jackal because it still needs to run to transfer folks off, and it will be a good test with minimal interruption. After Jackal we will likely begin the Freedom server uplift with Celebration. Again the schedule for this is forthcoming and needs to work around our patch schedule and time off. It’s been a long road - much longer than I had originally anticipated. A lot of the delay was the result of failing to find time, but much of the time spent on this project was sheer trial and error. We have a unique infrastructure and trying to get it right took time. Samool also helped us right-size the test servers with some memory improvements, so if you have a moment please do hop on and see how it feels. We will monitor performance of the servers we uplift and make changes to instance-size as needed. Samool also plans to monitor and make improvements to memory usage which will help with server lag overall. So what’s next? I still have the build servers and the main Wurm website to do. The latter will cause some launcher downtime so I’m being careful with this. We’re getting close though! That’s all for now. Happy Wurming!
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    I'm dreaming of a White Dragon Just like the ones I used to know Where the tree tops glisten And children listen To hear slaying at N13 I said, I'm dreaming of a White Dragon With every Dragon blood of blacksmithing May your days be merry and bright So long as you arrive on time Edit: I was gonna sing this whole post, but turns out i'm tone deaf and mixing in much-needed instruments was gonna be a bit much, but there's a link to my attempt anyway
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    ne and all are invited to attend the slaying of The venerable fat fierce green dragon hatchling. The slaying shall occur promptly at 8pm UTC. The following clock has been provided for those whom may live in timezones that are not GMT, and require conversion. And it shall occur only at the location marked roughly on this map: N13 upon the isles of Release. Turning up elsewhere is extremely unlikely to incur a dragon fight. the bottom left arrow is nearest, it's on N13, I should stop using this image The rules of previous dragon slayings shall be repeated in this one: Alts in local are fine. All those who join in the fight (and are not, themselves, alts) are eligible to retrieve loot rolled from the corpse of the dragon, as well as the corpse itself. All items attained from the dragon will be rolled. All people are advised to arrive early, lest they miss the event. Washing basins will be provided to slow the spread of COVID-19 in this trying time. In the leadup to the fight, all characters are asked to wash and engage in social distancing.
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    in the wake of the changes to the repair system it has come to our attention that multiple people may be in need of a support group to handle the changes we are seeing it become more common in the populace to exhibit unhelpful thinking patterns, such as "it is only when we see our motivations laid before us that we can begin to challenge or change them" - me as such we are assembling a multi-disciplinary support group to help the citizens of wurm it is located at what was the Great Release Bake Off (and still is called this) located near O13 on Release despite this name it is not a Bake Off, however refreshments will be provided activities included: art therapy - join in creating painting and murals to the repair system as it was, allowing ourselves to leave behind the idea that keeping an item at QL98 literally forever was sensible percussion therapy - let the sounds of the bells put you in the now, rather than the what was guided meditation - remember to get your 5 ticks in today. that's literally all of the guidance mindfulness lunchbox construction - subject to the mission still being there, seriously who gets the lunchbox missions done? we will, and we'll all get SB and maybe learn something primal draconic screaming - led by our very own venerable white dragon, an opportunity to Release the pent-up anger caused by this update we hope to see you there
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    [23:49:32] You have just received the title 'Damage Control'! it's ogre, 100 repair is finally done. no skill tick since I didn't get one to say I reached 100 in skill tab, no idea why not in the time it took me to reach 100 repair, I got 5 affinities in the skill, and even managed to roll the 5th rank affinity roll twice, much to the confusion of staff members (no 6th affinity in repair sadly) I also beat @PandyLynnto 100 skill, so idk that feels neat time for 100 milling next
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    At 03:50 server time an issue occurred that affected the skills tables for both creatures and players. This caused an issue with reading skill data and possibly saving skill data. The issue was brought to my attention at 04:07 server time when players complained about having no skill and being unable to complete actions as a result. I had first attempted to repair the table while the server was running in order to preserve any data from skill gains that I could, but this only made the problem worse - the table seemed to have vanished due to the repair failing. Xanadu was brought down at 04:20 server time. At this point I was able to save the binary data of the skills table in order to preserve it and initiated a MySQL restart. When the database server came back online the table was restored and repaired. I verified that skill data seemed intact by picking a few players who had complained originally and finding their skills to have appropriate values. Xanadu was brought back online and available for connections at 04:50 server time. Due to this issue there may have been a period of about 30 minutes where skill ticks were not saved. I will be meeting with Samool in the morning to discuss compensation for the downtime and possible 30 minute skill loss. Most likely we will be doing 5 hours of sleep bonus on Thursday's restart. We will update to confirm the decision. Edit: Confirmed - 5 hours of sleep bonus on Jan 23 restart. Thank you for your patience.
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    Dear Wurmians, It’s been a busy few months since the Steam launch, with unprecedented player counts and four new servers launched, but it’s time to sit around the campfire, share spooky stories, and maybe roast a rat on a stick or two. So take a seat and find out what’s in store this Halloween period (00:01 on the 28th of October until 23:59 on the 5th of November CET) in Wurm Online. Spooky Scary Skeletons The cool Autumn air shimmers with energy, and you feel yourself growing… faint. Halloween comes with strange changes, including skeletal versions of yourself and other animals. Rest assured though, your flesh is still there, ripe for the tasting… Big Smiles Halloween is here, and it just wouldn’t be Halloween without tricks and treats, and do we have the treat for you! All premium members will receive a unique limited edition demon helm upon logging in during the Halloween period! More Treats During the Halloween period, we’ll also be running a 10% bonus skill gain and affinity gain event Time to hunker in your houses, away from the strange sounds in the woods, and the eyes you swear you can see glimpses of between the trees… Or, you can brave the dark and head out to hunt creatures twisted by the dying light, and find special Halloween themed items, some from stories past, and one entirely new. Work continues on our more extensive plans over the coming months, with our roadmap shared at the start of this month! If you missed it and would like to see what we have in store in 2021, check it all out here!
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    In short, players are heavily rewarded for playing on PvE servers, whilst a lot of people feel there is little reason to play on Defiance unless there is an active PvP engagement occurring. This is super unhealthy for the PvP community, and if changes aren’t made, the population on Defiance will eventually die. Some of the reasons people frequently choose to play on Freedom rather than Defiance include: More frequent rites, and therefore more sleep bonus. There are a lot more rite casts on Freedom than on Defiance due to the higher population and more concentrated number of Vynora priests. Risk free crafting. Risk free hunting. Items you make can be sold for silver, whereas on Defiance people are more likely to provide items for free. Ease of crossing between Defiance and Freedom. Instead of the Chaos/Freedom isles relationship; where you must sail between servers (which is a risk in itself), portals currently allow you to cross at a moment’s notice in order to respond to PvP. The Path of Knowledge level 11 ability which grants 25% bonus skill gain. This is unattainable on Defiance. Essentially, playing on Freedom just makes a lot of sense for the individual, but if everyone does the same, this has a negative impact on the PvP community. Usually high difficulty is rewarded in Wurm, as it should be, which is why I suggest adding incentives to play on PvP rather than removing features from Freedom: Hunting should ALWAYS be good on PvP. Right now it is terrible, particularly in the south. Spawns should be crazy high. Starter zones could be spared so new players don’t get overwhelmed. Rites could have halved requirements on PvP, and scale with number of active priests in that religion. (Or a timed cooldown, half requirements on PvP might still mean more casts on Freedom). Looting battle camps could give 1 hr sleep bonus to all in local. Valrei missions: If the Defiance server rewards are as the same on Freedom it’d make no sense, as there’s no risk to completing Valrei missions on Freedom. On Defiance, these missions should be more frequent, they should encourage going into enemy lands, and they should give lots of sleep bonus and other rewards for all participants. (My suggestion is keep Valrei missions the same as they currently are on Freedom, but buff the rewards on PvP. Note that this DOES NOT mean adding moon metals or similar to the PvP Valrei rewards.) Exclusive skins that can only be acquired on the PvP server. These could be gained through Valrei missions, HoTA rewards, or maybe as rewards for having high battle rank. These skins could be transferable to the Freedom servers to allow people to show off their pvp-gotten-gains. Some sort of penalty to using a PvP portal, a timed CR nerf or similar. Increased skill gain? Nothing as drastic as Epic, but instead a 10% bonus to all skillgain. These are just some ideas thrown out there as examples, as there are plenty of other ways to increase incentive. Feel free to add more suggestions, like, comment, subscribe, etc. It should also be noted that this thread links up with this one here:
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    Yo listen up here's a story About a little dragon that lives in a blue world And all day and all night and everything he sees Is just blue like him inside and outside Blue his house with a blue little window Located at K14/15ish And everything is rolled for him and his tent And everybody around Cos he ain't got nobody to listen to I'm blue da ba dee da ba die at this time
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    A lost Blue Dragon has been found. If no-one comes forth to reclaim it, it will be slain publicly. I've been told it's been stored about here: Which is "K14/15ish," a deed called "Whose is the Big Blue Boy" And the deadline to claim it is this time: Usual terms & conditions apply: No amount of evidence is sufficient to prove this dragon is yours - we're definitely killing it. All loot will be rolled. Even fantastic bones. Your safety is not guaranteed, for best results bring a tent. Your inclusion is not guaranteed, for best results arrive early. You can bring alts if you like. Absolutely nothing will be done to ensure their survival. This dragon drops butchering potions and scale, so if my PC is running at a normal frame rate I'm going to be seriously disappointed. Remember when lantern snuffing at events was a thing? I mean, it still should be, but it's pretty hard to snuff a glow ring. Ever notice that diamonds are white, but in a deck of cards they're red? I forget where I'm going with this, but we need purple dragons. Maybe they can have digging potions. The time is not to be considered finalised until up to 12 hours before the event, as it may be subject to change. Please take your tents when you leave. But also something completely different: More events like this should be had. The uniques and their rewards should be enjoyed by many, not few. If you're interested in causing more events like this one, I am calling for any and all people interested in hosting full-loot (only), public events on any servers! Worried you might not have what it takes? That your contribution may be minimal? You'll be surprised at how useful a few people can be, even if they're not up for penning! Get in touch and we'll see what can be done! The only way we can take back more of these events is organising! So get in touch with me (ideally ingame, but forums if you have to) and let's get these rolling.
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    Wow, what a launch! It's had ups and downs but on the whole it's been amazing! We have smashed all time records peaking at a concurrent 2200+ users! It's big times for Wurm and we'll continue on making them bigger, so let's get into what's happening! New lands found! After the massive influx of players with the launch on Steam, the lands of Harmony and Melody have quickly become densely populated as new players find their home. We've been monitoring deed density and player count, and with the continuing growing player base, we've decided to launch another server to accommodate all the new players! Cadence will be a 16km x 16km map equal to Harmony, with a focus on waterways providing plenty of coastal lands. We will be launching this server on the 21st of August, so get prepped! Priest faith After announcing our intentions to merge faith, we have been listening to your feedback on the matter. We spent time discussing this internally and have decided to not go forward with the merge. Our initial goal was to address the meta of skilling on PvE servers while being priests within PvP, but given your feedback, we're willing to change our plans. We want to encourage priest play on the PvP server rather than skilling off the server and will work on a more agreeable solution. Priests, links, and favor As we have worked on addressing balance issues with priests and linking, we have spent considerable time reading through your feedback on the forums and in-game. The appeal of linking multiple priests is due to the way the existing favor regeneration and sacrificing systems work. With this in mind, we will be introducing a new system to address those weak spots within playing a priest. Expect to see a discussion post regarding that soon! There's plenty more in the works and we're looking forward with working with all of you in making sure it continues to improve Wurm as we keep the ball rolling after the amazing Steam launch! I'll be continuing to farm and smith (more likely stand around idle) and I know you will too, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
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    Some might say that I have a presence in the community. I've been vocally in support of removing RMT for the past months leading up to this news. We all knew it was coming as soon as the steam launch was announced in typical Rolf style. You'll be upset to know that actually the vast majority of people I've interacted with as a result of these discussions have been in favor of these changes. You're right though, this will cause some people to leave, however this change is made not under the intention of trying to retain people but under the intention of creating a better game for the future. There's no secret that Wurm has been in decline for a long while and Wurm needs to go where people are looking for games to play - which is Steam. It's no secret that RMT has shaped Wurm to where it is today however it IS bad for the game and this change is a good one. It is a shame for my back pocket in that going back 5 years ago my entire game inventory and toons were worth maybe 3-4k euros. Now that's basically nothing, but the basic concept that I should be able to enjoy the game for another 5 years instead of seeing a slow decline until it's servers are shut down due to expenses (which is our trajectory atm). Makes it worth the gamble, I want to see more of these big, decisive changes that will drive Wurm to a proper vision instead of a compromised wishwash, trying to make every player happy. Best of luck to anyone who leaves. Thank you for your contributions to the game and for the enjoyable memories. For those who stay, I look forward to making new memories with you all.
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    Hello wurmians! All time I playing this game, I do miss alchemy potions, flasks and such! And now I feel it's time to suggest this idea here. Probably you will not agree with all potions / elixirs that I offer here, but if you like any of them write of it, dont be careless So! what do I suggest, and why!? First of all - new items: And now time to talk of Elixirs: Regular Elixirs: Cooldown Elixirs: Battle Elixirs: Trowing Elixirs: Creation My reason of suggest it, first of all course its alchemy! i love alchemy and i dont feel here alchemy as alchemy! Secondary course of mushroom usage. There is not so much sence of them in the game for atm. R egular elixirs, can help not only with some effects of capasity, but also gives you nice skill to see for example traits of animals even with low AH. C ooldown elixirs can help with meditation, and faith gain, to redeuce a bit timmer for new players, who didnt join from very begining, when disconnects was renew gains each time F ight Elixirs, will give some interesting turns like when guy with maul hits you pirce dmg, or Ice pillar make acid wounds, that will help to make in pvp more unexpected ways T rowing Elixirs, will also help pvp, atm i see a bit disbalance, when non priest dont have real chances with simmilar by str priest, vacoom bomb gonna fix that a bit So! tell me what ya think of it?! Will we give new Alchemy a chance?
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    [20:56:51] Scythe increased by 0.000008 to 100.000000 So that's a thing I did and I've decided on Reaper of Souls as the title. Massive thanks to everyone who's shown me support over the last few month, you know who you are.
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    ORIGINAL POST Hey everybody! I hesitated quite a lot before starting this post because I'm well aware that there's hardly any reason why anyone else would be interested about my play style, about my adventures or about my progress. Yet, in the end I decided to do it anyway, just because I wanted to show other (new) players that there are a lot of different ways you can play this amazing game and to encourage them to have the courage to choose the path that suits them best (whatever that would be), even if it a less walked one. There are tons of approaches you can choose from when it comes about Wurm, but there's not a single one that you absolutely must follow. Some background info and early decisions 1. Being such a complex and awesome game, Wurm can easily become addictive and since I always try to maintain a healthy balance between the different aspects of my life and stay in control of my time, I decided early on that it's very important for me to set a hard limit for my game time. And, in the end, I decided to settle for 60 hours of game time per month, so an average of two hours per day (sure, some days it can be more, some days it can be less, what's important though is to not go over the limit by the end of the month), which, I think, puts me right in the "casual, yet somehow dedicated player" category. 2. I did purchased the new player bundle with two months of premium time and five silver coins for €11.99 and I have to say that it is a really well thought deal which I would recommend any one, since the five silvers are more than enough to allow you to set your initial deed (presuming you stay within a decent size). For the future, I will only pay for my premium subscription and not buy any silver coins, since because of my low upkeep, I should be able to easily pay it with the money I'd get from selling my sleeping powder. Jury is still on if, when my initial two months of premium time will expire, I should continue to pay month by month and not commit too much on a new game or go full in, make a large, one year purchase, and enjoy quite a hefty discount (€5.99 instead of €7.99 per month). 3. I decided to stick with a 21x23 (483 tiles) size for my deed, without a guard, for a couple of reasons. One was that the setup cost was lower than five silvers which were included in the initial package (exact price was 4s 83c, which include three months of upkeep) and the second one was that it kept monthly upkeep cost to one silver, which is the minimum cost anyway (any deed smaller than this would still cost one silver, so there wouldn't be any savings and basically no reason for going smaller). Also, while there was definitely a temptation to go bigger, I couldn't really justify the extra costs, since 483 tiles is plenty of space for as a single person, and as a casual player I actually doubt I'd even have time to take care of a bigger deed anyway. 4. I made sure that I understood (and accepted) that there are a lot of people willing to invest much more in Wurm than me, both in terms of time and money and there's no way I could even dream to compete with them. That's why I decided to not even try to compare myself with anyone else, but just focus on my little place and on my personal progress, both done at a pace I'm comfortable with and that's what I recommend you all. It may look like snail speed to some people, but, guess what... it's not important what they think, but what suits us and what brings us enjoyment. My deed (where things start to get weird) I decided that, despite the many inherent disadvantages, I'd really to have a little private island all for myself... ideally I wanted an island to match as close as possible my desired deed size (about 500 tiles) - not too big (because I wanted to keep in control both my costs and my required time to maintain it), not too small, with at least some rock layer (essential) and, ideally, also with some clay (optional)... found a few amazing ones, but I was beaten to them on the land race grab race, so I could only congratulate their owners and keep searching. And just when I was about to give up, I managed to find my little paradise... it's not perfect, it's not what I wished for... it's (much) smaller than i hoped, it doesn't have any clay, but hey, it's mine and despite all its flaws I really love it! It has some rock layer, although not very much, but I'll try to see if I can raise at least a few extra tiles out of water with concrete (crazy much, isn't it? hahaha). It is located on the border between K10 and K11 on the Melody server (not the bigger island there which belongs to my neighbor, but the really tiny one - basically just a dot on the map - south west of it) and here's the first deed planner export of it (I wish that I would have taken one on day one, but I didn't knew about this feature until later on, when some heavy digging/rock revealing already took place): https://warlander.github.io/DeedPlanner-3-web/?map=https%3A%2F%2Fpastebin.com%2FzxG79GU3 My play style (where things get really weird) While I definitely don't recommend this play style to other people, I decided to set some extra challenges for myself: first of all I dropped all the starting tools and started from scratch, then (and that's the really crazy part) I also decided to never use any enchants, runes or items that I haven't gathered, crafted and improved myself. Talking about the distribution of my play time, I realized (only after it became a burden that almost made me quit the game) that they key to manage to make any progress as a casual player with limited play time is to try to minimize the time spent on daily chores as much as possible (I wrote a bit more about this here) and not spread your resources too thin, but instead try to focus them on one mini-project at a time (I wrote a bit more about this here). What I have achieved so far (updated) This list will always be updated with all (or at least my most noticeable) achievements: - took my time and found a place that I really love for my first deed - made a set of basic tools, including flint and steel (which was the last one) to replace the starting ones that I dropped on day one - made 1x1 shed, with a bed inside, so I can start getting sleep bonus - joined a religion (so I can enjoy follower bonuses), made an altar, and leveled my faith to 30 - made a meditation rug, meditated to level 20 (so I can start the CDs), joined Path of Love (so I can start the CDs) and already reached level five (which means I can refresh myself now) - got to 21 body control (so I can ride horses) and to 23 body strength (so I can load items) - made a large cart and a row boat so I can move freely across the map (still in the plan to add some rafts to them for extra storage, but I just started with that) - made a FSB and about ten BSBs to store my mats (started to sort them based on ql already) - made a forge (although not having a mine yet, and still rummaging for my iron) - made a larder and filled it with some snowballs (not many though, because of time constraints) to help a bit with food conservation - got myself a couple of horses, started to breed them and I now have some foals and waiting to start the second generation - started a really small farming plot for cotton and wemp (not vegetables because I plan to relay on the Refresh ability from the meditation path) - improved my items as much as I was able to based on my mats ql (that was about 18ql for wood items, about 9 ql for stone items and, please don't laugh, about 3 ql for iron items) and I plan to improve them all to 20+ - and most of all worked on terraforming my deed - I exposed all the rock above the ground and now I'm working with dredging dirt from below water on the additional tiles, to see if I find tiles where I'll can potentially rise the rock level above water with concrete Characteristics and relevant skills (updated) Characteristics: - Mind: 20.18 --- Mind logic: 24.26 --- Mind speed: 19.94 - Soul: 14.60 --- Soul depth: 21.95 --- Soul strength: 20.05 - Body: 22.58 --- Body strength: 23.39 --- Body stamina: 22.56 --- Body control: 21.92 Skills: - Prospecting: 14.14 - Climbing: 29.03 - Mining: 13.39 - Digging: 69.51 - Smithing --- Blacksmithing: 19.03 - Tailoring --- Leatherworking: 16.23 Nature: 30.57 --- Gardening: 22.84 --- Foraging: 36.91 --- Botanizing: 22.74 --- Forestry: 16.91 --- Farming: 14.64 --- Meditating: 36.94 --- Animal husbandry: 35.00 - Miscellaneous items: 37.70 --- Shovel: 44.28 --- Pickaxe: 15.14 --- Repairing: 26.24 --- Sickle: 14.49 --- Hammer: 13.47 - Axes: 12.45 --- Hatchet: 12.78 - Woodcutting: 20.11 - Carpentry: 40.82 --- Fine carpentry: 22.36 --- Ship building: 13.94 Deed plan (updated) Deed plan: https://warlander.github.io/DeedPlanner-3-web/?map=https%3A%2F%2Fpastebin.com%2FbGdecawN Current projects (updated) 1. build enough BSBs so I can have one for every 10 ql range (0 to 9.99 ql, 10.00 to 19.99, and so on 'till 90.00 to 99.99), then some more for my dirt and sand 2. build a second large cart and fill it with seven rafts to work as a mobile "large chest" 3. level my woodcutting to at least 25 (which will be kinda slow since with only a rowboat I can only cut and haul home three trees at a time) and gather a reasonable supply of 25+ ql logs, so I'll can start improving my wood items up to 25 ql (and then have to worry about reimping 'till they drop to 20ql) 4. level my mining to 25 (which again will be kinda slow since with only a rowboat I can only haul 40 shards home at a time) and gather a reasonable supply of 25+ ql rock shards and iron lumps, so I'll can start improving my metal and masonry items up to 25 ql (and then have to worry about reimping 'till they drop to 20ql) 5. improve all my items up to 25 ql (which, again, will probably take quite a lot of time since my skills are really low) 6. finish dredging the edges of my island, so I can see exactly what tiles I'll can raise out of water with concrete later on 7. raise the NW corner of my deed above water level Final thoughts Although I know there won't be many (if any) interested in my diary, I'll keep updating this at least once per month for as long as I'll keep playing. Comments, constructive criticism and advises are more than welcome!
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    Making the same mistake spreading the servers thin.
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    Rumble sounds... Very out of place in the Wurm world.
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    Dear Wurmians, With the world currently suffering the effects of COVID-19, we know many players have been affected by this situation, whether it is by lockdown, quarantine, essential services working or reduced hours. We understand that this period is tough for many of you and that engaging with others online is all the more critical for us. During this time, we wanted to introduce a few bonuses to make this trying time more enjoyable. Chest Skin and Marks Every premium player who logs in from the 3rd of April until the 12th of April will receive 8,000 Loyalty Marks as well as an exclusive ancient large chest skin. This reward can be redeemed at any point after purchase of premium until the 12th of April. Bonus Skillgain Starting on the 3rd of April we'll be introducing our first skill gain and affinity chance bonus! From the 3rd until the 5th of April it will be a 30% bonus to both skill gain and the chance of receiving an affinity from actions for all players regardless of premium status. From the 6th until the 12th of April it will be a 10% bonus to both, so jump on and take advantage! We also have several projects in the works: A new user interface with improved functionality Volumetric lighting effects More journal tiers Reworks of several systems Moving our servers to improved hosting Launch of Wurm Online on Steam Please make sure you stay safe during these times, observe health and safety warnings and look after loved ones. We will be here continuing to work on making Wurm the best it can be. Regards, The Wurm Online team.
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    Wow. > Want to make the game less spell-spam. > Nerf the counter-spell. > ??? This makes literally no sense. If the goal was to make it less spell-spam, buff/improve Tangleweave. Don't nerf it. This change exacerbates the issue you're claiming to want to solve. Now people will be able to spell spam with indifference. Any spell with a cast time below 7 seconds is now unable to be countered. The cooldown change is fine to try. It prevents overwhelming forces from shutting down the effectiveness of priests on the other side. I can get behind that. The favor cost and cast time increase is overkill nerfs. So instead of balancing around people using spells on in-game models you're instead forcing them to open up the character menu and interact with user interfaces during combat instead of targeting players. This is immediately after the new UI changes where you're allowing dragging a 3D item on the ground into a nearby container. The change was made specifically so people could focus on the 3D world and their combat log to fight instead of having to sort through janky menus and sub-menus. It's one thing if it's too strong - tackle that aspect of it. However, this instead just reverts a QoL feature and creates an inconsistency due to the new UI changes. Why can you drag an item to a container in the world, but not cast a spell on a player in the world? That just makes the game less appealing to play. This completely ignores the fact that a moving vehicle with ping/lagg introduced can easily force a character menu shut at random intervals due to client-server desync. This is a direct nerf to anyone who plays on high ping, making it significantly more difficult for them to heal their allies. There's so many things wrong with this change and it would've been better to tackle it in literally any other way. Furthermore, healing resistance being adjusted on PvP is one thing. I was actually totally fine with healing resistance increasing faster on PvP servers since it was originally designed to prevent PvE exploits. However, now you're saying that it will work inconsistently between enchants and spells? Why would that be the case? It should affect everything equally. Life Transfer shouldn't get special treatment over Scorn of Libila or Light of Fo. This is just another asterisk to put on a mechanic in the game which serves no purpose. Clearly nobody thought about how this would affect people who actually enjoyed Venom as an enchant. The whole reason for Venom/poison to have no glance rate was because it feels better and reduces RNG during combat. Even though it was less damage, making sure that nothing could glance your attacks just felt good. No longer would you swing 5 times in a row and get glanced every time. You would hit for less, but hit more often. Now, it would be one thing if there was some problem where Venom was dealing the most damage and thus overpowered. However, that wasn't the case because the other enchants applied a significant damage bonus whereas Venom had none. You traded raw damage per hit for more consistent hits. So instead of keeping Venom feeling good for those who like it you just end up returning the one combat mechanic they were trying to avoid and shove it straight back in their face without warning. Nice. Anyone with a Venom weapon they invested in is probably quite upset, and rightfully so. This change is nonsense and should be reverted outright. Even adjusting Venom to have a 20% damage bonus to counteract would not remedy this change. A unique enchant which changed how combat felt in a positive way was nerfed to obsolete, and it wasn't even the best enchant.
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    As some of you might have seen, Retro announced the steam page last night/today and revealed that I had been making some screenshots for that purpose. To make my task easier, Retro and Samool helped get me set up with the tools I need to be able to make them, and so over the past couple of weeks I have been traveling around the various servers admiring your guys amazing creations and taking screenshots of the ones that felt especially picturesque. Retro already revealed some of them in the Steam page, but I thought y'all would be interested in seeing the rest of the final ones I came up with, together with what was the name of the deed and what server it was on. Below, are just a few samples. There were 41 in total. Here are a few samples, but if you want to check out all the rest, you can do so from this link: https://www.andrea.net/wurm_shots_fixes/forum/
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    It's all right, my love, we can manage without a trader. We'll find a way. If you'd just wait a few more minutes, I could imp it to 80. I'm sorry, it may be more "modern", but I'm not playing Life is Feudal. It's such a drag whenever somebody founds a PMK. Enki, are you coming to the impalong or not? "I thought you said he had a knarr." "Shh!" He's getting a bit old and set in his ways. We really need a younger dev with your skills. ... and so on. (Lots more paintings here.)
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    In the last patch notes This change removes many fun game play aspects including being able to play a priest on pvp and craft on pve. It also forces all pvp hots players to be lib on pve preventing them being vyn for the skill gain bonus for example. I am suggesting to NOT make this change and leave things as they are, If you agree to keep things the way they are +1 this post if you want the change please post why,
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    Here we are again, and its almost that time of the year again for the annual Summer Friend-A-Long! This event is brought to you by Dragon Beard Markets, the Academy Network Alliance of Pristine, and random donors like you out there! This years Event will be held July 24th to the 29th. DUE TO STEAM LAUNCH I AM ADJUSTING THE DATE FORWARD A WEEK, THE NEW DATE WILL BE July 17th - 22nd. Hopefully this window will allow most folks the chance to attend and join in and the foolery of it all. Some of you may be asking what is an Imp-along? Well basically is a community event where everyone gets together to imp and cast for each other for free! Anyone can come, anyone can help imp. Often people just come to grind there skill for free. You don't have to be able to get to 70q imps, just do what you can and someone else will finish up the work! The only real restrictions is on channeling skill to help prevent shattered items. Made some changes to the deed based on feedback. Build a whole new arena that is designed around accommodating val and jackal mobs. I build a new tower for "Wurmian Lawn Darts" this year now that I know people have no problems flinging themselves to there likely death for prizes. We have collected a massive amount of materials, cotton, body bags, booze and prizes. I hope to see you all at turn up for the fun and games this year! Were going to commemorate the new arena with something special this year.... As I always say, If you didn't die at the imp-along you did it wrong! Please keep and eye on this thread as i will be updating it regularly with details of events, changes, whatever.... Event is ended for this year! When: DUE TO STEAM LAUNCH I AM ADJUSTING THE DATE FORWARD A WEEK, THE NEW DATE WILL BE July 17th - 22nd. Where: Pristine, T16, Friendship Bay deed. Map: https://prnt.sc/jdif1w - In game Map location. Map: http://prntscr.com/svwrts - Terrain View You can also plot to Dragon Beard from any highway, then just follow the highway a few hundred tiles to the deed. Imping Materials: All materials provided will be stocked in the resource carts/wagons next to each station, the general public will not have access to the bulk of materials, please try to NOT COMBINE tiny lumps like silver, gold, electrum, and the like for imping larger items like weapons and shields. Material usage will be alot higher, and we will get alot less imps out of the total stock of that material, less used is more for everyone! If you need a refill on something please ask in local or a "Wurm Lord" for refill. This year we will be providing some higher then 70q Materials during the last few days as sort of a reward for those people who stuck around and the work flow slows down a bit more. Expect to see up to 90q Logs, Iron, and maybe leather available for further imps towards the end of the event. Getting YOUR items imped, casted or bloods mixed: So these events work because people enjoy helping each other out, but a very important catch to that is that they do not want to feel abused or taken advantage of! Thoe it may seem like things are hard to track that would be a mistake to assume. The veteran impers and caster keep a close eye on who is dropping what and taking advantage of peoples generosity. Every event I end up taking peoples items for taking advantage of others (after a fair warning, if its not obvious abuse). The veterans who help out and imp/cast at these things will not hesitate to PM me if they think there being taken advantage of and I totally encourage this. As soon as they feel taken advantage of these things are dead! NAME YOUR ITEMS WITH YOUR COMPLETE CHARACTER NAME! Nothing else is needed, just make sure you move it to the correct locations as work progresses. ANY items that are not properly named will be secured and probably forfeit since identification is difficult. Creators tag will NOT be relied on. To be clear this means bring your existing gear, not create 1 of everything for every alt and bring it for free work. LIMITATIONS: A couple of weapons, a set of horse shoes, a couple of hammers, 1 of most other items. Do not create your items on site, particularly with the higher q imping mats. The only times items should be created is to replace shattered ones. So be sure you bring everything! If you have some unique bloods you would like mixed or applied feel free to bring them as well, please keep it to 10 or less, that should be enough to completely imbue a single tool, If you would like to provide the salt then we can do more mixes. Common Mistakes: As mentioned before be sure ALL your items are correctly named with your character. Find the station relevant to the skill required for your equipment. For example Hammers in Blacksmithing, Swords in Weapon smithing etc. Most are pretty obvious. Some of the most commonly misplaced items are: Carving Knife, Sickle, and Scythe witch are actually Weapon smithing. (Cooking) Knife and Leather Knife are actually Blacksmithing. New fishing rods are Fine carpentry, and the legacy rods are Carpentry. Fishing Reels are Jewelry Smithing, with the exception of the deep water reel witch is Blacksmithing. Secured/Overflow Item Recovery: *NEW* If one of your items has been moved to overflow please ask a "Wurm Lord" to retrieve it for you. Be sure to tell the the precise name of the shelf its on so they can find it quickly! For example "Casting Overflow SW3" will tell them what floor, what corner and what shelf your item is on. To avoid having your items secured try and make sure your checking on them and moving them as needed so that other peoples work can be processed. Be patient if you need something returned, everyone is a volunteer, and there may not always be someone around to retrieve your item. Any items left over anywhere that are properly named will be mailed back to there owner shortly after the close of the event. Deed Settings: *NEW* Drop AND Take are enabled on deed outside of buildings again this year for the purposes of butchering and looting during arena events. Please keep this in mind and do not leave your possessions outside un-attended, if you move more then a few tiles away your items could be taken by anyone. Treat is as in the wild! If Trash becomes a problem I may reconsider this policy and disallow looting. Deed Bonus's: *NEW* If your a visitor of the server and want to take advantage of a maxed out enchanting and rarity window bonus you can join the village, this is also a good option of you forgot to bring a tent! If you would like to join just PM VirusMD to get an invite What is expected of you as a patron: Be polite and be respectful! Don't forget to put your characters NAME ON ALL YOUR ITEMS! Cant stress this enough. Anything not properly named is likely to be lost or stuffed in an overflow bin, and once moved with no name, there is basically no way to identify it as yours. Please try and remove your items promptly once imped/casted to avoid having your items secured in overflow. You do NOT need to label them with what cast/imp you want, just your name. Just make sure you place them in the correct container. Do NOT abuse people's generosity! Don't bring 10 or even 5 of the same item for imping/casting. The only real exception to this might be horse shoes. Anyone caught taking advantage will forfeit there items and be asked to leave. And the veteran impers do know what to look for, i removed almost 100 items last year due to abuse, and it was veterans who tipped me off. Do NOT sell items that were done for you at the impalong. Its about helping people out, not taking advantage of someone else's work to put coin in your pocket. Getting items casted is at your own risk! Thoe the priest will be required to have at least 70 channeling and demonstrate so with there 70+ title. Shatters can and will happen at an event like this. Item quality plays a big in this so if your going to get something casted, consider imping it first. If an item is shattered, and its reproducible on site, feel free to ask someone with skill to re craft it for you. You should not need to pick any items up that are not your (nor will you be able to inside a building) If your items are moved to overflow please contact a "Wurm Lord" Items are only returned to the character named on it! Also feel free to help imp items even if you don't have that skill to 70. The only real restriction is channeling. Everyone is welcome to help out! Consider this an opportunity to grind your skills and no expense to you other then time. Mats and favor are provided so go crazy imp or cast all the things! When you complete and imp or cast please call it out in local to the owner something like "/me VirusMD your pickaxe imp is done!" This should help keep things flowing particularly for items waiting to receive multiple casts. Please check on your items frequently when possible to avoid having them moved into overflow storage. What is expected as an Imper or Caster at the Friend-A-Long: Please do NOT improve items that are not correctly labeled! Instead report them to an admin to be secured. This is considered abuse since we cannot tell whos item is being imped. All of the above + PLEASE name your lumps/materials if you have to put them back in the forge etc 70+ in your imping skills of choice is recommended but feel free to chip in with whatever skills you have for imping. The final 2 days or so there will be higher q mats available for higher q imps, assuming the workflow is going smoothly. 70+ Channeling skill is required to be permitted to cast on other people's items. You should be sure to wear your 70+ channeling title Sermons: Sermons are volunteer led, if you wish to participate in the sermon group please ask for a sermon team invite in local, and get further information for slotting inside that channel. Friendship Inn and Lounge: Need a place to sleep off a hard days work? Hide from a GM (good luck), or just get out of the way? The Friendship inn and Lounge, has a pleasant little relaxation area on the room with a wide variety of booze for you discerning wurmian hooligans. The inn is capable of bedding 80 characters in 70 secure rooms with storage options. If you need a secure room for your stay please make a post requesting a room, be sure to include your character(s) names in the post. There is also a large piece of land set aside for "Tent City" Just outside the inn on the sandy beach area next to the docking (parking) slips on the East end of the event location. The Deed: The imping hall itself it a 5 floor (3 double floors) pottery building with slate/marble decor. Broken into 3 floors dedicated to various tasks. The First floor is the now the casting/sermon area, I've broken all the spells into 4 main groups, based on the spell/priests that cast it. each group has at least 2-4 dedicated altars PER priest for that category, the more common priest like Vynora/Fo. So no worries about tripping over each other at the altar! All organized into corners, In the center of it all is another ring of altars, surrounding a rare altar for the sermon goers, and the building is designed in such a way, that everyone below you should be counted as listeners for HUGE faith ticks!in the corners you will find some relaxing area's to afk/get out of the way in along with stairwells to the other floors. The second floor is for Non smithing related imps, broken into 4 main area's depending on the skill used. The 3rd is now the forge area based on feedback from previous years. Mainly smoke in the face of folks working on the second floor, the forge area is 24x forges nestled together in a large group in the center At this time we have about 1.1 Million Favor worth of veggies ready to go! Want to help chop? no? good! we don't need you!, because@ChampagneDragonis amazing and did nearly ALL the chopping, with some support from Ladygodiva! Apparently she likes doing this, so yah, amazing! Champagnedragon also does it for your precious silvers, so if you need stuff veggies, need them chopped chopped or just want some cordage, look no further then her! Great attitude, very fast, great rates. And a special thanks to the group of dedicated farmers to help with the job of growing 200k veggies.... Then 200k more when they nerfed them.... Ouch! Thanks to Almostsolitude, Morde, Dragonshearts, Ladygodiva, and prob some more I forgot about for tending the absurdly large 5 field 2600 tiles of farmland we were tending. Ship Imps: If your getting your ship improve PLEASE enable passenger for "Everyone" to help out the impers and prevent accidental drownings. The WEST end of the deed is where docks are located for people who would like there ships imped as well. Please do not park here if your ship is over 70q. Please move your ship once it has been imped help keep congestion down in the area for the impers. Ship Parking: The EAST end of the deed houses several new docking teirs that will house many ships, if your ship does not need to be impled please be sure to park on the EAST side of the deed, where "Tent City" is located just East of the Friendship Inn and Lounge. Blood Mixing: We have a large supply of source salt for potion making, so feel free to bring your bloods for mixing. Hopefully well get a couple high skill volunteers who can do them for us! Got a nice NS and Alchemy? drop me a line here or PM me if your willing to help out with mixes and imbues. Please keep the number of bloods your having mixed to 10 or less, this should be enough to get a single tool completely imbued. If you have extra source salt we can mix additional bloods with that. Staff Members Lists AKA "Wurm Lords": Materials Provided and Materials Needed: Prizes Donated: Materials Donated: Events and Games: Gratz:
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    Every response seems to indicate "no worries everything will be fine," yet there appears to be no substance to any of it. How much is "little to no" moon metal? Because in terms of seryll rings, a single 1kg lump provides a lot of seryll rings. Give some actual numbers here instead of a vague, meaningless amount. Beyond that, the statement "little to no" is misleading or false itself since it's impossible for there to be "no" moon metal. The correct statement, if true, is "there is little moonmetal on the northern isles." Yeah? What's this "LOT" going on? Because we haven't heard anything for months and haven't gotten any significant content since it launched on steam half a year ago. If you are working on combat, why are we not hearing anything about it? Where did VI every 2 weeks go, showing off upcoming features? If there's actual work being done, show it in progress. Give updates on what's happening. This whole "oh we can't talk about it because it's not done yet" mindset is absolute garbage and causing people to leave the game thinking it's no longer getting content. Myself included. This feels like a massive deception to get people to pay sub with empty promises. Really? They're "growing very organically?" Do you have some data for that? Everything that's public seems to imply that it's declining very organically, back to the few hundred total players that have been playing the game since the very start. I'd love to see the counter argument for how the game is growing right now. Is there some metric that we cannot see that shows growth? If so, please share. Monthly? The last patch was November 9th and today is December 17th. What this might look to you is that there's other work going on behind the scenes. What this looks like to the players is that nothing is happening for an entire month. It doesn't feel that way. The only significant changes since the start of the Northern Freedom Isles to now has been the pending favor rework (a few days of development), the halloween event (a week or so of development), changes to Defiance such as supply depots and HotA rework (a few weeks of development), and the migration to a new server host (unknown time). If there's multiple paid developers working on the game, what have they been working on? With such a huge influx of players from the Steam launch, why does it feel like development pace has slowed down instead? It's time to drop this nonsense "work behind the scenes and show nothing until it's done" mentality, because the gaming industry has moved far past that. As a result, all the players who tried the game during the Steam launch are moving far past this game. If you're working on something, tell us about it, give us details, and actually settle concerns instead of continuing to provide false promises.
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    Hello friends and wurmians I am here to say to my friends(mostly) and fellow players that time has ended on my wurm life, i have met some wonderful people i will not forget , i have shared some great times and some sad times but the great far outweigh the bad for sure and i would not have had it any other way . Thrown into wurm after discovering it in a game forum i got off a google hit about sandbox games in 2013 i found this gem of a game , naked and screaming from hell hounds and trolls chasing me on release, i managed to be saved by a village and from that moment on i never looked back, my last few years was spent on Pristine and they were one of my greatest i will miss all my friends and my alliance. But my job and the farm my wife and i brought last year (1800+ acres) is very busy , i now have my own real life deed with cows and sheep(we got new lambs yesterday) and felling trees (even tried it with a 2h axe , it nearly killed me how much effort it took) and also lots of other farm activities/jobs . I want to thank all my friends i don't want to throw names out in case i miss someone and it may upset them, i want to thank the staff , we have amazing staff and our in game chat channels monitored is a real treat to see in online pve sandbox, and the help i received when i called a ticket or asked a CA question was second to none i wish wurm , players and all involved a great future and smooth and successful steam release. I was always saddened when players or friends left one day and i never heard from them or worried what happened to them, so my friends you know now i am fine and my wurm time just ran out Hugs , Toey
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    Three days ago inside a little makeshift mine: Lake Vrock Alliance proudly announces: Public Slaying of that fiery creature. Caution: Penning has cost us two good horses. RIP.
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    This mod adds "large planters" similar to Wurm Online. Planters can be made from wood or stone, you can see the recipes from your recipes window (N by default) All existing crops and mushrooms can be planted in them Planters can grow rice and reed (which usually need water, and don't grow in WO planters) Planters can grow anywhere, in houses or in caves Planters follow the same growth cycle and times as fields on your server and produce similar yields If you use cropmod change your planters.config settings to match During winter planters that are outside will be visually covered with snow, but that does not affect the crops growing in them Planters can be painted by using 1kg of dye (only wood/stone parts will show the color) Magic Mushrooms Magic mushrooms are a special new mushroom, they are grown in their own type of planters and instead of sowing you throw some Source Salt in them When growing while being untended there's a (configurable) chance that they will become wilted When consumed magic mushrooms provide some (configurable) favor regeneration, karma and... other interesting effects Stumps Tree stumps can be dug up with a shovel, which will give you a stump item Stumps are used to craft magic mushroom planters and can also be just used as decorations Wicker Baskets This mod also adds some decorative baskets - empty, with cloth and with mixed and magic mushrooms All the above are craftable from shafts, thatch and some other items Empty and with cloth version can be used as containers, the other 2 are purely decorative Magic mushroom baskets emit light and particle effects All baskets can be dyed, with the cloth parts dyeable separately GM Commands Those exist mostly for testing and are only available to GM level 5. Be careful if you decide to use them on live servers. Special thanks First of all huge thanks to @Angiefor creating the silly amount of models that this mod uses. We are currently sitting on 101 unique models and probably more to come. None of that would have been possible without her. Also thanks to @Cuddlesand @Governorfor some help and moral support in the early life of this mod Requirements This mod requires serverpacks + httpserver installed and correctly working on your server and serverpacks mod on the client. Without this you will see nothing but ?-bags. On client side it's recommended to enable this setting for the full experience of eating magic mushrooms: Downloads: https://github.com/bdew-wurm/planters/releases This mod is open source and licensed under the LGPLv3.
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    probably a dozen years too late, but its great to see wurm becoming a game again instead of this "investment" b.s. wurm is much cheaper than most other games out there that require monthly subs, and people who threaten to quit over this is great, i'd rather have 1 brand new player dedicated to wurming as a game than 20 gold farmers with purchased accounts