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    Hello all! I’m here with an update on what’s happening with Wurm Online! First, we will be having a Black Friday sale again this year! Like last year, this sale will run from Wednesday through Sunday and will feature 25% off premium and silver prices, with 30% off one-year premium purchases. Don’t worry; we’ll get this information in the launcher soon. Next, I’m pleased to announce that Exploration: Part II has a release date of December 13th! We will be opening up the Cartography part for playtesting this Friday, with other features becoming available for testing as they pass our internal tests. This date is a goal, but we will change it if needed to address issues that may arise from playtesting. Finally, I have set a goal of having a better road map ready by January 2023. We have many suggestions from when the site was open, plus what has been made on the forum and what we already had in our pipeline. 2023 will be a year of new player retention, quality-of-life improvements, reworks, and bug fixing. We do have the desire to implement more significant features, but this work will be secondary to the goal of improving the current Wurm Online experience. Thank you for your support, and I hope everyone stays safe out there! Happy Wurming! Keenan
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    Hello everyone, It's 2023 and as mentioned we wanted to give everyone an update on some of the things we have planned out for this year. This is not a comprehensive list as we plan to pull many things from player suggestions as we move through this year. We will be taking deep dives into the suggestion forums each month to find QOL and changes that will matter the most to everyone so be sure to let us know by posting your suggestions. With that in mind, here are some of the things we hope you bring to you this year on top of Holy Sites/Goblin Camps/Suggested QOL. Rift Rewards Rework Most of the rift rewards have less than interesting or useful effects, we want to change that this year. We have gone over the rift rewards and reworked many of them to have more interesting and useful uses as well as ways to recharge them now. New Karma Uses Currently the uses for Karma are rather lacklustre especially if you have no Karma Abilities unlocked. We would like to introduce some new ones as well as updating some old ones to be more useful. One example is allowing karma home to take the creature you are riding on back with you on freedom servers as for most, they would rather walk back then leave behind their dear companion. We do intend to add new uses as well but we are not quite ready to give out a list of them yet. New Player Retention Changes It's no secret that Wurm can be a very challenging game to get into, but once someone learns it, they tend to stick around for a long time. Over the next year we plan to address this in several phases to hopefully guide players into having a smoother start when trying out Wurm for the first time. This will include the addition of a new system on top of Journals called Guides. These guides will walk you through some of the things we all take for granted, but can be extremely daunting for a new player. We plan for these to reward players with small amounts of sleep bonus as well as some items to help get your journey started as you progress through the guides. On top of this we want to rethink how hard iron can be to find without the use of public mines by making it much easier to scavenge for some small bits of iron inside mines. Along with guides, we also plan to redo the Journal UI to be much more user friendly and allow pinning of them to your UI similar to a quest tracker, so you can pin ones you're working on to see progress without needing to open menus. We also want to work to make messages clearer on why things are not working or what is blocking you from doing what you are trying to do. Spell Gems Spell gems will be a new item we are introducing later this year to make enchants more accessible to newer players and add some QOL for players selling enchants to players. These gems will allow you to cast an item enchant onto them, recording your channelling level and any faith bonuses you had at the time and locking it into a gem. Another player can then use one of these to cast on an item as if they were you; this will function like a normal enchant with the same chance to shatter an item as the casting priest and will roll the spell power when using the gem not when creating it. We also plan to have versions of these capped at 30 power enchants drop/come from sources in the game to give newer players a chance to get some basic enchants while still leaving the market open for good enchants needing to come from priests. This one may be a little controversial and we would love to hear some feedback on it. Actions Rework We are still in the earlier planning stages of this but the idea is to make interacting with the world more enjoyable and less click intensive. We will get more out on this when we have more information as this is going to be a longer project this year due to its size. Placing Older Items On Walls With the introduction of placing items on walls it is only natural for people to ask when we will be expanding this to allow older items to be placed in such ways and I have good news for you: we intend to do just that this year! Unfortunately this process is a bit time consuming and each item we want to support will likely need its model reworked slightly to support such things, so this is likely to be a slower process of us releasing a handful of items at a time. Skill QOL Pass Wurm has many skills, but some of them can feel a bit more like filler or are just way more difficult than they need to be to train, for not much reason. This year we would like to find skills like this and work on rebalancing them, for example allowing using items from containers for taming like planting from containers works. We would love to see suggestions from people on which skills they think could use some attention in this area. Old Monthly Skin Sales This one has been highly requested and I am happy to say we will be implementing a rotating pool of old monthly skins that will be for sale each month alongside the new one. Skins will need to be older than a year to show back up, but any skins released more than 1 year ago will have a chance to be purchased again from time to time. New Decorations Everyone likes decorations and while Wurm is full of them, it's never a bad time for more. We plan to have several batches of new placeable decoration items for you to decorate your houses/deeds. These will likely follow some themes, with a batch of placable decorations being released as they are ready. Character Customisation Improvements Wurm character customisation, as has been pointed out, is clearly lacking in diversity of options for players to choose from. While we likely won’t have the resources to fully overhaul character customisation this year, we are committed to adding new options to the existing system to allow people to better express themselves and how they want to look in the world of Wurm.
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    I am thrilled to be able to reveal what I have been working on for a while now. Sometime last year I was watching an old movie when a fantastic idea crawled up to me. Time, unfortunately, was not on my side during 2022, so all I could do was put that idea on hold. However, with the help of the developers, I will finally get the chance to work on this grand idea. I still cannot believe it took me so long to notice this about our world of Wurm Online, but now it is just so glaring that I cannot get it out of my head. So many ideas and so many great games and events have just been sitting in the stranger corners of my mind. After a few conversations with the devs, one idea of mine clicked with them, and one of my bigger event plans crept towards the light. News of this idea and its parts had to be tightly kept under wraps. A new testing client was used to prevent anyone from finding out what I was up to. Pulling this off without anyone noticing has been a lot of fun for me as well. Raising the curtain on this too early had risks, as we had to do a lot of testing in secret, and we did not want to get peoples hopes up if we ran into any major roadblocks. It all worked as intended, so here we are now. Listening to me ramble on about my excitement is not what you are here for. Features and creatures are what you want to know about. Ordinarily, the developers would be revealing these things to you instead of me. Only this time, these features will be an intricate part of my plans which will span all isles. Let me get on with the show and tell before zombification sets in. Shall we 'dive' in... ? Using the Diving Platform is almost the same as using any raft, you will be able to anchor it in any body of water, but the ‘Dive to’ diving options will not be possible in shallow water depths. This will allow access to the underwater terrain for terrain modification, construction, and access to underwater caves, as well as several possible underwater diving levels reachable based on skill. Keep that third use in mind! The platform can be made using the same materials as a raft, plus one of several light source types, an extra wooden shaft, an extra rope, and an anchor. While the platform itself will have storage capacity like a raft, it will be more limited. You will understand why in a little bit. Diving from the Diving Platform will grant you a limited amount of time under water, you will have to watch your breath meter closely, but the amount of time you can remain underwater will be determined by your Body Stamina, Mind Logic, and a new set of 'Diving' skills. ‘Snorkeler’, ‘Freediver’, and ‘Deep Sea Diver’. At this time only Freediver and Deep Sea Diver will be the easiest to raise as there is more use for these skills than Snorkeler. As soon as you run out of breath, your health will immediately begin to suffer and you will need to reach the surface quickly or you shall die. The deeper you have descended, the more time it takes to get back to the surface. Your corpse will be at the surface for retrieval. Keep an eye on those sharks too! With the update that will bring these new features, sharks will now eat corpses after a while. This also goes for some animals on land including wolves, bears, and boars! I present to you, the Diving Bell! The Diving Bell has its roots in ancient times and combined with the Diving Platform it will open up a plethora of new possibilities. At this time the Diving Bell can be equipped on knarrs, and corbitas, and more importantly, the Diving Platform. Diving Bells have a place to add an internal light source, organized storage compartments, and three seats. The Diving Bell can be made using copper, iron, or steel sheets, with rivets, ribbons, and lead for the ballast weights. One Diving Bell provides access to a single tile on the ocean floor, but while you are descended, you may move the Diving Bell to any adjacent tile of the tile you originally descended to. This gives you the ability to harvest resources, dig, or mine within a 3x3 area per descent, as well as the ability to construct some upcoming underwater structures. Additionally, from the Diving Platform or a ship, you may choose which tile to descend to with each dive with the use of a spyglass. This way you do not have to relocate your Diving Platform or ship in order to change the destination of the Diving Bell when you descend. Diving Bells offer you a substantially longer amount of time that you can remain underwater than freediving from Diving Platforms allow. More than enough time for one person to mine out a cave entrance and the next tile in, but keep an eye on the air meter. It will look sort of like the compass on screen, but the design of the meter has not been finalized yet so I could not show you a picture of it at this time. Diving Bells support up to three occupants, the owner and two guests. They also function like tents and give you a place to respawn if needed, and to tie a creature to for transport. More on them in a later update. You can also log out in a Diving Bell while descended and log back in with the same amount of remaining air as you had when you logged out. Using Diving Bells and Free Diving from the platform gives us a new area of the world to interact with beyond just the bottom of the oceans. You can also 'Dive To' intermediate layers named for their depths where you can among other things, collect bigger fish, or build and harvest from sea farm zones, including shellfish, and more. A final quick word regarding the Diving Platform and Diving Bell on PvP. Do not let your rope get cut! You will not be able to ascend in time before drowning if diving to deeper levels. If you are using the Diving Bell when your line gets cut, then there is a chance for someone to come and attach a new line to it from a ship or diving platform above before your air runs out. This is all very exciting stuff and still in the early stages. The Diving Bell, Diving Platform, Sea Cages, and a few other items are ready to go once added to the main client, but other features and items will be added probably in the first quarter of next year. The reason for the delay is because the Developers wanted me to be able to open up my latest treasure hunt on time, so they focused on making adjustments to the oceans, caves, and making working platforms and Diving Bells, since we needed to be able to make underwater caves that you would not drown in as well as multiple dive depth layers. There will be new creatures added, a couple of new shark types, and some new sea creatures. Some will be dangerous, others not so much, but these will be a surprise for now. There will be a new type of cave bug and a couple of other creatures to facilitate my next surprise, though I was unable to convince the developers of the need for 'frogspiders' but those are the least significant bits in all of this. Yes! You heard right! I said Treasure Hunt! Last time, I let you stumble across the secret treasure hunt, but this time I am telling you there will be one. Or more! You will not be able to find any clues quickly, as they have not been activated yet. Someday someone will find and activate one and start the treasure hunt, or hunts, mentioned in this reveal. Happy Diving! Enki (Head Game Master) Wurm Online
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    Yup that's right it's finally done! [12:13:03] Masonry increased by 0.000008 to 100.000000 Yes, i know i'm not the first 100 or anything, sadly lost that race a while back 😅 But hey, lots of you out there knew that this one of my long term goals and it was finally done yesterday. Special thanks to @Madnath for the push really, many hours of forge imping. Same to @ChampagneDragongot it on her last forge as i was about to leave I would keep going in the past but it will be too many people so thank you everyone through the time i have played this game 🙂 Happy wurming!
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    Happy Holidays, Wurmians! From December 23rd 15:00 CET to January 9th 12:00 CET, we hope to warm your hearts with holiday spirit and some lovely festive findings! This year we have new Festive Fragments available to deck the halls and walls with, as well as last years’ Festive Fragments available at reduced rates (in case you have any yule deer and goat figurines to finish!) Visiting Santa in a starter town, or checking your own personal crafted Christmas Tree for a gift, will grant each premium player a stocking which will give a small gift each day to players from December 23rd to December 27th. You will be able to collect these gifts until January 9th (when the event closes) in case you are not able to make it online each day on the dates they unlock. To allow for further decorative freedom, stockings are dyeable! Along with Christmas this year, you might notice that we created a new system to show players how long events like this will run for. A new icon can be found in your spell effects with a countdown of how many days/hours till the event ends, so you’ll always be certain how much time you have to complete any festive plans! All of us on the Wurm Team wish you all a very merry, happy, and safe holiday season! EDIT: Last years drops for killing hostile creatures has returned this year, so make sure you take a Slay Ride and hunt down all those critters!
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    Hello Wurmians! It’s been awhile since we’ve had some news to share, but the devs have been hard at work the whole time to bring some great things for the Exploration Update Part 2! We’re going to be doing a series of three Valrei Internationals over the next month, two weeks apart, each with a sneak peek at a different major feature of the second half of the Exploration Update. I’m sure you are all very excited to see what’s in store, so let’s dive on into that to start us off! Mapping it all out with a new skill! Cartography will be introduced as a new skill with the second part of the Exploration Update. Wurmians will be able to survey areas to create in-game maps, which can be copied and distributed if you’d like to share. To create a new map, you must first make a survey of the area. This is done by using a dioptra to survey the land around a placed range pole, including the highest and lowest points of land nearby. When a survey is complete you will be able to improve it by surveying the land more, or turn it into a map by taking it to a cartography table and painting the map using ink or dyes. Maps can then be displayed in-world when placed, and even combined to make maps of larger areas. A New Developer Joins the Team! You may have noticed, especially with the archaeology rework that was recently done, that we have a new Developer! I’d love to welcome Jaytoo to the development team! Community Event Spotlight: Rockcliff Museum Grand Opening! Nirav and a handful of helpful friends have been hard at work making preparations for the grand opening of the Rockcliff Museum on Independence, under the shadow of Dragonfang Mountain and next to the lovely restored Rockcliff Cathedral that Belisama rebuilt in honour of Tich. All Southern Isles characters are welcome to come and visit the museum. You can find more information in Nirav’s post below: And last, but definitely not least… Happy Birthday Northern Freedom Isles! This last July and August marked year two of the Northern Isles, and what a busy two years it’s been with all of you taming the wilds, building up amazing villages and structures, and creating your character’s stories! It’s lovely to see what you have all done so far, and to show what hard work you’ve put in, I’ve grabbed a few images of some wonderful places built around the Northern servers to share with you. I’m looking forward to seeing all that you achieve going forward! For privacy of PvP players’ deeds, Defiance is not included in these images. This concludes this issue of the Valrei International, we will be back again with another reveal for Exploration Update Part Two in two weeks! Be sure to check out Keenan's Development Update post as well for more information on what's going on behind the scenes: Part Two and Part Three are now available for your viewing pleasure!
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    Hello, Wurmians, we’re back with the final Valrei International focused on bringing a sneak peek into the Exploration Update Part Two! If you missed part one and two of these sneak peek issues, you can find them here: And now, without further ado, I’m excited to announce that our third major feature introduced in this update will be… Goblin Camps! Rumours of strange new goblins have begun to spread around the lands, of goblins who are smarter and tougher than the ones we typically find. These goblins have advanced combat techniques and organize themselves into camps, working together to defend them. When coming across a goblin camp, you will notice it is well defended; spiked barriers line the edges of the camp while ranged attacks rain down from atop wooden towers into the battle below. Goblin camps provide a new combat encounter you can find out in the wilds of Wurm which will be tailored to smaller to medium groups of players rather than single players. The hope is that this will be a bit more challenging than your normal combat and require a small group of adventurers banding together to complete. With uniques being the only real group combat encounter, this felt like a good place to introduce another one which requires less players and spawn much more frequently, making them easier to find and participate in. Inside every camp you’ll find varying types of goblins defending it. Some fight from atop tall archery towers, requiring ranged attacks to defeat them. Others will target mounts and pets inside the camp area, so make sure you’re not bringing your best creatures along for the battle unless you are willing to lose them. Each goblin variant will have its own special abilities and priorities in the fight. These camps will spawn away from villages and the goblins will not attack you (nor can you attack them) unless you are within a few tiles of the perimeter of their camp. After some time with no one challenging them for too long in the current area, they may become bored and pack up camp to find a new location. These goblins, though smarter, still have not figured out how to dig and they will make no changes to the land they decide to inhabit other than clearing some trees out to make room for their camp if they are in the way. And now, to introduce our newest enemies! Pyro Goblin Goblins with a love for fire, who will throw flaming containers of liquid onto tiles causing them to deal damage over time till they burn out. Leave these alive too long and you might find your escape blocked by burning piles of tar. Brute Goblin A strong and durable goblin who will charge up to targets and stun them for a short period of time. Not something you want to leave alive for long as they pack quite the punch and will make short work of mounts preferring to focus them first. Rogue Goblin Will be hiding in the shadows and only make themselves known after ambushing someone and dealing a rather large amount of damage. Just when you think you’ve successfully backed off to heal, one of these may pop out to surprise you! Shield, Medic, and Ranged Goblins will all look similar to these Sword Goblins above, just with different held items pertaining to their type. The models for these types are still a work in progress. Sword Goblin Just your average goblin with a sword trying to stab you to death, nothing more and nothing less. Shield Goblin Can take one heck of a beating while he goes around annoying people into attacking him instead of their chosen target. A goblin you can’t forget about… because it won’t let you! Ranged Goblin Will attack you from their towers above, and require ranged attacks to be defeated. These will make archery much more useful! Medic Goblin Attempts to heal nearby damaged goblins getting them back into fighting shape, undoing all your hard work damaging that brute. Rewards from defeating Goblin Camps The main goal of Goblin Camps is to provide a worthwhile (and fun!) way to gain fight skill over 70, and archery skill in general. Killing the goblins inside the camps will give greatly increased skill ticks compared to normal creatures, in both fighting and archery, once completed. After clearing the camp, those who helped will also be able to loot items from around the camp. These items will include new decorations and some other exciting things yet to be revealed! The 5th Annual Luna-Long will be hosted by Dracaa from December 9th through the 19th! Players in the Southern Freedom Isles can travel to Xanadu to attend this event, which is always a good time. To find more information on the Luna-Long, check out Dracaa's post linked below! That's it for the final Exploration Update Part Two sneak peek issues of the Valrei International! We hope to have everything up for testing soon, so you can all check out cartography, holy sites, and goblin camps for yourselves!
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    Hello all, I wanted to take a moment and talk about what we’ve been doing to address the lag and performance issues on some servers, such as Cadence. One way we can see what might be causing lag on a server is to profile it, and we have been doing this mainly with a tool that required some attention to obtain helpful information. In short, we had to catch the lag when it was happening and hope to see the smoking gun. This helped with some issues we’ve already patched, but it wasn’t enough to fix the lag. This profiling is also Java-specific, leaving many potential performance issues hidden from us. Recently we went with a profiling service that runs on each host and allows us to zero in on performance over a specific period and across multiple servers. It also profiles the entire host, which can be filtered down to a specific Wurm server when needed. This helped to shed some light on factors we couldn’t see or weren’t able to notice before. We’ve made several changes to help us reduce lag, and one of those changes happens to be upgrading our server Java to version 17. In addition to this change, we’ve also identified several expensive calls that could be cached or reduced. To explain why the Java version matters, I’ll explain something technical about how Java handles memory. Java handles memory management for us by determining when something is no longer needed and removing it from memory. This is called “garbage collection.” Older versions of Java would pause the application for a short time to perform this task. Newer versions of Java have a much more optimized garbage collection system, and we plan to employ this on all servers with Tuesday’s reset. We found a significant jump in CPU usage concerning garbage collection when profiling. Unfortunately, our ability to test the results of these changes is limited. We can not perform load tests on our test servers, so the actual performance improvements will need to be determined from live servers. This may also mean that bugs could emerge from this upgrade, so please use the forums to report them if they do. You also may be wondering about the client’s Java version. For the client, we are making changes to the launcher to support multiple versions of Java. This work is currently slow, but it is a high priority. We, as well as some community members, have determined that newer versions of Java are more performant and less crash-prone. We also would like to update our version of the graphics library used by Wurm. Several fixes and improvements can be found by doing this as well. Finally, we are still working on the second part of the Exploration update. The development team has been doing a great job balancing the workload put before them. We are committed to improving the Wurm experience, and we thank you for your patience as we try to tackle All The Things. Until next time, happy Wurming! Keenan
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    Hello everyone, rather than rattle the cage of "why is VEN dead? There's a major influx of streamers and it doesn't exist!" I got the brilliant idea from Jelly in GL chat to make the MEN - Madnath Entertainment Network. Here, you'll find a list of the currently active streamers across Twitch and YouTube that stream Wurm. I cannot manually post when they go live, so please be sure to give them a follow if you manage to catch them and enjoy their content. Wurm playerbase has often yelled and screamed about the idea of more advertising, even though we've seen many times that traditional advertising hasn't worked out for this game. Streaming the game is a very real and valuable way to advertise the game and get it out there. Some of our current streamers stream other games too, and the viewers they pull in from those games, often tune in to their Wurm streams in order to get more of the streamer and some get curious enough to try the game! Please don't turn this post into a debate about the value of Twitch or our streamers, this isn't the place for it. I want to do what little I can to support our streamers and get the word out there. These will be marked as either a streamer or a content creator. Streamer = streams Wurm live, and may have VOD to watch at a later date Content Creator = Prerecorded content, uploaded online. Alexeykiller https://www.twitch.tv/alexeykiller (Stream marked as Russian) DestionGaming https://www.twitch.tv/destiongaming (English streamer) Dracaa https://www.twitch.tv/dracaa (English streamer) Dragoncatzipt https://www.twitch.tv/dragoncatzipt (English streamer) Fabricant https://www.twitch.tv/fabricant (English streamer, fart warning) FactionalFight https://www.twitch.tv/factionalfight (English streamer) Fainne https://www.twitch.tv/fainne13 (English streamer) GafferBoffin https://www.twitch.tv/gafferboffin (English streamer) Gerbold https://www.twitch.tv/trufel_brain/ (Polish streamer) Grumblykins https://www.twitch.tv/grumblykins (English streamer) Hamtad https://www.twitch.tv/hamtad (English streamer) Schedule: Monday/Wednesday/Friday 12PM - 4PM (Pacific Standard Time) Jack_Dryden https://www.twitch.tv/jack_dryden (English streamer) JosuhaCalvert https://www.twitch.tv/josuhacalvert (English streamer) KatsPurr https://www.twitch.tv/katspurr (English streamer, variety streamer) Kaufecake https://www.youtube.com/@Kaufecake/featured (English streamer) Michio_Kepler https://www.twitch.tv/michio_kepler (English streamer) NamasCrazyGrl https://www.twitch.tv/namascrazygrl (English streamer) Playtime https://www.youtube.com/@playtimewithsorrow9374 (English streamer) QueenAzylis https://www.twitch.tv/queenazylis (English streamer) Quzar https://www.youtube.com/@quzar5369 (English content creator) SouthLP https://www.twitch.tv/south_lp (Russian streamer) https://www.youtube.com/@SouthLP Treecork https://www.twitch.tv/treecork (English streamer) Valiance_Streaming https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI4JY3eEnhy4bLcoX6diKxA (English content creator) Xagru https://www.twitch.tv/xagru (English and Polish streamer) https://www.youtube.com/@Xagru "What the heck Madnath, I'm not on the list!" If you're missing, please let me know! Either drop a message below or PM me on the forum or ingame! I've only tried to include streamers with some level of consistency for streams in order to not clutter the list, however not everyone has VODs on their Twitch profile. This list is compiled from my knowledge and a streamer tracking website, so I don't expect the list to be full. I'm more than happy to add anyone who streams Wurm and I hope this list does something to show we've got an active streamer community that really needs some proper VEN style support. I can't offer much in the way of actual support ingame, but if you're an SFI streamer I can maybe see about imping your weapons for you to help keep you safe in the wilderness. I also want to take a moment to just say this isn't a slight towards staff for VEN being on the backburner. A system like that times a lot of time to tweak to get right for all parties, and so long as it does remain something they're reviewing, I'm happy to wait. But with such a large influx of streamers, I think it's important to do what we can until its ready.
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    Edit: I knew I was going to forget a few things that I wanted to mention in this post, but I'm very much ashamed to have forgotten a rising star on our QA team. Majelika! She has been keeping up with the bugs reported by folks on the forums, as well as testing things thoroughly. Please welcome her to the team! And now back to your regularly scheduled post! --- Hello all! I apologize for the delay in posting this. We’ve been very busy behind the scenes, and I wanted to make sure things line up for this post and the posting of the new Valrei International, as they go hand-in-hand. Team Changes To get started, I’d like to congratulate Darklords on his promotion to Lead Developer! He has worked very hard to take over some of the tasks I performed before becoming Product Manager, and his new role will allow me to focus more on other areas that need attention. Jaytoo has also joined the team as a volunteer, as some of you may have already noticed. He brings fresh ideas and skills to the team; we’re thankful to have him! You can already see some of his work in the recent changes made to archaeology, and I’m pleased to say that he has even more ideas in mind. Lag and Crashes We’ve been monitoring Cadence for lag spikes, and we think we know where a few are, but we are still analyzing data and working out the actions we should take to rectify the issues. We’ve been logging and fixing issues where the communication buffer was mishandled on the server side. This would lead to client crashes and make the game unplayable for some. In conjunction with this, we are working on an update to the Wurm Launcher that will support multiple Java Runtime Environments. This will allow us to trial newer Java versions before promoting them. The runtime environment is important as we have evidence showing increased stability while running on newer environments. Exploration, Part 2 Exploration is still rolling forward, and the Valrei International released soon will showcase one of the significant features in this coming update. We plan on showing off a different feature every two weeks. We will try to have these features on the test server within a week or two after teasing, but keep in mind that these features are in active development. The tentative release date for the second half of Exploration is mid-fall. The Future As I mentioned, we are interested in getting back to basics in terms of development for Wurm. While it has been fun and energizing to work on these new features, we need to focus on fixing issues, increasing quality of life, and most importantly, addressing issues that prevent new players from getting into the game. There are also plans for marketing and the reinstatement of newsletters. We will still work on fresh content, but it will have less priority than what was mentioned above. That’s all from me for now, Happy Wurming!
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    Hello Wurmians! I’m back again with another sneak peek at the second part of the Exploration Update. Two weeks ago we talked about the addition of cartography, and you can read more about that if you missed it right here: This week, we reveal another portion of the update that may encourage your priests and followers to find special locations around the world of Wurm for benefits depending on the deity they worship. Introducing: Holy Sites! Holy Sites are temporary features that will spawn periodically on each server, providing various special benefits and interactions to nearby players who worship the god associated with the site. Each deity will have two types of Holy Sites that can spawn, and each type can only spawn under certain conditions. These conditions can be anything from proximity to water, to nearby tile types, to altitude, and will always spawn in uninhabited areas away from existing villages and structures. There will be a limit to how many Holy Sites of a certain type can exist at once, and that limit will be higher on larger servers. What do Holy Sites do? Once found and activated by a player through prayer, a Holy Site will provide passive benefits to everyone in its area of influence, such as enhanced passive bonuses from your god, an increase to the quality bonus when improving materials your god favors, and greater Faith gain from prayers and sermons. In addition, an activated Holy Site will periodically pulse with energy, providing a gift or other benefit to all worshipers present. In between these pulse events, every player will also get one chance to perform a special action on the site in order to gather special resources, increase skills, or get other benefits. These resources and benefits will all depend on the type of Holy Site and its associated deity. Holy Sites will have a Power level maintained and increased by the prayers and sermons of the followers and priests taking part in them. They may also be subject to a level of Corruption that can appear randomly, and will increase naturally if not removed by use of the Exorcism skill.. Most benefits of a Holy Site will scale with the Holy Site’s current Power and will be reduced by any Corruption, and high Corruption may result in negative effects for those taking part. When the Holy Site expires, there will be one final pulse event, the Holy Site will disappear, and some server-wide bonuses will occur, such as a large amount of favor to that deity (for charging Rite spells). Holy Sites can also cause creatures to spawn nearby, with the creature type depending on the type of holy site. This may include creature and condition combinations not normally seen, so say hello to champion seals! What kinds of Holy Sites will there be? Please remember that this is only a partial list of the effects of each holy site, and specific effects may be added, removed, or changed as development continues! Wishing Tree (Fo): This large, magical tree that spawns in forests, growing random fruit and other plant-based food items that can be harvested from it. These include new items found nowhere else, which will provide extra complexity to any food made with them. Plants nearby may also be harvested more often, even if they aren’t in season. Sampo (Fo): Inspired by Finnish folklore, the sampo is a mystical device found in the steppes that can provide you with constant food (including long temporary affinities) and source salt. Nearby animals will also frequently have their grooming, milking, and shearing status reset, to take full advantage of nearby creature spawns. Wellspring of Knowledge (Vynora): Found near shorelines, drinking from this fountain will provide you with mystical insight, improving your chances of gaining new affinities and turning items rare through improvement. Sea creatures may be in abundance nearby! Akashic Mirror (Vynora): Spawning on roads and other pavement, gazing into this mysterious device will grant you insight in the form of significant skill gain in various characteristics and a randomly chosen skill, as well as a Meditating skill gain opportunity that does not count against your normal meditation limits. Otherworldly Monolith (Magranon): A strange, black obelisk embedded into the ground, found in deserts and other sandy regions. Rummaging around this artifact will reward you with random high-quality metal lumps, including the possibility for alloys, moon metals (if you’re very lucky!) and a brand-new meteoric metal type. The obelisk will also occasionally attract meteorites to land within the Holy Site, providing more resources to take advantage of. Glowing Fissure (Magranon): A fiery, glowing crack in the ground, found in rocky regions such as mountains. Dig up gems, more uncommon items such as rare bone fragments, and receive ancient item fragments ejected from the fissure, including some not possible through archaeology. Abyssal Circle (Libila): This ominous magic circle will spawn in tundra, and will grant you the opportunity to channel the souls of dead creatures into crystals which may then be used for an effect similar to Mind Stealer but somewhat stronger, drawing on the strength of that creature’s soul to increase one of your skills or characteristics. Pillar of Decay (Libila): Found in sources of peat and tar, this grotesque column of bone and flesh can be pried into with any tool capable of butchery, rewarding you with a small pod of flesh. Use this item on any tile to spawn a temporary tamed simulacrum, a shambling nearly-living humanoid creature loyal only to you (which is good, because it has very sharp claws). Hatching flesh pods on different tile types may result in a creature of varying strength. How will Holy Sites be found? Even knowing the regions where a type of Holy Site might spawn, finding one by exploring the wilds may be challenging. Therefore, players will also be able to receive visions from their god as an uncommon result of praying, preaching, and meditating, taking the form of maps showing the Holy Site, its type, and its immediate vicinity. These maps will function similarly to treasure maps, but with a somewhat different appearance. These maps will be imperfect, sometimes only showing a small area, missing some features, or having other modifiers affecting their usefulness. You will likely need to cooperate with other players and compare maps in order to get a better understanding of where the Holy Site could be. Once a site has been found and activated, its location on the map will be available to all players on that server until it expires. What about PvP servers? Holy Sites will include PvP-specific mechanics to encourage their usefulness as strategic locations to control… or sabotage. White Light deities will provide visions hinting at the locations of Black Light Holy Sites and vice-versa, and you will be able to increase the Corruption of an opposing Holy Site through desecration, even to the point of destroying it entirely. In addition to their usual benefits, a well-maintained Holy Site expiring will also provide PvP-related benefits to the kingdom or deity in question. These details are still being worked on, but may include benefits to the god’s performance in the current Valrei scenario. That’s it for this issue of the Valrei International! We will be back again in two weeks for the final part of “What’s To Come” with the last sneak peek at new features coming with the Exploration Update Part Two. Until then, happy Wurming! Part Three is now available!
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    Hello, and welcome to another issue of the Valrei International! This issue is to let you guys know what we are up to and some of the changes we are making and new things we are working on. As mentioned in our Road Map post, a lot of the focus this year will be on bug fixes and new player retention. We have quite a few changes planned to help make understanding Wurm a bit easier for new and old players alike. You can check out the Road Map post if you missed it here: A Touch of Clarity One of the things we have been overhauling is providing clarification on some of the messages players might see in their Event tab. Some messages, while fun, don’t really hint at what a problem might be and can be frustrating for some players who don’t know where to look to find the information they need on how to fix something. Whether mining, crossing borders without a plotted course, or trying to terraform the lands around you… things haven’t always been clear when an issue arises and we’ve been at work fixing this to make things a bit less frustrating and to let players know what needs to be done (or if something cannot be done). Some examples of this involving common problems will follow, but please keep in mind that these messages may change before going live. “You see dark shadows moving beneath the waves”, seen while trying to sail across a border with no course plotted and no server bordering your current server there. This message will now be: “You see dark shadows moving beneath the waves. There is nothing in this direction.” “Some corners can’t be modified”, encountered when flattening/leveling when you aren’t able and covering quite a few situations. This general message will now clarify what the issue is, such as “You cannot continue to flatten here: You would need to chop down the cherry tree first.” or “This land is protected by the gods”. These are only a few examples of many messages that are being changed, or added when there were none. A more complete list of these changes will be made available as these changes go live. In the next update we will have dozens of these messages going in, with others coming in a bit later in a few different batches. Time for a Change Another change coming along with the previously mentioned message rework is more clarification on timed things such as meditations and faith gain. You may notice a handy expansion of the Timers UI window: These new timers will automatically track your cooldowns for many things you use every day. For those who prefer keeping track of things in Event, there will also be changes to messages involving these skills which will now show you how much time you have left until you can gain more skill, and include the amount of times left in the day you can do so. These messages will account for the skillgain cooldown, daily limits, and the daily reset. Some examples are: When meditating you’ll see: “You can gain skill from meditating again in <amount of time>, and can gain skill <number> more time(s) today until you need to take a break.” When you reach your maximum number of prayer skill gains in a day, your event tab will say “You have reached your maximum Faith gains from prayer for the day. You can gain Faith from praying again in <amount of time>.” Introducing the Large Pantry Cupboard! I think you all know what this is... Those of you who spend your days working huge farms or cooking up some tasty Wurmian delights will probably be very excited to see that we will be releasing a new storage option much like the Bulk Container Unit but for food storage bins! Along with this addition, we’ve done a bit of work on the Quality Lock screen, so you can be sure you’re always sorting your items into the proper shelves and don’t risk mixing items that you don’t want to mix. Update on Previously Mentioned Announcements We wanted to give everyone an update on where some highly anticipated features are currently sitting in the development cycles. Monthly skin reruns are currently delayed to allow us to deliver it in a much more polished way. This process is coming along nicely and we will have more to share in the next issue of the Valrei International scheduled for June. Goblin camps ended up turning into a much larger project than initially planned. While we still absolutely plan to deliver it when it's ready, we did not want this update keeping us from working on other things and slowing development in other areas. Adding Player Kingdoms to Defiance also had hit the back burner a bit but we have some developers helping pick those up so we should finally have a sure date on those soon. Thanks for checking out this issue of the Valrei International! We are hard at work on a whole load of other QoL updates and fixes alongside these teasers, so look for more great changes and additions in the coming months. Make sure to check out some of the fun community events happening soon! Lame Horse Fair and Limpalong May 12th-14th on Cadence (NFI Only) Kick summer off in style with the hosts of the Lame Horse Fair! Heathen Trading Co. Summer Solstice Bash June 20th-23rd on Cadence (NFI Only) Celebrate the Summer Solstice with an event-filled Impalong on the Northern Isles! Friendship Bay Summer Impalong July 20th - 25th on Pristine (SFI Only) Southern Wurmians can also celebrate the summer with friends during the 6th annual Friendship Bay Summer Impalong!
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    Thanks to the power of @Ajala and @Huserxand our team's Sou-Setsu-Ken, we've managed to trap a Venerable Fierce Black Dragon Hatchling (oil of the armour smith, hide) and a Venerable Scared Red Dragon (Potion of the ropemaker, scale) in the same mine!! To take them both down at the same time, we're going to need to gather all the bravest to riiight... here! https://xanadu.yaga.host/#4192,4403 At this time: 9pm /servertime on Sunday 17th Set off early; this is Xanadu after all, and you don't want to miss this!
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    Hello all, Today’s post topic is regarding bugs and exploits. What is a bug? A bug is a small bit of code scurrying around in the system doing something we did not intend. A lot like a roach or cricket crawling around in the shadows in your kitchen. You don’t really know what it gets up to until your party guests are lying on the floor in need of a doctor. It’s no secret that bugs exist within Wurm Online, but our focus going into 2023 will be to address them as we can. An exploit however, is when a bug can provide a material gain or an advantage in skill or ability beyond what is intended. It’s not always easy to determine a bug or an exploit, but when your gains vastly outweigh the effort, you can be sure that you’ve found something unintended. If you choose to use a bug for whatever gain it may provide, then you are elevating the bug to an exploit and you are cheating. Normal bugs should be reported on the forum so that we are aware of them, but exploits or more sensitive bugs can be reported by placing a support ticket in-game. You can access this by typing /support or pressing Escape, then finding Support under the Tools menu. If you are unable to put the report into a support ticket in-game, then you may send the information to us by email via support@wurmonline.com, or by contacting Pomona via forum PM, or her work email pomona@wurmonline.com These are the official methods for reporting bugs and exploits that will be considered for potential rewards. These exploits will be reviewed for severity, and a reward may be offered to the player who first mentioned it. Please keep in mind that making the details of exploits public will exclude you from the rewards mentioned above. You will also be subject to moderation as per the rules as we do not want the exploits to proliferate while we correct them. We are strict about abusing exploits and will take action against the accounts in question, up to and including permanently banning the account. As part of running the game, we log quite a bit of data and can often use statistics to prove who may have been exploiting a bug. This means that we will take action appropriate for the offence. Wurm Online needs honest people to let us know when things seem wrong. Abusing exploits can have an impact on many areas of the game. It’s up to all of us to keep things fair and help fix the problems in the game. Do not assume that we are all knowing and automatically see everything and will magically come fix it. We rely on you to alert us to most bugs that we have not caught in testing and to alert us to anyone exploiting any bugs. Finally, when we penalise someone for exploiting a bug, we will always reserve the right to review the severity of that exploit and the severity of the punishment. Don’t complain after the fact, when someone you have an issue with is actively playing again because you knew something about them and did not bother to report them to us. If you see something, say something. All reports are confidential and we always investigate. We are here to help, so make use of us and report bugs and possible exploits to us so we can continue to improve Wurm Online. Thanks for reading, and happy Wurming!
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    You have heard the tale, the legend, of... a unique, you forget which, on Release, hosted at Bruce's Flying Circus N13, servertime Sun Jan 15 21:00:00 CET 2023 The time quickly approaches, you aren't even on Release yet. But you know well that if you set off now, you'll get there an hour early. Click the options that mark your choice Do you Jump in the boat and set off - now! or wait 30 minutes. There's still plenty of time. God I hope this works first try, I can't find a Preview function.
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    Just wanted to give everyone a heads up we will be giving out 5 hours of sleep bonus to everyone during the reset next week on November 8th. This is in response to the server issues we have been experiencing over the last few months now that things seem pretty stable again.
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    I had for a long time felt that the game had been going no where with development. This has changed since Keenan has taken over. I very much appreciate the work being put in and love how open to changes to better the game he is. So this is mostly meant as a thank you from me and to say I very much support the direction the game has been going. Keep up the great work
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    Hi all, I’m aware of the stories circulating about the removals of Shydow, Shrimpiie, and SugarFoxx from the Wurm Team. While they all have nuggets of truth, they also miss the critical reason these individuals were removed from the team. Shrimpiie and Shydow worked together to cover up a situation that involved Shydow’s significant other, SugarFoxx. Information was not only withheld, but these individuals participated in the active investigation while withholding information. In this case, players were punished while a staff member was shielded. That is inexcusable and a violation of our trust in the GM team. As for personal vendettas, that is unlikely and speculative at best. Enki, Pomona, and I were informed about the covering up of evidence some time ago, but we needed proof. That proof came in December after a long period of discussion. The three of us then discussed the way forward with this information. In the end, removal was the only resolution given the broken trust. Trust not only within the GM team or the volunteer team as a whole but trust within the community. To close, I wish them the best in their endeavors, both in and out of Wurm. Any retaliation or further discourse from this incident will be moderated accordingly. I wish to put this behind us and move on. - Keenan
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    Credit to BBC Good Food for this recipe. Ingredients 4 tbsp vegetable oil 25g butter 4 onions, roughly chopped 6 tbsp chicken tikka masala paste (use shop-bought or make your own – see recipe, below) 2 red peppers, deseeded and cut into chunks 8 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut into 2.5cm cubes 2 x 400g cans chopped tomatoes 4 tbsp tomato purée 2-3 tbsp mango chutney 150ml double cream 150ml natural yogurt chopped coriander leaves, to serve MAKING YOUR OWN CURRY PASTE In a small food processor, whizz together 5 garlic cloves, 1 large knob of ginger, roughly chopped, 1 red chilli, deseeded and roughly chopped, 2 tsp each ground cumin and coriander, 1 tsp each turmeric, paprika and garam masala, and the seeds from 4 cardamom pods. Add a little water or vegetable oil to bring the paste together. Will keep in the fridge for up to one week or frozen for up to one month. STEP 1 Heat the vegetable oil and butter in a large, lidded casserole on the hob, then add the onions and a pinch of salt. Cook for 15-20 mins until soft and golden. STEP 2 Add the tikka masala paste and peppers, then cook for 5 mins more to cook out the rawness of the spices. STEP 3 Add the chicken breasts and stir well to coat in the paste. Cook for 2 mins, then tip in the chopped tomatoes, tomato purée and 200ml water. Cover with a lid and gently simmer for 15 mins, stirring occasionally, until the chicken is cooked through. STEP 4 Remove the lid, stir through the mango chutney, double cream and natural yogurt, then gently warm through. Season, then set aside whatever you want to freeze. Will keep, in an airtight container, in the freezer for up to three months. Scatter the rest with coriander leaves and serve with basmati rice and naan bread. Come get a serving p.s. if you haven't tried chicken tikka masala, you really should. It's considered a national dish of the UK!
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    It's that time of year again, where the skeletons come out to play and the world of Wurm is filled with tricks and treats! This year’s treats include 5 new items for you to find, buried beneath the ground and carried by all kinds of critters. Creatures could drop some creepy new masks, and spooky fragments bring three new decorations just dying to haunt your homes! In addition to these new fragments, you’ll be able to dig up past year’s items at a reduced rate, so any unfinished items you may have kept can be completed. Even More Spooktacular Halloween Fun! As with past years, we will be once again running a 10% 20% bonus skill gain and affinity chance event for the duration of the Halloween season. While the Halloween hunting and archaeology events will run from 00:01 on the 28th of October until 23:59 on the 5th of November CET (server time), the bonus skill gain and affinity event will start with a quick maintenance reset at the usual time on October 28th… so make sure you collect all of your treats and get all your tricks out of your system before it all ends!
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    Cartography Exploration Update Feature Cartography is a new skill that allows players to create maps of the land around them. Creating a map is started by creating a survey of the land you would like a map of, then using a completed survey on a cartography table to create the map. Once created, a map can then be combined with other maps, stamped with additional information and icons, copied for trading/distribution, added to an atlas, or displayed in-world as a decoration. There is a new journal available to everyone on login that will guide you though getting started and reward you with some helpful items on your mapping adventures. Once you hit level 10 Cartography you will unlock a second journal walking you through the creation and use of stamps. Surveying The first step in creating a map is surveying the land, which can be started by using a blank paper or papyrus sheet on a placed range pole. The range pole will mark the center of the surveyed area, and a series of actions using a dioptra on the survey will have you explore the area around the range pole to collect information about the land and improve the quality of the survey. Creating & Copying Maps Creation and copying of maps make use of the new Cartography Table and a few items that it can hold. As long as the table contains an ink brush, a blank map, and an ink pot containing ink or dye, using a survey on the table will let you start the Create Map action. If instead of a survey a painted map is used on the table, the Copy Map action will be available instead. Creating a map will consume the survey and both actions will use some of the ink or dye, and slightly damage the ink brush. At the end of the action, a new painted or copied map will be created. Although a painted map can later be combined with other maps and copied, copying will only work on original maps and you cannot make copies of copies. Combining Maps For creating maps of larger areas, the Cartography Table can be used to combine multiple maps into a single map. The combining window will let you move and resize maps to set them as you see fit before merging the maps into a single map. Stamps After a map has been created, stamps are used to add more information to the map - with both basic stamps just containing an icon and gemmed stamps that store extra information with the stamp depending on the type of gem used. Hovering over a stamp made with a gemmed stamp can show you information about villages, guard towers and mission structures, timed events, basic annotations, and even apply a hyperlink between maps or the world map - so you can mark a spot on the world map that your map relates to. Other Changes Ink pots will now act as a backup source for any reed pen action. Chess boards will now remember the positions of pieces and which turn it is between server transfers and resets. Fix an issue preventing servers from sending out emails. Fixed a font size issue on treasure map text. You can no longer get treasure maps on the haven tutorial server
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    Well, I didn’t think I would be back here so soon, but after all the wonderful comments, we had a rethink on how we will move forward with these launches. On December 15th, we plan to launch Cartography only, keeping Holy Sites and Goblin Camps back until each is individually ready and not feeling rushed. Once each has completed enough public testing that we feel will be a beneficial addition to the game, we will set a launch date for each individually. I appreciate everyone's kind words in the last delay thread and we think changing to this style of launch will help ensure each feature is polished and enjoyable without feeling the need to delay or rush other parts. I hope everyone has a great holiday season. We appreciate the patience/understanding of these changes from everyone and hope you all enjoy Cartography when it's out in a few days. Also a reminder holy site testing is currently live and we are looking for feedback on it in all forms.
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    It is with great sadness that I (on behalf of our alliance) have to give this news to the community of Wurm, yesterday we lost yet another player who will be missed by so many. Lagston you were not only a player though, you were our friend, our loved one, our cheeky chappie. May you rest in peace and know that we will miss you far more than you will ever know. In the hope that his family gets to see this post in their hours of grief, please drop a line or two just to show how Lagston was such a part of our world.
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    Do you want to believe? Hi everyone, Madnath again. After the last thread got dumpstered, I’m going to take a different approach to this one to ensure I don’t get on anyones bad side again. Satire will be clear and marked as such, and cut down on. This post does aim to get the truth across, just in a silly-ish kinda way. Edit 23/03/2023 A developer passed comment on the thread and the systems that are touched on here. I highly suggest reading the post linked below first, and then coming back to this post. While the new post does an okay summary, the information in this post is a lot more detailed. https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/191325-the-v-files-the-rolls-are-out-there/page/3/&tab=comments#comment-1949142 Part 1: The Lead Up As you may be expecting, what really started this off is the recent exploration update. If somehow you don’t know, rare rolls on certain actions will now give a treasure map. This has got a lot of people attempting to farm rare rolls to get maps whenever possible, and as you probably expect, a lot of people frustrated they aren’t getting them. But what if we’re all going about it wrong? Surely this type of thing would be well known and documented by now, right? Well… Part 2: Realization & Research This all kicked off initially with Nineol. You may know him as the madlad behind a fair few 100 titles and an insane skill record on Niarja, alongside always being there at Stanlee slays, working hard to ensure things go smoothly. Nineol is well versed in the game and a lot of its mechanics, including something important here, knowing how to farm rare items via crafting. If you’re not familiar with it, you can read much more about it in Oblivionnreaver’s “grindin everything” thead in the Game Guides subforum. It’s formatted really badly, much like this thread is. But in summary, you do a single craft or imp every 25 seconds or so with full deed rarity window, you can expect a rare every 2 hours and a supreme every 24 hours, of course the wait time for these essentially lower with the more accounts you can have doing it. Just be warned that trying to do this with more than 5 accounts will result in a similar APM and RSI to a Starcraft 2 pro. Anyway, Nineol got to work on update day as he was eager to try the update on live and get some cool loot. The desire to take a break from grinding must have really set in. He set about to have his main on a tar patch digging away, while he also had 2 priests praying, 1 mining and another digging. Using the logic above, he expected to get a rare roll about every 2 hours across all accounts, getting him a nice haul of maps. Well, what happened? He got one rare roll the entire day. He tried again the next day. And the day after. Same results both times. Nineol starts to question his sanity at this point. A lot of questions just racing through his mind. Has Rolf returned purely to mess with the Niarja number 1? Did he expect there to be a treasure hunting skill that he simply must get 100 in? Have the invisible duck contrails messed with the rarity system? This is a big thing, it has the potential to rock the Wurm world. We must dig deeper…. END OF SATIRE. So Nineol decides to take a look in his event log, to see if he’s maybe overlooking something about the rare rolls. There must be something, right? Right. There’s a realization that all but one rare roll came from the first action in a queue. Curious. So he sends a message out to Stanlee and others, and they all return a very similar result. Most of their actions are coming from the first in the queue and not the rest, with only a few exceptions here and there. At this point, Stanlee contacts myself and Oblivionnreaver due to his extensive knowledge. However it seems that Oblivionnreaver didn’t respond so was unable to get any player based confirmation of what’s being seen. Things go silent for a few days. Until Stanlee contacts me again. He lets me know that Nineol has switched up how he’s trying to get the rare rolls based on the findings detailed, and it works. Very bloody well, as he’s now finished the treasure hunting journal already. Part 3. Conclusion & Notes At this point we’re very comfortable saying this is pretty much confirmed, given the solid evidence behind it. A dev reply to this thread confirming or denying it seems quite unlikely given how impactful this info can be to the general playerbase. Players could most likely try this themselves and verify it if they give it enough patience. You might get shafted on RNG with this, it’s the nature of the game but what we have documented is VERY telling, while also a bit too much to post in a single thread. If you want a shorter digest on how rarity windows work, here’s a very rough rundown. At basically any moment, a rare trigger can happen which causes a rare window. This is by default 20 seconds, but can be upped to 30 seconds via deed rarity bonus. If you input an action within that time, the action becomes rare and the rarity window ends immediately. What we’ve gathered from the above info, is that all the actions done in a queue are done at the initial input time when you queued them up. This means a rarity window can happen in the time you’re doing queued actions, and that rarity window will pass because you’ve not technically inputted within that time even though you’re doing actions. Oh, and guess what? There’s a long list of things that will also immediately snap that rarity window closed. Including trying to do an imp action with the wrong tool. You can read about it in slightly more depth below. https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/183756-rarity-windows-get-consumed-by-actions-that-dont-go-through/ EDIT: Staggering your input queue works too, but when you queue actions it uses the imput time and not when the action itself started. See spoiler below for an example. Thank you Shy for providing this. I’m sorry this thread is rather dry on humor, but it’s pretty hard to make some important info like this funny. I hope those of you who bother to read this in full, or even partly, found it helpful and will use it to get some proper actions going and nice new rare items. And remember, the truth is out there.
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    Armoursmiths rejoice! Grootyboy strikes again! Southern Harmony Alliance welcomes all to yet another public slaying, this time a black drake. Big thanks to Lethyria who flew over from Cad just to lend a hand, Shra who sealed me in with drake to provide some privacy, Bigjohn who did all he could to help mere 2K tiles away 🙂 , And Gwen who charged bravely with 25% health left. Black drakes will yield blood for Armoursmith imbue Alts policy: Non-existent! Bring as many as you like! Sermons: Altars will be available and queue will be maintained, please be respectful and don't try to ninja a sermon. Fo priests will be available to cleanse your cooties, so non-priests please dismount and huddle up around altars. Location: https://harmony.yaga.host/#1789,1647 Location revealed early for purposes of sermon camp. Time: 10PM GMT (London time) Wednesday, 08/03/23 http:// Code of conduct: it's been pointed out to me that bashing private slayers in public is not cool. And I will admit my sense of humor needs a little work. So let's play nice this time eh? (edit) please no carts in the pen. You're welcome to bring your merchants and set them up!.
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    My fellow slayers, I have grave news: someone among us has committed not one but two murders most foul. Here is the photo from the crime scene: A pair of our rookie detectives believe the corpse was moved here after the killing, and the flowers may in fact be related to the case. They then went on to question nearby witnesses, such as Lunea, seen here dressed in her usual black hide armour getup: The witness is quoted as saying "natural causes" before tearing the arm off a detective and killing the photographer. The first two murders remain with the criminal at large, and the detectives urge anyone with information to come forth. We will however be putting together an angry mob to deal with the third murder: that of the photographer. The angry mob will be forming at Bruce's Flying Circus, N13 Servertime: Sun Feb 12 21:00:00 CET 2023 Discord timecode: <t:1676232000:F>
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    Not sure how many of you know me but I'm mini's older brother IRL and it's really touching seeing all the warm words here I'll make sure my family gets to see this. Thank you all so much for your support.
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    you're all invited to a LAN gaming party at Bruce's Flying Circus (N13) we have: fizzy water beer steaks for a BBQ snacks Aliens vs Predator 2 Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 DotA 1 If you bring CDs we might be able to do other games! Bring your own computer from this time: until late we've got special gift bags (bone, skull, corpse, maybe some charges) but there's definitely not enough for everyone you might look like this at the end
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    [16:05:55] <Stanlee> Yes! Yes! Stronger... smarter... FASTER! [16:05:59] You start to cast 'Wind of Ages' on the venerable Red dragon hatchling [16:06:19] The venerable Red dragon hatchling emits a strong deep sound of resonance, then shatters! [16:07:45] <Stanlee> Well, nuts [16:08:01] You get five red dragon hatchling fragments Some time later [17:01:25] You start to carefully piece together the fragments. [17:01:29] You add a little bit more to the red dragon hatchling fragment [89/255]. Some more time later [17:55:51] You start to carefully piece together the fragments. [17:55:57] You successfully recreate a red dragon hatchling from the fragments. Okay, that took a while, but it's here. Mostly intact. Hopefully applying some weapons won't, say, break it down a lot more into tiny pieces of hide and blood and bone distributed all over local. Anyway, Slaying is at Bruce's Flying Circus, Release N13 /servertime Sun Apr 23 21:00:00 CEST 2023 Discord timer: <t:1682276400:F>
  30. 30 points
    I know I will ruffle some feathers with this post, and I honestly don't care. This is a topic that means a lot to me, and I have some things to say about it. But.... I realize this is an opinion. This doesn't come from a place of putting anyone down or judging anyone harshly. We all have different playstyles. That being said, I'm going to wade into the deep water.... I am first and foremost a looter. I always have been. My *reason* for looting is nostalgia. I have not sold anything I have looted ever. I search for items with signatures for the museum and have since day one, even before I knew I was going to make a museum. The signatures have always mattered to me more than the items. Mats I get go to impalongs and new folks who need stuff. But I need to state here that I am not holding myself apart from those who loot fallen deeds. I do it. I love it. I love the rush of a wall coming down and ooooooh what is Inside there?! I've done it for 7 years. What I have found in that time is Most of the time, and by that I mean over 70% of the time, if I have found a deed that has fallen that has a ton of very valuable stuff in it, the person who owned it has suffered a tragedy or crisis irl. We can absolutely do better by each other than to have an alt stand there until a wall falls down, for weeks on end, not making any attempt at all to contact the person who owned the stuff. It is easy to check signatures on the items in the area and find who lived there. It is easy to go to the forum, GL, pms, whatever, to try and contact that person or their friends. Folks I have personally talked to who lost everything that way - here is what they were doing....Taking care of a parent who suddenly went on hospice, hospitalized themselves with serious illness (multiple cases of this), losing a house, losing a loved one (miltiple cases of this), battling mental illness (multiple cases of this), losing access to internet. Imagine going through something like that, and then coming back to Wurm, to see your friends, or even just your nice deed and your stuff and finding it all gone, looted, with no way at all of ever getting it back? People have Often lost things this way that they were holding onto because they belonged to players who have Died. Please. Please, if you are ready to loot a deed, take some time to find the player first. Please. Some of these people have spent years making this game what it is, and no one deserves to come back from an irl crisis to having everything they built gone. Ask around. Contact alliance members. PM them. Check the forum and write a message. It's the kind thing to do. It's the Least we can do for each other. This is all about PVE. If you are looting on PVP servers....well. Good luck with that. LOL Have at it. It is great fun, but expect to die any second.
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    Hi folks, As you will be aware, we have been suffering significant lag across the servers lately. The development team have been looking into this over the past weeks, and we have made some progress: We found an issue related to people moving items under certain circumstances There was also an issue around cross-thread handling of one of the player buffers, where a buffer got some random data added in the middle; this was a side-effect of how the new CA chat channels were added that didn't play nicely between threads. Investigating the above issue also threw up a similar problem with how waystones and pathfinding works; both issues have been resolved, and the various threads told to straighten up and play nice with each others' buffers We have added a significant amount of additional logging, which is showing up some other problem areas that need work The out-of-synch restart last weekend was down to some extra logging that was making a lot more data than expected; to prevent disk issues, we needed a hot patch and restart. Barring another oopsie, we should be back to regular restarts from now. As we dig into the issues, it's becoming clear that there are a number of issues co-existing causing the problems. Some of these have been around for a while, while some are recent additions. This is an ongoing and high-priority investigation, and we are continuing to fix the problems. Thank you for your patience and reports! Things should be starting to improve now, and we're continuing to fix issues, so we expect the lag to decrease further back to the game being sensibly playable for everyone. Pandalet
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    Imagine that we've gone through the time to create an appealing graphic for this awesome event. We have a Venerable Slow Black Dragon on Pristine that just needs to not be here any more. It eats everything! The grapes, the olives, even the priests! Please join us on Saturday April 29th at 11AM PDT/ 8PM CEST. Here is a timer that is somewhat accurate. Oh, Loot stuff: All loot will get rolled on using a signup list, Only 1 name per person on the list please.
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    Hey all, we recently locked a thread and hid comments in our patch notes post for Easter. We did so intentionally as we feel the overall conduct in that thread does not represent Wurm as a whole. As patch notes are more newsworthy, keeping those posts on-topic and reserved for important information regarding the patch is essential. Going forward, the patch notes will be posted in a read-only forum; a new forum section will be provided to discuss recent changes, which any registered user may post. This keeps the patch notes clean and easy to browse and allows splitting different discussions into individual threads to avoid one particular topic in a set of changes overwhelming all the others. Suggestions and Bugs will continue to go in their respective forum sections. We feel this change will make it easier for people to see important information related to patches, while also still giving people a place to comment. We do not want to silence feedback, but as this is a public forum, we, as a community, should be aware of our image. Criticism is welcome, so long as it is civil and constructive. Please use the new forum and tell us what you liked or disliked about a change. This thread is going to be locked, but feel free to post comments about this change in the new forum, once it opens. Edit: The new forum has been created: https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/forum/488-patch-notes-discussion/ Thank you, Keenan
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    All priest owners rejoice! Say a prayer for our Grootyboy and his legendary persistence! Long may he chase treasure maps! As promised, Southern Harmony Alliance has yet again trapped a unique, this time a dragon and made the slaying available for the whole community. All are welcome, even those who *cough* keep their slayings "close to their heart (and wallet)". Red dragon blood makes a ropemaking imbue. Alts policy: Knock yourself out, let's crash the server, who cares. 🙂 Sermons: Altars will be available and queue will be maintained, please be respectful and don't try to ninja a sermon. Fo priests will be available to cleanse your cooties, so non-priests please dismount and huddle up around altars. LOCATION: https://harmony.yaga.host/#2931,3023 Location revealed a bit earlier than announced, If you activated any alts please send them to help sermoners! VYN FOLLOWERS, ENSURE YOUR SB IS BURNED, WE'RE HAVING ROS AT THE SAME TIME! Not sure if timer is right. Slaying is at 21:00 GMT on Saturday, 25/02/23 http://
  35. 29 points
    We will be delaying the launch of Cartography/Holy Sites/Goblin Camps by 1 week from our original date. With Holy Site testing out today and Goblin Camp testing due out Monday or Tuesday next week, we are incredibly close but did not want to cut public testing short, so we can give everyone time to help shape it before it goes live. The current plan is to launch on December 20th, but at the end of the day, we will keep at it till everyone feels it's in a good place during the public testing as we don’t want to rush it out at this point after so much time has gone into it already. It’s no secret that the development process has been rough on these features, and they're already well behind schedule. We learned a lot from this last year and plan to use it to only improve from here. As we have mentioned recently, I would like to reiterate that 2023 will be a year where we will switch focus away from major new features and focus on reworking and polishing what we already have. I appreciate everyone's patience with us this last year, and I hope 2023 will bring us many fruitful reworks and QOL changes in places they are sorely needed. We plan to have a roadmap out sometime in January to better outline our plans for 2023.
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    This dragon's a member of a choir! So it has two ways it spits fire! Scale and tailoring oil you require? Then it's Bruce's Circus you desire! Slaying will be Sat Sep 24 21:00:00 CEST 2022 servertime, at Bruce's Flying Circus N13 Release This timer should help: Paste this code into Discord to get a time that automatically updates to the time zone of the person viewing the message (someone please tell me if you actually use this) <t:1664046000:F>
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    [05:08:50] You wave at The old starving blue dragon hatchling. https://harmony.yaga.host/#1813,3048 (We should also do Rite of Death if anyone is interested and its not done prior. Has been ready for nearly 2 weeks now!) So we've had this little fella in a hole since before the red dragon slaying. After at least twice of watching beloved Grooty do a treasure map right on top of his prison and many times of saying "This week I'll make the forum post." I brought myself here. All faith altars will be present, bring every character and every family member, classmate, and whoever ya got, don't be shy. See you there
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    Hello Wurmians, and welcome to another issue of the Valrei International! It’s that wonderful time of year that many of us look forward to… the release of the new Map Dumps! It’s always interesting to see how the servers have changed throughout the year, and these ones will be even more fun, being the first dump since we released the original maps for the Northern Isles last year and the first to show all of the terraforming and progress you have all made on those servers since their creation. You can find the map dumps at the link below: https://wurm.gg/MapDumps The Road Through 2023 In case you’ve missed it, we’ve also published our roadmap for the coming year. We plan to do a lot of QoL stuff and bug fixing this year, as well as finalizing our work on Goblin Camps for Exploration Part Two! You can check out the post below: And speaking of Exploration Part Two…. Holy Sites will be going live on March 7th! We want to thank you all for the feedback you’ve given us during testing of Holy Sites, and we are ready to go live with them! Prepare your priests and followers for wonderful adventures and pilgrimages to these sacred places, and reap the benefits each deity provides for each kind of site. A Colourful New Way to Cozy Up Your Place! Coming soon, we will be adding a long-awaited and frequently requested feature; the ability to dye colourful carpets! You’ll be able to customize all sizes of colourful carpets, with two colour zones to get just the right combination of colours to fit your aesthetic. Carpets freshly made will resemble the default colours we have always had, and will need to have that colour removed to become lovely new white carpets that can be dyed any colour you like. Skin it up! Starting later in March, we will start making skins from previous months available on a rotating basis. Details are still being finalized on this and will be posted separately. Pvp Changes and PMK Introductions to Defiance Along with Holy Sites, we will be introducing Player Made Kingdoms to Defiance on the same date. We have also laid out some other proposed changes for PvP that we would love everyone's feedback on. Checkout the link below for more information and a discussion thread on these changes: Thanks for checking out this issue of the Valrei International! We’re going to finish it off with a lovely list of quite a few community events coming up in the next few months. It’s always exciting to see the things you guys put together for these! Nirav’s Rockcliff Museum Expansion Ongoing on Independence (SFI Only) Nirav is looking to expand the beautiful Rockcliff Museum on Independence, and is looking for help from SFI Wurmians to fill it with even more history! Deliverance Renaissance Festival Easter Weekend Impalong April 7th-9th on Deliverance (SFI Only) Get ready to hop over to Deliverance for an Easter Celebration if you live on the Southern Isles! Lame Horse Fair and Limpalong May 12th-14th on Cadence (NFI Only) Kick summer off in style with the hosts of the Lame Horse Fair! Heathen Trading Co. Summer Solstice Bash June 20th-23rd on Cadence (NFI Only) Celebrate the Summer Solstice with an event-filled Impalong on the Northern Isles! Friendship Bay Summer Impalong July 20th - 25th on Pristine (SFI Only) Southern Wurmians can also celebrate the summer with friends during the 6th annual Friendship Bay Summer Impalong!
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    Hello all! Community feedback is key for us, but it’s often difficult to keep track of all the suggestions players make and what the community thinks of them. The forums are great for discussions but not so much for discerning the popularity of an idea. To solve that, we are going live with a new website: https://suggestions.wurmonline.com. This is not a replacement for the forums, as suggestions should still begin here, but the forum discussion should be kept to feedback and constructive criticism about the suggestions themselves. Once a suggestion has been fleshed out on the forums, it can be posted on the Suggestions board for voting purposes. While I strongly recommend that suggestions have a corresponding forum thread, it is not a requirement. There are a few things I would like to note: You must register, but you will remain anonymous to the public when voting or submitting suggestions. Your suggestion will be reviewed by a member of the development team and approved so long as it’s not a duplicate or violating our rules. See https://wurm.gg/rules for more information. There are no downvotes. Comments are disabled. All discussions of a suggestion should take place on the forums. The best part about this new site is the Roadmap feature. Simply click on Roadmap at the top, and once suggestions have been added to it, you’ll be able to see their status in our development pipeline. We’re trying out this new tool, and I’m hopeful it will help the community guide us as we continue improving Wurm Online. We may tweak or adjust how it works going forward, to better serve that aim. I am looking forward to seeing what we can build together! Happy Wurming! Edit: I always forget something! I want to set some expectations around the lifecycle of a suggestion. Suggestions will live in the Open state for at least a week before being put into Under Review. Once in Under Review, it may take at least a week to make a determination. If accepted, we will mark it as Planned and it will show up on the Roadmap. If not accepted, it will be moved to Closed and a comment will be added explaining why we rejected the suggestion. As mentioned above, this will be subject to change as we tweak the process!
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    I can't speak for all others, but feel like I am surely speaking for many of us, and I'm hoping others will chime in here. Thank you for everything you've always been for this community. For all the care you've taken over the years to help those in need of valuable information and guidance. For always communicating with clarity and patience, even when some of us can be dense and slow to pick up 😆. For always being a willing friend. For doing what's right even when it stinks sometimes (personally, sorry you had to warn me the one day, i shouldn't have been in GL at that BAC level! lol). And so much more. You're appreciated and a unique and special part of the Wurm world, and you should definitely know this and hear it firsthand. Thank you.
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    Hello all, It was recently brought to our attention once again that the bundle pricing in the shop did not make sense. Specifically, the first two bundles offered were priced higher than the combined total of the items sold. This has been rectified as of today. The bundle prices have been reduced to ensure that they are at a discount, even if a small one, as opposed to buying the items individually. It has been said that this was a deceptive practice, and that does not rest well with me. To that end, I've gone back over the last year of transactions and have given a list of players to the GM team. We will be granting 3 days of premium per bundle purchase of the 1-month-5-silver bundle to make good for the extra cost incurred. You will not need to place a ticket or email us as we've already gathered the data from our transaction history. Thank you, and happy Wurming!
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    An elephant simply cannot be mistaken for a large mouse. As the size of an animal changes, so too do the circumstances it is under. An Ant has no veins - it can simply diffuse oxygen through its cells. A bigger creature cannot do this - diffusion cannot get enough oxygen to so many cells, so lungs to bring in that oxygen and veins to carry it become required. Bones too must vary: if a creature were to be ten times as big as us, it would typically also be ten times as wide, ten times as thick. This makes the weight a thousand times more! Given our own bones break under a force ten times out weight, a massive increase in bone thickness would be required for any cross-section of the bone to sustain this mass! To accomplish this, a creature may have shorter, thicker legs - so each pound of mass has about the same area of bone to support it like a rhino, or it can compress its body and stretch its legs like a giraffe. Enter, the Forest Giant It has done neither of these adaptions to its mammoth size. It hasn't even gone on all fours, so that the weight might be distributed among more bones. That this creature does not break its legs as it walks is some sorcery, for it cannot be explained within physics nor biology. And for this sorcery, it must die. According to some site I checked, daylight savings has ended everywhere - still, be early! Location: Bruce's Flying Circus, N13 (it's on the highway map) /Servertime: Sun Nov 13 21:00:00 CET 2022 Discord time code: <t:1668369600:F> Timer:
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    Seris is dead Blood is fuel Inde will be full Please refer to the Albia Roads Map Of Indy for a bigger map to plan your route better! There Will Be Blood Shed J21/I21 Independence Come get a Ropemaking Blood, Red Scale, ??? Bone, Skull, Meat and the corpse! With a tiny shot at 1 tome charge! Slaying should be Sat Oct 01 21:00:00 CEST 2022 using /servertime Or this timer Or this Discord message: <t:1664650800:F> Once again, please avoid building in the area! We like to leave the area as good, or better, as we found it! Be early! No matter which way you've cut it you've got quite the journey, and I'm not known for delaying. Edit: Almost forgot to say, big thanks to Alectrys for finding and handing over this dragon for public slaying!
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    The server outage this morning was due to a hardware failure on one of the physical machines hosting our game servers. The initial failure happened around 9:45 UTC, causing the machine to shut down. The actual failure was a hard disk failing. This took out Pristine, Indy, Serenity, Desertion, Exodus, Deli, and Chaos, but also Golden Valley and the webshop, meaning that even if you were on a server that wasn't down, nobody could log in (GV is our login server). We notified our hosting provider (who were already swinging into action), who pulled the machine and replaced the disk. Replacing the hardware didn't take very long, but rebuilding the images took a little bit, so we had to wait for the machine to give the green light before bringing anything back up. We do not expect any significant data loss as a result of this outage, as we use a redundant array configuration. The game servers were brought back up at 11:57 UTC, with all hamsters operating normally from that point. Fun fact: Max handled sorting out the systems from our side, on his laptop, from his allotment. No vegetables were harmed due to this outage.
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    thanks to ohhowcivilized for the tea etiquette list 1. Dress appropriately. Tea can be dangerous, and it is advised to have sensible clothing for the occasion. 2. Keep phones off the table. Also keep them out the tea. 3. Put your pinkie finger down when holding the handle of the teacup. This includes the ones attached to your hands. 4. Hold the teacup by the handle. Do not cup your hands around the teacup, nor hold it with your fingers inside the tea. 5. Stir up and down, not in circles. Making noise with the teaspoon is frowned upon. Be quiet. BE QUIET! 6. Don't drink from your teacup with the teaspoon in it. Put your teaspoon on the saucer either on the ride side or behind the cup. Do not, under any circumstances, put it to the left of the cup. 7. Don't put the teaspoon in your mouth, eyes or other orifices. 8. Saucer stays on the table. As good as it would be for all spillages to go onto the saucer, you (as a member of high society) are expected to not have spillages anyway. 9. Don't blow on the tea to cool it down. If it is scalding hot, you must pretend otherwise. 10. Take small sips of tea. We don't care how thirsty you are, or how much you want to get away, SIP 11. Don't swish your mouth with tea. Hold on, people do this? 12. Use milk and sugar only for black tea. Alternatives do not form a valid recipe, and you will be told "have you tried removing a sugar?" 13. Eat with your fingers. Read that again, it does not say "eat your fingers" 14. Tea sandwiches are eaten first. Remember, your peers are judging you. JUDGING. 15. Break the scone into small pieces. Do not make a scone sandwich. Do not have fun. Do not have enjoyment. 16. Never dunk your scone into tea. No matter how much you like it. 17. Used utensils don't go back on the table. Nor do they go to on the left side of your saucer (very important) 18. Don't lick your fingers. Even if there's jam there. 19. Dab, don't wipe. Yes, that dab. Hit the griddy. 20. Place utensils on the plate in the 4:20 position when tea service is over. This is a serious tea rule, not a wemp joke. It lets the server know you're done. 21. Place napkins on the left side of the place setting when getting up. This is the only thing that goes on the left of your saucer. 22. Do not spill the tea. DO NOT SPILL THE TEA. Now let's see how the dragon is getting on Excellent etiquette, pinkie kept down but... he's spilled the tea! Get him! Timer: servertime: Sat May 13 21:00:00 CEST 2023 Discord timecode: <t:1684004400:F> Join us for afternoon tea at Bruce's Flying Circus, Release N13
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    Red drake slaying 2nd Apr on Harmony I was peacefully looking for treasure when this guy attacked me. I didn't imagine that a 5ql treasure map would be guarded by an animal like this. Meldor and Katharina helped catch this guy and now this coming Sunday we will send him to happier hunting grounds. Come and join us. Altars for all 4 deities. Mixing red dragon hatchling blood with source salt will create a oil of the weapon smith. Location: Little Red Riding Hood, K19 in highway system. Slaying will be happening in 21:00 (9pm ) EEST EEST — Eastern European Summer Time /UTC+3 hours (for those who don't see timer right)
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    Find your new years resolutions mean well but keep falling short? That "get fit" and "stop smoking" becoming every years' resolution? Well look now for something that might help! (no guarantees given, guaranteed) To set an achievable new years resolution, it's recommended to use the S.M.A.R.T. method to create goals that fulfil the resolution! Here's mine as an example, the resolution is to get fit! Specific goals that you can hold yourself to! Mine's going to involve a lot of pedal-biking! Measurable deadlines or actions that let you know when you are succeeding - in my case, I'm measuring minutes, and boy do I need 30 of them daily! Achievable and realistic goals help avoid feelings of defeat and failure, which can send you into never using that gym membership! 30 minutes is achievable, but I'm making sure to forgive myself if I fail, but also to fearlessly examine why I didn't stick to it so I can get back on track Relevant goals ensure that your goal has purpose and reaches your overarching resolution. In this instance, I'm quite sure that the pedal-biking will contribute to getting fit! Timely goals create a realistic deadline you can hold yourself to. How long will it take? In my case this one has no expiry, which perhaps makes it a little poor here! Here's another goal: killing this black dragon hatchling! Specific: Stab it in the face Measurable: Stab it until it is dead Achievable: Sail out early so you don't miss it! It's at Bruce's Flying Circus, N13 Release Relevant: Not sure what your overarching goal is, but there's some sweet Armour Smithing blood, dragon meat, dragon skull, dragon hide, its corpse and a rare+ bone going! Timely: /servertime Sun Jan 08 20:00:00 CET 2023 Discord code <t:1673204400:F> THESE TIMERS ARE IN ERROR, IT'S AN HOUR LATER P.S. my explanation of SMART goals is definitely lacking, here's a handy article on it if you want to know more!
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    Recently I had my horse "stolen" for want of a better word, even though technically it wasn't stolen cause that is impossible to do on Freedom. The horse was taken and then purposely killed to try and get the gear that was on it. I wont go into the details of how this was done because I don't want anyone else with malicious intent to get any ideas. I just want to say a HUGE thank you to Tristankh, Tarissa and the rest of the team involved for going above and beyond to help me find my horse. R.I.P No other game I have played has ever gone to the trouble and effort (and it was a massive effort) to help me with a problem before. I truly appreciate you all. Call me a brown nose, @#$ kisser what ever you want. I don't care. I just feel like we are so quick to complain about things but hardly ever say thank you. So thank you, thank you all. You all are amazing! Indigoe 💓
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    It’s always unfortunate when we have to remove a player, but these actions are taken to protect both the game and the community. What’s more, these people sometimes return anew, either looking for a second chance or seeking to return to their old ways. Regardless of the reason for their return, we will ban these players on sight unless the GM team has pardoned them. Today we discovered a tangible link between the player Bloodreina and an account permanently banned 8 years ago for disruptive behavior. I want to stress that we did not act upon this person because of any recent comment they made on the forums. I welcome opinions of all kinds, even if I disagree with them. It’s how we learn and grow as individuals and how we can make Wurm Online even better. I’m making this post to ensure that this community remains comfortable sharing their opinions respectfully and civilly. I have heard from many of you over the last year, some disagreeing with me, others with ideas and ways to improve the game. Having this open line of communication is essential, and I do not want a coincidence such as this to impede that in any way. That said, I hope you all continue enjoying the Halloween event. Happy Wurming!
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    So... it has been a months-long joke in our alliance that I hate chestnut chairs. Ever since @maximusifound a load on an abandoned deed and started hoarding them in our community warehouse, I have made it my mission in alliance chat to insult chestnut chairs at every available opportunity. Well, the chairs finally caught up with me. This is what I saw when I logged in today. SO MANY CHAIRS THEY. ARE. EVERYWHERE. I've been reliably informed there are a total of 1001. Credit where credit is due - my alliance banded together for a big time prank Had me pretty much laughing on the floor when I logged in. Such an absurdly high-effort prank. It's difficult to even capture them all in one screenshot, they are EVERYWHERE.
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