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  1. We'll allow it so long as you'll attempt to try some in the next decade
  2. Yeah getting rare rolls when staggering the input has been posted here, in this instance we are talking specifically times where actions with the same input time together are giving that rare roll later in the queue. That's why it's an oddity to us currently.
  3. Turkish Delight Fan Club Meetup - Year 1110, Celebration. Our special guest celebrating our favourite sweet treat. Hello! This time myself, Fabricant and Steelmerc would like to invite you back to Celebration to celebrate our favourite delicacy, turkish delight. We've even managed to get a super special guest to join us! That's right, John Goblin Leader will be there to get smacked and beaten with enlargened turkish delight bars until he gives us all his blood. Due to future event scheduling, we'll be doing this on the offpeak time of Friday. In hopes to maximize player count, we'll be doing this at 8PM BST. Check the timer below. And in advance, the event is being held here:,1131 And if you're wondering why this is turkish delight themed, let me get you up to speed.... I like Turkish Delight. I do. A lot if people don't like Turkish delight, I mean Fry's Turkish delight. The type with the chocolate on it and the purple wrapper. But I like it. A lot of people say "ugh Turkish delight that's disgusting. How can you eat that? It's like eating perfume, it's like eating old women's perfume. Like lavender water, or rose water or whatever it is. How can you like that?" But I like it. I like turkish Delight. I don't like it enough to get it for every day, or every week. In fact I can't remember the last time I got a Turkish delight. But every now and then, I'll be in a shop and I walk by the shelves with all the chocolate and I'll see a Turkish delight and I'll get it. It's nice, I like it. I like Turkish Delight. Rules of engagement for this is as follows: If a tome is dropped, we may roll it or reserve it, it all depends on what it is. Sorry! If a supreme or fantastic bone is dropped, we will keep it. However in that event, we will instead roll a rare bone we have saved, so regardless of what happens, you have a chance to walk away with one. Corpse, giblets, crown will be rolled. Thank you all, and hope to see you there!
  4. "yeah it's anything that's right click menus or actions performed" Confirmed by Silakka/OR. He also requested I post Big Chungus which I declined.
  5. Forgive me Hugh, but I'm not sure what you want us to take from this. There's been no issues raised with the update frequency of the map or anything of the sort that I can recall, the focus of the conversation has been primarily on the additional benefits, abilities and general usability that a Yaga map has.
  6. Hi folks, me again. Just want to do another digest post with some parts that may have been worded poorly by myself or not initially very clear. This post isn't to enforce any playstyle or method over another. I'm just highlighting some important info on how to make sure you're getting the rare rolls if you're specifically looking for them. What makes stagger queueing work is the input time, rather than when the action happens. By that I mean when you queue it, rather than when the action starts in event log. There is an edit in the OP to show what a stagger queue looks like now, so if you're not quite having it click in your mind, give it a quick look and it'll make sense. If stagger queueing works for you is gonna depend on a lot of things, but mainly casts on what you're using to imp with and your body stamina. If stagger queueing isn't working for you, don't sweat it, just let stamina regen. With max deed rarity bonus, the windows last for 30 seconds so you've got a fairly good buffer time to do an imp, and regen stamina if needed. Binds are a good idea as right clicking will snap the rarity window shut, as wil repairing. Edit 1: I think I touched on it in the OP but just so we're sharing all the info we have, there have been a very few instances we saw where a rare roll was triggered during a queued imp, like you'd think the system would work before reading this. Now, these are incredibly rare, to the point where they likely make up 4% or less of the overall rare rolls that were counted. Issue is, the rarity system being like it is, we can't really pinpoint why that is and why it'd be happening. I'd highly suggest following the post above me and the post it's replying to, as it may offer some sort of insight into it, maybe? If you've got any questions, please feel free to ask here. No judgment, we're happy to explain and give input. We're happy the info is out there now and people are finding it useful, and we want to make sure we can help everyone who might still have questions about this.
  7. I love the idea of this tbh, some variants of guard towers would be lovely
  8. Yeah, full disclosure, Nineol told me at some point this has been information that was known but has seemed to fade away in the knowledge of the community. And it's certainly something I didn't really, properly know. Resources saved is one part of the benefits talked about when rare spamming and I think a fair whack of people took that as one of the biggest reasons why, other than just maxing out rare window potential. I'd still think rare rolls would happen with queued actions honestly. Interesting. I'm noting this personally but not in the OP, since I already think it's way too large and dry on things to make it an entertaining read. I know he's already responded, but sadly I'm not Nineol. But his explanation is on point, and points why we felt this thread needs to be made. Info like this should be shared, even if to some it's already well known and understood.
  9. Quick, someone give me a head wound. Also, does this mean the old theory "newbies get more rare rolls" is softly confirmed now? Less mind logic, less skill....
  10. Do you want to believe? Hi everyone, Madnath again. After the last thread got dumpstered, I’m going to take a different approach to this one to ensure I don’t get on anyones bad side again. Satire will be clear and marked as such, and cut down on. This post does aim to get the truth across, just in a silly-ish kinda way. Part 1: The Lead Up As you may be expecting, what really started this off is the recent exploration update. If somehow you don’t know, rare rolls on certain actions will now give a treasure map. This has got a lot of people attempting to farm rare rolls to get maps whenever possible, and as you probably expect, a lot of people frustrated they aren’t getting them. But what if we’re all going about it wrong? Surely this type of thing would be well known and documented by now, right? Well… Part 2: Realization & Research This all kicked off initially with Nineol. You may know him as the madlad behind a fair few 100 titles and an insane skill record on Niarja, alongside always being there at Stanlee slays, working hard to ensure things go smoothly. Nineol is well versed in the game and a lot of its mechanics, including something important here, knowing how to farm rare items via crafting. If you’re not familiar with it, you can read much more about it in Oblivionnreaver’s “grindin everything” thead in the Game Guides subforum. It’s formatted really badly, much like this thread is. But in summary, you do a single craft or imp every 25 seconds or so with full deed rarity window, you can expect a rare every 2 hours and a supreme every 24 hours, of course the wait time for these essentially lower with the more accounts you can have doing it. Just be warned that trying to do this with more than 5 accounts will result in a similar APM and RSI to a Starcraft 2 pro. Anyway, Nineol got to work on update day as he was eager to try the update on live and get some cool loot. The desire to take a break from grinding must have really set in. He set about to have his main on a tar patch digging away, while he also had 2 priests praying, 1 mining and another digging. Using the logic above, he expected to get a rare roll about every 2 hours across all accounts, getting him a nice haul of maps. Well, what happened? He got one rare roll the entire day. He tried again the next day. And the day after. Same results both times. Nineol starts to question his sanity at this point. A lot of questions just racing through his mind. Has Rolf returned purely to mess with the Niarja number 1? Did he expect there to be a treasure hunting skill that he simply must get 100 in? Have the invisible duck contrails messed with the rarity system? This is a big thing, it has the potential to rock the Wurm world. We must dig deeper…. END OF SATIRE. So Nineol decides to take a look in his event log, to see if he’s maybe overlooking something about the rare rolls. There must be something, right? Right. There’s a realization that all but one rare roll came from the first action in a queue. Curious. So he sends a message out to Stanlee and others, and they all return a very similar result. Most of their actions are coming from the first in the queue and not the rest, with only a few exceptions here and there. At this point, Stanlee contacts myself and Oblivionnreaver due to his extensive knowledge. However it seems that Oblivionnreaver didn’t respond so was unable to get any player based confirmation of what’s being seen. Things go silent for a few days. Until Stanlee contacts me again. He lets me know that Nineol has switched up how he’s trying to get the rare rolls based on the findings detailed, and it works. Very bloody well, as he’s now finished the treasure hunting journal already. Part 3. Conclusion & Notes At this point we’re very comfortable saying this is pretty much confirmed, given the solid evidence behind it. A dev reply to this thread confirming or denying it seems quite unlikely given how impactful this info can be to the general playerbase. Players could most likely try this themselves and verify it if they give it enough patience. You might get shafted on RNG with this, it’s the nature of the game but what we have documented is VERY telling, while also a bit too much to post in a single thread. If you want a shorter digest on how rarity windows work, here’s a very rough rundown. At basically any moment, a rare trigger can happen which causes a rare window. This is by default 20 seconds, but can be upped to 30 seconds via deed rarity bonus. If you input an action within that time, the action becomes rare and the rarity window ends immediately. What we’ve gathered from the above info, is that all the actions done in a queue are done at the initial input time when you queued them up. This means a rarity window can happen in the time you’re doing queued actions, and that rarity window will pass because you’ve not technically inputted within that time even though you’re doing actions. Oh, and guess what? There’s a long list of things that will also immediately snap that rarity window closed. Including trying to do an imp action with the wrong tool. You can read about it in slightly more depth below. EDIT: Staggering your input queue works too, but when you queue actions it uses the imput time and not when the action itself started. See spoiler below for an example. Thank you Shy for providing this. I’m sorry this thread is rather dry on humor, but it’s pretty hard to make some important info like this funny. I hope those of you who bother to read this in full, or even partly, found it helpful and will use it to get some proper actions going and nice new rare items. And remember, the truth is out there.
  11. Well look on the bright side. I'm either now a credible news source who needs to label their stuff as satire, or it's not clear after doing these for like two years I'm clearly just having a fun time writing bombastic silly news about weird things and observations. I'll see you next time for some actual, credible news.
  12. is the title not tongue in cheek enough shame to see these posts are now relegated to not being seen in woodscraps now, oh well
  13. +1 because it's an idea so silly it'd only give extra reason for a merge to not happen
  14. The Vynoran Inquirer The trolls hard at work for their trip to Chaos… Hello everyone! Madnath here to help fill the space between Valrei International threads. Today we’ve got a bit of a format change, including a less silly title for the series and a better look at what everyone has been up to recently. I’m hoping this new format change is to everyone's liking, and that there’s something for everyone. Feedback is always welcome and appreciated, so make sure to let your thoughts fly in the comments about what we’ve got in store and any grumblings you might have about Pilk/Turkish Delight. So…. Let’s get started! Treasure Loot And What’s In Store! We’ve taken a lot of the feedback from threads, ingame and streams to heart and we notice there’s some tweaks that need to come to loot and what you get from your chests. We totally understand the concerns put forward about the amount of leather and ropes in the chests. We believe that each player works very hard for their chest, from acquiring it all the way through to following through with all the steps. Our penned change to go live next week is the following: Unique item chance will be changed to be 10%. If this chance passes, you will get a unique item piece currently in the chests. If it fails, we’ll give a generous participation prize that will double or triple the current amount of leather or rope offered. We’d like to once again thank everyone for their patience as we work on this bold new system further and try to refine it more to everyone's tastes. Where’s The Rum Gone?!? We’ve also taken note of the request for a pity system for gaining treasure maps, and additional actions people would like treasure maps to come from. Due to how these systems work and how we intended the system to work for existing mechanics without rare roll benefit to finally get a good one, we’ve taken a slightly different approach to fixing this. Fitting in with the pirate theme, drinking rum before doing the actions that give you a chance to acquire a map will now give you up to a 50% boost to get the casket. Every 20 points of drunkenness is a 10% boost to that grand prize. There may be some concerns about the fact coconuts must be crafted from a hard to find component. We apologize for this, as we cannot add coconut trees until we figure out how to make Saroman get a skin token for a coconut tree to work on an enchanted tree tile. For those of you on SFI, we advise seeking out Eleraan who seems to somehow have access to a coconut bearing palm tree, with which he makes rum from…. Wurm NFTs Are Finally Here! The jig is up! We’re finally ready to announce the first batch of Wurm NFTs made by our loving community while Saroman is busy with the aforementioned work. So far we’ve got contributions from the wonderful Archaed, the beautiful Blazecraze who’s like a brother to me, and one of the GL favourites, Jacalina! Enjoy the collection below! Bored Arch Knarr Alliance. Blazecraze Bored Goblin Congregation. Jacalina’s Menacing Frogspider. You can expect these to hit the Wurm Store’s brand new auction page soon! Wurm’s First Broadcast! For the first time ever, we’re receiving a broadcast from our friends over on Release. They reported some urgent news that must be put to press immediately. Sadly, our friends haven’t been online in a while but we did get this strange broadcast sent to us. This was encrypted when received but for the first time ever, we’re able to not just put into words an actual broadcast, but also decipher the message live. What you’re reading below is a true Wurm first, and totally exclusive to The Vynoran Inquirer. This is presented in real time, unedited. I̶̝͝T̴̹̤̏͗'̸̖̑̈́S̶̟̕ ̴̛͕̖H̶̥͙́̈́Ē̶͍R̴̘̈̀Ę̶͉̓͑ ̴͎̭͋̅T̸̞͗Ḫ̶͙̐͠E̶͉̙̔̊ ̸̠̣́͌Ē̶̮͔͗N̸̹͂D̷̼͛ ̵͍̬͂Ĭ̸͉̰Ś̸̖̺̊ ̸͇̉̈H̷͉̤͑̕E̸͓̿R̸̳̚E̷͔̓ ̴̧͇̕W̶̙͓̏E̵̬̓̍ ̴̟̘̓͒C̷̝̀͆A̵͍̕N̵̛̼͓̔Ṇ̷̆O̷͇̕Ṭ̶͍͠ ̵͉̂̊W̸̜͆͝O̵̬̾̒ͅṞ̷̱̉K̸̜͒̕ ̶͈̓͠I̷̭̼͊̏T̸̜̈̈́ ̵͚̎͑O̴̮̿Ú̸͚T̸̼̽ ̵̤̻̾̚T̶͙̙̈́H̴͉̦̓E̴̡͚̾̚ ̶͚̿D̸̬̞̎̎A̵̻̅T̷̻̑A̸͇͇͛͝ ̸̖͐̏D̸̮̍Ő̴͇̜́E̵͇͇͆̚S̷̛͙͝N̴̥̥͆̽'̷̛͖T̶̮̬͛͝ ̸̲͘M̷̟̿͛ͅÀ̵̺̔K̷̩͖͂E̴̪̽̂ͅ ̴̥̫͛S̶̺̭̀̊Ȩ̶̮͑N̵̢͝Ś̴̭Ḙ̵̚ ̸͖͒͠Á̸̮̊N̴͍͝ͅD̶̰͎͒̉ ̸͌ͅȊ̵̺T̷͚͖͝͠ ̷̛͙͈̂C̴̠̥̈́A̵͕͊͌ͅN̷̺͈͛͛N̵̤͍͊O̵̭̐̈T̴͙̾ ̷͖̉B̵̼̋Ẹ̸̿ ̸̱̰̄͝C̷̣͉͐͝O̷̯̙͆N̸̛̟̋ͅT̴̹̿R̶̘͋͜O̴̧̫͋͝L̸̼͎͗́L̴̪̽Ë̸̬́D̸̺͎̄ ̸̖̘͆W̶̖͕̄̄É̸̟̯̋ ̵̦̿T̸̩̗̆̚R̸̕͜I̵̼̿̏E̶̦̾́ͅD̷͙͛͑ ̷͇̲̎̔T̵̰̃Ȯ̵̙̺̔ ̵͚̐͂B̷̯͑͝E̵͍͝N̵͔̔͑D̴̻̺͛͘ ̴͈̆͠Í̵̫̯Ţ̵̱͝ ̶̮̀̒T̶̪̥̎͛Ő̸͈ ̷̲̑͂O̷̤̼̾͂U̴̗͐͒R̸̦̓̅ ̴͎̆͝W̴̫̪̌͊Į̵̥͌̊L̸͚͔͋͝L̶̞̣͑ ̸̩̅B̵̧͛̋Ǘ̷̦̬̎T̵̺̹̃ ̴͍̱͋͒O̵̤̊Û̵̦̮̂R̵͖̻̐ ̷͕̻̿̈M̴̨̊Ḯ̵̞̣̕N̸͔͓̄̾D̷̫̾S̸̱̝̾͐ ̶̦͆M̴̘̄E̸̜̕L̴̛̠̳̑T̴̗͆̿͜E̶̗̚͝D̷̘̾ ̷̼̇̃Ō̴̧͍Ű̴̡̕R̷̡̥̀̃ ̴̟͑͊E̷̼͍̎̉Y̸͍͎͌Ę̷̃̑S̸̲͝ ̷̨̈́̒E̸̳̊X̷̙̥̿̃P̴̼̂̈́L̶̝͖̈́̆Ó̶̼̘͌D̴̩̀E̶̦̾D̴̳̠̆̌ ̷̫͔̚͝Ȏ̵͍͇Ṻ̷̻Ṙ̷̢͉ ̸̛̭̦̍T̶͚̰͒̈O̷͔̚Ǹ̷̰̀G̶̳̭͐̿Ũ̸̟E̸͔̞̐S̸͉͚̊͌ ̷̜̲̀̈́B̵̧̕O̷̜̥͗Ȋ̸͖͇L̸̘͌E̵̙̼̚D̷̞͗ ̴̟̄̌T̵̙̦̀̈́H̴̬͍̓E̵͎͚͆Y̷̡̩̊'̵͗͜R̵̲͎̃̀E̷̛̲̣͆ ̵͚̙͊C̵͔̗͂Ö̴͖̫́͊M̸̙̱̅I̷̮̲̍͘N̷̡̡̈́G̵̥̋͠ ̵̛̺̺̒F̶̣̤͂O̸̲̓R̶̞̱̿̆ ̷̰́̏U̷̘̽͗Ś̷̮ ̸͖̹́̌Ṱ̶̫͗Ḥ̴̦̅͘Ē̴̻̺͝Y̷̮͓͛'̸͍̒͆R̸͉͊Ḛ̴͇̎ ̵̜̑C̷̖͓̒̄O̶̬͍̎̈́M̵̧͈̃Ĭ̷͓̕N̴̗͍̚G̷͓̜̈̈́ R̷E̶O̴P̶E̵N̵ ̶T̸H̷E̴ ̶V̴-̶F̸I̷L̵E̵S̴ ̵R̵E̷O̶P̸E̵N̶ ̵T̵H̸E̷ ̴V̵-̵F̷I̸L̶E̵S̴ ̶R̵E̷O̵P̷E̸N̶ ̵T̴H̷E̷ ̷V̴-̵F̵I̴L̸E̷S̸ ̵ Ť̵̡͗̒̌́Ḩ̸̧͇̤͉̓E̸̟̱̹͎͎̓̋̀̓̐ ̵͙̈́̅F̴́̃͆̍͜Ó̴̪͙̠́ͅG̶̤͔̤͔̀̈́ͅ ̴̥͉̑I̸̮̹̰̓̌͝S̶̺̊̓͆͆͊ ̷̳̈́͐̃H̶̳̮͎́E̷͕̠͚̰̒̅̈́̎͌R̴̛͍̻͈̯̽̈́̇͗E̵̳͛ ̵̨̡̣͖̲̋̅͝I̴͖͂̈́͊͊T̶͈̟̒̉ ̷͙̝̖͉͊W̷͙̃̆̕̚Ȉ̵̖̀́̍L̸̨̘̖̤̈́̈͋͌̈ͅL̷͓̫̠̗̍ ̷̖͛C̶̟̜̙͝L̶̛̼̐͂̊͘E̵̮͑͗͘̚A̵̭͚̬̓͐͗͝N̴͇̠̗̗̺̓̐͋̄͂S̵̳̳̘̤̲̆̋E̸̳̞̅̆ ̵̦̥͔̀͂͘T̵̟̺͆͝Ḧ̸̺̖̤́ͅẺ̴͎̏ ̶͎̔͑S̵͇̍̇̿̎͝E̸͓͈͙̞͔͆̈́͝͝͝R̵̟̖̭̩̽̎͂Ṽ̷̖̜͔Ë̴̘́̎́R̸͉͔͆͊̚ ̷̛͎̰͚͈̀̍O̸͖̜̫̝͋̀̓̑̿ͅF̴̰͖̹̓̈́̀͘ͅ ̴̪͙̩̯̔̒̈͝͝I̵͇͝ͅŢ̶̮̌̄̈̍Ş̸̭̳̳̮̍̎͝͠ ̸̧̢̬̎̅Ṡ̴̲͍͇̈́͊I̶͍͓͑̎N̴͍̫͈͕̬̅S̵̢͈̪̉ ̸̢͇̻̰̙̂͊W̴̙̒́E̵̛̦̻̤͋̇̓ ̶͍̋͠W̵͎͑̂̽I̴͚̩̘͠L̴̡͙͒̀L̵͎̟̙͛̑́͜͠ ̶͖̹̬̄̉̄̚B̶̪̝̾̋È̸̱̰̼̌̂͠ ̶̧̠̤̫̃W̷͇̦͕͜͠ͅẮ̶̡̛̝̏S̸̝̘̹͍̬̐H̴̳̺̳̿̄̕E̴̼̹̠͎̎́̎͜D̶̫̩͗̏̕ ̶̢̳͇̣͕̀̐̽͐I̶͎̼͖̼͒Ň̴̯͍̿̈̋ͅ ̷̤̺̻̳̂́̀T̶̫͇̗̱̿͜H̸̦͜͝E̸̗̿͛͑ ̵̣͂̿̒̕͜C̷͙̣̊U̷̧̠̮̫͆̏̓̏͜R̵̡͉̠̱̄̄R̷̘̦̤̱̻̍̏Ë̵̺̫̠̰̃̑N̶̺̩̖̜̏̔̉̎T̵͈͚͑̋̑̔͝ ̸͖̙̺̻͇̔̅̌̽Ö̵̩̬̦̣̯́́̏͌̕U̸͈̭̓͑̍R̷̰̳̹̮̂̽̌̆͜ ̴̨͕̈́͐͐̔͠S̷̘̩̘̋ͅḮ̴̘͋̑̒N̴̙̦̤̮̾̓̑͆̾S̸͎͕̿̑̀̀̚ ̴̱͍̏̈W̷̡͖̞͐I̴̲̺̣̹̋ͅL̸̝̆̆̔͊̿L̶͉̮̽̆̽̈͝ͅ ̶̻̦͇̀́̅B̴̤͚̒̓È̷̡̨̫̉̀͠ ̵̧̧̢̪̃̀͋͝Ḁ̷̓̌͐B̷̰̲̔̂S̶̱͔̜̦̀̈́Ǫ̵̹̠̜̙̊͌̕͠L̷͉̯̄̚Ṽ̵̭͙Ę̸͍̹̏͛D̶̙͎̈́̊́ ̴̛̭̤̆̓͘C̶̫͑͐̈͝Ä̴̜͚̙́̎Ŕ̸̢̲̪̼̹͗͛́T̴̳̓ ̵͔̲͝͝C̴̡̦̩̍͋̂͘Ḧ̴̲́́͝É̴ͅM̷̧͚̄̋͠T̴̤̀̍͠R̵̗͇̃͂Ȃ̸̙̔́͠Í̵͈̩̅L̷̲̪̳̅̃͝S̵̠͑̓ ̵̢̩̯̣́̌A̸̧̢̯͕͈̓͑R̶͇̼̥͗̓̊̉̅Ẻ̸̬̹̳̂̔̐͘ ̸̲̰̕R̶̮̔̿͝Ḛ̸̢̰̬̙̈́͌̽̐Ả̸͖͓̑̈̃L̶̯͇̦̼̆̆͠ Wow. Okay. I did not expect that. I wonder if there’s a hidden message inside… Errr, moving on! The News! As mentioned earlier, we have our first news segment! This will be all about what the players in the world have been up to as of recent and the news they’ve submitted to us. Let’s get started! Troll Bezoars Celebration Arndell seems to have something of an addiction problem! He reports that he got a rare roll butchering somehow and ended up with a 30kg lump of bezoar from a troll he slayed near his deed. Initially repulsed by the look and smell, he decided to give it a taste. Once the puking subsided he mentions being unable to be without the horrid mass. He describes sleeping with it nearby as he finds the smell comforting and even giving it small knitted clothing. Despite his attachment though he cannot help going in for further licks and bites. This has raised concerns with locals as he’s single handedly destroying the troll population of Celebration trying to hunt down more, and his brother also mentions finding scribbles in blood declaring his intent to murder the ultimate troll, yours truly! We advise staying away from Arndell’s Homestead and the general area of Northmere Bridge on Celebration. I’d also like to let Arndell know I do not have any large, juicy bezoars in my stomach anymore. I get them regularly removed when I get my delousing treatment. Local Man Digs 49000 Clay In Hopes of Finding Treasure Map Worth Less Than Clays Sale Value Fabricant cannot stop digging! Another Celebration regular, Fabricant, has been digging endlessly in hopes of getting treasure maps, even going as far as dumping clay on the Xanadu border! Getting closer to him, I can only hear the mutter “Stream content… stream content…. stream content!” He appears in a stupor, going deeper into a horrible pit of insanity with each failed rare roll. GM’s have been notified of his slip into madness, and we’ll keep you posted on his status in the next post. Remember to catch his stream if you want to see how utterly twisted this poor soul is. Ritual Of The Sun Cast On Harmony - 10 Players Happy To Get Journal Complete, 100 Happy For Sleep Bonus, 20 Players Mad Our friends on NFI report a casting of the Ritual Of The Sun! Many are happy to get the journal mark and even more are happy for the nice sleep bonus and body stamina tick. However a rumbling of players who insist on faith swapping for every possible rite are creating a stink, forcing players to take to the forum to suggest a complete nerf of global spell benefits. The Vynoran Inquirer urges all to keep a level head and approach this with the best intentions possible, and to just cast the damn thing and let those who can’t convert go pound sand rather than suggesting to totally nerf a system many appreciate. The Vynoran Inquirer also suggests using the wonderful Stanlee’s Grand Ritual List so you can get that journal cross sooner. You can find it here and feel free to message any of us on the front page list to be added to it. Wurmians In Shock: Find Out How One Soda And A Larder Staple Created A Global Beverage Phenomenon. GL-Freedom has recently embraced the incredible combo of Pepsi and milk, also known as Pilk. And so far, it’s taking the game by storm! Many yell in support of this incredible beverage and its supposed health benefits and have a desire to one day see it ingame in its full glory. The story of Pilk is a short but thrilling tale, when I posted Pilk and explained what it is one day in GL. The rest is history. Many months later, many still repost it frequently and discussion often centers around pilk and where it belongs in the food triangle. Other applications have been found that include using it as a natural moisturizer for your skin, and as treatment for people without a funny bone. Expect this to stick around for a while, until it eventually totally burns out and is unloved like most fads. And that’s all we’ve got for now folks. Thank you for reading, even if only select parts. Again, feel free to leave feedback and tell me how painfully unfunny this was and how I peaked at my first thread. Until next time friends, Madnath (inside your walls)