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  1. On my list are: Shafts Square pieces of cloth Pegs Cordage rope CoD em to Madnath, if you want to chatter about price PM me ingame, leave a post or PM me here Cheers
  2. It's unfortunate that one of the most interesting things made for the game in recent years had a bullet in the head because of a handful of issues that can absolutely be worked out
  3. Tomatoes hits it on the head well, but because drake and scale are still better than other armours is another reason. At least, it's seen as better by most. If you lack understanding of why these things are done, please actually log into the game and ask in a chat or question it in Discord. Making a thread to propose a really dumb experiment isn't the play. Wurm isn't your playground, thank god.
  4. It's easy to do when most threads were calling back onto other threads they made to make them work If I propose a system rework and new content, it all goes in one thread. I don't spread it across multiple threads for more posts and exposure, and then try and make it so everything would have to be added. And that's what was happening.
  5. I think the issue with fishing is more complicated. It's a very neat system but the added depth leads to it feeling bloated when about half of the options aren't very good or don't offer much. Fishing in general doesn't really offer a whole lot of reward which is where the complaints stem from, and it's why I suggest just skimming the fat of the system away but keeping a handful of parts to create an easier to use, but still pretty in depth system. I will always go with depth, because without depth we end up with situations where things like HFC is incredible, but beverages is lackluster and really needs some work. I think I generally trust the devs to get that balance right. It's never been perfect, and animal husbandry was went down like a lead balloon so far, but I feel like I can trust you lot to get it to a good point. I will once again point to the favour regen thread. It's a system every priest will use, so conversation was made in that thread about an idea proposed that was, frankly awful. They took away that feedback, and came back with the new favour system that we have now that is leaps and bounds better in every way. I think my point I'm saying with this paragraph is: I trust the devs for the most part to get the depth vs ease of use ratio right, but I do think systems that have much more heavier use need actual player feedback on ideas before they get put in. I think that's been the issue with some system updates, a lack of playerbase input on what should be changed and how.
  6. ...Did you just make a thread to repost all your suggestions? tf?
  7. I'm wondering if this means someone has been chipping away at making beverages worthwhile
  8. Staff skin wh- Wait, what? Jokes aside, I do really like this skin. Thank you for finally giving a skin to the best weapon in the game, and a one that looks pretty nice to boot.
  9. A friendly request. Can you please just converge your ideas that link into one thread, rather than hash out more threads that link to others in the OP? You included ideas from 4? 5? Of your other threads rather than just link the idea to them.
  10. Given when I checked here yesterday, 14 threads on page 1 were Darnok. Not saying anything about quality, but the quantity is dreadful and anybody who posted that many threads would face similar backlash. +1 to doing something to prevent any users from just spamming out threads.
  11. too lazy to do it well
  12. My favourite is name dropping "bandits" as spawns 3 times despite nothing about what bandits are and how they work being here
  13. Yes because there's never been a legitimate issue and everything is totally above board and perfectly handled. Everyone who says otherwise is wrong.
  14. Thanks for the laugh, that was a good one