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  1. This thread will serve as a hub for people looking to offer summons to rifts on servers. If you can summon to a rift on the server, please tell us the server you're on and if you want favour returned or straight cash for a summon.
  2. I'm thinking I'll just leave Wurm open, since I'm not getting the issue yet again
  3. You're not thinking with portals then. Give Kingsponge 69 onions also @Zarame He puts them into the bowls, drags the water in, then drags the onions to the next bowl. Rinse repeat. No measuring jug needed and the exact amount of water is there. Saves a few dozen clicks.
  4. Spearmint tea is harder difficulty Tea can also have additional ingrediants like syrup, sugar, fruit juice or milk to raise the difficulty
  5. Last online 15 days ago
  6. I'm less inclined to use a system if I have to do some weird fanny on about it. Make the mail system better, allowing us a much better overview of what's sent. No need for an awkward system like this.
  7. I've been trying all week in trade. Can anyone even make some? Hit me up if you can, want a full barrel
  8. Thank you very much. Thread over, can be locked. Thank you all for taking part, you're all truly wonderful. Have a good one.
  9. there is no chance this will get outbid so I'm just gonna ask for your username now in advance
  10. I'm excited for every suggestion to be a variant of "haven" or blatant references
  11. Seems other people thought it's worth an auction, so lets give it a go. Compass is instant, as you can see in my scuffed gif in the spoiler [23:16:05] A rudimentary compass, made from a needle floating in oil on a piece of wood in a jar. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. [23:16:05] Wind of Ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [94] Dunno if there's gonna be much demand, so I'll keep this short and cheap Starting bid: 2s
  12. my favourite thing is grinding smithing while sitting after a couple of hours the game will flood your event tab with 20 messages a second telling you you're out of sync with the server and to move slower
  13. Haha, I can’t stop laughing How did you think of something this crazy? Please answer my question above I’d like to print it and make copies If you don’t want me to share it, it’s not a big deal I understand, man, I do
  14. I love the suggestion you posted, wonderin’ if I share it, would you mind? I know a couple people online who would love it, please reply