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  1. Hey, I got this when making herb dumpings today [16:59:49] Recipe "herb dumpling+" added to your cookbook. I assume this is related to the bug also? On Celebration
  2. Sold

    Cost of the rare enchanted file and rare needle?
  3. WTB lingonberry sprouts

    Looking for a few lingonberry sprouts back from when they were around a while ago. Price can be discussed if you have them, PM Madnath ingame or shoot me a private message.
  4. Separate Beverage Affinities

    +1 I really like this idea, really makes beverages worthwhile
  5. more liquor variants

    Yes please, +1
  6. WTB woodscraps

    Still looking guys, check those bins!
  7. WTB woodscraps

    Sounds perfect, please do check. I'll be online ingame for another few hours today.
  8. WTB woodscraps

    I need to buy thorn, hazelnut, raspberry, blueberry, rose, lavender, camillia, and grape woodscraps. One of each is fine, and will offer more cash the more of listed ones you have. Will pay 5c for each type, 10c for each if you have more than 3 of these types. Reply in forum, PM or ingame /tell Madnath
  9. Greenwood Market | General Store

    Would you take 1.5S for the rare leather adventurer hat?
  10. Greenwood Market | General Store

    CoD rare cedarwood fruit press (1s) to Madnath please!
  11. Clearance sale (high coc tools)

    95coc Hatchet CoD to Madnath please
  12. Close pls.

    Could I get some acknowledgement or something for my order I placed in PM? It's been four days and I've heard and seen nothing
  13. Wurm Superstition

    Always bet on Boar
  14. Selling Adamantine lump

    3 Adamantine lumps for sale, 0.40KG each (1.20KG total) at 86.08QL each. 3S per 0.40KG. Message me on the forum or /tell Madnath