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  1. It's better to have big updates with content that helps the game long term, than slow everything down for short "holiday" event periods
  2. CoD a 1s small kingdom banner to Madnath please
  3. -Fulfilled please close-

    Order complete, please close
  4. The letter K

    +1 jesus christ guys PLEASE
  5. +1 the idea, especially this approach.
  6. Foxes

    Why in gods name did a thread from nearly 5 years ago get bumped? What a waste. I'm also gonna just say -1 because the time made adding foxes could be used a lot better on other ideas.
  7. Cooking affinity QoL

  8. Can we please un-tame animals in crates?

    You can. Person you're giving the creature to needs to do /invitations, and when your right click on the person you have the option as pet -> giveaway. It's not exactly untaming per say, so your suggestion is still valid. The creature has a chance to go untame, with a higher chance if the person being given the creature has low animal taming skill.
  9. Beverage overhaul

    I also make a promise that with this clear upgrade over the current beverage system, I will also make sure rice wine is correctly named to Sake.
  10. Message for animals stop leading due to walls/etc

    +1 to this idea
  11. quit all afk systems

    Fighting in GL is real combat, sod these Epic/Chaos players, thinking they know real PvP
  12. Boar Mart - Celebration's finest marketplace!

    Bump, added my final (for a while) rare still to the premade item section
  13. Wagons overview

    I happen to have come into possession of a second JK template wagon. If anyone would rather do a trade for my JK template wagon for their Dreadnaught Dynasty wagon, message me ASAP!
  14. Wurm Contrails?

    This is my exact face right now, trying to look for clues for Buddas treasure hunt in that text