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  1. I don't recall at what rate, but you gain points for every prem since December 2013. Capped at 52K points from past premiums, so that people aren't dropping like 9 magical chests once it goes live. I imagine the system works the same as the yellow potions, giving you points per month. So if you prem on the 25th, you'll get some that day, and then some on the 25th of the next month. Could be wrong though.
  2. As much as I think it's a bad meme, I guess you could... Blame ping?
  3. Supreme Rake

    Sure I'll bite, 10s
  4. Automation is a lazy answer amishly. There was a suggestion a while ago that said we should be able to see how much longer a forge burns for linked to your firemaking skill. That seems MUCH better.
  5. Full Steam Ahead

    Yeah exactly what I was trying to say really. Multiboxing for sure isn't necessary, but it's such a major thing that not being able to do it falls under losing a quality of life ability.
  6. Sure, I want my horse to be like an imitation Michael Jackson. 5s
  7. The entire point of the thread is to make people laugh. Especially you. Yes, you. (sidenote we miss you Pandy)
  8. Loyalty system reward increases cap by an hour, so 7 hours if you've done the journal tier
  9. This is already reason and balance enough. Sounds more like someone was presented the idea of it and took the concept of it the wrong way or misunderstood how it'd really be used. It's not a spell that'd be even close to necessary, it'd be pretty much only for the people who REALLY want to hit weird grinds hard.
  10. I don't even understand that reasoning. Surely another very powerful spell is exactly what a certain priest needs to shift away from a stagnant priest pool where everyone is either a Vyn or a Fo? Surely it's better for the market, playerbase and game in general to promote a diverse set of priest spells? Hell, if you really need to, give it some big downside like 100 favour to cast with high difficulty.
  11. What I'm feeling from this page is that maybe it's worth delaying player god removal until Feb to minimise short term damage and allow some priest spells to be added, adjusted, reshuffled and maybe even follower stuff to be looked at, which would seem like a bloody good idea considering how short term the alert was