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  1. 2 old weight butchering knives rare, praying as I continue one supremes but I doubt it
  2. I would just like to say, I kept my promise and did it. [07:07:26] Weapon smithing increased by 0.0015 to 90.0011 [07:07:26] You have just received the title 'Master Weaponsmith'! Thank you. Expect another poll like this sometime in the future.
  3. wiki staff don't want datamined info to be on wiki, and devs would never be willing to go that in depth for wiki info
  4. And GMs aren't willing to do something about theft?
  5. yeah I read about the details of dual weild in the sindusk thread, but I'm left mostly wondering in what circumstance you'd actaully want to bother. a reasonably strong account will dumpster mobs that aren't rift mobs and uniques before the round 2 starts, and the amount of skill you'd gain from a mob is the same. and if they both need to be addy or silver, it seems a weird amount of price to pay for a highly situational loadout that probs has its parry percent absolutely tanked. isn't there a flat CR nerf applied for dual weilding too? that was the last bit of info I could never verify
  6. Pretty annoying, please fix? 120% UI render scale 110% text scale
  7. old meta, people don't understand that "high number hit" doesn't equal a better long term result. Is probably the most incredibly wrong thing I've read in this thread.
  8. Well dual weilding is awful and I suggest /ignore anyone who says otherwise because that is an awful loadout. But otherwise it's incredible you got dumpstered that hard by RNG, maybe targetting bugged out somehow You also have stuff regarding rift jackals and turrets in there so it's hard to get a total idea of what exactly went down
  9. Meadhalla!

    I will be there to imp weapons at the mega super sonic boom forge. I've been situated away from the drinking hall so you don't all catch and spread the clap from me, but feel free to come and give me something iron to imp. Still grinding WS in the run up, hoping to hit that 90 so I can take stuff up nice and high
  10. What you do =/= how worthwhile the system is. Excuse me while I enjoy my full CCFP benefits, long affinity timers and bonus to stamina for being above 95% food or whatever. Otherwise Nomad really said it best. As useful as the system actually is, it's just very boring to work with and adding more fluff and tiers to it isn't going to actually help the system at all. Cooking is fine compared to beverages which is a lot more broken.
  11. The first issue with the thread lies in the title. Cooking is already worthwhile.
  12. Can you confirm, this means crit chances are planned to be enabled on Freedom?