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  1. Yes let me bin off my skills purely because I gave myself a crap name years ago
  2. Can we get MSM style nudges for PM's too?
  3. [16:54:59] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to reach Angelklaine in less than ten minutes.
  4. [04:09:45] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to reach Quelon in less than ten minutes.
  5. [00:01:19] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to reach Ladycygnet in less than ten minutes. Had a few PM's ingame so updating list in spoiler again
  6. Friendly bump as there's been some fragments donated too! Been no requests lately so if you've grabbed something before feel free to request something again if you're in need. Just try and be mindful of others. My large cart is too full and I wish to clear it! EDIT: one pumpkin shoulder pad fragment has been taken, 2 remain
  7. Buyin a black tome, 30s PM ingame or on here if you wanna sell or you don't like the price
  8. Devs please add Celebration leggings I need to rep my server at the wurm meetup
  9. -Snip- I actually dig this a lot
  10. Longer titles aren't even really going to happen, you'll be given the same titles as always, you just get the chance to freely choose where they go to sound fancier and look cooler. Tome title choice has been asked for for absolutely years so as much as I doubt it'll happen, I really love this idea. Let us be creative with our silly reward titles for gods sake. What's better than a carrot on a stick? A bigger carrot on a stick. And honestly props to Sheffie for giving us a much better suggestion for overall title flexibility.
  11. I mean why not just offer the same cape in both look and functionality?
  12. 1. Basically what Trash said, I feel the damage is fine, if anything the glance rates are what needs some adjusting since it's kinda painful to try and endlessly ping a croc forever. It makes sense it's harder to pierce them, but with arrows being how they are currently, I think it just adds an extra "eugh" factor. 2. Sounds both fun and painful. I'd say "no thanks" based on there already being enough damage modifiers that it sounds already way too much regardless of skill/arrow level. 3. I can get behind this, making it more predictable and easier to know where the arrows will be. 4. I think painting the wood sounds kinda pointless, but all in for allowing us to dye the feathers. I floated the idea in GL that you should simply be able to instant dye arrow feathers a bright red by simply having a cochineal active and hitting an option to dye them. Maybe just in stacks of 10 to 20 at a time. Arrows that have that done to them should have the feather end appear larger too. Just generally giving us more ways to make arrows visible on the ground would go a long way. 5. Sure, I don't see why not. I'm not sure how well adopted it'd be since arrows are already silly to imp given you can just slam them into a BSB and get them back to a log imp, which is already x2 imp gain. Feathers kinda suck to gather in large amounts unless you have a chicken farm for some reason. In reality double the QL gain rate would just be flat for all imp actions, or x4 for log imping if it stacks atop of the current system. If it's the former, people likely wont bother because they get the same benefit from war arrows without the feather requirement. If it's the latter then people might adopt it if arrows are made easier to find, but I wouldn't imagine it being widely done unless it doesn't use an entire feather item in the crafting recipe. Edit - if anything is going to do more damage I'd argue it should come from BT since it doesn't really add much to grind 10K BT on it. "all bows on nonepic servers have 1/5 damage enchant effectiveness so they max out at 6% damage or so" t. Silakka
  13. So a quick update post as I've had a mega donation from Zov! We've got a good amount of extra items back in the pool, including two sets of shoulder pads! The shoulder pads will be sent out in pairs by default so if you only need one, let me know so I can send one rather than two. Image of the current pickings below: I have some fragments too, just waiting to see if I have spares myself before I put them in here. So if you're wondering about Halloween fragments, keep an eye on the thread.