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  1. Conditioned octopus but no conditioned cows? Devs I am begging you, please give us the conditioned cows
  2. Yes please, expanding the amount of creatures we can get with funny traits would be amazing. Limiting them seems kinda lousy so please, chuck us some more!
  3. So we already have this but I don't think it's really working out very well for us. If someone wants to try and get some info with numbers that'd be great, likely best with a somewhat fresh site incase the amount gained is really low from high QL holy sites
  4. As per title, prayer skill should influence the amount of power added to the site. Currently we have exorcism finally given a use via removing corruption, but prayer does nothing to increase the power. It'd be good to have prayer work this way as it'd finally have a system use, outside of just needing 70 for benediction. Give everyone a reason to grind it if they want to, with some reward to it.
  5. Question, would it not be good for prayer skill to help increase the amount of power gained? If removing corruption is based on exorcism, why don't we give some boost to power via prayer skill? Makes that skill actually worthwhile too outside of Benediction.
  6. Could we get pulses that cure disease? For Fo it's not an issue but for Vyn/Lib/Mag with so many people so close, people get it and the chance of a Fo priest being there to drizzle us isn't great.
  7. You'll get a bonus to imping clay items and as far as we've seen everyone in local gets the pulse sleep bonus. But otherwise, you wont really get any benefit. You can sermon here as we do have enough folks for that if you want more faith, which is nice. Doing sermons in holy sites does increase amount of faith gained, should be the same so long as you're a white light god, as you are.
  8. God yes please, I adore this idea.
  9. Oh they defo exist ingame, I notice the area does have the rite sky and such when in locale. But look, here's an image of what the Mirror looks like: It has visual flair. It looks interesting, there's stuff going on in this image. You can't really tell what does and doesn't belong, other than the avatar and probably the walls honestly. But here's the current Cele one after a day. That is indeed the mirror! And it does have that lovely glow from the night time rite effect. It looks nice! But I'm asking for something else entirely. I want some visual stuff around it, like I said, maybe just junk like fake rift crystals. Maybe some sort of diety themed mailbox with the imps visible just for fun. Just something that isn't "Okay mirror, rite effect, boom" because outside of some timeframes it just looks dull. I'm sure there's plenty of extra creative flairs that can be added just for fun. Press shot looks holy, it has something neat in its visuals. Ingame, eh, it's just kinda a mirror on some pavement.
  10. So yeah, now I've spent time with the Vyn mirror on live, I'm just gonna dump all my thoughts into a post. It's gonna be harsh, but I don't mean it to belittle or demean the efforts of creation of the content or the folks who worked on it. We've had multiple threads where balance issues were screamed about, and little progress was made. As far as the checklist goes, one of the bigger things was partially addressed, which was a nerf to Vynora’s benefits. However, the buffs that were still needed to bring other gods up to a good level wasn’t done. Mag for example, still lacks a passive effect beyond the imp bonus, like the other gods have. Prayers and sermons add very little to the QL, so unless you've got MEGA numbers, keeping the QL good seems impossible. Corruption is buggered and really backwards. I know the exorcism stuff is gonna be fixed next uptime but it's frankly too limiting. Keeping corruption down leans super heavily towards priests, since for some reason purification needs to use your 1/5 or 6 faith gain spots per day. It's incredibly frustrating to see the level increase while you can't do anything. Visually they're nothing special. The models look nice and they're cool, don't get me wrong, but it's just... a thing. Can we make a holy site look holy? Can we make it look worthy of a god? Can we get some of the visual flare we've seen in promo images? Even just a layer of fake rift crystal like stuff in the area would do wonders for presentation. Also they're just kinda boring. The mirror holy site is just "lug some stuff over to imp I guess, because you're not doing any actions near it in relation to the site" The rewards aren't really getting too warm a reception from what I see either. I understand we're not getting a full idea here, because of the corruption issue, lack of player number scaling, and players being a bit spread out in order to rush to their first gods holy site even if it's on another server. But the Vyn mirror ticks are... just kinda meh? Mag fragments being... cooking utensils, lamp heads and lanterns? Fo being weird condition animals is neat but if cows aren't part of that, I'll cry. Lib I have no real idea on yet. I can't really see the idea catching on. There seems to be no scaling present for lower numbers, it's incredibly limiting in increasing QL and reducing corruption. This really needed more time in the oven and more hands tinkering with balance, presentation and actual use of them. It's all well and good muttering "test server" but the whole thing with test is, it's an in progress build and we have no real idea what's coming and what's gonna look or feel different come release. I hope that goblin camps blow our socks off, because knowing this is another system that's on the pile of "Yeah we'll have to tinker with that again someday" is disheartening. Holy sites are a fantastic idea. The hype for them was there, they're in the minds of players as a new experience, something new to add to the game. But as they are? Exploration gives you the chance for a holy site where you might get some okay loot but you're doing there what you'd likely be doing on your deed anyway. Let's address the corruption issue, add some scaling for numbers, making increasing QL a bit better and removing corruption not kinda suck if you're not a priest, add some visual flair and maybe something interactive to do here and there so we're not just twiddling our thumbs outside of the game waiting for a pulse. I think there's already a lot that can be thought of to add to this. What about using source salt to purify, similar to the rift stuff? What about saccing high favour items or valrei items in the holy site altar in order to increase some of the QL?
  11. It'd have to be something else from the mirror as it acts as an altar where you can sacc things, but would be nice to have this
  12.,1551 Come help us power this badboy up. Bring yourself and your priest, feel free to work with others to sermon and pray, even if you're max faith to help get this to 100ql. To easily get here, turn on "Special places" and get yourself to the Nikalus 138 guard tower, and there's a path west you can see on the map just a touch south from it. Very easy and pretty central to get to, so shouldn't be any hassle for folk to get to. Come join us and get some SB and skill ticks!
  13. I just went to the Mirror holy site found on Cele, and yeah, I can't help but agree honestly. It's legit just a black mirror thing on the road. I was expecting a few visual flairs around it, something to maybe make it pop or stand out. But nope, just a mirror.
  14. Thank you devs, my dream has come true!
  15. I honestly imagined it'd be more like a rich deedplanner experience. Not building or placing things down, just to make that clear. More like, export a Deed VR file and you can go around your deed like you would in the normal game, but you can interact with objects and items. Something like that would be a lot easier and more viable than having the full game but played in VR.