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  1. n/a

    *claims users information has no real basis due to no links, wiki or documentation* *also puts forth information that's been long debunked, with no links or wiki backup*
  2. Where is the petition for every server to have a Yaga variant? I appreciate all the map makers and maintainers but I really do wish every server had a Yaga map version.
  3. Any idea where on the map the rift is so we can try and get an idea for the most optimal travel route? Also we'll just make sure to skip the Warmaster, that shaves a health chunk of time off the rift
  4. Also looking for a supreme large oak wooden shield, preferably with the skin already applied. Same contact details as above
  5. Xan Rift 11-18-2020

    Anyone doing summons to this rift?
  6. I've had some weird lag spikes on Celebration, so bad I've had to relog because I would be kicked off my horse and the model and their actual position wasn't correct and matching until I relogged.
  7. Got myself a rare oak medium shield, just need the skin to go on it. PM here, post in thread or DM me ingame on Madnath pls thx
  8. If we use this design please take the mask off so we can use any mask we want
  9. We can imp troll clubs now so really, only fair these REWARD helmets get the same treatment. For god sake devs, come on. Regardless of if they've changed hands from their original winners, they're still unique items with a long history. Help preserve them. Please.
  10. You're talking like people were there to scout people out or looking for people to take. Can people not go to garbage like rifts and just do their thing without you expecting them to watch combat tab and think "gee this guy hits mob like everyone else"?
  11. cast ql imbue nothing matters if it's rare just tell me if you have one for sale if it's not rare and it's 90ql or above shoot me a pm so I can buy that PM on forum, post here or /tell Madnath ingame
  12. [23:04:10] Recipe "taste explosion sushi+" added to your cookbook. well doesn't this suck