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  1. Switched my Shares

    Aaaaaand we're back to this despite it being debunked numerous times.
  2. I still propose we hire this New Zealand PR guy I know, username ModernScore
  3. is this a thing anymore even?
  4. Yeah considering the apprehension from some players to commit to Jackal until more solid improvements and information, like skill transfer rate are locked down and made public, it'd be kinda lame to make the skins unavailable after 6 months. Maybe it'd be better to keep them in the store for 12 months at least? Keeps more skins coming each reset while allowing those who may have a rougher start as they learn the server to have a chance to get the skins they're missing later down the line.
  5. Limiting spyglass to one cluster as a gift for being a loyal player is pretty silly anyway. Side note, do we know if there's any chance of being allowed to take items back to Freedom before the Jackal map wipe? Or are our items we get attached to worthless since they'll end up wiped in six months anyway?
  6. Thoughts after some time on the server. Have your skills come with you from Freedom, to a maximum of 20. I can deal with the idea of a grinding skills up, but nobody is going to want to do this a third or fourth time. I don't want to deal with this endless grind of a lot of skills unless I join a mega group who can afford to dish out skills to grind to each paticular person. Body control should come over to a maxium of 21. More mob variety. Your idea of creating an even playing ground for new and old players is cute until you fill the server with very hard to fight mobs. Even cuter when so few mobs give pelts so there's people selling them for what would be considered high prices. Very silly move. Allow us to transfer back to Freedom at deed tokens, or freedom pillars, at the cost of removing gaining sleep bonus on Freedom. I hate not being able to do the stuff that needs to be done on Freedom because I'm already deep in Jackal but we don't have the skills or ability to make a freedom lodestone yet.
  7. Just as the title says, allow us to buy shafts, planks or logs (all full weight) for a small cost. Allow us to choose the wood type, and use the same odds you have of getting a rare shoulder pad from the rift points redemption or higher, due to what should be a low cost. Uses up stray points you may have if you want them gone and gives a nice little extra incentive to play. They should all have the exact same characteristics as oak tools, so it really is just a cosmetic/name change.
  8. how can my nose run even though it doesn't have any legs
  9. I also want to know if titles we earn on Jackal will remain on the Freedom cluster outside of Jackal when it's reset.
  10. What I really want to know currently is when the skill will transfer. I'm hoping we don't have to wait until the end of the 6 month period for skill to transfer.
  11. You missed the part where EVERYONE is going there with no skills. You go there and you're as noob as everyone else. This is designed literally for people like you in mind, to create and experience you can feel comfortable in.
  12. I adore your post mortem reports on the tech side of Wurm when things go wrong. Any chance of you making a big detailed post like you have in the past once it's all over and we're safe?