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  1. You absolutely can still amount to something. Here's the trick: Don't be a person who needs to be THE best at something. Be cool, don't be the kind of person who fearmongers alt use or some doomsayer of every possible thing that's done to the game. Do things at your own pace and own leasure. If you hit the game too hard, you'll fizzle out. My account isn't special at all. It's not even impressive in the slighest. Yet people still think I'm some high skill player or some people know who I am. If you can be a good person, if you can help others when you can, no matter how big or small the task, you'll get far in the game. Be part of the playerbase that helps others and doesn't just talk utter trash, and you will go far.
  2. Got this after crossing from Pristine to Celebration. It was a rare knarr, two people in passenger and the knarr QL is 68QL. Wind was gale, speed dropped from 56 km/h to 52 km/h when doing against wind. I got out of captain and back in, speeds continued to be 50+ km/h. Removed passengers, fastest speed was 31km/h. Return of the superboat speeds?
  3. I think it'd great weird superpowered tools. Not sure I can get behind the idea.
  4. [16:50:50] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Many thanks Something like that. Still not even bloody 80 skill yet.
  5. Hey everyone, Got these beauties for sale. Asking 2S per butchering knife. Can attach the bronze rune of Lib for an additional 20c, which will allow you to gather resources at a higher quality level (10%)
  6. Take care lad. We're here for you, whenever you return. Hope all is well and you return to us when you're able.
  7. This would be really good. I've said a few times that BL priests end up with the short end of the stick, would be nice to see this removed on Freedom to allow sermon groups to be more active and accommodating.
  8. I personally left it because it just didn't interest me. I spent a lot of time grinding my Freedom account, and while I don't really mind a fresh grind, having to reach things like 21 body control again just kinda helped kill some enthusiasm only a bit though. There's also that you could only return to Freedom from Lodestones. It's already been raised as a (pretty much) critical fault for most players, since we all have a lot of animals, farm land and the like to care for on Freedom already. I'm open to try it again, and I'll probably join a larger group for wave 2. I just hope it goes smoothly.
  9. I can understand wanting to not allow RMT, I can understand concern over account sales. But ###### me there's some stretches to hate running multiple accounts. Wurm is a game where you get out what you put in.
  10. I'll be honest, not totally sold on the idea of using tokens myself. I think using alchemy would be neat but that skill is already plenty useful with stuff like bloods, transmutation liquid and such. Metalurgy would be a good fit and it could really use something to make the skill REALLY worth grinding
  11. I'm glad the words "overkill" and "excess" don't exist in your vocabulary
  12. I was thinking about this deeper, and had an idea: You must have a token of the metal type you want to convert to, and enough lump of that metal type + extra to make a metal conversion token. The metal conversion makes the item it's used on lose QL, and removes the ability for it to be smelted. Adds a bit of use to the tokens and has a decent cost per conversion. Maybe an item can only be converted once too?
  13. It's fun to mess around with cooking and there's pretty much "meta" foods if you will, but with a list of recipes as extensive as Wurms, it's a handy doc to have if you need to learn something sooner rather than later. No real market for alcohol sadly. The affinities aren't long enough to really justify the cost (unless you dunk a bit of everything into making your moonshine) and you only need a small amount to get drunk. Being drunk is handy for high level players as it adds difficulty to actions.
  14. because after a certain point it stops being fun and quirky and starts to look like a 8 year olds first word/powerpoint presentation with clipart and formatting
  15. leave him alone, the poor lad has no clue