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  1. So is the sleep bonus for everyone or only North cluster?
  2. And with that, I've decided to place new fishing.... I think I agree with most of all that was said. It's simply too complex and wide a system for the reward it offers. I think streamlining the system would be a big boost alone. It's placed close to cool to show how close it is to being cool. Our next submission...
  3. Updated, now it doesn't need to be rare!
  4. Still having this issue, just remembered I already made a thread so I'm gonna dump this other crash log
  5. Fine fine I'll bring it back Rifts are... Now this one is gonna be fun. Help me rate....
  6. I think what you want and what you're saying are two different things
  7. Here, use lava and win
  8. I feel kinda let down by how some people reacted to this lol. Please remember when you send rude or unhelpful messages, or otherwise conduct yourselves in an unfriendly manner or go into insults, you make it harder for representation of the game to be done by people on staff. While the writer had some very wrong ideas, Wurm has always been kind of against the grain of logic. When you're new to this game, it's very easy to get caught in a pithole of making weird assumptions based on reality or items that exist ingame. A lot of you have demanded and begged for better advertising of this game for years. Don't also be the kind of person who makes it harder for the name to spread out.
  9. I asked around multiple times for a rope to be given to me by staff since I had to do the suicide command to get to the correct spawn, and got nothing at all. It wasn't even clear if it was offered or a possibility.
  10. I feel like we're missing a well maintained, up to date new starter guide for players on both the wiki and perhaps the forums? Wurm is such a wide game it's easy to get caught up on weird wordings, logic from other games and other weird things. I hope that there may be a chance to reach out to maybe offer support for next steps they could take, some game knowledge and the like. I do think it's the wrong idea for people to automatically assume they're deliberately being bad to play a caricature though. Wurm is and always will be a niche game. Lets not make ourselves look unfriendly now that there is actually someone revealing the new player experience and mindset behind it.
  11. And there we have it! The community is placed at... For the next entry, lets decide where this is placed...
  12. I don't think there'd be any issue with a long term goal like this if it served any purpose. 100 rifts sucks and people complain, but 70 prayer has really 0 benefit to the player, which just makes it worse. I support removing 70 prayer simply because there should be a better task that has smaller rewards along the way, the same way rifts do.