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  1. Power tools and gnomes was top tier, everything else has been pretty meh. Can we get a week of both?
  2. I'll join to fill your numbers, so long as I get to take a wagon home for my collection
  3. If a few people disagreeing with you who also present a more solid argument is a reason to avoid a forum, I'd suggest very heavy online isolation for yourself
  4. no i should be spoonfed the content because i don't want to band up now there's an even playing field for finding them with pendys not showing uniques anymore
  5. I mean that's the whole reason personal goals were yeeted out the window
  6. For sure, but I think that's a good level of timegating. It's not because it doesn't matter, it's because you can overcome the timegating with travel, doing something actually within the game world, rather than just waiting on your home server for the crap missions to change.
  7. I think the 250 missions is enough of a timegate for the journal as it is lol
  8. This topic has been discussed since journal got added lmfao I think generally forcing any playstyle is a bit lame, but in this case the rifts forcing people to be social isn't really the issue here. Rifts have a place in the journal, but not as they currently are. 100 is too many, it needs to be a more reasonable task if it's to stay and maybe not even in the final tier. The best of these goals, are tasks where we can make them what we want them to be. Sure, I could have done the 25 veins goal solo, but instead I'm working for free to do a canal project on Xanadu in order to both help people and get the goal done. It's this open ended approach which is what's a big draw to the game. And with the age of the game and the type of playerbase it's held, along with other factors, you can't really strike a good middle ground for both new and old accounts with the journal, and it's not like the goals can be shifted fairly even if the journal were different based on playtime. For a very small select amount of players, 100 rifts might have been a good way to force them to do more to get that cape, however new players and players who just didn't enjoy rifts are now being shafted. And let's not pretend that the reward for this tier is crap, as much as the cape design sucks, it's still a very unique item and the affinity gain rate boost is golden, telling people to simply not do it is not a valid argument. I get you're frustrated on how a feature you like is constantly crapped on by the community, but a 2 to 3 hour whacking gallery really isn't very fun for the majority, and it seems like we're getting no changes to the mechanics of them anytime soon. I've personally said for a while, rift number for the journal should be lowered, but the position of it in the journal list needs to go lower also. It's very hard and weird to balance for the final, most powerful tier of the journal and there's a fair few features and mechanics which got snubbed around the journal already as it is.
  9. I'd like to see 250 missions lowered a little bit given how terrible missions can still be, but otherwise I'm kinda eh. I'd like to see one fishing goal yeeted since it's silly to have it three times, but otherwise whatever.
  10. Worked on in your own time, not timegated, it's at your leisure Worked on in your own time, not timegated, it's at your leisure Worked on in your own time, not timegated, it's at your leisure, gained in the process of doing other things anyway 1) Nobody here is playing a power card but you, nobody is saying they're annoyed to have to deal with other people. You're making this up to fit your own argument. Stop. Nobody will take you seriously doing that. 2) what's a non-ordinary rift?
  11. They're only unconvincing because you want to not understand why people would hate this goal, and so far just about every single comment about it has been right. It's out of place, it's timegated moreso than anything else in the game, you cannot proactively work on it in your own time, it doesn't really introduce a new concept to the journal since runes appear in it much earlier and for people who want to finish the journal and want the cape while also working during the week, it's going to take multiple years to complete and that's if you're super sweating going to rifts
  12. 1) If you set perms right on the building you can keep alcohol in large wine barrels that aren't sealed, you don't really need a cup for people since people wander with things like water skins already. Just make a well nearby for people to refill the water they'd have to pour out. 2) I don't get what you're trying to say here. The first part contradicts the second part. Impalongs still happen, as do rifts. If you want to see a different event type happen, then it's up to you first and foremost to get the ball rolling if you think you have a good idea.
  13. The most frustrating thing about the rifts isn't that it's a "long term goal" it's the degree of how timegated it is and how bad it is because of that. Journal is so strong because it serves multiple purposes It's a great learning platform for newcomers. You can work on it in your own time, as you can and as you see fit. Rifts have a place in the journal, but not 100 of them.