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  1. Pretty sure this is a bug because if you don't do it right it won't work, but my apology if this is intended from the multi cave openings. Example video:https://i.gyazo.com/70f6f95c6a84ad4e0a103e49bfecdb78.mp4 To reproduce need to make something like this on rock and open 1 of the mines. If you leave it like this it will not work, it will say a tunnel is to close if you try to mine forward or if you try to tunnel into the other side. For some reason when you place a mine door on the the mine and mine forward it will create a second entrance on the other side without the error message.
  2. This is a very old bug most of us who have used artifacts know about and it came about due to a change ages ago. I am referring to the following section Changes to artifact charges: Artifacts still need recharging but the max recharge is 30 uses instead of 120. 10 uses are still removed automatically every week. Orb of Doom consumes 10 charges when used. Current items will have their charges set to max 30. They almost perfectly implemented this change but they missed 1 major part, when you dig an artifact up it still sets the total charged to 120 instead of the new 30 while recharging at the huge altars will only restore it to 30 meaning a fresh dug up artifact lasts much longer than a recharged one 4x as long to be exact..(In Behavior/Terraforming) if (egi != null) { egi.setLastMoved(System.currentTimeMillis()); foundArtifacts[aa].setAuxData((byte)120); } So when you dig it up fresh it will last 4x longer than you are able to recharge it to, you are only able to charge it to a max of 30 on the altar. It would be a nice balance point to finally fix this after so long I just dug up an artifact today and if you don't fix this I will be able to not recharge it for almost 4 months instead of the normal 3 weeks that is intended with that april 2015 patch. Please make all artifacts have the max of 30 because we own multiple artifacts with over 30 charges and like the original post said all ones over 30 should be set to 30.
  3. Here is the templates for the pmk textures. You can open pmk.jar(in the packs folder in client) with a zip program like winrar to add the files into it. Tabards are in players/textures of the graphics.jar file.
  4. Simple suggestion, this is getting way out of hand I think its safe to just disable new key drops from epic at this point forward till you come up with a solution for this cluster ######.
  5. -
  6. Proph asked me to post this, he said he reported it awhile ago to.
  7. Unstable worked fine for me when testing it out in the last few days, but when it went live I have had huge fps issues when running around and repeated freezing/crashing of the client with no crash log window popping up tried messing with all the gfx settings nothing seems to help. Not sure what I can do to help figure it out but currently the game is completely unplayable half the time and the other half my frame rate even with very low gfx settings is in the single digits at times.
  8. Currently when casting locate artifact there is a 50% chance to locate a pmk crown if it has no king or an artifact, if no pmk crown is on the ground/has no king it will always try to locate an artifact. My suggestion is to make them 2 separate messages, On each cast 50% chance to show a missing crown locate and a 100% chance to show a random artifact locate so a PMK dropping a crown does not punish everyone else on the server by adding another 50/50 chance on top of the 1/12 chance every 30 mins you already have to get the artifact your hunting it's already frustrating enough without locating a crown 50% of the time on top of it. Wurm University 'Memes and memeories' (0.34% land) Ruler unknown. [18:32:23] In your vision, you can only discern a shadow that carries the royal crown of Wurm University.(Message when Weya is offline holding the crown but not putting it on to become king). [09:10:44] The royal crown of Wurm University is carried by Weya. Weya is in the settlement of Polytetrafluoroethylene. (Message when Weya is online and holding the crown but not putting it on to become king). Rolls a random boolean every cast to see if it should locate a crown instead of an artifact. If it finds no crown it always default to an artifact currently. if (Server.rand.nextBoolean()) { EndGameItems.missingCrowns.clear(); final Kingdom[] kingdoms = Kingdoms.getAllKingdoms(); for (int x = 0; x < kingdoms.length; ++x) { if (kingdoms[x].isCustomKingdom() && kingdoms[x].existsHere()) { final King k = King.getKing(kingdoms[x].getId()); if (k == null) { EndGameItems.missingCrowns.add(kingdoms[x]); } } } if (EndGameItems.missingCrowns.size() > 0) { final int crownToLookFor = Server.rand.nextInt(EndGameItems.missingCrowns.size()); final Kingdom toLookFor = EndGameItems.missingCrowns.get(crownToLookFor); final Item[] allItems; final Item[] _items = allItems = Items.getAllItems(); for (final Item lItem : allItems) { if (lItem.isRoyal() && lItem.getKingdom() == toLookFor.getId()) { itemsearched = new EndGameItem(lItem, false, (short)122, false); } } } } if (itemsearched == null) { final int s = EndGameItems.artifacts.size(); if (s > 0) { final int num = Server.rand.nextInt(s); int x2 = 0; final Iterator<EndGameItem> it = EndGameItems.artifacts.values().iterator(); while (it.hasNext()) { itemsearched = it.next(); if (x2 == num) { break; } ++x2; } } }
  9. +1
  10. Simple and most games/game launchers have it these days, can right click in the friends list and add a small 32ish char note about them to be displayed on hover over. Maybe something like sells x items, or meet at x spot as examples of a reason to leave a note. I love using it in things like battle.net and steam so I can leave a small note about people I don't talk to daily or even monthly to help refresh me of how I met them or why I added them or what services they can offer me.
  11. Awesome stuff, few questions though, Will the amount of time taken off a gods valrei board move timer when finishing a mission also scale based on difficulty as well? Can you put aggressive animals leadable after taming/dominating onto a ship(like trolls)? Will animals crossing be enabled from chaos -> freedom and back?
  12. Might not hurt, enchanted grass def seem to vanish faster than it should and can tend to be a chore to keep up on when you got more than say 80+ tiles of it which maybe is intended to be fair since the more tiles you make the higher chance 1 will pack.
  13. What is the trigger for that to happen I mean sorry, I never payed attention to how often they graze or what triggers it.
  14. Might be the rate they are polling that chance that causes issue, from what I remember on epic one week the motd was please enchant grass on cooldown those horse *some bad word* are packing enchanted tiles like crazy. We had good ratio to, guess it really depends on the time between that 1/4800 poll if you happen to know.
  15. its +.5 of the original drain each time not of the last drain you got. Original was 37 copper, so half is around 18 copper, so the drain should go up by 18 copper each time which it seems to be doing. Also its based on deed upkeep amount not amount of money in coffers evil.