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  1. Correct it is bound to the item ID so any non deity statuette of any metal type should allow this to be applied to them.
  2. The event will end at noon server time on the 9th that is correct.
  3. Known issue, will be fixed in a pack update Thursday thanks for the report still though.
  4. Unfortunately after some discussion this week with the rest of the dev team the 25% skill bonus across the board for all level 11 passive effects would not be something we wanted to do. We would much prefer to make changes that keep each path unique instead of just replacing them with a single skill bonus effect across the board. Knowledge was always a trade off of a large skill gain bonus in exchange for not having the other more combat oriented effects and we don't want every path to just have a large skill bonus with no trade off. With that in mind, how would the following sound to everyone? Nothing is final and these changes would be for defiance/elevation only. Meditation path/level will be merged between NFI servers.(NFI Only) Level 11 changes Knowledge: Unchanged Love: Reduced to 40% healing bonuses(Was 50% healing bonus) Power: Reduced to +10 body stamina bonus(Was +30 body stamina bonus) Hate: Reduced to 30% chance to resist offensive spells(Was 100% chance to avoid offensive spells) Insanity: Changed to 25% extra max carry weight(Was a scaling damage reduction buff from 6-30%) These changes would come with the ability to swap your path 1 time within a month or so of the update. I would also like to clarify that in keeping with the removal of teleports back to safety like karma teleport on defiance/elevation recall home will not be enabled still.
  5. The merging of meditation level/path would be for defiance/NFI only, the other changes would be for defiance/elevation together. The changes to the trouble level 11 abilities are still on the table along with the merger, we could just outright change insanity to another effect like how double damage was changed into a lockpicking bonus.
  6. They would be merged permanently with something like that and cross back and forth. It would not have to be one or the other that can come along with things like nerfs to sotg. This would also carry over to the epic nerfs to meditation as well as defiance for the uncapping.
  7. How would people feel about merging meditation levels(highest of the 2) and meditation paths(picks your highest level with a free transfer enabled) for defiance and the other NFI servers? (Edit:To clarify this would be a permanent merger and would cross between pve and pvp NFI.)
  8. 1 per tile items where always intended to be 1 per tile regardless of the methods people found to bypass this restriction. People where using it to stack items that gave benefits and really needed to be 1 per tile and that is where the fix came from. I will bring up for discussion the side effects you mentioned as that was not our intended goal.
  9. None of those items are 1 per tile items.
  10. Meditation cap removal for Defiance and Elevation has been a topic I have seen come up a lot since the launch of the new cluster. I am sorry we did not get to it sooner but we are looking into changes to uncap meditation from these servers. We have a few options we can take, though we are open to other ideas for ways to handle it as well and would love to hear people's opinions on which they feel would be the best fit for Defiance/Elevation. Just uncap it and allow the 11+ perks to be as they are normally. The main issue with this route is that we just go back to insanity being mandatory, this does not feel like the best route if it can be avoided. The positive side is keeping things consistent across all servers. Reduce the strength of the level 11 abilities with issues for servers with them disabled only. The main issue with this route is DR even in small amounts tends to be such a valuable buff that we may have to reduce it to the point of being irrelevant. Replace the level 11 abilities with issues for servers with them disabled only. This would make things inconsistent mechanic wise between the servers but would likely allow the best balance for now when reintroducing them but would require new ideas and may take the longest. Please keep the discussion on topic for meditation cap removal and as always keep the kingdom vs kingdom stuff outside feedback threads like this please.
  11. We are discussing tweaks to it, when we have things ready we will be sure to share them.
  12. For the timers, the old system was very inconsistent on the longer timer of pve so we changed to it have a more consistent ticking down. When we changed the system we had to decide on a time for the servers with sped up breeding as before it was just happening on its first birth check more or less for those servers. Could you/others give us some examples of how long it would take before we can look into adjusting it to make it closer. For the selective breeding, if people feel its still to random we can crank up the stuff that prefers existing over newly generated if need be. Would love to hear from more people on what they think about it we can still tweak stuff it is not a closed case.
  13. Stuff hitched to carts/wagons got left out of this fix my apologies it only got applied to things following a player, will be in next update for hitched creatures.
  14. How old are those horses, so when the mother/father dies it should revert to another method of getting the name but this method only works on creatures that where born after this was added. If the parent died before we could track the name of dead parents then we have no info for us to pull about them so it is just not shown. If these are pretty new horses let me know and I will dig into why they might not be pulling/saving that backup name for dead parents.