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  1. Will get that fixed thanks for the report, if you open a ticket a gm can get that turned into a proper metal for you.
  2. They should all be working now.
  3. Opening multiple up together is fine to do, seems to be an issue with independence currently we are looking into it have had a few reports of issues with them on that server. Will get any broken ones fixed on our regular Tuesday reset thanks for the report tho.
  4. This seems to be an issue on steams end due to the influx of traffic on their servers from the summer sale as mentioned above. We will be keeping an eye out on the situation today but there is not much we can do to resolve it currently.
  5. We are looking into this, thanks for the heads up on the issue.
  6. I never said nothing changed just the mechanic that has a requirement to not have an enemy on your current tile to win was not touched and has existed as far back as I can check the history of that area currently. Going to lock this now as from what we can see this is not a bug but intended mechanics.
  7. Nothing was fixed or changed with this mechanic, the no enemies on your current tile to win check has existed in the code for over 7 years from what I can see.
  8. From what I see in the code this has been how it has been intended to work as far back as I can check, so if it allowed you to win with an enemy on your home tile that would have been the bug not this.
  9. The flaw to him being there is you respawn next to him and he is damaged from the last fight for awhile. Balance wise we are open to suggestions if the feeling is one god need some kinda toning down or buffs to others.
  10. You cannot win with an enemy on your home tile from a quick peek at the code, so does not seem like a bug. Go chase after mag he will be weak after the fight.
  11. Does seem to be a bug here with actions that can given multiple items during the actions duration with it resetting the rare flag before it rolls for the chest, will get a fix out for it thanks for the report.
  12. Broken Map

    So turns out there is 2 mission structures called Reliquary Of Fool within a few hundred tiles of each other so you found the wrong one unfortunately. We will take a look into getting them some unique names in cases like this maybe appending something on the end to make clear they are 2 different items.
  13. We left out an important patch note today just wanted to mentioned it as a new post for more visibility for people who already read the notes. New: Added a right-click option to maps to show/hide a colour legend.
  14. Did you claim the journal reward that should give you 1 treasure hunt? They do not automatically finish anymore and you need to claim the rewards now. They are also only a 20% chance from each rare roll so luck dependent may take more or less tries.
  15. There does seem to be an issue with a few caskets not being able to be opened we are currently investigating it and will have it fixed as soon as possible.