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  1. As far as champs possibly coming back go, they wouldn't be the current implementation and they defiantly wouldn't allow bypassing the journal like they currently can. Though in the end if people do not want any return of it even severely toned down with much shorter duration's we can always pass on the idea nothing is set in stone on that front.
  2. What issue did you have with titles?
  3. A note for the new hota changes, you can once again view the time till they spawn from village info, all pvp servers will have the first battle camp event 40 hours from the update.
  4. Thank you for the report, looking into this now.
  5. Found where I saw him talking about the beta opening soon.
  6. On the increased quality, adding it to any title linked to a skill used to improve it sounds like a good way not to interrupt people who want to use it to skill and not get stuff fast will be looking into that. Recall corpse should have had double cool down for defiance but it was not working correctly, considering upping it to 30 minutes though. Will be looking to adjust the rewards from hunting/depo to have chances to be things other than sleep bonus though sleep bonus will be more common. More details on that soon. This is a rough one, currently the server is just sending direct locations for creatures to the client and not offsets like in the past anymore. I'll have a look but I am not sure there is much we can do in the short term to help this. That's a fair point, will have to think about things we might be able to do shorter term to help this. If people would like to throw some more suggestions here that would be helpful to.
  7. The first beta is likely to only be very northern US and southern Canada to start, someone made a map on a reddit thread I saw awhile ago. Read somewhere I can't find again that the public beta will start when the batch that launched a few days ago reaches its target orbits. I'm excited for how fast SpaceX has been moving forward on all front lately, even starship development seems to be going at an insane rate for making a new rocket of that size and fully reusable.
  8. Select the override option to force them on.
  9. Use an ebony wand select Creatures -> Feature Management there is a lot of features that can only be turned on from here. The one your looking for is Random treasure chests near the top 7 options down. edit: Ah see you figured it out didn't see your ps, yes override is required to force them on. Like you said though you cannot configure the loot from them without a mod though.
  10. Ya priest/spell balance for pvp is next up on the table, but we can take a look at buffing pillars a bit for now, though we would also likely reduce the max increased range from linking to not make getting off them a death sentence. I did like the idea for adding unique effects to them and that's on my list for a more full rework soon. On the title, ya that sounds like a fair place to put the warnings in theory. My only concern there is it may only allow 1 group to defend it easily/force people to use an alt for the title so it can be seen at all hours. So I am a little hesitant to put it there for that reason what is other peoples feelings on this though? Makes sense on both sleep bonus points, I will look into replacing some sleep powder from the depo with some other reward types. May also be worth having the creatures able to more rarely than sleep powder drop some items from that same rare loot table.
  11. I am all for adding a hard cooldown between when aoe heal spells can heal a single player, what do people think about that? The majority of that is on my todo list soon, which is basically the "Looking into WL vs BL priest balance with BL only having 1 god vs 3 WL gods." part. Will entail taking a look at priest balance in general likely, yes ideally every priest would be pretty on par with each other in some way.
  12. On imping they will just increase in quality faster when your action does finish successfully, if this does not turn out to be enough we can look at increasing the chances of success as well. We can tune the depo to check how far it is from a settlement and make the distance away from the pretty large ~200 tiles. May do the same for battle camps and increase the deed blocking range to help combat those issues for them as well Hunting close to enemy towers giving better odds for it does sound interesting ill add it to my list for sure to look into. The camp guards should have been fixed shortly after launch of it, I'll take a look and see why they stopped attacking again thanks for letting me know. We are open to leaving sleep bonus separate I do understand the concerns about joining them and I will bring it up for discussion with the rest of the team.
  13. Only camps your kingdom own Battle camps allow you to build fences/gates and lock them within a few tiles of the tower and they will not unlock for enemies in local like normal off deed gates. The balance on any new implementation of champs will be extremely tame compared to past ones, with extremely short duration's so many people can get a chance. Of course if people are still not fine with that we can always pass on the idea. I had some worries about how that would turn out, I still want to do something to help make roaming a bit more fun but things like people just strong walling/using shakers and reinforcing it after just come to mind there is a lot of stuff that would need figured out before. I'll add it to the future considerations list as I did forget to add it there, just didn't feel like a rushed implementation was the right call. Things born via breeding and zombies are exempt, any other aggressive creature is fine including uniques if you happen to get luck on the kill. I could have worded that better and will update it. Meditation abilities over the current cap will be toned down if that ends up happening.
  14. Yes chaos to sorry left it off the list, updated ty.
  15. As discussed in the last feedback thread here are the proposed changes for Defiance/PvP in general. These are subject to changes from feedback so please let us know what you think. If we missed anything major please also feel free to let us know. The proposed PvP Changes are planned for the next major update this month. Proposed PvP Changes Weapons/Armour/Toolbelts/Horse gear will increase in quality up to 75 much quicker when improving them to speed up people gearing groups for pvp after a loss.(Defiance Only) Roaming Depo(Defiance Only) Same spawn rules as battle camps. Will announce when it spawns on twitter/event tab. Will first spawn with no indication of where it is, after 5 hours of not being claimed it will give off the effect from the old depo to better help locate it. You claim the loot with a 5 minute action on the depo, after which the depo will vanish until it respawns again. Spawns 24-30 hours after the last one vanishes. Claim Reward 3 lumps of adamantine or glimmersteel(picked randomly) 10 sleep powders 5 75QL horse sets(Shoes/Saddles) Chances these sets will come with varying degrees of WOA precast on them. The intent of this is to get people out and looking for the depo every day or so, hopefully 10 sleep powder and some good possibly enchanted horse gear is enough to get people going out for it. Upgraded Chest Loot(Elevation/Defiance) The first person to open a rare chest spawn after it spawns will receive between 1-3 hours of sleep bonus depending on the loot roll of the chest. This is intended to give out more sleep bonus for things done while out roaming. Hota Changes(Elevation/Defiance/Chaos) 6 battle camps spawn at the same time all over the map with no location information anymore. First to 4 captures wins. First to capture a camp after spawning receives a few pieces of moon metal. Captures after will not give any more. Happens 40 hours after the last event finished. Your kingdom is alerted in event tabs when an enemy kingdom steps onto a battle camp your kingdom owns, it will not say what kingdom but will say which battle camp. This message cannot happen more than once every 30 minutes. Building inside battle camps when you have it claimed still provide all the protections from before. Pendulums will still help find them but will have the range at which they do adjusted to make them much harder to find. These changes will revert hota back to more of an event than something running continuously. Moon metal is still awarded to people who did not win just by trying, and they should not be nearly as easy to find and be dominated by a single group. Increased raid windows for lager deeds over 50x50 tiles total in size to 8 hours to give more time to raid larger deeds. Safe zones/deeds smaller than 50x50 stay unchanged. The exact values of this are up for debate so please let us know what you think. Scorn no longer heals non tamed creatures.(All Servers) Shield bash will have a separate easier roll to just cancel actions that may be interrupted along with the roll to stun.(All Servers) Will allow all players a much better chance to kick a spell being cast right next to them without making stuns to common. Equipping or unequipping a piece of armor will cancel any spells/archery actions currently being cast.(All Servers). Hopefully this should address the concerns about players swapping armor on and off while casting/shooting to get around the penalties. Tangle weave cooldown reduced to 60 seconds/ favor cost reduced back to 15.(All Servers) The nerfs to tangle weave where too heavy handed I admit, we are stepping them back much closer to the original values. Random teleport will always take you onto land.(All Servers) Increased healing resistance a bit more.(All PvP Servers) This is subject to more testing, exact values will be updated when finalized. Aggressive creatures(excluding zombies/domestic creatures) you kill will have a chance to place a sleep powder inside the final hitting players inventory. (Defiance Only) The chance for this will be dependent on the CR of the creature and will be an uncommon drop. This will not happen inside the safe zones or on settlements. This is intended to give out more sleep bonus for things done while out roaming. NFI PvP/PvE characters will share more things like titles/sleep bonus.(NFI Only) Looking for feedback on what all people would like merged between the 2 NFI accounts. The goal is to make them feel more like 1 accounts with different inventories than 2 accounts with the same skills only. Future Plans More pvp related points of interest in the world along with the exploration update planned. Reworking spell damage/resistances to find a better middle ground between them being useful vs them being spammed especially for pillar spells. Looking into WL vs BL priest balance with BL only having 1 god vs 3 WL gods. Revised version of player champions on much shorter timescales/less harsh penalties for reverting/different bonuses than just DR. Generally they will be much less powerful than current champions but will still be useful to have with little to no penalty for becoming one, and short several week max duration for them. New methods of removing kings from office/deciding new kings for base kingdoms. Removing meditation level limits from defiance/elevation with balance consideration for the more overpowered one that it was intended to remove.(Defiance/Elevation Only) Open to suggestions here for what you would like to see as future content for All PvP servers in general. Mine doors locking off deed somehow. Pending some deep thinking and testing as this one will be hard to get right and could actually turn into a negative if people find new metas around it. As always please keep the kingdom vs kingdom stuff out of this thread.