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  1. Bugged mine doors

    I've been having a hard time reproducing this issue, if you have any more information than can help with that let me know. Also what server is this on/where is it located feel free to pm me if you don't want to post it public.
  2. Likely to do with the feature that makes sure a dead creature is removed on all servers if it dies on another server, seems its leaving some extra body's sometimes added to the list thanks for the reports.
  3. [No Bug] creature cage loop bug

    Not a bug if I'm understanding what you mean,removing gear before loading is intentional and deed permissions are at the discretion of the deed owners.
  4. For now your best bet is to use some age runes on horses that old before crossing them, not sure what the future plans for this are but its a known issue with cared for animals at max age.
  5. Priest overhaul testing

    Just a heads up for anyone testing, you can now set your alignment in the test menu.
  6. [Bug] Valrei map

    Is it missing through the entire scenario or just sometimes a relog fixes?
  7. [Bug] Valrei map

    Added to the list, does it happen when heading to certain tiles or just at random when heading anywhere if you happen to know?
  8. [Bug] Maple sap to syrup cooking issue

    Added to the bug list, ill take a look this weekend.
  9. Server log spam!

    Steve is probably right, that will come up when receiving more than 10 rate limited commands(data being requested/sent not typed commands) a second from a creature while building unfinished items.
  10. Bug - PoI Msg on PoP path

    It should be for insanity only looking, are you sure it didn't somehow fail to change you or revert back?
  11. [No Bug] sleep bonus timer bug

    As mentioned xanadu does tend to run a little slower with anything related to time and fat will help will sleep bonus timers. https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Cooking#Nutrition_.26_CCFP Fats – High bar increases favour regeneration, and reduces drain on sleep bonus.
  12. That was it, half asleep me didn't even think of a gravestone when they said cross. Anyways added to the list thanks for the help.
  13. Was not able to cause bury all the leave behind stuff, if you have some reproduction steps I could try let me know.
  14. [Bug] Moving bsb around reinforced wall through a corner

    Confirmed and added to the list.
  15. [No Bug] creature cage transport

    Need to be careful with animals that are only alive because of being cared for they can die if not cared for quickly on the new server. Loading creatures with equipment is disabled by design.