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  1. Hello Darklords,

    I have sent you feedback regarding the upcoming Epic changes.They're in your PMs from 4 days ago.

    Hope all is well.

  2. A New Elevation

    There is plans to take a much better pass of pvp mechanics later this year, we don't want to go to much into detail but we are aware how people feel and what they would like to see.
  3. A New Elevation

    This is absolutely just short term bandaids people where told that they could have temporary solutions like this to fill the gap or wait till around november when bigger things are planned. People expressed they would be alright with some simple to implement but changes to still throw the meta up with another full reset likely coming near the end of the year so that's the approach that was taken for this. You are right that there is less than normal resources and most of the help are people throwing a hand in outside stuff they are already doing so we do have to pick and choose what we can realistically hope to accomplish in time.
  4. A New Elevation

    You would still show up on a home server for your base kingdom if you have been on epic before.
  5. A New Elevation

    Everyone will be on a home server when they login for launch day, no one will start on elevation with items.
  6. A New Elevation

    The epic portals would still work as normal we have no plans to change the current crossing mechanics from epic to freedom and back.
  7. A New Elevation

    The compass/starter tool question is a good one, no answer yet ill let you know when we figure out how we want to handle it.
  8. A New Elevation

    Peoples items on them/inventory's will definitely be coming with them, if anything goes missing we will have backups to check against worse case.
  9. A New Elevation

    Very good points added to my list thanks.
  10. A New Elevation

    You can go both ways, but you must have no items on you no matter which way you cross to pass through.
  11. A New Elevation

    The plan is for everyone to go in blind on launch day for several weeks before any map dump is released, the map is pretty standard single island layout I have no doubt people will enjoy this map much more than old elevation with it being only a 2k single island again.
  12. A New Elevation

    We have been going over your feedback and these are some changes/additions to my original post. The poll with a full list of final changes should be up later this week once the final details are decided on until then let us know how you feel about these revised changes. Fresh Item Elevation After reading through the feedback we all worked to see what the technical details would be to make something like this possible. Below are what we believe would be viable for the scope of this reset. We are still exploring the final details of how to execute some parts of this so details subject to change. Will only be in effect for the first few months, no set date likely when people feel they are ready for it. Anyone who does not move off elevation on their own will be forcefully moved to their kingdoms home server starter village during reset downtime. Server border travel between any epic server will be disabled. Mail between any epic servers will be disabled Any mail you have waiting for you on elevation will be sent to the home server with you Only way to get to elevation will be from starter deeds teleports to it, will require you to be 100% naked and carrying no items to cross. This will mean no home server raids for the first few months everyone will basically be stuck on elevation, there is no way around this I can think of. You would also not be able to move items from 1 home server to the other during this period. Any ideas about ways you might think to smuggle items would be appreciated before they can ruin the reset. No Traders on New Elevation Teleports We realize people have some concerns about removing teleports, if it becomes an issue they can always be turned back on but we would like to see how it goes to start. Farwalker stones and twigs will not be sold on new elevation with removal of traders, for now home servers will still be able to use them and buy them. Minedoors Wish there was time to rethink minedoor mechanics more but other than removing the limit per 11x11 area we will be keeping gaps between doors and adding interrupts to placing mine doors similar to when building walls. Remove the limit per 11x11 area. Will still be required to have 3 full tile gaps between mine doors placed. Combat interrupts placing mine doors. Hell Horses Because they exist already on home servers just removing them is not possible long term, we could make it so you cannot ride them or hitch them on elevation as a middle ground. Remove riding and hitching of hell horses on elevation. Make horses slow down more consistently time wise from taking damage.
  13. A New Elevation

    Been a busy holiday weekend in the states keep getting dragged to cookouts, I am still in the process of going though all the feedback posted and working on a response just wanted to update everyone.
  14. A New Elevation

    Will consider this and add it for discussion for sure seem reasonable maybe not 3 months but for the first bit I could see this being reasonable. No solid decision but a 2k map might be a bit small for pmks, we are open for opinions on this for sure like with delaying border crossings it could be something that is allowed later once things are settled in but not right away .The home servers will be staying attached and online with this update.
  15. A New Elevation

    There is not a lot we can do on this point that I can think of off the top of my head, but we are 100% open for ideas to help address this issue.