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  1. It may happen a bit before that as its based on its combat potential so if they gained some skill somehow it may happen slightly before they tick to the next age bracket, but they are to old(or I guess powerful in this situation) to be hitched end of the day still no bug but we may want to clarify better that this isn't solely based on age it just tends to happen around age jumps as there tends to be bigger changes in the stats of them on those.
  2. https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Hell_horse Can be hitched up until the last aged stage. However, the hell horse will unhitch when they age up to Old at 30 months and become unruly. Hell horses can only be hitched up to a certain age unfortunately.
  3. You are indeed right it was broken, and will be fixed for the next update.
  4. Its on its way back up
  5. They could also just bash towers, this just really gives people the chance to cap them back without needing to bash and rebuild so seems to me would help here as before the back and forth just was not worth the amount of time to bash and rebuild stuff.
  6. Up in the air, easy enough to set was figuring somewhere around the 1.5-2x area though ya.
  7. Would include all PvP servers.
  8. Will likely make a dedicated thread but before that wanted to see how people felt about this for capping mechanics on towers going forward. Can once again capture enemy towers but with some restrictions this time. To capture a tower you must have a chained tower within chaining distance of the tower you wish to capture, the new tower must be able to connect to the chain as soon as it is captured to be a valid target. Tower capture timer is now 10 minutes and will spawn waves of creatures bigger then bashing and announce globally as before, guards will search on spawn near the tower for enemies other then the person capturing and attack them only resorting to attacking the person capturing if there is no other valid targets near the tower. When a tower is captured it cannot be taken again for 24 hours, but may still be bashed at any time. Cannot capture towers period within base kingdoms starter areas or the Base Kingdom Only zone around the starters, bashing still works as before.(For defiance only) Can now build towers near enemy ones just within chaining range, you will still not be able to drop a village any closer then currently possible though. Cannot capture tower on enemy deeds, they are able to be bashed still though. Bashing towers is still allowed and works as current, you can now bash your own kingdoms towers but it will now send several warning messages to everyone in your kingdom very early on and still spawn guards you must kill to prevent abuse with alt accounts.
  9. Unfortunately steam seems to be having a bad week for its authentication service it seems to have gone done again for a little today. We cannot do any more then wait in cases like this much the same as you.
  10. It actually did come to our attention we where missing a few titles for skills, namely Blade Smithing/Weapon Heads Smithing/Trebuchets and you will be happy to know we have an internal suggestions list finished up and are picking some titles for those as we speak. As for people in the past being denied it based on those reasons I cannot speak as I was not part of it then, but it is not something I would do personally to someone who put the effort into getting 100 in a skill.
  11. Ya we agree, did not hit the balance on that quite right. We have a load of bug fixes and balance changes coming next reset for them, let us know how it feels compared to now once those are live.
  12. We have re-balances for that in testing, will be changed soon this just couldn't wait till it was ready.
  13. With the reset on 3/9/2023 Hotfix: Fixed cooldown for collecting items at Sampo Holy Sites.
  14. Was on steams end, out of our control unfortunately was likely some hiccup they had this afternoon.
  15. Nothing we can do about steam authentication going down unfortunately just need to wait those out.