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  1. There was an issue that did not come up on the test server but did on live with many more altars, has been fixed for the next update.
  2. It is for pvp also currently, if it is an issue in the end it can be disabled for pvp.
  3. Is fixed for the next update.
  4. What gives Magranon an advantage in your opinion? The plan is already to make the super easy scenarios with only a few mission items a thing of the past and to boost the rewards for the new always longer lengths of them. Only saw a few suggestions for what people would like to see for these new rewards so if anyone else has thoughts on that now is the time before stuff becomes more finalized. Likely going to be very early in the new year, the plan is to have a large list of proposed changes before the years end for some discussion on before a release early 2021. Thank you everyone for the feedback so far its been extremely helpful and keep it coming.
  5. So it has been brought to my attention that the new Valrei rewards are lacking for the amount of effort it takes and I fully agree, looking for suggestions on things people would like to see as rewards. We are also going to increase the minimum amount of items a scenario can start with as 2 item missions won't work with a buffed reward structure. From the release notes for reference on the current reward structure. Tier 1(1 Player): One Resurrection Stone/Two 1kg Seryll Lumps/One roll on the side items table/roll for small magic chest. Tier 2(3 Players): Two 1kg Seryll Lumps/1 roll on the side items table. Tier 3(5 Players): One 1kg Seryll Lump Side items table only consists of shaker orbs and resurrection stones currently.
  6. I will take a look into fixing this, thanks for the report.
  7. Feel free to continue to use this thread till a new one is up, which shouldn't be to long from now.
  8. Taking a look into this, few questions is the entire influence not clearing or just small sections being left and what quality was the tower that was bashed and did not reset influence?
  9. I did take a look and they where very across the map for me, going to keep an eye out on defiance spawn locations going forward and plot them to see if there is something on live that I am not getting on test.
  10. I am sorry I was unaware that was an issue I will take a look into it for next update.
  11. Felt like they where a bit to often for how much running around they took was a point I took away from feedback, if they end up being to long we can always reduce it we want to keep tweaking this till it feels right.
  12. Whats the main issues you have with them? As far as spells go we will be doing a dedicated thread with proposed changes and discussion for spell changes soon.
  13. Spell balance for pvp is up for discussion/change next, I did see the comments on them and we do plan to look into them next.
  14. Would be an interesting idea to try on defiance to even out priests and non priests, ill pass it on for consideration. How does everyone else feel about this?
  15. We are looking into the depot spawning code, does battle camps seem to have the same issue? We will be looking to tweak the battle camps based on the feedback here, let me know how you feel about the following. After capture battle camps will display location information like before in the village info section where they are listed. Pendulum range restored to former distance. Increase the time between battle camp hota by 1 more day to make it not feel like an every day thing and give people more of a break between them.