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  1. Ya feel free to throw this in a suggestion forum thread we could for sure consider changing things if the support is there.
  2. Correct not a bug. The GM's just suggest posting things that may be bugs then it is up to the developers or QA to clarify or add it as a bug. End of the day though we appreciate all reports regardless of the end result so never feel bad about just posting one for clarification if you feel it may be a bug.
  3. Open a ticket about the tower one I will have someone check it out for ya.
  4. High QL maps may have some inaccuracy built into them but will always be fairly close to the x, low quality maps should always be basically right under it you can dig.
  5. I explained a few posts under the one you quoted, you can consider this our official stance on the matter.
  6. My view personally is not everything needs a direct benefit somehow and sometimes things just for the fun of it are nice also. This skill was more inspired by allowing people to be creative and display that in the world where they can be enjoyed. At the end of the day its hard to make something everyone will enjoy, extra so in a game like Wurm where we just have so many different possible play styles and skills people like/don't like. We hope though once its live people will find plenty of fun and creative things to do with them over time, and will be open to suggestions on things we could add to increase the possibilities in future updates.
  7. We’re looking for feedback on the new Cartography skill and you’re invited! The testing is currently taking place on Druska only. You will find a crystal at the Oracle starter village named Exploration Testing, using this will take you there. To use the test client, use the Choose Client shortcut or add -c at the end of your target in your Wurm Online Launcher shortcut and choose the Exploration Testing client. For Steam, right-click Wurm Online in your Steam Library and click Properties. Then add a -c to the Launch Options and choose the Exploration Testing client. Make sure you select the Exploration Testing option from the menu as the normal testing client will be missing new effects and crash when doing things like opening maps. Also make sure you travel to the Druska testing server as this is the only server with the new feature enabled. Logging in with a new username/password will register an account automatically and log you in. Selecting any item and using it on the ground will give a test option which allows you to change your skills and spawn in items like armour and weapons. You can also use it to change your faith, deity and spawn items like vesselled gems/statuette. Submitting the test menu will also heal you fully and restore your stamina. At the bottom of the test item creation option you can also spawn in a fully geared horse/ropes to get around quicker. As well as the usual reporting of bugs and weird things, we’re interested in how difficult you find learning how the system works, and what issues you run into as you go through the steps. Because of this, we’re not going to explain much in this post on how to get started since everything in-game should explain it for you. To that end, the test menu has a few new options added for relevant items. To access the test menu just activate any item and right-click the ground to select from the list. The Cartography-related items are at the bottom of the list. The journal has a new tier that should be immediately available as an introduction to the skill, and will hopefully have all of the necessary information for you to do everything the skill has. Once you hit 10 Cartography, a second tier will become available and take you through an introduction to stamps. If you find any issues or have any questions be sure to let us know below. Druska Mapdump
  8. We are deploying 1 additional fix for the same issue as listed above.
  9. Sounds like this is a garbage collection issue and the spikes are java cleaning out all the extra data which can take some time when it builds up that much. I took down some info from red about where this was happening for them to look into if anyone else would like to add to that info it would be very helpful in tracking down where all this extra data is building up from for ya so quickly. Feel free to pm it to me if you don't want to post it publicly.
  10. That is a good point, ill be sure to get a map dump for the public testing post.
  11. We didn't want to change how the fragment system worked for just 1 item felt it better to keep the system consistent across its uses.
  12. That is the plan for after the currently announced content has been released, goblins camps are planned to come out with everything else.
  13. Not sure what is going wrong here, the only change dealing with lwjgl was just a version bump in maven and fixing some fonts of ours that broke in the new version. I poked the person who was handling the lwjgl stuff to see if they had any ideas and will get back to you guys on anything we find out soon.
  14. What we had corrected before was the estimated silver per euro for one of the solo silver packages. We will be correcting the prices on the steam shop to match the Wurm website shop and figuring out a way to credit steam players for the extra money they spent.
  15. We deployed a new client just now that should resolve the smoke signals our forges were letting off trying to signal for help thus ending the forge rebellion of 1113. You will need to exit the game and relaunch it to get the updated client.