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  1. [Bug] Archaeology Journal Issues

    Added, thanks for the report. Would recommend posting the last part to the suggestions forums.
  2. Cannot create a mine - Invisible Cave Walls

    Just a note, be sure to always turn your server off properly, this happens to me occasionally on my personal test when I just end the server process and don't let it do its normal shutdown handling fully. For the minedoor, the ebony wand can change single tiles type, use the wand right click the tile Special-> Change terrain.
  3. [Bug] Small Grammar Issue

    Added, thanks for the report.
  4. Allow priests to complete personal goals

    Priests have always had down sides to them that was the entire balance of the giving them such strong abilities over normal non priest accounts. It's not something forced onto an account, its optional and with that option come some negative and some positive things.
  5. PC/WTS Wands of the Seas (Spawns Island)

    I posted some pictures showing off the wands used on elevation in the last auction if anyone wants an idea of what it makes. The rock layer is about where the lava is, and they can be used on freedom far from other deeds/the border. (Repost) For those interested but don't know what you can do with these here is a couple pictures I took of the wand we used on elevation to give you an idea of the scale of it if it has not changed since we used it about a year ago. An overview of the 2 dropped on current(The volcano looking things) from the last map dump, 1 from JK(North and the one in the pics above) and 1 from MR(South no pics sorry) This was before the wands on the fresh map dump
  6. [Fixed] Freedom: decay on turrets on deed

    Confirmed and added to the list, thanks for the report. If you know any other items that decay on deed still that are not meant to let me know.
  7. [No Bug] Got wrong title from using tome

    The titles from the scroll is what that Occulist(You are currently set to hide it) option is for, it can only be toggled on and off and the combination of valrei items you have used on a character decides which title you show.
  8. [Fixed] Goal not showing as complete

    My apology MrGary is correct, it does check on login for goals completed before. I fixed the text issue it was very likely as he said the dug up achievement not the mining one.
  9. [Fixed] Goal not showing as complete

    If it re-rolled past actions won't count you will need to perform it after you have the goal, you need to find another unfortunately.
  10. Are you using a rope to unload it? The visual one is not a bug, thats how its setup to work currently.
  11. [Fixed] Personal goals not showing

    Report added thank you, could you please provide the names of the alts that are having issues with it? Feel free to pm me if you don't want to post them here.
  12. Creature Cage Testing!

    When you unload them in the water they can be hard to see but they are on the bottom on the ground underwater totally not drowning. Unless you where in shallow water and still couldn't see it I though the same till I managed to hover over it the other day they blend in well. The lock issue, I believe if you place another lock on it will resolve it and let you access it again, its an issue with crossing and locks on items in general currently it's on the bug list already if its that same issue if not let us know.
  13. [No Bug] Can't attack someone draining deed (chaos)

    [14:25:49] You start to search for gold in the coffers of lol. [14:25:56] Derp cuts you deadly hard in the right thigh and damages it. [14:25:56] You stop stealing. I was able to attack and interrupt a drain let me know if you find a way to reproduce it if you feel it defiantly is an issue I could not find a way though.
  14. [Fixed] troll king leads trolls into water

    Added it to the bug list, thanks for the report.
  15. Having to build epic structures AGAIN

    I checked and this is how it is now intended to be, there is no limit per region anymore and 8 regions instead of 4 now. They should be pretty uncommon, but it might be best to remake this in the suggestions forum as it is not considered a bug.