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  1. Some random additional traits will always happen as that's how it seeds new traits into horses is it just happening to commonly? For the 5 points from cap, you can't go over the cap so only a 5 point trait could fill that, if that's not the case from what you have seen let me know. Going to take more of the random element out of colors and just give it some flat rates to pass on a parents color going forward would 4/5 taking on parent color and 1/5 chance to take on a new random color be consistent enough? What saddlebag bug?
  2. Yes A player who has used the stealth option in the same place you would find your climb option.
  3. We are defiantly open to suggestions about what people think would be best for epic going forward. Just closing it fully is a tough thing to do and something I personally hope we can avoid.
  4. My apology I do see where it is blocked on epic after digging a little more, so it indeed is blocked on epic from dropping on uniques. On epic they drop masks and other items instead.
  5. The bonus for both parents having it has been increased by a lot.
  6. We are working on some tweaks to it still, want to make sure we have something people will enjoy this time more info soon on the changes as soon as we can we are doing internal testing on them currently. Things will pass on more consistently and miscellaneous trait will not be so common to show up.
  7. I tested it pretty good tonight, it all seems to be working the one thing to note is WOA and frantic charge do not stack. If you have WOA on a weapon it will not add the bonus from frantic charge. If you have any more info about your setup you feel comfortable sharing let me know and I will try it again setup like you where feel free to send me a pm with info like skills if you don't want to share here.
  8. The cared for horse that died should have had the reason for it in the body's name happen to know the reason it listed for them dying?
  9. There was an issue that was resolved today that caused some tiles to turn to grass like this, will no longer happen going forward and you are safe to repave it.
  10. The total is correct, but" It has a strong body." and "It can carry more than average." where showing in the client as 5 points less each than they should have the server has had the correct value for it. Will be resolved soon.
  11. Found the issue and fixed it, thanks for the report.
  12. There was an issue that did not come up on the test server but did on live with many more altars, has been fixed for the next update.
  13. It is for pvp also currently, if it is an issue in the end it can be disabled for pvp.
  14. Is fixed for the next update.
  15. What gives Magranon an advantage in your opinion? The plan is already to make the super easy scenarios with only a few mission items a thing of the past and to boost the rewards for the new always longer lengths of them. Only saw a few suggestions for what people would like to see for these new rewards so if anyone else has thoughts on that now is the time before stuff becomes more finalized. Likely going to be very early in the new year, the plan is to have a large list of proposed changes before the years end for some discussion on before a release early 2021. Thank you everyone for the feedback so far its been extremely helpful and keep it coming.