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  1. [Bug] Found dirt looking like a cat

    Added to the bug list, thanks for the report.
  2. no "Load Creature" option

    If you ever manage to find a way to reproduce it let me know, I have not been able to catch it doing this my self yet.
  3. [Bug] Passenger speed bonus not being removed

    Added to the list thanks for the report.
  4. PVE Death Tab

    Looks like the 20+ fight skill requirement was left out in that news post, sorry about that you will need that on top of the ones listed.
  5. Mining timer

    If you could elaborate on how to reproduce it I would be happy to take a look.
  6. [Bug] No Title

    Added to the list, thanks for the report.
  7. Added to the list thanks for the report.
  8. [Fixed] Bashing mine doors 3-4tiles away

    Added to the list, thanks for the report.
  9. [Fixed] PvE Death Tab wording

    Seems like the description is a little backwards there, ill be sure to get that switched around thank you for the report.
  10. Share your titles

    [12:12:33] Your title is now Drunkard Dragonslayer.
  11. Possibile winning game twice maybe?

    It sets a flag, you can't win the game 2 times.
  12. All prizes have been paid out, thank you everyone for coming even those who just watched in the spectator area. @shankiestwas nice enough to record for me again here is his compiled clips from the tournament.
  13. Extended signups till tomorrow.
  14. It's already fixed and ready for the next patch, if you still have issues with it after the next server update let me know.
  15. Cannot 'Place' anything on Stone Benches

    Added to the bug list.