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  1. Yes they are a feature on defiance, when you die your items are placed inside a grave that must be claimed before getting the body back.
  2. Its a visual bug it is locked even tho the examine text says it is not. will take a look at the cause thanks for the report.
  3. Just to clarify it came over with epic code and and I didn't consider the issues of fully shared skills with a system like that so at the time I saw no reason it should not work like existing epic portals. When the issue was brought up and discussed internally we decided it would be best to not have that and it was removed sorry for the confusion.
  4. We waited to verify the fixes had worked before enabling it, they where enabled just a few minutes after the server came back on.
  5. Its been like that for awhile, towers give off influence based on the towers ql people might have not noticed before because people had skill to make and imp the towers to much higher initial ql.
  6. They are removed from the shop, missed that from the old elevation patch notes.
  7. Max lead count is 1 crossing over with the elevation changes. They will be on the ground as normal as they do not end up inside the corpse.
  8. MR top left, JK top right
  9. So update on the pvp map, we regenerated the map with a bigger southern middle island for BL this did not change the rest of the map except for the placement of tiles like sand/steppe.
  10. The southern center island seemed to small for how many people seemed to be wanting to go bl, but we are discussing and considering options will update when I have our final decision.
  11. Stuff like this is the reason why the pvp server was originally planned to release a bit later, there is just so much more to consider for it and being such a small team it can be hard to catch every issue.
  12. HOTS starts on the bigger island north of the smaller one, with the extended tower chain range it does reach the land north west by them, we are considering spawning in an additional island to make the gap to the west smaller to those lands tho.
  13. Just skills, was mentioned somewhere else I will update this topic to reflect that better sorry about that.
  14. There basically starter areas with stronger guards, smaller raid windows, and village size limits. There will be no farwalker teleports or the speed boost items on this server.