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  1. Simple and most games/game launchers have it these days, can right click in the friends list and add a small 32ish char note about them to be displayed on hover over. Maybe something like sells x items, or meet at x spot as examples of a reason to leave a note. I love using it in things like battle.net and steam so I can leave a small note about people I don't talk to daily or even monthly to help refresh me of how I met them or why I added them or what services they can offer me.
  2. Awesome stuff, few questions though, Will the amount of time taken off a gods valrei board move timer when finishing a mission also scale based on difficulty as well? Can you put aggressive animals leadable after taming/dominating onto a ship(like trolls)? Will animals crossing be enabled from chaos -> freedom and back?
  3. Might not hurt, enchanted grass def seem to vanish faster than it should and can tend to be a chore to keep up on when you got more than say 80+ tiles of it which maybe is intended to be fair since the more tiles you make the higher chance 1 will pack.
  4. What is the trigger for that to happen I mean sorry, I never payed attention to how often they graze or what triggers it.
  5. Might be the rate they are polling that chance that causes issue, from what I remember on epic one week the motd was please enchant grass on cooldown those horse *some bad word* are packing enchanted tiles like crazy. We had good ratio to, guess it really depends on the time between that 1/4800 poll if you happen to know.
  6. its +.5 of the original drain each time not of the last drain you got. Original was 37 copper, so half is around 18 copper, so the drain should go up by 18 copper each time which it seems to be doing. Also its based on deed upkeep amount not amount of money in coffers evil.
  7. I believe this was changed 1 time already they made it so you couldn't repair or finish walls unless you where right upto the wall and it got pretty bad feedback and was reverted pretty quick if I remember right.
  8. Well glad we are least on half the same page, and I would be happy with either personally but for me the reason for 1 of each is to help prevent a single priest like smeagain from becoming the 100% goto meta is my only convern but im happy for both if either happens honestly.
  9. How is it removing the sandbox from the sandbox? If any restriction like 300 max slope dirt slope, 100 items per pile, or any other artificial restriction in the game not a fully sandbox game should you be able to do anything you want period with no balance in mind? At what point do we say any single balance measure are removing the sandbox from the game this is just trying to create an environment where things are more balanced for everyone and single kingdoms cannot control the meta priests because they got to it first and can lock it down for 6 months past when they champ up with no chance for a new comer to even contest the 3 limit currently in place on the best priest that currently has Full Heal, Refresh, Light of FO, Fungus/IcePilar, Oak Shell,Weakness, Damage Bonus, and why not lets just throw in the free res stone bonus just to add everything to sme(What else could you ask for in a priest maybe rebirth can't think of anything else sme is missing for pvp?). Sure you nerf sme and a new priest is the new best meta sme just happened to get such random op abilities that its the by far most OP ATM but say its re balanced we will just find the new most OP and that will be the new SME instead of spreading champs out over more than just the god that has the most heals and damage ability at the current time that you can just spam 3 of instead of being forced to make some decisions on what kind of champs you want instead of just picking the 3 best. Edit: I would be honestly happy with 3 of any priest no limit or 3 different no limit but I honestly feel we will just run into everyone picking 3 of the same priest and have no diversity if left 3 of any which is going to make any rebalance of priests much harder to nail down for pvp servers in the end and we will just pay for it when we complain in a year that everyone picks the same champ because its the obvious choice no one else will pick different becuas X priest is the meta instead of making people spread out the champ choices.
  10. You realize linking gives a -3 cr buff the same buff a king crown gives? Nothing stops you from having non champs to link so I don't see the issue.
  11. I did like the idea only reason the I didn't go for it is I feel like it will become a balance issue in the future we will always find the priest that is the best and if you can be 3 of 1 like with smeagain being the dominant pvp priest I can't help imagine things won't return to the same once the new meta settles except we will all be that priest with it being limited to 1 of each sure a top 3 may appear but at least not stacking all 1 priest will let things be a little more deverse in the end. I would be happy with either honestly anything but the current system is an improvement but just my 2 cents on how balancing priests in the future would be much much easier if it was limited to 1.
  12. Well considering this is a problem on chaos(Crusaders still are hoarding 2/3 sme slots) I would say it would be a good balance change for everyone
  13. This was on epic fyi as rome.
  14. Its been asked for to change in different ways since 2015 and beyond, this just revived the debate.
  15. Would be my preferred option personally +1.