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  1. Set it as a home server, I believe pvp servers only show CA help when home server is enabled.
  2. I have been playing a game called haven and hearth a bit with some friends in my free time and the main trade hub has the most incredible setup for handling trade considering its almost identical to Wurms market stalls and I feel they are lacking a lot and far from perfect. https://certainly-not-a-cat.github.io/fair_report/ There is a website though I imagine an in-game interface would work better for Wurm showing all the stalls on your server and the location(if they want it shown, some people use them for storage should be opt in) of it inside the maze of stalls that sometimes exist in a trade area. The reason this works so well, you can search multiple times a day for stuff for sale, or stuff they might be buying and maybe not even stuff you want but something for sale you didn't know you wanted half way across the server you might want to travel to buy only because there is a way to see what they have this would not allow you to buy it across the server(unless community/staff want it) but just a method to see whats for sale without needing alts at markets or traveling to each stall to see its stock. Even cross server menus to see whats on each server would be nice, this way people can setup a stall and if they want people can see what they have for sale and travel to them for it because they know the location and stock without traveling to them and spending ages going stall to stall seeing what they have when your in the area. Another suggestion also comes from the same system, allow items to be sold for more than just silver on the shops, you can list say want to sell x tool for 15 50quality+ bronze, allows for more trade since not everyone has access to tons of silver to trade with but might be willing to trade something they have a ton of for a supply they are lacking and because people can see this without vising they can get it ready and plan a visit to trade for the item they may need. I realize the trade forum exists, but an in-game method that is fully automated would make trade much more common for newer players, in haven when we started we focused on making stuff that the big guys needed that we could make with a bit of effort for them and used the stalls to trade stuff we could make for tools and supplys they could make all using trade stalls I have never meet the people I sell to we just do business because its continent to search the website for stalls to sell for currency/items. We can't even get a stall in the main market because there is a waiting list because of the crazy trade volume going on in this small game even smaller than wurm in the 1 market that has hundreds of stalls limited to 3 per group and rotated out as people go inactive. One big positive I see from something like this, new players can have goals outside make/buy silver only or grind stats to make it your self, maybe a guy with extra enchanted weapons or someone who can make them sells them 1000 30+ quality bricks each give lower tier players a chance to earn stuff from top tier players without spending money and trading directly for supplys.
  3. The main problem with this is the current open modding environment will make this almost impossible to enforce, they left the client/server source wide open with no protections to allow modding as easy as we do it today. This means that what ever code was put in to tell it which dlc you own and to load could be bypassed by downloading the files from another person and running a mod to remove the checks that you purchased it all with about 10 mins of work. Than like you said that's before the main issue of fragmented player base, which wurm unlimited does not have the people for yet. TLDR: To do this they would need to lock the client at the least down and either break ago mod support, or add an official mod support built into the client its self that keeps you away from the steam library and steam checks in the code its self.
  4. Dear god +1
  5. Have you tried getting a non office title and office title? One of the just decorative ones from land control ones and one that gives an effect.
  6. It seems to fix its self on the next boat speed calculation check, might not find the root cause but it does fix on a passenger disembarking and reembarking might just need to make sure it refreshes the speed once its properly crossed servers or just put a random poll in that rechecks it shortly after crossing to make sure its not incorrect. I was just staring at the code for the last 30 mins and nothing dawned on me as wrong with the math to make it double up like that it might even have a client side cause since movement is mostly handled by the client as far as I can tell from past looking at how players move on WU.
  7. We are well aware of how it was intended to work, this is a bug report that it is not working as the patch notes described.
  8. There is just 4 simple rules to follow on a home servers on epic to make life pretty much a totally safe experience, 1)Don't deed near the water or travel along coasts with no easy escape inland 2)Don't deed near the starter deed 3)Don't tell people nice things you own if you don't trust them 4)Don't goto affliction, pick serenity or desertion they have rules against harassing your own kingdom to much Even back when serenity used to have a constant 100+ people on it and 250+ on epic the deed I lived at for a long time which followed these simple rules never got raided 1 time even after I moved out to a coastal serenity deed that got raided every 3 days(back when epic had hundreds) which def broke the #1 rule don't build near water on pvp server or you will have lots of visitors so easy to roll up on boats vs horse can't kill a boat. I've told people this and seen them quit when they laugh it off when starting on pvp servers its probably the 1 thing that should be stressed most water access to your deed will get you pvp if you want it or not. For us the coastal deed was big and had alot of people to help defend it but if you plan to live alone or with few people who have no pvp experience these rules will help you avoid most conflict.
  9. That's super funny because my logs show those populations on epic January 2014 as 330 and epic launched on November 1, 2011 hmm. I didn't join epic anywhere nears its start not even close and those where the numbers when I first started on epic. This sure looks(pic below) like 330 people across epic alone not even counting chaos taken what 2 full years and some months after launch lololol 2 years is sure release time guys you heard it here first. Even at more off hours 250+ was a common population during this period over 2 years into release. I don't think mr Moonpoppy remembers as much as he wishes or thinks he does which is sad considering he joined this forum 13 days after the epic launch. Also I know facts are not your strong suit apparently since your trying to tell me epic didn't have 300+ for almost 3 years when thankfully I took full population logs before they merged them into just epic population, but people have already mentioned I never lived on freedom past the 2 weeks it took me to leave and join epic 4+ years ago when I started lived on pvp servers since day like 14 of joining, joined jke not long after joining epic and moved to elevation than chaos a few years later even so I don't see why you keep trying to deflect actually giving constructive criticism with the whole freedoms gonna freedom line while replying to a dedicated long time pvper. If this idea would really be a 100% death blow to pvp servers(which ill add again I don't believe) than I don't see how any update could bring them back if 1 update to allow non full drop pvp for fun just removes all hope of ever developing the pvp servers again. I didn't realize all chaos was only about was killing people in small skirmishes for fun with no loot, I have been playing wrong all these years going for land control and large open field full loot skirmishes to contest a point and raiding damn time to start over I played wrong all this time I should have been having 2v2 fights with my enemy for fun that's all there is to do on pvp server apparently if its replaced so easy by just that mechanic.
  10. I wonder the same and its a very valid concern pvp just isn't for some people they play games purely for the pve element even if pvp exists. I think part of the problem with WU is all the cheats such as esp, no trees, the hacks ive seen where people can trick other peoples client into thinking there invisible and players cant see or attack them that comes with WU being open source and modable client wise, and the lack of stable environment knowing that your account will be there tomorrow to work on it enough to get where you need to pvp in wurm and the fact that the WU community is spread across so many servers.
  11. So let me get this right your saying you will never see people in freedom in person again if you can do some sort of instanced pvp because people never need to leave deed again if you can just pvp from your freedom deed because that was truly the driving factor for people leaving deeds was go come travel to chaos to pvp that is what your trying to say right sure seems like it lol.
  12. They are not trying it anyways so why hold off for a non existent issue? If people will really never come to chaos if there is any other form of pvp in the game than clearly chaos is the flawed model if somehow this instanced stuff is just so much better that no one will ever want to go back to stinky old chaos. I don't think this is true but that's what your trying to tell me in a nutshell.
  13. Battlegrounds where added like 7 months into vanilla, and considering vanilla ran over 2 year I would consider that added pretty early into wow development cycle, I understood what you but I don't see how it applys here its not going to effect roaming on freedom most if not all freedomer have no intention of coming to chaos anyways otherwise you know people would be playing on the server other than a few and if anything this might give them some taste for some more high risk versions if anything I really fail to see how this is taking anything away from pvp servers. Like 20 total people play on the pvp servers, im thinking this isn't as big an issue as you think. I don't think the 20 of us left are going to just up and leave because we can pvp outside the 1ce a week it happens naturally these days.
  14. So lets just live in the past is your argument, I bet if we just fix meditation we will have 500 people spread across epic/chaos like in the old days even tho that's about freedoms active population at any time.