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  1. New HotA System

    The pendulum will pick it up from pretty far away(and can always be tweaked) and cannot fail at finding a battle camp within its range, as well as you knowing which 1/9th section of the map its in. I think you guys are getting a little ahead of your self on that one you should have no problem finding them within a short time when you enter the general area with a lurker pendulum. If this proves to hard it can always be revisited but we would like to go a route that does not involve lights or particle effects high into the sky if you have some suggestions please leave them here. Guards/changes to collecting metal from the towers will be on the test server sometime this weekend. Whats wrong with towers?
  2. New HotA System

    Here are the changes that I just put live on the baphomet test server. Guards and changing the way you collect metal from the battle camps are next on the list, keep the feedback coming and if there is anything I can do to help make testing a bit easier let me know. Battle camps now take 10 damage each time a new one is spawned, capping them at 10 on the map at any time. Battle camps now display what area of the map they spawned at(Battle Camp Archer has appeared in the center regions). Lurker in the dark will now display a nearby battle camp along with a creature. Camp owners can now only build fences/dig within the 5 tile edit zone in any direction from the battle camp, the other zone tiles in each direction will now remain locked even to the camps owners. All fences within the 5x5 edit zone around the battle camp will be destroyed when the camp leaves, even fences that existed before it spawned in. Only gates within the 5x5 edit zone will remain locked, any outside the edit zone will unlock like normal when enemy's are near.
  3. New HotA System

    The idea of this is to get people roaming and searching for them and not make it an easy event 1 kingdom can complete in just a short time. If you have suggestions please feel free to give them as far as how you would like to see hota work.
  4. New HotA System

    One will keep spawning every 25 hours and all other camps take 2 damage when a new camp spawns so the limit is more based off how much damage they take. If a kingdom wins hota all other neutral/camps owned by other kingdom stay on the map and continue to work as normal it is more of a never ending event now. So you could in theory win hota 2+ times in 1 day if there is a lot of contested/neutral camps around. The lump quality is no longer based on your win record. You will win a larger amount of moon metal in a hota statue like normal, if the amount is to low for the effort that can always be adjusted. The sparkles are not going to go live, you should be out looking for them they can't spawn in water or on crazy slope so they shouldn't be to hard to find. The chance for lumps goes down very fast after the first few, farming them shouldn't be much of an issue and if it is can easily be adjusted to make it not worth holding off on a win for it. The camps don't have a set schedule for MM lumps its very random and becomes harder every lump it spits. It gives 1 50+ quality lump with the metal picked at random each time the random numbers line up for it. The final reward from winning is not fully decided yet it will be a larger amount of moon metal at the least. As far as fences go I'll bring it up for discussion, so no comment on that yet.
  5. Ah my apology I did not see this was in the suggestions forum was just trying to consolidate all the posts about it this is the right place sorry about that.
  6. The issue has been reported and is being followed here: https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/167895-investigating-hota-statue-color/
  7. Disembarking Knarr under Bridge gives Damage

    Can you take a picture/describe what the setup that caused it looks like I was not able to get this to happen to me testing.
  8. [No Bug] Valrei Item Mission Not Completing

    Ya unfortunately no bug here just how the system works.
  9. Added to the list thanks for the report.
  10. From testing quickly it seems only the fantastic glimmersteel portal in the starter town is causing that issue not the huge epic portal, there is an epic portal a few tiles north from the glimmersteel one. You have always been able to transfer from freedom to epic and back even for the first time from any epic portal. One with green orb in the middle is not working for epic transfers, the one without it was working when I tested it with 2 fresh accounts a minute ago.
  11. Where they both from Xanadu to Xanadu mails or sent/received from other servers?
  12. Not sure what all the spelling mistakes are, please point them out if you have a chance later.
  13. Confirmed and added to the bug list, not sure how or when it started doing that but I'll be sure to get that fixed up for the next server update hopefully. For now I recommend you use the epic portal close by to bring any other accounts over to epic I tested that and its working as intended.
  14. [Fixed] Infidel Dragon!

    Confirmed and added to the bug list, won't work on other aggressive creatures I tested also.
  15. [Fixed] spells on arrows

    Should be fixed in the next update, thanks for the report.