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  1. [Fixed] Spirit Gate

    Confirmed, added to the list thanks for the report.
  2. [No Bug] Rare+ Bones Can't Be Used On Shoulder Pads

    You can use a rare bone on any item that can be in your inventory and enchanted by spells, unfortunately rift loot is on the list of items that cannot be enchanted which restricts a rare bone from being used on it. Seems intended at this point unfortunately, feel free to post this as a suggestion.
  3. [Duplicate] Butchered horse seems kinda strange

    Likely the same issue as retrograde mentions here. Cared for creatures will tell you the cause of death now on the corpse as for why it says damaged.
  4. Tower chaining system

    Can always change later down the line, think its going to stay at 90 damage to start. The kingdom title will no longer display an early warning. Towers and Tokens will tell you when examined if they are chained or not. I'll have to check on the deed one that is a fair point.
  5. Tower chaining system

    Both will count as starting points for template kingdoms, only capitals for a PMK.
  6. Items inside Large Magical Chest taking damage?

    Been trying to pin this down, how long before the decay was the chest moved/loaded?
  7. Empty raft - weight 106.1 kgs

    If anyone can confirm being able to make these let me know, otherwise probably legacy stuff.
  8. Priest overhaul testing

    Yep, already in the rework.
  9. [Bug] Are wells broken?

    I'm glad you figured this out it had me quite stumped, good to know for future reference thanks for the update! Funny enough if you look at your picture from last month you can see it in there to. I'll add the not being able to drink with items placed on it to the bug list.
  10. archering mobs that are wandering on deeds

    I agree it would be a nice thing to have and ill mention it for you/take a look, but that does not turn it into a bug its an inconvenience caused by existing item protection mechanics on deed in my eyes.
  11. archering mobs that are wandering on deeds

    I imagine this would fit better in the suggestions section, not sure if this would be considered a bug as much as a mechanic that people are requesting changed.
  12. [Fixed] multiple horse corpses

    Merged topics, should be fixed next update.
  13. Seems only normal horse foals where getting the bonus, added to the list.
  14. Should be fixed in the next server update
  15. Domimaru where you by chance wounded when this happened? Read the post I quoted above and let me know if this is related at all or something new.