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  1. is the crash on mob kill one of the "more significant problems" resolved also hi thread
  2. Sure, I'll just mentally count is as Blacksmithing
  3. Same as the thread I made a while ago, I want the community to decide my grind that I do. Poll above, slap your vote in there and if you want to, post why others should vote the same thing as you! If you want to see the value of my skills, to see how close or far I am from a goal, my Niarja is public and up to date
  4. Wurm Merch

    That's exactly why. I never have to worry about it.
  5. It'd be fairly easy to get around no penning with an egg. You just need a comically large spoon to crack it open.
  6. I think the fact there's no community consensus is more of an indication that the staff probably have no real idea either. It's a very difficult thing to resolve, because the community hates every idea because there's some element that's usually a hard downgrade too. Rift idea? Nobody likes rifts already, making the dragons use that mechanic is just silly and removes a lot of what makes finding, penning and killing dragons go away. Again, Capi's thread was the most fleshed out version of it and yet it's still trash. GM spawned? Lazy, unintuative, removes a massive chunk of the system that's good, takes GM time better spent on tickets and actual user support. Also means uniques never spawn naturally anymore which would be a shame. The egg has some merit to it, because it offers a new way to interact with things potentially. I'd be against offering double dragons at a time, given that means there's a chance of just a really weird split. Think of the tanks! It's a struggle to get just one sometimes. With an egg, I'd propose something more grandiose. Egg fragments or clues to one is a neat idea, but I'd be against just a simple bless to make it fertile. The egg should be stone, petrified over time to protect it. To make it fertile, it must be charged with something. You could have a few options here. You could make it so a priest of each religion has to cast something on it, or at the same time over an action window. Or maybe rites create beams at starter deed altars of that god, and you channel the rite favour into that? Similar to recharding Chaos artifacts. I just feel it likely wouldn't be enough for players who crave a bigger hunt, who love the more free form exploration style it currently offers. But I like that it still offers the ability to do it private or public. We'd still need to address the elephant in the room of how exactly distribution would work though.
  7. That's.... not even an argument. At this point I realise there's no meaningful conversation to be had here. I've asked two times what the bug is, and you've evaded that question twice by trying to insist the etiquette thread is somehow proof of a bug when it's really a directive on what to do in a sitation where you find a unique. Take the L mate, go on.
  8. 1st, I honestly have 0 idea what you're even trying to convey anymore. I don't even know if you know anymore. If you have to fall back onto "let them decide if they can do it" then it's probably not a good idea. And when we're discussing ideas and concepts to hopefully come into game, and we're funding the game, I think it's fair and normal for people to show some basic interest in how things would go/be developed/handled. It's pretty normal, I dare say. 2nd, except it's entirely backed up with gameplay mechanics. You use mechanics in place to show your claim, to be used by GMs in the case of a dispute. Just because there isn't some big gameplay button saying to claim now like a dodgy iPhone winning ad, doesn't mean it's not backed up. The thread and its rules have helped GMs to prove ownership and rule accordingly. Also, a "flaw" isn't a bug. That's something you said was there. Again, I ask you to back it up.
  9. Tell me how dragons are bugged. I insist. And yes, GM's need time to do GM things and we shouldn't needlessly waste that time on silly fixes that make no sense and remove a massive aspect of the system from the game. This is a shock to you? Is that the best argument you can come back with? GM time is valuable, they are the people who handle low to mid level bug issues that need addressing ASAP, they are the ones who teleport people and boats when crossings fail, they're the ones who actually work to keep things ticking on in real time. What sounds better when proposed to a player? "When you explore you might find a unique mob, like a dragon, drake or humanoid that drops bloods and/or scale and drake hide" Or "Yeah every three weeks or so you go to this beam and a GM just spawns a dragon in haha" I believe it was Stanlee who said it best. Be the change you want to see. Go out there and make the slays public. Don't cry over spilled milk if you miss one or two. Those who cry for change to a system they don't want to interact with ultimately breed ideas that completely miss the mark of what a dragon hunt and slay should be. Always up for the system to be changed and tweaked. I'm not up for removing the bulk of the content of it just to appease people who don't understand it or work with it. A change to uniques needs to cover as much ground as possible with mechanics while not cutting away too much of it. When the solutions often posted about make the entire thing trivial, it loses any special meaning. Look at the Capi thread from last year, where they went above the rules staff set to post a concept idea that was as terrible as most and almost copy pasted from other suggestion threads. Dragons and humanoid uniques help to encourage exploration, finding one is always a risk reward to hope for. Removing it to make it some staff spawned thing, or rift beam signaled junk just serves to rip away a large part of this absurdly large spanning sandbox experience.
  10. Dragons aren't bugged, they're working according to the coding and rules layed out for them. GM spawning mobs for an event like a slaying sounds awful and puts extra work onto the plates of the GM team. Even if they just tell Stanlee to organise it and they'll show and spawn it, that's still a GM who has to make the time to be there and spawn something according to some random draw what gets put out for the slay. Penning isn't the issue. Even if you remove the ability to pen them, nothing changes other than public slays don't work as well since there's no more ways to really claim them and keep them safe ready for the public event. And the easier and better it is to show and stake a claim on the dragon, is less time GMs have to spend worrying about them, and that means more time working on tickets to support players in more urgent need.
  11. "Penning dragons is bad" is an opinion and not a fact, and spawned uniques is a terrible idea. Your "idea" is already flawed because GM spawned uniques messes with natural spawning.
  12. Wurm Merch

    I swear if I see anyone wearing a Wurm shirt IRL, I'm buying them a drink
  13. Because he doesn't and it's the same power held over any event ingame. There was even an admission that there was a player banned from the public event, but they can't really enforce it anyway. The host of any ingame event should have the ability to say who is or isn't welcome for whatever reason.
  14. Already in place, there's bottles on test with maps in them.
  15. If you've not previously experienced how awful it is and don't know why it was added, and your post is just made to try and poorly crap on PvP players without any knowledge yourself, best not to share it. Honestly up for removing lead limit on deed, given how AH works and will continue to work, no real way around it. I'd rather you just drop the leads done after your initial one when you leave peri or something, just slapping a metric asston of CR nerf onto a person is just gonna make them lead the horses until the fight kicks off and then you've got a load of backups incredibly close by, and then the solution isn't really working anymore. There's something to be done, I'm sure. I'd say best to make an actual suggestion thread, but then the PvE players will chime in as if they know the issue.
  16. CEO of repair here. For easy at a glance knowledge of what to grind on and when. Lava really is the best way to do this, for obvious reasons.
  17. Wurm Merch Official Wurm redbubble, item selection is pretty awful though
  18. Deep water reel found, please god help me get the other two parts!
  19. Looking to buy a rare willow fishing rod, rare professional reel and rare deep water reel. Post here, PM here or PM ingame on Madnath if you want to tell me what you have and discuss a price.
  20. On the other hand, assigning binds to keys is a good way to get the user into the settings to see that everything is tweakable as they see fit and that there's a lot of options open to them. I don't think people are going to think the binds that are there as default are locked in. On the PC platform we're lucky enough to get rebindable keys as a pretty standard thing, and people know how to get to a settings menu to see keybinds. I ultimately see no harm in adding additional keybinds to the default profile, so long as they're well curated. We can see from the Josh Hayes video, there wasn't any attempt to touch the binds because there wasn't really a need to early on, but that means they don't think about binds and the comfort that offers. I feel like a large chunk of this conversation has been stonewalled by thinking Zuelatak is fighting for this new keybindable action to be keybound to one specific key, when really we need to be looking at it is "hey devs, please give us this as an additional keybind option"
  21. Yeah ###### it why not, not like stupid skins is out the norm is it? or do it with the brown bear helm, idk i don't use headgear
  22. The Josh video does have statistics though. They're just... sketchy-ish. One issue I had with the video was that, funnily enough. It takes steam achievement information and presents it as a cold hard fact and backing statement. Fairly sure those Steam achievements came after launch, and not only that, it's still unclear (to me at least) if you get that achievement if you skip the tutorial. I do trust Zuelatak to offer some insight and rough figures of the amount of new players who make their way to his village, just because as players, that's basically part of the chunks we get to see and work with to try and understand this issue ourselves. Time for my blind trust segment. Devs commented on the YouTube video and have spoken about how they've taken note of some of the issues raised. I trust they're looking into and already have plans for something better. Personally, I don't mind the idea of some quest NPC or something just to ease those players who prefer some more... guideliney rails, I guess? But then that raises a conflict of if they follow that or the journal. So I dunno, not really for or against the idea. Also lol at the lore being posted given Rolf put some abhorrent stuff in there and most of the interesting stuff is just awkwardly tacked on later. Game is better without the lore tbh, nothing is engaging enough to give a storyline to follow.
  23. +1 for bearskin hats We've got the black bears for them ingame, so why not? Or could make it one of the monthly skins, for the black bear helm or whatever it's called.
  24. The problem with this solution, and many of the "solutions" that are put forth for this issue, is that there's a point where it loops back and starts to hurt more people than it does the people you want to target for the "meta optimizing" I think the resolution is basically what was said the last time this was put forward to change. Tell the people complaining to F off, because the game doesn't rotate around them. I think the real solution that needs to be found is giving priests a bigger benefit from rites, so the people who can't do the poop sock switching still get a good enough upside to balance out people getting sleep bonus. Redundant solution, dates of the rites already show that casts are pretty much always over a month between them. Most recent Cadence RoS: 10:06 PM · May 4, 2022 - 2nd most recent Cadence RoS: 2:32 AM · Mar 21, 2022
  25. It's already constructive, don't try and paint Blaze's take (which I agree with) as something just intended to say "thing bad" You got feedback, build on top of that. You can't expect others to build your idea for you, given it's your idea and not anyone elses.