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  1. Anything for this? Eager to get some stuff going for community related things. Idea was just to have it be "Global servers" or something in the Freedom section, same way we have Freedom trade.
  2. Also happened to both me and someone else today. Like above, in shallow water. [03:47:27] You leave the old fat Madnath. [03:47:28] Illiteratnerd leaves the "Illiteratnerd". [03:47:29] You kiss Illiteratnerd. [03:47:30] You start leading the old fat Madnath. [03:47:34] You mount on the old fat Madnath as the driver. [03:47:34] You stop leading the old fat Madnath. [03:47:36] Illiteratnerd rides on the "Illiteratnerd" as the driver.
  3. So I understand to get credit for the 100 rifts in the journal I need to get 20 points in the rift. But to get the 1% added to my count do I also need to be Online? On the same server?
  4. Thread can be closed, we have a winner. I'd like to thank you all for bidding and taking your time to check this out. You're all truly wonderful.
  5. Ahhhh now I follow. I totally agree then, though I still hope more than anything that it'll all be customisable
  6. I can get where you're coming from for sure, and you're one of the few not trying to demonise people in the groups or actually hunting or penning, so I respect that. But this staff stuff is weird. Staff in these unique kills are not new. There was actual drama right before the rule was made, and even more before it. Staff being at slays is easily not a factor into the rule being made most likely lol.
  7. But the idea of penning and letting grown up accounts is exactly what these people hate lol Or rather, the idea that they just want to sit on deed and be spoonfed their endgame content.
  8. I mostly agree but wanting to get rid of useless info from the detail box yet wanting the sig to be there is weird lol Hoping it's customisable when it launches so the idea of the new UI being flexible is true
  9. [23:11:21] A huge metal shod gnarly branch, worn and strengthened by weather. Wood colors: R=216, G=98, B=159. It is made from oakenwood. It could be improved with a log. It has an alternate skin applied to it. Dropped item, picked it up and still doesn't show new model on equip. On the ground, still the normal model. Text is coloured on the item now, examine shows that it has the alternative skin but it's not shown.
  10. Not at all. There was already lots of drama and issues in regards to how uniques are "claimed" and rules on how it should be done were already long overdue.
  11. Aaaaannd bought. Cheers mate. Thread can be closed mods!
  12. And there we are. Alright people I'll pay a bloody good amount, sell me one!
  13. I don't think it's even a can of worms. Like it or not, mods and staff are players too, and if it's an intended feature, they're more than welcome to use and take part in it.
  14. Dunno if these even really exist out there, but I'd like one. Hit me up if you have one and we'll work out a price.
  15. Kind of shows how little the people complaining actually know really
  16. These two posts have changed my outlook on this. Sack off penning, I want to watch 100 accounts without even 50 fight skill to bumrush a dragon and get absolutely nae nae'd into the sky Team Rocket style because they have 0 idea on what to do, how to do it and the lack of skill or communication to do so
  17. Sick of posting in trade chat lol Need a Fo priest, preferably above 90 channeling to do me a sweet 90+ power Venom cast on my new weapon
  18. Once upon a time, on the fair server of Celebration, there lived a young Madnath. And on this morning that Madnath logged on, something was strange. He checked under his bed, and nothing had changed. He checked under his forge, and nothing had changed. He checked the contents of every BSB, FSB, BSU, LSU, shield rack, weapon rack, HOTA statue, house, backpack, satchel, cupboard, small chest, large chest, magical chests, coffer and coffin, and found that still, nothing had changed. He checked his armour, his weapons, his rares, his tools and even his meditation rugs, and nothing had changed. Madnath then left his house, and in his shallow paddling pool for reed farming he found....
  19. I think it's less flexibility needed, and bringing eyes in to the system from people in the game. The journal could be a totally invaluable tool for the new starter experience, giving SB and other bonuses while being a more hands off way to providing rails to the game experience, if needed/desired. A lot of this journal is pure fluffer, stuff that adds nothing to the experience other than a lazy timesink because it wasn't thought deep enough. It could really use with more clarity and better mouse over descriptions, with that first point in mind. Remove having fishing three times. It's currently a very interesting yet flawed system, and not nearly beneficial enough to learn and wade into and grind long term. Once is more than enough. Change rifts in the final tier. I think given how much the community widely hates rifts, it needs to be a lot lower. Make it rift points instead, lower the number drastically and put it in a lower tier. Lower 90 fighting a tier or two down. Fighting is a slower grind but it doesn't need to be in the final tier, it's overall a bit weird. Introduce alchemy/natural substances into the journal task list. Transmutate tiles I think would be good, meaning somewhere on deed you're likely to use that to get the resource tiles you'd like on deed. Meditation is a very valuable skill, but I think it needs to be bumped up one tier for level 11 on a path. That's a very long, slow task.
  20. Picked up from August Boar, J24 Celebration, coastal which is nice and easy. [19:16:38] A fairly large wagon designed to be dragged by four animals. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is locked with a lock of below average quality. It is made from cedarwood. You must use a file to smooth out the "Trash Truck" in order to improve it. Ql: 90.2676, Dam: 0.0. The name of the owner, Madnath, has been etched in the stern. [19:16:38] A zinc rune of Magranon has been attached, so it will increase size (5%) and increase vehicle speed (5%) Images in spoiler Wagon has a design on the rear but when riding as the driver, it's transparent looking back. Perfect for when you want to see what's attacking you! We'll start bidding at a reasonable 20s!
  21. Only on faith gain now, so overall not nearly as useful as it used to be. I think prayer just needs a better reward and higher favour regen per few dozen prays.
  22. Bump because if someone can do it with a 12 year old thread, I can for a good suggestion