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  1. If you are considering re-adding tower capping, you should open a new thread in feature feedback about it so that the discussion doesn't get muddled up with general PMK stuff. I'd be open to it but its important to draw attention to the idea so everyone can have their say. I agree that constantly bashing and rebuilding towers is incredibly tedious and PMKs will make that tedium even worse.
  2. They also need a -10CR malus and be unable to ride horses.
  3. Although I'm not a mind reader, I'm guessing its a reference to when someone was banned without a reason being supplied and unbanned without a reason being supplied.
  4. People forgetting that player vs. player is a human vs. human dynamic baffles me a bit, ngl. There is no one fix, or surefire way to produce a particular outcome. People are not purely rational machines and they may still do things that do not promote regular combat even if the situation has changed in their favour. On the flip side, some people may take big risks even though the odds are stacked against them. To me if feels like people think its "too risky" to come off starter and fixing that perception in a way that doesn't make deeds unraidable seems very hard to do.
  5. Enable planting them but allow anyone to remove them and disable wagoneers. We need more carebear highways. Pottery brick road connecting all 3 starters.
  6. It wouldn't be Wurm forums without a thousand solutions in search of a problem.
  7. So the recipe is kindling and wood scrap to make a fire? Should be branch and kindling or stone and kindling imo. Whatever could plausibly make some sparks. If you make the kindling, are you left with a 0.5kg branch? Should turn the rest to wood scraps.
  8. It does, and it means you can't just walk and walk without resting when being pursued by animals. Its also a compelling reason to use a horse for fighting.
  9. You should be able to make kindling with the crude knife. Maybe my memory fails me, but if branches are 2kg then you should get a 1.5kg kindling and 0.5kg wood scrap from this process. I forgot how you make a fire with that but the process should be significantly streamlined.
  10. I wonder if they are slated for removal in the internal dev roadmap. It's possible they have two skills in mind to replace them in the food affinity sequence, but the code isn't in place yet. In any case, people who have 50/70/90 in skills that are slated for removal should probably still get a title that they can keep after the skill is removed. It seems like such an easy thing to do that it doesn't really need to be wait for a larger change.
  11. Yeah its stupid. I should be able to include as much as I can physically carry in my hammerspace pockets.
  12. Wagons can't carry a bsb unless they're runed. It might be nice to have different wagon variants but tbh I think the solution lies in making more temporary structures and increasing their functionality - letting people set up and take down camps in places and recovering most of the resources when they leave. Having a way to dismantle a wooden altar and reassemble it somewhere else might be a reasonable compromise that doesn't allow people to just load and drop.
  13. I feel like you could probably avoid the need to implement each variation individually if you made the different parts render as different colourable layers. Similar to how Crusader Kings lets you design your own heraldic arms ingame using a series of different layers and textures that you can mix and match.
  14. I do like the idea of spidersilk as a drop from goblin camps and the non-dragon uniques, but I don't think they need such elaborate properties. Imo they should confer a cloth-leather level of protection whilst increasing your speed by 10% (same effect as frantic charge). Having it slightly reduce casting difficulty would also be decent, but it shouldn't be overpowered or do something especially strange.
  15. I feel like Blade Smithing and Weapon Head Smithing have always been completely pointless skills, but I think the general theme is that they add the titles for people with the requisite skill who suggest a name.