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  1. I did a rift yesterday and decided to butcher and loot the turrets at the end. Interestingly they gave unclassified meat (which is guess is just a weird novelty) and non-specific metal armour chains. The metal armour chains can be combined and made into chain mail which again isn't made of any metal. You can't imp them, and if you try to smelt them they just lose weight but continue to exist as chain mail. As a result I was able to hit smelt over and over until each piece weighed 1g. They're pretty useless since you can't imp them, but it doesn't seem like intended behaviour for these chains. Maybe the chains should instead be made of a random alloy, like electrum, bronze or brass, as a novelty? As for the mystery meat, maybe create a new category of meat such as "weird meat" or "mechanical meat" that could be used in some odd recipes.
  2. Yes, and definitely keep the 150 rule instead of just throwing the baby out with the bathwater. It'd work well if not for the 151 issue.
  3. Don't ask me why I made one. The adamantine hammer doesn't have a model and seems to look like a mallet. It would be nice if I had an actual model.
  4. Come on guys, there can't be that many QR codes to censor.
  5. It's fairly easy to pen a unique using strongwall provided you design an appropriate pen for it to allow you to run it in a circle for 3 minutes.
  6. I assume the game database records who placed any object or entity into the world from their inventory. The person who placed a trader could be allowed to reclaim it for a month before its gone forever, maybe with the caveat that traders off-deed become totally nonfunctional during the transition. If you didn't originally place the trader (or placed it on an account you no longer have access to) then I guess it's tough. I think putting all traders back into circulation for people to place again would result in too many active traders. There has to be some fair and reasonable limit.
  7. I've managed to play Wurm for 12 years (on and off) and not engaged in any RMT. If anything I've had more fun because of it. Everything I own is the result of work I've put in myself ingame, which I find more satisfying. If people can't have fun without RMT then I think that reflects the need for changes to occur ingame, such as reducing the barrier to entry in PvP or making it easier to obtain and train a priest.
  8. I suspect the answer is yes - it was noted before that having one trusted friend log into your account sometimes isn't the issue they're trying to address. Instead, they don't want accounts to be shared by large groups or by people who don't know each other very well.
  9. I suspect you'll need to agree a buyout with the other person. You perhaps could agree that in principle the other person owns it, but you can log in sometimes.
  10. No. In fact it seems the reverse is true.
  11. Every returning player I've met loves third person (it's been integrated so well) and yes it really should be showcased.
  12. I don't know, I don't think its unfair for 2-3 people to use an enchanting priest. Agree that accounts seeing active PvP should not be shared though.
  13. Another fantastic decision. So happy with this. This will help knock out two things that have really eroded the spirit of the game. People should have to work in teams, bringing their own skills to the table to make things ingame, not just buy in resources with IRL cash and share a few accounts with high skills. 100% this. The responses and rants from people saying they're quitting have pretty much convinced me we're better off without them. Wurm should be for fun, not an investment. I hate the fact that top tier accounts are sold for 100s of euros each. I would never buy or sell an account as it completely erases the fun of building a character up.
  14. I'm confused by people labelling items as "useless" when they are in fact just less useful. Get your farming up, get yourself a good brass knife and make higher ql chopped veg. It shouldn't be possible to get the highest casts or the best saccables at 70 skill, and that's fine.