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  1. Isn't the suggestion a random location, within the centre region of the map? So basically like a 700x700 box. Seems fairly reasonable.
  2. Increase the minimum distance between deeds. Maybe something extreme like 60+ tiles between edges. Don't need to hard cap it because it'd be frustrating if you were capped, wanted to drop a deed but everyone you spoke to refused to disband their deeds. Also increase the perimeter of the spawn(s) so that you can't deed for a significant distance around them. Could give a temporary skilling boost to people with low skill accounts, enabling them to push skills quickly up to a certain point (maybe 50 actual skill) to catch up.
  3. Increasing skillgains on Epic even more would allow faster catchup, but might make people into jack of all trades characters too fast.
  4. Enabling the Epic curve on Freedom would crash their economy overnight as the market is flooded with high ql items that were previously the product of dedication and hard work by a specialist crafter....
  5. I guess, but I think it'd be more like a "no status quo" vote. A choice between staying tied to the Epic cluster but no physical travel, having the server moved to the Freedom cluster with a skill transfer, having the server closed outright, etc. The people who get a say on that ought to be the people who'd be directly affected, but the overall notion that the home server - elevation relationship will be changed would not be what is up for debate.
  6. A decision to skill wipe Epic should definitely involve Epic players having a skill transfer back to Freedom, yes. Not that I support it right now. It would have to be a formula that accurately maps effort expended on Epic to the equivalent amount of skill you would have on Freedom had you done it there. If that was the decision, I would also argue that Desertion, Serenity and Affliction ought to be tacked onto the Freedom Isles as new servers, possibly retaining the less carebear ruleset so that people can keep the old ways of killing thieves and smashing things they don't like without involving GMs. Warn anyone newly travelling to these newly merged servers that this would be the case with a big fat orange warning when they cross. Wiping the home servers is for now out of scope and simply blocking item transfer is step one. That's why I think it should be subject to a community vote. The people who do play on home servers should have a say in what the future home server/elevation relationship will be. Old Affliction (pre 2014) was 1k and I quite liked it there. It was good for hunting and things like that. I think some people hated it though.
  7. Out of interest, how would people feel about a 1k map? Too small? I feel like it would be an interesting experiment especially if there's a potential for another reset in half a year.
  8. Removing tomes from Epic completely is something I'd 100% support. Just not sure other people would.
  9. I don't know, I tend to agree with Mclavin that the item block should be extremely punitive. It would make it a lot easier for Freedom players to come set up. This is only an issue for low pop servers where there's nobody who pens uniques as soon as they spawn. The fact that uniques no longer chase very far also makes it less of an issue. With higher pops, it wouldn't really be a problem at all.
  10. I think just disabling Elevation -> home server item transfer and consequently disabling home server raiding pending a final decision on their status would be fine. The only one way item transfer that I think would be positive would be Epic cluster --> Freedom because it might encourage commerce and for Freedom players to come over to get collectables for their deeds.
  11. I'm up for blocking high end tools and equipment. If its portal only then it'd be difficult to ship building materials over. Portalling should have a cooldown of maybe 15 minutes to stop people ferrying stuff through. If you said no gear above 75ql, no enchanted gear, nothing with rarity, sure. I tend to think travelling by sea should be blocked, or at least travel by knarr. I suppose you are right that there is an argument for starting with nothing, yes. You wouldn't. Home server raiding would be disabled in this period. That wouldn't be an issue if you were unable to bring valuable items from Elevation to a home server to hide it.
  12. I think people are converging on 1-2 months. I don't agree that it should be totally naked, just block scale, mm items, drake, and other difficult to obtain items.
  13. Yeah. I think the absolute most extreme option would be to move the home servers to the Freedom cluster subject to a community vote on it. Plus a full wipe of Epic makes no sense without a full Chaos wipe too - otherwise we'll still have a split PvP community.
  14. Yes, just disable it all on Elevation at the very least.