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  1. If I place a blank map on the floor near a wall, it hovers in the air in front of the wall: It's not touching the wall, just a little distance away from it. I can also place the blank map on the wall and then it will stick there, but turned vertically instead.
  2. I thought creatures with this trait were still supposed to be able to move to a tile to eat and then return to where they were, but it doesn't currently work like that and they just starve to death instead. I'd consider it a positive trait if they could still feed themselves from nearby tiles.
  3. We should be able to set measuring jugs to whatever we want instead of using other items to fill the extra space as we do now. Garlic doesn't go well with coffee
  4. I found it a little slow to get started, but it was great once I got going and the new items are beautiful! There seems to be an issue with direction while surveying from horseback. I got the message "[17:52:05] To record any usable data you need to be facing towards the starting location.", despite my character and the horse both appearing to face the right way. It worked after I switched to first person, so it's probably related to that weird thing where other people see your character facing random directions when you're on a mount or vehicle and using third person. It works to just zoom in to first person when arriving at the location, but this will cause frustration for anyone who doesn't know to do that, so hopefully it can be fixed. I was bothered by the short duration of the direction indicators but I see that was fixed already and it's much better now I didn't even notice the reed pen at first, so I never filled it. I can survey when the pen is empty as long as there is ink in the pot, but it doesn't appear to consume any ink when I do that, so it should maybe be required to actually fill the pen in order to survey. If it's intended that only the pot needs to contain ink but not the pen, then this message should be adjusted: "[11:00:56] The reed pen must have ink or dye contained within to complete this." Overall it was a lot to learn but the journal helped with that. I think it only felt slow to get into it because we're getting used to things being super dumbed down in other games. It wasn't difficult, just actually had to use my brain a little and that made it feel more rewarding once I figured out what to do, and I was so excited to see my very own map displayed on the desk. I can't wait to decorate with these!
  5. I don't care to know who the buyer was but it would be really nice to at least know which items sold and what the price was.
  6. Maybe we could have a new forum category for suggestions, and have subcategories for different types of suggestions and roadmap stages. Subcategories for the suggestion section could be something like: Quality of life suggestions Ideas for new mechanics Ideas to improve existing game mechanics Other suggestions Posts in those categories would all be considered "open", and then staff would periodically review them and move into the one of the roadmap sections: Under review Planned Closed This way we can still use the forums, just with a little more structure. The like button can be a way to judge how interested the community is in an idea, but I think it's important to keep the discussions attached to them, so it might be best to try and make it work here on the forums if possible.
  7. Pottery and tents too please! I really hate seeing all those yellow and orange numbers that can't be fixed without a Vyn priest. I made a similar suggestion for this about a year ago:
  8. Still feel very strongly about this idea and hope it will be considered, so I added a link to the new suggestion page. Please vote if you're tired of being sad about beautiful monthly skins being too limited I'll put the link here too so you don't have to scroll back up to the top https://suggestions.wurmonline.com/b/suggestions/monthly-skins-as-crafting-recipes-instead-of-single-use-tokens/
  9. Great idea! Is there a way to add tags or categories or something to filter suggestion types? This is going to be a very long list to scroll through. Also wondering where I can see the suggestions I've made that are waiting for moderation.
  10. This initially threw me off, but I like that we will need to use caution and think strategically about how to approach the fight. Horse armour will finally have a purpose, and it sounds like a good opportunity to actually start using tamed pets with combat traits. I've used a wild bison to tank a hardened lava fiend and it even gave me time to stop and heal before continuing the fight. We can breed tougher creatures with combat traits to act as tanks and send them into the camp first or stay out and use archery to avoid horses being targeted. I'm excited for this new challenge of actually having to put some thought and effort into wurm combat encounters
  11. Yes please!! Have done this countless times, it's very frustrating.
  12. You can find upcoming rift times on wurmnode.com
  13. If someone were to drop dirt with the drop items permission setting, would it drop only as a pile or would it actually raise the ground, change sand to dirt, etc?