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  1. A fishing almanac would be amazing.
  2. You can't craft the skin, so no, you can't tell a player that the item they are looking at is player made. They cannot make everything they see in the game because they can't make skins.
  3. I'd be so, so happy if they would just change the monthly skin tokens into crafting recipes so we can actually craft the special item models on characters that bought them from the marks shop. Then we could continue to tell new players that "everything you see in the game is player-made", because that statement is sadly becoming less true every month the way it is now
  4. So I took a lot of stuff out, and now it works again.. so it seems like it was full, but it still doesn't make sense that I had to take out that much stuff before being able to add any items back. Even if it's full, shouldn't I still be able to take out one item and put the same item back? It acted like it was actually overfilled but that doesn't seem like it should be possible.
  5. In the last few days I've been unable to add items to a food storage bin that's in a boat. I normally do this all the time but now it always says the item "doesn't fit". I thought the bin was full, but also happens when I take an item out of the bin and try to put it back, so that doesn't make sense. I have another bin in the same boat that is working fine, it seems to be just this one. It does have a lot of stuff in it, but even after taking items out to make space I still can't add anything to it.
  6. One "unit" of blueberries refers to a bunch of them, not a single berry at a time. [17:43:21] A handful of small, blue berries with a wonderful sweet taste. This has a very low nutrition value.
  7. I managed to get one because I use "lore" a lot to put together random dishes. It was totally by chance and a very exciting surprise! The recipe was for "classic curry" and it says "Tuxi's classic curry" in my cookbook. As far as I know, I happened to make the dish using a unique combination of ingredients that hadn't been done before on my server (I think it's server specific). Many recipes call for general ingredient types like "cooking oil", "any spice" or "vegetable", so there is some room for your exact recipe to be unique, but as Lisimba said it also has to be one that the devs have flagged as nameable. I'm not sure how feasible it would be to try and do this intentionally because you'd need to know which recipes are still available for naming and I don't know if or how you could figure that out.
  8. Finding a treasure map while imping/crafting is too much of a stretch for the rp perspective. Say what you want about video games don't need to be realistic etc but there is a certain framework that has to exist in order for us to accept and be immersed in an imaginary world. Woodcutting is a stretch imo, but I suppose someone could have hidden the chest up in the branches or something. To me it makes sense that the maps are found the way they are now. However I do like the idea of having them drop from humanoid mobs, especially at rifts. Even butchering non humanoid hostile mobs could work, eg. you could find it in a bear's stomach while butchering.
  9. You do actually understand what I mean though, right?
  10. The cactus is so cute! I just wish all these pretty new things were craftable. I'd gladly spend marks on the ability to craft special item models, but it's not worth it for one little decoration
  11. I agree if the suggestion is just about making the small cart into a vehicle to drive around, but I don't think that would be the best use for it and most would still just end up sitting around once players make a large cart. What I would like is to be able to lead the donkey while it's hitched, so I could use the cart in exactly the way small carts are/were used in real life: for moving things short distances. I can see it being a portable toolbox on deed, for example, or to use it for things like foraging and archaeology where you collect piles of stuff tile by tile while moving around on foot. The difference would be to be able to walk around and be able to have the cart follow you. However instead of walking slowly as we do when dragging them, the donkey would do the dragging so the player can move at normal speed. Hitching and leading would make both small carts and donkeys very useful for players at all levels.
  12. It's been suggested before, still a good idea! I posted this picture in the previous thread about it (linked below) to help visualize the idea and I'm posting it again here because it just looks like it's meant to be. Donkeys are also a bit small for the large cart and wagon, but they fit perfectly with the small cart. I hope this is added one day
  13. It's more like the actions you take that can potentially result in treasure hunts are the tickets. You can play the lottery a lot without winning anything, and even if you do win it's not always a jackpot.
  14. I'm not sure. Finding a treasure map should be an unexpected event. If there's a pity system it starts to be more expected, and then it's just not as thrilling when it happens.
  15. Excited for this! Already out foraging hoping to find a clue The hunting for clues section in the journal has some items marked in green already, but I haven't done either of those actions yet since the update: