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  1. It's a tough balance. I love how vast and endless Wurm is. It really feels like a game that will hold my attention forever because there's just so much to do. It's definitely not good if a game is too easy and people just burn through it in a few weeks or months. However, it can also feel like there's no point in playing Wurm at all if you don't have hours upon hours to put into it. Most people I have tried to introduce to this game turned away because it "looks like a huge time sink", and they are not wrong. I love the idea of caffeine (the way it's intended to work) so much because it can give people who can't play as much a sense of progression, while keeping that effect limited so the game isn't just sped up overall. Those first weeks after coffee was introduced were so nice! I could spend a little time focused on skill gain and actually have a sense of progress, then relax and just putter around without feeling like I should be more "productive". I hope caffeine will end up being balanced to provide that again, with limits in place to prevent the game feeling too easy overall
  2. Cocoa should be able to go in a fsb right? I was sure it could before, and ground coffee beans can, but now I'm getting the message [21:05:43] The cocoa would be destroyed. Was this changed, or do I remember wrong, or is it a bug?
  3. As someone who usually has a ton of unused sleep bonus, caffeine has made a huge impact on my game time and I'm enjoying the benefits a lot. I can play much more comfortably in my own play style but still feel like I'm actually making progress with things, so I'm really loving that! As for the water bar issue, I think caffeine drinks should be consumable regardless of thirst level. Especially if the idea is to help people make the most of limited game time. The way it is now, I avoid drinking water at all to make sure I have room for coffee and that feels wrong. I would have expected caffeine to cause dehydration and make the water bar drop faster, and I would like it if it did work that way, even if consuming it was independent of thirst. It could fill the water bar like normal, but then cause a debuff increasing the rate of water drain by a certain amount for the duration of the caffeine effect. The fatigue cost is already there to help prevent people grinding with caffeine all day long. Having to drink more water while under the effect of caffeine would be intuitive and add something much more satisfying to the gameplay than waiting around for the water bar to drain.
  4. Maybe caffeine drinks should work like alcohol in that they can be consumed regardless of thirst level. In real life we don't really drink coffee or tea to quench thirst. If anything I would have expected caffeine to cause dehydration and make the water bar drop faster (I would like it to work that way, personally - and drinking salty water should increase thirst too). It could fill the water bar like normal, but then cause a debuff increasing the rate of water drain by a certain amount for the duration of the caffeine effect. The fatigue cost is already there to help prevent people grinding with caffeine all day long, so does it really need more restriction than that?
  5. Yeah, true. Those also don't show up in the bulk filter. Iron ribbons do though. It seems very mixed..
  6. Planks are considered a 'weapon', so when filtering the inventory for bulk materials, they are not included. They do show up when filtering for equipment. Shouldn't they be considered a bulk item? I just noticed nails don't show up either; they are considered a 'tool'. This is not consistent with other crafted resources though, like strings or pieces of cloth which are considered bulk.
  7. I'm not sure I understand why people who have more time want to use this mechanic in the first place. You're just using up your sleep bonus faster. Once you run out, you need to either play without sleep bonus, or start using more sleep powder. If you have a lot of time to play, why would you want to do this? Also, don't forget that the extra fatigue drain is only happening while you are using sleep bonus and with the caffeine effect. It's easy to control when you are affected by it. Just use it sparingly for things like meditation where you don't get to do it as often and want more progress at a time. Not for something like mining that you might be doing all day long to the point where fatigue is an issue.
  8. Caffeine just concentrates your skillgain so you can get more out of your time. It's for people who have full sleep bonus all the time because their game time is limited. The fatigue cost only locks out more active players in the same sense that people who can't play as much are basically locked out of the end game because of the time it takes to grind at high levels. If you play actively enough to have issues with fatigue then you don't need caffeine anyway. If not for the fatigue cost, then people who have a lot of time and sleep powder would have an excessive advantage over the rest of us. I think it's a good and fair balance.
  9. I've been happily making myself affinity foods for well over a year, for pretty much every skill I spend time on and in all that time this is the first one I've come across that has failed. It's entirely possible that it's literally just this one that doesn't work for me, or maybe there are some others that I don't care about anyway.. so at the moment it's absolutely not worth it for me to replace everything just for that. Maybe later on when my cooking skill is significantly higher and my current supply is getting low anyway but right now it would be an awful lot of work for very little gain. My character was created back in 2013 and I was on a break when the new cooking system came in. I remember seeing that box when I returned, but it didn't look like something I should touch. There's no explanation of what it actually does, just some scary red text saying checking that box can never be undone, so I stayed away from it. There should really be an explanation there saying what that box is and why we should or shouldn't click on it, because the way it is set up now it looks like something we should only touch if told to by a GM or something. It seems like it's automatically toggled on for new characters, so I guess this is just a problem for older ones.
  10. Yikes. Well, I can just live without a stone cutting meal. Thanks for clarifying that
  11. Can someone confirm if I check that box, will I need to remake all the affinity food I made before?
  12. I tried to make an affinity pizza for stone cutting, and it gave me mind logic. I tried again in case I made a mistake, but got the same result. Then I tried with a meal and got the same thing. I've tried multiple recipes with and without nuts, and every time it gives mind logic when it should give stone cutting. I've made loads of affinity foods for myself and others before with no issues. All my previously made affinity foods are still working normally, and when I tried making a new mind logic meal that also worked fine. It seems like just this one specific meal is somehow broken. I also tried making a stone cutting meal for Drogos to see if it was something with the recipe for stone cutting, but that worked fine. So it's just this one specific meal, and apparently just on my character. Very strange!
  13. This would be great for April Fool's, like when the ovens were turned into microwaves