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  1. Old terraforming makes it look like land is in use even when it's long abandoned and this gives new players the illusion that there's nowhere to settle. For some it might be interesting to see remnants of all the people who don't play the game anymore but when the server is full of jagged edges and weird blocky terraforming it just makes it feel like everything is used. A parking lot of pavement sounds like it was made by players. If this change took place, you wouldn't have had to do all that work in the first place because it would have returned to a natural shape on its own.
  2. Love this idea! It makes so much sense. Small carts are pretty much useless after the first few days (or maybe even hours) of playing, but if we had this ability I'd want to use one again and then our pet donkeys could have a nice function too. It'll be most useful for new players of course, but I would also use it for things like botanizing or archaeology which involve moving around constantly but you also need to be on the ground to do the actions, and pick up a lot of stuff on the way. Saddle bags fill up so fast! I don't think it makes sense to use sheep for this, but definitely donkeys and mules, maybe bulls too.
  3. Is this working as intended? She ate an entire hay stack in one sitting. When feeding by hand it's usually enough to give them a single pumpkin or a few bunches of grass.
  4. I got one of these too and I'm wondering if it's a bug, because donkey isn't capitalized like a name should be.
  5. I hope so! Would love to have harnesses for carts/wagons etc!
  6. Just a minor thing but on the Bred Horses section on the horse page it says "All foals are bred, not wild." I'm not sure if it has changed since the update or if it's just very rare, but this can apparently happen
  7. Thanks! I made a suggestion in the Wurmpedia section to update that page
  8. On the faith page the procedure part of the sermon section says "being embarked on any type of vehicle, cart or any type of furniture, however, invalidates the listener". I wrote a suggestion to change this but was told that it has been fixed at least for furniture, but not sure about carts.
  9. Oh, that's great news! When was that changed? Do you know if this was changed for vehicles as well or just furniture? I'm sure we had a listener not count at one point because they were sitting on a cart. We haven't tested it specifically since it seems to be a commonly known thing and also appears on the wiki. The DRF impalong building was intentionally designed without any seating to make sure as many people counted for sermons as possible. It's great to know this was changed! Sounds like the wiki needs to be updated. On the sermon page it says "A valid listener is a premium player of the same kingdom and of any religion, who is within 4 tiles of the one giving the sermon (being mounted or on foot within this distance does not matter; being embarked on any type of vehicle, cart or any type of furniture, however, invalidates the listener)."
  10. There are lots of lovely churches around, with nice seating areas for people attending sermons. The problem is, when actually holding a sermon it's necessary to make sure nobody uses the seats or else they won't count as valid listeners. Why is that? If it's just some kind of oversight, maybe it can be changed?
  11. Opening the horse equipment window and dragging each individual item into the correct slot is pretty tedious, and it's easy to click wrong and get messages like "A horse shoe won't fit in a legs." I wish we could select the horse gear together and drag it into that window so the items would go into the correct slots automatically all at once, like we can with our own gear in the character window
  12. Yes please!! Hitching post too