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  1. The pose thing is still happening
  2. A ledger would be so nice!! It's hard to keep track of sales. Would be perfect if we could access it from the merchant contract. This way we can know in advance which items to bring along for restocking when taking a trip to the market.
  3. Vorticella, Lvl 1 Stormguard Knarr Redmyst, 4x sleeping powder
  4. I like that one too! I also have a bison with the constantly hungry trait which I've been breeding with a "picks stuff up" one, hoping for a baby that has both and might find more treasures while grazing
  5. Love this idea so much! I'll take some pine sprouts please! Vorticella in game
  6. I like this idea only if those were applied like a bonus that would stop decay completely, but would not be necessary for the wardrobe to function. So on its own the wardrobe can protect the clothes much longer than another container type, but with these special items decay would stop altogether until those items themselves decay away, and then the wardrobe would go back to its normal level of decay reduction (which is better than other containers). The idea is to store extra clothes for long periods without having to think about them, so if the wardrobe has to be "fed" regularly in order to function it probably won't be used much more than it is now.
  7. Correct. I'm suggesting that it becomes a more special container like the larder (minus snowballs). You can store food in a barrel for a little longer than on the floor, but it'll last a lot longer if you keep it in a larder. Wardrobes should be like this for clothes.
  8. I would have expected a wardrobe to offer some extra protection for stored clothes, especially since it's a relatively high end item to make and can only hold specific item types. It's fun to keep a variety of clothing items to rotate between, and have some outfits to use for special occasions etc. but tedious when the clothes need regular maintenance despite sitting in a specialized storage container within a house on a deed. It would also be great to have a way to organize items in the wardrobe, eg. to keep together items belonging to favourite outfits for eg. impalongs, Halloween, Christmas, etc. In this sense a large chest is actually more useful than the wardrobe right now, since it can hold backpacks to sort items with, but the wardrobe doesn't allow this. So here are my suggestions to make wardrobes more useful: The wardrobe should reduce decay on the items inside when indoors on deed, offering better protection at higher quality. Add a way to sort items inside a wardrobe, either by adding shelves or the ability to make groups (like in the inventory).
  9. Yes, I was wondering if anyone has seen it working
  10. I have a bunch of animals with this trait now but haven't seen any random items lying around. Just curious if anyone else has seen anything, and if so what did they find?
  11. Are you arguing against the use of maps.. in general? I know I'm not the only one who has made a mistake on server crossing and been completely mixed up about where I came out on the other side.
  12. So why not suggest getting rid of the announcements that call out disbanded deeds? Maybe this opt-in system slows looters down a little, but in the meantime everyone else is inconvenienced every time they try to use the maps to find their way around, and they have to struggle with half the information being missing or wrong. I can't speak for everyone, but I personally want accurate maps because I'm tired of trying to find my way around using maps that don't match the in-game world. I think it's weird that everyone is just accepting the current situation where the maps are only occasionally useful. Even weirder is that this system inconveniences current players in order to protect the stuff owned by people who have stopped playing. How does that make sense?