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  1. You can read mine if you want and if it's not too long Do we know when the stream will be? Don't want to miss it
  2. I would like to plant hedges around my fields, but it's not allowed. Why not?
  3. I just remembered I had a similar glitch early on with my Harmony character where I logged in with missing pants. She didn't have the skirt though, just super short shorts.
  4. I usually switch to light clothes while hanging out on deed where there's no need for protective gear. The cloth shirts and tunics are nice, but that grubby undershirt goes down all the way past the elbow and it doesn't look right. Just shortening the sleeves on the newbie shirt would be a big improvement. To take it further, maybe we could have an extra set of clothing slots designated as "default" and the clothes added to these slots would become like the newbie gear, so it's just an appearance with no added weight or armour value. This outfit would remain in place if we die or click 'unequip all', but the player can choose to leave those slots empty so the default appearance is just underwear. The current newbie clothing could be the default outfit starting out, and then we can take it off and/or upgrade to nicer stuff later on.
  5. Suggestion: Players above a certain skill level can tutor people in that skill by giving them notes, which can be consumed for a temporary bonus to skill gain (like affinity foods). How it might work: The experienced player needs to have a filled pen and a sheet of paper in their inventory (the usual writing system). They activate the pen and right click on the appropriate skill in the skill window, then select "Share knowledge" or something like that. Then there's a timer, and the piece of paper becomes something like "Leatherworking notes". The paper can then be given away, sold, left on the ground for anyone to stumble upon (before it decays away!), or offered as a prize in a community event. A low level player receives the note. They "read" it, and just like with recipe papers a window would pop up with some text that says what it is. Something to the effect of "Advice to assist in your study of leatherworking" but formulated in some nicer way In the same way that recipes have "add to your cookbook" there can be something you click to actually use the note. The note is consumed on use, giving a similar message as with recipes, eg. something like "You read the contents of the note just in time before it crumbles away". A timed affinity then activates, with the same message as for food affinities "You suddenly realise that you have more of an insight about leatherworking!". There should of course be a different icon, eg. a book. Restrictions and other details: You can start creating notes at any point, but they can only help people a certain level below you, so if you're skill is 5 you don't have enough experience to teach anyone, but at 20 you could share what you've learned with someone who is just starting. There probably needs to be some kind of scaling system here, but this is beyond my capabilities to work out personally. Maybe others can offer some suggestions for that You can only use notes that are a certain level above you, which would allow for continuous mentorship all the way up to the top. If you tried to use a note at or below your level, you would get a message like "There is nothing here you don't already know" and not be able to consume it. Another possibility could be that the greater the skill of the mentor, the longer the affinity timer lasts. The quality of the paper could also be a factor here. There could be a cooldown so only one can be created per day, or one per skill per day, or something like that. "You've shared all the knowledge you can for now." The reason I want this: This feature would offer veteran players a way to use their experience to help newbies learn instead of just giving them items. It could also help to encourage some more player interaction and perhaps even roleplay, and for the "I want to do it myself" types, like me, it's a way to accept some help from friendly people without losing the motivation to work on those skills.
  6. Seems like every server! I've been searching around steppe areas and coasts of 5 different servers for days, and haven't seen a single one, dead or alive. Not even up on the cliffs or anything. Absolutely none
  7. Does this mean I might actually find a wild bison?
  8. Hi all, I'm confused about the religion bonuses for followers. It seems like there is some conflicting info on the wiki, or it's not explained very clearly and I'm hoping someone can explain in more detail how this works. I tried asking in the help channel in game but it's too active in there right now On the follower page, it says "The benefits are passive so no special actions or items are required for them to be active." This is regarding the follower bonuses listed on the individual pages for each god, right? For example, "+1 range for Gardening/Forestry-dependent mouseover info (trees, grass, etc.)." for Fo. On the altar page, it says "When standing on a tile in the domain of your deity any follower, priest or champion will receive a small bonus to some of their skills, such as fighting skill." So is this altar bonus in addition to the passive effects listed on the god pages? Is there any way to find out what effect it actually has? I see "You get bonuses from the influence of your deity" as a spell effect, but no indication of what that actually means. Ultimately what I'd like to know is whether I as a follower should make an effort to do things within range of an altar in order to get the most benefit from having a religion.
  9. I've been away from Wurm for a couple of years now and have missed it. I saw an email the other day saying that third person camera view is finally coming. I got very excited about this! Finally my husband and I can enjoy this awesome game together (he can't tolerate first person). Unfortuantely we don't have a huge amount of time to play so we'd like to play Unlimited so we can speed up action timers etc, and get more out of our game time. Now I'm seeing that unlimited isn't supported by the developers anymore, and 3rd person only seems to be available in the online version? This is incredibly disappointing. Can someone please explain this situation? Is there any way to play Unlimited in 3rd person?
  10. Hi, when I use "lore" on a sausage skin I get this: [10:08:09] Have you tried adding a heart? [10:08:11] The heart will not fit in the sausage skin. Am I missing something or is there some sort of bug here? Update: I consumed some of the ingredients to make them smaller and that made it work eventually
  11. +1 to the sickle/carving knife idea I keep a bunch of sickles in my house just to give to newbies when they come through my area. It would be awesome if they could start with a sickle in their kit, but even better if they could just use the carving knife to cut sprouts. That's one less tool to carry around in the beginning. The sickle doesn't weigh much but they do everything on foot to begin with so every little bit helps. I don't think the mallet makes sense to include since it's pretty easy to make and all you need is wood.
  12. +1 This makes more sense than giving extra notice. Wurm is supposed to be challenging, but randomly getting bumped off and losing animals isn't really a "natural" part of the game. This would be a smooth way to solve it, and not having to relead animals when embarking and disembarking would be a really nice bonus.