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  1. Hi, when I use "lore" on a sausage skin I get this: [10:08:09] Have you tried adding a heart? [10:08:11] The heart will not fit in the sausage skin. Am I missing something or is there some sort of bug here? Update: I consumed some of the ingredients to make them smaller and that made it work eventually
  2. +1 to the sickle/carving knife idea I keep a bunch of sickles in my house just to give to newbies when they come through my area. It would be awesome if they could start with a sickle in their kit, but even better if they could just use the carving knife to cut sprouts. That's one less tool to carry around in the beginning. The sickle doesn't weigh much but they do everything on foot to begin with so every little bit helps. I don't think the mallet makes sense to include since it's pretty easy to make and all you need is wood.
  3. +1 This makes more sense than giving extra notice. Wurm is supposed to be challenging, but randomly getting bumped off and losing animals isn't really a "natural" part of the game. This would be a smooth way to solve it, and not having to relead animals when embarking and disembarking would be a really nice bonus.
  4. +1 for shark conservation. Keep up the awesome work! Followed you on twitter