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  1. Hi, we are aware of this text error, but thank you for reporting it here.
  2. Ive added it to the list for the devs, thank you for reporting it
  3. Ahh right, so when holding alt. When I hovered over it said Armour and was rubbing my head lol. Yes that helps alot, thank you!
  4. Hi Hemrzz, I have just tested this and I get this message on examine. 'The leather hat to wear for all of your adventures. It could be improved with some leather.' Could you please post the line you got from your event log.
  5. Hi Felthanne, I just tested this on the test server and can see the glow on both modern and legacy.
  6. Thank you for reporting this, I have tested and forwarded this on to the team
  7. Does there happen to be any gates or hedges underneath or very close to the bridge?
  8. Should be back up shortly.
  9. try examine TeeeBOMB
  10. If you pop a support ticket in stating the server, deed name, building name etc, someone can come and have a look for you.
  11. yes it is the correct backpack skin
  12. As Majelika said the way it works at the moment, it is not bugged. As in its not broken from what it is coded to do. But the Devs are currently looking into it more
  13. Although this is currently as intended, it is also going to have another look at by the Dev team Thank you for reporting it
  14. Was any of the creatures you were fighting a Champion?
  15. hmm strange, Ive not had that happen, I will have another look and see if I can recreate it. Thank you!