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  1. Thank you for reporting this ongoing issue, the team are aware of it.
  2. Hi Aleck, I'm having trouble recreating this. They all stay central after using Wild Growth for me. Can you add any more info that might help me, eg. what type of tree, screenshots of before and after using wild growth.
  3. Thank you for reporting this, it has been added to the bug list.
  4. Thank you for reporting, the team are on it
  5. Hey TeeeBOMB, can you have a look and let me know what your permissions are checked for on the Non-citizens role please.
  6. erm Blood Red, every time!
  7. What a lovely idea, good luck with your new business!
  8. Thank you for reporting this, I have added it to the list of fixes.
  9. Hey Finn, I will give this another poke and see if we can get some confirmation as to intended or not. Meanwhile, thank you for letting us know it is still happening.
  10. Does this correct itself after a relog?
  11. Hi Muse, thank you for reporting this issue. I have added it to the list.
  12. Thank you for adding your experience with this tricky little bug, Deskjet. We are aware of the issue.
  13. Hi Hailiah, there is currently a deed on Pristine named Cormyr.