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  1. Eir

    Such sad news - again ? I first met Eir/Qualia many years ago and will always remember the conversation being like this..."Would you like to see a picture of my baby, he sleeps on the shelf" Now I'm never one to judge but dear me.. those first impressions stick! I had the vision of some swaddled little baby son, lay on a shelf with a baby blanket over him. So.. I look at the picture and yikes! There he was in all his glory...Retro the Iguana! Years on Eir would share her daily events of life with Retro. She was a lovely lady and I feel honoured to have been included in her circle of friends. We had some good fun along the way hunny... RIP you fought all the way.
  2. There are no words that I can say that could express how much Tich meant to me. From way back in 2005 to present times we have laughed together and more recently cried together knowing there was nothing I could do to make things better. So a final "G'Day Possum" and a shake of my pompoms as I watch you walk along your road into the sky. Don't look back my darling.
  3. Take good care of yourself and those close to you.
  4. Many moons ago I was entrusted with the mighty wand and sent on my way to help the players. My first GM call came in and eagerly I shouted up "I will take this one" and off I went. I cannot recall what the issue was but I arrived at the deed and looked to the floor. I had landed right on top of a pile of dead horses!!, nope not just one dead horse but at least a dozen of the poor things. Well my heart started racing... how was I going to explain this one to the boss? how was the player going to react when she saw I had killed all these horses by landing on them!? Little did I know the player was Pashka who delights in piling up dead horses at her token or that GM's (even those with wide hips) cannot kill horses just by landing on them
  5. Thinking of you all at this very sad time my dear friends. Stay strong and remember the good times. xxx
  6. Helping out the community in various ways is always the best way to start. That can be helping players physically with things they need help with, or answering questions from the CA tab, you don't need to have the title to answer in there. Building up a good rapport with the community can help a lot too. Good luck in your pursuit to help players.
  7. "may the forge be with you" take care of yourself Dark and dont be a stranger
  8. If you are refering to your house on someone elses perim, then no, the house will not be (should not be) repairable by yourself Hope that helps
  9. Finally... 100

    Finally! does this mean no more puppet spam? Congratulations Cerber
  10. Sheep Panic!

    For the wool making process can I point you to this page,http://www.blackberry-ridge.com/prosdscr.htm obviously a shortened version would be needed but there are many opportunities for new items especially carpentry. We could have new items like Spinning Wheels, brushes, combing boards, bobbins etc Sheep shearing could be a seasonal event like the Olive Oil etc but linked with spring. Lanolin after the washing process could be used to make items waterproof like maybe an animal raft to transport animals across water (I know alot of players would really like an option to move creatures to island areas, could coding be linked with how horses are hitched to carts?) Would love to see Rams that randomly butt you when you get near them - but thats just my evil side showing
  11. Seath drop me a forum PM with your details, eg, deed name etc and I will look into it for you
  12. Great Sunday afternoon entertainment, even got a chance to shake my Pompoms
  13. Please dont be mistaken thinking I am just creating items out of nowhere, they are being made in the exact same way as any other player makes them. If you're over by Flamma and want to drop by when Im slaving away there, feel free to say Hello. Oh and bring some nails, Im running low
  14. I am currently working on prettyficating Flamma. It is a work in progress so please bear with me. The current protections were put up as a fast fix, but rest assured I am working on a more pleasing to the eye version
  15. Thank you

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the community of Wurm. I have been visiting many of you during your dev calls (alot of boats stuck - you know who you are )and never really had the chance to express how wonderful you all really are. No matter the issue, I have overall been met with politeness, respect and most of all a mutual love for the game we all play. We truly have a community unlike other games, where friendships have grown, real life relationships have blossomed and some of us have been blessed with little wurm babies. Villages have been standing for many years where old players still enjoy playing alongside the new, smiling to themselves knowing just how it felt when they shout excitedly "OMG, I just made a campfire!" I sit back and watch the chat, players welcome each other as they log in, all congratulating each other on their achievements be it founding a new village or just gaining that illusive skill point So,.. thank you all for making my work in wurm enjoyable and congratulations on being the most amazing community!