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  1. Best one so far and finally something will use and not sell. Merry Christmas! and ty.
  2. Never mind this was unlimited modding section. Have know knowledge of it.
  3. Then repair it...has been broken for years. There has been multiple post about it. change it to pickpocket like nogumps steal your gear or something.
  4. Remove stealing skill....i mean if it hasent been repaired in years why keep it? Just feels - impact to have a skill in the skill treeline and you cant actually gain the skill. and like Retro told me in a official stream no one skills it. So should not be a problem.
  5. gonna sail over. For imping can do anything to 70. So will Oldsleepys 88 channeling smee priest has 100 faith too so can do summon soul if needed.
  6. ship delivered details in PM.
  7. Will sail the Corbita today when get online. Will Pm you when delivery is done and talk about payment after that.
  8. Bump still few items to sell.
  9. More items sold and updated the list.
  10. its Iron and sickle sold