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  1. [13:57:47] You leave Afterglow. Just bought 8 draft HH from this market. Very easy to use and decent prices! Can recommend ^^
  2. [23:01:07] Corden casts 'Holy Crop' on an altar of Fo. [23:01:07] As the Holy Crop ritual is completed, followers of Fo may now receive a blessing! Thx to all that came. Can close this now.
  3. Currently online and can summon to my location or people can sail to my deed at e25 (sleepys island). Mayby we will get this done.
  4. Need to head to bed..but there was people online time to time. Dont need to cast it so if you get a group together just do it ^^
  5. Fo rite spell is ready to cast on Xanadu [13:23:32] <Sleepys> [13:23:16] You sense that Fo is brimming with power. Maybe you can channel it somehow? Looking people that could join me to cast it. Contact here or pm me ingame (Sleepys) if you are interested.
  6. Did a spirit gate to this location today 20 Mar, 21:51 Sleepys completes Trail To Soul on Xanadu,1116 Thx for the work you do.
  7. Got a small shop at Xanadu e25. Currently 11 merchants with self service animal pens. There is a trader aswell at the location. Finished my highway project finally aswell so can find the deed on find route now aswell. In the near future bulk will be available by wagoneer.
  8. Some things i want to add to the map: Bridge between,1198 and,1198 connects Island sleepys island to mainland. tunnel to unknow deed at,1199/,1200 /,1135 My deed called Unknown at,1132 Other my deed called Pohjola at,1054 Then did a tunnel for a highway project at location,1376 to,1374 And a new tower at,1107 Lyft 354
  9. Servers: Chaos(comes with joining Pandemonium), Indy, Xanadu and deli. Possibility to get started as a new account with resourses and items. Will provide more details if needed. For more info just message me here.
  10. For a old timer as my people still die in freedom? With coffee, affinity foods...and so on you will get 75FS in 1 day...if this is not enougf..please buff healing! just had to edit...just stop spawning seahorses in xan and can get 70 skill in few houers ^^
  11. Been playing this game over a decade and game has been changing along the way constantly. Just have to say.. its really hard to keep up with everything even for a veteran player. Somethimes is a sentence in a pach note or a decade old rule that surprises you. Even its intented you surely know how unfair this seems to a player that dident know it was intented? This is something we really need to change in the game in the future. For me unfair seemed people could come to chaos to champ up for prayer skill to journal up with benediction and here we are grinding it the hard way. Well if it intented ok.. but seemed unfair for some players. Personally have no idea how to resolve the isseues but am hoping the players get better information in the future.
  12. Well when i was thinkin starting with a whole new system was thinking more like going to the GDD document and deleting everything there is in the section of pvp. Not copying a current system and tweak settings. After that start asking questions what makes pvp bad currently and what pvp really needs? Does it really need everything Wurm has to offer? Can it be something different that freedom clusters are? Can we simplify the system? Like really start looking it in pvp side only. I think currently there is too many things that you need for pvp. This isent stopping anytime soon too. We are getting new contend every year. But i know we all need to cook the FS meal before battle becouse never know if you will get a skill.
  13. Was first like ofcourse!! this would be great balance!!! Then started to think it about some more. Makes sense for players that have been playing the game for along time and have stronger accounts. What about the new people that wanna join and make a new kingdom with 30 body accounts? All the current buffs you can get is allready way more that they can hadle. A single person can wipe a whole team of low end accounts. The thing is.. that current pvp system will never be balanced how its been build ...periode. Taking out stuff adding stuff just seems to use developers time and nothing never changes. Am gonna just but the reason why all the newplayers i have met in long history leave pvp and why changing current system wont add player. Just keeping the 40ish players that play the pvp maps happy should not be a way to develope a game: Sailing to chaos. They are exited to join pvp and set sail to chaos. They find a land area to start making a base. Old players level their base in 1 day that they been builiding a week and steal their ships. Now they are trapped in chaos and have no ship making. They try to grind ship making but they get killed all the time and lose their tools every single time. Finally they deside to just leave the game or jump to epic that has no players and leave soon after. Lets say they are hardcore and can take all of that. Then there is a issue of regearing everytime they die. They will they lose gear a lot in the beginning and body stats with the fighting skills that they need to win a battle sometime in the future. Just to kick the newbie even more lets take the 1 only affinity that he has. Or multible that he got with cash from the shop from him just to ensure that he cant get even that skill faster. Lets say they can stand even that. After 3-6 months they start to face the facts they need to grind in freedom for a decade before joining pvp and have finally made that ship to sail back to freedom to tell about the fun time to others in the freedom chat. So adding things and taking things out dosent really matter at this point for the long run. Only way to make pvp work is going back to planning mode and start to make a system that works and is fun to play....FUN TO PLAY for everyone. We have a portar system we can implement a pvp area with this. Will take sometime effort and time but so will the changes that you do currently. So wont say a +1 or a -1. Will say convert all current maps to pve and move pvp to a new location with a whole new system that can be balanced easyer for all level players and again is FUN to play for all.
  14. Tryed the autofight for the first time after the changes and notise this happening [13:44:31] You cannot use another special move for 5 seconds. Happened even after relog. So its trying to make special move even just did one. Place was Xanadu. weapon used at the time was addy spear and was on foot fighting if those informations could be helpfull. Prolly not intented so reporting it here. - Sleepys