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  1. Seryll plate set

    Bumberooni and lowering price to 65s
  2. Seryll plate set

    Also can pay with sleep powders at 1powder/1s ratio
  3. Seryll plate set

    Hi selling my Seryll plate set and comes with a rare red(R198,G130,B146) longsword Cast n71LT73c71MS66 + salve of frost and a red rare large metal shield R246G9B9. Both are 70 ql.[/img][/img] looking for 70s/e Sleepys
  4. Horses mysteriously dying

    For me the issue has been every horse that was cared for has died (all breeders). Some where blessed and on myselium (corrupted) and some not and on enchanted grass. No issues at all past 1 year now all dead ( been alive prolly 1,5 years and now all died at once). Every other horse still alive. Its telling died to starvation. plenty of room at the deed too The tile per creature ratio of this deed is 61.05263. Optimal is 5.0 or more. This is a good the horses are dead abit more room.
  5. Sold

    can close
  6. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all. Remember to drink and eat well and mostly try to have fun!!
  7. Goblin leader slaying

    Ty for the slaying
  8. sold

    can close
  9. This bug started when latest update came gone fishing. When going under a bridge the ship got stuck. it teleports on top the bridge. dident happen always but happened with all types ships(knarr,corbita and sailing boats got stuck). before coming to the bridge there is a cave where am coming out gonna be in the picture. Sometimes it teled me on top the bridge sometimes into the water. removing the bridge dident remove the issue that looks like am flying when i come out from my cave. if i disembark cant get back to the ship. Relog dident remove this issue allways and was telling am too far from the ship when trying to enbark or grab it. Pushed the ship abit and then could enbark it again. Tested with different grafigs settings and the problem was the same allways.
  10. close

  11. Ty for shopping at Apocalypse Shop