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  1. My deed 'the Cliff's" was changed to Rockcliff Museum quite a while back. If that could be changed on the map, that would be awesome. It is at 29x, 31y.
  2. I am fine with whatever as long as my legacy forges and ovens are Not Messed With. I need those for the museum.
  3. Tonight, mist rises from the water in the Inner Sea. The brilliant colors of daytime become wrapped up in blues and darkened under the blinking stars. I haven’t set a date for the opening yet. It’s Day of Tears in week 2 of the starfall of the Digging in the year 1105. I’m chopping marble into bricks for fencing, and dreaming of the glow of light coming from a museum full of people, ghosts walking with the rest of us here, their stories hovering in the air like a song. The empty building stands there behind me, waiting to be filled. But I haven’t built the other two buildings that need to be here. Still so much to do… But right now, with this simple task of making bricks for fencing, on this Day of Tears, my eyes water with the nostalgia that flows through this game, under everything, like the water that we sail on, that water we dig to find on the hillside, that water that sits like hope in the darkness of our mines. I remember those who have gone on beyond the veil, and hang my head, with a joy that I got to know them at all. I think of vast estates I sailed by in years past, now fallen, or so vanished as to not have left much trace at all, and feel lucky to have seen them in their glory. On this Day of Tears, I think of us, and how the world we make falls through our hands like sand even as we grab a pile to mix with clay to make mortar for our next new creations. Something is coming, Wurmians. Soon, I hope to honor you all.
  4. We Have a winner! Please close this post. Thank you, everyone!
  5. I had a goal to get my first 90 and did just before the event. 90 in Restoration, and I owe a great deal of gratitude to Sadsack who generously provided me with many fragments over the last year. I had a daydream goal to get my second 90 level skill during this event, and did so ...yesterday I think? I have the Hand of Magranon title for 90 large maul and I'm really happy about it. Grinding is really difficult for me for many reasons, so this is kinda huge for me. Again, without the help of Hvergi and others, that isn't something I could have done alone. Not grinding means I don't have an easy way to imp things and get high ql stuff. Vooch's impalong also helped. We get there together :).
  6. Lunalong 2021

    I plan to be there! I can do some carp imping. And clapping with glee. And fighting.
  7. I am looking for a KJ regular banner. Please PM me here or in game. Thank you.
  8. Trick or Treat!

    Ahahhahahahaha that picture! Of the things with question marks! omg.
  9. Here are some of my favorite things (if someone wants larger files of these Please let me know): Wurm as seen from Jackal... A Stanlee Dragon Hunt The chilling beauty of Jackal Tosiek in the early Lyric Beach days
  10. Name: Nirav Year I started playing: [13:31:49] You entered through the portal to Wurm on day of the Wurm, week 1 of the Bear's starfall, 1055. That's 2093 days, 18 hours and 13 minutes ago. What Wurm Means to me: Wurm is the best game I have ever played because it is so much more than a game. It is about people building a beautiful world together, and I am grateful I have gotten the chance to be here with all these wonderful folks. Favorite Wurm Memory: I cannot sum up something like that in two sentences. This is an entire world, and there is an entire lifetime of memories I have here. I cherish them all. Screenshot of head:
  11. There is a Haunted House off-deed on Independence. It is in the Western Half of the server. It says Haunted House on it. The first person to find it will win 3 Silver coins and a Deception Mask. In order to win, you must tell me the Exact Location, and list everything you find inside the house, including what the walls are made of and how many tiles the house footprint is. You have until the end of this event on the 7th. After that, there will be clues given until it is found, but each clue given will lower the prize money by 1 Silver. The first clues are free - it is not near water, so make sure you have some in your waterskin when searching for it. It is also not in a mine. Good luck to everyone. To win you must pm me here or in game. I will examine the timestamps and determine the winner after I get a pm. (CA's, GMs not eligible for this event due to me needing help because I am me. LOL) Update::: FREE CLUE - The Haunted house is in the Far west of Independence. AFTER EVENT CLUE NUMBER ONE: This clue drops the prize pot to 4s and a Deception Mask.... The road is windy and wobbly and thin Sometimes it vanishes, to re-appear again AFTER EVENT CLUE NUMBER TWO: This clue drops the prize pot to 3s and a Deception Mask... Once upon the haunted grounds, if you choose to look around, you may be so high in the air, you cannot see a thing from there.
  12. I miss you. You were delightful. When I started, I got myself into the stupidest damned predicaments, and you stayed on chat with me once for 3.5 hours helping me sort something out. You were incredibly patient and brilliant.  When you'd spout off with ludicrously funny inappropriate comments in general chat, a part of me was always cheering, and I don't like trolls.  You were like Winnie the Pooh who dipped into the wrong jar looking for honey, finding moonshine instead, and losing all filters before just saying whatever came to mind. But you would still stop everything to help a friend, and there wasn't much you didn't know about the game and how computers work. Your kindness was endless. I smiled whenever I saw you were online. I will smile whenever I think of you and be grateful that I was there in a world where Waarokku was, even if it was just a digital world we all made together. It's more beautiful because you were in it.