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  1. I can imp Carpentry. Skill 82. If you could save me a room, that would be awesome.
  2. Update: I got back in right after writing this and went straight to my deed to log off on bed. Hopefully this will all make sense and not happen again.
  3. I jut got thrown out of the game with this exact error message. I can't log back in. I was playing most of today, doing some really complex things, including the puzzlemaze with no issues. i have spent the last half hour trying to get back in. I was fighting something near my deed that I didn't even get a chance to see before I was tossed. My horse is in the road, and I hope I am alive. I cannot access Wurm Online at all, even the store, without getting the exact same message as the one above.
  4. Omg That is amazing I would love them all
  5. This is not a laptop, but I don't know where to get the console chatactername log file. I will try messing with texture quality
  6. I am sure I had a tent in my inventory before going to jackal, and i no longer have it. Camaril experienced the same issue.
  7. I have heard from just about everyone that since the big tree update, the trees are awesome, and render in the distance. Ever since that update, the trees past about 15 tiles are blobs for me, and render first as a grey kind of crosshatch grid before becoming recognizable as trees. I have tried changing my settings, talking to other players, changing them again, giving up for a month, trying again with other players helping, and nothing has helped. Like is shown here, they are cool looking up close, and weird blobs thereafter. Pretty trees on or off, same thing. Render distance far or close, same thing. Shadows on or off, same. FPS limit on or off, same. I feel like I have tried every single setting. It seems to be less pronounced on Jackal, which is also really strange. I would like things to look awesome, as I know they do because I can see other people's posts of images of Wurm. Can anyone help with this?
  8. I am not sure what everyone expected here. Different things, it seems. Some want skill transfer to be way better. Some want a big complicated stronghold. Some want better skillgain. Some want to be Alpha Male lol. I am fairly well into poverty. All my extra money goes to this game, and yet, I don't feel like I am really paying a massive fee to play, considering what I get from it. This looked like a beta test to me from day one. The time we invested was invested by us - no one forced us, no one twisted our arms. It isn't like the other servers were shut down and we could only play on Jackal. All the devs promised us was a new server with different fun things. They said we might get some skill transfer, but didn't say how much, and some skins. No offense intended to the devs, but this game has never been number one for graphics or phenomenal smooth design. It also does not hand us much. How many years did folks have to plead to get a starter kit for noobs? This is a hard game. This is a different kind of game than most out there. It's why I play. We get out what we put into something. For those who popped over hoping for skill transfer, that reason really isn't about experiencing jackal. It is instead about working to improve your own skills on a server that was openly advertised to be a community effort experience. For those who came to have the experience the devs intended, I think we did. I sure did. I learned a ton. I made new friends in the game. I put a ton of effort and time into this server from day one, and got a ton in return for that time. I don't need skill transfer or a big elaborate stronghold design to feel like this was worth it. What could have been done better? The mess up with going through the lodestones was a bad one. It would be nice to have something a bit more valuable or even sentimental from jackal than skins. Not sure how those are going to really matter in the long run. They will really only serve to make some people look cooler than others, which might encourage others to go play there, and might not. Some percentage of the beacons could have been a bit harder to force more cooperation to bring them down. Skill gain could have been a tiny percent faster. I hope the stronghold battle is a long one and that no single group can take it down in a couple hours. With all the different time zones, that would suck for people sleeping or working for that time. I also would like to see that anyone who settles an area and deeds it, that deed be put on a map that only shows greened areas. But I don't know how hard that would be. It would mean the devs would have to find those places on their map, and reveal the greened map each week as it grows. It would also mean that the first map would essentially be the size of the starter area. I really appreciate Jackal and the time the devs put into it. I am glad I was at the first one. It has all been worth it to me.
  9. We are doing a test to see what happens if Whfawn tries to imp the beacon. She arrived, and immediately had to re-log. [21:55:47] <Whfawn> yea but i started lagging the moment i got close to your place. fps droped to 3-5 [21:58:31] <Whfawn> ok here we go [22:00:38] <Whfawn> 72ql (When she started it was 71.2 something) Alendhor sent me a pm while the imping was going on [22:05:34] <Alendhor> Are you getting any lag? I am. [22:05:46] <Nirav> yes [22:06:01] <Nirav> when i walk or move it is all stuttery [22:06:26] <Alendhor> Just d'conned. [22:06:50] <Nirav> you did? [22:06:50] <System> Alendhor is not currently available, please try again later. I tried to turn the beacon [22:06:33] <Whfawn> 73 no go (meaning at 73 ql no green) [22:15:09] <Nirav> how is your lag? [22:15:20] <Whfawn> so for none [22:16:09] <Nirav> K I am going to do something other than stand here and see if that affects anything. When Goddess was imping, I was doing things [22:17:00] <Nirav> yeah my movements are all stuttery and the trees are not moving in a flow with the wind but a stutter [22:17:20] <Alendhor> My texts are la...delaying, too [22:18:09] <Alendhor> It is extremely rare that I disconn, and even rarer that it's more than once within a short time period. [22:18:16] <Whfawn> mine was before i relogged [22:18:35] <Nirav> But after that things were ok for you here? [22:18:43] <Whfawn> yea I drove the cart near the beacon to farm a bit and there was a Ton of lag [22:39:54] <Whfawn> The L monster is hitting my beacon bashing team right now too [22:40:11] <Nirav> L monster? oh the lag from this? [22:48:43] <Nirav> im experieencing more and more lag I imped a mortar and pestle, did some foraging, did some archaeology, and all of it with constant stuttery lag that got worse and worse and the beacon got imped. i began to lurch rather that just stutter. [22:57:52] <Nirav> k my lag is bad enough I am relogging ... [22:59:45] <Nirav> wow this is worse than before i logged [23:00:14] <Nirav> thats weird [23:00:28] <Nirav> maybe it picks someone to lag lol [23:00:34] <Nirav> possessed beacon Beacon greens one tile at 76 ql [23:26:21] Alendhor lost link. [23:26:27] Alendhor reconnected. [23:27:18] <Nirav> Alen did hyou get tossed? [23:28:34] <Alendhor> Yeah [23:28:44] <Alendhor> Going to relog My lag gets way worse. I built a beacon closer given the tiny amount that can be achieved with imping and my lag got worse. I had long moments when things were frozen. Whfawn continues to have no lag during this whole process [23:44:46] <Nirav> how is your lag? [23:45:10] <Whfawn> got none and dont want any My lag got to the point where I would click Improve and nothing would happen. I would have to click it multiple times. I stopped trying to Imp beacon number two when it hit 60 ql and figured if I built a third it would break the game. Whfawn is still imping the first one.
  10. Found out tonight that others get bad lag when someone is imping freedom beacons on jackal past 70. I also experience lag when Goddessotu is imping the beacon and I am near. But I do not get tossed out of the game like she does.
  11. Do you have any ideas on how to fix this from our end?
  12. I don't know but I have wanted to deed this place for a while now, and we would really like to be able to imp the beacon.