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  1. Sold for 6 gold - please close
  2. Hi fantastic fabricators of worlds, and mediators and herders of cats! I hope this note finds you all well. The top floor of Rockcliff Museum, which is yours to do with as you wish, needs an LMC to hold some of the items there that have your signatures on them. It would be awesome if one of you puts one there, perms it to Ferryn, and then tells me who did that so I can put your signature on it as a donation. I realize this is a valuable item, and have been working to get enough silver to get one up there myself, but if it appears before I manage to do that, I will be gleeful. I also want to remind you all that you may replace your goblin statue with one of your own if you wish. Only one GM has done that thus far. You would then be welcome to take your Goblin statue as a gift from me in exchange. Those were all meant to be gifts to you all, and replaced by whatever you want to have there. You may also pm me or comment here and tell me what statue to make instead if you don't want to make it yourself. The only issue with that is it would have my sig instead, which isn't as cool. But if you are too busy, I understand. Any of the ones that can be made with a stone chisel are fine, and I will gladly do that. I will also deliver your goblin statue to wherever you wish, and whatever toon of yours you want to have it. Thank you all.
  3. I filled my test out wrong and can't change my answers.
  4. Great post, Madnath, thank you.
  5. Greetings! Nirav here. I have no Crow Kingdom Banners, Tall banners, or flags and no Roman Legion items in the museum. Shrimpiie was kind enough to loan his Roman one for the opening, but that is back in his claws. If anyone has these items and wishes to donate or sell them to me, that would be very awesome. If you have other banners, flags, wagons, etc, and think that the Museum might be a nice place for them, please PM me. I do have some. Some of the PMKs have donated entire sets, so please check before sending things. But there are still a bunch of sets that are not there. If you don't know what the museum is, here is a link... Thank you for reading this!
  6. Making sure the previous owner is not having a personal crisis. I would say over half the time a large deed pops unexpectedly, it's because the person has lost a family member, or is taking care of a parent in hospice, or is ill, or has a sick child, or something similarly drastic. I think it is really important to talk to any alliance members or neighbors and find out what was going on. If someone is going through a personal crisis and their deed pops, think about what you would like to have happen if this happened to you. That's what I always do, anyway. We can be kind to each other and still make money in a game. But I think it's important to remember that these are pixels and the people behind them are real.
  7. Thank you so much for all this work over the years. It really meant a lot to me. I'm amazed that anyone can make things like this. It is extremely valuable. If there is any way to keep it going, I think a lot of us would love that. Hell, I'd even be willing to pay a small subscription fee.
  8. Tenko has a Wand of the Seas, and since in allllll this time, I have never decided where to drop such an island, this magical mystical item is going to be sold. I saw an auction the other day where one sold for 6.2gold. Not being a haggling type, and quite new to owning anything of this kind of value, I am just going to go with that as the price, minus a few silvers. For 6 Gold, this very very rare and impossible-to-get from ingame play item Is yours. PS... full discolsure- Someone brought it to my attention that this has a 'bad look'. I don't know what the heck items are supposed to cost in this game. I saw an auction and I thought oh it looks like this item is worth 6.2 gold because it went for 6.2 gold. I do not have the technological skill to be able to set up an auction as a post. I can't even get my pictures to work in a post. I can guarantee that nothing I do here or anywhere comes from bad intentions. I did pm the person who lost the bid and I offered it to him for six which is under his bid amount. He did not get back to me. So I decided to make this post and drop it to the amount that I offered him. There does not seem to be anything in this game that says what things are worth. Everything seems really subjective to me. This is why I hardly ever sell anything. Usually when I sell something I'm either getting in trouble for selling it for not enough, or I'm getting in trouble for selling it for too much, even though other people sell it for that amount and they don't get talked to. Or maybe they do. The reason this item is six gold is because there was an auction where it sold for 6.2 just a few days ago so I assumed that's what the price was. It's been sitting in my bank for ever since I won the game with tenko. It cannot be gotten in the game in play at all. If this doesn't sell, I will wait until somebody can sit with me and help me go through the steps to make an auction but that might not be for a bit because I'm pretty exhausted. There wasn't a lot of sleep that last week that the museum was opening.
  9. I realize the title of this carries with it an astounding amount of hubris, but bear with me. By now, because of the website the cat is out of the bag regarding the Special Exhibit Conference of Goblin GMs. I have a few things to say about this, and I hope the GMs see this post. First of all, when this was first conceived as an idea for a fun art installation, I expected a small turn-out for the Grand Opening. Something happened in the last month that blew that completely out of the water. But planned at that time as a big fun thing on the top floor to amuse us all, this was to be funny and not permanent. It is now a really small thing compared to the magnitude of the contributions from all over the SFI world, and Definitely not permanent. What I am about to write next was going to be an announcement on Opening Day in Local, but given the amount of people that might come, and the GMs who have told me they won't be able to make it, I am making this announcement here. The third floor of the Museum is dedicated to the GMs and staff. On Opening Day, each GM gets to take their personal Goblin home with them as a gift from me, and over time, can put whatever they wish on that third floor. I will never place an item up there after the 3rd of September unless the GMs ask me to do so. The GMs have permission, beginning on the 4th of Sept, to fly in and place items on that floor as they wish, and only that floor. I ask that the central piece remain, but beyond that, the GMs may do as they wish with their floor of the Museum. I have not yet asked any GMs for a donation, and this is why. I have asked some Players who are also GMs for a donation, but that is because the players are people I know, and I don't associate them with their work title. Whatever gets placed by the GMs is owned by the GMs unless stated otherwise. If it is stated otherwise, it will be owned by Rockcliff Museum and will remain there until forever fades from the marble bricks.
  10. Hi folks! If you go here.. You will se a bunch of info on the Grand Opening Sat. There is also a forum post I need volunteers. What do I need these volunteers to do? I need folks to spend one hour during the 12 hour period making sure folks with horses can get them to safe pastures. This is an easy job. You will have access to pens and can manage them. You will also be pointing folks down the correct road, and to where they can park wagons and set up tents. There are signs, but sometimes a bit of help is nice. If you wish to volunteer the day of the opening, you will get some very nice special food or cake, and my gratitude. Please pm me and let me know what hour you could do this. The first hour and last two hours are taken, but 9 hours are left from 11am to 7pm and another one from 8pm to 9pm. This is all central standard time. There is a timer on the forum post link above.
  11. @CamarilYou did a fantastic job on this, thank you So much.
  12. Please please please please do this.