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  1. I miss you. You were delightful. When I started, I got myself into the stupidest damned predicaments, and you stayed on chat with me once for 3.5 hours helping me sort something out. You were incredibly patient and brilliant.  When you'd spout off with ludicrously funny inappropriate comments in general chat, a part of me was always cheering, and I don't like trolls.  You were like Winnie the Pooh who dipped into the wrong jar looking for honey, finding moonshine instead, and losing all filters before just saying whatever came to mind. But you would still stop everything to help a friend, and there wasn't much you didn't know about the game and how computers work. Your kindness was endless. I smiled whenever I saw you were online. I will smile whenever I think of you and be grateful that I was there in a world where Waarokku was, even if it was just a digital world we all made together. It's more beautiful because you were in it.

  2. Hi. A friend and I are wanting to make wiki pages for our deeds, but can't find the founding date for Dragonfoot or Raider Nation. Both are on Independence and were present on the 2011 map. Unfortunately, the settlement token does not tell a person the founding date of their deed. I feel like it should, but I know that suggestion goes elsewhere and not in this thread. These are not in Niarja at all. They are not searchable by name, and they are not in the list of deeds for Independence. If you were around pre 2012, and would not mind searching your event feed, there may be an event for when both of these were founded if you were online when it happened. Could folks check for me? It would be really cool to have them have the start dates on there.
  3. Do you want a sammich? Or to elaborate on that?
  4. Hi everyone, Nirav here with another I love Wurm post, this time about PvP. One of my toons has lived on Chaos for three years as of this week, by herself. I am pretty thrilled with that accomplishment honestly, and was told it was not possible when I set out to live there. I know some of you right now are thinking why in the Hell would Anyone want to Live on Chaos Alone?! Yes, Chaos is terrifying. Yes, you are way safer in a Kingdom for the most part...I'll get to that. Yes, it is darn near impossible to protect yourself or keep large farms or livestock. But I love Chaos. Nirav started on Chaos. That is how I started the game, and Everything has been easy compared to that first two weeks. I love being more scared for my life than I feel on the PvE servers. I love seeing weird creatures that aren't in PvE, though I have not seen those wonderful things for a long time on Chaos either. And I love helping people, which is why I live there. Hrig is in the Gold Coast area, but before any PvPer gets really excited, she does not have anything worth taking, and doesn't have a paid deed to drain. She isn't trying to start a Kingdom or conquer anything. She is there to help new players get to a kingdom, or off Chaos to PvE, though fewer come into the game now via Gold Coast. She has one affinity and her skills are really low. She can take a troll now, which is a good thing. It's rough out there. So, what are those terrible PvPers like? Well, they have shot my two or three horses through the fence, stolen the boat it took me ages to make, killed me because it was easy, chased me through olive trees while shooting my horse from under me, and knocked walls of my house down. What else have they done? Given me armor, horses, supplies, met with me to help new folks, helped me out of situations, invited me to help them do things, killed a unique with me, made treaties with me to ensure that I stay in the West coast area and am never spying for anyone, and they keep from killing me. In other words, my experience as a whole has Not been the bad stuff. That was very few and far between, and one of those people who did those things has since been banished, not for any reason having to do with me. PvPers are helpful, kind, courageous, honorable, territorial, strong, giving, understanding and for the most part, Do want to see new folks make it in Wurm. While Chaos is not really a great place for new players, most PvPers do not want to terrify them and make them want to quit. Many will go that extra mile and help them. I have another toon who tried to do the Kingdom thing for a while. I loved that Kingdom and would like to do that again, but my skills were too low to contribute the first time. Playing in a Kingdom is an investment that pays off Very well if you have the time and skill to put into it. It also makes you a target. People from another Kingdom will assume, most of the time rightly, that you are absolutely a threat, and will try to kill you before you kill them. There is a lot of hypervigilance on PvP. It is scary in a very fun way. Kingdoms could raid others at any moment, and there is a part of you that is always in fight or flight mode, especially if you have to travel outside the deed. If that is your kind of fun, think about joining a Kingdom and trying it out, but make sure you have the time and skill to contribute. Keeping a Kingdom going and defended takes everyone's hard work. Living alone on Chaos is easier in some ways than living in a Kingdom. You are not necessarily seen as a threat if you are in Freedom Kingdom, the default Kingdom everyone gets put in if they go to Chaos for the first time. It is not really a Kingdom. All the PvEers are also considered Freedom Kingdom. Your time investment is your own, and taking months off doesn't matter. Your skills can be whatever they are. However, one of the main ways Kingdoms find things out about other Kingdoms is by spying, and a spy is often someone who comes through one of the starter towns to run around and find deeds with the expectation of getting killed eventually. It is Very difficult for Kingdoms to know if someone just out of a starter town is a spy or not. It has taken Hrig years and many conversations and treaties to assure the other Kingdoms that she is not one, and will not help any Kingdom with information about another. This is one of the reasons she is in Gold Coast. New folks are in great danger because of the chance of being seen as a spy. If they did not plan to do PvP, or realize that they really do not want to, it is important to get them off Chaos and to safety quickly. And every once in a while, someone like Nirav comes along and wants to try the tutorial on Chaos, and Gold Coast is not such a bad place for that. So there it all is. PvPers are pretty great. You can live alone on Chaos, but be honest and open about who you are, and don't play Kingdom politics without being in a Kingdom that can protect you if you put yourself out there like that. You will die. What I learned in the last 3 years on Chaos could not be contained here even in this novel sized post, but I will say this: It is a wild ride, and if you do see someone, I can guarantee you, they are just as terrified of you as you are of them. Offering a sammich instead of a sword might allow you to live one more day, and make some friends. And if you see me, and you need help, let me know. Hrig has never lifted a weapon towards a single human being without being attacked first, and has for sure never killed a soul. So fear not, and say hello.
  5. Memorial Page

    I'm not sure yet. I want to link it to Wurmpedia so folks have access to it, and to here. I will be discussing things with Enki and Retro, but first, I need content, so please write things in so I have something to put on the page.
  6. Memorial Page

    This is just a game. But real people play it, and what makes this game so incredibly awesome is the people. On these digital lands, we have laughed, cried, run screaming from scary things, gotten lost, rescued each other, killed each other, found dragons and giants, built empires and cabins, forged alliances, built bridges and roads, and woven stories with each other for years. And, like in real life, sometimes something really tragic happens, and we lose players to the death that you can't fix by running to go get your corpse. Those players deserve a place to be remembered. I would like to create that place, but I need your stories and memories. Please pm me with the names of fallen heroes you knew personally, and tell a 5k or less word story about them, so your words can echo across the valleys and oceans, skip like rocks across the lakes, leaving ripples that gently move us all towards moments of remembering those who helped build our world, and are no longer in it. When the page gets built and posted, I will post here and in game to let everyone know where it is. Thank you all. Please pm me with your stories instead of just commenting here so I have them in one place and can get them onto the page.
  7. WTB Crow Kingdom and other banners and tall banners. Am very interested in Crow, WU, Anubis, Roman (I realize it is Epic only, but I heard a few made it across somehow.) Also interested in Template MR.
  8. can close

    Wow congrats! This is awesome.
  9. Lonely Kyklops

    Oh no, this is saaaaaaaaaad. But I might try and make it in case he gets angry that he was lied to lol.
  10. Hi Everybody. Four years ago, I was real new, and was whining in chat about never seeing a Dragon. I said if I ever did see one (in PVE, of course - Kingdoms would make this complicated) I would tell everyone, and we would all just kill it. Oh, how people laughed at me. They told me of how greed makes people go sideways and if I made any announcement like that someone would come take it, and all the servers would be in an uproar trying to get there, and I had no idea what I was talking about, and what I suggested was laughable. Over the next four years, I came to understand that it isn't so simple. I learned that if you are going to do a public slaying, you gotta give people time to prepare. I learned those who host them are incredibly generous people who spend hours and hours setting these things up, and it is a Huge undertaking. But I never learned that people are greedy and awful. Wurm is full of really amazing people. We all come to the servers and help build an imaginary world together that is made of generosity, teamwork, really hard work, cooperation, laughter, adventures. People have spent years of long hours creating massive Impalongs that were endless days of joy, friendship, competition, and generosity. This last couple weeks, there was a beautiful Impalong that was so completely amazing, it felt like real life. Vooch and his staff were generous and kind to an extent that staggered and amazed me. And yesterday happened. Yesterday, I found a Dragon. First I contacted my alliance member and spewed a stream of all-caps uncontrolled excitement and explosions of glee that were mostly incoherent, but he dropped his anvil and came to help immediately. Then I phoned a friend in the alliance who dropped everything in real life to come help me. Then I contacted two other friends in the game who respectfully explained they were too busy. They kept quiet and didn't tell a soul. When it became apparent a couple hours into this that I was in over my head by a hundred feet or more, I pmmed Stanlee who sat in pm with me for hours helping with how-tos. He agreed to host the event, but we needed to pen it, and I found it in a friggin bowl of dirt on Inde, and after the 4th attempt to mine something suitable for a holding mine, we were 6 hours into the project with nothing but messes to show for it. We needed more workers. So I pmmed people I didn't know that well, but had interacted with enough to like them, and they dropped everything and headed over. Meanwhile, another friend had finally awakened in another time zone and she logged on and sailed over to help after reading my likely incoherent joy-bomb of a forum pm to her. These people put in anywhere from 4 to 12 hours of solid problem-solving and various levels of impressive skills. No one talked. No one tried to take the dragon or get greedy. We finally opened a mine and tried to get the thing into it in order to run a public event, but it wouldn't pull that far. When I say 'opened a mine', I mean we needed five tiles strongwalled, reinforcements, and dirt wagonneered to put all over for the surface. This was not a group of inexperienced players At All. This was in a huge area that appeared like it would be real easy to find a place to pen it, and after digging 200 slope down, still couldn't find rock, and when we did, it was reinforced, or snaking caverns. We went to pull it. We pulled for an hour. By this time, me and a few others had been awake 5 hours into the wee hours of the night past our bedtimes, and had been there for up to 10 hours. I said That's it. I'm doing it. I am going on Freedom Chat and telling everyone to come kill this little monster now. And they came. And when I told them to wait down by the water until everyone was there, they waited. And when I told them to put their tents down and wait by a guard tower and listen to my rules and my plan, they waited. And when we fought it for quite some time, because we were not a huge group, and it died, no one grabbed the corpse except the person I told to grab it. Nobody was greedy. I'm not naive. I know there are bad people out there in the world. But most people are good, and Wurm has a ton of really really good people. We all interact with each other in a little chat box in the bottom of our screens, and in that sacred space, friendships are forged, grand plans are hatched and carried out, ideas are debated, and generosity abounds. I really wish I could have given Independence a big public slaying with time to prepare and a beautiful Stanlee set-up with bells and whistles, or a wonderful Demonanightshade set-up likely with amazing lighting and decor, or that any of us last night could have done that with this dragon, but it wasn't to be. And when I just went on Freedom chat and babbled about a dragon in a sleep-deprived absolutely run-out-of-ideas stupor, y'all were there, and you were all wonderful. You make Wurm awesome, and I Do love everybody. Thank you all.
  11. This is completely amazing. Can't wait to sail over and see it.
  12. I can imp Carpentry. Skill 82. If you could save me a room, that would be awesome.
  13. Update: I got back in right after writing this and went straight to my deed to log off on bed. Hopefully this will all make sense and not happen again.