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  1. WSA: Wurm Online Launcher changes

    How do we know which version is the one we are supposed to use? I have no clue which one to pick.
  2. Independence Went Ka-Boom

    Inde is down for sure. I hope they can fix it. I feel bad for the devs. This is such an awesome game.
  3. W. S. A. Independence lag

    I am excited the lag is getting fixed! Thank you!
  4. Wurm Historical Archives

    Greetings. An event occurred recently that got me thinking. A statue I made and placed in a bay was replaced by a statue of Tich. I was delighted. I own Lyric Beach on Independence, which is built on the same area that was owned by Tich. Back then it was Rockcliff Beach and Rockcliff Retreat. That was before my time. I arrived to the game soon after she left that area, and settled there without realizing or knowing anything about where I was, or the history of that area. Since then, some bit of time has passed, and I have come to realize that this is more than a game. It is a community of many people, and there is a great history here of events, adventure, great deeds, battles, huge estates, struggles for survival, alliances, massive structures and feats of engineering, and many many stories. People are invested in this world that was created for us, and that we shape every day together. I think it is important to honor that history. I would like to construct a memorial on my deed to Tich that is reminiscent of Rockcliff in some way so those who knew her smile as they pass by or through. It won't be huge, but I want there to at least be Something. So if anyone has images of Rockcliff, or knew of a favorite color of Tich's, I would like to see them so the memorial makes sense to those who knew her. If anyone wants to work with me to make this, let me know. With archeaology, we have a chance to do this in many places, and I would love to see that. There aren't a lot of ways to write long paragraphs, but Historical Marker is something I would really like to see happen as a Thing in this game. Let me know what you all think, and Please help me make a great memorial for Tich on my lands.
  5. Albia Roads Map Of Indy

    I would like to propose that Lyric Bay be renamed Tich Bay. There was a woman statue on a dirt island in the middle of that bay on Independence at J 15. I had named it Lyric Bay for fun, and the name got into the Albia Maps. I was delighted. I own Lyric Beach which is on the land that Tich once owned called Rockcliff Beach and Rockcliff Retreat. I did not know that at the time when I set up the deed those few years back. But I was told I arrived soon after she left that area. Recently, I noticed my statue had been replaced by a statue of Tich. I am very ok with that and would like to take it a step further in renaming the bay Tich Bay on the map. Being a relatively new player compared to some of the people in this game, I feel it is important to honor the traditions and ideals set forth by those who came before. Tich is well loved, and deserves a Bay in her honor by the deed she once owned. Thank you.
  6. Farewell to the greatest Dev

    Thank you for be a part of the team that makes my favorite game! I hope your life is always awesome.
  7. I am regularly getting thrown off the server. This is a new problem. Nothing has changed with my isp or computer. Usually, it seems the connection goes down and then pops back up. I get the message that it is reconnecting to the server, and I find myself standing very near, but not in the same place as before, with everything the same. If I was doing an action, the action is either finished in the right amount of time, or is in the process of finishing. My character seems to stay there, but be slightly in a different spot on the tile when I get back. The time I am gone is not long - seconds. I am not sure why this is happening, or if anyone knows why it would. Java is updated, and everything on my end seems to be working well with all other tasks my computer runs. It is unnerving and dangerous if I leave the deed or fight anything. It happens often - at least once an hour. Any ideas?
  8. Panic! Panic! What happens if the server goes down and I just entered a mine with a lava fiend?! I am starting a support group because I am Panicking!!! *Wrings hands and pulls hair*
  9. Slaying uniques personal goal, offer to help

    This is great.
  10. You have a moment of inspiration...

    I am not replying to this thread in hopes of winning anything. I have no pictures to post, and no desire to get more from the Wurm Community than I already get from it. I am replying in hopes the Devs and the community see this and feel my gratitude. What inspires me most in this game are the people in it. People from all over the world gather in this game every day and work together to make a world that is generally kind, supportive, and fun. That is an amazing thing. Many players have spent hours talking to me to help me figure something in the game out, or helping me get out of some of my disastrous and incomprehensible noob fails. Starting out, things were rough because not only did I have no clue, but I started on Chaos. There were about ten players who spent their time patiently answering my questions and guiding me through some crazy scenarios, and they are why I didn't quit. I have two mains, and in my noob days, one of them ended up on Epic, and again, another player went above and beyond to rescue me from something there and help me figure out how to survive. All of them asked me to return the favor by doing the same someday. I try to do that as much as possible. When a community is based in the idea of cooperation and support, amazing things happen. People flourish. People from all over the world are able to be someone in a make believe medieval computer world, make friendships and alliances, create phenomenal buildings, explore vast territories. The Devs astound me. Of course things are not perfect, but they are really wonderful, and they have created an entire world in which people can come together and do what people do best - help each other and celebrate life together. There are players in Wurm who inspire me so much that when I am done playing for the night, I sleep better, and am better able to bring that joy into my real life. My country is a bit of a mess right now, and this game gives me hope for humankind. Those of you who personally have helped me know who you are. You already had my thanks. I hope in this post, the Devs see that I am extremely grateful for their tireless work in creating such an amazing game. I extend that thanks to everyone else who has ever stepped out of their routine to connect and give a hand up to someone else. Cheers to you all. It is truly an honor to be a part of such an amazing community. May all your roads be easy for your carts to follow; may the hellhounds' rage be deafened by your maces, and may you all continue to continue. LOL. Still love that line the best when creating something. Thank you all.
  11. There are two chests on the road NW from Freedom Market and the Howl at K 15 in the Inde game map. Just before you get to Lyric Beach, there is a sign and a flag marking the spot right in the middle of the highway. I stock them once a week when I can, but at least 3 times a month. Inside are tools, weapons, and armor, all of which can be improved. Newby kits cannot be improved, so if they take damage, their quality goes down. These tools and armor and weapons can all be improved so the quality can be raised, and you can gain skill raising it. Each week there are always some decent quality items thrown in that are a little to much better than what you have to start with. Sometimes I will throw in some tools with Circle of Cunning cast on them. These are usually low casts, but at low level, they make a tiny bit of difference to give you that extra boost. Come on by. The walk is nice, with plenty of guard towers along the way in case you run into something that tries to kill you.
  12. You are Invited to a Puzzle Labyrinth Adventure!

    How long will this be open? I would love to do this, but am really busy for the next five days
  13. I did a support ticket ingame and this is resolved. Thank you all.
  14. Seems I can log in this morning with the old password to play the game. I can also use it to access paying for premium. But there has been no reply regarding whether or not these things were done intentionally to help me, or if the password change just didn't take. This is really surreal.
  15. No one has responded to the email I sent 9 hours ago, which concerns me. I will try submitting a ticket with another character.