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  1. I will gladly give you a personal tour.
  2. I wondered how to go about this for a week or so, and it was advised to do it this way. Also, I do realize the irony of inviting the Devs to part of a game they created, or the GMs to somewhere they could go whenever they want. But part of the magnificent beauty of the game you created, is that you made it ours by allowing us to invest in it in so many ways that it Feels like ours, like a world We created, and in many ways, it is. So with that being said, here goes: I created Rockcliff Museum. And since part of the reason I made it was to thank you all, it seems fitting that I should take the time to personally invite you all to the Grand Opening Sept 3rd 10am CST to 10pm. I ask nothing of any of you other than to come see and hopefully feel appreciated and honored for all the work you all do. This is no impalong, but merely a one day affair that I hope to pull off in my rather earnest but probably clumsy way. You don't need to bring hordes of mobs, or fly down from the sky in all your glory, though you can do the latter if you wish. You may even come as a humble toon that we might not even recognize as you. I just want you to see how much gratitude I have for everything you have all done here with this game. I hope what I have done with this Museum conveys that, and I hope that it will bring you a moment of joy that equals the depth of joy all your creativity and patience has given me. I hope you come see, if not that day, sometime soon. With gratitude - Nirav
  3. Hi, has anything been done about this? It is a serious issue. I don't think anyone is in favor of it.
  4. 1676, 1859 Deed, Lyric Beach 1741,1869 Deed, Rockcliff Museum 1475,1621 Deed, Oakdale 1729,1833 Deed, Oceania Terraces at Fairview Thank you!
  5. @DoctercheseWow, thank you!!! I will put you down for that time. Thank you a ton!
  6. Rockcliff Museum is opening very soon - The Grand Opening is 9/3/2022 at 10am CST. Many of you have questions, so I hope this will answer most of them. Yes, you can still get items into the museum Now so they are displayed when it opens. Please send them to Nirav, make sure your signature is on them. You can also send me a story about the item here on the forum in a PM. The Museum is for Everyone in the Southern Servers, not just Independence. If you want to know all the details, please read everything here. Thank you all, and see you soon! Reddragon Will Be Bringing The Boozen Wagon!!!!!! If you knew Waarokku, and you wish to have a sip of his wine, Reddragon will have a small amount of it in the back of the bar. Please ask Reddragon for a sip if you wish. There will be a very limited amount. Nirav will do an announcement when the cask is opened. THE NAMES There are over 550 toons represented at Rockcliff Museum. A full list of these names will be on the website. But I do want to thank a few special folks here: Dragon Hills Alliance - Hvergi, Chaoshaze, Lilychaos, Stormblade, Camaril, Zimgraham for helping with signature imps, building, making materials for the building Camaril for making 300 Grand Opening Gala Party Favors Kasumi for helping with layout, interior decorating, listening when I needed to babble because I was panicking Pomeray, who donated roughly 1/4 of the items with signatures in this Museum Lyhrinae for helping with mortar, building, and item donation Why A Museum, Why This One? Who Is This All For Or About? How Did This Get Created? Where Is It? When Is The Grand Opening? What Is The Grand Opening Going To Be Like, And What Should I Bring? A call for volunteers...
  7. Timezone is CST, but that is why it will run for 12 hours. After that opening, it will be open 24/7.
  8. Omg Thank You. One Trans flags and banners, and one set of rainbow flags please.
  9. This is brilliant
  10. A tragic loss like this is horrifying and impossible to manage alone. I have a ton of faith in the Wurm community that folks will do what they can to help. Sometimes that means sending good energy, sometimes it means contacting the folks organizing things to do more than that. If you do want to do more, please contact Docterchese for options. There is a GoFundMe, and getting that out to groups that help folks out in times like this is a huge help. Churches, gaming groups other than Wurm, folks you have the same interests with are all great options for that. Some of us can't afford to give money, but we can work together to give time, energy, and bandwidth to the things that will help them going forward. It will take a bit of communicating here because a lot can't be posted due to forum rules, but there is a contact person, so please take a moment to connect with them if you have resources. Let's all put a net under this fall and bring them home.
  11. There will be updates. I am hoping for a bigger announcement in the near future.
  12. Sorry - I'm an old person who is terrible at writing anything on a forum. I thought there were paragraphs.
  13. Wurm is finite, like all else. The things we own in Wurm are also finite. Even if we were to collect one of every single item ever made, we would at some point reach that goal, and there would be nothing more to collect until the Devs created something new. But names and stories have lives of their own, and this is what Rockcliff Museum was built to honor. It was built to honor all of you. Most everything we make has a signature, and the names of the people in our world are worlds unto themselves. Without the people, the things have no meaning at all. Wurm has never really been about the things. It has been about us, our stories, our struggles, battles, beautiful estates, forest cabins, exploring with friends, killing uniques together, having adventures, reforming the very land we live on. Like Wurm, Rockcliff Museum is not really about the things, either. It is about you. Everyone can contribute, and it is my dream that everyone does contribute, whether it is a donation of an item, or a story about someone who already has an item in the Museum. There will be a website created where you all will be able to do that. It is also my dream that you see your story here. I hope as you wander and look at the signatures on items, you remember the people you met along your own journey. I hope you will re-experience the beauty of this world here that we made it together, and continue to make it together every hour. Everyone is invited to the Grand Opening. Bring your friends, come anytime between 10am and 10pm Sat Sept 3rd. I will be there all day that day. After the 3rd, it will remain open to all as long as forever lasts in a world like ours.