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  1. client render testing!

    Looks like the old days!
  2. Server is running the previous version still
  3. Locate Soul

    "Very far away" is 2000+ tiles in the WU code.
  4. looking for some special mods

    I found these, seems to be building bridges(continuing?), creating items and planning walls. toReturn.add(new ActionEntry((short)(20000 + bridgePart.getMaterial().getCode()), "Build " + bridgePart.getMaterial().getName().toLowerCase() + " " + bridgePart.getType().getName(), bridgePart.getMaterial().getName() + " " + bridgePart.getType().getName(), emptyIntArr)); toReturn.add(new ActionEntry((short)(10000 + entry.getObjectCreated()), template.sizeString + template.getName() + ": " + difficulty + "%", template.getName(), emptyIntArr)); toReturn.add(new ActionEntry((short)20000, "Wall", "planning wall", emptyIntArr));
  5. Mod Request: Remove Skill Gain Delay on Lockpicking

    Hey, you can give this a try, it is using ago's server mod loader, so you'll need that.
  6. WU: Clay - Completed

    If you actually want this still, replacing your server.jar with this one adds a recipe to create clay from dirt+water, uses Pottery skill. It will break any other mods you have though. The only file changed is com/wurmonline/server/items/CreationEntryCreator.class, so if no other mods have modified this, you can extract it from the .jar and put it in your server.jar It will most likely still be overwritten whenever WU updates though!
  7. close

  8. Palm Trees Please

    Ahh nevermind, I re-read the FAQ. We're not allowed to, but they're not enforcing it. So talking about it is probably not allowed.
  9. Palm Trees Please

    We're not allowed to modify the client.
  10. If I remember correctly, Notch was the one that made the maps back in the days
  11. Steam itself isn't an issue, there is SteamCMD
  12. General Discussion

    Just minimize this category and we will never hear from you again. Deal?
  13. General Discussion

    Eh, no. Imagine if minecraft had 2 versions. One vanilla with a monthly subscription & a couple of servers hosted by Mojang, and one modded version that anyone can host and modify, with a small one-time fee.
  14. Cannot purchase in $USD?

    You run a business, yet don't know about VAT?
  15. Wurm Unlimited Steam Price

    Awful site. is the US(/Canada?) link