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  1. weekly and daily rotating pvp based challenges unique to the player. "This week you must seek out and kill Wastrel" Lol
  2. I agree, especially because priests can just cross to pve and have no crafting restrictions. Priests should have pros/cons and not just be a straight upgrade. I like the idea of nonpriests being less sensitive to heals/damage.
  3. thanks ill take drain health as fo too since we are balancing
  4. what about a spell that turns corpses into food? like bones into... blueberries?
  5. End of the day can't make pvers play on the pvp server. But we can incentivize pvpers to stay on pvp by making it slightly better than pve. That might have the added bonus of bringing some pvers over
  6. Ranked 'seasons' with cosmetic rewards you can only get on PVP servers was tried on challenge. Might attract pvers to pvp, but it might just make existing pvpers rich with silver on PVE side.