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  1. We have a group of about 50 wurmians on NA server. If anyone wants to play HMU
  2. Old elevation was dank.
  3. I had put up like 75 or something but a moderator deleted/hid my post. GG
  4. @XalloYou've just earned the title 'forum troll'
  5. Bought can close
  6. Tell that to a 30% CR nerf and untauntable merchants on homeservers. Older view? Lol
  7. That's the general plan. Step 1 was actually acquire currency
  8. Interested in drake sets of all colors in this order starting with most wanted to least wanted Red Blue Black White Green Send me a PM with screenies and we can talk prices depending on ql/signature/runes
  9. Can't seem to see the picture. Signature on set?
  10. choices

    Where da rework at
  11. Roman Crusaders, One Kingdom with one purpose. To crush our enemies and see them driven before us. Here we have brave Roman Crusaders, outnumbered but not outfought. Looking to try out PVP post merge? Consider putting in an application with us today! Rome not your thing? As Mclovin said it doesn't matter who you join just join. #EPICPVP