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  1. WO Steam Discussion

    Just two two linked island like Independence and Chaos
  2. WO Steam Discussion

    Can you expand on this rolf? We have interested pvp parties involved
  3. WO Steam Discussion

    Use sklotopolis as a model for how the WO steam servers should be. Steal this kids ideas.
  4. WO Steam Discussion

    Agree. Steam PVP server +1
  5. WO Steam Discussion

    Can we please see a dual server released with 1 pvp and 1 pve server? I really like the idea of a steam server but you need to represent the pvp community too
  6. WO Steam Discussion

    I really like the idea of paying a sub to skill up faster after 20. The hardcap was always frustrating to me. I think this will be a really solid move overall for wurm. If it takes off and tons of people play can we please consider deleting/merging ALL the old servers and just starting over? Wurm with a healthy population on a fresh server sounds awesome. If you can't bring yourselves to cut the cord on the old servers, just keep them disconnected from the new stuff entirely. Also, you mentioned it would be a freedom server? does that mean no pvp at all for the steam server?
  7. Trusted seller and good friend
  8. WTS Olloch

    I mean... PMed You
  9. Switched my Shares

    See guys, even Rolf is abandoning ship Edit: Never thought dad would leave me twice
  10. WTS Olloch

    Exactly hahahaha
  11. WTS Olloch

    It might be vaporware. And its a long time from release. but my group did spend thousands on virtual real estate.
  12. Anybody interest in Chronicles of Elyria? Settlement selection is live and groups are locking in their kingdoms, duchies, counties, and settlements now. If you still don't have a group or haven't checked the game out now is the only time to get in and own land before release. Send me a PM if you're interested in joining the largest group of wurmians that plan on playing.
  13. WTS Olloch

    Bump, new price is 15 coconuts. Anybody play Chronicles of Elyria?