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  1. Last Post Wins

    Hey guys lets ban players in a game with really close communities so friends of those players quit too and then its a ghost town.
  2. You're starting over with your boys on a brand new server. You're playing against potentially thousands of unknowns. Tag your team Use this template or something Leader: Base Planner: Person who breeds the horses: Designated PvPer(s): Honorable Mentions and do nothing players: My dream team: Leader: @PostesBoys I'd give anything to hear poste get disappointed in me one more time Base Planner: @Capi I loved working under his iron fist. Really immersed me in what it would be like to be a prison laborer or something. Person who breeds the horses: @Tryfaenand @amberain80Cause they don't really get along but I enjoyed them both in the horse breeding role Designated PvPer(s): @fevfev @Judiand glasse because they're always out getting into trouble. Honorable Mentions and do nothing players: The entire gratsalot crew half of which are banned, @Oreo, @permo, silverbean, and [REDACTED]
  3. April Events

    Was just thinking that
  4. Secret thread

    As someone who was literally banned for saying this. I demand justice.
  5. Samool already better than buddah
  6. Oreohh says hi :)

    1. SweetSusie


      Well hi back 😋

      How is he doing?

  7. +1 for my best buddy and lover
  8. Good opener, now slide into the DMs
  9. Nvm he is too shy, False alarm
  10. My friend Oreo told me to tell you "Hi"
  11. You really think thats realistic?
  12. sold

    Weak archery - 85e tops