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  1. Secret thread

    As someone who was literally banned for saying this. I demand justice.
  2. Samool already better than buddah
  3. Oreohh says hi :)

    1. SweetSusie


      Well hi back 😋

      How is he doing?

  4. +1 for my best buddy and lover
  5. Good opener, now slide into the DMs
  6. Nvm he is too shy, False alarm
  7. My friend Oreo told me to tell you "Hi"
  8. You really think thats realistic?
  9. sold

    Weak archery - 85e tops
  10. this thread makes me feel so much better about selling up and cashing out. See you boys on steam
  11. You and Sme can probably be my friends again. You're still delusional but sometimes she posts
  12. Ok real talk Samool seems like a pretty cool guy. I genuinely wish him luck running this project. I don't have any friends left to play the Steam release with because they were all banned for 'toxic behavior' or something. I am assuming bans will carry over to this new steam version? I don't think I have any friends that aren't banned. I doubt ill play knowing I could get pinched at any moment for being too toxic. The lack of escalation of bans/warnings is whats really scary to me. No warning, no mute, no temp ban, just permanent IP bans as a business model. Yikes. retro isnt that bad