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  1. Wurm window doesn't want to appear

    Same issue with low memory client. I have updated Java ofc.
  2. Wurm window doesn't want to appear

    1. no 2. I will try later 3. It show up on a taskbar for one/two seconds, and it disappears
  3. Wurm window doesn't want to appear

    doesnt work, tried it few times. also running Wurm as an admin doesnt help
  4. Top 10 games (other than Wurm)

    1. Stronghold 2. Fallout 2 3. Tales of Maj'Eyal 4. NFS U2 5. Dwarf Fortress 6. Half-Life (Series) 7. KSP 8. Terraria 9. Stronghold Crusader 10. Heroes of Might and Magic V
  5. Because he is fighting with guards, thats a problem
  6. There is an active process in task manager but launcher window is not visible.
  7. Wurm Museum

    The work begins soon! We are still looking for players willing to help!
  8. Toggle size craft UI window

    +1, its a huge problem on 640x480
  9. Maybe not while mining, but increasing current spawn rate would be good.
  10. Beautiful Celebration...

    @Mataleao its for you Celebration inhabitants my real Wurm adventure started here
  11. Improving Tents

    +1, it doesnt make any sense to buy for example pmk tent, because it will decay etc
  12. All Gone!

    Red Drake bloods to Votip please
  13. More Time Please

    What about personal goals like deers or sea serpents, which spawn is completly random? It is not easy to find them, especially now, when everybody wants to pass their goals. I am looking with two friends for some deers for personal goal, and we cant find any.