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  1. Book Making

  2. [15:00:34] <Silvirwolfe> Are you using an AMD graphics card? I got an information on support that there is a problem with amd + wurm combination
  3. [Bug] 15 day premium bug

    Hello. Since 15.08 I am buying only 15 days premiums. Few days ago I just realized that my /playtime did not raise up. I also didnt get yellow potion. [19:18:42] <Sandyar> might be a bug about 15 day premium option that it doesnt count any full month, could you add it to server bugs on forum? Or maybe my calculations are wrong, but I don't think so, honestly. @edit calculations was wrong, now everything is ok
  4. Still happening, i got 3 emails yesterda
  5. [12:37:51] There is no room in front of you to create the lump. - I got this on event while i was trying to create large anvil
  6. What are the chances of a new player

    Wurm University Kingdom is waiting! Start on PvE, get some skills on start to become self-confident, but remember - not skills are importan,t but fun. My account is very weak, but for me it doesnt matter - I am on Chaos and I am delighted
  7. What do you look for in a map?

    Not flat, not hilly, with rivers inside, few islands nearby
  8. Newspring starter deed voting!

    All of them are... strange? In my opinion they don't match to Wurm.
  9. Team Map (in-game)

  10. Archaeology measuring jugs

    I just created 4 new measuring jugs by clay (not fragments) and [00:04:13] You check the wheel on the bottom and it indicates the volume is set to 80g.
  11. [Fixed] Personal goal randomly completed

    Maybe you was fighting with sly mob before, you retreated and after few hours someone killed this creature?
  12. Map making skill

    Interesting idea but i don't know...