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  1. Bringing a gasp of life back to Epic

    How the old Elevation map looks?
  2. Glowing depending on casts - ok, but no painting.
  3. Low FPS of animations

    Oke, i will try. I recorded a video how it looks, i will upload this in few hours, thanks.
  4. Low FPS of animations

    Hello, i have in game 30-70 fps, but animations looks like 5 fps. I have set "Extreme" Animation Quality in options. Someone know the solution of this problem? thx.
  5. Completing Deli's highway network

    Any another veins to destroy? If i will have some time in the next weekend, i can come to you people and get some mining
  6. Have you Scored a Affinity yet?

    I got mind few days ago
  7. People who keep wining the game

    Seriously? I think that some goals should be repaired/rerolled.
  8. People who keep wining the game

    I dont understand why freedomer can get an epic pesronal goal, for example - Planeswalker, ehh...
  9. Small visual problem on horses with bridles

    I have same problem, but i not disabled anything.
  10. WTS Rares and misc

    Cod 2 potions to Votip, how much for rare pickaxe and spindle?
  11. WTS Rares and misc

    How much for shield coc101, MR banners and oinments of tailoring?
  12. (Now Open 3/24/2018) Fallen Wonders

  13. https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Trade C.O.D has now 1 copper fee.
  14. Shield imping

    Anyway, I dont care about that. Your shop - your rules. But this idea is like a shoot in the knee. For example, i have 5 shieldimpers to choose. I will choose a imp wihout "fine risk" when my shield become rare, or wihout "fine"? That may scare a lot of potential customers.