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  1. On Things Current

    Del I didn't read prpperly
  2. but one player in different topic reminded about banned niki that nobody liked and she had avatars with cats so we use it as a dislike
  3. On Things Current

    do you know how mmos work? 0 new content - players are getting bored and they stop playing imagine world of warcraft wihout regular expansions
  4. Never Night

    where did i say that
  5. he dont lik eme

  6. Why it wasn't earlier?
  7. Why after 2/3 kingdoms have king?
  8. Silver Trading

    do you want to make me millionaire
  9. dont do it, its one big scam, google phrase "star citizen scam" and you will see
  10. It means that you havent played much mmorpgs some examples for you Blessed Shield in Tibia, about 5k Dragon Scale Legs in Tibia - 200-400 eur some trinkets in Guild Wars 2 - 1k euro max Islands in Second Life - most expensive one was sold for 40 or 50k eur, dont remember Entropia - 335k, there were more expensive btw - https://www.themarysue.com/entropia-universe-item-sells-335000/ Most expensive rares in Runescape costs about 5k eur, like party hats those are only few mmos that i had in mind, i didnt even mention Diablo or WoW. And imagine how this list would be bigger if I included not MMOs like Team Fortress 2, CS:GO or DOTA