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  1. And its a bad suggestion. On steam server on Steam release no one will have pelts, because it will be new server, not connected with others.
  2. how ram and cpu usage is related to weight of game?
  3. Why is everyone mentioning money aspect? As far as I know, payment for WO servers is very low and as far as I know, most of staff is working as a volunteers, so where this all money from prems and silvers bought in game store goes? No, It is not only that.
  4. Nope, things like that existed for years https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SETI@home edit oh just noticed that user before mentioned seti
  5. Where there were assumptions that 1g is a lot? Great that you are doing great But you know that monetization and monetizing as much stuff as possible in general is not a great way of running a game? How freedom alliances are related with all this heraldic stuff related with kingdoms et cetera? I mean, why should I be able to, as a random guy, go and create my own banners that would be added to the game? And why would we stop on banners? How about player-made tapestries, furniture etc etc? But... Don't we have Wurm Unlimited? Don't we have a game where you can create your own server and do there anything you want? Including heavy modding the game? But wait, one guy few posts before said that pvp people are "tiny niche portion of the playerbase", so i dont know how we are overcoming Freedom Isles in a hate. I'll be honest, in my short history of pvping i have encountered a lot of hate from few freedomers, they behavioured even like pvp was a cause of all whats wrong and bad in our lifes.
  6. -1, this topic had been discussed so many times
  7. gamer moment gonna post drawing soon
  8. Bump, can we have any response from staff?
  9. Sending ASAP, thanks! due to coronavirus problem, with my customers i am doing all transactions in gloves and masks, stay safe plox