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  1. Close.

    thank you, got the info.
  2. Close.

    yo rudie hit me up i need your paypal info, said I couldn't get that til now. for the price we talked about originally . unless you sold it already. but was hoping It still has what I had on him when you moved him or some replacements. in case I ever decide to play again. thanks bud. sorry couldn't of been sooner. or if someone who can contact him personally tell him to check his inbox. thanks. I'll check back later tonight, then after work tomorrow etc if don't hear from you tonight.
  3. -1 this would just let some buy coins from them for cheap and then turn around and sell them to players at a profit.
  4. As a part/full time veteran player who's played on a fresh account recently, I can say when you queue up a 24s+ action and don't gain skill its pretty disappointing. secondly a 24+ second action is also pretty disappointing. priest restrictions, which force you into having a second premium character. what do you think someone who's never played before would think? ya probably why they didn't stay... when you make the game less of a hardcore time sink, the game will become more popular. just saying it's above average but still to slow for a moderate No Lifer like myself. edit to add - raise characteristics above 20 for free to play and have the skill gained above 20 get calculated in when they do go premium. so no gains are lost. I have like 10 hours in and i've already hit 20 body strength, and by the time i finish the rowing boat. i'm sure i'll hit body control mind and stamina. when a premium player with above 30 characteristics loses premium they drop down to 30. allowing you to still sail and ride a horse etc. Why limit free to play so much? Improve the Wurmpedia. under basic knowledge is says you start with a 30ql longsword for instance. "The 30 quality long sword you get at the beginning is barely good enough for killing rats," There is a decent crafting window, now's a good time for an improvement window. unless you want your players to get carpal tunnel. I think it's a good time to stop saying what free to players can't do and what free to players can do.
  5. ya, i'm digging clay now. thanks for the tips.
  6. it's a sandbox i should be able to dig and drop dirt. it's not like i am trying to do it to 90 i need like 14 to dig a 40+ slope. but i'll move around, since this is such a issue to gain skill with a noobie shovel.
  7. I got this from support. [12:45:13] <Shydow> Digging and dropping dirt very quickly hits the anti-botting limit, I recommend moving a tile after every few sets. You can also log out for /lotime to reset it as well seems like i should be able to dig and drop dirt to at least 20 skill.
  8. I started a fresh account and started digging and dropping dirt, because the only tar pit nearby was a 40 slope in the middle of the deep water. I dug until almost 6 skill then I stopped gaining. I logged out and back in to no avail. logged out waited for char to leave world, came back in and gained skill until just before 8 and it happened again. pretty frustrating to say the least.
  9. thanks for quick and easy sale of the pickaxe and the rake. good prices.
  10. how were they adjusted?
  11. it's not the fatigue system that promotes multi accounts. It's that priests can't improve.
  12. A Large maul usually does the trick.
  13. I've noticed in the last few days what appears to be to longer than ideal of a gap between end of action and beginning to regain stamina with periodic finishing lag.