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  1. You find your console log in the wurm folder , look in steam folder for wurm if you are using steam. or search it console.the name you use.log it is good if you paste it with tags This file is overwritten at each login so copy it after a crash before logging in [spoiler] the copypaste [/spoiler] Hope you find out
  2. Nowadays with how lights and lamps works , Light up feels pretty useless so why not change it something else ,as ttile says for an example to groomíng instead
  4. do i need to say Animal Taming :) Story is when i saw that Celebration was going to open i decided tos tart brand new with a alt thats me Moogien , on Celebration Exited about deeding on fresh untouched land, a bit newbie stylish , even that i had basic knowledge what to do. One day on first weeks working to get my sloped deed flat for houses and such a player came riding on a hell horse the old style of them sat on it on a hill, looked awesome, not as today. At that moment i decided to be able tame and ride a hell horse, memory is bad here but maybe a year after was possible do both. Did put taming aside the years passed by , one day i decide go 90 taming and focused on taming again. Then at 90 , i was not satisfied , decided go all the way to Animal Taming 100 , and maybe be able name that title if not already taken in the past, do not spoil me on this. Late this year or maybe next spring i may hit animal taming 100 , and will be a 10 year anniversary of it.
  5. I had 3 Champion unicorns pregnant with different pregnancy timers , today when i started 1 of november , all 3 had given birth , very odd. also non of the 3 foals was champions, can happen, BUT they was NOT named. [09:05:56] You smile at a young unicorn foal. [09:05:47] Her mother is a venerable fat champion unicorn 'Tame Me If you Dare'. Her father is the venerable fat champion Ebonyamulius.
  6. Timers for breeding seems off with my Champion unicorns , unless there is something that i have missed. [08:19:04] The venerable fat champion unicorn 'Tame Me If you Dare' shies away and interrupts the action. [11:29:51] The venerable fat champion unicorn 'Tame Me If you Dare' doesn't seem to be in the mood right now. [11:29:43] The venerable fat champion Ebonyamulius does not seem interested in food right now. [11:29:47] The venerable fat champion unicorn 'Tame Me If you Dare' does not seem interested in food right now. I also tried lead the female thats not in the mod , then try lead the male same messages. . As far i know should be possible after roughly 1 hour.
  7. next attempt worked , [11:49:36] The venerable fat champion Tearlaverna and the venerable fat champion Ebonyamulius get intimate.
  8. My male champion unicorn is not in the mood to breed after 1+ hour and it is well fed and not hungry when handfeed him. [2021-08-21] [09:01:50] The venerable fat champion unicorn 'Tame Me If you Dare' and the venerable fat champion Ebonyamulius get intimate. [10:32:35] The venerable fat champion Ebonyamulius doesn't seem to be in the mood right now. [10:33:11] The venerable fat champion Ebonyamulius does not seem interested in food right now.
  9. Exceptions An inscribed papyrus sheet or paper sheet is 1 iron to mail. Combined items (such as metal lumps, wood scraps, liquids, etc) are 1 copper per 5 kg.
  10. It is the target that requires to be within range, 20 tiles, of the Guard Tower, not you. 1. make sure the attacker is targetted by you. 2. type either help or guards! in local chat tab. if they respond and not coming the responding pair is stuck , and you can not get help from them. Known issue. 3. if they respond and coming you can make 2nd call for next pair, and again if required for the last 1 or 2 if a rare tower. This is one of the best used keybinds when new , in console press F1 type: bind anykey "say guards!" or "say help" or :) "say Hey guards! come help me and drink some coffee"
  11. Was the pig alone in the pen or did you altered between 2 pigs taming them . Remember animals starts fight each other if one is tamed and you start tame another. Look in combat logs what happened, they in your Wurm folder /wurm/players/name/logs As you was not attacking / fighting anything , you dont get No Target option
  12. I agree way to easy get diseased while near a cart with hitched horses or embarked , no other animals nearby.
  13. Guards responds in groups of 2 to get all to attack you need at least 3 calls with a short delay within each call. The target have to be within range of the Tower 20 tiles, you can be further away and target a hostile near a guard Tower and do the call. The problem can be if the first group that responds is stucked often in caves the next call still alerts the stucked pair. Mine doors should prevent them from entering caves . I understand your suggestion , would be nice have some kind of call if you within range of the Guard Tower all 5 gathers around you no matter where they are. Tower guards can wander away from their tower , and that can also be a reason some thinks they bugged when you call , because there is no Guard tower near only a tower guard.
  14. 1. This is possible no matter of Taming skill level and can be raised to 100 loyalty only by praying. Praying to your deity can improve your taming level. Example: Aged seal suddenly seems more loyal. 2. 100 Loyalty : [11:08:47] Venerable fat Moogien is already tame, so you don't learn anything new. [11:08:47] Your taming does not seem to have any effect. This means you dont get skillgains at loyalty 100.