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  1. Not a bug , became a misunderstanding, this is normal improve messages.
  2. After i got a question about the irc command ircsay /part channel mentioned here : That command is not supoorted with ingame irc client and gives a unknown command in servertab. So i was told the command /raw will work with ingame irc client for most commands. Possible use in console ircsay /raw part #channelname , with issues : channel tab doesn't close or shows that you actually left channel. [15:32:15] <xxyyzz> [14:30:13] *** Moogien has left #wurm #wurm tab still open for me and it looks valid as i am there but im not. However im not good with IRC , and that page should need a rework.
  3. posted here :
  4. Posted here aswell :
  5. Thank you i got it
  6. Note that the underscores is needed as i have typed it, in the console. bind b toggle_character_window
  7. This bind for Character window - from main menu - hud settings- Character Window is not listed in wiki for console commands , toggle_character_window
  8. Reported here aswell:
  9. Yes, but if there is only 1 wagoner and 200 delivery's , haha , on Celebration
  10. Those messages is from my Archeology when i started , it is not often i got them in that skill range mentioned, so there is a chance as Warlander says. With higher skill you may see it more often.
  11. Placed a public wagoner, Roughly: I 18 [15:42:52] Wagoner Gullveig is now a citizen of Northmere Bridge Merchants!
  12. Thank you. I guess most is covered here now and food types most likely not have a effect. As i suspected from start. Thanks for all the input and ideas. Hopefully this may help other tamers.
  13. Did 100 tamings with lamb i will show all skillticks for taming in spoilers. I have splitted them up so each spoiler is for 15 tamings , last was 10, from full stamina until its gone. 1 interesting thing i did not get skillticks for every succesful attempt with this message: You create a stronger bond with venerable fat Fastfast 'fast'. I have no clue if its intended. Only one tick at 0,000038 15 attempts 10 attempts:
  14. If i can recall the order i been taming , else maybe better count from now and forward as you see already done on the last 300 tamings. I'm afraid you nailed it, i did'nt think of this. I briefly looked through the skill ticks and for me they been max 0,000038 , minimum 0,000015 For me A perfect 100 successess can give max 0,0038 in skillgain, and lowest minimum 0,0015 . So it most likely as you said the randomness when the skillticks comes and amount of it. So with this not sure if there is more needed to say about it.
  15. Today i used 100 minced beef because of the result i did 100 normal beef after. Can be that the QL played a role here with the minced beef, or because of the small numbers this difference can occur. 100 minced beef QL 19 - 36 average QL 26 , Gained: 0,000854 69 - You create a stronger bond with venerable fat Fastfast 'fast'. 21 - Venerable fat Fastfast 'fast' ignores your commands. 6 - Venerable fat Fastfast 'fast' is already tame, so you don't learn anything new. 100 - Beef QL 20,01 , Gained : 0,001153 71 - You create a stronger bond with venerable fat Fastfast 'fast'. 18 - Venerable fat Fastfast 'fast' ignores your commands. 8 - Venerable fat Fastfast 'fast' is already tame, so you don't learn anything new. Nutrition 86% , full food and water , Animal taming affinity and Soul strength used Any ideas ?