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  1. Was the pig alone in the pen or did you altered between 2 pigs taming them . Remember animals starts fight each other if one is tamed and you start tame another. Look in combat logs what happened, they in your Wurm folder /wurm/players/name/logs As you was not attacking / fighting anything , you dont get No Target option
  2. I agree way to easy get diseased while near a cart with hitched horses or embarked , no other animals nearby.
  3. Guards responds in groups of 2 to get all to attack you need at least 3 calls with a short delay within each call. The target have to be within range of the Tower 20 tiles, you can be further away and target a hostile near a guard Tower and do the call. The problem can be if the first group that responds is stucked often in caves the next call still alerts the stucked pair. Mine doors should prevent them from entering caves . I understand your suggestion , would be nice have some kind of call if you within range of the Guard Tower all 5 gathers around you no matter where they are. Tower guards can wander away from their tower , and that can also be a reason some thinks they bugged when you call , because there is no Guard tower near only a tower guard.
  4. 1. This is possible no matter of Taming skill level and can be raised to 100 loyalty only by praying. Praying to your deity can improve your taming level. Example: Aged seal suddenly seems more loyal. 2. 100 Loyalty : [11:08:47] Venerable fat Moogien is already tame, so you don't learn anything new. [11:08:47] Your taming does not seem to have any effect. This means you dont get skillgains at loyalty 100.
  5. Should be solved now and possible login.
  6. Epic Lag

    Should be possible login now
  7. When there is issues with shop and login server, it is not possible log in at all. Devs is looking at it.
  9. Epic Lag
  10. Golden Valley is having issues, Devs is aware
  11. Epic Lag

    Devs aware of login issues , and looking at it.
  12. This more a suggestion than a bug i assume :) When doing a emotion to a animal like smile - examine to add to Granger , please let the box not close on a emotion - so it is easier do the examine direct after.
  13. 2 days later : 2020-06-19 [09:39:31] She will deliver in about 4 days.
  14. My Champion Unicorn have been pregnant pretty long , i wonder if it is a bug or server issues for Celebration. No it is not tamed have not been tamed during this time either. [2020-06-03] [09:00:05] She will deliver in about 10 days. [2020-06-05] [10:36:46] She will deliver in about 9 days. [2020-06-11] [09:08:24] She will deliver in about 6 days. [2020-06-13] [11:10:56] She will deliver in about 5 days. [2020-06-15] [09:59:20] She will deliver in about 5 days. [2020-06-17] [09:28:01] She will deliver in about 5 days. [2020-06-17] [10:46:46] She will deliver in about 5 days. added 2020-06-19 [09:39:31] She will deliver in about 4 days.
  15. I have 99,91 taming and 42 soul strength and can not tame a venerable champion crocodile. I try now and then with 20-30 attempts. I assume i need higher Soul Strength to be able tame champion crocodile and champion unicorn I caught it by using Charm as i am a Fo priest.