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  1. This more a suggestion than a bug i assume :) When doing a emotion to a animal like smile - examine to add to Granger , please let the box not close on a emotion - so it is easier do the examine direct after.
  2. 2 days later : 2020-06-19 [09:39:31] She will deliver in about 4 days.
  3. My Champion Unicorn have been pregnant pretty long , i wonder if it is a bug or server issues for Celebration. No it is not tamed have not been tamed during this time either. [2020-06-03] [09:00:05] She will deliver in about 10 days. [2020-06-05] [10:36:46] She will deliver in about 9 days. [2020-06-11] [09:08:24] She will deliver in about 6 days. [2020-06-13] [11:10:56] She will deliver in about 5 days. [2020-06-15] [09:59:20] She will deliver in about 5 days. [2020-06-17] [09:28:01] She will deliver in about 5 days. [2020-06-17] [10:46:46] She will deliver in about 5 days. added 2020-06-19 [09:39:31] She will deliver in about 4 days.
  4. I have 99,91 taming and 42 soul strength and can not tame a venerable champion crocodile. I try now and then with 20-30 attempts. I assume i need higher Soul Strength to be able tame champion crocodile and champion unicorn I caught it by using Charm as i am a Fo priest.
  5. If a hitched hellhorse is fought back and the hellhorse do a bad move it will be hit, and may die if it happens more than once. Same result with 4 hellhorses hitched to wagon tried all 4 , both on and off deed, i couldn't hit them. all 4 branded. Tried with no branded hellies still no luck hit them. Hitched to cart branded :
  6. The tile can jump around as well my love tile is not always in same tile but nearby . Even got it on packed dirt , also sometimes there is 2 Love tiles beside each other. It have never dissapeared totally for me. May add a screenshot. :)
  7. The topic says it all
  8. Logged in today noticed missing graphics first i thought maybe slow loading but later i see it with my alt correctly not myself. Me: Alt:
  9. [09:29:27] You start to go to sleep. [09:29:49] You must not move while doing that. [09:29:49] You stop sleeping. Second action works , server Celebration
  10. Devs is aware that Celebrations is down and working out a solution to get it up asap
  11. Very good suggestions , i made such a tunnel several years ago , but hit surfac to early but its low enough so it works as i wanted, started from top and down, but i made the top entrance backwards , meaning facing the opening then i have the slopes behind. Took me at least 2 weeks of looking and planning before started the mining . Feel free visit Celebration and have a look , i deeded it recently for highway purposes, the name is Tunnel and connected to tap dance.
  12. Successful lockpicking -5 When not owner of lock This is not true , lockpicking doesnt effect on alignment.
  13. Is it meant that fishing rod looks like this ?
  14. Close Please

    Not a bug , became a misunderstanding, this is normal improve messages.