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  1. I like beeing outside in nature and enjoy forest daily campings, walking or by bicycling a few miles. Mostly i bring my camera and tripod and take shots. I start with 2 pics. A day in the woods A photo i took today
  2. i think i have enough lol , Thank you. Im done planting , in the areas i have been thinking of , treid more north and west of m but it was more mess there. Built a marble bridge at old Gurrington place where it was a gap abov a water cave entrance.
  3. Hermitage added , Eckerbrisk added , Crispy lake added , Tunnel added
  4. If you plant a waystone on your deed and catseyes to a existing route, ask if you need help. 2 settings is required in settlement - manage settings , Allow highways and Highway routing , both boxes checked , if you want find route to show your village.
  5. New Deed, name : Tunnel , the deed covers a tunnel up north a mountain . Token at bottom , South of the tunnel.
  6. If i make a role for a foreign player allowing paving and drop , to plant catseye and waystone. Mayor is not allowed remove the catseye, on own deed, Crowbar - bash-pry [08:58:14] That would be very bad for your karma and is disallowed on this server.
  7. I suggest replace with a catseye , use crobar and pry the catseye and then plant a freshly new made waystone.
  8. No thanks
  9. Northmere Bridge connected to tap dance. Heritage Northmere Canal connected to tap dance 1329 , the long route. Will continue across northern desert. Waiting for Garden of Fo and Hermitage
  10. The idea is not to change deed name but sometimes for larger deeds with several waystones find route points to the deed name and tells tiles to it. Howvever if you have a big mountain and roads on each side could be convient if it was possible on find route deed name ,west side or anything that would tell where on deed it points to. Did this make sense ?
  11. Thanks Pandylynn , waystones offdeed or on perimeter with 1 route only take damage. Waysstone planted south of Hermitage near water , if any interested to connect to it. Hopefully i get in contact with Hermitage owner, maybe just left for a longer break. So this 2 waystones i mentioned now may decay by time if they dont get a 2nd route.
  12. I have started plant waystones and catseyes on western side of Northmere Bridge. My plans is continue to Hermitage and to Valdor's deed, Garden of Fo I have planted catseyes on the Northmere bridge and a waystone on East side of Northmere Bridge for a continue towards Tap Dance , if any feel for it.
  13. Was standing on a very long bridge Celebration, Northmere Bridge. Creating catseyes dropped them to cart. When all was made i started improve them , [11:39:17] After you finish improving you will start improving again. But the action didnt start , moved off bridge no change. Relogged for lotime no change. Was in unstable when it happened , logged to stable still same issue. About 10 tiles from bridge [11:39:17] After you finish improving you will start improving again. No action starts and cant take items as they in use. But i managed get them to my inventory and improve them there.
  14. soon up again.. Can lock this thread.