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  1. Very good suggestions , i made such a tunnel several years ago , but hit surfac to early but its low enough so it works as i wanted, started from top and down, but i made the top entrance backwards , meaning facing the opening then i have the slopes behind. Took me at least 2 weeks of looking and planning before started the mining . Feel free visit Celebration and have a look , i deeded it recently for highway purposes, the name is Tunnel and connected to tap dance.
  2. Successful lockpicking -5 When not owner of lock This is not true , lockpicking doesnt effect on alignment.
  3. [Bug] icon for fishing rod missing

    Is it meant that fishing rod looks like this ?
  4. Close Please

    Not a bug , became a misunderstanding, this is normal improve messages.
  5. After i got a question about the irc command ircsay /part channel mentioned here : That command is not supoorted with ingame irc client and gives a unknown command in servertab. So i was told the command /raw will work with ingame irc client for most commands. Possible use in console ircsay /raw part #channelname , with issues : channel tab doesn't close or shows that you actually left channel. [15:32:15] <xxyyzz> [14:30:13] *** Moogien has left #wurm #wurm tab still open for me and it looks valid as i am there but im not. However im not good with IRC , and that page should need a rework.
  6. Item what is used is white color

    posted here :
  7. [Fixed] Post Update Visual Bug On Tool Heads

    Posted here aswell :
  8. [DONE] Console commands

    Thank you i got it
  9. [DONE] Console commands

    Note that the underscores is needed as i have typed it, in the console. bind b toggle_character_window
  10. This bind for Character window - from main menu - hud settings- Character Window is not listed in wiki for console commands , toggle_character_window
  11. Reported here aswell:
  12. Wagoneers on Cele

    Yes, but if there is only 1 wagoner and 200 delivery's , haha , on Celebration
  13. Confusion over Archaeology

    Those messages is from my Archeology when i started , it is not often i got them in that skill range mentioned, so there is a chance as Warlander says. With higher skill you may see it more often.
  14. Wagoneers on Cele

    Placed a public wagoner, Roughly: I 18 [15:42:52] Wagoner Gullveig is now a citizen of Northmere Bridge Merchants!
  15. Animal Taming and skill gain with food types.

    Thank you. I guess most is covered here now and food types most likely not have a effect. As i suspected from start. Thanks for all the input and ideas. Hopefully this may help other tamers.