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  1. Was showing Kristof road from northmere canal to Hermitage passing fallen Sunder, then to Arnshire castle , dirt drop or surface mining required to make a highway passing that castle. further on to No lakes with a single laned climbing tunnel. then further on highway passes bear valley, then further on leeds to garden of Fo ( name maybe not correct )
  2. As title say many itesm have e even tmessage when they dissapear by decay. Meditation rug and beds does not have a event message when poofs. Should be a crumbles to dust message. imo.
  3. My running around hen died, even cared for, fed every day with one potato ql 20 ish, even dropped 4-6 potatos on tile.
  4. That running around hen doesnt get a fat layer , i drop food to ground ( 5 or 6 ) , next day its gone but the hen still not getting fat. Hand feeding it, 1 food each day, the 2 other hens have gotten the fat tag, that doesnt run around.
  5. i have 3 hens in a 2x2 pen 3 fields and one oak tree , 1 of them tries flee from my alt even trying go through fences.
  6. Stand at a corner and important face to center of the tile you want it on when adding last items , when it is finished creator can turn it to get the door where it is wanted.
  7. Was making 30 small barrels , dropped unfinished on ground, there a lamp is planted. when dropped unfinished barrel No 17 the lamp vanished and made a pile of items. showing the lamp in the item pile. Examine: [09:38:51] A decorative lamp head on a wooden post. The lamp (lit) has been firmly secured to the ground by Moogien. You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Zara.e'. Ql: 62.264397, Dam: 0.0. Screen with 16 unfinished small barrels. Dropped the 17th unfinished small barrel.
  8. Already a post about it:
  9. Such a beauty but on wrong spot, thank you. Thats not where i said actually.
  10. Putting this to rest , i am finished with Pea pods. No more updates.
  11. I have a small memory of that it needs read / write permissions in the windows system, tried run as adminstrator ?
  12. Shouldnt't be easy , but give a chance. However seems this idea nerfs PoK , and might not work good, unless better ideas comes up.
  13. Would it be that bad to PoK ? My self is not PoK , my alt is though. You think its better leave as is ?
  14. lest say you get killed by a creature , losing skills, sadly. why not have a mission that gives you a chance to get the skills back. You have to kill X amount of that creature that killed you as a revenge , within a set time. Also if killed by suicide / drowning / falling off a cliff chooses a random mission from thjat creature pool that you have to do. If the mission is accomplished skills is set back. Shouldn't be easy though but give a decent chance.