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  1. I tested this Alliance all permissions unchecked , Personal role , build and plan building unchecked, not a villager. Was able plan and finalize on perimeter , on the deed perimeter. Was not able do this on a foreign deed perimeter. Those settings above should be enough. What else must be done ?
  2. When tried to tick, Mark this if you want your village to show in the find route village list , they got a misleading event message: <Minixcaliber> (Cad) [08:20:27] Cannot disallow highways as you have one on (or next to) your settlement. , should be pointing out Allow highways must be enabled
  3. I guess i did a think tank , focused on the taming skill gain not soul strength skill gain. Here is the results with a adolescent ram. [10:17:41] You suddenly realise that you have more of an insight about soul strength! start of taming rough 15 minutes / 100 tame actions No sleep bonus rough 15 minutes / 100 tame actions yes Sleep bonus Back to hellies as it's the tame skill i want atm. :)
  4. Thanks , when i have found a ram to test with i show results here.
  5. Venerable Hell horse is used to tame on , not sure of their diffulty, though. More to easy in fact, for me.
  6. 1 food affinity for soul strength 1 for animal taming , sleep bonus activated , roughly 1 hour of animal taming. gained Soul Affinity, gained Nature and animal taming affinity. [10:54:22] You suddenly realise that you have more of an insight about soul strength! I think Soul strength gain should been higher than the Soul depth gain Start of the taming : after the roughly 1 hour taming:
  7. Repair fixes it even though it is not needed on the crate that gives that message, do a repair .
  8. Gyazo , requires installation though and take control of printscreen key so you can cut what to share if you like , embeds in file system so you can right click any picture and choose send to gyazo.
  9. You find your console log in the wurm folder , look in steam folder for wurm if you are using steam. or search it console.the name you use.log it is good if you paste it with tags This file is overwritten at each login so copy it after a crash before logging in [spoiler] the copypaste [/spoiler] Hope you find out
  10. Nowadays with how lights and lamps works , Light up feels pretty useless so why not change it something else ,as ttile says for an example to groomíng instead
  12. do i need to say Animal Taming :) Story is when i saw that Celebration was going to open i decided tos tart brand new with a alt thats me Moogien , on Celebration Exited about deeding on fresh untouched land, a bit newbie stylish , even that i had basic knowledge what to do. One day on first weeks working to get my sloped deed flat for houses and such a player came riding on a hell horse the old style of them sat on it on a hill, looked awesome, not as today. At that moment i decided to be able tame and ride a hell horse, memory is bad here but maybe a year after was possible do both. Did put taming aside the years passed by , one day i decide go 90 taming and focused on taming again. Then at 90 , i was not satisfied , decided go all the way to Animal Taming 100 , and maybe be able name that title if not already taken in the past, do not spoil me on this. Late this year or maybe next spring i may hit animal taming 100 , and will be a 10 year anniversary of it.
  13. I had 3 Champion unicorns pregnant with different pregnancy timers , today when i started 1 of november , all 3 had given birth , very odd. also non of the 3 foals was champions, can happen, BUT they was NOT named. [09:05:56] You smile at a young unicorn foal. [09:05:47] Her mother is a venerable fat champion unicorn 'Tame Me If you Dare'. Her father is the venerable fat champion Ebonyamulius.