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  1. If you are a follower of a deity it is possible pray to get the pet to max loyalty , takes a while though, this is no matter of your tame skill.
  2. Not sure if related but i have lost a RL 10 year old oak. [13:08:45] You see a patch of grass. The grass is medium and seems to like it here.
  3. I move in the directions it says and if faded out i right lick the paper and choose find survey location to see it again
  4. Topic says it, Larder shelves , Storage unit shelves and any shelves
  5. Bump yes let us be able remove any trait and spells / enchantments aswell
  6. We can drop some finished items to BSB or crates , it is about time make it possible for heads and blades aswell
  7. Thank you to all . A 10 years mile stone is planted. You have just received the title 'Who let the dogs out'!
  8. Need more information about cave ins not happening to houses From: Underground Housing It is possible to build houses in caves. You can build any type of wall underground, however you cannot build roofs in cave dwellings. In order to do this you would need to activate a hammer, mallet, or trowel and right-click a flat, reinforced cave floor tile. Houses can only be built touching a cave wall if and when all the tiles are on deed and they do not have an adjacent perimeter tile. If any of the adjacent tiles are perimeter tiles the perimeter tile must be mined out. Alternatively, houses in caves cannot be built touching a cave wall if they are off deed. If you attempt to plan a house that is outside the previously stated parameters you will get the following message: You cannot build here, there must be a gap around the building.
  9. Thank you , i think i have landed now . Now part 2 , I can not easily tame a Venerable Champion Unicorn or Venerable Champion Crocodile Because my Soul Strength is to low , 45 ish , so well next 10 years will be get that up , joking aside. Next goal able to tame those aswell.
  10. [10:12:51] Animal taming increased by 0,000008 to 100,000000 A 10 years mile stone is planted , im so happy.
  11. local: Logging started 2012-06-02 [12:40:01] <Cerberus> only here with the rest of MR/JK from wild [12:40:04] <Moogien> its across water south [12:40:15] <Cerberus> will give you a horse [12:40:32] <Moogien> i cant have a horse nopw no rope or fence just a shed Cerberus if you still around it was how i saw you that made me go for Animal taming
  12. yes caffeine, SB, affinity food and 1 permanent affinity on animal taming also as a Fo priest, bonus on taming.
  13. Hold the horses , this was a prepost, I am still at 99,999992 i expect at least maybe minimum 2000 more actions . I say thank you for the to early gratulations , i will update the curve in the spoiler each day until the end, and update here that it did happen. Agin thanks