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Found 32 results

  1. Some of you may know me as Yekrut. Others may call me Turkey. And others may remember me as Shut up, kid! Whether you do or don't know me, I have a history in Wurm Online spanning several years and I have a plan for the new Steam PVE server. I've been planning this for any new server. I just didn't know it would take place on a new set of servers, but hey, I'm only human. I'm looking to put together a large market--THE largest market on the new Steam PVE server. I've already started planning. I want to get everything as organized as possible before the server opens and I'm looking for experienced players to join up. What I want is for players who plan to play on the new server to sign up and take on a specific role. When it comes to authority, you will have the responsibility of managing that aspect of the settlement, with input from myself and the other managers. We will have regular small meetings to review and plan future changes to the settlement. You and I will discuss how you should use your role for the betterment of the market and I'll make sure the whole thing comes together in an interesting and organized way. We will find a project for you to work on, and you spend as much time on it as you can. For example, if you agree to be our Master Dye Maker, you will need to level that skill up as quickly as possible because the market will be counting on you. If you're the Main Animal Breeder, your fellow market developers will be counting on you to donate and sell whatever animals you can. Not a lot of sales will be happening at the start of the server because skill levels will be low and no pro items will be in the game yet. Working together and helping each other will set our market apart from other markets. Working together will also help you to acquire better tools and resources before other settlements in the game. We'll design the market to be enormous, colorful, and aesthetically pleasing. I also plan to have a limited amount of lighting to ensure that players have as little lag as possible while in the market. We want to be very, very organized so the market will look amazing. For that to happen, each person's personal preferences will be somewhat limited. What does that mean? It means that the Main Building Designer will have most control over how the residential area looks. It'll be his job to plan structures and see that they are built in an organized way (placement, material type, size). The Main Outdoor Decorator will be in charge of decorating the outside shrubs and landscapes, etc. This is a normal limitation while being part of a larger settlement. But it's good because having one person choose these things for everyone will make an overall better visual effect. Also note that you may have to work with another manager to accomplish some aspects of your role. For example, if you're the ship builder, you may not be able to make your own high level ropes, so you would need to collaborate with other villagers to get rope. Most likely you could trade for some ropes or give up your products for free starting out and someone is likely to give you what you need when they get it. Helping someone else first can go a long way in villager relationships. It's a big undertaking. What do you have to gain from helping out with this project? Let me list a few things that will put you ahead of everyone else when it comes to the new server: -You'll get a larger, more desirable house in the market area. -You'll have a preferred space for a merchant when the market is ready to open. -You'll have access to a large community that shares their tools and resources with you, which will put us ahead of other settlements. -You will be conveniently located next to the largest market in the server. -It will be easier to raise your skills being in a large settlement with a common mine, forge, etc. -We will be a large settlement at first, while we raise our skills and develop the market. Then we'll open the market as it's ready and the server matures. -You'll be able to make some silver a little later, when the market opens to traffic from the entire server. -You'll be part of a settlement that won't play for a few days and then quit. It's common among new players. We will keep growing this community until we're all highly skilled and rich. You will also have the benefit of being part of a large-scale project, which will be much bigger than most, if not all, other settlements early in the game. -You'll get a share of the market's income to be determined at a later date. It depends entirely on how profitable the market becomes. If your name is on the spreadsheet, you'll be included in the share of silver profits. What do you have to lose? What do we need from you? You'll need a few things to be able to sign up to take on a role: -Time. You'll need to be able to play a lot, so you can raise your skills and contribute to the market community. -Premium. You'll need high skills eventually to continue to improve the market's appearance and amenities, which will require premium on at least one of your accounts. -This isn't like a real job, so you create your own hours. However, in order to fulfill your role as a manager, you'll need to put in an honest effort. If it becomes clear that you aren't fulfilling your duties or trying to steal/scam other members of the group, we'll replace you with someone who fills the role more adequately. -Donations. While you're raising your skills you can create storage bins, forges, carts, etc. to level up your character to be able to perform more difficult tasks. Collect your shards, ores, wood, etc. and throw them in a bin so that other people may use them for raising their skills. This type of network can be beneficial for everyone who joins in on this market. If it's not useful to you at the moment, it may be useful for someone else, so don't throw it away. Give it away if you can. How to sign up: Send me (Hammer) a pm with your email and which role you wish to have. I prefer to have your email so we can keep contact until the server opens. I'll also use your email to share market spreadsheets with you. I won't use it for any other purposes, I promise. You may also message me in Wurm Online on Yekrut to discuss more information. If it's a high difficulty role you need to tell me why you think you could do a good job and how much experience you have doing that. Some roles will require some experience and others will require little or none. You can send a nickname if you don't want anyone to see your character name in advance (so nobody else takes it when the server opens). If I think you'll do a good job I'll add you to the list. You can sign up for 2 or 3 roles if you think you will be able to handle all of them. You can also sign up as backup if you want to help the primary person with that task. If there's a role you would like but it isn't listed, send me a message and maybe we can add yours. ROLES: Position Title Difficulty (1 to 5) Main Duty Secondary Duty Primary Player Secondary Player Animal Breeder 2 supply traited animals supplying milk hidden player 1 Mandy Blacksmith 2 creating higher level bs items for others jewelry, locksmith, metallurgy NecroFizzle Bridge Planner 4 bridge and building planning help building designer build Builder 1 1 Follow the Building and Bridge Designer's plans and help build help anyone Builder 2 1 Follow the Building and Bridge Designer's plans and help build help anyone Builder 3 1 Follow the Building and Bridge Designer's plans and help build help anyone Building Designer 5 - deed planner required design a unique and interesting collection of buildings to fit specific areas Darwin Yekrut Bulk Producer 1 1 stone, wood, animal parts, herbs, etc using alts is ok Yekrut Bulk Producer 2 1 ore, lumps, etc using alts is ok Forrester 1 produce sprouts, nuts, fruit help anyone Wucius Carpenter 2 help other citizens get carts, beds, wagons, etc from wood help anyone Chef 2 making a variety of high quality foods for affinity bonuses farming Yekrut Allysia Coal Maker 2 steel production Digger 2 bulk dirt, clay production; terraforming forming canals Wucius Dye Maker 3 create beautiful dyes to color the market herb production Allysia Farmer 2 gathering high quality crops for the chef, tailor, ropemaker herb production Yekrut Allysia Fighter 2 raise fighting, help keep the area safe and protect workers outside the settlement meat, pink flower scout Grass Enchanter 1 create enchanted grass for animals to graze help anyone hidden player 1 Indoor Decorator 5 create attractive and unique indoor decorations for all buildings Leather Worker 3 supply armor and leather gear to others hidden player 1 Marketing 3 attract other players to join the settlement or sell their wares here help anyone Yekrut Miner 3 mine out a specific mine pattern supply stone shards NecroFizzle Outdoor Decorator 5 place interesting and colorful decorations, including fountains, flowerbeds, etc Priest-Fo 3 bless, animal traits, mailbox enchant, life transfer, etc prayer groups, convert others Allysia Mandy Priest-Libila 3 bless, enchant items and gear for villagers, etc prayer groups, convert others Priest-Magranon 3 bless, strongwall, etc prayer groups, convert others Priest-Vynora 3 bless, enchant items and gear for villagers, etc prayer groups, convert others hidden player 1 Road Maker 3 create and pave roads to connect all the regions of the market help anyone Ship Builder 2 make rowboats for villagers help anyone Tailor 2 make bardings, cloth materials for ships, decorations, etc distribute meditation rugs Weaponsmith 2 make weapons for villagers jewelry, lock, metallurgy Darwin
  2. Introducing WU The Western Union, Wurm Unlimited Server! Brought to you by former members of the Western Union Alliance on Xanadu and Independence. The server's dimensions include 12 PVE islands and a central PVP island. We have a great deal of mods, please visit our website to see the full list at link below. At present, main events are focusing on server projects, rather it is working on the starting towns or building roads. They occur every two weeks on Thursdays at 7pm (GMT -8). Eventually, we’ll be planning more events, but prizes are awarded to those who attend the events. Events will be announced via Steam Group calendar. Steam Group @ Map @ Mods list @: Details: * Characteristics start at 20 with the exception of body control and mind logic which is set to 25 * Players may have a main character and a priest alt, any additional alts may be frowned upon. * Deeds maintenance is set to free, but we ask that you do not make multiple deeds. We suggest that players join the Mol-Rehan Kingdom, as it is the most prepared, only those with the adventuring spirit can select Jenn-Kellon, or Horde of the Summoned. There are multiple CA’s to manage both the technical aspects of the server. Our CA's play at different times so there's a good chance someone will be available to support you. If not please open a ticket in game, or post your issues in the steam group discussions for server CA help. We are always looking out for devoted players to become community assistants (CA). PM Rkjasminth or Eridil for details on how to join the server. General Settings Name: WU The Western Union Tags: PvE - PVP- Free Deed - Bounties - Modded Server-Location: USA Central Est. Around March 2020 PvE and PVP Skill gain rate multiplier : 4x Kingdoms: Mol-Rehan Jenn-Kellon Horde of the Summoned
  3. I see that you are launching on Steam in hopes to find new players. That's a good idea. Problem is, as a long time player (and one not playing right now), Wurm will never appeal to more than it does now if you don't change the way combat works. It doesn't matter how much you focus on the UI or graphics. Those are all fine and dandy if you don't make at least combat more engaging. This is too niche of a game to retain anyone with "sit and watch your character's text scroll" combat. It also doesn't matter if combat is a little more detailed at higher skill, no player is going to stick around after the first few months to find out it gets a touch better. Combat is a huge deciding factor in what players enjoy in a game, and right now, combat in Wurm is terribly dull. You mostly have a crafting game with "watch my character fight" combat thrown in. Fix combat and you'll get a much better player retention. Older players who like it the way it is are a minority in the gaming world, and if you want to be successful, and even have pvp be something attractive to new players you really need to fix combat. Like now. Just my two coppers.
  4. What would you like to see in the starter town on the new servers? What do you think would provide the best induction experience for new players? What do you think should be avoided? There has been a bit of discussion of this in other threads, and Haven's Landing has had a lot input and a lot use to see what works or doesn't. I found Wurm in late 2019, and I haven't been to HL since my first week or two. I do have some thoughts, though; The resource gathering areas are good to have grouped around the spawn point, but it would be even better to have them also interlinked so you can go straight from one to the next as the tutorial leads you through them, with clear signposts. The town itself should be easily navigable - either a basic grid of streets or a good old "main street" up the middle (buildings one side, resource areas the other). Buildings should be clearly named as well as signed. There were several buildings I remember from HL that I think were player-made (but can't be sure) and were not of obvious function. I also remember several locked buildings and yards (which may have been in the perimeter, but at that point I didn't even know the terms "deed" or "perimeter". There were many abandoned carts. I've seen used car lots with fewer vehicles. There were so many parked near the bartender that I initially thought they were there for free-use by newbies (like the bartender was there for free food & drink), and I found it frustrating and confusing that were unusable. Zonalized the creature spawns would be great. This already happens somewhat with some creatures (crocodiles, tortoises, scorpions). If the the area near starter towns spawn more rats & wildcats new players get some experience plus access to pelts. Wolves not far away so players know that it does get tougher, and keep the bears and other tougher agros spawning further from the starter towns. That way the starter town would not just be like a walled city where everything is provided within the walls but step outside and it's lions, tigers and bears, oh my! It would be the safest place, with the safety dropping off as you move further away. Newbies could stay in town for a couple of days, venture into the close surrounds to get a taste of risks while still being able to supply at the town, and when they are ready, venture out into the wilds. Kill every new player once. I am not kidding. As part of the tutorial, preferably, have the player do something like attack a tough but normally docile creature so that they experience the dynamic of dying, respawning, recovering gear and burying their corpse. These are all purely my own opinion. What's yours?
  5. First, Wurm is one of my favourite games. But now I have troubles which makes it unplayable, when I'm streaming the game over steam. When I want to look around, the camera direction make unpredictable big jumps. No matter if I use the left mouse button or the Space bar binding. What I can say is: The further my mouse pointer is away from the center of the window, the bigger these jumps are. Many games set the mouse pointer to the screen center on mouse look and use the delta position of the mouse move to calculate the rotation amount. Maybe this seem not to work here. Anyone have the same issues or even better an idea how to solve this? Many Thx to all of you P.S.: Question posted in steam forum too (which lead me here).
  6. How do I check what Server version I am up to on my Linux server? I installed from these instructions and updated via result == Steam>app_update 402370 Success! App '402370' already up to date. the client says incompatible communication protocol client version no beta enabled Solution by Explora On 1/11/2019 at 1:31 AM, Explora said: the version number is in file \\path\to\steamapps\common\Wurm Unlimited Dedicated Server\common.jar\META-INF\ 
  7. Just an idea from another game I play where they have their own official client from their website, and another one that can be downloaded from steam to play the same game. Both clients also connect to the same official servers. That would be awesome here because we would have WU and WO in steam, be able to access both, when people would play WO, they would have friends see that they are playing, and go play themselves. (so on, and so on.) Benefits: 1. Good PR and get the word out there. 2. Possibility to set up steam shop to pay for premium or silvers (future developments) 3. More players in WO.
  8. Hi, when I launch Wurm Unlimited from Steam, it says running for maybe a second or two and then stops. I am unable to find any error logs of the sort described in other posts about crashes. I see in other posts that a common solution is to turn of VBO in the settings, but I presume I have to run the clients to be able to change that. Anyone have any suggestions?
  9. I downloaded the game from steam and when I ran it a pop-up box showed up with an error message reading: Contents of temporary launch log: Time is Tue Oct 10 22:44:15 CDT 2017 Running client version === System information === Executing from C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Wurm Unlimited\WurmLauncher\ Operating system: Windows 8.1 (arch: amd64, version: 6.3) Java version: 1.8.0_121 (Oracle Corporation) <> Jvm version: 25.121-b13 (Oracle Corporation) [Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM] Available CPUs: 4 ====== CLIENT CRASH ====== Unexpected crash while setting up login java.lang.Throwable: Could not start SteamApi Shutting down (Steam is not Running) at com.wurmonline.client.launcherfx.WurmMain.start( at com.sun.javafx.application.LauncherImpl.lambda$launchApplication1$162( at com.sun.javafx.application.PlatformImpl.lambda$runAndWait$175( at I am running the Steam app, other than that I couldn't figure out the issue. please help. Thanks
  10. I was hoping that in time, CodeClub may look at distributing WU themselves or using other platforms like GoG. We're in 2017 I hear however, and searching the forum doesn't seem to yield any news other than the initial idea of "maybe later". I would welcome an opportunity to buy WU from the developers, and not have to pay steam to cripple my game. Is there any intention to make WU available without steam DRM? Has it been decided to not do so? If only steam will continue to be available for the foreseeable future, can anyone please tell if you can run WU executables without steam, maybe standalone, or maybe only server? Thanks for any answers!
  11. Hello All, The Steam Client stops downloading at 18.3mb. Then restarts the download at 0 again. Continuous loop of this. If I stop it after the 18.3mb then click on Play it crashes out. The download directory has all the file names and .jar files but they all say these are corrupted when I click on them. I have deleted the cache and download files and tried to start again but same issues. Can someone please suggest something?
  12. Just wanted to note Wurm Unlimited is on sale for the next 37 hours as of this post for $17.99 if you have some friends on the fence about trying Wurm out. Now is the opportunity.
  13. I'm looking to buy Wurm Unlimited keys for in-game cash. I am paying well. Please PM me either here or in-game @ mikesandy.
  14. Hi people, I'm trying hard to open a server on my Root-Server for me and my friends to play on. Unfortunately this is not as easy as it seems. Currently I'm getting this problem (taken from the connection_log_3724.txt): [2015-12-02 15:16:53] Log session started [2015-12-02 15:16:53] [0,0] SetSteamID( [A:1:0:0] ) [2015-12-02 15:16:54] CCMInterface::YieldingConnect -- no CMs cached locally, calling ISteamDirectory/GetCMList web api. . . [2015-12-02 15:16:57] CCMInterface::YieldingConnect -- got 100 CMs from ISteamDirectory/GetCMList. [2015-12-02 15:16:57] [1,4] Connect() starting connection (eNetQOSLevelMedium,, UDP) [2015-12-02 15:17:02] [1,0] ConnectFailed('Connection Failed':0) (, UDP) [2015-12-02 15:17:02] [0,0] StartAutoReconnect() will start in 0 seconds [2015-12-02 15:17:02] [1,8] Connect() starting connection (eNetQOSLevelMedium,, UDP) [2015-12-02 15:17:07] [1,0] ConnectFailed('Connection Failed':0) (, UDP) [2015-12-02 15:17:07] [0,0] StartAutoReconnect() will start in 4 seconds [2015-12-02 15:17:11] [1,10] Connect() starting connection (eNetQOSLevelMedium,, UDP) [2015-12-02 15:17:16] [1,0] ConnectFailed('Connection Failed':0) (, UDP) [2015-12-02 15:17:16] [0,0] StartAutoReconnect() will start in 7 seconds [2015-12-02 15:17:23] [1,12] Connect() starting connection (eNetQOSLevelMedium,, UDP) [2015-12-02 15:17:29] [1,0] ConnectFailed('Connection Failed':0) (, UDP) [2015-12-02 15:17:29] [0,0] StartAutoReconnect() will start in 5 seconds and so on, this keeps going 'till the cows come home. No connection to steam established --> can't see my server in the browser. I've already gotten the server to the point where it connects to steam and shows up in the server browser, but then I couldn't connect to it, because it couldn't establish a connection with my client. A short overview of the stuff I tried: 1. Server-Software via Steam-CMD - Connection to steam established - Server is visible in the Server-list - Can't connect with my client (Error-Message: "connection timed out: connect") 2. Server software downloaded through the Steam-client ("Tools"): - Connection to the lobby can't be established (see "Connection failed" from the log-file above), although the settings are the same as in #1 - Can't see the server - In both cases I've tried it with an active logged in steam-client on my root server and without. - I've tried setting the external IP to my real external root-ip and the internal ip to the localhost ( - Auto-detect sets the external and the internal ip both to my external root-ip - I've tried setting both ip's (internal & external) to - The ports are opened and routed correctly (UDP: 8766, 4380, 27000-27036, 3724 / TCP: 7221, 3724, 8766, 27016-27030) - I can connect to other servers Any of you braniacs know a solution? Thanks in advance
  15. Steam Achievements when Make it happen plox, must get that 100%
  16. Just wanted to compliment whoever did the art on them, they look really good. Anyone got a badge yet?
  17. New and Looking for Friends in steam for this game add me at WIleyDan on steam or add me on skype Chaosbolt85 I am starting a server look for my post in the PVE SERVER FORUMS..... roar for WURM UNLIMITED!
  18. Close

    can close
  19. Hey folks, So I've made a Review on Wurm Unlimited (Using my experience in the Wurm World) (seen here if you wish to check it out) Please let me know what you think about the review, I'd have loved to put more but I feel it's already to big. And I was wondering if anyone else has made any (Truth-full!) ones, I'm not looking for one's that straight-out just praise wurm (let's be honest, It's not perfect), but give honest experiences (Good and the Bad) If any of you have, Please share as I would like to see them so we can get WU realistic-views from people that have played.
  20. So I've noticed that the settings for running your own server are pretty juiced up - so what changes, if any, have you made? I'm finding crops to be growing ridiculously fast - even at 0.1 they're growing faster than I care for them to. What settings are you using (crops, skill gain, silver, etc.?)
  21. I was looking at the steam page a little bit ago and i just feel that some of the screenshots are not the best to represent the game. It does not matter much to us as we all know what the game is but for new people that is one of the only things that they have to go on. There are loads of really nice screenshots in the forums and you could even ask for more if you need them but i just feel that some of the screenshots on the steam page are not up to par. We only have one chance to make a good first impression so take the time and make the steam page look its best.
  22. Freeland! I know there is a large group that believes new servers just dilute our existing server populations even further, but keep an open mind if you would for a moment.. What if we created a new server, make it F2P only, linked it to Steam as a gateway for new players, then made it only possible to leave when you go premium? Here are some characteristics I'm envisioning and changes that would be made (or happen) on the existing servers: 1. GV tutorial could be reset to become the server, or stay as it is and just point a single portal to the new server. 2. On arrival, you will see a clear split in the server, divided by a river or mountain range (or just two separate servers), with signs directing you to the PvE or PvP sides. 3. Skill cap is raised to 50 - all wurm skill based content is now accessible for F2P as a result. 4. There is no currency, no deeding, no upkeep. 5. Decay is a beast! It is 3x the rate outside (keeps the server looking clean for new players). Buildings decay normally if used, but after a week of inactivity from the writ holder, buildings hit 3x decay. 6. Mines collapse rapidly. If no players walk over a mine tile for 3 weeks, the tiles will collapse, destroying anything inside. NO reinforcing can be created here. 7. Roads are like mines. After 3 weeks with no traffic, poof! 8. The land repairs itself - We can dig, surface mine, tunnel and destroy it, but any area that isn't actively being worked will reset. This gets tricky, when a resetting area borders on an actively worked area, but I'm sure devs can figure out how to blend it. 9. This will get some angry villagers and pitchforks, but I think all F2P alts on all other servers will be given notice "Prem or be moved to Freeland". Make a 6 month window, to give people time to figure out what to do with their F2P alts. So many are used for storage, deed holders, etc. Why do this? I think you get a world where new players have more time to experience what wurm is about. Riding horses and carts, making bigger ships, actually being able to fight and win against harder critters. Cooking great meals, all while keeping a huge carrot held out for going prem - Sailing off to the real servers, where stuff lasts, where you can deed, where you can go beyond 50. This should take considerable load off the Pay servers AND drastically reduce the "noob mess" that gets created. Now most of that mess is going to happen in Freeland, where the server's auto healing will constantly clean up the clutter and scarring of the lands. Gives the new players time to learn some manners, learn some mechanics, learn if they really want to be part of the permanent communities of Wurm. Steam? Most of the Steam objections I've heard are "they come be like a swarm of locusts, ruining it for all the existing players". So this gives us a place to help guide and mature those chaotic Steam players, before they are let loose on the world. Sure, they may decide to prem up and move over right away, but this will catch most of the chaotic ones. Two of the biggest complaints I hear from new players is that the servers look all mangled. Dead homesteads and deeds everywhere. Do we want them starting out seeing rotting ghost towns as their first experience? Feels a bit like the game is on it's last legs when you see that at the start. The other big complaint is the 20 cap. People hit it within a day or two. It just isn't enough time to make a decision on prem. Most games that offer a F2P and Prem model have a great deal more play-ability in F2P mode. Make the server Indy sized. Not a Xanadu monster and not a tiny server. Big enough that people won't get crowded if it becomes a big hit and Steam starts pouring in, but not so big that people get frustrated with travel like Xan. Make it travel friendly. Gentler slopes. Thinking of something like the Elevation reset. Lots of water access. I think 90% of players want a coastal deed, so give them coastal. Lots of big islands and fewer big mountains. -Wurmhole
  23. Requirements: - Steam, - Fulfill the age requirement or get approval from your parent or legal guardian* *Age requirements are often only recommendations by organisations who rate many kinds of media, mostly by their content/appearance. In some countries they're legally binding though. Borderlands 2 has been rated ESRB Mature (17+), PEGI 18, USK 18. If you're not 17+, you will need to get the approval of your parents or legal guardian to participate in this giveaway. It's currently on the Humble Bundle but I was missing only part of it, so I could give this away rather than let the keys rot. Though this game's probably not high up on anybody's wish list anymore, maybe somebody is still interested to add it to their collection Here's what's on the table: Borderlands 2 and Borderlands 2 DLCs: Mechromancer Pack, Psycho Pack, & Creature Slaughterdome How to get in: Post here that you want in, make sure you meet the requirements listed above. This game is for PC and can only be redeemed on Steam. I will maintain a list, give everybody a number, and then make a random roll for the winner. I'll then send the winner a PM on the forums to redeem the game. Giveaway ends in: I'm going to stream the giveaway with a custom made randomiser once the timer runs out and I'm awake (8:20AM CEST/Berlin time), mostly for the sake of transparency at my Twitch channel, a recording will be uploaded and available on my YouTube channel shortly after. Can I enter the Borderlands 1 giveaway, too? Yes, BUT, you can only win one of them. If you happen to be rolled the winnder on both, I'll let you choose which one you want more. Unless you're the only one who wants Borderlands 1 (fixed typo)