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  1. You should do an auction in the auction forum, and add an auction timer! Good luck with your sell!
  2. 1kg lumps 5s ea, or all for 17.5s
  3. I went off of this last auction post from Aniceset, kinda similar account that is self sufficient in crafting a variety of different things. If you folks don't like the account or have nothing constructive to say, you're more than welcome to stay off of the account listing! Thanks and have a Merry Christmas!
  4. Male - Crafting/Fighting Account (name kept private for privacy of new owner)
  5. I was interested in trying to set up a recipe vendor, but can't find where the recipes are stored? Anyone else interested in doing something like this?
  6. 5.5
  7. I am interested as well
  8. KilsWitcH Kilswitch is probably one of the most honest, helpful people you will ever meet in Wurm. Top quality player, and top quality all the way around!
  9. Hey Enki, I was wondering if you could tell me whether or not macros are allowed in wurm online? lmao

  10. Please close
  11. Thank you for the bump
  12. Please Close
  13. Where do you find the file that tells which items people start with?
  14. I figured out that I was using 32bit java instead of 64, works fine now.