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  1. No offer has probably been made because much like myself who would love to have it dont even know where to begin for a price....
  2. that was once my deed , if you did not find anyone to take control of the buildings I (Thirtynine) would love to
  3. Full Steam Ahead

    put sleep powders in the shop for a decent price not the current 5s and you will make money
  4. We are looking to recruit more members to our deed. We have a island deed on the Northeastern corner of the map and 5 full time villagers working tirelessly. but we need more to prepare for the war on jackal. Contact Thirtynine or Rhianna ingame
  5. I believe the mob counts need to be bumped up on jackal. Yes i have let the starter area. Traveled around a decent way out all the way around my deed only to encounter 2 spiders. and if you can find something to kill to get a pelt it is amazing. The appeal is of a survival server if having to survive. when nothing tries to kill you it isnt hard.
  6. Current offer is 500e
  7. Have another drink
  8. Thanks for you input "bud". Lol
  9. I didnt ask for a PC on that stuff I asked for a PC on the skill dump given , but thanks man for quoting all the stuff I already read.
  10. well that was a fail for a pc thanks guys
  11. Just curious where it stands Current offer is 500e
  12. 30s each or both for 50s or 50e