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  1. Sotg weaponsmith

    love how if you dont post the name one person has to think they are cool and post what they think the name is
  2. Sotg weaponsmith

    bump account is fully geared with drake mm weapons and a bunch of rare tools
  3. Sold can lock

    Would love to own it but I am a champ and can't go over there for awhile lol
  4. Sotg weaponsmith Offers in PM only
  5. PC "Speedy" All around acc / Decent Fighter

    Body does nothing for PvP, 70e
  6. The final change to alt abuse

    We are free thinking people who play how we want to. Every time I look at the forums it is someone complaining about tc and how we are the largest kingdom and how they can't compete with tc. Well keep being you free think small kingdoms and take your loses with a grain of salt. And remember that only the smaller kingdoms merging to get numbers will change it
  7. The final change to alt abuse

    What are you talking about
  8. Exploit, Bug or Exploited Bug?

    Lmao are you kidding me. If you could see our discord we were lagging out and crashing too. Difference is we are organized enough that if some one lags out or crashes someone else will log over to prevent death. Seriously now we are going to be accused of exploiting to cause lag. Lol merge fight back.
  9. The final change to alt abuse

    How about if other kingdoms combine and find out if they out number TC?? SEEMS WE SUGGESTED THAT... nope Instead let's remain a bunch of small kingdoms amd complain about the large organized one. Makes no sense ...
  10. WTA Scroll of binding - 3 charges

  11. Why nobody pvps in wurm.

    If you have a good kingdom you are regeared right away anyway not to mention all my tools and so on with are enchanted for free by the kingdom priests all my tools and gear is imped by the kingdom. So that stuff you lose in battle isn't that huge of a deal
  12. Why nobody pvps in wurm.

    I don't think anyone is preaching to the same players , point is there is alot of newer pkayers that have interest but are scared to try it, because old pve players that are dead set against PvP tell them it isn't good or worth it. I mean hell we wouldn't want some one to form their own opinions or anything. I frankly don't understand why those who don't PvP get in these discussions about PvP. So you don't like PvP ok we get it move along. Why do you have to help kill it by downtalking some thing you either don't know a damn thing about or don't participate in. Now I know I am going to get the standard ,PvP players get involved with freedom stuff ######. But we all play over there as well. More then I can say for you guys. Moral of the story is if you don't play the PvP side and don't want to go make some bricks or something and bugger off.
  13. Why nobody pvps in wurm.

    94 fs I believe
  14. Why nobody pvps in wurm.

    you dont lose enough stats for it even to be a concern honestly
  15. Cheating or not?

    we shall call it solagis