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  1. Pc/wts Vyn priest

    Current offer is 500e
  2. Pc/wts Vyn priest

    Have another drink
  3. Pc/wts Vyn priest

    Thanks for you input "bud". Lol
  4. Pc/wts Vyn priest

    I didnt ask for a PC on that stuff I asked for a PC on the skill dump given , but thanks man for quoting all the stuff I already read.
  5. Pc/wts Vyn priest

    well that was a fail for a pc thanks guys
  6. Pc/wts Vyn priest

    Just curious where it stands Current offer is 500e
  7. Wts 2 dragon hota statues

    30s each or both for 50s or 50e
  8. Wts gold coin 1s=1usd

  9. Wts gold coin 1s=1usd

    Wts gold coin 1s=1usd
  10. close

  11. WTS compasses

    68ql 93woa 1.1s cod to thirtynine
  12. WTS compasses

    42ql 102woa 1s cod to gregory please
  13. Fair game play hits a new low

    I will take my chances.. lets give it a shot
  14. Fair game play hits a new low

    dont get me wrong i am not afraid of pvp , but there is a place for both play styles. i have played this game for nearly 10 years and would hate to see the pve side compromised that many like to play like what has been done to pvp
  15. Fair game play hits a new low

    yes lets make it like chaos so the whole game can have a population of 24... great idea