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  1. moved to auction pls close

    You derailed the thread not me. No where on this post does it say PC nor are they looking for you opinion on price " Cant wait to hit 1200 posts or what? Just stop posting. You're adding nothing to this thread, as I said if you have any issues with me, send me a PM. If a seller cant be bothered to do a 1minute research like I did, then you can expect reactions like that. " I could care less how many posts i have. you added absolutely nothing to the thread yourself.
  2. moved to auction pls close

    If you dont want it why bother posting stuff like that except to be a troll
  3. The House of Lords one stop shop-Inde M25

    interested in some 90 ql meat some bladders and fat , is it assorted kinds of meat or all the same?
  4. would like to order 1k each of all veggies but corn , pm here or ingame on thirtynine cod for cost deliver to g18 ingame map xan, port oakheart
  5. Oakheart's Smith and Enchants

    update is coming soon
  6. WTS deed Inde M20 lowered price

    Sold please close
  7. Arch and Jo's Huge Cleanup Sale

    5s for the mask
  8. Arch and Jo's Huge Cleanup Sale

    mask of the shadow offer 4s cod to thirtynine
  9. WTS deed Inde M20 lowered price

    sale pending
  10. 29000 ql in gems

    Fixed I forgot that
  11. 29000 ql in gems

    Bump up less then 24 hours
  12. WTS deed Inde M20 lowered price

    to the top
  13. WTS/PC two accounts // SOLDĀ 

    lol he already has offers at 3 times that
  14. WTS deed Inde M20 lowered price

    i do too i love to build