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  1. Hello again mod forums! Back again with a problem facing the offline server I run for my fiancee and I. She is horribly arachnafobic, and while I've already implemented the "arachnaphobia" mod that came with one of the packs I downloaded, it only replaces regular spiders and lava spiders. Since playing and leaving our base area, we've seen a huge influx of fog spiders just about everywhere, and they're even freakier than the regular spiders. I was wondering if anyone could forge a mod for me that would also replace fog spiders. Thanks!
  2. Hey, Rotab! It worked flawlessly! Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. Thank you so much!
  3. My fiancee and I play together on our own locally hosted adventure server, and we decided to set up in our kingdom. Some areas of the kingdom have some abandoned houses in them we'd like to use and such, but with the lockpicking skill timer it's taking SOOOO long to be able to increase my lockpicking in order to get some of these things. Thanks