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  1. ya get ahold of lunadew in game ..i play mostly mornings in USA

  2. Hey there I haven't played Wurm Online since Unlimited came out, but I would like to get back into the game for the purpose of exploration. I have an established character on the server, but he's stuck in the middle of nowhere, naked with just a (very nice) sword on him. Would it be possible to join your village temporarily so I can use the town portal and get myself setup for exploration before making my way on my own again?
  3. I know this is an extremely old thread but I have recently solved this problem on my machine and the solution has not been mentioned in any thread that I searched. I found that I had the following environment variable on my PC: JAVA_OPTIONS -XmX512m This sets the MAX heap size to just 512Mb! I was able to fix the problem by editing this, but the better solution was to simply delete that variable completely and in that way the settings in the LaunchConfig.ini are picked up correctly. I hope this helps somebody!
  4. I'm actually considering re-preming a char on Xanadu (I play on WU now) to go look at this in the flesh!
  5. The awesome timelock mod seems to have stopped working in the new version 1.3. I miss my eternal sunshine! Any update on that or do you know how to fix it?
  6. [old thread]

    I've been playing on Valoria for little over a week. I had initially created a character just to have a look around and fully intended to play on my own server but something drew me in and I am still here. I've started a new series on my blog dedicated to the server. Here is the first post which is basically my initial review of Valoria:
  7. Sklotopolis - PVE

    I created a character on here today to take a look around and I'm having trouble with the client. It just crashes constantly with the error "<GC overhead limit exceeded>". Seems to be a memory problem? That doesn't make much sense as my PC has 32Gb of Ram. I tried turning various settings down on the client but it still crashed almost immediately after logging in. Any clues?
  8. [old thread]

    Crates have double capacity & bsb and fsb's are huge. Loading can be done immediately with only 20 body strength. What mods did you install to enable these two features?
  9. What's the bulk transport mod you have on this server?
  10. Is there a mod that allows you to configure the requirements to load cargo, ride a horse etc? I can't find one!