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  1. My characters who live on second floors are suffering from severe eye problems because of the pollution caused by smoke coming out of lower floor fireplaces, ovens and forges. This condition is becoming epidemic across the WURM world. The solution is quite simple it would seem but no one appears capable of helping them. Is there anyone else who has this serious eye condition? What have you done to remedy?
  2. Sometimes when right clicking an object or the ground there is a problem with selection of secondary menu items. For instance, activate a tree sprout, right click the ground. select Nature. But when you select nature no other menu items appear. There should be a window that opens saying, Plant Naturally, Plant in Center, etc. This window does not appear nor does any item in the window highlight. It will self resolve for some reason. Maybe opening another Window like the forum window. No, it's not lag.
  3. Why do so many people think noobs give a ratsazz about the game economy? That's for people who have decided WURM Online is for them and they are going to stay and can no longer be considered noobs. Noobs don't care about the frickin economy in the game. They care about whether or not their first days are actually FUN. Again, OLDER players care about the game economy. OLDER players care about trade. Don't ask older players what would help. It's painfully obvious they don't have a clue. FUN is what's important to noobs. Not the blee*ing economy. That comes a little later.
  4. Yeah, just rub two sticks together. At least now you can actually start with nothing but your clothes if you are so inclined to masochism.
  5. All the time. I have no problem targeting them and then starting to attack. I have no problem starting to leading them. They are slow. They are never as fast as a deer. Still, we do need some way to get mobs off mountains. Also could we have some sort of disguise like the North American plains indians used to approach herds of buffalo. They got really close by wearing buffalo skins and heads. Had to before horses came to North America (again). Same could be used to approach deer. Maybe use wind direction in some way too. Or use animal scents to disguise yourself or draw them. Maybe a bonus for surprising them.
  6. You know I was actually kind of serious about an instrument that could be used to call mobs. That would address some of this. ^
  7. Eh? I don't understand. Are you saying a noob can start with nothing because hell hounds drop charcoal?
  8. The only one that seems to be a problem are deer. All others are slow enough to catch as far as I know. As soon as you target them you simply need to get close only once and they stop running. Deer are so fast that even catching up to them is a problem. But that's as it should be. I suppose we could have a flute and play it attracting all animals within a certain radius, especially rats.
  9. In WU when I dismount a horse I stop leading all other animals. Kind of a pain when the others you are leading all take off. Happened two consecutive times so far.
  10. Right, that's why there is a huge proliferation of this type of game.
  11. Well, it looks very nice outside. Good job with that. Looks like hell inside. Bad job with that.
  12. To be honest the last people you want to ask about ideas to retain new players are old players. You need to ask new players, not new alts, what they would like to see to make them want to stay playing the game.
  13. I think the best way to make WO better is to have Rolf hand it over to someone who knows what they are doing. Who knows how to run a successful MMO. Then he can sit back, collect the money and go fishing.
  14. Is there maintenance for buildings/bridges off deed? Is this up 24/7?