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  1. My ignore list has always been empty
  2. It should work, I see waystones all the time pointing to Waggoners that say "unknown" since it's not pointing to a deed itself.
  3. I am unable to acquire silver on my own so I am looking to be hired for various jobs to earn silver. I am no longer premium so all my skills are stuck at 20. I have a boat and thus able to travel to other severs (except PVP). The only thing I probably won't do is make support beams.
  4. There was just no point to me to ditch what I'd already worked hard on, I didn't want to start again (even after only 4 months). Besides, to me the only 'real benefit' the North has over the South will be moot once it matures.
  5. It's quite a simple story, my brother and I were waiting to cross the street during lunch one day a few years ago and he randomly said "Spongeeee, where are you?" To which I for no reason replied "Hii." And ever since then he's called me Sponge So I use it for basically anything now. King is just my title, at least in the fantasy GoT-esque world in my head
  6. This has gone 21 one ways to the same position at the opposite end.
  7. What's wrong with her explaining herself and apologizing?
  8. I'm nice but I'm also an ###### I play the nice card because that's how I am but if you walk on the wrong side of the road I will hit you
  9. I think mine is about 6-7s Will increase after I expand
  10. I swear it's like most of y'all chose to ignore certain things.
  11. Holy hell. If you don't like the South don't play on it. Don't like the North? Don't play on it. Don't like the game? Don't play it. Not that hard. All people are asking is that new players are well informed about BOTH clusters and thus able to make the choice for themselves about what cluster is better for them based off their own play style. Not how other players do things. You're not playing the game for them. It's not going to kill you if they do happen to want to go South. There is not valid statistics that say 'group 3' are a minority. May I reiterate that to be a minority all you really have to be is less than 50%. Therefore a minority could still be a lot of people. It's not often I personally see Southerns say "funnel everyone to the South and let the North die" or that nobody should go to the North because it sucks. Like why are you so bloody bothered? You're not being forced to play on the South against your will are you? At this point all this 'debate' just sounds like one side just trying to have better info for newbies and the other side just wants to play whack-a-mole with any opinion or idea not negative or against the South.