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  1. I'm nice but I'm also an ###### I play the nice card because that's how I am but if you walk on the wrong side of the road I will hit you
  2. I think mine is about 6-7s Will increase after I expand
  3. I swear it's like most of y'all chose to ignore certain things.
  4. Holy hell. If you don't like the South don't play on it. Don't like the North? Don't play on it. Don't like the game? Don't play it. Not that hard. All people are asking is that new players are well informed about BOTH clusters and thus able to make the choice for themselves about what cluster is better for them based off their own play style. Not how other players do things. You're not playing the game for them. It's not going to kill you if they do happen to want to go South. There is not valid statistics that say 'group 3' are a minority. May I reiterate that to be a minority all you really have to be is less than 50%. Therefore a minority could still be a lot of people. It's not often I personally see Southerns say "funnel everyone to the South and let the North die" or that nobody should go to the North because it sucks. Like why are you so bloody bothered? You're not being forced to play on the South against your will are you? At this point all this 'debate' just sounds like one side just trying to have better info for newbies and the other side just wants to play whack-a-mole with any opinion or idea not negative or against the South.
  5. 12 sleep powder are for sale, 1s each pm Hooks in game or reply here.
  6. So I have some buildings on my deed that I am unable to fully plan as my skill is only 49, thus I'm looking for someone that can come and finish the plans for me.
  7. I too am someone who works in a role I want to work in regardless of wether I can "compete" with it. I find usefulness in myself and would much rather have self-reliance than be running about trying to find someone else to think me useful. Whilst I do wish to open up a market and sell horses I first and foremost breed stock for myself nor do I truly care if the market only manages to be 'semi-successful' as my role of horse breeder is not to compete with others. I also am a carpenter/Mason because I enjoy building even if at times it's tedious. My roles are what I enjoy to do in not only Wurm but any game with these abilities, so frankly I could care less if I join a fresh baby server or an old overgrown server because it's not like the game itself bars me from working as these "roles". I'm sure there's more people who are like this, and even if it's a minority that doesn't mean that's only 5 people. Being 45 out of 100 is still technically a minority but yet not few people.
  8. Whilst the idea of the dogs interests me how would it even work? We can only have one tame animal, which would render other dogs useless. It wouldn't make sense to be able to just take dogs and train them from the wild. I doubt we'd be allowed more tamed animals either.
  9. So what happens when the North ages and is no longer a fresh start? Shall they release the west? Then the east? Then what? Or shall that be where the game draws its finale?
  10. 100% think anyone with manage perms to that branded animal should be allowed to add/change a name not just mayors.