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  1. As an artist myself I understand not everyone enjoys/admires/likes your art style, I myself don't like particular art styles. However, hating on ones art is not it. If asked your opinion, a simple "not my cup of tea" will suffice. If you do not like someone's art simply don't say anything otherwise 🤷🏼‍♂️
  2. Will I return to WO just for this? Absolutely. Will I leave again right after? 100%. Will I come back again next year once again just for this? You're bloody right I will👀
  3. I read and would've replied to some of your posts when I was on WO but I was on Indy (or Xan) so it felt redundant, since alliances don't cross servers let alone clusters. Now I'm on WU only so even talking through pms wouldn't work 😅
  4. Don't need 'em, so if someone wants 'em you can buy 'em.
  5. I've never understood why after I'm "too far away to fight" a mod I still have it targeted, especially considering you're not even targeted by that mob automatically anymore.
  6. I am always down for more livestock I can hoard 👀
  7. I've wanted to do this so many times 😅 +1
  8. I have a deed in southern Indy if you're interested, there's currently only two of us though.
  9. May I add that some people have had bad pasts and don't see things as innocently as others do anymore? Perhaps look at both sides of the coin instead of saying yours is the right side.
  10. I- wtf? Now the question is, do you genuinely disagree with the removal of one word? (Child) Or are you just in a tizzy about someone suggesting something, that has zero impact on you, being removed?? Because let us be real, your freedom or creativity is not being removed. You can name that horse as you please, a brand name, a name tag, or hell simply calling the horse a name that's not even displayed in game.