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  1. Splendid, shoot me a pm if you'd like to discuss further ^.^
  2. As a fresh noob only 4 months ago, I learned very quickly the place I had spawned at was a deed and that I too could plant my own deed because of the deed stake in my inventory. From such I used the wurmipedia to do research of deeds to get a better understanding of how they worked and if it was worth it to deed. I think for many it may be less of "I didn't know deeds were a thing" and more "I have yet to get the silver to have a deed" (I know the minimum deed size is pretty cheap, but that they may not know or wish to save up before hand anyhow) With all the deeds that do pop up I imagine it's not hard to figure out one can deed land if they so choose to. It's not like it's some big secret. Whilst I'm sure there may be some fresh faces that have yet to discover deeding I doubt it's a big issue.
  3. Ah yes, sorry forgot about that. It's on Indy.
  4. After a long time debating I have decided to sell my deed Valyrian Farms. It's 31 x 20, has a guard, a couple of barn buildings and a decent amount of pens for livestock. As well as a herd of cattle, sheep and a few horses I will be leaving behind with it. Asking price is simply 10s (the creation cost of it). Located at 44x 51y Albia Road map or Q20 ingame map Indy. If people would like photos, I can add them otherwise I shall be about if anyone wishes to visit ingame.
  5. I would like to point out, one of those 14 new villages on Indy is mine founded by an alt. Whilst it may have happened after the steam release it wasn't a new player, in fact my alt was made a couple months ago. So who knows how many of those 55 settlements are not actually new players.
  6. I am in search of a zinc rune of Magranon and someone who can attach it onto my wagon. I can transport the wagon to any Southern PVE server if need be.
  7. I'm looking for a walnut, chestnut or blueberry wood wagon (freedom isles), probably also a couple large crates.
  8. I must agree, I wish there was some sort of system to better deal with abandoned commodities rather than letting them decay for 82 years. Whether that allows them to be destroyed or reused by someone else (Something that can somehow know who's just MIA and who's straight up never coming back) For instance, there's a locked chest that's been left behind on what is now my deed. It would be nice to be able to reuse it or just poof it from existence as I'm throughly sure it's owner probably won't be returning for it
  9. I got distracted by a tree! It's not my fault! I call a rerace!
  10. Today I'm looking to buy a halter rope, lunchbox and a lead mooring anchor. Hoping to get them fairly soon.
  11. Hello fellow Wurmians, I'm looking for jobs in order to start earning some money. I will take on any task you may need done. I would like to point out I've only been in game since early April so my skills are not exactly "great", my top five skills being Carpentry(42), Masonry(30), Stone Cutting(20), Mining(26) and Woodcutting(21). I live in South of Indy a hop, skip and a jump away from Haven's Landing and have a boat to travel to other servers.
  12. I think "gi teráton" (key tuh-rah-ton) meaning "land of monsters" is quite fitting for a PvP server Perhaps for PvE "dorean" short for "gi tou doreán" meaning "land of the free"