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  1. I am always down for more livestock I can hoard
  2. I've wanted to do this so many times +1
  3. I have a deed in southern Indy if you're interested, there's currently only two of us though.
  4. May I add that some people have had bad pasts and don't see things as innocently as others do anymore? Perhaps look at both sides of the coin instead of saying yours is the right side.
  5. I- wtf? Now the question is, do you genuinely disagree with the removal of one word? (Child) Or are you just in a tizzy about someone suggesting something, that has zero impact on you, being removed?? Because let us be real, your freedom or creativity is not being removed. You can name that horse as you please, a brand name, a name tag, or hell simply calling the horse a name that's not even displayed in game.
  6. Had a great time there as per usual Thanks to all who helped and of course thanks to Virus
  7. I am looking to buy, a size/speed rune, a glow rune and a colour rune of black if possible. I am also looking for HoTS things like tower, wagon, whatever else peeks my interest ^.^
  8. Heyho, just wanted to let you know Dusky Bay was renamed to Dragon Bay