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  1. If that's true, the maths gods will be sending someone to hell soon.
  2. If you spent 6 hours looking for a donkey, you are dumb, at this period of time.
  3. I will give you all a way on how we started to figure out how to make Hay: https://newfestivalcove.com/?p=874
  4. I would also like to add, that if someone needs an animal of a lesser quality, we do have Leftover Ranch for that. Contact me in-game, and I'll try to hook you up with such an animal(s), for free! - Vooch
  5. Hello all, I've got great news! We're now selling 5-speed horses for the first time, and we're selling them cheaply! You can get them at New Festival Cove (O16 on the in-game map). You can sail up and get 'em, or travel via the highway system. We'll add more animals as we can. It's on the highway, so look for the sign near the marble bridge. One day, we hope to have everything available, to anyone that wants it. Thank you, Vooch P.S. Need something special? PM me.
  6. PPP: The Problem Pain Point is that I spent over 100 USD or EUR to pull off one awesome fireworks show, and fireworks should be much much cheaper - in fact, they should be craftable. The reason is because other MMOs have fireworks at MUCH cheaper prices to bring a community of players together to enjoy an event. Fireworks are shot off weekly in some other games, and I think Wurm should do it here! Q: WHY I NEED IT? A: I need to assemble a group of people to do another awesome fireworks show! I need high QL fireworks so they have a lot of shots and I can calculate how many fireworks are needed per song. NOTE: I know in this game, the QL of a Fireworks Box determines the number of shots one gets to shoot. NOTE: As far as I know, the fireworks in game are green, orange, purple, white, and yellow. If there are other colors, let me know. NOTE: Crafting an item shouldn't immediately shoot it up to 100QL, but if 100 of each are used, perhaps it should. Activate: steel and flint to ignite it, or use the same "Use" function on a typical fireworks box. Suggestions: Craftable, Red Fireworks Box: ============================= 1-100x shaft (the stick); 1-100x fat (for fuel); 1-100x charcoal (part 1/2 analagous to black powder); 1-100x salt (part 2/2 analagous to black powder); 1-100x piece of paper (for a cylindrical tube to put stuff into); 1-100x cochineal, for red fireworks Other colors, (replace cochineal for other colors): =================================================== 1-100x copper, for green fireworks 1-100x woad, for blue fireworks 1-100x zinc, for white fireworks Other ideas, such as skills are used while making fireworks and perhaps via imping? =================================================================================== firemaking skill for base skill training? alchemy skill for base skill training? alchemy->Natural substances for sub-skill training? mind logic for base skill training? Should we imp these items or require 100 of each material? I am thinking the latter. I'm just not sure if the game can turn something into 100 QL after making said item.
  7. @VelvetSun: Thank you so much for the fireworks pics! That's all I have from that event. @Platyna: No one won the supreme compass worth 1.2 gold. We'll try giving it away next year. The odds of winning were 5% because there where 20 chests. We had 20 DoND contests so the odds were someone would win, but it was not the case (pun intended) this year.
  8. Devs, Feedback from me and those at the event looks like this: 1). COMPLAINT: The Permission System in this game really suck! The devs need to improve it a lot because everyone continues to complain about it! The Proximity Bug is around... Rewrite that stuff!!!! Reduce the pain, please!!! 2). COMPLAINT: NE imp building 3rd floor White Lighter (WL) enchanter area was a mess. Refer to #1 UNRESOLVED: I need a willing dev to fix this one. 3). COMPLAINT: Players could remove any item from raft. This is a security flaw: UNRESOLVED: I need a willing dev to fix this one. 4). COMPLAINT: No one was able to do cleanup in the Fighting Arena. Keep in mind, an impalong area needs to protect everyone's assets, yet allow them to partake in activities (eg. carving a corpse, dropping the meat off and/or picking up cotton from a fsb). UNRESOLVED: I need a willing dev to fix this one. 5). COMPLAINT: My fault was when I did not know lava fiends could climb 6 ladders, cross a bridge, and attack priests. RESOLVED: I rectified this by creating gates between the fighting arenas on the 2nd and 3rd floors and the other two buildings. I also had to attach gate locks to fix the issues. 6). COMPLAINT: PvP Tournament: Not enough participants. RESOLVED: Next year, double prizes for the 3 tournaments from 10s to 20s each, and the grand prize from 20s to 40s to attract more people. This is my fault for not realizing proper market conditions. 7). COMPLAINT: People don't remember the dates, so you have to PM them 2 WEEKS BEFORE, 1 WEEK BEFORE, 1 DAY BEFORE, WHEN IT STARTS and DURING the event so they know how many hours until it starts and how many hours until it ends. RESOLVED: I will try to add other time zones to my calendar of events next year. 8). COMPLAINT: We did not advertise in Freedom and GL-Freedom chat channels. RESOLVED: We assumed people would read our forum post at : RESOLVED: We had friends that told other friends in other alliances. When people started getting multiple prizes, my guess is they didn't tell their friends. We chose by design not to tell people in GL-Freedom or Freedom chat. 9). COMPLAINT: I tried to go to forums.wurmonline.com UNRESOLVED: The devs would need to create a CNAME for forums that goes to forum on their DNS record. 10). COMPLAINT: Both wine barrels were empty. RESOLVED: Next year, we'll have 2-4 win barrels inside and we'll have a staff member check it daily. Anyone else have anything else good or bad with your observations? If so, keep the thread going.
  9. Hello All, This is a post to gather feedback from the New Festival Coe Impalong 2020. What did you like or dislike about the event? How can we improve for next year? We're going to take this feedback, good or bad, in order to make our next impalong better. I'll add some good and bad, after I get my thoughts together, but what did everyone else think of the event?
  10. 100 Scythe

    @Ehizellbob I have to say: +1 for "Grim Reaper" title instead of "Reaper of Souls" title, but the decision is yours if you were the first. Reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_(personification)
  11. Thank you all for all the very positive comments during the event in Local chat! You all rock, and I'm glad you all had fun! Unfortunately, the Discord and Twitch links are now dead. You simply had to show up to witness the glory. If anything, it's an incentive to show up next year. For those that saw the fireworks finale show, heard the music during the stream, saw me exclaim, "This is incredible!", be sure to forever seal it in your memory because your mind is one of the only few places it remains. I do not have a copy of the video. This single event was probably one of the greatest things I ever saw in a game because it took about 40-50 of us to pull it off. My math was wrong, but I'll fix the spreadsheet for next year. I'm not a streamer, but what I do know, is how to create incredible experiences. This is not my first rodeo.
  12. @Nirav Thank you for the kind words. We had a blast at the NFC impalong! I'm surprised you still had the energy afterwards to go out and slay a dragon! I went to bed and slept for over a day and I'm still trying to recover... lol Congrats, - Vooch
  13. Try restarting your computer. This is what saved me tonight.
  14. Thank you to all those Wurm players out there that donated items, attended, enchanted, imped, prayed, and/or helped out to make New Festival Cove Impalong 2020 a huge success! Thicket and I, hope we've satisfied those who've remembered Willow's Festival Cove glorious past, and we hope we've encouraged new players to really see what can be accomplished with Wurm Online. Team work makes the dream work!