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  1. @Stanlee - I've added you to the Priest's list. Thank you for joining it, as we need more Priests! I will add the Priest list soon to the original post - hopefully, this weekend! @Oluffus- Which priest-type is @Costas - [no name found, therefore; no priest-type found] ? Fo, Magranon, Vynora, or Libila? @lagston- Your room is reserved in NFC West Inn Room #W205. Thank you for reserving early! @Ulviirala- Nhilfrynzyne [non-forum name] name was corrected, so that person is in the NFC East Inn in Room #E210. @Chiqa- Your room is reserved for NFC West Inn Room #W206. Thank you for reserving early! @Oluffus- The room for Olufus [non-forum name] is reserved for NFC East Inn Room #302. Thank you for reserving early!
  2. @Ekcin I said, "DON'T WATCH THE VIDEO". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lttrIPDFplU
  3. Folks, I've got some great news! We made the Front Page of https://MassivelyOp.com today with the article entitled, "Elder Scrolls Online, Star Citizen, Project Gorgon, Champions Online, Warframe, SWG Legends, Wurm Online celebrate Halloween"! As you may know, MassivelyOp is one of the biggest mmorpg gaming websites out there! SPOILER ALERT: If you want to see the Haunted House first-hand, don't watch the video, as it is much better as a first-hand experience, so you can see it for yourself! Instead, of watching the video, come on over now, or next week while the impalong is going. The NFC Haunted House opened yesterday on October 15th.
  4. Hello everyone, We could use more Priests for this event. Let us know if you have a Priest with over 70 channeling skill! The NE imp building top floor has the whitelighter (Vynora, Fo, Magranon) priests, and the NW imp building top floor has the blacklighter (Libila) priests. Thank you all for the donations so far. Biggest things we need are Favor: (someone to cut up or bring veggies, such as garlic) , Yarn (cut it up) at the event (or before). We believe someone will bring acorns and source crystals. The other would be nice to have items, but not necessary, are things like Adamantine and Glimmersteel. Anyways, we look forward to everyone coming to New Festival Cove, and I hope everyone has a great time! There's a full schedule of events that I posted tonight. Please look it over and let me know if you want to host/run an event outside my schedule. P.S. @Eudoxia- I've added you to to NFC West Inn Room #W204, and I'll add you to the list of impers. I'll revise that pic again this upcoming weekend.
  5. Hello everyone, I added the Event Schedule tonight on the first post of this thread. Over 500-silver coin worth in prizes will be given away! @Martynas5 - I added you to imping team and reserved a room per your request. @richtje- I added you to imp and priest teams! @VelvetSun- We could use wemp for favor and your other items as prizes. You can either mail them to me, or bring them over to the event. Room Reservations: Martynas - NFC East Inn Room #E301
  6. Hello @Spacy, I would head to the Southwest section of Xanadu and cross over onto Independence. Once you arrive at Independence, use the Albia Maps: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EbliOmfbWcK1zhD4t4iYU-Dc18eEr7ZB/edit Then, follow the yellow arrows on this link:
  7. @Ekcin- Thank you for promoting Lunalong 2020 as it'll be the next impalong event on the calendar. For those unaware of Lunalong 2020, check out this forum post - Impers: @MrCoolMan - You are like a Superman based upon your abilities. Yes sir, we will need you! Thank you so much for coming to this event! @Ulviirala - Thank you so much for helping to imp Carpentry, Fine Carpentry, Ship Building, Masonry, Pottery, and Leatherworking! @Quelon - Thank you so much for helping to imp so many items! Semi-Questionable Room Reservations: @Ulviirala - NFC East Inn Room #208 @Darius - NFC East Inn Room #209 - I could not find this person. Please advise. @Nhifynzyne - I could not find this person. Could be a renaming fix issue. Please advise. @Ulviirala - I need your help on this one: Nhifynzyne. [01:11:17] Could not find player 'Darius' or 'Nhifynzyne'. Room Reservations: @Quelon - NFC West Inn Room #203 (West wing, different building & different room)
  8. @Spacy from Xanadu, head South, to the South by Southwestern part of Xanadu. From there, assuming you plot your route to Independence, it becomes simpler. It does take some time, but I think it could be worth it for you. On the in-game map, New Festival Cove is located at O16 on the Independence map of the Freedom Isles servers. If you love a detailed map, use the Albia Maps. New Festival Cove is located at 30x 44
  9. Inventory and Donations List updated tonight.
  10. Here's what we're going to do (speak up if you disagree) regarding "Last Person Standing" events: "Last Person Standing" Tournament Rules: 1 There will be Three different "Last Person Standing" Tournaments across various times on the Host's same day, to allow for maximum participation. a. The First Tournament will be a SHORT-RANGE Tournament, where each Player stands on the opposite side of the Bull v Bear Statue at the NFC Fighting Arena. b. The Second Tournament will be a LONG-RANGE Tournament, where Players stand on the Southwest and Northeast corners of the NFC Fighting Arena. c. The Third Tournament will be an ANY-RANGE Tournament, where the Players decide where to stand inside the NFC Fighting Arena, before they begin. If an agreement cannot be made, a MID-RANGE point will be chosen by the Host. 2 A Player may only enter one of the three Tournaments. 3 It is very important for Players to decide which of the three Tournaments they want to join, as they can only join one. - (keep timing, distance, number of participants, etc. in mind when making your choice.) 4 The Host is the Referee of the Tournament and has the option to change rules based upon Player actions at the time. The Host of the event also determines the Winner of each contest. The Host can Disqualify a Contestant for any reason. 5 Three different Players will win the the first phase of the "Last Person Standing" Tournament (one winner from the three different starting times on the Host's day). 6 The following day, the three winners will compete in a "Last Person Standing Superbowl" for the Grand Prize. 7 In our case, a "Last Person Standing" Tournament means these will be 1 versus 1 battles (with both Players allowing Duels). 8 Everyone starts on the first floor of the Fighting Arena. If you are in battle and you go up a ladder, you will be disqualified immediately. 9 Be sure to prepare for battle by placing a tent nearby, so that in the unfortunate event where you die, you can respawn here quickly. The area North of New Festival Cove that has a Guard Tower is recommended. 10 This could be a very brutal competition as Players may lose serious skill points upon death. It's all about Risk vs. Reward. Be polite while you're here, even if you lose and die. 11 If you're worried about skill loss, negotiate that with your opponent before the match begins. In the end, the Host only wants to see a winner declared. 12 The gates will be locked in the Fighting Arena before a match begins, so if you're about to die, beg for mercy (if you can), or run up a ladder in the Northwest corner of the Fighting Arena, which will disqualify you automatically. 13 At the datetime the event is announced by the Host of the Event, he/she will start accepting people on a first-come first-serve basis. 14 Upon Announcement of the start of a Tournament by the Host, the Host will also start a 30-minute timer. 15 During the 30-minute period, Players can choose whether or not to join the Tournament. Choosing your Tournament time could work to your advantage or disadvantage, so choose wisely. 16 To join the Tournament, speak up in Local Chat at the New Festival Cove Fighting Arena area, after the Host announces he/she is ready to accept people, such as saying "I want to join the Tournament", or something equivalent. 17 A typical bracket Tournament structure (left to right) will be presented to the participants. 18 Each Entrant to the Tournament will be added to the bracket on a first-come, first-serve basis. 19 At the end of the 30-minute period, the Host will work on finalizing the brackets. 20 Most left-to-right brackets will have BYE (unused) slots unless a specific limit of Players are required. In these Tournaments, we do not know how many people will join until the event starts, so we're expecting one or more BYE slots. 21 Therefore, after the 30-minute enlistment period, a left-to-right Tournament Bracket will be created, and any BYE slots will be added to the first players that asked to join the Tournament, in first-come first-serve fashion. 22 The Players will be shown, by the Host, the Tournament Brackets, so they can see the route to the winning slot. 23 Players will Duel, 1 versus 1, in each fight. 24 When the two players allow Duel between one another, The Host will announce when a fight between the two players will begin. 25 The Winner of each Duel proceeds to the next slot. until the ultimate victor is determined. "Last Person Standing Superbowl" Rules: 1 Same Rules apply above, unless restated below. 2 The Host is the Referee of the Tournament and has the option to change rules based upon Player actions at the time. The Host of the event also determines the Winner of each contest. The Host can Disqualify a Contestant for any reason. 3 If an agreement cannot be made, a MID-RANGE point will be chosen by the Host. 4 Since we will have Three Tournament winners, each contestant will face off against each other in a 1 vs. 1 battle. a vs. b a vs. c b vs. c 5 At the end of the 3 rounds, the Player(s) that lost twice is eliminated. If not it restarts. 6 In the Final Round, with 2 players left, a 2 of 3 fighting round will commence. The Winner of the 2 rounds will be announced as the "Grand Prize Winner of the Last Person Standing Tournament". For a long time, I've wanted to host a Fighting Tournament, and after talking to my fellow-players on freedom tonight, this seems to be the most viable option.
  11. This shows the size of the Fighting Arena (click on it to view):
  12. For a long time, I've thought about a nice fighting competition to do during our impalong. Before I release the Event Schedule, I want to talk about this. I've thought about short-range versus long-range fighting (duels). I also thought about weight classes: Super Flyweight Duel Tournament (0-19.99 Fighting skill); Super Lightweight Duel Tournament (20-39.99 Fighting skill); Super Welterweight Duel Tournament (40-59.99 Fighting skill); Super Middleweight Duel Tournament (60-79.99 Fighting skill); Light Heavyweight Duel Tournament (80-89.99 Fighting skill); Heavyweight (90-100 Fighting skill); When I spoke to those on the public channels (ie. Freedom), in order to do a proper fight, you either need: (1) the same noob gear on everyone, or; (2) you do a "Last Person Standing" competition without any checks. - Newbie armor and newbie weapons, on everyone that participates, multiplied by 3 different times, plus the final event (up to 4 of each needed), equates to an event we cannot do this month. - "Last Person Standing" competition, without any checks, MIGHT be an event we can do, but... ...I want to talk to those here on the forum about short-range versus long-range competition. Let's assume it comes down to a "Last Person Standing Competition". As I envision, a "Last Person Standing" competition, it would be where all players are in the Fighting Arena are on the 1st floor (bottom)... the gates are locked, and you cannot go upstairs into the viewing area or you will be disqualified. Do we really need to have a short-range vs. long-range competition for this? If so, how should that work? Currently, I'm thinking of a "Last Person Standing" competition where there is three separate winners (at 3 different times), and then they come together for the Final Battle, at the time between them (during the weekend). How should we do Duels? Is it possible to have 30 people fight against one another? Or, is it 1 on 1? Thoughts? Let's get this knocked out before our event!
  13. Hello everyone, I just wanted to remind everyone to reserve a room before you arrive. The reason for the ask is because I want to minimize tasks before you arrive. We also have a tent placement area that you can use, located on the Northwestern section of the New Festival Cove deed (near the imping buildings). So far, things are going great.... Lots of help from the community, and we appreciate that so much! If you keep it coming, we'll continue to grow it onto something even better! We still need Fletching and we still need Toy Making Experts that have these skills at 70 or higher. @DemonaNightshade : Thank you for offering to help with imping Bowyery and Cloth Tailoring. You are our FIRST Bowyery EXPERT! I added you to the list of impers. I'll repost the imper list as we get more volunteers.
  14. Hello everyone, I would like to give you an update on our Leather situation. Recently, we received a donation of over 1,000 hides from @Goddessotu of various ql (including 102 at 100ql) , and we received another donation of 149 hides @ 74ql from @Tria We'll be putting various Quality Levels (QL) of Leather in the Large cart. The reason is it is still useable, as it can still imp items even if it is lower ql - it's just better to use higher ql when the item is of higher ql. Depending on the ql of the item being imped, there is a point where higher ql leather is needed if you fail a lot. Therefore, use this strategy to conserve the high ql leather: If it's a newly-created leather made by a newbie, use the low ql leather to get it started. If it's a leather item above the lowest ql leather in the large cart, use the next highest leather ql to imp it up. We'll try to keep 3 different levels of Leather in the large cart so we can maximize it's usefulness. We have a lot of hides, so if you would like to sail out before the event and help out with turning hides into leather, we would appreciate it! We will update the inventory, including Hides/Leather, this weekend. Thank you to everyone who have donated or helped out in one way or another! We appreciate You and our Wurm community working together to make things great!