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  1. @Sylvanas and @Ayuna - We do offer Ship imping! The Shipbuilding Station is located next to the "NewFC NE Guard Tower". You will see a sign there that says, "Shipbuilding Station". Moor your ship there and someone will imp it to 70QL for you! @Kadmint - Your room reservation is for NFC West Inn room #W204. I'll add you to the imping team. @Perihelion- Your room reservation is for NFC West Inn Room #W205. Thank you, Vooch
  2. @crimsonearth - Eshri's room reservation is NFC East Inn Room #E505. As a reminder, you will be in Room #E410. Thanks for helping with imping! @Craistor- Your room reservation is at NFC East Inn Room #E506. I added you to BS imping team. Thank you for imping! @ArcticCyanide- Your Room reservation is at NFC East Inn Room #508 for you and Room #509 for Esowick. @Madnath- Your room reservation is at NFC West Inn Room #W110. @MordosKull- @Alpengeistroom reservation is at NFC West Inn Room #W201 and Bubblesglitterbomb is at NFC West Inn Room #W202 . They are not the rooms you suggested as they are on a first-come first-serve basis.
  3. I spent tonight working on a way to congratulate everyone's contributions towards the NFC Impalong 2021. Unfortunately, the first page in the book I was writing is what you see above denoted as, "Culprit 1". I was using 1440p screen. I had to scrap the project. It would be awesome if the books in this game were presented as actual books with a medieval-font applied to them. I can give examples if needed.
  4. Everyone, I've updated the event schedule on my original post. I had to swap out the Deal or No Deal and Musical Chair event times so that @Fabricantcan stream the Deal or No Deal event. Room reservations, imping team, and donations were updated on my original post. Tentative prize pool was added to my original post!
  5. @crimsonearth- Your room reservation is at NFC East Inn. Room #E410. I'll add you to the imping team. Thank you for coming to help heal the fighters.
  6. The PVP Tournament Rules are the same as last year:
  7. @elentari- Your room reservation is at NFC East Inn. Room #E406. @Kaitlin- Thank you for the 600 hides donation! @lagston- Thank you for coming to imp Shield Smithing and CAS. We need those. @Sidereal- Thanks for the 3 Marvelous Dye Kits donation. @Ekcin- Your room reservation for Ekcin is NFC East Inn Room #E408 and for Baiyun Room #E409. Thank you for the bsb donation of dye materials and for coming to help imp items. @Tarathiel- Your room reservation for Tarathiel is NFC East Inn Room #E501, Greyfhaer Room #E502, and Wuming Room #503. Sermons are run by whoever is up in the enchanting areas. The priests will decide amongst themselves based on who's online at the time. @Willslaphansien- I've added you to the LW team. Thank you.
  8. @perji - Thank you for joining the imping team! @ChampagneDragon - Thank you for turning wemp into cordage rope, because we need a ton of Favor! @chefpeewe - Your room reservation is at NFC East Inn. Room #E401. @Morrowen - Your room reservation is at NFC East Inn. Room #E402. @MayorSmurf - A room for @littlesmurf Littlesmurf has been reserved at NFC East Inn. Room #E403. If you need a room for yourself or other smurfs, please let me know! @MrCoolMan - Thank you for offering your imping skills! I will add it to the list! @Giganthor - Your room reservation is at NFC East Inn. Room #E404. This is not an Error 404... Going through your door will work! @Jingerjas - Your room reservation is at NFC East Inn. Room #E405. We also have some other events that will occur during our event schedule: - We've got a new event this year,@Morrowen, a pizza maker, is going to show up and make pizza pies throughout the event! - We've got a new event this year, @Siderealto make potions and create imbues for anyone throughout the event! Also, @Niravwill be showing up to give surprise quizzes again! I've been asked by many people, what does our impalong need this year? And the answer is mostly Favor, via cordage rope or chopped veggies.
  9. @TeeeBOMB - Your reservation is at the NFC East Inn at Room # E109. Thank you, Sir! @elentari - I've added you to the shipbuilding and leatherworking tem. Thank you so much! @Quelon - Your room is at the NFC East Inn at Room # E110. Thank you for being a staff member! @QueenRocks - Ladygodiva's room remains at Room # E507 along with the required amenities @Spacy - Your reservation is at NFC East Inn at Room #306. I'm so happy you enjoyed our event last year! @ChampagneDragon - Thank you for helping out with cordage rope! As you know, I've delivered one full BSB of wemp. That BSB was donated by Thicket. I've got another one coming towards you via another donation from @Agentqwarty - that one will probably happen next week. @GoldFever - I've reserved Goldfever at Room #307 and Golddust at Room #308. Both are at the NFC East Inn. @Kingsponge - I hope you do! @Ayuna - Your room reservation is for the NFC East Inn at #E309. @Bachus - I've reserved Room #E310 for you just in case you need it! If not, let me know. @hvergi - You are located at NFC West Inn #W109.
  10. *** WORK IN PROGRESS. I WILL UPDATE THIS POST REGULARLY. *** INTRODUCTION Hello Wurmians, Thicket and I, are proud to invite everyone to the 2nd New Festival Cove Halloween Haunted House Impalong on the Independence world. An Impalong is a community event where Crafters (Impers) and Priests from all over Wurm come together to Improve and Enchant player tools for Free. We all spread the LOVE around in order to improve game experience and knowledge for everyone, so whether you are young or old, this is a type of event to attend! Let me remind everyone that in order to get here, many players dedicated their time and/or items for free in order to help create this incredible event! This event will be held from: Friday, October 22 9:00 AM Central Time USA (GMT -5) - Monday, October 25th 9:00 PM Central Time USA (GMT -5). If there's items remaining (after October 25th) to be Improved (imped), we will work on them through the Halloween weekend, but our intention is to make this event short-n-sweet: Get in, Get it done, and Get out. NEW FESTIVAL COVE New Festival Cove is located at O16 on the Independence map of the Freedom Isles servers. If you use Albia Maps [ https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EbliOmfbWcK1zhD4t4iYU-Dc18eEr7ZB/edit ], New Festival Cove is located at 30x 44y. Our website is located at: https://NewFestivalCove.com For older players, New Festival Cove is located where Festival Cove was located - the location of one of Wurm's first Impalongs. When I first arrived on the shores of Festival Cove 3.5 years ago, it was abandoned and decayed; but I admit, it was the seven Collosus Statues that caught my eye! After some research, I learned this site was a very special place, so I took it upon myself to return this area back to its former glory, and throw in some special extras along the way. I know many players remember this area, so this is my salute to you! If you attended last year's firework event, I gave a speech at the end where we would be building a Collosus Statue of Libila for 2021. We've completed that! We're shortening this year's event to a 4-day event. Last year, five days was too exhausting for me, but I believe everyone can get the imping completed within 4 days. DISCORD During the event, we will be using this Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/dAhEQ5UPVH MAPS SCREENSHOT SPOILER RULES EVENT SCHEDULE ROOM RESERVATIONS STAFF If you need something during the event, contact one of these staff members: IMPALONG IMPERS We're looking for individuals interested in helping out with the improving items (imping) process. If you are interested, please reply in this Forum post with your Character Name in-game and Skills (above 70) please. Our current Imper list will be updated regularly, but for now it looks like this: PRIESTS FOR ENCHANTING AND SERMONS We need Priests of various religions, such as the Whitelighters (Fo, Magranon, Vynora) and the Blacklighters (Libila). We also need said Priests to spread their word (via Sermons), and we need Priests to Enchant items for everyone for Free. If you are interested, please reply in this Forum post with your Character Name in-game and Channeling Skill (above 70) please. CURRENT INVENTORY Our current inventory and inventory needs for the event looks like this. Click on the pic below to enlarge it: Favor is the #1 thing we're lacking and we're focused on getting over the next 3 months. SPECIAL FEATURES In addition to hosting an Impalong, we've thrown in several fun sight-seeing adventures, such as: - Haunted House like you've never seen before in this game - this is a MUST SEE event; - Chessboard (we've reimagined the chessboard at the same location in 2012, by adding new chess pieces and adding two cool Overlooks to oversee a game); - Shipwreck (with a short story); - Rose's Hedgemaze (with a golden treasure at the end); - Dye floor (2nd floor of the SW imping building), so you can play with various colors. - Cooking floor (practice your cooking or learn some new recipes while you're here). DONATIONS If you would like to donate, you can PM and/or mail it to Vooch. You can also send items to Vooch via Wagoneer Berkshire at New Festival Cove. If I'm missing donations, please let me know so you get mentioned properly. These are the donations this year: TENTATIVE PRIZE POOL CONCLUSION Wurm is waiting... Are you ready?
  11. I will be attending. I can help imp blacksmithing, carpentry, and masonry. I would like a room please.
  12. If that's true, the maths gods will be sending someone to hell soon.
  13. If you spent 6 hours looking for a donkey, you are dumb, at this period of time.
  14. I will give you all a way on how we started to figure out how to make Hay: https://newfestivalcove.com/?p=874
  15. I would also like to add, that if someone needs an animal of a lesser quality, we do have Leftover Ranch for that. Contact me in-game, and I'll try to hook you up with such an animal(s), for free! - Vooch