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  1. Indeed, Chaos and Epic only tweet when a kingdom ruler is slain, or when a champion gets a kill / drain.
  2. Sometimes when trying to access the Twitter Settings of your deed, you'll be hit with the [00:00:00] This option is currently unavailable to your level. This will happen even if you are the mayor, and the only fix is typically relogging or switching servers. This has been a bug for many many many months but I have forgotten to report it here. I'm sure many others have also encountered the bug.
  3. Woot! Looking forward to grabbing some of that beef!
  4. We'll find out soon enough whether this is just an old valrei mechanic that was forgotten to be deleted or not, I've contacted Darklords and he is aware of the situation.
  5. I'd actually be for this, not much different from foraging / botanizing, it's like uncovering the coin whilst getting rid of the weeds, yeah. And ofcourse removes the despair you feel when getting an MOI whilst tending/farming. +1
  6. Just a simple thing like how it is in Trade and CA Help. Only that it can just be something like Scooter (SFI) or Scooter (NFI) in the GL-Freedom channels, just helps ease confusion. For example; [04:13:44] <Scooter> (SFI) Hey!
  7. Awh man. That sucks to say the least. Well in that case, I am wholeheartedly for this suggestion, and hope I do see it implemented. It's hard enough to kill the uniques in the first place, the amount of coordination that needs to be put in to rally just enough players to slay them is tiresome. This saturday we were due to do one, and only 6 guys showed up.. And now to find out they don't even drop tomes? Makes them even less worth killing honestly...
  8. if that's your final answer, then sure
  9. come join irc then
  10. Apparently they do? But I'm not sure at this point. EDIT: Spoken with Darklords for clarification. [20:19:20] <Darklords> Ya I just checked they do drop on epic, just not defiance [20:19:39] <Darklords> its 1/10 for dragons and 50/50 chance for humanoids
  11. It appears to be fixed now. But yes - I was experiencing this earlier too.
  12. Thanks a ton @VirusMDfor this amazing Friend-A-Long, this was actually my first "A-long" I've been to on wurm and it's been such a great experience, filled with thrills. My favourite event has got to be the Wurmian Lawn Darts, what great fun! It's likely you'll see more of me next year Thanks to all the priests and impers helping to make this all possible! I rate Wurmian Lawn Darts a 1000/10 - absolutely marvellous. I never died once as I am clearly immune to fall damage