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  1. As a work-around, some browsers can force dark-pages, so any website can be displayed in a dark-paged version...Though when I tried it on here it looked slightly ugly. EDIT: Here is what it looks like: Not actually so bad as I originally thought..
  2. What about assorted chocolates, made from sleep powder?
  3. I have a feeling you're experiencing memory leaks; whenever I go on a long distance travel, I'll notice my wurm forcibly close without an error, and my browser will just say "OUT OF MEMORY". Whenever I stick to my deed, I experience little issue, and sometimes when travelling I'll frequently relog to "negate" the memory leaks. You can try use ILSC to free up your memory automatically, I'm not sure how effective a programme it is and have just started using it myself; I'll let you know how it goes.
  4. If you reinforce the floor tile that is the entrance / exit , upon hovering over it, it will not display "reinforced cave floor" and instead simply say "cave floor" It looks visually like a reinforced floor, and upon examining supports this; [21:30:19] You see a cave exit has been reinforced with thick wooden beams and metal bands.
  5. When cladding cave walls on Epic, there is no stamina loss, nor damage dealt to the trowel used. Whether this is Epic specific is unknown to myself, however others can surely test this with ease. Personally I like it, but it clearly wouldn't be intended, it's not too different from building a house wall, to which does use a fair amount of stamina, and damage the tool used.
  6. As Neo says, try to type in anything
  7. So, we already know of the mission bug on Freedom - wherein after completion of a traitor mission, no rewards are given, and no mission is auto-generated. However on Epic, we aren't affected by it (as much - mission respawns, no reward) We have a different mission bug, which is that whenever the Ritual Missions are completed, the mission fails to generate and the rewards are also not handed out. This is the second case in as little as 24 hours that I've seen, therefore I think this is a bug, and not a one-off.
  8. Isn't faith bonus for rare altar a 1% bonus faith gain?
  9. You can, and whilst embarked they wont attack, however when on the ground, they may attack. You can't attack them back (On Freedom atleast) whilst hitched, so have no worries. I usually just embark on the cart when they intiate attack with me, as it takes you out of combat, to which you just no target then get off again
  10. They would need to be tamed to ride however, unless you are a Fo Priest with like, 50 favor, to which the hell horse will be passive to you, and won't attack.
  11. Nah, fortunately they don't need to be tamed to hitch!
  12. Why would you need them to hitch them to your cart? There is no skill requirement for hitching an animal to a cart.
  13. I'm mainly talking about Deskjet if I'm honest