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  1. please close

    Statement Retracted
  2. Native Land Traits for Bred Animals

    I like the idea, but instead of giving the bonus, maybe just a cosmetic trait or text. For example, upon examination, the name of the land it originated from would show. Kind of like how it will show the name of the deed for a branded horse. This way certain horses won't get farmed from an island for their bonus.
  3. Map retired and characters merged with Azoth server.
  4. CM GM Sorted #Commands List

    I just did this command this morning. I think the "C" in "Creatures" has to be capital with everything else lowercase
  5. CM GM Sorted #Commands List

    I've been thinking of doing this on my server, but I am afraid it will destroy sections of my map / where players have began to terraform, but didn't deed. Has anyone done this command before and what were the outcomes? I'm thinking of trying it on a test server as well. I just wanted to see if the community has had positive or negative results.
  6. High mortality rate of animals?

    Is the deed ratio too low ? If it is under 5, then miscarriage will happen a ton. I've had this happen on my deed before.
  7. [Bug] Aggressive Creature % malfunction?

    I'm having an issue with the map spawning in cave bugs into mines not on a deed to self correct the DB. Map info : Map Size = 2048x2048 tiles [8km x 8km] Max Creatures = 30,000 Aggressive Creatures = 50% I had someone just tell me in 4 hours, there were 30 cave bugs that spawned in there mid sized cave. All other players have been experiencing the same issue. The map was 15k creatures with 60% aggro and the problem was worse. Any help? EDIT: Newbie Friendly setting is ON. This is a PvP HOTS home server UPDATE: I killed off a lot of animals in the DB, set the cap to 20 k and 30% and it seems to have fixed the problem
  8. Sindusk Server Mods

    idk if I am doing this in the correct spot or not, but I just had to leave a review of the Discord Relay Mod. I added it last night to my server, and wow. It is amazing. Really awesome work there and it's super simple to set up. +1 for anyone debating on adding it.
  9. Sindusk Server Mods

    That is what I was thinking it did, but I was not 100% sure. Thank you!!
  10. Sindusk Server Mods

    It might have been said before, but I made bot and invited it to my discord for the Discord Relay mod. The bot is currently offline. Does it need to be online to work? Or does it only come online when I fully install the mod. Thank you!
  11. Server Information Chat Window

    Was answered
  12. Custom Chat Channel Creation

    Thank you!!
  13. Custom Chat Channel Creation

    The dropbox link is broken. Anyone have the files for this?