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  1. Will try and come out tonight to help ! Will bring supplies and good laughs
  2. Just wanted to say thanks again! It was my first year going and it was super fun! My favorite event was the horse racing Thank you for having horses already ready so anyone could participate, that was amazing.
  3. Looking forward to coming to this! Never been, so I am super excited
  4. Looking for best offer buyer - Send me a message and we will work something out. Thanks !
  5. Still for sale - Please send offers in private message so I get the alert, i dont always get the alert if its a comment on the thread. Thanks !
  6. Still on the market - willing to work with an individual to give a fair price for this collectors item.
  7. Well I was going to give it a go .... But trying to tame the creature just to lead and a stry crab almost killed my uni while I was disconnecting, then I had to wait to heal it to get it in the cage... THen I got back and realized the other one I caught and hitched on a post was untamed and left the post due to it being untamed... so not only is the taming being annoying due to aggro but also they dont stay hitched to posts...... Big Sad