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  1. I had to change the render back to legacy because the client was taxing my GPU at 90 %, then I switched it back to the old version and it sits at about 40% now.
  2. Picture of my pre-pandemic : Had been a night of margaritas, tacos, and running down the Ubahn drunk as a skunk. lol Good times... And My Girls Inchworm & Rudie
  3. I have a black horse with no traits named Rained
  4. Golden Bay Stables http://cadence.yaga.host/#650,1149
  5. Hi... I have a toon on Xanadu atm, came here to check out the lunalong and fell in love with the south cluster (my main is on Cadence) My toon on Xanadu is fresh, name is Bunnbunnnn and I need a village / people to live with that are established and would be willing to let me crash their party and hang out to skill. I do not really want to stay on Xanadu, so thats why I am looking into villages on Independence. I am interested in AH, Gardening, (prolly will become a Fo priest at some point), Path of Love, and well, most the Nature skills. I would also invest time into cooking as well. Please message me in a private message on the forum or DM me ingame if you are interested in adopting me.. I would need a pick-up from Xandau & to bring my pets with me (I have 5 animals with me) Okay thanks EDIT: I found a place
  6. Okay, I just tried you ingame and you seem offline. Feel free to DM ingame to set up a time to pick them up Ill be on all day today and most the weekend. EDIT: Sold
  7. I opened the giveaway to allow pick ups now, please message me ingame before coming.
  8. Just updated the horse stock, will be updating the available free hell horses soon