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  1. Woke up to find this beauty in my pens.
  2. Can this be turned into an ingame tapestry?
  3. My saddle horse also ran off after being unhitched from a cart and it only stopped because I did it inside a warehouse and the wall caught it
  4. +1 Or even add other benefits to the other colors to balance it. I hate how molten and ebony are the meta, so it makes other colors less valuable.
  5. For some reason, WA picks and chooses when it reads when I last prayed. It wont reset the timer iven when my skill tab has a skill increase.- I didnt change anything in it and it just started to do this a few days ago EDIT: I just noticed its showing the wrong faith level as well. It only seems to correct itself if I have a sermon
  6. Howdy - First I am asking for this because I am lazy and don't want to do it myself So, I live at G 9 /10 on Cadence (Golden Bay) The road is already made, but the road is missing cateyes and waystones, so I am interested in buy someone to make it all and place it all for me. I believe the last cateye is here : https://cadence.yaga.host/#615,1681 And I want it to go to here : https://cadence.yaga.host/#621,1072 As I said before, I made the road all the way to my Golden Bay Castle Market, I just need someone to make, and install the catseye & Waystone. PM me in game or forum to discuss details & price
  7. Hello Would like to order some pizzas when you have some time. Looking for 2 affinity pizzas for me and my partner. Thanks !
  8. There is a highway mapped by my house without cateyes - I just extended it to my place and will be adding cateyes in the near future
  9. Whenever I try to use it, the page times out and errors
  10. Really interesting. I love the estimated weight & adding what you dont have Could you specify if you add a meat or veggie sausage ? Or do they all count as 1 Same for cheese - is type not mattering for no dups ? if it doesnt matter, then it would be nice to add all variety
  11. Did a bulk buy with Deltora and they got the order done all in 1 day and were very kind and professional about it. Great deal & would buy here again.