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  1. This was also something confusing to me becuase I had cared for horses taken off my perimeter in the past and people told me “you don’t own the horse with cared for, you own it with branded” and now that seems not true anymore ? also if you give someone a key to a hitching post on your deed, they can unhitch and lead the animal off deed with deed permissions set to disabled for lead non citizen. So even if you have no lead on, there are still instances where that doesn’t matter either
  2. Golden Bay and Golden Bay Castle Market disbanded
  3. https://harmony.yaga.host/#880,1190 [16:06:59] This is within the village of Riverdance Grove.
  4. I have free horses and bison again. Some rams. All free to a good home. Traits and colors vary. Good for starting a new herd.
  5. My sheep were sheared 2 RL days ago and they still cant be sheared.... so not sure. I have 1 or 2 that can be sheared out of like 10
  6. This is very surface level. Right on the nose. Its different to post something on the forums compared to actually implementing user-centered game development. Its more interactive than a forum post EDIT: I would say though, maybe running a thematic analysis on the forum posts would also give better insights to the development team than just reading and could help make sure they are getting the full picture of what is being posted, but again the people on the forum are not the only people playing. A good start point would be to build user group types (Pvp, PvE / play style types, interaction objectives, etc) & survey to get people into a study with equal type amounts.
  7. I think this mark is not even being hit though. It feels devs are stuck reacting to something & posting on the forums and us waiting to hear &posting on the forums. Nothing productive is coming out of this cycle. Maybe a roadmap is too much for the development team, okay thats understandable. But look at how active the forums are & how negative their reactions are after reacting to a product idea / update that they had no say or help in making. I would like to see more user-centered methods to be used to product develop that doesnt involve forum posting. Why not hold user interviews, analyze user game play from youtube or twitch, A/B test product ideas, run more surveys that target specific feature developments, ..I mean there are even more but those are just the ones that come to mind right now.
  8. I would like to see a legitimate roadmap for product and development instead of a random post here and there. Why does everything have to be so secretive--very honest question. Why does wurm development have to be masked in mystery.
  9. Woke up to find this beauty in my pens.
  10. Can this be turned into an ingame tapestry?
  11. My saddle horse also ran off after being unhitched from a cart and it only stopped because I did it inside a warehouse and the wall caught it