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  1. Seems like a cool idea and great for those too busy to waste too much time traveling ??
  2. Push Notifications like other apps (The desktop ones dont work for me) Ease of access to content (Press the app and login instead of haggling with my browser) No dumb browser bar for small screen phones Wurmpedia integrations ? (another app idea) Just to name a few
  3. I’m curious if this site could be transferred to a phone app. Might be cool? I’d download it.
  4. Closed. I found a place to play.
  5. I made a similar comment in the WU mods section but I really think this needs to be in the vanilla game. Better beds, for instance, canopy beds have more perks than just standard beds (since they are harder to craft) . Canopy Beds = More SB per sleep compared to a standard bed; Can have 2 ppl log out in them Standard Bed = More ql means better SB gains / faster log out times if not on deed
  6. New Mod: Treasure Hunting Players can discover treasure maps and hunt for buried treasure!
  7. Arena Module Question So, I was testing this and found some odd things: > if someone spawns at a perma deed, the guards start killing them (unprovoked) > If you are on a team with someone that founds a deed, the guards kill you (unprovoked) > If someone PvP's you, you can't call a non-deed tethered guard to help you (provoked) So, my questions are why does the guards attack kingdom members that have done nothing wrong? Okay, second part. I want to use the Treasure maps but its way too complex for me to read, so I just wanna turn it off at this time. But ... I can't see how to just turn it off. If I set the ways to get the map to 0 (digging, fishing, etc) then will this stop maps and treasures from generating? Update: Third part, I turned Arena off and it still makes players logging into spawn hostile and guards kill them ?
  8. [SOLVED] I had the outdated Sindusk Library ? I am trying to use this new mod but I get this error I am using all the required mods But from the crash report, I think something is missing in the WyvernMods in this location: [04:06:40 PM] WARNING org.gotti.wurmunlimited.modloader.EarlyLoadingChecker: Mod TreasureHunting loaded server class com.wurmonline.server.MiscConstants during phase configure [04:06:40 PM] SEVERE org.gotti.wurmunlimited.serverlauncher.DelegatedLauncher: mod/sin/lib/SkillAssist java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: mod/sin/lib/SkillAssist
  9. Suggestion: To get more activity to this, maybe rename the thread like "Need Steam Mod Workshop" or something. There are so many threads and keyword searches help ppl find related comments/thoughts Also, try posting on the official discord about this to stir real time conversation about it
  10. WIth an ebony wand, a GM can rename an item to be something else, and also mobs they spawn in
  11. The PMK Iron Rabbits had a successful raid on Castle Soulfall !! Get in on the action and help grow our community!
  12. Looking for new recruit members to help grow our community! We launched in Feb and are still new. We have a discord that is connected to our server game chat, so if you're out and about, or in game - the is no barrier to stop communication. Discord Server Link Feel free to come learn the game here or stop in to check us out for a bit We welcome all to fall back down the rabbit hole with wurm
  13. Just checking in but you are doing great work! thank you for your spare time and extra work-arounds for your mods !!!!!