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  1. No, I never said PvP doesn't have active horse breeders, I am saying please don't nerf horse breeding just because someone said they didn't want the added struggle to horse breeding. Also, I have lost my horse herds many times. It is not hard to get a good herd going from scratch if you know what you are doing. Also, I think you are coming with the mind set that this PvP server will be like chaos or EPIC when it is not. It's a completely different set up with more PvE tones such as safe zones and raid windows. It reminds me of what a lot of successful PvPvE WU servers are doing to keep both PvE and PvP players on the map and have -both- styles in their game play. So again, I stand by my stance on this topic.
  2. No thank you. Darklords clarified what he intended for capitals, which is what I was asking. Also, I still stand by how I see it, so its time to respectfully agree to disagree. EDIT: I would like to also express about this horse/foal debacle that PvP breeding is much more involved than PvE breeding, which is a huge reason why I like PvP. To supply a deed in PvE with horses is very fast, and then what? Sell them to a bloated economy? That is not so fun and I tend to find myself not able to breed anymore due to overpopulation and low demand. I like the idea of PvP breeding because of the mass horse kill-offs. There finally will be enough demand for my 100+ horse breeding and I don't have to stop breeding ... like ever, which is amazing. So, please don't nerf breeding just because some people don't have a breeder that is willing to mass produce horses.
  3. Thats part of being a breeder. Just don't have a bad breeder and you will be okay. I still dont see this argument. You are nerfing breeding by that just cuz you dont want to rely on a good breeder
  4. There is a place for cute in every context. I love PvP, I also love baby horses. I would hate that the PvP server takes this aspect away because it adds balance to warfare. Especially with establishing safe zones, there are ways to be more a PvE than PvP player on a PvP map. Like to grow the crops? Like to do the mundane house keeping for the deed, but might not want to go raid? cool, there is a place for you--just stay on deed and be more PvE than PvP.
  5. Ummm. Please no? Like that sounds awful. What about the people that enjoy playing with the babies before forcing them off to be sold/ridden EDIT: But seriously, there will be horse breeders pushing horses out a ton. Why nerf their usefulness by skipping foal stage.
  6. Is there a way to see everyone's raid window for their deed? or we have to try and figure it out on our own? So also, how are capitals defined? Does this mean where the king lives cant be in the safe zone or what does it mean by capitals cant be in the safe zone.
  7. Really love the changes, especially the safe zones and raid windows. This should make people that are unsure of PvP feel a bit more secure to come try it out. It loses its intense hardcore nature, but that's what we have Chaos for. Really great work, Darklords.
  8. This is a great recommendation, thank you. I will definitely check these out. Interesting, I haven't heard of them before. I am wondering if they ship to europe. Then again, I am more looking to pick up a laptop in person due to not trusting online deliveries right now because of corona. None of my packages seem to ever come on time anymore.
  9. Thanks for the suggestion! I am still looking at the market. I really want to do an exhaustive search. I am currently looking at the MacBook Pro 13 with the 4 thunderbolt ports with the better i5 processor. I would still have a PC at home but the MacBook is offering better durability and performance for my job field. But I am worried how it would handle wurm.
  10. Thanks for checking us out. Most of us live in Europe, so you might have missed us. And we have no plans to stop hosting the server. We have been running since November 2019 and the map still has a lot of room for development. EDIT: "We have no plans to stop hosting the server. " But I should clarify that the active community members (myself included) are on a break, waiting to check out the new WO servers offered on through steam. So the server is up and running for those still wanting to play there/check it out. Most community members are still reach-able through the discord relay mod, so we all can still chat with players in-game from our phones.
  11. I asked a similar question recently and people had some nice suggestions there
  12. Decorations

    Oh, wow! Really blown away with those windows. Really stunning work here!!
  13. I like the last forever deal but double extra up front won’t work, sadly. ty for the recommendation tho! I’ll keep it in mind
  14. I wish it were only desk to couch. no, I commute across country every few days and need my laptop for remote school, etc so a PC ( tho I would love to just use a pc cuz I 100% agree ) would not work in my situation.