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  1. Still looking to add to our cozy community. Looking for players that want to join a small, but active community and take part in our journey to develop Golden Bay!
  2. Okay now this keeps happening Its like the texture isnt loading for this wall.
  3. Ohhhh that might have done it. I never had the plastic hair before and now I do. and the ground seems more textured when I turn it to FAR BEFORE AFTER
  4. I've watched a lot of people streaming WO and saw they had really great ground textures and mine seemed to be the old version. So I toggled everything to the highest ql possible, set compatibility to core and the render to modern, but I still cant get these new textures. This is what it still looks like on everything maxed out Here are my settings Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong? I even went in and spawned a new game settings txt file, and deleted the graphics jar and re downloaded it. Does this dirt texture look right or an I just losing my mind thinking there was a different (better ql) texture for it.
  5. I like rabbits. That’s how I made mine. Wittlebunnbun, Bunn, and bunbunn
  6. I would say sure, but I was told it was bashed down. So I know it was not this. It was taken, hence the bounty I placed in the original post. This is my own way of trying to seek “justice” or “closure” for it.
  7. I knew that the perimeter had the opportunity to be bashed. I think I had a false sense of security about it because I did the same thing in defiance and no one bashed and stole horses. From day 1 till now they still are not bashed. Then I came to PvE and within a few days it happens 2 tiles from my deed border in the perimeter.
  8. Yeah that’s what I did first thing but it’s not griefing from what the CM said.
  9. I have been using wurm assistant all day and had it notify me when my favor hit max. After about 3 hours of it working fine, its stopped sending the norification. I've restarted the program and retoggled the setting but nothing seems to get it to work. The other timers seem fine
  10. I live in Northern Cadence and between the hours of midnight and 7am CEST on Saturday, I had a break into my perimeter pens. 2 tiles away from my active deed, my temporary pens were bashed down and 4 horses (1 appaloosa, and 3 other colors) that i had forgotten to brand the night before were taken, the rest of my herd scattered all around. I am interested in information about who did this and who has my appaloosa. I have him cared for so I see he is alive in my managed animals, but I cannot located him because he is not branded. I also cannot put in a lost horse ticket because he was not branded. Reward I am willing to give 3s to anyone with viable information about who did this and where my horse is. I am willing to give 5 s to anyone that can safely return my horse to me. You can verify if the horse was the one taken by examining him, I am caring for him and my ingame name is BunBunn. I live in northern Cadence, but I have not found him in the northern region, so he might be anywhere on the map or hidden away. Please DM me here or in Discord about this. Happy hunting, bounty hunters
  11. Update on our progress! After a few minor set-backs, Golden Bay is developing great! We have housing options on the water, on deed, and soon underground!
  12. Working hard with everyone to get this plot of land established! Come join in on the fun!