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  1. Monthly check ins would be appreciated. I know Im excited to hear what's going down for WU
  2. Land animals spawning in water & vice versa

    I would seek out help from the admin for the map generator you are using because I have never had this issue before. I have had giltches due to custom maps and their generators, but never this type of problem. Are you doing anything special with the SQL DB files after you load your map in and rebuild the DB? You might be unintentionally corrupting something. EDIT: Try loading the default maps and hosting it to see if these too have the same issue. If they work fine, then I would say the map is being generated wrong / has an issue.
  3. The Rabbit's Hole 1x1x PvPvE PMKs

  4. The Rabbit's Hole 1x1x PvPvE PMKs

    Server looking for active community members! Get started from the beginning--no high level players or deeds to compete with. Login to a complete starter town where you can grind and develop your skills safely. Join our discord for our full information and community content: The_Den Server Specifics The server is PvPvE with Player Made Kingdoms (PMK) as the PvP kingdoms. All players spawn as Freedom Isles in the PvE region. Skill Gain & Action Timer 1x 1x Crop Harvest Cycle 4-5 real life days Breeding Cycle 5 - 11 real life days Priest Restrictions Vanilla settings Custom Map + 4k map size + 80k animal population (Newb Friendly) + View Map in Browser Mod List Everything is vanilla settings, excepted for the below listed mod alterations. Server Map Pack Installs the custom in-game map Better Starting Gear Low quality tools & weapon, no amour Harvest Helper Announces the almanac Discord Relay Chat Integrates client chat with server discord Bounty Mod + Ensures most wild animal kills give money drops + Places coin drops in pocket + Takes the coins from the king's coffers Mini Pets Hatch a mystery egg to have a cosmetic pet
  5. Seeking Staff

  6. Please close

  7. Ingame map

    How do you get these focus zones off the ingame map?
  8. Does the spell mod work okay with Sindusk's spellcraft mod?
  9. Sindusk Server Mods

    Im still wondering if this can be fixed in the relay discord mod ? also, are PMKs allowed to be relayed to discord ?
  10. Are these mods maintained enough to be safe to use them ? anyone having issues with bounty mod ?
  11. Sindusk Server Mods

    For the discord server relay. I am having an error because I have a custom chat tab. I have a custom all kingdom "world" chat. The discord bot acts like it's not there, but all other channels are working as they should be. Could someone help me figure out how to add the "world" chat tab. Thanks
  12. Kingdom World Chat

    Is there a mod (other than the Discord relay chat) that allows all kingdoms to chat in a global client chat tab?
  13. please close

    Statement Retracted
  14. Native Land Traits for Bred Animals

    I like the idea, but instead of giving the bonus, maybe just a cosmetic trait or text. For example, upon examination, the name of the land it originated from would show. Kind of like how it will show the name of the deed for a branded horse. This way certain horses won't get farmed from an island for their bonus.
  15. Please close