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  1. Like how the rumor announcements work, could unique player logins (first time log ins) be something in the relay? I have the announcer mod on my server and I love it. Would be amazing to have this also to my discord so I can catch logins while not in game
  2. WU has a server mod that brings back more passive skill gain and also pulls the fish either into a container or into your pocket from the net and I feel like it brings back the old calming way of fishing because it doesn’t cancel the fishing action since the fish are being pulled from the net. I know this is about WO, but maybe take a look at the mod by BDew to get more ideas for this suggestion.
  3. Bump. Still having this issue. A player calls the guards to come help them kill something and they get rooted on the bridge when they attack there. The only way to get them off the bridge is to manually summon them off via GM wand
  4. Whenever my guards run across my wooden bridge to attack something, they get stuck--rooted in place to the bridge. Next time I call them, they dont respond at all. How can I stop this from happening ?
  5. Until they randomly decide one or the other doesn’t suit their tastes anymore and drop it like old salami. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I guess time will only tell. But I will stick with WU until it’s dying breath and I’m finally forced to leave due to no new content or other end-of-life problems. Why invest time in WO when it’s so uncertain and the politics so unsavory. At least WU gives you the ability of controlling the outcome of your own game.
  6. When they updated, the server started fine but acted like the mod folder was empty. not sure why, so I had them revert back
  7. So if a server and client already had his mod loader, then it’s no change? My Hoster uses a special line to point to his patched client launcher so does this have to change now to just point to the normal Wurm launcher and no need for the special patched one?
  8. Wild growth is for trees, bushes, hedges, and crops, but why not also grass tiles ? How hard would this be to make a mod for ?
  9. I feel like this might be an obvious answer that I have just overlooked in my google searches, but how (as a GM) do you start the mission tool to make your own missions? I want to generate custom missions that go with the lore of the server I have as something to do when I am bored. However, I just don’t seem to know how to actually start the mission creation process. Many thanks to any support/answers on this.
  10. this is really awesome! I never manually delete animals from the DB yet, but if I did, I would totally us this. Many thank you’s!
  11. I pulled a salt out of my fsb and now it only refreshes when I right click on it. None of the other items do this in my inventory and when I pull more salt in, the rest act normal compared to this one. I cant move it, drop it, or do anything with it. I wizkilled my character and the salt stayed in my inventory when I came back. I did /suicide and it stayed in my inventory as well. I tried to #loadItem, but it comes up null. I think it is a ghost item. Any advice on how to get the salt out of my inventory ? EDIT: I logged out in a bed then relogged after 10 minutes and the salt was gone.
  12. I had flowers die in their pots and it left the pots. I would right click the pots to pick them up and they only left me a refreshing right click. This is same in normal character and GM lvl 5 power. I got their IDs and tried #loadItem, but they did not exist. I dropped items on the tile and they went into a pile (thats how I saw they were +100 damage) and when I took the items back out, the pots disappeared. This happened to 2 pots so far.
  13. I just started using this mod. It works how it is suppose to, but past skill 20, sometimes we miss a skill gain once a meditation is completed . Is that normal? I thought the mod made every action a successful skill gain @Batta Do you might know this answer ?