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  1. Ah, im super sad. It looks like 22:00 GMT is my midnight tonight and I have work early in the morning EDIT: I was informed I read the time wrong and it should start my 11PM, so I should be there to say hi for a bit
  2. UPDATE: Thanks to the help of a great friend, all the horses have been cleared of bad traits! Ping me ingame to make sure I am online and home to give you your horses
  3. This is not my horse merchant ad, simply a giveaway for horses. Giveaway will resume Dec 5th & Dec 6th for pick-ups. Please still reserve horses in the mean time. What is Getting Given Away I have around 100 free horses & hell horses left in total to give away. They will have No traits / neutral traits / 1 speed trait. It will not be delivery, pick up only. Please read more to see where I live and how this will work. Colors still available : Horses Brown, Black, Gold, White, Grey, Brown Pinto, Bloodbay Hell Horses Ash, Cinder, Envious HOW THIS WORKS Please DM me ingame to make sure I am online and home for you to pick up the horses : BunBunn How to Submit an Order Request If you are interested in adopting, please post a comment below or DM me ingame with this info as an order request: 1) Ingame name so I can ping you 2) The Number of horses you want to pick up 3) The preference in color of the horse you want to pick up 4) Specify if you are interested in a certain gender of horse / breeding pair Please remember to DM me ingame to make sure I am online so I can hand over the horses before you travel to my location. How to Pick Up The Horse I live on Cadence, G9/10 in the little bay, please do not come without confirming I am online to do a handover. http://cadence.yaga.host/#581,1142 If you live on a different map, you will need creature cages to pick them up, I do not supply these. If you live on Cadence, you can use creature cages & lead via ropes 4 horses. Many thanks for coming and adopting my babies
  4. Bought many horses from Carbon. Always a great experience and quality horses !
  5. I have one, are you still interested in buying one?
  6. do you have any appaloosa horses to breed a horse with or have any no trait or even ones with bad traits for sale ?
  7. Store Page Under Construction - Offers Not Available Yet Available Hell Horse Colors Nightshade Molten Pestilential Ash Incandescent Cinder Envious Available Stud Services HellHorse Studs HellHorse Broodmares Horse Studs Horse Broodmares Breeding Contracts Available Veterinarian Service Caretaking Contracts Genesis Casts Trait Readings Animal Amenities Horseshoes Pairs (4) Enchanted Grass casts Veggies in Bulk Shears Hitching Posts Bouquets of Flowers (10) Bushel of Herbs (20) Store Page Under Construction - Offers Not Available Yet
  8. Still looking to add to our cozy community. Looking for players that want to join a small, but active community and take part in our journey to develop Golden Bay!
  9. Okay now this keeps happening Its like the texture isnt loading for this wall.
  10. Ohhhh that might have done it. I never had the plastic hair before and now I do. and the ground seems more textured when I turn it to FAR BEFORE AFTER
  11. I've watched a lot of people streaming WO and saw they had really great ground textures and mine seemed to be the old version. So I toggled everything to the highest ql possible, set compatibility to core and the render to modern, but I still cant get these new textures. This is what it still looks like on everything maxed out Here are my settings Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong? I even went in and spawned a new game settings txt file, and deleted the graphics jar and re downloaded it. Does this dirt texture look right or an I just losing my mind thinking there was a different (better ql) texture for it.
  12. I like rabbits. That’s how I made mine. Wittlebunnbun, Bunn, and bunbunn