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  1. I can say that as a plus, despite many downsides - their speed traits are always active.
  2. Just a note, I'm pretty sure that mailing a key effectively disassociates it with the lock it was for.
  3. As stated in these patch notes: Change: Son of Nogumps will no longer steal the following items: - Rare items - Unimprovable items - Items greater than 95ql - Artifacts - No-drop items - Royal items - Unique items - Coins - Gift items However today: [23:41:36] Young Caroler steals a left stylish shoulder pad from you and starts running off. [23:39:14] Young Caroler steals a necklace of protection from you and starts running off. [23:37:56] Young Caroler steals a right stylish shoulder pad from you and starts running off. All being items that may not be repaired/improved ---> "No longer steal Unimprovable items"
  4. well hello there And Merry Christmas indeed!
  5. How much memory do you have in your PC?
  6. How much RAM do you have in your system?
  7. Or perhaps the Defiance Valrei works differently?
  8. They do fight? "Fo is vanquished by Magranon in Deadends."
  9. Oh but @TeeeBOMB does your cart have a size rune attached?
  10. Thanks! I added a placeholder for the Kingdom's Cheese, and Knights of Valrei. Awaiting definite date of founding, and kingdom template info, then it'll be done properly.
  11. Could you put this in the actual bug report section, rather than here?
  12. I believe they mean the actual character model, it was skellified, however now is not the case.
  13. Status report

    Tis all great fun!
  14. [09:53:52] The aged fat Runstark unearths a unidentified fragment. I'd like to assume it is unintended, solely due to the fact that we ourselves may not do archaeology within structures. Also, grammar issue in that line.."a unidentified"
  15. I have to remove all my decorational horses from the second floor of my house now
  16. Correct - they'll be out after the weekly restart.
  17. I'm never able to input / take items from saddlebags without taming, so the fact you can input is interesting.
  18. I'd like to say somewhere within the region of 35-40s?
  19. Very nice! Some of them look quite realistic too. Not sure how my graphics card would like it though
  20. I think this is the case. I saw these lights briefly at New Years, and have since found numerous rare silver coins on the ground on Epic.