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  1. When trying to /tell, was checking whether maybe someone else had used the name since.
  2. I think this may be a side effect of the Never-Prem characters no longer being deleted after 90 days inactivity; I had an alt called Tricycle for a small period of time, never really used it, and as such has since been removed from the game. The game does not think it exists, [20:03:07] Player not found with the name Tricycle. However, trying to register online with the same name tells me it DOES exist. Have tried to login with the credentials I had set for it previously, but still redirects me to registering the account online, despite being unable to do so.
  3. On Epic it is not possible to stop templars from the starter deeds etc from attacking creatures such as a hell horse, with the passive trait. Branding the creature does not render it immune to templar targeting on Epic, like it would on Freedom. Would be nice to be able to ride through other settlements without getting my hell horse whacked .
  4. It may be that the portcullis' permissions had been set to "Allow Everyone" to pass through, instead of just same-kingdom, and so allows mobs through.
  5. Tried launching Wurm from a VM but seems to still not launch and go into background processes. Will try a fresh install on a separate drive tomorrow.
  6. Logging in on a different PC appears to work. I moved my account to a different server, Release, and then Elevation, and tried to login on my main PC on each of those to no success.. I then completely re-installed Wurm entirely, and set everything to Minimum. I could login, sort of. Every 5 seconds I'd get quite the lagspike. I've got no idea about Java, or anything like that really, but I opened a JVM Monitor application thing lol, and it showed the heap size as practically full, I imagine this shouldn't be happening? But again, no idea. After playing with the settings at Minimum, and getting severe lagspikes frequently, the game eventually locked up, and in the console there was this:
  7. Have tried to use default config, alternative clients (Low Memory, Unstable, etc), verified all files. Deleted all .jars and forcefully re-downloaded them all. Restarted my PC a few times. I get to the splash screen, the client becomes unresponsive, and then it closes. An instance of wurm is often found still running in the background despite "crashing", even using up to 60% CPU when I've noticed it. My account is on Serenity. Other accounts of mine that are also on Serenity are unable to login and face the same issue. I have accounts on other servers that are able to login just fine. 32GB RAM 3060 TI i7-4820k Edit: Forgot to update, however, a fresh install of Windows 10 appears to have resolved any issues.
  8. Attempting to "Continue" cladding via a keybind produces [23:17:31] You are too far away to do that. No matter how close I get to the cave wall. Can ofcourse build it normally without the use of keybinds. Adding onto this, Cladding still consumes 0 stamina whatsoever, nor does it damage the trowel you use.
  9. Ah, another one: [16:30:25] Hunted has been cast on it, so it has (INVALID ENCHANTMENT, REPORT THIS AS A BUG!) [100] Occuring on Serenity (Epic) - NOT on a New Player.
  10. Examined a new player earlier today, and the 3 Newbie Buffs they get were shown in my Event Tab as this: [10:48:57] Newbie agg range buff has been cast on it, so it has (INVALID ENCHANTMENT, REPORT THIS AS A BUG!) [100] [10:48:57] Newbie food and drink buff has been cast on it, so it has (INVALID ENCHANTMENT, REPORT THIS AS A BUG!) [100] [10:48:57] Newbie healing buff has been cast on it, so it has (INVALID ENCHANTMENT, REPORT THIS AS A BUG!) [100] Never noticed it before, so it's recent.
  11. I can say that as a plus, despite many downsides - their speed traits are always active.
  12. Just a note, I'm pretty sure that mailing a key effectively disassociates it with the lock it was for.
  13. As stated in these patch notes: Change: Son of Nogumps will no longer steal the following items: - Rare items - Unimprovable items - Items greater than 95ql - Artifacts - No-drop items - Royal items - Unique items - Coins - Gift items However today: [23:41:36] Young Caroler steals a left stylish shoulder pad from you and starts running off. [23:39:14] Young Caroler steals a necklace of protection from you and starts running off. [23:37:56] Young Caroler steals a right stylish shoulder pad from you and starts running off. All being items that may not be repaired/improved ---> "No longer steal Unimprovable items"
  14. well hello there And Merry Christmas indeed!
  15. How much memory do you have in your PC?
  16. How much RAM do you have in your system?
  17. Or perhaps the Defiance Valrei works differently?
  18. They do fight? "Fo is vanquished by Magranon in Deadends."
  19. Oh but @TeeeBOMB does your cart have a size rune attached?
  20. Thanks! I added a placeholder for the Kingdom's Cheese, and Knights of Valrei. Awaiting definite date of founding, and kingdom template info, then it'll be done properly.
  21. Could you put this in the actual bug report section, rather than here?
  22. I believe they mean the actual character model, it was skellified, however now is not the case.
  23. Status report

    Tis all great fun!