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  1. Saw just the image and I almost instantly recognized Pumpkin Fields.
  2. Would be interesting. I have been seeing more online players after Christmas, on Xanadu. Might be a seasonal thing, some players returning from norhtern freedom. Or maybe players coming from Life is Feudal (same niche, however, it will shut down unfortunately).
  3. I once heard a wagon noise and thought it was a player, so I went to the PC to see what is happening (I was "semi-afk"). I was pleasently surprised to see a wagoner travelling on the hwy, and was surprised to find out that they actually travel when they have to do a delivery, and it's not a simply a matter of a timer going on until the goods reach the destination. The most amazing thing was the game itself. Had a few false starts before, when there were no animations, no armor models, only single storey houses etc. When I came back for another try like 7 years ago on Serenity, was amazed on how far the game has improved, and remained a player ever since.
  4. My native language of course! It's not only happy new year tho. I went with the whole formula I use: "happy new year, good health and everything that is good(??)". It's common to say it like this here in Romania.
  5. Un an nou fericit! Multă sănătate și toate cele bune!
  6. It is absolutely necessary that it is tied to the newbie buff. Otherwise it gets way easier to navigate.
  7. Looking into this thread I saw very little about the source springs changes, where a very unique gameplay element (claimable source springs) was transformed to a more generic kind of feature (random source "treasure chests"). What is the rune/imbue nerf supposed to achieve? Rething a mechanic to higher ql resources that had turned into a meta for getting top ql stuff, making high levels irrelevant. So on part of the devs the reasoning for this (gameplay-wise) is sound. This makes the whole debate seem more like part of the players being upset over losing a sort of perk they once had, rather than a debate on gameplay, as from a gameplay perspective the source spring changes are more debateable. Definetely those players that made use of runes and imbues simply played the game as intended and did nothing wrong. However I think the devs are aware that they will affect some people with the imbue changes, but probably deemed this change very necessary, especially for the new cluster.
  8. I liked them being a permanent reward for exploring. Never seen it as greed: you explore, you find them and you claim them (if you want). It was a unique mechanic of the game. The change makes them more like treasure chest kind of thing. The only issue I saw with the old mechanic it was that the older Wurm players would deplete all oportunities for newer players to find a source of source. As a greedy person with 3 huts outside my deed, I can say this wasn't the case for me, as I've been playing on freedom only since last december or so. The change also doesn't bother me that much. It just changes the gameplay a bit. I liked the way they were more, because it was a more interesting mechanic, but if it was found to be too much of a problem for people then the new mechanic is also ok.
  9. It did have a huge effect on the population tho. It's at an all time low now: Bring back old source springs!
  10. I have yet to see a deed for the sole purpose of a fountain on spring. The ideea itself is not bad, will get people exploring more. However I really would have preferred they let them as permanent sources and added a sort of source cache that has this behavior. Maybe I grew too attached to my source springs :).
  11. Also are those source spring changes only affecting spring or also fountains?
  12. So now source springs do not regenerate source over time anymore?
  13. Eye catching art! Hope it won't be that common to see people fighting with those candy sticks instead of real swords.
  14. I was the impression this would be used on-foot, sort of a survival skill. For sailing we should have something different. Also grinding through macros is illegal as it is. The way someone would grind this skill would be the same as with other WO skills. Getting banned as a result would also be the same as with other skills :). The skill could also encompass other survival aspects in the future. It would be a first step to making travelling more engaging than it is right now.
  15. The shoo emote should cause all farm animals nearby to walk away from the player, instead of having to target them.