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  1. Nice. I've been away a month from the game now I see all sorts of changes Yes pls. Just 1 little extra step there
  2. If I drop a lit lantern in a cart doesn't it light up the area around? If not this would be an easy adjustment to make.
  3. Yeah, jumping islands is definately a time saver. A weird workaround, to be honest, but saves a lot of time, especially on Xanadu. To add to this thread, to find out how much time a straight line journey will take, just estimate your position, find your destination, pinch the distance between those and compare it with how many grid squares it is on your map. Then see what size a grid square is, check your speed (provided you are on the way there), and then you can calculate how much time it will take you to reach that. You can use this to leave the game running and go afk for a while. Especially when there isn't any wind.
  4. Yeah it's something people are used to in other MMOs. I kinda prefer the context menu tho. There is also the question who/what will be the target of the emote. The object in the target-HUD-thing?
  5. From the people I know that have done this, it takes a lot of time. It would be better if the devs gave us something to work with. Right now it is easy to make a flat raise with level, but it is harder to bring it down. We should have some features that allow us to more quickly bring down down flat raises. Of course on the pvp servers this could be used to make a passage way through the enemy dirt walls.
  6. The only thing they can do is get someone to cherry pick the good suggestions and add them to their backlog. In addition to that they need to be labelled according to the area of the game they are affecting at least (combat, cooking, exploration, AH etc.), as well as estimated in business value and cost, and for the latter you need the devs. This way they can identify from all the suggestions first of all the quick wins then things that are valuable. That is the way things are usually done, and I have a feeling they are already doing this. Having followed the game for such a long time, I always saw that they picked very interesting things to do in the updates and such, so I think when it comes to choosing what to add they are making good choices. How much they are using the suggestion forums I am not sure. But no matter how well organized you have your ideas and plans and whatnot, you still need the manpower to get them done. That's the real problem. Maybe what they can do is have someone pick, out of the suggestion forums, quick wins, like this one:
  7. If you'd allow freedom people to keep their kingdom design from Epic there will be hordes coming there. If not all of them hehe. I think the two-way skill transfer is the best thing they could do right now. Maybe not 1 to 1 transfer, but it should be at a decent ratio, where the same time on Epic would translate to the same skill increase as on Freedom. If it is a bit quicker the minmaxers of Freedom will be all over the place. Not necessarily bad for Epic, but the main purpose would be to allow people that are both on Epic and Freedom to have a benefit from spending time on Epic on their Freedom server.
  8. Come on devs. I'm bumping this above all the Darnok Online suggestions for you to see. What better time to address this other than the upcoming exploration update.
  9. Another interesting day of fighting oak spirits in Darnok Online. I don't agree with the whole essence thing because it's too complex to figure out (I know there is other stuff in WO like this), but it would be cool if raw fruit had some better nutrition. Maybe fresh raw fruit of high ql. It shouldn't compete with cooking stuff though. Just a snack to get your bar up for stamina and stuff.
  10. Such dedication... to upload Wurm screenshots to Facebook
  11. You are right. That might have been the biggest increase in income they could have gotten. But even if it declined since then, I am sure updates and such will pull some of those people back to the game.
  12. Maybe this VR thing will attract the VR crowd and with the income from there they will finally get the game properly marketed.
  13. I always thought that at some point, maybe 10-20 yrs from now hopefully, something will need to fill in the void left by the end of WO. Maybe then a kickstarter project signed by Darnok will emerge. Hope he doesn't make that game as brutal and as unforgiving as described in his suggestions. I'd personally like to see more random events and stuff in games that will change the player's plan, but I can't imagine a whole lot of people would like this.
  14. It always bugs me that everyone thinks PvP in WO is like this hardcore-sky-turning-red-brutal-loose-everything thing. My experience on an Epic home island (most of my time) was pretty much doing the same things as on Freedom, except finding a horse stolen now and then or fixing something at the canal gatehouse or keeping in mind to make things difficult to navigate for raiders and stuff. It's more RvR and it's the best RvR I ever saw in my life. And I wonder why it is never shown like this. I literally saw no RvR mentioned anywhere about Epic. We even have player made kingdoms, player kings and offices. How is Wurm PvP and WoW RvR? I'm gonna rant on a separate thread about this. But activating PvP on Freedom would be a huge turn-off for a lot of people. And giving the choice to some random player to turn it on or off