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  1. Why the faith requirements. Anyone should be able to partake!
  2. You should come to those events sometimes. At one they had a small shop with a counter and everything where they mixed blood. Really cool. And people were like sitting in queue there. Also tons of players.
  3. Especially not if they want to expand, grow and keep the lights lit. Just because NCSoft and Call of Duty can pull this off it doesn't mean clown cosmetics is a meta for making money appliable to just any situation. In it's situation it's actually detrimental. A cashop isn't necessarily all evil. Just like pay for silver thing in Wurm or EVE is actually helpful I think. I'll give you one example of when me and a friend wanted to buy clown cosmetics off LotRO store: we wanted to get bare chested dwarf cosmetics to troll roleplayers on our roleplay server. I have some immersion breaking ideas for Wurm as well... : > Don't test me, lol. I can turn this game in a circus (with what is already available).
  4. Yes. Keep aesthetics. There is literally no one upset about the lack of clown cosmetics in any MMO. Except cash shop users in some games, which is not the case here.
  5. I've been playing Mortal Online 2 recently. The devs there are dedicated to not putting "funny costumes" in the game and it looks very good. Even though they use a lot of store assets. In addition to that a lot of people who say they are not bothered by lack of aesthetic cohesion or immersion actually just loose interest in the game and stop playing as the game is "too boring". I saw this happen even in LotRO, where the store assets are actually cohesive with the game's aesthetic but some of them are just too over the top (armor and gear that is much too fancy looking). Funny clowny costumes give a really cheap vibe to the game. When people mass up for a pve event you will end up seeing a bunch of clowns wearing buckets, teddy bears, santa hats and lollipops. This is not an OK approach for a game with monthly subscription. I know it doesn't have an actual dreaded cash shop, but the more reason to not put this nonsense in the game. The reason all the clown cosmetics exist in other MMOs is to lure some people to get the from the store with real money. What does WO gain from them in it's situation? Nothing, just loses. I apologise if this sounds harsh, but it's only because the game actually has good art and aesthetics overall. If it didn't it wouldn't bother me as anything graphical wouldn't matter on it. I've always praised the devs for the good work they been doing and rightly so. But this is a small matter that I think brings too much harm for 0 benefit. If they made a winged great helm or a ghilded great helm that would have still served the purpose of a monthly cosmetic with no harm to the game's aesthetic. And more than that I dare say it would have been a quick win: a variation of the already existing great helm model with wings on it, maybe the artist could have found something already made to start with. Also you probably play this game constantly for many years. You don't have a first impression of the game when you play like new players would. I sometimes showed the game to friends and got stuff like "lol why is he wearing pumpkins on the shoulders?" X_X.
  6. Nothing against asian MMOs or Aion. I played Aion a lot and will still play it. But the cosmetics are ridiculous, and seeing this in Wurm? Please stop.
  7. Totally agree. Guys please stop adding those ridiculous cosmetics or the game will look like some asian MMO like Aion.
  8. Figured it. Multiple trees with one slightly higher.
  9. What tree is that? Mine looks a bit shaggy compared to yours.
  10. Next update I gotta be more prepared.
  11. This just came out 2 hours ago loool Must be the first ever rare cartography table.
  12. This looks very good! I was afraid lol... they would show the players position or something. Amazing stuff guys.
  13. Nice work, guys. Hope it goes well
  14. Presets could work as mentioned above. But I'd rather see it more exclusive, not everyone planting a small deed having their own heraldry. Either it can cost some insane amount like a couple gold. And/or have some achievement requirements. Eligibility could also be tied to the Lomaner titles but that alone is not enough as alts can also have those. Also it should be possible to manage who can show your logo, so you can also give it for example to your alts or have maybe an alliance emblem. Oh and it should be cross Freedom/Epic. It's a personal logo after all.