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  1. +1 maybe for trellises it's a different command?
  2. shields

    +1 not decorative. We have the displays for that.
  3. +1 it would also bring another use for the characteristics - quicker timer.
  4. Dragon pen

    Somewhat related: I know that dragons are able to break walls, but if I am surprised by one on my deed and I flee into a multi story building, will it flatten it to the ground? Or will it simply break walls on the first level only. Like what do people do to prevent uniques destroying their deeds?
  5. I only once got killed since I started playing. And most of my playtime I had this house in the open with just a gatehouse and some walls in front of it. Easy to catapult, easy to get inside. To make it even more raider friendly I also added lights all over the place so you couldn't miss it if you were in the area. I only got raided once while I was afk, and had a rare stachel taken from me (but was recovered later by the kingdom), and some occasional horse thieves, now and then, when I wasn't playing that much and the walls to my pens decayed. Tools and such can be easily replaced and even more easily protected: you can put them on an account that just carries your stuff or on a merchant with ridiculous prices. If you are in a deed you can breed new horses. Obviously raiders won't usually bother taking your materials or furniture, so you should not worry about those. The only hard to repair damage would be the boats, I guess. Of course, there are people that simply want to cause mischef. They could go around and just catapult your house for their amusement or for trying the new trebuchet or whatever. Epic allows that. It never happened to me but it is possible. Still, compared to other sandbox MMOs such as Mortal Online, WO Epic is much quieter.
  6. Dragon pen

    Or maybe my fault for writing such a long OP Sounds like he's being held in a mausoleum =D
  7. Dragon pen

    He does seem to be trapped in my tunnel. So I assumed from the start that keeping them in a cave is possible. What I wanted to achieve with my contraction, in fact, was being able to visit it without it aggroing. Think I'll just lure it out to a different cave for now, so it doesn't bother me. Like I said I won't be holding it for myself. We will prolly kill it when we have the numbers. Epics pop is in it's low atm and there are plenty uniques roaming around.
  8. Dragon pen

    Today I was surprised by a big red dragon while climbing down my tunnel. He has now taken residence there, and I have to climb to my place since I can't get past him. I thought I would go teach im a lesson, but I don't want to kill it since it's really darn pretty. I can't have it in my tunnel either or I will be climbing up and down to and from my place all the time. So I thought of putting it in a different cave. But then maybe I want to look at it from time to time. Keep it as a sort of trophy you know... So I came up with this plan: 1. build a tunnel. This will be the tunnel I lure the dragon in. 2. at the end of the tunnel dig a larger underground space 3. in the middle of that chamber build a house with a floor on top. 4. build another tunnel to that chamber. This will be the one i come in after I lured the dragoon inside, to see it. 5. make a bridge from the house in the middle to where tunnel2 meets the dragon room At this point I should be able to walk on my bridge on top of that house and the dragon should not attack me, since he cannot reach me. However I have the following concerns: 1. I read that they can "mine down" walls. And was wondering if he will get aggro of me and break into tunnel 2 before I reach the bridge. 2. If 1 is possible maybe reinforcing the walls would help. 3. Was also wondering if he can randomly decide to destroy my house and my bridge. In this case the whole thing would be rather pointless This is a sketch of what I had in mind . (deed planner 2.8.9) Btw, I won't be hiding it or anything. I am on epic and there are a lot of uniques atm that no one wants to kill. Because we're such nice people here! I will open the place to the kingdom so people can also visit it. Or visit it and kill the dragon... whatever. What are your thoughts on this? Does it seem possible, and has someone tried anything similar?
  9. Oh interesting. What Valrei changes are they planning and when? Are they adding more interesting missions?
  10. I don't mean steal. I mean saying Epic is a PvP people will start thinking that's all there is. It's not lieing to them. It's telling it so that people who aren't into pvp that much won't say: not my type of playstyle from the start. Like I said a lot of people on epic are ok with the full loot experience but really focus on other things. Those people will leave Freedom anyway because it's too slow. In other words they should know other kingdoms can raid their homeservers, but also know that there are more benefits than just pvp, and that the purpose of the cluster is not actually taking turns in bashing each other in toggle combat. Because it's not. No matter what the devs initially planned for it, life on the homeservers was seldom PvP-oriented. Think of it this way: Wurm is a player-driven world. If it's a player-driven world would it make it hardcore PvP just because the devs wanted it so or say it is so? Of course not. How much PvP there is is dictated by the players who do or don't PvP. And a lot of people don't PvP that much on Epic.
  11. What I'd like to see is a change of attitude towards Epic. It shouldn't be the place where PvPers go, a niche. It should be the place where you get the full sandbox experience, with less grinding than Freedom. Something more for the player that likes Wurm, but can't spend that much time to play on Freedom, but at the same time the complete adventure (with the existing possibility of raiders or raiding). Don't just send people to Freedom just because they like to plant flower beds and build a fancy house. I know many non-pvpers who like epic more. If it were after me, when the player is given the server choice I would do my best to avoid the word PvP. The second the person sees that he will think of twinks, pvp-lollerboys and the usual... Epic was never about this during my couple years play-time, no matter what the devs had in mind for it initially. I would rather tell new players when given the choice: skill learning and action durations are modified to fit a more casual playstyle. And: experience the complete Wurm adventure with the posibility of your homeland being raided by enemy kingdoms or expanding your kingdoms influence in the contested area blah blah blah. To sum it up: casual and adventure. And there new players... kaboom. It might sound like cheating Freedom of some new players, but the players that would go to epic would be the ones that find freedom to slow and too boring and too incomplete of a sandbox experience. Most of them would leave anyway after a short while so all you're left is with some unfinished stools, woodscraps, a decaying 2x1 house and a player you could have had for 2+ years but, being on the wrong server, lost interest. I tried 3 times to play wurm before I started playing on epic. I went past the lack of animations (at that time) but the slowness of it all was what killed it for me every time. Wurm is a great game but it needs to reinvent itself. The way I see it now is: Wurm Freedom - alternative to building a house IRL. Wurm Epic - PvP supremacy ownage, l33tz0re kind of fun. Most people won't like either. But I think I am right when I say many will like: complete sandbox adventure casual playstyle friendly. And FYI I still log on Epic. And I have two people in my list who i frequently come across. There's also some neighbours that seldom log. But yeah it's not what it used to be.
  12. Well, thanks a lot for the replies, guys! It sounds like too big of a risk. I might be able to pull it off with a teamview or something minimized on my phone, which id pop out every now and then.
  13. Can I drop a signpost saying something like "semi-afk will answer later"? I mean would the gm look at it and know I won't be paying attention to the game?
  14. Hmmm. I see this problem with GMs PM chekcing you. Like how long do they wait until you answer? Cause even now I sometimes jsut alt tab in the game quick to launch 4 new mining actions, and then alt tab again to what I was viewing before. Maybe using TeamViewer on my phone would help? So I can see the messages also. This also brings up the question if controlling the game through team viewer is legal
  15. I was thinking of using something like this: Basically I want, for example when making mortar, to have the crafting window opened, the cursor on create, and I would be in a different room, watching TV, reading, studying or whatever and pressing click from time to time on my phone/tablet ( and thus initiating a create command in game). It doesn't sound like macroing to me, but I need to know if it's against the rules or not, before I start doing it. Waiting for a reply. From a staff member preferably .