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  1. This is something that has been bugging me for a while. The button and signature when either inscribing or reading an inscribed paper appears at a fixed position, sometimes overlapping the text area. This requires that the form is streched horizontally in order to be able to access the button and inscription components. This causes some usability issues: cannot press the button when inscribing (on reading the x button can be used as a workaround) cannot read the signature easily having those overlap causes the text underneath to not be visible This is especially noticeable in longer inscriptions. I used 60 ql ink on 40 ql paper with 30 ql reed pen (so there can be even longer inscriptions) and got the following results: inscribing required workaround for inscribing reading required workaround for being able to see the signature properly
  2. Yes but you don't have the settlement token with you at all times. It's more like an overlooked design thing. Not really a bug. But wouldn't go as far as to call it a feature either. It is inconsistent with the core gameplay.
  3. The weather command tells you the direction from which the wind is coming, regardless if you have a compass or not, and regardless if it is functional or not. This is first of all inconsistent with the core travel gameplay where you need a compass and it needs to settle in order to get cardinal directions, as for some reason your character knows the actual cardinal direction from which the wind is blowing without those steps. .Then this allows for bypassing the requirement of a compass. If you look at the direction of the clouds, or other observable indicators of wind direction, then correlate that with the instant \weather command, you get an instant compass. Maybe not a typical bug you would report here, but certainly an inconsistency.
  4. I have tried getting a cache at 35-40 archaeology and still no success. Have maybe 2 hundred unidentified fragments so lots of actions. Just thought to mention this as it is really frustrating to reach that level and still not find a single cache.
  5. What happens if you reach the limit? Does it remove the oldest annotation automatically? I ask because I have the feeling some of my annotations disappearead over time and might be related to what the others are reporting. Not all of them mind you.
  6. I really hate those marks, points, tokens or whatever you see in other mmos. It just makes things much too complicated. The only points that I can understand having is loyalty points. If any new points are added I sure hope they get awarded upon burying the slain mob, so that that there won't be tons of corpses polluting the landscape.
  7. Could help with the current situation of players complaining they are note getting enough chances for dragon mats. But then, it is no longer as exclusive and top tier is it?
  8. I did Puzzle Labyrinth a few days back, and for a project like that it seems that it would be useful. Other than that maybe it might be of some use to people on pvp. However then a system needs to be in place for finding and opening them and there would have to be a trade-off between those and usual doors. Other than that it doesn't seem to have much use. Just a curiosity. Making them and bypassing them (on pvp) could make use of the traps skill.
  9. I dug a hole and left my horse on an adjacent tile during the whole process. After I finished I couldn't lead it anymore even if I went next to it as it was on a different "floor". I reloged and it was floating in the air. See image (blue is the tile it was on, or rather the tile underneath it) : I think this can be reproduced by: Pick a spot to dig. Place a horse on an adjacent tile. Maybe in the middle of the tile or something. Dig the choosen spot down like 80 dirts. At this point I couldn't lead the horse. Extra: relog. Extra: horse will be floating as well.
  10. I remember seeing a similar thread around here and someone suggested geforce now. I know you said without 3rd party but I think geforce now might be an ok experience. The buttons and all the ui is going to be kinda small tho. Haven't tried it myself.
  11. Why would you need a roof in a cave. There is no rain there. Just kidding. If it's something easy to allow it would be nice for esthetics. But this needs some calculations for the cave height/roof height. If not having a flat floor over as it is currently possible is ok also.
  12. If locations are noted down automatically by the game then this can be used as a gps. You just note down a location and where it appears on the map it's your location. What would be good is to extend the annotation system a little to allow for more annotations and creating actual maps that you can sell to others.
  13. They will have to change the map after this to a big green square.
  14. I hear this happening with mailboxes often. There is definately an audience for an event like this. When I saw the thread I thought it was an event like impalong. Wouldn't have participated myself, but wanted to go there and be like "what are you nutcases doing pushing that rare loom all over the place". XD
  15. This would really be nice if hair was something like it is in Ark, where it grows and after some time you look like a caveman. But it is still nice have this as a possibility to change appearance, with fancier styles being available only from other players that have higher skill. Maybe they can also add more hair and beard styles ^_^.