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  1. @WO Team I don't want to nag. Normally, especially in my case, I would agree that we should have made sure to be slightly earlier for the deal - you know being proactive etc. etc. Especially since CA also told me the timezone in game but I forgot it. However life can be very eventful, especially before the holidays for some people. Sometimes we can give a thread like this a quick read - see Sunday there and assume it's in our time and not give it anymore thought then be surprised on Sunday we were not in time for the deal. Best is to put it till the last Sunday in the world or tell them the timezone. In my case I actually thought it would end later than my timezone Who would have thought WO is using Athens,Istanbul,Bucharest,Moscow time and not CET hihi Or maybe it was daylight saving hour, who knows... See? It's complex. I already got some stuff for the deal - am just missing some alt prem which I am gettin anyways when I have more time to play em. You guys do awesome deals, real actual deals, not the increase to decrease stuff we see nowdays. It is already a deal anyway - WO would be worth 30eur per month if WoW is worth 15, not gonna lie. Not some fanboy, I played WoW too as wee lad but man that game is so devoid of actual interesting MMO gameplay. Still refreshin...
  2. This while travelling through the woodlands of Wurm in spring:
  3. No more inflation for my coin pile hehe >:) Still refreshing
  4. Refreshing the store page waiting for the ghost of Christmas yet to come...
  5. Gonna get it anyway later towards holidays... I just feel happy when I get a sweet deal. You ppl do real deals here not the fake black friday stuff you see on Amazon and anywhere else. My friends don't call me Mr Scrounge for no reason.
  6. Yo! Put back the black friday deals it's not 00 00 in central Europe or on the Greenwitch! Plsssssss gotta get some cheap prem for my many alts. @Rolf @Keenan @Samool
  7. Was about to write on suggestion forum for this. But now it surpassed expectations!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  8. Still waitin for the phat discounts.
  9. Should be a separate thread for this. Too tired rn, tho. The last thing I want from this game is to see immersion breaking cosmetics being the norm. Not funny they already added a bunch.
  10. How about a 20% off silver and premium time in november? : ) So we can stockpile for rainy days.
  11. What's that miniskirt thing? Is it like a default skin for one of the kingdoms or is it an actual item?
  12. When I saw the thumb in the game launcher I know we were about to hear about the long awaited goblin camps. I heard about those before I started Wurm for real. When I was just tryin it out a little - no animation age.
  13. I didn't notice it on the lamp posts. I just noticed a lot of the hwys are illuminated (if not all I've been on) which was pretty nice on it's own.