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  1. Nice..more servers to split people..
  2. And what happens if you trade a merchant contract that's in use? What happens to the items on the merchant? Edit: tested it out, it looks like the account you trade the contacrt to has full access to the items still. I.e. they don't disappear. I think that must have been changed, as I seem to remember them disappearing when traded before!
  3. What happens if you cross with a personal merchant contract for a merchant that's placed on a home server in your inventory? Usually that contract wouldn't travel with you to another server, but will it break things when going through the portal to new Ele? @Darklords
  4. Maybe something like Wurm Classic.
  5. Yes. Glimmer helms and mauls
  6. Please Please Please One for Ryaa Thank you
  7. Ah.. damn. Yes. For maybe 2 hours. I am back Thank you so much