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  1. I was just riding a donkey and imagined how cool it can be to have a small cart behind me. Yeah. Thank you @Vorticella
  2. How cool it would be to be able to hitch a donkey to a small cart and allow players to ride it. This would be amazing for new players. It would allow them to move their stuff little bit easier.
  3. Maybe try send some emails about events. Not many people is sitting here. @DemonaNightshade
  4. Yeah I know. But thats reason why people will play there, isnt it? Faster skill gain. Tick on skill every time. Theres nothing left to offer.
  5. Its not much faster. its only 2x
  6. You already have incentive to play on Epic - the last incentive you left there and that's 2x skill gain. You don't need any special maths to transfer skills back to freedom, just transfer it 1 : 1. Effective skill can stay on Epic and actual skill can go on freedom like it is. Nothing less nothing more. Simple.
  7. Epic is only one way skill transfer. You can't transfer skills back to freedom, so it feels pointless to play there. Why should people go there to play? For what? Empty, dead server with few people is not appealing. A map reset on Elevation with skills transferring both ways would be a good start. Try to keep people there like a skilling server for the Southern freedom isles with some extra risk. If this doesn't help, you should probably close it.
  8. What VR? In wurm? I cant imagine grinding skills with VR. lol I was hoping for fix some old stuff.
  9. I have few screenshots from 2010 I can upload just these for now https://imgur.com/gallery/rFzAwCi
  10. lol I have no words. Congratulation Retro