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Found 13 results

  1. I'm sure this has been suggested before, but I don't think it's ever made it to its own thread. There needs to be a server strictly for hunting. Currently, the main Freedom cluster has hardly any hunting. I've traveled around everywhere on all four servers, and the hunting was great when they first opened. After people start breeding and collecting aggressive such as hell horses, the hunting has gone down. What hunting there is, Spirit Templars usually kill them. What I propose is a strictly hunting only server East of Independence, sailable by boat. Building, breeding, and penning of animals would not be allowed. There would be no deeds, guard towers, or Spirit Templars. The server should remain PvP-free simply for the fact that I know that Freedom players would enjoy hunting on it as well. After such a server would be implemented, it should solve a lot of problems for people who can't find decent hunting to get their Fighting and Weapon skills up. It would also add value to larger boats as you could transport a mass quantity of meats, hides, and pelts. It would open up a new trade window for people who want to supply bulk meats and other animal produce, which is only a GOOD thing for the economy. The size of such a server shouldn't be too big, perhaps GV sized 1024, or 2048. Items can be crossed between the servers, and perhaps some unique, non-game breaking items could be found on the server for hunters to collect. The animals would be more difficult, and would be a lot more prominent. Horses would be abundant so you could bring some gear to ride on them with. A few ideas that could be implemented along with this server would include: Sleeping Bag (Non-Repairable) - Cloth Tailoring 2 Furs 2 Sheets 10 Strings of Cloth --- Offers 1/3 Sleep Bonus compared to a bed --- 5 Minute logout timer Tents (Non-Repairable) - Leatherworking 5 Shafts 4 Leather (3kg each) 10 Wires 2 Sleeping Bags --- Offers 1/2 Sleep Bonus compared to a bed --- 5 Minute logout timer Ivory Ivory has a number of functions, but mostly decorational, which wouldn't be game breaking at all. What could be made from Ivory includes Horned Helmets, Ivory Musical Horns, Drinking Horns, and other decorational Ivory items. Unique Respawns Uniques could occasionally respawn here with no messages. This means that each new server that is added wouldn't be plagued with people who only join the server to kill the uniques. The uniques that spawn from new servers would randomly spawn here every couple of weeks after the newest servers are added. Stronger Animals This server could showcase animals far stronger than the typical animals on the other servers. Unique creatures such as the God's animals (Avatars) could respawn here, aggressive, and perhaps would drop loot such as 50-60QL weaponry (not high QL, but mostly trophy material). A server like this could be used to test stronger animals before implemented to mainstream servers, and perhaps one day Rolf could test smarter animal AI, such as troll and goblin outposts, or even NPC strongholds. Item Fixes Branches - Make Kindling out of them I don't really see a downside to this, and a server such as this would have the least strain out of any other server as there would be no buildings or deeds. I'd like to see people's thoughts on an idea such as this.
  2. Tuesday October 4th was a black day for the Hobbits living in Hobbiton on the slopes of Mount Sherriff on South Exodus. Out of Nowhere the infamous Venerable Red Dragon appeared in their little and cosy village, eating some of the Hobbits and destroying their homes. After that the Red Dragon dug a new Lair in one of these hobbit houses and went to sleep. Keen Exodians noted this (well, crying Hobbits told them about the crimes of this Red Dragon and convinced them he was deeply asleep) and went to the occupied remains of the hobbit house and closed it securely, thereby locking the dragon in his trap. Now to the klling of this fierce animal. This was too much for this small troop of keen Exodians. Therefore they invite the great warriors and heroes from Wurm into their lands to help kill it. As said, the dragon is located now below the surface of the slopes of Mount Sheriff, location, coördinates t16/17. While we make the arrangements to wake up this dragon, the warriors and heroes are asked to assemble on the plains between Black Pearl and Realm of Enlightment. The dragon will wake up coming Saturday at 23.00 CET summertime. (90 minutes after the Pristine-Event). The coördinates of the tent-camp are t16. Easiest way to get here is to travel by boat to Realm of Enligtment (where the boatbridge to Celebration lands on Exodus). Travel north uphill on the east side of Realm of Enlghtment, cross the forest of former Libilia Outlaws, and you will see the plains between Black Pearl and Realm of Enlightment. Summary: Exodus Public Unique Killing, T16, Saturday october 8th, 23.00 cet summertime. Public Hunting, Private Loot.
  3. Greetings! My name is Tylenthus, and I have played this game for a short period of time. During my journeys I have come across some amazing sights, whimsical animals and some elaborate housing. During my short stay on the Freedom server, my girlfriend and I have set up a small home, purchased a Deed and have begun collecting some resources, etc. One of the items I have found was a Bear Hat.. Sort of like a bears head I wear like a beanie on my head. I love it. I want more. I would like a black bear helmet, but I have no idea on how to go about getting one.. but that's besides the point. In the next few hours I plan on a big bear hunt, so I can have a bear rug in my home.. I already have a "cave bug" as a trophy in my home, which I overpowered with m y massive battleaxe. It stood no chance with its ferocious pincher, thanks to my shining plate armour (Can I change the color of this? I would like another colour to my armor). I slowly lugged it back to our home, and it now resides on the floor, as a trophy of my power and strength. Whilst asking some questions in the CA HELP chat (Big shout out to Fireriders for all the help) I have discovered there are actually two kinds of bears in this game, despite the fact I've only ever sighted a brown bear!. I would not only like to see a black bear, but I would like to conquer one. Return home with its hide as my trophy. Unfortunately, due to my lack of knowledge in this game I fear I cannot do it alone. I have been informed that I might need a fight statistic of 25 to overwhelm this foe. I have also learned that we can retreat to water if it is indeed a black bear that we find, as they cannot swim (Where as their friend, the brown bear can indeed swim). I have only got a fight statistic of 1.23. Despite my mighty axe, I do not believe I can do this alone. I am asking for anyone who has the spare time, muscle and know-how to come to my house located on the map provided, to help me slaughter this mighty foe. I have a well at my home, so I can provide refreshments, however I'd suggest you bring a water skin as this will be a big expedition I am sure. Here is a map of the general area I am in. My home is called "Shady Hollow" if that helps any. This is a picture of the map someone showed me so I could point out my general area. The battle-plan here, is that we go into the forest near me. I have seen a brown bear there before, although it was a while ago.. If you have any better plans let me know! I am sure we can put our minds together and form a battle-plan that'll guarantee us a bear!! Once we have hunted the bear down, the body will be bought back to my home, and placed on the floor for all to marvel at. You are welcome to come inside and view it, alongside my cave bug! Please add me to your friends list (if you can do that? my game name is Tylenthus) and send me a message letting me know you're coming, what you can bring and what strengths you have against a bear! You can also comment here, so people can see the army we have ready to combat this fierce predator.
  4. Always with the love & hate around uniques and justified on all sides, so how can we make it work? #1 - Change Valrei to be a simple percent chance to be auto bestowed on anyone that scored a hit. No more a lootable item. No more a sellable item. If you score a hit, you have a 1% chance (or whatever) of being gifted some random valrei skill. #2 - Scale/hide/blood. All prem accounts in local get a piece of scale/hide and it is the exact same weight, regardless of 10 or 100 people in local. Blood - no changes really need to be made, other than fixing them to all work properly when imbuing weapons & tools. #3 - Butchered loot - Trophies only, that offer no game advantage, just cosmeticly worn or for decorating a house/cart/boat. Yes, I want a real dragon head on the front of my knarr, plus a speedo made out of a kyklops eyelid. #4 - (possible option) Once a unique is found and penned, the finders schedule a kill time and relay that to a forum mod, who posts for all to attend. Should always be a minimum of 24 hours after notifying the FM. Take the high RL monetary value out of the equation and any reason to make it small, then nobody gives a doo doo if 100 people show up to play. Bigger groups are a great way to meet new people, show off cool armor, get some fatty sermons and trade goods. (just need to control lag I suppose). -Wurmhole
  5. Content : The goal of this thread is still planning the next uniques kill, gathering the interested fighters and fixing the rules of this hunting team. So, following the recent drama in freedom chat, hunts will be announced to anyone listed here*, but the loot will be private and shared amongst those who helped to make the kill happen. Want to fight the beasts, what do you have to do : 1/ Follow the team rules and directive or you will be removed from the listing. 2/ Deliverance active citizens will have the priority on the invites, in case of nasty monsters the outsiders will be called as well. 3/ At least 70 FS and 50 skill in one of the huge weapons (huge axe - 2handed sword - large or medium maul). 4/ Come at the fight site with said huge weapon (80QL) and a plate set at least (70QL) 4-A/If you plan to die (or respawn at least), bring your tent! 4-B/If you want to avoid dying, bring some cotton as well. 5/ Loot will be awarded with a randomised list of the helpers (published on pastebin) and with the /random function in game, winner will choose their items. Only one possible gain per hunt, valrei charges count as 3 items. Else, you can always show for the blood. Why the changes ? Because the players managing those hunts do it without help from the community. Uniques are not served on a plate sadly and we have to invest time and money to do it. You can read bellow how you could and can still help. Hunters list (will be updated and checked once in a while) : Deliverance : Shadowronin(MIA) DoctorAngus (02/06/15) Odynn (02/06/15) Mith Clasin (02/06/15) Cieno (02/06/15) Nicrolis (02/06/15) Martynas(MIA) Neem Stevelee (12/06/15) pugwash Dizzylexia (12/06/15) LorainneJ Subie (02/06/15) TheShawv (02/06/15) jaytee (12/06/15) mrcoolman (02/06/15) genocide (02/06/15) daash (12/06/15) starr/styxx Lisabeth / Delara (12/06/15) koroth & Awen Theonis drsatan cita eratosthenes thijs thetashman (07/06/15) niki kochinac (12/06/15) angrywalter wilca (12/05/15) mishia/jessicame (22/07/15) spif (02/06/15) Deividasv bakeruss (02/06/15) Jaz (12/06/15) sighx (02/06/15) comodo (07/06/15) Jberg (07/06/15) turmoil (07/06/15) redbearing (12/06/15) yaga (12/06/15) quasiwud (12/06/15) rasu (13/06/15) aarontx (03/07/15) pingvinen (03/07/15) guruen (03/07/15) Thorakkanath(23/07/2015) Inspira(23/07/2015) Neanderthol(25/072015) wulfgar(14/08/2015) picotto gunnerkiba metsaloom faster(gaul) stannis dalvin lunn ruukuegg bloodscythe Azraelofdeath tikki Outsiders : Roman bigbuoy bdew cerber GorgonKain Niki Klinge Thorgot Zerku Fraeya griper Sowrecked chiqa dimmi zarkadi sagis nusty pagani yamuliss Sanrina majqo tuga bunnyman spyte Zachariah jukimo Nota Bene : *If you are not online when we try to pm you, please do PM us when you log in and check if a hunt is going on. We are unable to know if you are online or not after we PMed you a first time. **If you want to be sure to be included in the loot list : help find the unique. As said above, those are community events, killing it is one thing, finding it is another. To be continued / updated
  6. Here is the first Black Dragon Skull in the history of Wurm! This skull is from the first Black Dragon slaying on Deliverance and a great event! Here is the link for verification: Starting Bid: 16s Minimum Increase: 1s Private Bids: No Buyout: Offer Sniper Protection: 1 hr Thank you for your time and happy wurming!
  7. Hope you guys like my new video,this hunt ocurre in 2 days ago on jkh,we push the forest giant to a clear spot and we killed to obtain a carpinter potion,a skull,a rare bone" to apply in any item to turn rare" and the title Giant slayer,hope you guys enjoy the short video,ty! Ass:Cybrax JKH Epic Cluster.
  8. New video about a hunt that we did yesterday at the night,hope you guys like it! The video is short but i leave you here for you guys that apreciate wurm online,comment rate and subscribe,thx! [topic='']
  9. So slight misunderstanding with forum mods aside, back to the original question of Treasure Hunts. For those not familiar, a while back the head GM would take gear from perma-banned player inventories (I forget if the bank contents were added) and place them in scattered special chests. No digging required. Then he would drop scattered hints, rhymes, and other obscure clues as to the location of the swag. Last archived thread on the matter: Never actually found anything personally; though, still had fun with it.
  10. Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that the public hunts, open to all, have gone away? For those 2-3 wonderful months, it was great to be part of the crew, taking down those awesome creatures. However, it seems to have changed and become private, invitation only hunt groups. Why did this change? Being part of the greater community effort was pretty awesome. Is it because of the massive lag? Too hard to coordinate? Too hard to share the wealth? Keeping the number of bloods to a minimum to help inflate the price of potions? I'm just curious, because I miss those days. It was so much nicer than the old, old days of private penning for massive wealth generation.
  11. Sorcery. We all jumped up excited when we heard about it. Then... Then we realised the only way to earn it was on epic. So the majority of the game's population is not going to be seeing this wonderful feature? Seems a bit unfair. How to run it on freedom though? Magic skills on freedom could be taught by relics. One relic per server, once found another one will generate after a week. Maybe give chaos 3 because of the extra challenge involved So how do relics work? They are randomly placed on monsters or on a tile. If on a monster, then it will appear in that monster's loot. If on a tile then they work akin to source fountains, only visible from close by. They will not despawn unless buried underground by a cave in. Relics are tradable and single use (one use teaches one person a spell, single use spells do not show up). This will in no way impact epic gameplay.
  12. Well, it's back! This time with hopefully less fail! A new riddle system, with my good friend Tiroonoo helping me with them shall make this hunt harder than the last! Of course, the rewards grow as well. While this chest may be smaller, inside of it shall contain coins and gems.... Of course, I can't do this all on my own! I need you, the good Wurm community, to help me and pitch in! Donate some gems, a few copper, or even a enchanted statue. *Cough*Headhunter*Cough* So then, I would like to declare the next treasure hunt open for donations, "Kings Riches"! The hunt shall begin in a week or two, sooner if donations roll in to fast! -Adventure Loot Donators- Donations:Poragon- 70QL Long sword, 70QL Metal Sheild, 80QL Wine (2.5 kilos) Deathreus & Sintra - 30QL Needle, 40QL File, 75QL Awl, 48QL Hammer, 58QL Spindle, 48QL Hatchet, 41QL Small Anvil Rasu- 70QL Studded Leather Set HeadHunter- 10 supreme HC's, 62QL Lantern Bachus- 68QL Meditation rug *Special Thanks to Deathreus who helped me get around and gather donations* -Kings Riches Donators-
  13. Located on the Independence Server, The northern Islands just outside of Colossos Lake Deed Size: 9X11 Upkeep 1s monthly (time left 57 days) Amenities include: Boat docking area Cove like entryway Population: Minimal Available Fight: Hell horses,Hell hounds, Mountain lions, Wildcats, hardened Crocs, occassional champ crocs Available Animals: Diseased deers, Champ deers, Regular deers, Fierce dogs Bonus: Octopus fishing spot and open seas Mines: Silver, Iron, Rock(duh!) Protection: Guard Tower --Equipped with 5 active guards (images of deed) Asking price 10s