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  1. 15s for a Rare Kiln, 3s for the small crate, 5s for the cupboard, 8s for the bed, 5s for the frying pan, 5s for the knife, 8s for the grindstone, 2s for the small chest, 5s for the large planter, 5s for the witches hat. Also all Green, white dragon and maybe forest giant bloods, not sure the worth. Can you meet me on the coast of Cad?
  2. 20s Buyout Kookii
  3. Hello! Looking to buy anything Rare+ basically. BUT I'll hop on these the most. Mainly Looking for these Rare+ Items... - Bucket(s) - Small Barrel(s) - Large Barrel(s) - Food Storage Bin(s) - Larder(s) - Crates small and large. - Bsbs - Large Cart - Wagon - Fork, spoon, knife DM me here or in game @ Kookii
  4. Hey everyone! I'm needing me some cocoa beans, a lot of them, so I'm hiring a professional Forager. The Details... I'll be hiring you to forage, the only way to get cocoa beans. I would like up to 1k (1,000) cocoa beans and will buy them for 1c each. Will only hire for a guarantee of at least 500 cocoa beans. 500 Cocoa beans at 1c each = 5 silver... 1,000 Cocoa beans at 1c each = 10 silver I will NOT accept mailing, you will have to either forage near my home or deliver. (i21 on Cadence, Deed name Snickiedoodle on the highway) Extras... Will take up to 3k Cocoa beans total, which is 30 silver. Comment or DM me here or in game @ Kookii to inquire.