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  1. It was basically one platform when I finally grabbed it. A lot of work has been put into it since then. I'm also not denying that it was previously deeded? Either way, I'm not willing to let it go for just the coffer value. Thank you regardless.
  2. Thank you, I really like the area and placement, but after the terraforming, with the help of a few friends, It got overwhelming for me x.x
  3. Hey guys. Just got back from a bit of a break and honestly just want new scenery and somewhat of a new start. So I'm putting up my deed "Creme De La Cookie" for sale OR trade. Creme can be found HERE https://cadence.yaga.host/#2596,2160 Not sure why it's at the wrong spot on the map??? Anyway. Creme is 118 by 91 in size Has almost 2g in coffers and a 17s upkeep, leaving it with over 300 days before needing anything added. A TRADER is also included. The deed is TERRAFORMED with a LOT of space to do whatever you'd want, it was meant for LARGE project. Feel free to come visit, it's on the highway, but here's some screenshots. DEED PLANNER VIEW IN GAME VIEWS ON DEED in all those crate racks are THOUSANDS of building materials I'll likely not want to deal with moving. Almost all bricks types, if not all, Mortar, Beams, Clay, etc WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR... NAME of Deed, needs to be CHANGED, I can do it for you before we exchange deeds. IF BUYING: - 3g+ minimum as terraforming help was at least 1g on it's own and the amount in the coffers, Make an offer. IF TRADING: (PREFERRED) - A Deed for a deed. Looking for something nice, terraformed, water access preferred but NOT needed. But most of all just not so big I get overwhelmed. Buildings or a couple at least would be neat too. Highway Access is a must. CONTACT ME... In game @ Kookii Here on the Forums Discord for Fastest Response Kookii#0544
  4. Hey guys! Looking to buy a deed, I've decided that building up my own? It's hard, my dude, so I'm looking for help or to buy a whole deed all together. WHAT I'M OFFERING... - Silver/Gold, up to 8G (Maybe more if I really, really, really like it) - Silver/Gold amount is dependent on deed size, buildings, what's included, etc etc I will Not automatically offer the highest for any deed. Price will vary. Please be reasonable. LOCATION PREFERRED IS CADENCE WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR... - Already Terraformed for the most part - Relatively large - Pre built buildings (Looking for a nice TOWN vibe) - Semi to fully Decorated(?) - Coastal is NOT necessary, but is nice. - Attached to Highway System (I'm prone to getting lost) ALTERNATIVELY Alternatively I'm looking for a few people who can build relatively large buildings and follow deedplanner! Project will be decently sized and materials will be provided. Contact me if interested. CONTACT ME... - Ingame @ Kookii - DM me via the forums - Discord for quickest response. Kookii#0544
  5. Hey guys! Selling a bundle of scales. TOTAL KG: 2.98kg COLOR: White GOING PRICE RANGE: 2s-2.5s per 0.01kg WHAT I'M SELLING FOR: 2.25s per 0.01kg TOTAL AT THAT PRICE IS: 6.7g Will NOT Split, but may be willing to haggle within reason. MIGHT BE WILLING TO ADD TRADE VALUE FOR... Rare+ Amphora, Crate, Planter, and Barrel Racks Rare+ Furniture like Cupboards, book shelves, empty shelves, etc etc Supreme Wagon Supreme Pottery brick Ovens / Forges I dunno, maybe other cool supreme stuff, just ask EDIT: Also willing to take Sleep Powder as an add on SOLD
  6. Hey guys! Looking for a lot of bulk materials! Preferably already in stock but if can be made in a reasonable amount of time, I'll def order some! I'll cross them off as I find them. (Might add more) MATERIALS LOOKING FOR... BRICKS - Slate x3000 DONE - Pottery x3000 IN PROGRESS - Sandstone x3000 DONE - Stone x3000 IN PROGRESS - Marble x3000 DONE MISC - Wooden Beams x1200 DONE - Clay x3000 DONE - Mortar x10,000... 6k DONE - Planks x6000 IN PROGRESS PRICES... Stone Bricks - 2s per 1,000 Every other brick - 4s per 1,000 Mortar - 4s per 1,000 Clay - 2s per 1,000 Wooden Beams - 1c per 1 DELIVERED VIA WAGONER CONTACT ME VIA... In Game @ Kookii Here on the Forums Discord Kookii#0544
  7. Hey guys! Looking for someone who can design a deed via deed planner! Not looking for an entire deed, just a small section at the moment! I'm going for a small village vibe! If interested, please shoo me a message and maybe show off some of what you've already designed! Offering up to 10s-20s depending on how much and how detailed! Maybe more if need be. CONTACT ME THROUGH... In Game @ Kookii Through the forums here! Discord - Kookii#0544
  8. Sent! [12:40:33] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to reach Tukodama in less than ten minutes.
  9. Hey guys! Selling this bundle of tomes. General Pricing from past posts I've found... White Tome - 15s Incineration - 25s Black Tome - 50s Blue Tome - 35s Green Tome - 1g CONTACT ME... In game @ Kookii Here on the Forums
  10. Hey guys! Looking to make some trades! EDIT: Also willing to just offer silver for things Rare for Rare or Supreme for Supreme (Or rare) WHAT I'M TRADING... - RARE Stone Brick Oven x2 - RARE Pottery Brick Oven x1 - RARE Stone Brick Forge x1 - RARE Slate Brick Forge x4 - RARE Slate Kiln x1 - RARE Oakenwood Spinning Wheel x1 - SUPREME Walnut Mallet x1 WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR... (Everything Either rare or Supreme if not specified) - Large Planter(s) - Unfinished Altar(s) - Supreme Wagon/Cart - WHITE Cloth armor pieces - Planter Racks - Amphora Racks - Barrel Racks - Statues of the gods (Might even take not rare if a full set) - Cupboards - Other Furniture like books helves, night stands, etc etc - Empty Shelves CONTACT ME... In Game @ Kookii Here on the forums Discord @ Kookii#0544
  11. I was out when this ended D; If still interested in selling, Shoot me a message!
  12. CLOSED FOR NOW Hey guys! I'm looking for some experienced terraformers! Trying to terraform a deed, It's nothing too crazy, but it's a good little chunk of land! Looking for 2-3 helpers! This is the land now, BEFORE terraforming! This is what I'd like it to look like in the end, slopes and everything can be changed and vary, of course! PAYMENT... 10c Per Tile Number of Tiles = 770 (Roughly, prob less) About 77s for the whole thing if done alone. Price can be discussed. CONTACT ME IF INTERESTED... In game @ Kookii Here on the forums Discord - KookiiDough#0544