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Found 110 results

  1. Give option to, once a measuring jug has been set and filled, to change setting, to ADD content. So. Say you want 130 g. 1> set measuring jug to 100g, fill it 2> set measuring jug (w/ 100g in it) to 20g, re fill it (so now it holds 120g) 3> set measuring jug (w/ 120g in it) to 10g, re fill it -> so now it is set to hold 130g 4> from here on out, if u fill that measuring jug, it will fill to 130g, until u reset it empty to some other value - or if u fill it, and add volume to it. This is a great idea (lol). Please fix measuring jugs so they work like this - unless it's gonna break Wurm. Thanks your time
  2. Does any else here use the toolbelt up arrow indicator? When I go to push the 'up' arrow on my toolbelt, I can not see anything, lol. Was wondering, if it would be a reasonable request to have things so I can see toolbelt number when I put my cursor over the 'up' arrow on the toolbelt in game. (That link above don't appear to be a link, for some odd reason. Just can copy/paste it into a browser, should work. Works for me. I have added images to show the effect I'm talking about.) Thanks for your time, Teeebomb
  3. My cats disappeared on forums. Earlier, I had cat option, now it's gone. For a while there, I had no cats in ie, then later, my cats disappeared off my firefox browser too. Other players showed me that their cats are still there on their forums. Please fix this - or show me what I'm doing incorrectly. Thanks.
  4. My branded bull (named 'cfbBarugliaB1800510') , here on Indy server, got teleported out of its pen, thru a high stone wall, outside it's locked pen. Normally surrounded on all sides but one by locked fence gates, the last South edge tile is a tall stone wall, this bull defied the laws of physics and escaped his locked pen. It was found one tile south of its pen, outside the pen, and free to roam about all of the Indy server. The following image indicates the surrounding area on my deed and the spot the bull got teleported from and where it got teleported to: Thanks your time, Teeebomb
  5. For me this is first time I ever noticed this effect. The first time I lit forge and ovens in my Tall house here on deed Cornersville on Indy, since the patch, I am getting no audible burning sound. I have 2 ovens and 1 forge lit. All 3 are silent. I did try to relog. I logged on an alt. The alt also had no burning audio for the lit burners. So I put my hand in the fire. They all appear to be hot enough. Just no sound. When u have time. Teeebomb Will update this post after emergency update here in a bit. 01 Nov 2021, 07:27 am EST: Ok.. after the last updates and hot fixes... the 2 ovens and forge in a building (Teeebomb's Tall House) on my deed (Cornersville) here on indy, still make no noise when burning. Other on deed burners do seem to make noise. They are burning now, no noise, if someone wants to come witness the glitch. (tosses peat into his burners to extend the painful silence).
  6. I have been imping huge shod clubs for weeks now. I only got 2 MOIs no rares yet. Just got informed in CA help that when you queue a bunch of actions - then if ur timer goes over some set amount (20 seconds , or 30 w/ +10 second deed bonus), that you will miss ur rarity window since the timer starts when u 1st start ur stack of queued actions. So - if I understand this correctly. As we get higher lvl and can queue more actions - once the total sum of all our queued action timers goes over 20 seconds (or 30 seconds w/ deed bonus) - then we will skip over our rarity window while imping the stack. Does this mean - that if we want to gain the benefit of having a small chance to turn an item to rare while imping it, then we need to limit the duration of the total amount of time that would pass for all of our queued actions added together, so that it's less than 20 or 30 seconds? Does this mean that having a higher mind logic level, and using our multiple actions available, will decrease our chances of hitting that rarity window? Do I need to limit my queued actions in such a way that the total added timers of all the queued actions needs to be less than 20 or 30 seconds? Any real clarification on this would be satisfactory. I honestly got no idea where to post this.
  7. All my pregnant horses here on Cornersville deed here on Indy server, just after birth, they show '[02:24:48] You can breed her again now.' Then, when I try to breed them, they say 'not in the mood'. I discovered, if I groom them then I get the corrected timer thing. So for an example, my female ven Dogkim '5sD0rEbF 7 br181130', she recently gave birth to a new fowl. When I first examined Dogkim it said '[02:24:48] You can breed her again now.' Then, once I groomed her, it now says '[02:24:58] You can breed her again in 334 hours.' So that's how it seems to be working now for all my female horses that just gave birth. Thanks for your time. I get this same effect on gold, piebald pintos, and ebony blacks - are the only ones I've been breeding recently.
  8. Ok. The pizzas in my larder (rare larder, 91 QL, 100 new snowballs (all 99QL) in its icebox) are now taking damage faster than usual. The larder is in a completed building (Teeebomb's Tall House - I sleep in here daily), on deed (Cornersville on Indy, with well over 60+ days upkeep in coffers). This larder is secured to the ground (if that matters). This is happening more recently and is really unexpected and is getting my goat over here. Why is my larder suddenly not working like it used to work? Did you guys make some invisible update to nerf larders? … or am I doing something wrong? I more recently decided to imp my larder, I think it was 80 ish QL , I decided to imp it to 91+ QL. Another change I recently did, was I added runes to each of the shelves in this larder. [16:56:03] A silver rune of Vynora has been attached, so it will reduce the decay taken of items inside (10%) - >> added to each of the food shelves as well as to the icebox. So six runes total. Also I have been continually adding pizzas to this, my main larder. In this larder I have over 1100 kg of food. What is going on here. Since other people have mentioned their snowballs seem to be decaying faster than expected, I checked my snowballs in iceboxes. There are snowballs in the four larders I got in this building, I collected them 16 July 2022, and they already have 30+ damage to them. Not all of them, but some of them. One has 33 damage that I collected on 16 July 2022. I would appreciate any conclusive clarification, what is going on here, why my pizzas are decaying faster than normal in my larder over here. One pizza I made it 23 May 2022 - wrapped it and put it right into this larder. It has never been outside of this larder, and it already has 10 damage on it. Thanks your time, Teeebomb
  9. I got a venerable chicken/hen branded to my deed (Cornersville on Independence, I am deed mayor). I am keeping it on my for a friend (premium player who is usually on other server). So I branded this hen (it is named 'Sweetpea', examine shows 303 Wurm months old) to my deed and put it in a chicken coop. Now, this hen does not show up on my animal list at all, even tho it is branded to my deed. > So I removed it from the chicken coop - and it sill is not on my animal list. > So I relogged for lotime, still is not on my animal list. > So I right clicked it, did permissions>manage animal, added my own name w/ full perms. It is still not on my animal list. > So I added an alt of mine, gave that alt full perms for this hen, and then logged on my alt. This hen does not show up on my alts animal list. Also, this hen is cared for, if that matters here. I unbranded this venerable hen, then rebranded it. It is still not on my animals list. So I checked, there is one other venerable hen (Chicken Little), branded by an alt of mine to a different deed (Sandstone Cove on Independence). This hen, as far as I know, has never been in a chicken coop - and it is not on anyone's animal list too. Even tho I also added my own self to Chicken Little w/ full perms. So maybe venerable hens are broke? Please fix this when you get time. Thanks, Teeebomb
  10. UPDATE: 2022 and this is still happening. THIS IS NOT GOOD. Please fix this. Thanks. Ok, just now, a few minutes ago (7 Sep 2018, 17:33 EST), I moved a Full House pizza to a lit forge to heat it for eating. What happened, at that instant, the entire full house pizza instantly decayed to dust. What I'm saying is I moved a full house pizza that had the affinity I wanted, from a larder to a lit forge, and the pizza (which had ZERO damage) instantly crumbled to dust. WTF! Are we broke? Is this a new glitch... food instantly crumbling to dust? Ok facts in this case: On Independence server. In a building (TeeeBOMB's Tall House) on my deed (Cornersville), of which, I own the building, and I am the mayor of the deed. Upkeep has been paid over 2 months atm. That larder shelf is full of full house pizza's affinity listed. That larder has 100 good snowballs in it's ice box. The full house pizza was for foraging for my character (TeeeBOMB), and had 43+ QL with no damage on it. I made that pizza on 5 Dec 2017... so it is... 275 days old. Like a very very very old horse. So.. I am not sure about what are the correct game mechanics on this. Just my experience. My experience is that meals slowly gather decay when stored in a larder that has snowballs in its icebox. I was quite miffed, on this day, for this pizza, to have it instantly crumble to dust with no warning at all. POOF. Gone. So I post here, to document something new, I just now had happen to me in game. This may be a glitch. It certainly feels like a glitch. If this isn't a glitch, it should be (lol). All the full house pizza's on that shelf, no damage on any of them. I certainly would have noticed had there been any damage on that pizza. Thanks for your time, TeeeBOMB
  11. Can not log onto Wurm. Get error at client log on: Update failed! (Error: Error opening connection to path server.) I have no other instances of WurmLauncher on my task manager. Please fix this, or tell me what I'm doing wrong. Thanks, Teeebomb PS - Fixed ! Thanks guys your quick response
  12. Did Indy just crash? or was it all of wurm? I can not get responses from the two server status links I got: Also, pings to are all timing out, no ping responses. Thanks your time, Teeebomb
  13. Update: I had other instance of Wurm client in my task manager. Once I closed that, fixed my client update. I am getting an Upate failed! (Error: Could not copy graphics.jar to graphics.jar.bak). I can see other people can log on. Please fix. Thanks … or tell me what I'm doing wrong, lol.
  14. My alt (Archeree) had a role w/ full perms to my deed (Cornersville on Independence). He is not in my deed as a citizen. He is mayor of his own deed, which is in my alliance. So I noticed he could plan/finalize buildings in my perimeter. So to test things, I removed his perms to build/plan buildings on my deed from his role. When I did that , he could immediately no longer plan a building on my deed. But, he could still plan/finalize a building on my perimeter. So I completely removed his role from my deed. He could still plan a building in my perimeter. So I tried to re add his role, a new role w/ his name on it, but w/ no perms. He could still plan/finalize a building in my perimeter. So I tried different things. I logged him out for lotime, logged myself out for lotime. I had him run way far away from my deed (several hundred tiles) and he could still plan/finalize buildings in my perimeter. The next test it just to wait some hours - see if there is a lag effect for his role to get updated. I am doing this now. Will post result here. Either way, I would think we prolly do not want toons who's roles have been deleted to be able to plan/finalize buildings on our perimeter. Thanks your time, Teeebomb Post update : Six hours later, my alt (Archeree) still has no role on my deed (Cornersville on Indy) but can still build on that deeds perimeter. Re Post update: Fifteen hours later, Mr Archeree can still plan/finalize a building in Cornersville perimeter. Alts can not be trusted. Rere Post update: I used my other alt (who is a member of my deed (Cornersville)) to run around some local deeds. It turns out he could build/finalize in deed perimeters of one person in my alliance, but could not plan/finalize building in deeds not in my alliance. So... whether this is a planned mechanic or an oops w/ the permissions is, I guess, the issue. My thinking is thus: I do not want ally members to be able to plan/finalize buildings in my perimeter. I have no idea how many other invisible perms ally members get, but would be nice not to have any. I can create a role if I want someone to be able to build on my deed or perimeter.
  15. I just now discovered metal staffs do not have maker names. How can this be? Please fix this soon - its so dum. I wanted to put this under glitch, can not believe this is intended. We even have staff skins for crying out loud. Please add maker names to metal staffs. I am serious Thanks your time, Teeebomb
  16. Ok. I had a horse (venerable fat Rungrey '5sC0rBrM 8') was cared for a F2P toon (Tebomb, never been prem) that I later moved to a different server (Xanadu). This left his cared for horse for me to take care of here on my deed (Cornersville) on Independence server (lazy alt). I had it hitched to a wagon. This is the last time I groomed that horse, when it was cared for (from my log files)… So, later, I groomed this same horse, but for some reason it was not cared for... Sadly, I did not notice it was not cared for. Not until today I noticed it was not standing duty at his wagon , and there was a pile of slightly decayed horse gear at his position. Ok the toon that cared for this horse, Tebomb is F2P, never been prem'd, and left Indy 29 Sep 2021. He went to Xanadu, had business there, never returned to Indy server. He does get logged in regularly, and has not been deleted. He only has one care for slot, so did not care for any other animals on Indy. So, for some reason, this horse became uncared for and died. I do not know if this is an intended game mechanic for F2P toons that leave the server, or for any toons been away from server 'x' amount of time. I was advised .. "[01:34:50] <Vayu> Go ahead and make the bug report, make sure that you list when that character was last on indy." Maybe we can clear up if this is intended, or a glitch, that my horse became uncared for, then died unexpectedly. Thanks for your time, Teeebomb
  17. Please add to the hen wurmpedia page ( the updated tiles that hens can now lay on... iaw : Which says... New: Egg laying creatures can now lay eggs on additional tile types including: Enchanted grass, moss, steppe, lawn, normal bushes, and enchanted bushes Mycelium, mycelium lawn, and mycelium bushes when corrupted by a Libila priest I did not personally confirm all the additional tiles. but I did pick up an egg off an enchanted tile the other day. Thanks your time, Teeebomb
  18. On the kiln Wurmpedia page (, the section to the right of the page, under the Kiln picture, there is a 'Skill and Improvement' section. Maybe in that section would be good to add.. 'Need clay and stone chisel to improve.' Not real sure if this would be the right place to add that, or if it needs to be added at all. Maybe I'm the only one grabbed rock shard to improve a kiln. Just would be clearer what you need to use to improve this item instead of grabbing bricks or rock shard. When I examine the kiln, it does already say what it needs to improve it in my event window. This is how I found out why my rock shard did not work to improve it. So just take for consideration, make your own mind up and follow that. Thanks your time, Teeebomb
  19. Lagged out of wurm. On Indy server on my deed Sandstone Cove. All pings to www.wurmonline timing out. No pings get thru. Can ping ok. All pings to google working fine. This happened twice today for several minutes each time. The first time it happened today, I could not get forums web pages to load. Other websites worked fine. This 2nd time this happened to me today, forum pages loaded just fine. Looks like I lost wurm for 13 ish minutes this second time. All is ok right now. Just posting this here in case others experiencing the same sort of thing. Third time today just now.. 0228, 4 Mar 2022 EST. Lost connection about one minute. Pings to wrumoline not working, pings to google work find. Thanks Teeebomb
  20. Apparently Indy crashed. Well. It lagged me out. I can not get back online. I am back online !! Thank you for ur time
  21. My friend had full manage permissions on a loaner caravel (he had all available perms), but could not push/pull it on someone else's deed... [23:46:52] <Impala> [20:27:14] That would be very bad for your karma and is disallowed on this server. Only way we could get him past that obstacle was for me to make him the owner. Then it allowed him to push/pull that boat on the other person's deed. Please fix things correctly so that a person who has drag permission on a boats perms list, can push/pull that boat, even if its on some one else's deed. Thanks. Teeebomb
  22. When I right click a link in a chat tab, I have become accustomed to having options. I can copy link, or open link in browser, or open link in Wurm window. Today I re discovered that the option to 'open link in browser' is borked for Wrmpedia links. This is what I get when I right click a Wurmpedia link in Freedom chat tab... It is missing the 'Open link in Browser' option. This is dumb. Nobody likes this. Please fix this at ur earliest convenience. Thanks. Teeebomb
  23. Fun fact. Iron lanterns seem to explode in my house (Teeebomb's Tall House), on deed (Cornersville), on Indy, when u change their names if they are sitting on a lit forge... Not sure this will work. This is my first attempt to get imgur to do a video. Thanks your time, Teeebomb
  24. I can not get horses or a donkey to follow me upstairs when I climb a staircase. I tried this in two different staircases in two different buildings here on my deed (Cornersville) on Indy. I used two different horses, and tried it w/ a donkey. The stair cases I used for these tests, were the ramp ones (not spiral staircases). I think they were both wood. I don't recall, before this, ever trying to get horses on lead to follow me up these particular stairs.. but I think I did (lol). Anyways they won't climb the stairs now, either way. Wurmpedia page here (, says 'Animals cannot be ridden up staircases, but may be led.' So this used to work at some point. Please fix. Thanks Teeebomb
  25. This may not be a glitch. It was pointed out to me that all the newer herbs/spices are very low difficulty. Just hard for me to understand how harvesting 60 would give no xp. I never actually measured just the xp gain on the new herbs before this. I just now harvested 60 pottery planters but got zero gardening xp here on my deed (Cornersville), on Independence. First rack has 30 pottery planters in it: Second rack has 30 pottery planters in it: No added xp in skill window (after I harvested those 60 pottery planters): Ok. So I had sleep bonus on, gardening food affinity was active, I got a permanent skill affinity for gardening. The QLs of the pottery planters were all 15 QL. This feels like a glitch to me. Tanks for your time. Teeebomb