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Found 53 results

  1. Indy just crashed. looks like 0/0 online there now. I can not log in. Looks like this one may be Ping's fault. Thanks your time.
  2. Indy is lagged out for me. My pings to google work fine. But pings to wurmonline are not making it, get lots of losses. Please fix this. Thanks Teeebomb
  3. The main front door of a building (Teeebomb's Tall House) on my deed (Cornersville on Independence) is borked. Appears stuck half open to my client. My alt's client shows the door closed. But in both cases, the door does not open/close and does not provide any cool door opening/closing sounds. This door is borked. The alleged door is highlighted in this screenshot. Other doors on this building work nicely. Others do have door opening/closing sounds and animations. Just this one door... Borked. TeeeBOMB Thanks for your time
  4. Ya. Independence server appears to have crashed the correct way. Please fix. Thanks TeeeBOMB
  5. Maybe Independence server crashed? Me and my alt both crashed off wurm on Indy server. This server status link will not connect... This server status link shoes 63/800 ppl still on Indy... TeeeBOMB Indy Server back up a few minutes later...
  6. Just noticed today, as I was giving my trusty old low QL anchor to a newbie boat owner, who did not have an anchor, that anchor had 13+ damage on it. Never saw any anchor take damage before. I mean I got them in use, under the boat or in my inventory normally, so no damage. But today this one had damage. So I checked my other boats. Two of those boat anchors have damage, one does not. Need to collect more data. I mean the metal of the anchor, if I ever had it unmoored, on deed off deed, such as this. The one I got on deed here, that I have not used since the boat update, has no damage on it yet. So maybe *shrugs* if u moor ur boat w/ the anchor in ur inventory, it takes no 'in use' damage like b4? Needs more testing. Thanks your time. I'll update this any new info I discover on this unpleasant discovery.
  7. Just had my only single large planter glitch at me. I planted it and farmed it over some days. Missed a day (had some RL interference), came back today (16 Jan, just past mushroom day 6 I guess) and BAM,... is displayed as "green" mushroom weeds. When I harvested that 'green' mushroom, the words in my event tab actually had it right said: [17:37:28] You start to harvest the black mushrooms. [17:37:31] You managed to get a yield of 1 black mushrooms. Ok. So the large planter is on my deed (Cornersville on Independence) located on the 2nd floor of an underground building. There was a server reset during the time between my last 'tending' action (black mushroom 4) and this screenshot: I'm sorry, it only belatedly occurred to me, to have an alt account come look see if it was a client error or a server error. I had already harvested it before the 2nd account idea occurred to me. Thanks your time, TeeeBOMB
  8. Independence server is down. Please fix Thanks, TeeeBOMB
  9. Hey, can we get Wurmpedia page for long spear ( updated at the bottom right portion, where it says 'Skill and Improvement' updated? It presently says 'Uses weapons smithing skill'. Please add to that portion of that web page 'Improved using carpentry tools and materials'. Thanks, TeeeBOMB
  10. Well, I got my measuring jug in my inventory. Every time I go to change its volume, I get the message in my event tab "[07:49:31] You can only change volume when the measuring jug is in your inventory." And it's volume does not change. This has been going on for days. I think I first noticed this just after the last update. Happens on my deed (Cornersville) on Independence server. Different measuring jugs same issue. Broked. The work around, is to move the measuring jug out of a sub group. Then it works as advertised. I'd like this fixed. It's annoying. I put all my cooking tools in an inventory sub group, then get to work. Unless my measuring jug won't work. Borked. Thanks TeeeBOMB
  11. Ok, Indy server, maybe? Just went down. About 18:40 EST on 24 Oct 2019. Both my main and my alt got kicked from Indy server. Apparently many others on Indy got kicked. It later let me and my alt log back on. So was a temp lag/boot. When I logged back on, I was still riding my horse. TeeeBOMB
  12. Fixed Please close. Thanks. I'm on Indy, everything lagged to a standstill for me here. Server status pages say 71 ppl online on Indy. When I ping wurmonline, works fine. But both me and my alt are in a prolonged lag. Right click menus are not opening (they say 'refreshing'), and no chat tabs are getting updated. This is an odd sort of glitch. My wurm online windows are still open. Ok, so I logged out my alt. Closed that wurm window the correct way. BAM. The server status page says Indy still has 71 players online. So then I logged out my main. BAM. Server status page still says 71 players online on Indy. Something broke. When I try to log my alt back on, no go. "Network error: <An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host> Trying again in 170 seconds." Please fix this. Thanks TeeeBOMB
  13. Can we add to the Mine door (wood) page on Wurmpedia (, a note to indicate that this mine door can be removed using a crow bar, if you have permissions? This is a helpful nugget of truth I had to get it from Freedom chat, was not aware/did not remember a crow bar could be used for this purpose. Thanks
  14. Ok, for this one, I can not use my chosen shortcut key to examine a mine door on my deed (Cornersville) here on Indy. This is a new thing. I used to be able to use my shortcut key (which is '\') to examine this mine door. The following is how this went wrong for me: 10 Oct 2019 I was imp'n repairing things, fine. Every once in a while I'd hit '\' to examine, worked find. Later I was going thru some old loot... repairing/examining ('\' for me) just fine. My last use of the '\' key for me was at 23:28:51 (EST) iaw my event tab (I NEVER right click 'examine' when looking at things). When I got to my mine door (~23:37, EST same day, so like 9 minutes after my last use of the '\' key), I hit my shortcut key for examine '\' got no result in my event tab. Hit that key repeatedly.. no result in event tab. Made certain my cursor was hovering over that mine door, everything. Nothing in event tab. So I checked in my list of assigned shortcut keys... It said I had 'Y' assigned to my examine. WTF? So I fixed my shortcut list so '\' was restored to my choice to use for examining items. And still when I press my short cut key '\' to examine that mine door, nothing shows up in my event tab. Double clicking the mine door does show examine results in my event tab. Right clicking selecting 'examine' works just fine too. AS you can see in the screenshot, my shortcut key for Examine is '\'. So that part is right. But when I hit '\' I get no result in my event tab when my cursor is hovering over that mine door. The last time I used my shortcut key '\' to examine this mine door was 18:04 EST on Oct 1, 2019 (iaw my event log). I think this is true here. Can not be absolutely certain if I had to right click examine that wooden mine door that time. I may not have noticed my inability to use the short cut key on that. I was busy that day. But I'm pretty sure I would have noticed my frick'n examine key suddenly not working. I DID notice it for sure today no lie. My shortcut key for examine '\' does work with a local stone mine door. I do not have any other types of mine doors in my convenient proximity to test. So far as I know, only wooden mine doors are broke like this. I have 2 wooden mine doors that I have tested so far today. Both wooden mine doors refuse to acknowledge me banging away on my examine shortcut key. A helper in CA help said their examine shortcut key would not work on their mine door too. I suggest someone in authority come give these wooden mine doors a good talking to. Let them know this sort of lazy ignoring of paying customers will not be tolerated, or some such. Please fix, thanks TeeeBOMB
  15. Indy went down. Looks like everybody got kicked. Please fix. Thanks TeeeBOMB
  16. Hey, I just made a batch of farmer's salves. The Wurmpedia page :'s_salve . The page says (in the creation part under the farmer's salve image) Right-click animal fat (0.10 kg). The batch of farmer's salve I made today, it used only 0.05 kg of animal fat. So it should read Right-click animal fat (0.05 kg). Thanks your time. TeeeBOMB
  17. Here's your rift ! Niarja rift page: Can easily access the rift location using that nearby road. Looks like it'll be a multi level combat here. Have fun. TeeeBOMB
  18. Jun 10, 2019 5:02:42 AM Smeagain casts Rite of Spring. Followers of Vynora receive a blessing! So.. There you go. ( I hope I got the timer correct) TeeeBOMB ps, you can read about RoS (Rite of Spring) here:
  19. Rift location and time. Timer works. Thanks Hvergi!
  20. Just in case nobody noticed... Indy appears to have crashed.... Thanks ur time. TeeeBOMB
  21. Anyone else notice Indy server is gone? Looks like no one else is on Indy server right now too, iaw wurmonline server status link. Please fix? Thanks ? TeeeBOMB
  22. I got a female horse. I bred it at 12:21pm EST on 6Mar2019 on my deed (Cornersville) on Indy server. This horse first time showed 'She will deliver in about 1 day' on 11Mar. Today is 21 Mar, been 10 days and it still shows 'She will deliver in about 1 day.' Not sure if this is a problem. I don't recall off hand any horse getting stuck this long on a particular day. My record from before was a horse (this same horse I think) got stuck at 'She will deliver in 0 days' for 3 days in a row. Are there server horse population count code that will mess w/ pregnant horses? I worry that this very late pregnancy is an indication that something may be going haywire. Thanks your time, TeeeBOMB
  23. Just noticed this. When I go to 'place' my practice dummy, the 'place' timer starts, then, as I move my cursor about - I see no green copy image of that practice doll/dummy to place it with. Normally I get like a green copy /image of the item. Not for practice dummy , and not for small cart. Both are not giving me those green image copies to work with. Did not see anything about this posted on forums yet. Thanks your time. TeeeBOMB
  24. Ok, sometimes (seems random so far) the landscape and sky white out. Hard to reproduce. I just have to wonder around till it occurs. Or, in some cases, it just occurs when I don't have my Wurm window on top. The following vid happened only when my Wurm window was not on top. It occurred inside Teeebomb's Tall House, in Cornersville deed, on Indy server. This was since the update today, this sort of thing. When this was happening, I had a setting on my adv graphix tab named, 'use normal mapping' checked. I have since then unchecked that check box. Now am gonna monitor this, see if I get any further such white out flashes. Will post updates here. Thanks your time, TeeeBOMB Update. This does happen, even w/ m graphics setting 'use normal mapping' unchecked. Is quite disorientating when riding along on a horse.
  25. I have a single door (wooden door, the north most door on this building on the ground floor) on my building (Teeebomb's Tall House, I am the owner of this building) on deed (Cornersville, I am the mayor) on Indy server that has become a ghost door. It does not swing open or swing closed. It will allow toons w/ permissions to pass thru it. But they get no open/close animation or the sound that usually goes w/ going thru a wooden door. This door has permissions set to it's building. I have tested this on 3 toons. Two of those toons had permission to pass thru the door the 3rd did not. The door did stop the bad toon from passing thru it. The other 2 toons had ghost door effect. All other doors on and off deed in this area work fine. I do get open close animations and the open/close sounds w/ all other doors. Just this one door, borked. I do not have any nearby friends to test this door, but when one of them logs on, I'll ask them do come test this door. I will update this thread if I do get some other person to test this door. I'll also update if the door fixes itself or if some other thing happens relates. Thanks your time ? TeeeBOMB UPDATE: A friend stopped by this morning (2:52pm EST, ok , this afternoon) and checked this door. He witnessed same problem. No animation or sound when he pass thru my ghost door.