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Found 91 results

  1. Fun fact. Iron lanterns seem to explode in my house (Teeebomb's Tall House), on deed (Cornersville), on Indy, when u change their names if they are sitting on a lit forge... Not sure this will work. This is my first attempt to get imgur to do a video. Thanks your time, Teeebomb
  2. I can not get horses or a donkey to follow me upstairs when I climb a staircase. I tried this in two different staircases in two different buildings here on my deed (Cornersville) on Indy. I used two different horses, and tried it w/ a donkey. The stair cases I used for these tests, were the ramp ones (not spiral staircases). I think they were both wood. I don't recall, before this, ever trying to get horses on lead to follow me up these particular stairs.. but I think I did (lol). Anyways they won't climb the stairs now, either way. Wurmpedia page here (, says 'Animals cannot be ridden up staircases, but may be led.' So this used to work at some point. Please fix. Thanks Teeebomb
  3. This may not be a glitch. It was pointed out to me that all the newer herbs/spices are very low difficulty. Just hard for me to understand how harvesting 60 would give no xp. I never actually measured just the xp gain on the new herbs before this. I just now harvested 60 pottery planters but got zero gardening xp here on my deed (Cornersville), on Independence. First rack has 30 pottery planters in it: Second rack has 30 pottery planters in it: No added xp in skill window (after I harvested those 60 pottery planters): Ok. So I had sleep bonus on, gardening food affinity was active, I got a permanent skill affinity for gardening. The QLs of the pottery planters were all 15 QL. This feels like a glitch to me. Tanks for your time. Teeebomb
  4. For me this is first time I ever noticed this effect. The first time I lit forge and ovens in my Tall house here on deed Cornersville on Indy, since the patch, I am getting no audible burning sound. I have 2 ovens and 1 forge lit. All 3 are silent. I did try to relog. I logged on an alt. The alt also had no burning audio for the lit burners. So I put my hand in the fire. They all appear to be hot enough. Just no sound. When u have time. Teeebomb Will update this post after emergency update here in a bit. 01 Nov 2021, 07:27 am EST: Ok.. after the last updates and hot fixes... the 2 ovens and forge in a building (Teeebomb's Tall House) on my deed (Cornersville) here on indy, still make no noise when burning. Other on deed burners do seem to make noise. They are burning now, no noise, if someone wants to come witness the glitch. (tosses peat into his burners to extend the painful silence).
  5. Ok. Just now I had an odd game crash that apparently only ever happens to me. But it happens often enough for me to know how it works. I just log back in after such a crash, and continue play. But this time, just after I logged back in to wurm - ALL MY FOOD AFFINITIES DISSAPPEAERED. Ok. My odd crash is - my game client window just blinks gone. It disappears completely, and is no longer in memory. I get no skill dump, no crash log file, nothing. Wurm is gone. So I normally just log back in, np. This may happen 1 or more times a day. I don't keep track. But this time. this time I had a butt ton off food affinities up. Odd crash happens, I log back in and now all my food affinities are gone. I ate/nibbled most of my temp food affinities just over 10 hours ago. All those affinity timers are well over 12 hours, many over 14 hours. So All of them should still be active now. I later nibbled a few more pizzas and got those started only like 3 hours ago ish. Those later nibbled pizza food affinity timers had over 11 hours left on them at the time of my crash. This is screenshot of my food affinities window (status effects) like an hour before my odd crash (please note all of those temp affinity timers have well over 2 hours left on them, some have over 1a hours left on their timers. I am not including screenshots of my event log files that proves the timing of when I ate these. I have looked it up and confirmed the timers here should all have well over 2 hours each left on them at the time of my game crash, around 2218 ish, EST (my time).): This is a screen shot of my 'statues effects' window just after I logged back in after my odd crash: Where are my food affinities. THIS SUCKS. This is new. I don't recall loosing all my food affinities after any game crash before this. OM frick'n gorsh will you fix this. I tried to relog back in, after logging off for /lotime. My food affinities are still gone. THIS CRASH ERASED MY FOOD AFFINITIES. Please fix this. This completely messes up my day, and here I am wasting time constructing a server bug, instead of playing Wurm. Thanks your time. Teeebomb
  6. Presently, we have to be standing on the ground floor in a mine to be able to prospect a ceiling tile. So. If I'm atop a building, I can not prospect the ceiling tile - unless I get the ceiling tile in my action window... then run down and stand under that tile on the floor level. Then, from that position, I can prospect that ceiling tile. I think it's a honest thing to want to be able to prospect from higher floors in a building, the ceiling tiles. So - if it don't break the game (lol): I'd like to be able to prospect ceiling tiles while standing on higher floors inside a building.
  7. Presently maker names seem to randomly get erased over time because - who knows why. Please fix this immediately. I love maker names. Please make maker names permanent. Also, some items do not have maker names. So please add maker names to those items. Thanks ? edit: To be clear. I'm not talking about how an item's maker name will change as the quality of the item changes. That game mechanic is ok (so far) in my book. As you increase or decrease an item's quality, different letters of the maker name appear or disappear. No, I am talking about when a very old item you have, maybe for years. It had a maker name you were very happy to see when you examined it. Say for instance: [09:40:46] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Ascorb.c'. Then one day, maybe years later, you examine that item and you get this message: [13:26:27] Since its creator tag has faded, you decide to keep history alive by scratching your name on it. Afterwards you proudly read 'Teeebomb'. This is the game mechanic I would like fixed. I think the game would be better suited if each 'maker' name remained with an item forever. So if I am proud to have an item made by 'Ascorb.c', then I will not ever have to worry that that name will some day get 'faded' and replaced by whoever later examines it in their inventory. Thank you for your time ?
  8. Ok. This is very challenging location for a rift. Atop a mountain. No roads lead up here. Can not get cart up here. Need to climb to get to the rift beam. But can lead a horse up to the rift beam. Lots of tree problem, needs addressed up here. On this map is best guess the location of it. The white path tracks from that guard tower (if u can find that) to the rift thru the woods. Hergasterix and I investigated this area, killed local mobs. Good luck whoever decides to try this rift Teeebomb Some kind soul (Thanks Timegypsie !!) chopped trees to show to path from the Sandstone Cove direction. Once u follow the roads West from Sandstone Cove and up into the woods u'll see them. This is the path from Sandstone Cove (Thanks Ronal o/):
  9. The pottery shingle roof page on Wurmpedia ( says it 'uses masonry skill, improves using clay,' towards the bottom of the right column (on the right of the page). It seems (just now testing this), improving the pottery shingle roof gives paving skill xp. I suggest re write that part to say, ... Uses paving skill improves using clay Thanks your time, Teeebomb
  10. So when I right click a papyrus sheet in my inventory to 'inscribe' to it, the window the opens has the 'send' button in the middle of the write up message area... I can resized this window stretch it all over the place. But no matter how I stretch it, the send button is still inside the message window. So then, after I type in the message I want to inscribe, I get this... As you can see, the 'send' button is inside the message area. When I cursor over it, to click it, it will not click. So no way to click to send at all here. I am using the new UI that I downloaded from the wurmonline front page. When I log in using the old UI... the 'send' button is underneath the message window, where it belongs, and it works. Will not work for me using the new UI. Not sure if this is a UI issue or server issue. Other ppl are telling me they are getting different results. Anyways, thanks your time, Teeebomb
  11. Fixed !! Thanks guys o7 Ok. I am on Indy server, on my deed (Circlesville). I have my cart and 2 hitched horses (both horses wearing saddles). This cart (The Grape Adventure) is sitting like inside a building here (Teeebomb's Tall House). I unhitched those horses (right click cart, animals > unhitch) and they both took off in a south west direction. Both were stopped by a fence. They wont do it again for me in the same spot, so I can not immediately repeat this. I do not know why they took off in that direction. I am standing right here, next to both horses, and there is no messages in my event tab about either of them eating anything. Thank god they did not eat stuff out of my locked cart. WILL YOU PLEASE FIX YOUR GAME SO SADDLED HORSES DO NOT MOVE AROUND. I do not want animals to eat out of random containers I have sitting around. I can not honestly think why anyone would want random animals wandering around eating out of undesignated containers. I honestly want Wurm to work, and I do appreciate all your effort to make this game workable. But, making animals take off and eat out of nearby random containers - dumb. Specially if they are wearing frick'n saddles, right? I can see how it may be desirable to have nearby animals eat out of a crate. But no. Not randomly. I may be able to get used to this. Change placement of stuffs, start paying more attention to placing containers around animals, sure. But not saddled horses, right. Saddled horses should not move, right? I hope saddled horses moving is a glitch and you will fix this soon. Very very scary. Thanks your time, Teeebomb
  12. FIXED or NO PROBLEM HERE NOW. Update: My animals, as it turns out, are eating. Not sure, but it 'seems' they are eating less? I would not complain if that is the case, lol. If not that, then what may have happened, in my case, is I was away from deed for a while, and so maybe my on deed animals did not eat or change their hunger status since no one was in their local. Could be. I have to admit tho, I do not ever recall my animals accepting food from my hand, when they were standing on food. This really seems new to me. But, I guess I may have just forgotten. But they all seem to be eating ok now. Chickens have laid eggs. So this can be closed. Unless someone else has issue with animals not eating. Thanks. My hens are not eating herbs I got piled on the grass tiles. My pigs and rats are standing on food, and not eating it. My gorilla is not eating food I got on the ground. This is complete turn around. I used to (2 days ago) pile food on the ground and the animals would eat it. Now they do not seem to be eating off the ground any more. THIS SUCKS. Please fix all my animals so they will continue to eat off the ground like they did 2 days ago. This day today is my first discovery of this. I do not want my animals to die. Will you please fix this. .. or add it to ur upate state it plainly "animals can not eat off the ground any more". I am posting this here, because it seems like a glitch to me. I do not want my animals to die from this update. Please respond here if animals will no long eat off the ground if its intended. There are wheat sitting on the ground here as you can see. That pig says its hungry. Why is it not eating that wheat? I have never experienced this before. Before this.. every time.. if there is food on the ground the animal will not eat from my hand. Today.. all of my eaters are eating from my hand.. even with food sitting there on the ground. Why are my animals not eating from the ground? ! Thanks for your time, Teeebomb
  13. The link on the main page now works. Has been fixed whatever was wrong. Thanks When I click on this link on main page... I get this... Is that the link we are supposed to be using to create new toons? Thanks for your time, I'll post here in case I figure out how to create a new account. Teeebomb
  14. I'm using the new UI. The area on the crafting window that allows your cursor to indicate what your selected crafting item is, does not cover the actual icon. Example below. The icon is located directly above the 'CREATE' button. In this case shows a question mark. When u cursor over that question mark, it should indicate what your selected choice is. But the area that actually affects the cursor here does not match the area around the question mark. In this screenshot, the red square shows the area that affects the cursor, and will indicate what my creation choice is. The action area here does not match the question mark area. Thanks for your time, TeeeBOMB
  15. So when I right click examine an item in game, the right click window will not close on new UI when I select the 'examine' option. Just a little annoyance. I need to click elsewhere on the Wurm window to make the right click pop up window go away. I have noticed also, the same right click pop up window will not go away when I select 'Wurmpedia' option too. It does go away when I select an emote. Not sure if this is a bug or expected. I find it an annoyance, since I'm done w/ that pop up window once I've clicked the 'examine' option. Would prefer if it went away on its own, and did not require me addition clicking to make it poof. Thanks your time, Teeebomb
  16. Can not read all my player names on my player list tab. The longest names get covered and do not fit using New UI, no matter how I set 'UI Scale' or 'UI Text Scale'. Check out the screenie below: Can you see this. Long player names are covered, and I can not see all the letters. Please fix this before you force players to use new unperfected GUI. Thanks your time. Teeebomb.
  17. OK, so when I first log on, three Wurm things on my Wurm window move/shift to the left a bit. I usually like to keep these 3 things pushed as far to the right of my Wurm window as I can get them. But when I log off, then back on, they get moved away from the right edge a smidgeon, and I need to re move them back toward the right edge of the Wurm window. That is one of the windows that move when I relog. The other two are my tool belt, and the icon screen, shows all the food affinities I have active and faith bonus icon on it. I try to keep these all three pushed as far right as possible so I get more window in the middle of the screen to show me the Wurm world. Please fix. Ok. Tried locking these three windows in place by using right click 'lock window'. Even w/ those three 'locked', the 3 things shifted away from the right edge of the wurm window. But now I can not move them back. Not without first 'unlock window' on them. Locking the windows does not work to lock them in place when I log off, then log back on. Thanks your time, Teeebomb
  18. The names of the creatures go off and outside the attack bars. Not a show stopper. Maybe this is intended. Just post here in case someone else agrees that it doesn't look right. Two examples below (both are branded, so, I guess images don't show up in target window. So is ok no images in attack bar, maybe. Unless it isn't. lol): Thanks your time, Teeebomb
  19. When I have the settings window open to a particular place, then close the settings window and re open it, it opens at game tab, no matter where I had it open to previously. Old UI allowed that when we re opened the settings window, it would go exactly to the last window tab and position we were at. I hope this is an over sight and you can easily restore this window memory for the settings window. That was so darned convenient when I was petering around with key binds. Please fix this so the settings window, when closed and re opens, returns us to the last tab and position we were at last time we had it opened. Thanks, Teeebomb
  20. I asked this in CA help in world. No one there knew how to fix this. So I'm posting here. When I cursor over items/objects in game, I get words over the normal ID splat. Those words are like 'F: Open' or 'R: Burn (repeat)' or whatever. These words are distracting for me in normal game play when I'm trying to quickly read what is in the boxes below them words, like when I'm foraging/botanizing. Here are screenshots of what I'm talking about. Is there a way for me, something in settings, that I can make those words go away when I cursor over stuffs? I already have 'show in-world action text' and 'Show detailed hover information' unchecked in my settings. Can not find the box to get rid of these suggested option things. Thanks for your time, Teeebomb
  21. New fixed version, looks much nicer, good work Can close this now. Words on the 'New Goals' can not be read since they over write other words on the same window. See below screenshot. As you can see... words on the title of the goal are overwritten by the word 'Unlocked!' Can you fix this please? Thanks for your time. Teeebomb
  22. Can not right click a ground tile right next to my cart to dismount inside a building on Independence. When I right click the tile next to my cart, it does not give me the option to dismount. So I have to right click my cart to dismount. This always seems to dump me right on the tile my horses are standing on. Not sure if this is a bug or intended. But it seems to be a bug. Since the only way to dismount is by right clicking the cart, this dumps me right on the same tile the two horses are standing on, adds the potential of contracting a disease - just to exit my cart. Please fix this. Thanks your time. Teeebomb
  23. Fixed. Thanks guys o7 Can close this. Ok. For the new UI. When I select a group of items in my knapsack (this same thing happens when I wear a normal backpack), then hover my cursor over that group, it does not show the number of items I have selected. This used to be a nice feature w/ the old UI, the new UI omits this information (while adding a bunch of other useless information in a huge vision impeding pop up with a border). My screenie below: Left image is old system, right image is new UI. You got rid of the only useful information I'm looking for, when I have a group of items selected, and added a largish window that has a lot of already listed/available information already on the screen in front of me right there, specific item QL/DMG/WT.. its all there already. I can see all that information very clearly already, if there were not a HUGE window blocking view of other important information. Anyways, just posting this cause I like to see that number of items I got selected in my knapsack when I am selecting multiple items. I'm certain this is an oversight and you guys never intended to get rid of this handy useful information. Hope you can fix this before I'm forced to use this new UI. Or.. is there already a check box somewhere ? that I can select to have ur huge pop up info window hidden? That would be nice. But will that fix my lost 'number of selected items' information? Thanks your time.
  24. When I put seeds in my satchels to use for farming, the number of seeds in each satchel is not displayed on my tool belt in High or Low Graphics setting with new UI. See below screenshot: Left is old UI. Right is new UI. The number content count is absent in both High and Low graphics setting of the new UI. Old UI shows satchel counts on my toolbelt just fine. It was just now pointed out to me that the new UI toolbelt does not show when the item on the toolbelt is activated. This is unusable for me. Will you also fix the toolbelt in the new UI so that it will show an item that is activated. Activated items on a tool belt does show up as activated, unless its inside a satchel. In that case, the seed does get activated in my inventory, but nothing, there is no way to tell which satchel is activated on the tool belt. OMG REALLY? You are planning to force us to use the new glitched UI... It's unusable in its current state. Please fix this glitch before you shut down old UI. Thanks. Teeebomb
  25. The way it is right now, for hitching post permissions, if someone has hitching post perms (May Use Hitching Post), then they can unhitch any animal off that hitching post. I suggest the following change: no one can unhitch a branded animal off a hitching post, unless they have been granted permissions to lead, for that branded hitched animal. This way, public hitching posts would be more secure for branded animals from the random passerby who accidently 'unhitches all'. Thanks your time, Teeebomb