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Found 38 results

  1. Hey, I just made a batch of farmer's salves. The Wurmpedia page :'s_salve . The page says (in the creation part under the farmer's salve image) Right-click animal fat (0.10 kg). The batch of farmer's salve I made today, it used only 0.05 kg of animal fat. So it should read Right-click animal fat (0.05 kg). Thanks your time. TeeeBOMB
  2. Here's your rift ! Niarja rift page: Can easily access the rift location using that nearby road. Looks like it'll be a multi level combat here. Have fun. TeeeBOMB
  3. Jun 10, 2019 5:02:42 AM Smeagain casts Rite of Spring. Followers of Vynora receive a blessing! So.. There you go. ( I hope I got the timer correct) TeeeBOMB ps, you can read about RoS (Rite of Spring) here:
  4. Rift location and time. Timer works. Thanks Hvergi!
  5. Just in case nobody noticed... Indy appears to have crashed.... Thanks ur time. TeeeBOMB
  6. Anyone else notice Indy server is gone? Looks like no one else is on Indy server right now too, iaw wurmonline server status link. Please fix? Thanks ? TeeeBOMB
  7. I got a female horse. I bred it at 12:21pm EST on 6Mar2019 on my deed (Cornersville) on Indy server. This horse first time showed 'She will deliver in about 1 day' on 11Mar. Today is 21 Mar, been 10 days and it still shows 'She will deliver in about 1 day.' Not sure if this is a problem. I don't recall off hand any horse getting stuck this long on a particular day. My record from before was a horse (this same horse I think) got stuck at 'She will deliver in 0 days' for 3 days in a row. Are there server horse population count code that will mess w/ pregnant horses? I worry that this very late pregnancy is an indication that something may be going haywire. Thanks your time, TeeeBOMB
  8. Just noticed this. When I go to 'place' my practice dummy, the 'place' timer starts, then, as I move my cursor about - I see no green copy image of that practice doll/dummy to place it with. Normally I get like a green copy /image of the item. Not for practice dummy , and not for small cart. Both are not giving me those green image copies to work with. Did not see anything about this posted on forums yet. Thanks your time. TeeeBOMB
  9. Ok, sometimes (seems random so far) the landscape and sky white out. Hard to reproduce. I just have to wonder around till it occurs. Or, in some cases, it just occurs when I don't have my Wurm window on top. The following vid happened only when my Wurm window was not on top. It occurred inside Teeebomb's Tall House, in Cornersville deed, on Indy server. This was since the update today, this sort of thing. When this was happening, I had a setting on my adv graphix tab named, 'use normal mapping' checked. I have since then unchecked that check box. Now am gonna monitor this, see if I get any further such white out flashes. Will post updates here. Thanks your time, TeeeBOMB Update. This does happen, even w/ m graphics setting 'use normal mapping' unchecked. Is quite disorientating when riding along on a horse.
  10. I have a single door (wooden door, the north most door on this building on the ground floor) on my building (Teeebomb's Tall House, I am the owner of this building) on deed (Cornersville, I am the mayor) on Indy server that has become a ghost door. It does not swing open or swing closed. It will allow toons w/ permissions to pass thru it. But they get no open/close animation or the sound that usually goes w/ going thru a wooden door. This door has permissions set to it's building. I have tested this on 3 toons. Two of those toons had permission to pass thru the door the 3rd did not. The door did stop the bad toon from passing thru it. The other 2 toons had ghost door effect. All other doors on and off deed in this area work fine. I do get open close animations and the open/close sounds w/ all other doors. Just this one door, borked. I do not have any nearby friends to test this door, but when one of them logs on, I'll ask them do come test this door. I will update this thread if I do get some other person to test this door. I'll also update if the door fixes itself or if some other thing happens relates. Thanks your time ? TeeeBOMB UPDATE: A friend stopped by this morning (2:52pm EST, ok , this afternoon) and checked this door. He witnessed same problem. No animation or sound when he pass thru my ghost door.
  11. This is the spot. Was still plenty of mobs in this area, I didn't kill them all I don't think. Easy to access using that nearest north south road. Plenty of trees here to chop. I don't know how to do that rift timer, sorry. But this is the spot (20x,48y, P14-ish in game map). Have fun: TeeeBOMB
  12. Suggest add to BSB page (, under the 'See Also' section at the bottom of that page, the following : Rack for empty bsb (linked to …( ).I just spent a ton of time trying to find the storage container for empty BSBs, lol. Could not think of its name. Thanks ? TeeeBOMB
  13. Just after the server coming back up on 8Feb2019, I logged on at 10:52am EST on Indy server. When I got here, I noticed some objects that were previously underground in a mine had been shifted to above ground locations at the same tiles they had been at below. Some were on deed (Cornersville), some were off deed. Some were planted, some were not planted (I think a tapestry was not planted). All in all, 1 orange tapestry (I think not planted, but was on deed), 2 small wood signs (were planted, one on deed, other off deed), and 2 crate racks that had crates in them (not sure if these were planted or not, but these 2 items were both on deed) got themselves confused and decided to be above ground, when they were below ground before this server reset. I heard from another player this had happened before elsewhere. It was suggested by a local GM assist that I post this here, so the developers have some information to work with. I have never saw this happen before, 3 years. Thanks your time, TeeeBOMB
  14. Just in case anyone else didn't notice. Nothing major, just Indy server it says it's player content is 0/0... Thanks your time ? TeeeBOMB
  15. Ok. When you crush a reed plant (.5 kg), you get a reed fibre (.1 kg). BAM! easy. BUT... If you put reed fibres into a bsb, some very strange shenanigans going on right there. Apparently, when you drop reed fibre into a bsb, the bsb does some odd thing to your reed fibre. Now you old wurmians problably already know of this.. but... if I drop 5 reed fibres into a bsb, the bsb turns those 5 into one single .5 kg weed fibre. So... if I drop say.. 100 reed fibre into my bsb.. BAM! Suddenly my bsb told me that I only had 20 reed fibre. Then, if you pull out one of them reed fibres, BAM! It's a .5 kg reed fibre. Fat. So ya. Shenanigans. Can we put this somewhere? I suggest at the 'reed fibre' wurmpedia page (here: Make a line on that anemic wurmpedia page that reads thus (my suggestions)... BEWARE! Dropping freshly crushed reed fibre (.1 kg each one) into any bsb, it will steal some of your reed fibre. The count you have after will decrease by 5 to 1. or... You can increase the size of your weed fibre, by dropping it w/ some of it's friends into a bsb. Once removed, the resulting reed fibre will be increased in mass by a factor of five. or... Dropping reed fibre into any container that averages, will combine each 5 reed fibre (.1 kg each) into a single fatter reed fibre (.5 kg each). Be warned, this will have the apparent affect of making it look like some of your reed fibre has been deleted. Rest assured, all of your reed fibre is still in there. Just now, when you remove them, instead of getting five .1 kg reed fibre, you will get one .5 kg reed fibre. We do this wurmetically to support wogical reasoning. This is all very wogical, so stop complaining. ? (the smiley face is optional) Thanks your time, TeeeBOMB
  16. Howdy. I tried fishing earlier, got my fishing net and keep net created and imp'd. It seems I can fish ok. But my keep net has been a non stop problem. I tried to 'plant' it on ground tiles. It would not allow it on any tiles, on some tiles it said water too shallow, other tiles it said water too deed. I could find nowhere to 'plant' it. So any help explanation I can get for how to plant this thing would be greatly appreciated. So. Next I got my rowboat, brought it out. I was permitted to attach my keep net to my rowboat. So then I moved my 3 fish over to that keep net. That did happen. All good. But then I moved the row boat to the fishing water area, and it would not allow me to net fish while embarked. So I moored jumped off boat. Then it took me a while to find a spot, where my boat was close to where I could stand and fish at. I found such a place. But then it would not allow me to put fish into my keep net, nor could I remove my keep net from the boat. So I jumped back into my rowboat, still could not pull the fish from my keep net. So right now, here on Indy, near Cornersville deed, I have my keep net is stuck on my rowboat named 'T-Bomb's RowRowRow' w/ 3 fish on it. I'd surely like to get this keep net thing to work, sounds like an awesome idea .. to keep fish fresh in water, while fishing. Thanks your time, TeeeBOMB << frustrated fisher wanna-be
  17. Presently maker names seem to randomly get erased over time because - who knows why. Please fix this immediately. I love maker names. Please make maker names permanent. Also, some items do not have maker names. So please add maker names to those items. Thanks ? edit: To be clear. I'm not talking about how an item's maker name will change as the quality of the item changes. That game mechanic is ok (so far) in my book. As you increase or decrease an item's quality, different letters of the maker name appear or disappear. No, I am talking about when a very old item you have, maybe for years. It had a maker name you were very happy to see when you examined it. Say for instance: [09:40:46] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Ascorb.c'. Then one day, maybe years later, you examine that item and you get this message: [13:26:27] Since its creator tag has faded, you decide to keep history alive by scratching your name on it. Afterwards you proudly read 'Teeebomb'. This is the game mechanic I would like fixed. I think the game would be better suited if each 'maker' name remained with an item forever. So if I am proud to have an item made by 'Ascorb.c', then I will not ever have to worry that that name will some day get 'faded' and replaced by whoever later examines it in their inventory. Thank you for your time ?
  18. UPDATE: I just heard from another player, that meals stored in meal storage items (like larder/hota statue) may be taking damage but not showing the damage. In that case, we would experience getting a lower than expected nutrition off of our meals/pizzas. I have not tested this at all, but am posting it here for any who want to test or post any test results on this thread. Could be my pizza did have damage when it was in my larder, but was instead showing me zero damage. I will try to watch how my foods affect my nutrition in the future, trying to detect undeclared damage, specially w/ older meals/pizzas. I will post on this thread if I discover anything along these lines. Ok, just now, a few minutes ago (7 Sep 2018, 17:33 EST), I moved a Full House pizza to a lit forge to heat it for eating. What happened, at that instant, the entire full house pizza instantly decayed to dust. What I'm saying is I moved a full house pizza that had the affinity I wanted, from a larder to a lit forge, and the pizza (which had ZERO damage) instantly crumbled to dust. WTF! Are we broke? Is this a new glitch... food instantly crumbling to dust? Ok facts in this case: On Independence server. In a building (TeeeBOMB's Tall House) on my deed (Cornersville), of which, I own the building, and I am the mayor of the deed. Upkeep has been paid over 2 months atm. That larder shelf is full of full house pizza's affinity listed. That larder has 100 good snowballs in it's ice box. The full house pizza was for foraging for my character (TeeeBOMB), and had 43+ QL with no damage on it. I made that pizza on 5 Dec 2017... so it is... 275 days old. Like a very very very old horse. So.. I am not sure about what are the correct game mechanics on this. Just my experience. My experience is that meals slowly gather decay when stored in a larder that has snowballs in its icebox. I was quite miffed, on this day, for this pizza, to have it instantly crumble to dust with no warning at all. POOF. Gone. So I post here, to document something new, I just now had happen to me in game. This may be a glitch. It certainly feels like a glitch. If this isn't a glitch, it should be (lol). All the full house pizza's on that shelf, no damage on any of them. I certainly would have noticed had there been any damage on that pizza. Thanks for your time, TeeeBOMB
  19. My ash got eaten on Independence. Hey! I sent some ash a while got bounced back to me, I Waited till I touched base w/ the fellow, then went to the mailbox to resend. I opened the mailbox and saw this... Normal operations here. I can see my 3 ash waiting. So I checked the little boxes marked 'receive', then prepared to click 'send'. My 3 ash got moved to the spirit castle, and I saw the following... All good, I elected to immediately resend. You can see the time upper right corner (23:04:42) << that's EST. No damage on the ash, not a bit, not a tad, nothing. Zero damage at 23:04:04. So I did click the 'send' button to go to the next page. On the next page, I added my prices, then, just a second b4 I clicked that 'send' button, this happened... So, all 3 of my rare ash had no damage at all at 23:04:04, then at 23:04:47, just a few seconds later (about as long as it took me to click the prices and confirm my sending), and, BAM poof decay all gone. In the event tab it says 'An ash crumbles to dust.' I had to pay 3 copper to pull the failed ash out of the spirit castle. Zero damage. Your spirit castle ate my rare ashes.. well 2 of them. Please fix this seeing as I prefer not to have my products deleted during my spirit castle activities. Thanks TeeeBOMB
  20. This is a nice five speed ebony black. Found it very North and West-ish on Independence. PM me in game or post here if you lost such a horse. I guess if you lost it, it was yours, you should have it's information in ur log files. Like it's specific traits. The equipment it was wearing. It's name. Such as like that. I'll brand it and keep it on my deed until someone come's forward.
  21. For this one, I just recently did the mission 'Ritual of Faith' at the Steep Stand using a compass. This is a Fo mission presently here on Independence. I did get the 'epic helper' when I completed the ritual. But now, on my mission list, when I cursor over the mission bar, I do not see on my list, any participation indication for this mission. As you can see, it does show my participation in the Magranon mission to slay champion black bears. But the Fo Ritual mission is not showing up on my window to indicate that I have indeed participated in that mission. Usually each mission that I have participated in will show up at the bottom to indicate my percentage of participation for all missions I have helped with. Am not seeing the Ritual mission though right now. Please fix this. My friend has completed this ritual mission, and his also does not display to show his own participation, even tho he also did get the epic helper pop up when he did it. Thanks your time, TeeeBOMB
  22. I discovered a pile of items. This pile of items is at the spot a multi leveled house has decayed away. I can see the pile of items, stand on top of that pile of items. But when I try to open it or take it, I get message... [20:21:04] You are too far away to do that. I tried to log out for lot time, did not fix. Oh this pile of items is on a completely flat tile which is surrounded by flat tiles. When I drag and release random items, the random items does go to that pile of items, but I can still not open that pile of items , too far away to do that. I asked in CA help, and it was suggested that I post here. That is my pile of items story. TeeeBOMB
  23. We have an incomplete fence over here at Cornersville deed on Independence. We bashed it: [08:28:44] You start to destroy the high roundpole fence. [08:29:13] The last parts of the high roundpole fence falls down with a crash. But now, the incomplete roundpole fence is still there. When we cursor over it, it is named... 'Incomplete high roundpole fence'. When we examine it, we get the following 2 messages in our event tab: [08:29:50] Unknown fence type. [08:29:50] QL=1.0, dam=0.0 When we try to open that border tile, in order to start to install a new fence section, we get msg: [08:44:47] There is a fence or wall there. Action not allowed. So, we got that on deed right now. We had another incomplete fence section giving us sort of similar issues, in that, we could not get rid of it. It was an incomplete woven section. But for that one, when we tried to bash it, we got: [13:03:24] Removing that would cause a collapsing section. Our work around was to complete that fence section, then bash the completed fence. Posting this here cause it's a glitch, and we do plan to leave our incompleted roundpole fence in place a few days, in case someone wants to come witness the unbashable fence. Thanks your time, TeeeBOMB More words> The 2 unbashable incomplete fences were not next to any building. Both are under bridges (tiles across the bridge span). Both fence portions are on flat borders. One fence has 2 flat tiles by it's sides. The other has a flat tile on one side, and a sloped tile on the other side of it (maybe 70+ slope). I checked underground to see if I could detect anything associated down there may glitch mess w/ these 2 fence sections. Here is what is under ground at the 2 unbashable fence locations (marked w/ thin red line boxes): In that image is what is under the two unbashable fence borders. that 1x2 u see there is an underground building. It has 3 doors (green borders) and 3 walls (black colored borders). So u can see the unbreakable fence tiles, one is along an underground south (on that building, in the image) wall next to a reinforced rock tile. The other ones goes straight thru the building's center. No underground wall or door. I am not seeing any definitive thing common underground that can cause this issue Maybe is just the fact of having incomplete fences, across the bridge above (bridge travel is north/south, incompleted fences under it cross east/west). That is my guess based on facts gathered by Xagru and myself so far.
  24. Hey I got a person on my ignore list. Then he started creating alts, I got all his alts added to my ignore list. Now all his alts have decayed, and left these spots on my ignore list... [13:53:56] You are ignoring unknown?, unknown? and unknown?. I asked in CA help, was told no way to fix this. Can not remove ppl from your ignore list if they never premiumed and had succumbed to account decay. How can I remove all these unknowns from my ignore list? If there is no way to fix this, can you make it so there is a way to fix this? I already tried "/ignore unknown". Apparently there is a toon named 'unknown' (sorry I ignored you, whoever you are, but I did unignored you right after). Thanks your time ? TeeeBOMB
  25. Not sure if it's just me or not. But 2 things. ONE - I have collected /investigated 62 fragments, got no 'special fragments' from the 12th anniversary yet. I waited till I saw them chatting in one of the chat tabs where other people were chatting of getting special fragments, before I went out this trip. So maybe I'm broke here. << update. After collecting over 80 fragments, I did get 2 special fragments in a row. So am going back in for 3rd one ? << Got all 3 special fragments, finally. TWO - Other thing is I got a message in my event tab that says that I feel confident I know exactly where Ridge Of Memories once lay, and complete the location details in the report. Was very happy to read this. But then when I opened my report for that place (I have only one report page for that deed), it says... Perhaps I need to investigate more to find more clues. This is my screenie shows the event... Thanks your time ? Is late I'm a log for now. Hope I'm fixed when I get back. … or maybe someone can post here what I did wrong, which is equally as likely imo. TeeeBOMB Update: I have had another deed page do same thing for me. I have another screenie. I guess sometimes your event tab does not exactly correctly identify when you can actually know exactly where a deed once lay. I can accept this, but would be nice some day it gets fixed. I do really like this update.. TONS !! ? Thanks o7