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  1. Hire this guy! Is this Wurm 2 the search for more gold?
  2. I was looking for a picture and couldn't find one hahah HERE IT IS!!!!!
  3. When you get 50 Body Strength you should be able to carry a rowboat over your head. Not realistic but a good idea
  4. What is limiting Wurm from animations? Is it the game engine or the development? Wurm needs to do whatever it takes to get animations in.
  5. Ran into this cool place. The surface mining is like nothing I've seen before. I forgot what server I was on. Anyone know? I would love to go back and see it again. Worth checking out. Excuse the color and lighting. I had issues back then.
  6. Puppeteering needs a stage or a booths that the puppeteer can stand behind. Need puppet animations and audio and sounds coming from the puppeteer. The bigger the audience the more skill gain you get. This will have puppeteers lining up like sermons. Some type of happy buff from attending a show. More puppets and scripts. Any other ideas?
  7. Can you add "The Wraith" at 7280, 2450 Thank you!
  8. Great news!!! I completely uninstalled Wurm and reinstalled this time on my C drive which is a M.2. My lights finally work!!!! This is wonderful. It's been years since I seen the lights in game!!! I'm so happy and not so sad anymore.
  9. I'm unchecked the Limit Max dynamic lights. and changed the setting back to modern with no luck. Even with Modern setting and Max dynamic light to 8 and still nothing. I'm thinking about reinstalling the game.