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  1. Hello, can you add a tunnel I created. I named it "The Wraith Canal I" and "The Wraith Canal II". It's open to all ships with max depth. The coords from A to H are: The Wraith Canal II A. 7158,2597 to B. 7184,2597 to C. 7227,2550 to D. 7227,2508 The Wraith Canal I E. 7227,2478 to F. 7265,2478 to G. 7265,2456 to H. 7260,2456 I attached a image of the canal in the community map with coords and names hopefully this will help. If you have any question please PM me. Thank you very much
  2. Send to Shamgar please. Tyvm!!!
  3. An apology

    we all said some dumb stuff in our lives and in chat. who cares. come back and have fun. all is good!
  4. Hey Kingsponge, I'm at The Wraith around the corner from you. I can invite you to join NEXA. *Cruising by your deed to see if I can catch you online. ** No one is home. Message me in game anytime. -Shamgar
  5. Got this from freedom chat.,4165 [11:30:30] <Huser> [09:37:12] <Bertu>,4165
  6. Need a option to go external without copying a link and pasting on a browser. Also the new internal page needs to keep track of our history or go back where it was when we reopen it without hitting backspace. Voice commands would be nice too for search results.
  7. Lets give the caves some life. Dropping dirt and planting a wide variety of plant life for caves only. Also when breaking tiles you have a chance to find these seeds.
  8. Hire this guy! Is this Wurm 2 the search for more gold?