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  1. Thanks for clearing things up. I hope things work out in the long run for Wurm. I do wish we can all play together but maybe one day.
  2. Came back to wurm after a break (about a year) and came back to a very empty low population xanadu. I'm not sure what has happened. Did wurmians stop playing all together? My very active alliance is almost obsolete. I keep hearing that players went to the steam servers. I'm still a little confused in that area and how that happened. Is it a good idea to make seperate servers? Why divide the community even more. We already had separate islands (servers) and now it's far more apart. What's left of my alliance is not happy about fellow players they played with for a long time just up and out to the northern servers. I tried to look up a topic where this issue was raised and didn't see one. Do devs think this is ok? I'm just trying to figure out what is going on.
  3. Need 20 Silver or w/e $25 usd will get me. PM me please
  4. sorry i don't see java from the control panel
  5. +1 I need to lower my ceiling a bit please.
  6. Hello I used to have a shortcut to launch wurm online from my start menu. It one day disappeared. I reinstalled Wurm and I still don't have a shortcut. I did a search on my computer and it can't find a shortcut for the game. Anyone know how I can launch my game without going to my downloads folder and using the wurmclient.jnlp i used to install the game. TY!
  7. Ran into this new Wurm player that is a streamer. Caught him streaming this morning. Seems like a cool dude. If you want to check him out the link is below. I know I like to play Wurm and watch Wurm videos.
  8. Met a fine fellow by the name of Justdave in WU. He would sail around bring people food. I put the last plank to his caravel because he went offline when it was almost finished and I was afraid someone would come and finish it and take it. He got a bit upset and just gave me the ship lol. He ended up leaving the server shortly after. I miss Justdave he was a good guy and I screwed up. Screenshot of him below.
  9. The tester gave me an insight about tracking! May I please get 1 pizza for now for Natural Substance? Thank you!
  10. May I get a test meal sent to Shamgar please
  11. I need to chop some trees