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  1. Need 20 Silver or w/e $25 usd will get me. PM me please
  2. sorry i don't see java from the control panel
  3. +1 I need to lower my ceiling a bit please.
  4. Hello I used to have a shortcut to launch wurm online from my start menu. It one day disappeared. I reinstalled Wurm and I still don't have a shortcut. I did a search on my computer and it can't find a shortcut for the game. Anyone know how I can launch my game without going to my downloads folder and using the wurmclient.jnlp i used to install the game. TY!
  5. Ran into this new Wurm player that is a streamer. Caught him streaming this morning. Seems like a cool dude. If you want to check him out the link is below. I know I like to play Wurm and watch Wurm videos.
  6. Met a fine fellow by the name of Justdave in WU. He would sail around bring people food. I put the last plank to his caravel because he went offline when it was almost finished and I was afraid someone would come and finish it and take it. He got a bit upset and just gave me the ship lol. He ended up leaving the server shortly after. I miss Justdave he was a good guy and I screwed up. Screenshot of him below.
  7. The tester gave me an insight about tracking! May I please get 1 pizza for now for Natural Substance? Thank you!
  8. May I get a test meal sent to Shamgar please
  9. I need to chop some trees
  10. Xanadu Offline?

    Offline for me too