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  1. +1 pre-hype the ###### out of it
  2. Somebody buy my wagon before it turns pink
  3. sold!

    Get it while it’s hot bulk discount available
  4. lol for sale master chainsmith mag priest, gone, (slime,blood,greencherry,bluetome,scroll,redtome) - faith + med swap available does plate breeds hate is an account 40kg source liquid MR/JK/Panda wagons Knarrs and Corbitas Random ass tools/weapons/armor etc junk
  5. +1 the bookshelf should be able to hold as many books as you could fit on it visually additionally it would be nice to be able to right click a book on a shelf and select "Read", with a pop-up window containing the text
  6. sold!

    3g available PM me
  7. without a doubt the most impressive deed i've ever stumbled across. congratulations and good luck
  8. So what’s the point of a bed if we can just sleep anywhere