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  1. Just because it sucks so much

    seriously i live on a cliff and i used to be able to push my boats up without too much hassle, now i can barely push the thing half a tile. this is aggravating
  2. WTA Blue Grapes

    your phone must be really slow cuz speeder got us both
  3. WTA Blue Grapes

    aw damn it
  4. WTA Blue Grapes

    Hey, whoa there, not so fast. 17s
  5. Now offering CUSTOM bloodthirst up to 500!
  6. WTS Eyerobot

    Account has not sold, PM offers
  7. Pretty sweet update. Hopefully you guys can up the page count in books though.
  8. VD is calling on wurmians from all walks of life to join us in our quest on Chaos. Show off your skillset in a cohesive unit dedicated to its members and its goals.
  9. WTS Stuff

  10. [Fixed] Losing weight fermenting wine

    the barrels were in a wine barrel rack
  11. WTB moon metal lumps and items

    PM me with what you've got,lumps or any items
  12. WTS Stuff

  13. Tried to seal several barrels of wine and quite a lot of it 'spilled' out. [18:45:12] Not all the fermenting white wine would fit in the small wine barrel. seems to be due to not having enough available carry weight to carry the wine, which makes absolutely no sense as the barrels needs to be out of your inventory to even ferment.