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  1. rat

    Thank you. Now someone lock this garbage thread
  2. Several orders have been filled already, get your BT casted today
  3. rat

    None of this has been proven as fact, stop mindlessly posting whatever your kingdom says.
  4. rat

  5. rat

  6. rat

    plz leak the pms where you call me name after name while presenting no logical arguments
  7. rat

    I don't believe a word of this until a GM steps in. You present little evidence, audio of a known thief, and the first page is already filled with your kingdom trash-talking. Not building a strong case here.
  8. up
  9. I'd take a rare bear rug for 1 silver cod fuegan
  10. Pretty sure that applies to the creation of the item from the metal but maybe someone with more experience can chime in
  11. Up
  12. ^^^ Mistaken for Hashirama Thanks for chiming in, guess it wasn't the original Eye that I knew o.0
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