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  1. PM offers
  2. Count Fuegan in, but an exact time would be nice as I work weekends.
  3. JK wants you!
  4. Sometimes, life happens. Look for me next month.
  5. Awesome toon, good luck with the sale
  6. 50c each for low q gem staves? Cod smokus
  7. Maybe, but not recently, also this game isnt about money for everyone
  8. Sold one that was 86q on my merch for 25, not bad.
  9. @Pwnitip from what i know its a flat dmg increase added to the wpn dmg unlike frostbrand / flaming aura which add 33% weapon damage at 100 power or something like that its the only dmg enchant that works on a bow. Nim/CoC/BT is a fully casted bow others could tell you more, all i know is that BT is dank
  10. please not just retextured mobs
  11. In my experience, the guy does not budge easily, by any means. I'd be interested in the rare knarr if you end up selling the stuff separately. Good luck with the auction!
  12. All orders filled. Happy hunting!