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  1. cod the other plate legs to Lockbox please
  2. Settles instantly - Stable for ~18 seconds Starting bid - 10s Min. Increment - 50c Buyout - PM Sniper protection - 1 hour
  3. steel lump, 1s? cod to Fuegan or Lockbox plz (will pay the 10c cod)
  4. +1 yes they dont make me jump anymore
  5. I'd have to agree with wargasm, ~100e With 90 Chan and any support skills could get higher
  6. Are you trying to tell me that fountain pans were slightly useful? They were insanely useful combined with a magic chest, everything I owned fit in my small magic chest. All with 0 decay in one easily accessible location. That is what I call game breaking.
  7. 2 lit 2 quit
  8. Let's be real, this thing isn't exactly game breaking, I can see it being slightly useful in a magic chest but that is offset by having to expand that giant stack of satchels xD just a cool legacy item I doubt they're gonna remove it but who knows
  9. I'll take a ticket for the shiny bag. Free bump for an old friend and an awesome guy
  10. It's hard to do as a line cook, but I totally leave my laptop running in my backpack
  11. An old buddy hooked me up, thanks for all the offers!
  12. 12c to lockbox
  13. As title states, would prefer the whole thing instead of smaller increments
  14. Sounds way better +1
  15. Wow dope logs