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  1. +1 the bookshelf should be able to hold as many books as you could fit on it visually additionally it would be nice to be able to right click a book on a shelf and select "Read", with a pop-up window containing the text
  2. without a doubt the most impressive deed i've ever stumbled across. congratulations and good luck
  3. So what’s the point of a bed if we can just sleep anywhere
  4. @Retrograde Any chance we can get an adjustment to page limit? 10 pages is extremely limiting, and furthermore we can only stick like 6-8 full books on a bookshelf before the shelf is "full".
  5. 1s = .9e Verified paypal only. Shoot a PM
  6. Bookshelves hold an inadequate amount of books to form a real library, and 10 pages per book? Total nonsense.
  7. Come on guys, let’s make pvp server more