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  1. I don't even know what to post anymore please just ban me if I cant comment in this thread. Thanks
  2. With the way the game is going I’ll bid 5s
  3. Buyout please COD to Frankthetank
  4. The cope in this thread is too damn high!
  5. 20c take it or leave it.
  6. Really interested in this shoot me a PM
  7. Seems the scum of the fourms decided to quote me aswell
  8. I can’t post what annoys me In my town without getting banned.
  9. This is my favorite Wurmonline link!
  10. Imagine living in a country where free speech doesn't exist. Y I K E S
  11. Is this life is kittenkadoodle all over again
  12. Pvp is dead don’t waste your time tbh. Open the PVE server and make your coins for 6 months