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  1. Thanks Spacy for the tips. I just started today with imping up my small barrels and I already gained a level and a half. Tomorrow I will work on it some more, I didn't have to much time today to work on it. I have about 25 more levels to gain before I can make bsb crates
  2. Thanks Thorinoakshield for the tip, I started to work on improving my small barrels this morning and my fine carpentry does seem to go up faster.
  3. My Evendim Deed is just about complete. The only building that needs to be added is my boat house building which Kyoko is going to design and build for me. Now it is time for me to work on getting my other skills up. The skill I mostly want to get up first is my fine carpentry skill, at least up to level 50, so I can build some bsb racks for my storage building. That skill has been really slow going, I only have it to 25+ right now. I been improving things like chairs that I had build. If there is any other wooden furniture that I can improve that will help me to get fine carpentry up faster, please let me know
  4. Some turkeys would be nice too and once you bake it in the oven, have it look like a roasted turkey with all the fixing laid around it Also maybe some live game, like rabbits, quail and deer too.
  5. Oh they do, I never knew that, Thanks Finnn I will have to go looking for some Roosters now
  6. It would ne nice if we had more farm animals, such as ducks and goats for goat milk and goat cheese. Roosters would be nice to have too
  7. Lunalong 2021

    Nice an Impalong on the Xanadu server I will definitely be there and I will bring Kyoko along with me
  8. Welcome to Wurm Ltnicolas, I see you have the Wurm Fever like the rest of us. So happy to hear you are enjoying yourself. I Love playing Wurm, I am almost finished building up my deed, feel free to stop by Evendim anytime to say hello
  9. I agree with you Dalethegood
  10. The New Map looks Awesome! I really do wish that this map showed up inside Wurm and also show your position on the map, I get lost so easy
  11. Since I now know how to use Imgur to post my pictures up with, there will be no stopping me I enjoy building up my deed and taking pictures of it. Next pictures to be posted up will be of my graveyard behind my church. Also I am also thinking of building a small building in my clay area to store all my clay that I dig up. Here is a picture alongside my church. I am not sure what to put here, some kind of garden perhaps. If you have any ideas let me know Alongside my church
  12. Here are images of my bridges me and Kyoko built that lead from the main highway of Xanadu to my deed. Evendim Exterior
  13. Hi everyone, I am now using Imgur. I was going back and moving my pictures from Facebook onto it but there are some images that I didn't upload there so I can't access them. So, I will redo them in an Imgur post, seen below: Evendim Deed Pictures of my bridges will be posted here. Thank you, Thorin, for telling me about Imgur. It's much easier than what I thought to use. Thanks to Kyoko for showing me how to use it!
  14. My Church has been build, next to build the graveyard in the back.