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    In game: resource and skill building, sailing, and multi-player team adventures that don't end in death, but do end in grog slobber


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  1. /redeem doesn't work but /mission states the winner statement listed above. Also settlement tokens and lodstones do not work either. super random tile btw really lucky. will keep trying, it sounds interesting thanks!
  2. Any clue what this is? It seems to have a code, or it is a bug. It was not clear how to redeem. Anyone seen it before, any suggestions? Tia Mission Progress Mystery Iem Congratulations. You have been selected to receive a gift for crossing this sand tile., redeem and enjoy, and thank you again for patronizing this sand tile.
  3. Well, if given the choice between more Cowbell and more Walken, I really hope you make the right choice here today, before it's too late. Those are cows, and when there's a hole in your fence, they be walkin'. Voted!