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  1. If I am not playing MTG or Wurm I am playing Bannerlord because it's just that good. I accidentally got my king killed in a battle and got elected the new queen, after playing this for 200+ hours I never had that happen before, also had twins the same game. I think it's just a more polished version of M&B but the whole clan system is super awesome.
  2. ^^ this. Honestly I really like when people explain they have ASD because it helps people who aren't trolls interact with you in a way that is more meaningful and empathetic, which is wonderful. There's always going to be people in the world who are just awful to others (most of them are hurting on the inside and just for some reason want to act like bullies to make themselves feel better instead of trying to fix their own problems) and there's always going to be people who care and try to be compassionate. It would be nice if we all could be a little more compassionate but from most of the comments on here I think most of us are doing a good job. Just be you and the kind people will always be around for you
  3. I found one that said something to the effect of "hitler for prez" that was pretty messed up, also found ones that were overly sexual in nature as well.
  4. Oh mah god it's so beautiful!!!! Those mailboxes are my new favourite for sure, they are absolutely amazing, what a cool idea!