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  1. MrK Mart Shop smart, shop MrK Mart MrK Mart Inventory Spreadsheet Extravaganza Tony Danza Reply, DM or In-Game me at MrKettle Coastal pick up, highway connected Q19 Harmony Always offering bulk buy discounts Quality dyes, goods and rares Labour Day Weekend Sale: All dyes are buy one get one half off on orders of 20kg+ Rare Pottery Smelter 10s 50ql toolbelts 15c each Sale ends
  2. 5s for housebroken henchmen
  3. Also unlisted here, rare pottery smelter 70ql 12s Looking to sell everything listed, will give discounts for multiple items always. Dye prices depends on weight, I can break up anything to 10 kgs if needed but would prefer to sell as is. Reply or DM here or in game MrKettle Original photo link here in case of the shrinks
  4. Looking to sell the following, will take serious offers and will trade for building mats (anything slate and mortar) Anything with Offer beside it is something I don't know the value of and will take reasonable offers, will knock a few silver off for bulk buys