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  1. This thread is like cat herding, no matter how much you try to steer the conversation back to what it was originally about lots of people just bring up things that aren't even relevant to the conversation. It should have been closed two pages ago.
  2. Sure why not. I'm out, have a good day
  3. Yeah that post, the one with no mention of PvP
  4. Okay but what does this post that had to do with non responsive devs have to do with PvP? There was nothing I mentioned about pvp or really anything to do with PvP until you brought it up and I have no opinion on pvp so not to be rude but this conversation is going in circles.
  5. What does any of this have to do with PvP? I'm terribly confused after reading that, I don't mean to sound insensitive but I truly have no clue what you are talking about. I thought all this was about not having enough communication between devs and players? Also I do not feel like an unloved child in this situation, I feel like a confused consumer and I'm not here to debate psychology, I'm here to voice my opinion on how a post didn't exactly hit the way it was planned to hit. So once again sorry if I seem dismissive, I just am having trouble following your thought process here that's all.
  6. I'm sorry you had to go through that but I'm not sure how it relates to anything that I brought up.
  7. You're missing my point though, for the people who aren't used to this, the post seemed very isolating. I'm glad you got a positive experience from this but I don't think it's right to minimize others feelings because they weren't the same as your own feelings.
  8. The biggest issue I have with the Enki post is that it was so vague and so unprofessional. It appears from comments a lot of people are in the same boat as me and started playing after steam launch so we don't exactly have the best idea of how this game operates on the forums. So people like me who were confused by his post don't have the same wurm history in our heads as the people who have been playing 10+ years. I used to work at a game store and sold magic cards and if I ever posted something that unprofessional I would have been fired. If you are in a power position and that's how you choose to communicate with your community after prolonged radio silence you really need to self reflect and ask yourself where you went wrong. I don't think that's asking too much, it's just basic respect. Most of us don't know him so it's exectionally reasonable for people to see that weird RP and think oh no did I do a bad? Also on a side note, wtf is up with the biker/redneck comment? That just like came out of nowhere.
  9. Hey could I please get 10 oleander and 2 ligonberry shafts please and thank you, cod to mrkettle
  10. Grats Aleck!!! Thank you everyone who participated, I appreciate it
  11. Oh I see what you're doing now you're trying to make it like a role play thing, well there also wasn't magic, trolls and dragons in the 1000s either but that exists in game - neither does the English you are advocating for because that 17th century English didn't exist and they had that weird olde English. So if you're entire argument hinged on the RP factors of the 1000s there should be zero modern English in the game, we need to start a monarchy and someone has to be the pope and we need to figure out where the crusades are going to take place. This is why you don't use real world history in a fantasy game, clearly it doesn't work.
  12. It's ironic that you called my argument stupid but then make this your argument. This is basic English, Destiny's Child is not Destinys Child, they are the child of destiny therefore are Destiny's Child. If you write it as Destinys Child then it's the child of Destinys. Just like Mr. Jones' rabbit still has an apostrophe - we aren't arguing the history of the language we are taking about this particular context, of child fantasy vs child's fantasy, so if you really want to launch yourself more off track why not argue about I before E except after C while you're at it.