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  1. Just had a MOI when imping my Mol Rehan wagon and now i am wondering what its worth only price checking for now its not for sale.
  2. WTB a few source salts/crystals please post or pm price. got them can be closed
  3. @Blackbeard13sure deal cod to ?
  4. since the update I can start a sermon on an altar of a different god than my own, tried with a VYN priest on a MAG & LIB altar and was able to start on both. not 100% sure this was not always possible but checked with CA and they told me you should only be able to sermon on a altar of the same god
  5. WTB Gems <10QL please pm with what you have and price.
  6. WTS Tome of incineration please post or pm offer
  7. Checker box 2s cod to Casvz please.